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The Truth About Aldi's Really Low Prices

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Mashed If you've ever shopped at Aldi, you know they save you money. Lots of money. Their legions of fans will attest to the fact that they're not selling cheap, inferior products — so how do they get those prices so low? It turns out there are a ton of ways Aldi got creative with cutting costs so they can pass those savings on to you. Let's break down how they really do it… Prime time | 0:20 Taking the air out | 0:54 Help us out | 1:28 They spend extra upfront | 1:58 Just the essentials | 2:33 Private label | 3:31 Produce and perishables | 3:58 Just in time, just enough | 4:39 Stocking shelves the easy way | 5:17 Do you work here? | 5:54 Energy efficiency | 6:42 BYO Bag | 7:16 Read more here → http://www.mashed.com/91780/aldi-gets-prices-low/ Website → http://www.mashed.com/ Like us → https://www.facebook.com/MashedFood/ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/mashedfood/ Pinterest → https://www.pinterest.com/mashedfood/ Mashed is the ultimate destination for food lovers. Whether you're just learning how to cook or ready to take your kitchen skills to the next level, Mashed has all the tips and tricks you'll ever need to be a chef… Or at least enough hacks to help you fake it til you make it. We’ve got your back at every step, from grocery shopping smarts to serving a perfectly prepared dish. Would you rather eat out than whip it up yourself? Mashed has all the info you’ll need for that, too — from the best and worst foods to order at your favorite restaurants, to what today’s most popular chefs really have up their sleeves. No matter what kind of foodie you are, Mashed has your recipe for success.
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Text Comments (6288)
Mashed (7 months ago)
Is Aldi your everyday grocery store or do you use them for specific items only?
Sally Phillips (3 days ago)
Never been.
Chris Baker (10 days ago)
No Aldi is not my everyday grocery store I dont live near Aldi.
Duke125 KTM (12 days ago)
Aldi, the german Ryanair
Elizabeth Kelley (13 days ago)
+Peldyn - Life with Cats You are not cognizant of the varieties of fresh food available at Aldi's.
Superbubbadude Fritz (15 days ago)
We shop there for ALL our side dishes and dairy products. And snacks to.
Anne Shaw (13 hours ago)
Won't buy Chinese vegetables in Aldi stores from Australia. Mostly Chinese crap or packed in Belgium. Who knows where it is grown. maybe China. Too many dodgy Chinese crap in freezer cabinet. VOMIT
Jay P (18 hours ago)
I thought she was going to offer a solution to forgetting your quarter like a card reader or something. Nope.
BEEP B00P (21 hours ago)
All I know in Ireland is that we lidil and ALDI but I usually go shopping in aldi
adri (21 hours ago)
the flavored oatmeal is good. and the eggs are so much better than at other stores.
Babylon FiveOh (1 day ago)
I love Aldi.. thank gosh we got one in our own town. Across from Walmart.. and Walmart sucks.
Nuno DA Fonseca (1 day ago)
Aldi is ok, but I preffer Lidl
SK Live (1 day ago)
You have a lot of S'sss in your wordsss. Savingsssss.
quaz imodo (2 days ago)
I LOVE ALDI. They're GREAT at economizing. I wish my town had one.
Sumare Davis (2 days ago)
I love Aldi's cranberry juice
Kevin Stoner (2 days ago)
Veg has gone crap lately.in uk
Jim Mzik (2 days ago)
WHY every grocery store doesn't put that Quarter meter on their shopping carts is ridiculous. Having once worked in a grocery store I saw how much wasted time is involved with having employees round up shopping carts. The 1st time I went to Aldi's and encountered the Quarter meter on their carts I realized it for pure GENIUS! Instead of hours and hours wasted rounding up carts have the CUSTOMERS round them up for you to get their Joe Montana (Quarterback).
Mission Money Blog (2 days ago)
In UK Aldi is the highest-paying supermarket in terms of staff wages. Incidentally, they've just beat Lidl to it, another 'discount' supermarket operating on a very similar business model. I shop there because their supply chain is so short that all produce is always fresh AND despite paying their employees much better for the job than other supermarket chains do, they keep the prices for the customers low. Weirdly, while discussing wine at a work Christmas party one of my colleagues admitted to ordering Aldi wine in bulk - we're all above average earners, but the £4 vino from Aldi is better than £12-£20 range at Waitrose.
Geez Lee (3 days ago)
It's called German efficiency
raylotfi (3 days ago)
I don't shop ate Aldi due to cost. I shop due to being Environmental responsible, their people get $2 more per hour as compaired with Wallmart and significantly more effiecny, knowlagable and freindly. Aldi is a German company known for Quality. Why none of US stores can adopt the shoping cart concept of Aldi!
raylotfi (3 days ago)
Few items that could be mentioned: 1. Aldi does not provide plastic bags helping environment opposite to Wallmart that normally double bag. There are always carton boxes that people take it free, helping environment. The concept of using a quarter for shoping carts is outstanding eliminating collection and clean parking area. I cintacted Wallmarts and Wegmans asked managers why don't adopt the concept, no reaction. Employees are very dedicated and love working for Aldi. Finally Aldi is a German company carring higher standards, something US companies may adopt in 20 years. I am only a simple customers.
gary1961 (3 days ago)
I go there once a month to stock up on their French coffee. The dog food is quite good, too.
minxella12 (3 days ago)
I'm not completely sold on them. I find some of their brands off and I'm not against store or generic brands either. Their produce was a bit ripe for me. Maybe I was there on an off day. I use the plastic bags as litter and garbage bags.
Daniel Goodrich (3 days ago)
1:08 Now if only they could take the air out of my butt!!! LMFAO!!!
Daniel Goodrich (3 days ago)
The real answer. SLAVE LABOR!!!
skip michaels (4 days ago)
Don't try their mayonnaise, yuck !
Reinhold Eberle (5 days ago)
Here we in Germany goes to Aldi. It's OK. But other stores are better. For example Edeka. 🤗
Moo Mann (5 days ago)
Can you explain why their products arent that great? Is that an included reason as to why it's so cheap?
VC1 (5 days ago)
Not sure on this but as of next year all vegetables are going to be organic. Apparently.
Carry Burke (5 days ago)
I started shopping at Aldi's about 10 years ago when they came to my town. I haven't been anyplace else since
MasterGamingYT™ (5 days ago)
Aldi.......WAIT A SEC........THEY FORGOT THE B?!?!?!
Christopher Joseph (5 days ago)
Their quality has all but gone on most of the products I buy. Breakfast cereals, canned rolls, even the sponge/scourer I use for cleaning up have lost their quality. I'm not sure about returning. the prices may be cheap, but Aldi have gone from a bargain place to shop to a "you get what you pay for" store.
Tur Ducken (5 days ago)
How come every time I have bought milk there it is rotten?
James_wingthwong_ Banks (6 days ago)
An 8 minute ad for Aldi. They were the only thing I could afford when I was stationed in Chicago right out of Navy bootcamp. They were horrible then. So, with all these stupid ads I have been subjected to on Crackle and Tubi, I went 10 miles to visit one. It still is horrible. They also cater to muslim and not to jewish shoppers. Halal and Kosher are two different things. Of the core items mentioned in this ad, the good items were out of stock as well. The aisles are very close and while the store was not really full of shoppers, was very crowded, and people having little room to move around. As for the price. Sure, they had cheap prices on things, things that were not even worth the price assigned to it. I still felt like I was getting robbed. The rest of the prices were comparable to the more expensive groceries in the area. I also noticed that the stores they show in their commercials were far more pleasant and appealing that the actual store. Even if that Aldi store was in my backyard, I would never visit it again. They are just like everyone else. Out to make a large profit and expect people to pay gor it because that is the only choice they have. I can still get better deals on everything from Wal-Mart, I can have my order already picked at Wal-Mart, I can even pay a little more and have it delivered from Wal-Mart, which saves me the money and time of driving myself if I so choose. I can also order anything on line that I want cheaper than anywhere else and have a better guarantee and get free shipping. There is no logical reason for me to even step into or recommend Aldi. What's sad is that all the Super Valu sold out in our region and we are stuck with two high dollar grocers that are all over and a limited amount of Save a Lots that are too far to drive to to make it worth the savings. So, it's a Walmart less than 3 miles in two different directions that are still beating everyones prices and quality and selection. An old rule about advertising. Those that advertise most are always the least, and all I see these days are silly Aldi commercials, so that's the caboose to my train.
Donna Cobb-Fox (6 days ago)
LOL. I never return the cart.
willsgma (22 hours ago)
you lose the quarter
David A Sholes Jr (6 days ago)
Aldi for 1 and one for Aldi!
Francis leMatt (6 days ago)
2:29 this cat lady shouldn't park there!
Boujee and born in Busan First (7 days ago)
My local Aldis is near the 2 biggest competing hotels in the county they make bank because all the travelers shop there since it’s walking distance from there hotel
Peter Pan (7 days ago)
I use Aldi for specific items only. Don’t like the service or the taste of some products.
Yesica J (7 days ago)
Mmmm creo que sobre la marca aveces es solo eso el nombre
nvd2ceb4 (7 days ago)
I shop at Aldi for their fruit and canned goods. Some of the dollar tree can goods cost more than Aldi if you can believe that!
Armin Nico (7 days ago)
On November 17 of 2018 I bought an induction Ambiano cooktop I used it few times and it doesn't work anymore, I took it back to the same store and I asked for exchange or my money back, they offer me to give me $8.40 they told me if I want the refund for the price that I paid for it they asked me for receipt and I couldn't find the receipt and I called the phone number that is on the back of the cooktop but they couldn't help me either, how you can find Aldi Customer's service, do you have any customer's service that I can call and resolve my problem, they should keep the track of the receipts I paid with my bank card they should be able to track it. This is your brand, no one else sell this.
WeAintEverGettingOlder x (7 days ago)
Okay but I'm from the UK and it's not 'auuuwwwllldeeee'
Juan Bzan (7 days ago)
I didn’t know what an Aldi is, and I’m from New York, is that bad?
yu lin (7 days ago)
Can’t buy meat there. They do something to it not like regular grocery store meat. Beef and pork chop not a good buy. I buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs are always fresh. I make cut up pork chop for soup it doesn’t not turn out like Kroger’s or Publix’s pork chop soup. Just ginger and pork chop bring it to a boil. Easy dish but not good from ADLI for the meat.
Julie Franco (7 days ago)
I get the bags of boneless skinless chicken and it's the same brand as other stores and are just as good but around two to four dollars less
yu lin (7 days ago)
Julie Franco —-I never tried there chicken.
Julie Franco (7 days ago)
Their bagged chicken is the same brand as Wal Mart and schnucks but a lot less cheaper. Love Aldi's
panda34552 (8 days ago)
how to do you talk to the cashier if you find them attractive?
Youknowhimasmatt (8 days ago)
I worked there for 3 years. This is a really great run down of what they stand for... This place is life saving and I call it the Essential place for the Essentials!
Mike Fallopian (8 days ago)
Aldi...for people who can't afford to shop at Walmart. Cheap, gross and depressing.
King John (9 days ago)
I go there for the fucking beer 🍺 yeaaaaa
Darrin Hauxwell (9 days ago)
ALDI work their staff like dogs always doing stuff, from filling shelves, unpacking, sweeping the car park and working a till (cash register) where you have to put through 40 items in 1 minute!
Darrin Hauxwell (2 days ago)
+Cathy Wiese and then there's being worked like a dog!
Deb (3 days ago)
Staff? What do you mean by staff? My local Aldi there is never anyone on the shop floor to ask for help if needed. The only staff I have see are the 2 at the checkout, I am sure the extra one or two they employ are hiding out the back somewhere.
Cathy Wiese (7 days ago)
Darrin Hauxwell it’s called having a job!
Darrin Hauxwell (9 days ago)
It's ALDI......as in AL-DEE!
keptcmack (9 days ago)
They sell the cheapest wings, saves my family so much
Michael Allen (9 days ago)
I prefer to shop in a local store instead of feeding the pockets of a European conglomerate.
Nick Rapczynski (9 days ago)
Those Germans man...they really know how to build and market products lol.
exeuroweenie (10 days ago)
I never liked any kind of chocolate,from any country.Then I tried Quality Street (made in England) and I went insane.I'd nearly renounce my citizenship for that stuff.
Ayala Bryan (10 days ago)
I only shop at kroger for a few reasons. Employee discount, fuel points, coupons, and its less than a mile away. Aldi is like 4 miles out in a horrendously heavily trafficked area. If it wasn't for my location and the fuel point system at kroger, I'd shop at aldi
Trixster Million (11 days ago)
Well-compensated, indeed: in an area where minimum wage is $7.25/hour Aldi's starts employees at 15 and change per hour. Kudos!
Duke125 KTM (12 days ago)
Aldi, the german Ryanair
Anthony Carroll (12 days ago)
The fruit n veg don’t last long and is normally rotten super six my ass
Reynaldo Cardoza (12 days ago)
Here in new Jersey open 9 am to 9 PM, no bags I bring my own and my quarter for the shopping cart
Mandy Storrs (12 days ago)
Aldi used to be cheap in the UK. Recently though their prices are now in line with, if not more expensive than the big traditional stores.
Reverend RufusJohnson (12 days ago)
Another TRUTH is that the food they sell is closely related to whale shit.
Hannible 100 (13 days ago)
I have a black friend he lives in the UK he says he likes to go to Aldi he always says in a jamaican voice " I can do aldi shoppin here man" lol.
Terry Kiều (13 days ago)
There's one aldi very close to my house but never been in there, I should check them out.
Frisbee 'n' Cookies (13 days ago)
Aldi is my lifeline in Australia, I'm not exaggerating but Aldi is about 1/3 of the cost of the supermarkets here and about a 1/4 of the price of the 'farmer's market' in town. The meat doesn't go rancid the next day unlike experiences I've had with the other supermarkets, vegetables aren't as wilted, cheese is affordable, laundry powder too among many other things. I especially like the fact I'm not paying for a wrapper when the quality inside is pretty much exactly the same.
Stefan Dragos (14 days ago)
I prefer to shop on Lidl
Bryan Turner (14 days ago)
I was living on about 275 a week, so I looked into an Aldi for cheaper groceries. When I compared prices, I found little to no difference between Aldi and Meijer or WalMart. Only difference was Aldi didn't have anything fresh.
The Tupolev Tu-160 (14 days ago)
Aldis you may ask? Aldisnuts
The M Network (14 days ago)
I love Aldi. I am moveing to the Uk and can not wait to visit their Aldi
Omen (14 days ago)
Broke bitches
Xaraphina (14 days ago)
Way back they used to give companies like banquet and totinos a chance because nobody else would give them the time of day.
girlsdrinkfeck (15 days ago)
only a quarter to use a trolley ? we have to use £1 coins
tomone2010 (8 days ago)
There is no $1 coin unfortunately :)
Katie RBLX (15 days ago)
Aldi Is alright, but I'd rather not get their own make stuff, As they cut costs by having poor food. You pay for what you get always, never will change.
Katie RBLX (15 days ago)
*AHL DI* Stop.
Brooke Scopelliti (15 days ago)
The one thing that I hate is the extremely scarce amount of meat specials. They put a sale on beef and by noon on the day of the sale they’re out of product. What a joke. Is this a form of bait and switch? Not nice aldi
Nevermore (15 days ago)
I looked at Aldis prices and they're about the same as Kroger's store brand prices. You could just buy all store brand products if you want to save money. However, I usually have to check myself out via a self checkout kiosk.
L K (16 days ago)
L K (16 days ago)
L T (16 days ago)
Aldis is the place where everyone brings there shopping bags to save 5p🤣🤣🤣
L T (16 days ago)
Aldi is so low priced because the food tastes horrible it's as simple as that.
Nevermore (15 days ago)
I've never been unhappy with Kroger or Publix store brand items. Both really good quality. Except for jelly. Kroger jelly sucks... except for their "just fruit" jelly. That's good. You kind of figure out which store brand items are good over time but the overwhelming majority are good.
mike burns (16 days ago)
So an infomercial? I like Aldi's but don't like being tricked into watching this kind of thing.
Maestro Jack Slappy (17 days ago)
Aldi has terrible shit food that only lowlife troglodytes would settle for.
Ramy (17 days ago)
No middleman, less jobs for people.
Paul Bryan (17 days ago)
Wal Mart desperately needs to pay close attention to what Aldi is doing and follow their lead.
sgreen4 (17 days ago)
this is commercial. I watched an ad to watch this ad
Kayla Katty (18 days ago)
Love Aldi.
floobuscanoobus (18 days ago)
The Aldi family owns Trader Joe's, too...
budsmoke bunny (18 days ago)
I like shopping late at night
Rob Fowler (19 days ago)
Aldi: "Not selling cheap inferior products"???? That is ECAXTLY why they are cheap. I shopped there once. Only once. The store was loaded down with nasty bland look alike products that were just crappy to taste. I see no reason to ever go back because I have been there once.
Raul Perez (19 days ago)
Actually this is a Marketing video. Because Aldi in my area does not have low prices at all. I never go there. Shoprite kicks their butt in prices. Stopand Shop also cannot keepup with Shoprite. The Shoprite in my area can nearly compete with Walmart in prices.
loveld Lu (19 days ago)
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loveld Lu (19 days ago)
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fett4life (19 days ago)
Got to admit, never heard of it.
Mir Far (19 days ago)
as an avid grocery-shopping expat in Hungary, I can tell you one thing; Aldi has mostly Austrian/German made items which are ALWAYS better than the local Hungarian/Romanian/Polish stuff, AND Aldi is cheaper. that sums it up.
loveld Lu (19 days ago)
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Fabi Petrozza (19 days ago)
Lol i thought Aldi is only in Germany O_o
χρηστος Μπακολουκας (19 days ago)
Stratoblues (20 days ago)
I went once and got tjeir organic salsa. flavor blew me away! very good stuff
Dilyn Tie (20 days ago)
How many people noticed the death metal band cartoon in there .!!!! Yes
Rok Novak (20 days ago)
This is hofer
Miguel A. Hernandez Roman (20 days ago)
My favorite grocery store 4ever
Woodland Tailor (20 days ago)
I'm slightly offended that Werewolves were called out. It's not easy being a scary fuzzy boi.
humanforotherhumans (20 days ago)
I was a big Aldi customer in the early 80's in Regensburg, Oberpfalz. All the students bought their food there.