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UPS Ground Service - Just Throwing Things on the Ground

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Horrible service By UPS. My UPS delivery was thrown out from the track to the ground wherever it would lands.
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GereDJ2 (26 days ago)
It is illegal to open others mail or packages. What an idiot. He should have returned it to UPS at once.
Little Crafty Kitty (1 month ago)
That's no fair...did u call company?
Little Crafty Kitty (1 month ago)
@Alex & Nadia Fediakov wow that's messed up...I hope you never have to deal with that again. I'm avoiding the usp lol
Alex & Nadia Fediakov (1 month ago)
I did call them. No response :(
Tarkesh 021 (1 year ago)
Wow they even put your merchandise in a bag to protect it from the elements??? Now thats good service,,peoples like you deserve ontrack or amazon
Cali Confirmed (1 year ago)
Detona FL 32729, i did it because i'm obnoxious :D
DanielmsDj (3 years ago)
My question is this. If someone goes and takes the UPS package is responsible for lost package
DanielmsDj (3 years ago)
yes I think it should be more responsible and deliver the package in hands and sign a document confirming that was delivered
Alex & Nadia Fediakov (3 years ago)
That is great question! Really how can you prove that you did not get the package?