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UPS: Perfect storm delayed deliveries

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CNN's Alina Machado spoke to a few customers who are upset that their Christmas gifts didn't arrive on time.
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Text Comments (15)
Keyno Nara (4 years ago)
until one has worked there, especially around Christmas time, do not complain about your late package. im blaming the people who order tons of shit, late buyers. the package will get there when it gets there, stop crying!
عرب بتكوين (5 years ago)
i just older form amazon at 21 DC wtf i didn't git it antel know 
vic tea (5 years ago)
I'm still waitng for my delayed package from last week
Captain Picard (5 years ago)
Must not be a lot of news stories to report on since the media is harping about UPS not delivering a couple of packages from last min shoppers.
Thor Long (5 years ago)
Computers can't make promises. Buy Christmas presents a month early, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
محمدالعبدلله الشبوي (5 years ago)
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Bad Andy (3 months ago)
Im inspired by your words...truly an inspiration to us all...semper fi mother fucker!
evancortez2 (5 years ago)
common ordinary people are natural procrastinators
Cristina Mariotta (5 years ago)
Sorry ups jonas brother CD
buntik1687 (5 years ago)
Shame to blame last minute shipping on these companies. Especially this time of year with nasty weather.
Elmuhager Elmancy (5 years ago)
I did my shopping early and the gifts where under my tree for the kids to see on Christmas morning. Thank you UPS.
IgnacioAgramonte (5 years ago)
order  two month in advance.....
Zo6LS7427 (5 years ago)
Last minute idiots
Zo6LS7427 (5 years ago)
Last minute idiots
Christopher Collinsworth (5 years ago)
guess you shouldn't waited till the 23rd to send your stuff. stop crying you cnn pussies