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FedEx Responds to Caught on Tape Viral Video of Employee's Mishandling Packages

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Delivery company releases a video response to an employee's actions that were caught on tape.
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Text Comments (292)
Angel Sanchez (23 days ago)
Don’t worry guys I’m still smashing tires on top of your packages 😎
Jordan Westfall (1 month ago)
I’m a driver at Fedex. The company treats their drivers absolutely horrible. So bad in fact every driver you see actually isn’t a FedEx employee. The drivers bust their ass while FedEx collects the money. No clue how FedEx is constantly votes a top place to work. Btw every single person throws the packages and cameras are all over inside the terminal, legit every single driver/package handler could be fired lmao
Misfits miami (2 months ago)
She doesn't know how to use the shelves I guess, good way to lose your job
john mascio (4 months ago)
I worked for fed x they do this all the time iv see slot of tvs break amd other glasss things
readmycomment now (4 months ago)
Lol those all looked like empty boxes
odiem yo (4 months ago)
yea not real news about fedex. its normal for fedex to not give a shlt about your package ,only news was she was caught
Jack Ripper (5 months ago)
To all the people that said you use to throw packages and you have to do it to get the job done fast. You are all losers. I bet you all have shit jobs and will always have shit jobs. You are uneducated morons. Merry Christmas low lives.
Carl Johnson (2 months ago)
Jack Ripper you literally HAVE to throw them. As a package handler I load 1,000-2,000 boxes in 5 hours. You think we have time to be careful? Just pack your shit correctly 😂
Cheep Cheep (5 months ago)
I’m a packer and we throw packages too on pallets. We have to make our quotas fast and finish our jobs with minimal overtime and our products rarely show up to their destination damaged. You try loading pallets all fucking day too. Bunch of office idiots here commenting who don’t know what physical work is 9-5 and I have a great job
Jason Ross (5 months ago)
i dont work for fed ex..i think fed ex in the past up to now has ben very very good service, it is terrible for a person to think so little of there job..we are all links in chain working living together, for all i know my stuff was on that truck! or yours! and they are laughing at us because they dont care. im glad they were caught on camera they needed to be.
C M (6 months ago)
I don’t get what’s wrong with this video.
Victorian Sculptures (7 months ago)
People miss the FACT that all the shipping co's have minimum packing standards published on their web sites along with instructions on packing, you have to have a minimum of THREE INCHES of packing material all around the breakable item, and double boxing is strongly recommended. Using a new sturdy box not a half beat to death lettuce box scrounged from the supermarket dumpster. With the recommended and minimum required packing being met, breakage even if thrown into the truck will not be an issue, but even stuff shipped from Amazon doesn't meet this, I've had fragile flat screen monitors arrive and other things, with very minimal packing- certainly NOT 3" all around!
John David Maldonado (9 months ago)
Could anybody honestly blame her. Doing that shit all day, id do the same thing lol. I worked at a Amazon warehouse. Nobody cared about the items.
War Breed (9 months ago)
Bullshit they treat every package like pure shit i know 😂😂😂
Abeltensor (9 months ago)
what a joke. Its only a matter of time until they get caught again because they don't give a shit. They pride themselves on their speed? Is that a fucking joke? out of the three major delivery companies in the United States, Fedex is by far the slowest and worst overall.
Tt Ss (10 months ago)
its all paper inside nothing would have been damaged
Itor Lamop (11 months ago)
I would love to know what that bitch has to say about it...
Sforge (1 year ago)
yees they are fire haha idiots
BardiXgamer Official (1 year ago)
And i was wondering why Organic, Or edible things are sometimes squashed when i open them
Nash Doyle (1 year ago)
It's not funny what went on there but it's stupid type of funny how the guy doesn't even work there gives a thumbs up and throws stuff in there with here.
Hobomedic1 (1 year ago)
As a UPS'er I am not surprised by this at all. Them bitches get flung at our warehouse too, I doubt you'd see drivers doing this though.
jeffw1267 (1 year ago)
That's bullshit: parcels get thrown like that all the time and management CONDONES it! They just want you to get done fast. I don't believe that the driver was really fired.
Faybaugh (1 year ago)
Trust me when I say if fed ex limited a drivers load to 80 stops per day this would all stop. When you make a driver do 110 stops a day and expect them to do their pick ups on time this is the result. And in defense of this driver, I'm sure that she knew those packages were not fragile. It's obvious by their weight that they are not and I'm sure this was a regular stop and she knew what was in these boxes. If somebody came to your job and watched you do it, what would they see? Unfortunately we live in a gotcha world and people are summarily executed without a trial because of public sentiment.
Yan Sfor (1 year ago)
I really hope my second package comes intact 😖. I had to contact customer service because for the first time ever a item I ordered came completely destroyed. I'm lucky the company I ordered from have great customer service, but if it comes wrecked for the second time I don't know how I'm going to do it, but FedEx is going to need to fix this situation. I have a horrible back and I payed 127 for this item. I live in a small town so the closest store to go to is Walmart and if Walmart doesn't have what I'm looking for I have to order online😥
BananaBoat629 (1 year ago)
those boxes are just filled with paper... i used to work at a fedex warehouse and when we had a lot of packages, we wouldn't fuck around and throw the light packages
M Que (1 year ago)
I work for FedEx and I don't think I've ever seen any of my coworkers throwing packages or kicking them ...
the basedgod (1 year ago)
i unloaded fedex semi trucks for awhile when I was younger and this is nothing. we use to avalanche all those packages and throw them all over the place lmao
ELiTE_OpTiic (1 year ago)
No wonder millions of dollars worth of products are ruined. The real problem is that when your $3,000 tv arrives bashed all to pieces its alot of trouble to go through the process of getting it shipped out to get a new one shipped back to you. Fucking morons!
Siney Cha (1 year ago)
all these drivers are on a pickup timed schedule, they got to get to there next pickup. its not a big deal.. packages slide and shoots off the shelf to the floor / gets step on too. put your self in there shoes then you would understand. sure it looks wrong and people pay $ for shipping. its goes through so many hands from loading/unload, to tractor trailers, loading/unloading then to the customers. all packages gets banged up. fragile packages don't mean nothing during the busy season, sorry to tell you buddy.. wrong timing to be ordering fragile packages. also for items such as mini fridge, chair/recliner/ bed frames/ shelf/ big shit and etc..... anyways this guy must be the shipper and he must know what he is shipping that's not going to brake. just helping the driver load up.. I've seen drivers pickup at a shoe store and packages sure was flying in just like this clip too... no shoes was broken.. got see it from every angle
Solace Creat (1 year ago)
I worked in a UPS hub, and I can tell you, we did a lot worse than this. All day every day, we would throw 300 packages an hour. and we were still in business, so clearly it worked out. Those packages didn't seem like they had anything delicate in them, anyway. So long as the packages are packaged properly, if really doesn't matter. And all packages are insured. so, you wont lose anything. The real dick here is the person who filmed a hard working woman trying to get her in trouble. And be assured, throwing or not, it is a very hard job. Most people wouldn't last a month. when I went into the hub, 1 in 5 actually end up staying. Its a hard job and doubly hard if you have to literally fuck up your knees by overly using the steps. Peoples knees get shot over time. Its a hard, physical job. ANd whomever filmed this was a fucking prick, probably never worked a hard day in their life. Probably. Or maybe their life just sucks so they felt like spreading undue misery to everyone. That woman did not deserve to lose her job.
Just a user (3 months ago)
I worked at a package hub somewhere in Europe (I worked for the postal services in my country) and this woman in this video is GENTLE compared to what I've seen and what I've done. I've thrown packages a lot worse than this. Not because I wanted to but if I didn't, I'd have people come and complain that "YOU'RE TOO SLOW, THROW FASTER!". Most people would most likely not last very long. I eventually got kicked out from there after 4 months because "it's too expensive to have you here". They fucking hired people that didn't even know how to do the job properly meanwhile I knew mostly what to do. Working at a package hub SUCKS and it will make your state of mind fucked up eventually. People in there were rude in general and weird, it's mostly those people who stay meanwhile the better people leave because they can't take that shit anymore. I actually got happy when I got laid off but I was so unmotivated to work that I was unemployed for months before I started working again because I was burnt out both physically and mentally from that fucking job. It's so funny how people who never have worked for a package service actually think we would be super gentle with their packages... people need to get real.
uriituw (1 year ago)
That's what happens to your pie if you send it.
J'sVanLife. (1 year ago)
I guess fedex workers don't care, if THIER Packages get thrown and handled like that?
mscgrl123 (7 months ago)
There are too many packages to handle each with care. In order to get them delivered in time, they have to sometimes throw it
jovian cabrera (1 year ago)
lmao that comment from sam . any ways that happneds all day evry day its the least that happens tbh if that is all that happens be happy cause it gets wose none of those packages are even damaged
Rwcdude (1 year ago)
Probably boxes with papers, super light boxes, IF something is broken, then claim and you'll get a new one. People making big deal for this truly need to ask them self what's their purpose in life.
john bradley (1 year ago)
There should be a menu option on Amazon etc to allow you to choose who will be shipping your on-line purchse. That would teach USPs, FedEx, UPS etc a lesson in customer service.
mscgrl123 (7 months ago)
john bradley those companies that you worked for aren't as big as ups and fedex
john bradley (11 months ago)
Been there, done it, got the t-shirt. First Grattan mail oder catalogue and then Excel Logistics (handled everything from a second-hand IBM mainframe computer to a Lifeboat)and there was no 'throwing and kicking shit all day long' during my time with either employer, they had good infrastructure to handle parcels in large plastic crates(Grattan) and pallet cages (Excel), it is the business model that is at fault, how they handle or mishandle the parcels, getting something so fundamental to their business wrong should be punished by them losing market share and going bankrupt.
LaPotencia52 (11 months ago)
john bradley go work in a hub and load the trailers you'd be throwing and kicking shit all day long
bwakel310 (1 year ago)
john bradley It's all about the money.
Michelle Olson (1 year ago)
I too work as a package handler/Forklift op for one of the biggest company's in Canada an I can say that we handle freight on a daily like this as well....it's no big thing...a good majority of the time those envelopes have nothing but documents in them ...it doesn't have Bone China dishes in them nor Blood samples nor anything else breakable in those little white boxes...and it is the cost of biz to be expected ...it goes hand in hand.
Share the Road its the law (1 year ago)
FedEx does not care about your stinkining packages all they want is money from us. They don't care about the Safety of those on the road, they put drivers,pedestrian and cyclist at risk. All I am going to say is if you witness a fedex Drive breaking the law and he damage a vehicle call State Police immediately even if you have footage your most likely can get a lawyer and file a law suit.
tinimeanie (1 year ago)
Lol this don't happen in canada 😂
BananaBoat629 (1 year ago)
you guys are too police ;)
Blu Rox22 Js5 (1 year ago)
if hillarys dildo damage heads will roll 😆
MrRideutah (1 year ago)
The guy helping her is the one shipping those boxes and he dident care so why should anyone else?
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
exactly cause they are document boxes nothing back get broken.
Sam Fisher (1 year ago)
As long as my package is in tact I don't give a shit what what the staff do. They can kick it, throw it, shag on it, shit on it whatever
Rob Evans (1 year ago)
I'm a fedex preload package handler and yes we throw packages, if we didn't then you would never get your packages to begin with because placing all of them with care would take to much time
gregory pinez (5 months ago)
if we put each box in the right section your truck would be stacked out when you came, would you rather have a majority of your boxes on the truck or a half in the truck and the other half jamming the belt.
Sergio Arroyo (1 year ago)
Excuse of a mediocre worker
Rwcdude (1 year ago)
pisadinho exactly and people don't wanna pay more for their deliveries. And by the way, you loaders suck balls !!! Do your job !!! I have to rearrange my truck every morning after you mix all my boxes !!!! :)
pisadinho (1 year ago)
of course. Be fast and handle every package with the utmost care its impossible. They would have to hire more employess.., buy more trucks..,the delivery would get very expensive. International delivery already is VERY expensive, by the way.
Marshawn Bates (1 year ago)
Loma haywood
Tim Robison (1 year ago)
I just recently had an experience. It was not pleasant, my shipments, two of them came damaged and or partially opened. The contents were manhandled, pieces are missing of one of the items and now the items I shipped are useless. I have to go and replace these items. I am no longer going to use FEDEX, EVER. I have not had this problem with UPS, thus all my business now goes that way, all of it, personal and work. First they claimed they delivered it, wrong, the office was not even open at 9:21 am on a Saturday. Then they claimed it was misdelivered. The package was picked up from where ever and delivery was attempted the next day, then they claimed no one was home. Both delivery addresses, for the office and my home are in the same complex. I was at home, and the office was open when they claimed to attempt delivery. When I called them, they said the local office would call me in the morning. No call, no nothing, just a bunch of "we sorry". Then, when they finally did arrive, the boxes appeared to have been mishandled, one box was partially open. The contents of this box had been tampered with, and parts that were there when it was packed, were missing. One of the items in the partially opened box had been partially put together. They should treat every package, whether its FEDEX Ground or Express or Overnight like its the Crowned Jewels. I have proof that makes it appear they could only care about collecting the money. I am going to tell this story over and over. I have pictures of the boxes and the content upon opening. Pictures don't lie.
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
Good luck!!!!! Nice contradiction there pal. First they claimed they delivered it, wrong, the office was not even open at 9:21 am on a Saturday. then you go one to say Both delivery addresses, for the office and my home are in the same complex. I was at home, and the office was open when they claimed to attempt delivery. Pictures my not lie but you story is completely whack. Not to mention your assumptions that a package was mishandled LOL use a bit of common sense and ponder on hey maybe it was on a truck and it fell off during a turn and was crushed by a larger box, or maybe once it was unloaded is was accidentally placed in a can and some heavy stuff was put on top. there are so many variables on how if can get damage its not even funny. But like typical people assume WITHOUT ACTUAL EVIDENCE. FACTS my friend FACTS assumptions don't win court cases.
Aunt Jemima (2 years ago)
I used to work at fedex and i assure you everyone throws packages like that often. I used to kick the shit out of them when they would fall out of place and throw them too.
gregory pinez (5 months ago)
absolute truth
the basedgod (1 year ago)
TheAc550 I unloaded trucks at fedex for awhile and we would avalanche the shit out of the packages in the trucks and just toss and kick everything onto the belt haha
Solace Creat (1 year ago)
Damn right. Same thing at UPS. It would be impossible to get all the packages out without throwing them. Kick the shit out of them, especially when you get pissed off and dehydrated from working so fucking hard in 105 degree weather; 115 degrees in the trucks. And they're all fuckin insured. People got nothing to bitch about.
pisadinho (1 year ago)
you are right. workers have little time to handle hundreds of packages. To handle every package with upmost care you would have to hire more workers, shipping would get much more expensive.
skyist (1 year ago)
These idiots have never had to do a labor intensive job. There are certain jobs where u must do your job incorrectly to get the job done correctly. Fedex is probably the biggest example. I work for fed ex ground and trust u me i have to throw boxes to be able to keep up with the IC belt and to continue doing your job in the designated time. U ppl truthfully dont understand haha, u have a certain window tht has to be filled for your precious little packages to sit outside your door like u want em to. If u want your packages lightly handled then go another root but fedex ground and or other HD(home delievery) affilates will not satisfy your taste. These ppl work 3am to 9am everyday, touching between 200 to 700 in packages a day ranging from 5-200 lbs. U dnt grind. Stick to your desk job and let these very under paid employees do your dirty work
deserteagle511 (2 years ago)
Was anything damaged inside the packages? If not, then why was she fired?
Kennedy Jones (1 year ago)
Because its FedEx policy you don't throw packages you even sign a paper in orientation saying that you wont throw packages so she knew what she was doing she just didn't think she wasn't going to get caught it doesn't matter if anything was damaged
Jesse Baker (2 years ago)
But FedEx is now hiring labor pool drivers who aren't even company employees. Near minimum wage, no bennies. This is rampant throughout society as firms scramble to cut costs, outsource, offshore. Workers have little incentive to take pride in their job unless they're on the way to becoming keypersons. They know they're disposable. It gets the consumer cheaper goods and services, so we'll tolerate it.
Illusion High (2 years ago)
FedEx and USP are horrible they don't even do their job properly the only decent one I know is DPD sometimes Royal Mail
trivette08 (2 years ago)
The guy helping her was the guy shipping the packages..So I'm sure it was alright.
XH L (2 years ago)
My mom calls FedEx "fat ass"
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
Probably because its a huge remind of what her ass looks like
colt g (2 years ago)
They were probably all very light packages. This is a really rare situation. I work at a FedEx SmartPost, and I've never seen that kind of tossing. She probably fucked up in some other way before this and this is her trying to get back on schedule quickly, using some random passerby to assist her in hurling these boxes. Really weird. Those packages are so light that I'm sure nothing got damaged.
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
HAHA go watch a PM. And the random passerby is not random lets use some common sense please its the guy that is shipping it all from what ever company she was picking up
prostompv1 (2 years ago)
i would have knocked that bitch out lol and chocked her in that truck lol
puletasi44 (2 years ago)
I dont get it? She was doing a good job..??
puletasi44 (2 years ago)
+Goldboy Jr y?
Goldboy Jr (2 years ago)
+puletasi44 Killyourself
aiden MacDonald (2 years ago)
Is fed x express the merchdinse for the channel fed x gaming
Dialectical Monist (2 years ago)
Classic uninformed, reactionary non-sense. They throw your packages if they are light. This is what they do in the cans. They throw the light stuff on top of the pile to keep it safe. Otherwise, it would get crushed. But of course, react react react, cry whine and wave your arms around, because things that you don't understand are happening.
Claire McNabb (8 months ago)
Tt Ss Can a fart cause any damage? Lol 😁
Claire McNabb (8 months ago)
Dialectical Monist I understand only too well that that's how packages that are supposed to arrive with someone in one piece get damaged. It's just so damned inconvenient to the person receiving the package when that happens..
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
thats the way this self indulgent society now a days operates. Im sure soon people with be sued for farting
douggie7772010 (2 years ago)
fuck fed ex they lie i used to work for them i know they only demote they don't fire unless someone says that you were drinking before work and you were not
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
Says the disgruntle worker who was drinking before his shift. its clear you have a issue with then due to your personal issue
Carlos Ortega (2 years ago)
malditos ya veo por que mia paquetes llegan todos golpiados😠
Kevin C (2 years ago)
NOOOOO that women is working hard! She deserves a raise. Its fedex fault for not paying her a living wage.
Ellie Avenelle (2 years ago)
What's so strange about the guy helping the driver load her truck?  He's probably the shipper.  I get help with bulk deliveries on occasion from the shipper.  While the driver was entirely in the wrong by throwing those packages into the back of her truck, the reporter is bawking at something that is a non-issue.
Does It Work? (2 years ago)
i work at a fundraising company sometimes ups just does not care and throws all our orders inside the truck just like this when we shit FRAGILE things. its just everyone trying to make their job easier lol
Batman Superman (2 years ago)
lol that was pretty funny, I think it shows how bored people can get doing the same job every day like a slave, so I don't blame her.
Batman Superman (2 years ago)
+Nathan Belleau watch your pussy you fucking whore
Nathan Belleau (2 years ago)
+Batman Superman Watch your mouth little one.
SpacyTheStone (2 years ago)
1. You are lazy, you think work is slavery. 2. You're ignorant as you generalized me and all Americans as "brainwashed". 3. You're a slob because you use language like cunt towards someone you don't know. See the thing I said about you I have a basis for.  You call me a "brainwashed American cunt" because you lack the verbal skills to debate in a civil manner.  I'm done talking to you.  Bye.
Batman Superman (2 years ago)
+MrDapotpie look, says I show my true self yet insults me the same way, wow you Americans really are as stupid as they say, it's no wonder your government gets away with killing you fuckers like on 9/11and then making you believe some uneducated Arabs from the fucking caves did it, looooool.
SpacyTheStone (2 years ago)
+Batman Superman And the lazy ignorant slob shows his true colors.  Bravo! Sorry the world isn't designed around you sitting on your butt all day.
Silver Charm (3 years ago)
How disappointing we have a corporate culture, and a neurotic, peeping tom "gotcha" culture that demands everybody be fired, right away too, without any investigating, for relatively minor situations.   I suppose these same people would have no hesitation paying that same worker a considerable pension and benefits and disability package if she were to "do it the right way" and injure her back forever, in the process.  If the penalty for tossing packages a distance of 5 or 10 feet is termination, what, pray tell, should be done with much more serious infractions?   I can tell you this is not the society my forefathers envisioned they were saving, during world war 1 and world war 2.
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
society is like this because mothers continue to baby their offspring till they are 50 and run at a moments notice to bail them out of any kind of issue or trouble.
ShredPenguins (2 years ago)
+Silver Charm Yes it is, because that generation is what created this corporate mindset.
Carly Weinand (3 years ago)
I know this was forever ago but FedEx's response doesn't do it for me. They should've taken responsibility as a corporation but instead, they put all the fault on the one employee. As such a large company, they need to know that they are responsible for the actions of their employees as they are the ones training and hiring them.
mscgrl123 (7 months ago)
I work at FedEx and we are taught to throw packages
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
please continue to walk the earth as a brain dead women you have just proven why this society is a cluster fuck. Ditz
The Cane (2 years ago)
+Carly Weinand The employee is responsible for there own actions. You should know right from wrong when handling customer packages or pick ups.
gabrielgalaxygh (3 years ago)
Lol a museum treasure, they fired her because she got caught on camera, my managers and my managers boss has seen me throw packages in the warehouse but because I'm fast and help them hit their quota they don't care.
Jordan Westfall (1 month ago)
Everyone in my terminal throws them everyday. Cameras are all over the terminal. No body cares unless it’s caught in public for everyone to see. I promise you everyone at FedEx could be fired for throwing a package... but they can’t fire everyone cause little sally needs her 150 pound doll house by tomorrow
jeffw1267 (1 year ago)
+newsandmedia   They would take him into the office and talk to him, then put him right back on the job if he's fast like he says he is
newsandmedia (2 years ago)
+gabrielgalaxygh if you got caught on camera, what would of happened?
Cherry Cola (3 years ago)
After they destroy your package they reject your insurance claim….somebody at FedEx is making money!!!!
Fazil Ahmad (3 years ago)
it always looks worse than it actually is. this is regular conduct.
marie55 (2 years ago)
Sometimes, often times, more often than not, etc...it is the conduct of fed ex/ups delivery services..
Gary (3 years ago)
no, that makes it worse than it looks. this is utterly unacceptable.
mybluebelly (3 years ago)
Cast Away !
Breakneck (3 years ago)
I deal with FedEx and UPS on a daily and believe me when I say they give no fuck about those packages. They toss every one of the packages from my business every Damn day twice a day. I'm talking about between 500-1000 a day they throw my packages with complete disregard.
JrG1992 (5 months ago)
Or we'll get fired from customers calling and complaining about not receiving their packages on time, so either way we're wrong for doing our jobs. Those were lightweight boxes with documents in them, so I'm sure she didn't break anything valuable. She only got fired because the company knew that people without common sense would overreact and threaten their business.
mscgrl123 (7 months ago)
Breakneck they have to or else they wouldn't meet the deadline and it wouldn't be delivered on time
newsandmedia (2 years ago)
+tim hale Just because it happens, doesn't make it right. When you get caught on film it's a whole different story.
tim hale (3 years ago)
+Breakneck My father worked for UPS for 37 years and I can tell you right now sir you are absolutely correct.
Mark Micallef (3 years ago)
Organisational culture is top-down. If anyone should have been fired, it's the senior management of the company, not a line worker doing their job.
Emil Phoryew (3 years ago)
This whole world is stupid, lazy and full of shit. I'm tired of the human race. Can't wait till I'm dead and left in peace. Fuck the New World Order, fuck lazy workers who don't care and fuck people spying on each other! It's a blessing to be deceased rather than living in a world filled with evil heartless bastards!
mscgrl123 (7 months ago)
People throw boxes at FedEx because they're are too many. And in order to get them delivered on time, it's fast paced and sometimes they have to be thrown
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
throwing boxes with paper now makes someone EVIL. what fucking world do you live in my god. a murderer is evil a rapist is evil not a box contain paper being thrown by a women.
Emil Phoryew (2 years ago)
+REALKalikokyle I wish the same fate for you as well.
Emil Phoryew (2 years ago)
+StrixNoctis I think embarrassing people from surveillance capture and then to broadcast it is worse than any transgression man can commit. Surveillance is dehumanizing, degrading, disrespectful and humiliating to people. The fact you think it's good that transgressors kill themselves shows me what a heartless bastard you and so many others are who inhabit this world today.   
Brenda Carroll (2 years ago)
I agree with you 100/% I couldn't have said better !!!!!
aaa1218 (3 years ago)
Fire her
Michael Choe (3 years ago)
The guy probably was ok with the packages being thrown... I don't understand why she got fired with the FedEx customer was ok with it.. There is hardly any context..
CanadaTJ86 (3 years ago)
well, she deserved it
Nick Jov (3 years ago)
I would almost bet that is a customer I have them do that all the time they do like clothing and stuff the just chuck it in the truck. Nice customer lettin them Get fired for it though
Astro herbs (3 years ago)
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's how they all do it to get a few million packages across the country overnight.. not normally this bulligerent but they don't kiss every package and tuck it into bed on the conveyor belts.  If you are a customer of USPS, UPS, or FEDEX, I highly recommend you take the extra 30 seconds to stuff some extra newspaper in that package because many of them get to some degree tossed around.
Troy Brownrigg (3 years ago)
What are they thinking. They were already stacked up! Would it not be easier to have loaded them in an orderly fashion to assist someone else in the unloading of the same packages. I would fire them and high six graders to do the job.
SamusAranFan (3 years ago)
Lol " were going to treat your package like its a museum piece" ... Maybe a museum piece of crap lol they couldn't care less as long as they got their $
killafocker (4 years ago)
this is why i never use fedex
Patrick Kerr (4 years ago)
Good for Fed Ex.
Frank Warzocha (4 years ago)
  Having worked for a major airline for 38 years as an airfreight agent, I had a chance to work for the PURPLE PROMISE. I only lasted 6 months I couldn't take it, I never seen so much damaged freight come in off the trailers . This film was minor, repeat minor for what goes on in the warehouse.
Claire McNabb (8 months ago)
Frank Warzocha I'd say that's true.
Zyzz (4 years ago)
JrG1992 (5 months ago)
I hope she threw your shit.
alexmonreal50 (3 years ago)
word* lol
PapaG357 (3 years ago)
TOMMIE BELL (3 years ago)
+PapaG357 Ignore the idiot. He just did it to get attention, like the streakers of the 70's, yet he is far less intelligent.
PapaG357 (3 years ago)
That comment was Not Necessary or Appropriate! Grow up...
hannah anthony (4 years ago)
no one should have been fired for that. the guy helping was sending the packages. he didn't seem to mind and he is the customer.
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
+SpacyTheStone Yea actually i can safely say its the client from the stop.
SpacyTheStone (1 year ago)
+Tt Ss  No you can't. You're assuming. 
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
its the customer they always help when it comes to big pickup like that not to mention most help put the carts. So yes we can safely say it was the customer.
SpacyTheStone (2 years ago)
+stephen anthony You're assuming things. You have no idea whether or not he is the actual customer.
Joshua Brendlinger (4 years ago)
looks like a bunch of paper documents
Rigo R.M (4 years ago)
I find this a bit weird. First off this woman doesn't look like a heavy weight body builder so if she was able to throw those boxes that far then there's no way there was anything too heavy inside them. Furthermore if you watch that "inside FedEX 'superhub' during christmas rush" video in the related videos, you'll see that packages get tossed around way worse then this anyway so i don't see how this is so horrible. 
SpacyTheStone (1 year ago)
+Tt Ss   No.  We pay money to have it delivered with care.  I work in a restaurant, I don't just throw your food towards the plate and give you whatever hits the plate.  You're paid to do a service, so do it right or someone else will and put you out of business.  Your attitude is incredibly lazy and lacking in work ethic.
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
pack it correctly knowing its going to get bumps and bruises just like every day life. If you pack something that fragile to where a simple toss or fall is going to break it maybe its time to look at your packaging or deliver it yourself
SpacyTheStone (2 years ago)
+Rigo R.M There are many lightweight items that are incredibly fragile. Anything made of glass, computer parts, ceramics. Point is, a packages weight does not determine what level of care you should give it.
Tou Ching Thao (3 years ago)
i use to work for fedex. those box just have like 1-10 papers in it. nothing but light paper. but what is horrible is that this behavior is not acceptable to all employees. theyre suppose to deliver them with care
neolightproductions (4 years ago)
Makes me wonder if the other guy was the shipper and was like "I don't care... chuck them in there" So she was like "Alright! Sounds good to me!" If a shipper was like "ah it's nothing fragile... just get them there on time." I probably wouldn't be as careful either. I guess we don't know the full story just what looks bad on film. No I'm not defending it... but makes me wonder.  
Ram Soberstsss (4 years ago)
this is all paper...everyone stfu
Tt Ss (1 year ago)
We know know you lack fucking common sense and knowledge on what the boxes are used for
alexmonreal50 (3 years ago)
We forgot you had x ray vision
Demomar86 (4 years ago)
ER1CxF (4 years ago)
Any person who does this on the job should just be fired. I think video should always be taken of these acts, that way all these careless people can be eliminated.
Brittany Holmes (4 years ago)
Well the workers here at the hub call going to work "Going to throw boxes" NotShocking
Brittany Holmes (3 years ago)
+alexmhoffman50 it's what i saw when i worked there
alexmonreal50 (3 years ago)
So you throw my packages around like that?
jakethemuss3 (4 years ago)
Hire Nigs and this is the result.
JrG1992 (5 months ago)
jakethemuss3 And I hope she threw your shit.
Angel Portillo (4 years ago)
Good Job ABC News for showing this :D
HRK VIR (4 years ago)
I can't wait until their stock tumbles. I despise their delivery. Stop leaving stuff on my front door while I am away.
Frank Warzocha (4 years ago)
+Dustan Copeland There is no signature required when the green  Fex Ex truck makes a house delivery. I had one and I asked the driver if he needed a signature and he told me no. At the time I was employed with Fed Ex freight and I told my supervisor and he said it's not required for house deliveries. Reason, they have to make so many deliveries an hour and this would hold them up.  
Dustan Copeland (4 years ago)
Dude, if you don't want them to leave stuff at your door, there is a signature required feature.  It's your fault they are leaving it there.
joe blow (4 years ago)
@ HKR VIR. Don't order stuff if you going to be away genius.
Dorene Mellene (4 years ago)
I paid to have them deliver a package to my door. The man didn't even look for my house number. He just took my package to the post office. I paid to have it delivered to my front door, because I'm disabled and can't drive. Out of many moths, and deliveries, only one FedEx man has actually came to my door. I do have nice dogs that stay in the house with me. When they go out, I go out with them. There's no excuse. People should get what they pay for. In turn, I have to pay someone else to go pick up my package at the post office (already paid over $100.00). I'm really upset, because this just happened again today.
Royalbloodline WarriorBloodFA18 (9 months ago)
Dorene Mellene hahaha
Trevor M (4 years ago)
I completely understand.   I have Twice taken the day off to receive a package from UPS. And twice they said they tried to deliver but no one was home.  The fact is the simply did not want to drive and extra 10 min from the nearest larger town and then they told me I have to drive 1 hr to pick it up at their depot.  UPS and FEDEX are CRIMINALS!!!
Fettster777 (4 years ago)
I would love to have been the boss to fire them.
DaNe Clan (4 years ago)
Aldrin Surca (4 years ago)
backlash221 (4 years ago)
The way they were throwing them, and the way they would land, all those boxes were empty.
TheFantasy Blown (4 years ago)
Those boxed was pies inside of them
FrostByte (4 years ago)
The manager guy looks like captain Anderson