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Cats Hate Water! - Funny Cats in Water Compilation 2016

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Another video like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT3Ev3DAJKA Cats hate taking a bath in water which makes for some really funny clips of them freaking out or saying no in a funny meow. Tons of funny cats in water videos in this compilation 2016. Enjoy! :) ---------------- - Cat taking bath - Angry kitten falls into water - Funny cat fail compilation - kitty freaking out ---------------- -- INSTAVIDZ LINKS: --- INSTAVIDZ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC42GPSgkuR0LGaNka_Kk9Aw --- Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114649406501675339425/114649406501675339425/
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Text Comments (33781)
여보게저기저게보여 (1 hour ago)
고양이는 물에 담궈서 씻기는거 아니여!
Dolores Hernandez (7 hours ago)
ii OmqItsCyan ii (8 hours ago)
Wy would i sub to you cat killer
*pudding* (10 hours ago)
C O W (12 hours ago)
4:33 get a life cat owner ya forcing ya cat to hav a bath and ya frickin slap it pussy piece of shit
Sulastri Herlina (17 hours ago)
5:27 sSIKE
Pinkie the Wolf (18 hours ago)
4:32 this is not abuse all you people is discipline now if she does that everyday that’s abuse
Mrs.Br1ghtside _ (19 hours ago)
4:34 wtf why would you slap your cat like that
snoopdog hotdOoOoOog (21 hours ago)
Cant stop laughing
Gray Diamond (21 hours ago)
4:33 That’s exactly why cats hate Twolegs.
Gray Diamond (6 hours ago)
That’s also exactly what I would do
Cyan Diamond (6 hours ago)
Crazy person: *SLAPS CAT* Me: *STRANGLES CRAZY PERSON* Crazy person: *PASSES OUT* Other person: *STARES IN DISBELIEF* Me: She was abusing the poor thing! What did you expect me to do!?
HYPER FOXER (21 hours ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 At 5:27 he tried to throw him like he's Baby:I'm sorry kitty time to die
Lucario G7 (23 hours ago)
0:53 ME AHOGO for y’all english speakers it means “im drowning” in spanish
nico m. (1 day ago)
4:35 Dreckshure
1Serval (1 day ago)
yes, some of these are cruel, and the ass that hit the kitty in the face ... what pigs. no, not funny at all,
Bonnie Lopez (1 day ago)
this is stupid
Olexandr Rymar (1 day ago)
Omg poor cats, bad people are laughing at you, scaring you. One day we will pay to them...
LENTERN 123 (1 day ago)
Why do people's doin this?
Emlyn Osborne live (1 day ago)
Poor cats it's not funny! ):😠
Power Train Fitness & Sports (1 day ago)
@Cyco_Cat loves to play with water ^_^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM_79_aGQd8&t=83s
Dark Overlord VORTIXON (2 days ago)
4:34 Everyone is pissed at THIS... Im not though... I aint sensitive. Least not with this.
саша гемберг (2 days ago)
_And my cats love to swim. Stand in line._ 😊😊😊 _А мои коты, любят купаться. В очереди стоят._ 😜😜😜
Valeria Cardenas (2 days ago)
El video es feo
zarnaab khan Lodhi (2 days ago)
4:32 you bullshit idoit why did you buy her to abuse you idoit dumb one like one cat abuse reduce
zarnaab khan Lodhi (2 days ago)
4:32 how rude don't slap her you idoit
SheepyWolf (2 days ago)
I understand the need to bath a cat "if covered in shit" but to stick it in the pool not letting it out after it basically pleeds for release is torture. How would they like it if i stuck their child in a pool and he/shes screaming to get out and all i do is laugh back at them? Horrible people
NightmarePL :3 (2 days ago)
5:27 such a good kitty, you kick fking kid ass into water 👍
chulana goonetilleke (2 days ago)
I feel bad for the cats in the video
luluk agus (3 days ago)
Bagus lucu, imut kucing kamu teman. Ok
el goku 100%real no fake :v (3 days ago)
Samantha Gamer (3 days ago)
4:36 i feel bad for that cat
BABY (3 days ago)
Hated the lady that hit the cat because it was trying to escape bath time , she is a real idiot, you don’t strike a pet nor do you tap it on the damn nose
Foxy Fox (3 days ago)
I hate ppl push their cats and just watch
Lil' Dee (3 days ago)
Cats do hate bath lol 😂😂
KittenCats (3 days ago)
I hate it when people say in their comment, "P.S. I'm a small YouTuber." No one cares. And yes. This is for likes.
Camille Krone (3 days ago)
Some of these are so sad, why would you do that?
Ant Competitors (3 days ago)
Sadio Lewis (4 days ago)
1:02 is this bitch cruel or what
COCONUT MLG (4 days ago)
4:30 she acted like tom owner in tom and jerry 1955
Michael Boast (4 days ago)
You are not very nice to the cats😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈
wlaaaaaaaaaa123 (4 days ago)
I hate cats. This is great
averlixx vvv (4 days ago)
0:13 can you maybe not ? >:( hurry up and save the cat it could have drowned!!
sterje xiii (4 days ago)
Some clips are funny, and some are harsh to watch...
HR46 Channel (4 days ago)
I have 4 cats and 170 videos on my channel. I love this channel and have subscribed coz its awesome ! Rare phenomenon, my neighbours cat yells "EAT" when hungry https://youtu.be/eWfz1-Din24
FBI Agent (4 days ago)
Raul come back and help that poor kitty =(
Luis Sumerente (4 days ago)
icecream_ wolf and. candy_dragon (4 days ago)
Jared Korry (4 days ago)
I'd like to punch some of this assholes right on the nose.
Meek (4 days ago)
i dont understand it. they can swim very well. why do they hate it so much?
Denisa AKA Wolfy (5 days ago)
0:17 damn thats not funny
Antonio López (5 days ago)
Thats so funny
Ispeakhilarious (5 days ago)
These people doesn't deserve pets
さみ (5 days ago)
4:42 What!?!?!!?!?!?!
Elli Hanell (5 days ago)
Elli Hanell (5 days ago)
dount laf to cot
Kahafi Rina (5 days ago)
When cats do stupid things by themselves it is funny but some of this are bad.
Cassie Snowball (5 days ago)
When I saw a little kitty getting hit, I left the video... Like if you agree
ayak samarinda (5 days ago)
Deborah Spears (5 days ago)
Not a nice video at all
Em’s vlogs (5 days ago)
4:24 to 4:40 is abuse
Anonymous User (4 days ago)
No it's not you fucking retard.
Antonio López (5 days ago)
No, its wash your cat
Juanita Foad (6 days ago)
Jose Luis (6 days ago)
Me too people are bad these days
AesthxticLxly (6 days ago)
0:17 is animal abuse. Stupid little bitch who ever laughed at that poor cat.
Anonymous User (4 days ago)
No it's not you fucking retard.
emma brown (6 days ago)
meow my beautyful wickedness
mah jabin (6 days ago)
Fresh (6 days ago)
Stop bathing your cats, THEY WASH THEMSELVES.
Jesse Hostetter (6 days ago)
The sad part is no one helped
suffer (6 days ago)
4:36 okay dont take cats a bath, they are gonna scratch. Cats can bathe themself
Nelly’s World (6 days ago)
The women in the pink clothes was so rude to her cat.1 like=1 prayer to the cat
DrumnBass DAD (7 days ago)
Cats only hate being in the water because they only like it when they choose to be in it
Mouses Studio (7 days ago)
ZIt’s so awful and I kept it and I can’t even take it if you do I hate come video I’ll probably be the first because I hate you
Rabbitgirl186 BTS (7 days ago)
4:34 no you don’t slap cats they are not toys ppl!
Elsa Jara (7 days ago)
51: segundos Me ahogo .me ahogo .dice el gato . habla en Español .
SticksPlays (7 days ago)
0:30 thats actually pretty mean
Gur Leen (7 days ago)
Many if them are just animal abuse ...instead of helping they are shooting videos..insane
Mahnoor Rehman (7 days ago)
Whenever you bring cats to water they will start talking NOOO😂🤣
shakanna takarangi-rongonui (7 days ago)
When ever I watch cat videos it makes me laugh so long.
Tetyana Frazzini (7 days ago)
Poveri gatti in acqua
su Jing teng su su (7 days ago)
fack you blanco!!!
Classicgamer 68 (7 days ago)
I know I shouldn't be laughing at these but I just can't help myself lol 😂
Sharlene Love-Waters (7 days ago)
You are right Dan j
KrotowX (8 days ago)
1:12 - Adorable pair of wet pussies. They seems are complaining that water is too cold for them. 3:45 - Kate, he will piss in your shoe at night for sure :)
Carmen Blair (8 days ago)
4:30 that girl was mean of course cats don't like water duh
SlinnexGames (8 days ago)
4:36 when you see your parents checking your browse history
Amy rose Fan (8 days ago)
Jenngaffney11 (8 days ago)
Stop. mean to the cats
Vyacheslav Azarov (8 days ago)
MrRyanLofty (8 days ago)
Video that starts at @3:13 you a stupid bitch hope you die, by drowning by someone not letting you get out the pool you dumb fucking cunt
Faith Teel (8 days ago)
Only sphinx cats need bathes. Most cats have fur to absorb the oil from their skin and they groom themselves. People are such idiots.
SΞΝSΛ1D ! (8 days ago)
Ignacia Pailamilla (8 days ago)
Jajajajajajajajaj cat🐱🐱🐈🐈 no agua
Vashti Mae Fabi (8 days ago)
Fuck you Bitches🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
kyleph plays (8 days ago)
Aimee N. Valdez (8 days ago)
Adnan Dhanshe (8 days ago)
And then there are tigers who loves water
Mukta Ahmed (8 days ago)
Пакемон Khabarova (8 days ago)
Вам их не жалко?
Пакемон Khabarova (8 days ago)
Я над кошкой не издеваюсь! Мы с ней даже всместе спим,купаемся,она друже любая,фильмы смотрим,кушаем вместе! Не то что вы с со своими котами😠
Пакемон Khabarova (8 days ago)
Ещё смеются😡😠
Marielle Linthorst (8 days ago)
Why put a cat into a swimming pool?
Aidaen Paul (8 days ago)
its funny😁😁😁
Peliha .ip (8 days ago)
Do you want to know why cats don't like water? Because their ancestors lived in the desert and you know how much water is in the desert.