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Cats Hate Water! - Funny Cats in Water Compilation 2016

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Another video like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHnMK3d7nmk Cats hate taking a bath in water which makes for some really funny clips of them freaking out or saying no in a funny meow. Tons of funny cats in water videos in this compilation 2016. Enjoy! :) ---------------- - Cat taking bath - Angry kitten falls into water - Funny cat fail compilation - kitty freaking out ---------------- -- INSTAVIDZ LINKS: --- INSTAVIDZ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC42GPSgkuR0LGaNka_Kk9Aw --- Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114649406501675339425/114649406501675339425/
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Text Comments (26562)
xx.Amelly xx.Amylly (20 minutes ago)
Wie kann man nur........! Die armen Tiere!!!!!!................. Tierquälerei!!!🖕🏻
DefiantBoris (22 minutes ago)
That cunt that smacked the cat for wanting to get out of the water needs to be slapped herself.
Catastrophic Kittens (1 hour ago)
I would just put their favourite treats in the bath tub... 😏😂
Moroșanu Maria (1 hour ago)
SavageLamboGaming _YT (3 hours ago)
That Stupid pet owner. I DISLIKED THIS VID!!!
Neha Parveen (4 hours ago)
(- _ -) :3 -_- (= =) /****
CATS UPS AND DOWNS (5 hours ago)
poor cats :(
Nik Elbank (6 hours ago)
Nik Elbank (6 hours ago)
Luki Cooki (7 hours ago)
Nu aveti Mila
Jenna Helmuth (11 hours ago)
WTF is wrong with people it's not funny who does this and laughs? My heart is breaking
Amanda Blache (13 hours ago)
This is so funny
Natalia Muñoz (14 hours ago)
que es eso
Inferon Black (14 hours ago)
The 3rd video is here in Brazil
Angus Haughton (15 hours ago)
MEAN AS THEY COULD DROWN Because they don’t know how to swim
Vanity Vulpix (19 hours ago)
Okay I won't lie, if a cat is getting a bath and they do the no meow thing it can be funny. If a cat falls into the water because is slipped on its own or was scared in it can be funny. But the little kid dragging the cat in by its legs was not funny. That parent should have whooped his fucking ass for that, you don't just laugh and record things like that. It is fucking incentive for the brat to do the shit again and again because they get good attention from it. My nephew is two and because people did shit like that he *still* tries to sit on the cat and hurts her. He is stopping because he gets scolded for doing it. I'm fucking 16 and I know that you don't fucking laugh when a kid does that to an animal. It's fucking cruel and god damn retarded. And the dumb bitch who smacked her cat for it accidentally clawing her needs to have her fucking pets taken away. Seriously. What the actual fuck you smacked its back already don't hit its nose like that holy fucking shit how stupid can you fucking be. Parents in general need to be on their fucking children about doing that shit to animals. Like... Seriously. These are the people who probably get the "tester pets" for their kids and essentially leave it to die when the kid stops taking care of it.
Pieseł Bladeusza SCP - Pieseł (20 hours ago)
Adi Amiel (23 hours ago)
Jancee Colegio (23 hours ago)
Stupid people hurting their own cat just to get famous😡😡
Galaxy Foxy Foxu (1 day ago)
0:01 That's Me Went I Go In The Pool But The Water Is Cold
Mohd Fahmi Mohd Azmi (1 day ago)
yes its so funny
Diamond Productions47 (1 day ago)
That’s Mean
Arif Raharyaawann (1 day ago)
Not funny, stupid
BlueYT _ERORR (1 day ago)
Some of them arent even funny its just cruelty tbh :l
Alicia Mclaughlin (1 day ago)
Who keeps a PET GOAT REALLY!!!!
곽민성 (1 day ago)
5:24 highlight
Mack Lowry (1 day ago)
1:50 did it say I want to live?
Dorothy Arnett (1 day ago)
When she hit the cat I almost cried that was sad
LottieKunUwU (1 day ago)
They are bathing em wrong thats why
Cat_Girl (1 day ago)
That woman sucked. You never hit an animal
Henry Corneliusen (1 day ago)
I peed my pants at 0:13
that one person (1 day ago)
That is so mean you don't hit or push it into the water 😨👎
Skylar Butler (1 day ago)
Skylar Butler (1 day ago)
W o r l d o f t a n k s 5 M c 3 N A R D (1 day ago)
This comment section is just full of little kids that dosn't understand that we need to force clean cats sometimes...
Alexa Coulter (1 day ago)
0:58 That cat looks just like MY cat, Titus!
Siturba (1 day ago)
4:33 Go... In Hell...
naoto Tachibana (1 day ago)
3:12 is really cute
Brod Star (1 day ago)
so cruel
Sarah Schneeberger (1 day ago)
Vs vous aubliger votre chat a aller dans l eau et bas putain
ZeroCloudGaming - (1 day ago)
I’m irritated that these people don’t know how to wash cats correctly. There are techniques for doing it, hundreds of videos, and plenty of articles on it. Seriously, don’t force your cat into the water like that, that just stresses them out, and can lead to injury to both you and the cat.
Alex Rose (1 day ago)
Not funney
Alphey Manoj (1 day ago)
5.24 i like it that kid want that
Egypt Tube (1 day ago)
Very nice
Anoma Panditha (1 day ago)
my favorite animal is a cat and it hurt my feelings that you are being mean to a cat!!!!!
fire and water (1 day ago)
When the kitten almost drowend i almost tear up
sumer Frederick (2 days ago)
Dam don’t do that to a cat your not Fucking funny
Alexis Marques (2 days ago)
I love cat
Hamdan Almalihi (2 days ago)
4:33 the women slapped the cat
LeezaTube (2 days ago)
Poor cats
Bernie Snyder (2 days ago)
0:20 help the poor thing!
William Simon (2 days ago)
Stop laughing 😠 ✋ and help them 😢😢
ashton ferguson (2 days ago)
4:35 don’t hit the cat while trying to give it a bath it will just make it try to get out more dumbass bitch
Rozann Montalbano (2 days ago)
Please make the episodes not have the cat get hurt
Latyema 0777 (2 days ago)
Il Sade 😭😭😭
OOF petrovic (2 days ago)
The stupidest name is duder
ashley mercado mercado (2 days ago)
Lucruss Sensai (3 days ago)
No no nooooo. no nooooo
Marthinah Makmun (3 days ago)
Ihhh lucu banget ank kcl jtuh di kolen renang kojul sike
Marthinah Makmun (3 days ago)
Lucu...lucu banget
Marthinah Makmun (3 days ago)
Lucu banget kucing nya ada yg jatuh di kmr mandi,ada yg jatuh di kolem renang
Divina Española (3 days ago)
The third one is so funny
sidb 1.1 (3 days ago)
Go to hell ty that's not funny
stra1den (3 days ago)
idiot video
Lee Dixon (3 days ago)
poison.berry (3 days ago)
no, that's not funny ... the one woman bathing her cat - does she beat the cat ?
Dylan D'Souza (3 days ago)
0:47 prison cell of doom
jordan tyler (3 days ago)
I don't see any water @ 6:17.
Silhouette/Silver Woods (3 days ago)
Do these people not realize cats can sleep themselves for fucks sake?
Logan Walker (3 days ago)
4:41-a hole and the woman before that one who hit that poor, terrified cat.
Даша Баженова (3 days ago)
Они над кошачками издеваются мне их жалко не хочет кошечка купаться нуи не надо ..издеваются сукии выпустила кошачку из ваны потом она вам припомнит насрет как говорится по всему дому таки надо вам сукии чтоб вы здохли…. За кисю 🙌🙋😻😻😽😽😸😹💗💝💚💚💙❤💋💋💓💟💞💖💕 а вам говно..
DamonNomad82 (3 days ago)
0:12 Proof that getting wet drives cats up the wall!
Kittenface gaming (3 days ago)
Aww! Poor cats!
ศุภณัฐ สุหร่าย (4 days ago)
ศุภณัฐ สุหร่าย (4 days ago)
ศุภณัฐ สุหร่าย (4 days ago)
田畠好朗 (4 days ago)
Kittyvlogsgaming (4 days ago)
Why the fuck did that woman hit her cat, the poor thing! Fucking bitch
Gülfe Kalayci (4 days ago)
dane dayson (4 days ago)
i feel bad for the little black kitty
kamran zaman (4 days ago)
it is so sad this is not the way of giving them bath
caprishit (4 days ago)
2:06 *the laugh:DDDD*
lps cakepop (4 days ago)
0:47 omggg it's Garfield😂
Sophia Lundheim (4 days ago)
The cats that says no is so funny
Victor Lemos (4 days ago)
Seus malucos pensa quitado do gato
M. Ghofrani (4 days ago)
This animal abuse. Fuck those people. Dumb human beings. Fuck them All of them its not funny
Jamie Davis (4 days ago)
Don't slap the cat it is rude 😠
baby cakes (4 days ago)
cats do not need to be bathed why do you think they always lick there whole body because they are bathing.
Gaming With Bella (4 days ago)
Whoever gave their cat a bath for no reason is a complete idiot.
Plum Sweet Pie (4 days ago)
Naya Marie Bruus Rasmussen (4 days ago)
La var med a slo cat
Antonio White (4 days ago)
All of Y’all wrong for that
tuu aashiqui tu aashiqui (4 days ago)
4:35 poor little cat
Jeana C (4 days ago)
Wish they would ban that one awful clip of that poor terrified cat falling in the barrel of water over and over..and the jerks laughing, 'and' there is a child laughing..its not funny and a kid should be learning that it isn't funny, not laughing
Мира Рахымбаева (4 days ago)
cupcake girl330lps (4 days ago)
The look of horror in its eyes 4:36 😭
You Tube (4 days ago)
Yeah I can feel their pain and I am a freaking human.
Super_Craig (4 days ago)
0:24 why is she just standing there?! That poor kitty.
Silvio Haro (4 days ago)
I once had to bathe my cat because a pair of dogs attacked her, she shitted herself while she were attacked
thomas hicks (4 days ago)
Mean people
thomas hicks (4 days ago)
I’m dis likeing this video
thomas hicks (4 days ago)
Poor cats why do people do this