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How to make the UPS driver afraid of a little box

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This is a practical joke I played on our UPS driver.
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BitHappy (10 months ago)
So that's why UPS guys wear brown pants.
Mo Chubby's Music (11 months ago)
I think a smelly snake came out of his butt when he picked up the box. It's a good thing he's wearing the color brown.
jeffw1267 (1 year ago)
I'm a USPS carrier and I wouldn't touch that box. Though I'd probably figure out that it's a prank. We are not required to work unsafely. But maybe it's different for the UPS carriers: I see them running and we're not allowed to do that because it is unsafe.
A D (1 year ago)
His a good sport, nice one people 👍
Lifeless (2 years ago)
Lmao he said ship it fedex
AKSoapy29 (2 years ago)
I love the drivers who are personable like this and will be nice and stop to have a conversation with you :)
Nathan Buenaventura (2 years ago)
good thing his is wearing brown he oro the shit himself xD
peppa pig (3 years ago)
Thus was to cute funny... love corney humor.
ghostofmars83 (3 years ago)
That is awesome! Funny as hell!
thaintriguing1 (3 years ago)
I'm sorry but he's not afraid of the box, but rather the snake inside.
John Doe (2 years ago)
I would have to refuse it if I was him.
synthfreqs (4 years ago)
poor guy is already sweating lol
Matt Gage (1 year ago)
synthfreqs that's one thing I love about my job I can eat whatever I want almost and sweat it all off during the day gets rid of all those toxins in your body
ZrowZ4 (1 year ago)
synthfreqs it was 🌧
Stephen White (4 years ago)
If you live in florida theres rattle snakes in your backyard. iv you live in florida believe me i live in orlando
marie55 (3 years ago)
+Stephen White I know, I lived in Florida for 18 months, not only rattle snakes, but, Florida is also home to love bugs, red fire ants, alligators that look for, and prey on small and medium sized dogs, cats, whatever they can get their jaws around..
Og Trilla (4 years ago)
rattle snakes are everywhere they even have them in canada
Nathan Harris (4 years ago)
Niles Angier (4 years ago)
I'm sorry but when the fuck do you find a rattlesnake in your backyard?
Leigh Stevens (1 year ago)
Snakes, cougars, wildcats, and then some....and that was when I lived in Hollywood Hills!
emello81 (1 year ago)
I've had bears in my yard, believe me there's times when I almost shit myself.
Saint Hoax (2 years ago)
I don't find rattlesnakes in my backyard but I do find Cougars that scare the shit out of me
LPS Lauren (3 years ago)
In Arizona. I have found a baby rattler in my backyard and one other plus also a few others thatwere a differenty type
MrPinkLSD (4 years ago)
do you think they just live in reptile zoos or something? You do know wild animals exist right? \
Rat Man (4 years ago)
Lol... That was awesome! 
Scott Morris (4 years ago)
As a Ups Driver in the same Building as the Driver in this Video, I can't wait to harass him come Monday morning! Lmao!!
Zak Farley (5 years ago)
That guy is a legend!! Rofl
Decaffeinated African (5 years ago)
eugene bell (5 years ago)
One time this guy I knew was working on the dock for an LTL freight line, and there was a guy's name on the bill, when he opened the door, there was a coffin in there.  he just crossed docked the dude, and sent him on down the line.
Randy Savage (5 years ago)
Mack Grant (5 years ago)
Great video
Veith51 (5 years ago)
thats the best part about having the same driver come pick up or deliver packages... you can mess with em every now and then..
Fettster777 (5 years ago)
Its nice that the guy got his permission to put the prank on youtube, unlike many people who just slap anybody on here to be humiliated to the world.
Crete Monsta (5 years ago)
Philo Beddoe (5 years ago)
haha hilarious, thumbs up and subbed
jampozbear (5 years ago)
You live in wonderland, problem is you're the only citizen in there. I doubt you have the knowledge to help any company if you can't even spell companies right. Wake up dude, boasting yourself in here achieves nothing.
Applepiebetty (5 years ago)
Boys and their toys. LOL I live in rattle snake country, and that is a sound you "always jump to." Once I had a small vanilla envelope with a sticker on it that said "Rattle snake eggs" (Rattlers don't have eggs their born as snakes). There was a paper clip with a rubber band that you twisted and it would rattle when you started to open it. I kept it in the fridge door, and EVERYONE would sooner or later check it out. Finally wore it out. LOL What did you use to make this rattle?
Fozoid (5 years ago)
good one!
OmegaDeman (5 years ago)
That was great.
JustTheBestReviews (5 years ago)
LOL so funny!
DJ UNRULY (5 years ago)
thats good waiting for that to happen to me on route
YouBiatchify (5 years ago)
i did the same thing to my nephew and i forgot all about it and i scared myself lol
DakodaWolff (5 years ago)
...also, how did you make/prep the box for that prank?
DakodaWolff (5 years ago)
I know it's been nearly a year since the joke, but how about getting a 4x6 inch envelope, a wire hanger, a rubber band and a washer to play a similar trick (obviously doesn't have to be the same guy, but it'll be hilarious if it is): rattlesnake eggs. Cut a piece of the hanger off, shape it into a C, kink the ends, tie the washer to the rubber band, then loop the ends of the rubber band to the C-shaped piece of metal and twist it a couple times and last but not least: put it in the envelope
Mr211799 (6 years ago)
Nice prank I'm thinking in doing it to my girlfriend she hates snakes
gus fring (10 months ago)
thats why youre single now
Coyote Hunter (6 years ago)
Hahaha That's good!
TOAB17 (6 years ago)
They will fire him for being human on the clock. Can't do that at ups.
thisshiphappens (6 years ago)
Thanks for your comments. Your dad is a great guy and a good sport. Now I just have to think of a new joke to play on him ;p
Urabusu (6 years ago)
that look on his face after "YouTube moment"..
Joe Davison (6 years ago)
Haha, that's a good one.
thisshiphappens (6 years ago)
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it
Josh Cota (6 years ago)
Oh wow. That's hilarious. Good job bro!
777Irons (6 years ago)
UPS guy looks twitchy like he has been drinking too many Monster drinks.