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The Royal Succession

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Have you ever wondered about the lineage of Britain's royalty? Look no further.
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Text Comments (14)
Nellie K. Adaba (5 months ago)
Big family
Hypercube (7 months ago)
They call themselves royals makes me puke.
Albert Spooner (7 months ago)
I'm looking forward to Queen Camilla.
Richie Grey (8 months ago)
Happy birthday 8/8/88 30 years old
Hang The Bankers (8 months ago)
Bunch of welfare cheats.
Valhalla (8 months ago)
fuck the "'royal" family
Dan Calvano (8 months ago)
I know you guys have fallen on hard times, but can you seriously not afford to have a voice over anymore?
Nellie K. Adaba (5 months ago)
Yes, also prefer voiceovers.
Aaron Higgins (8 months ago)
I would have thought that charles was out after re-marriage
Chiefbigcorn (8 months ago)
WHERE ARE Ben and Matt???
Kat (8 months ago)
Chiefbigcorn they’re on their podcast, Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know.
Bee Creative (8 months ago)
Unsub over this stupid video. Who cares?!
Indukuri Srinivasa Raju (8 months ago)
Royal suc session???? International terrorist organ.
Pinki Mietz (8 months ago)
Indukuri Srinivasa Raju One thing does not exclude the other.