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My Movie PMP Jokes

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Dedicated to: All Project Managers, Project Consultants and those people who always have a very interesting projects on their hand. :D
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Text Comments (5)
James Berkman (1 year ago)
Brilliant!!!  Absolutely Brilliant.  Right on the nose!
Chris Croft (2 years ago)
great acting and script, but what's it got to do with project management?
Luke Ribich (4 years ago)
As a former Marine, and a person who has been both a PM and a functional Manager for 20+ and is currently studying to take the PMP - I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS! Thanks for posting.
Jonesy TJonesy (5 years ago)
Fantastic movie. What's it got to do with you or project management?
blackrudye1 (6 years ago)
Please do let me know if you like the movies and like to use it :) just pm me