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Why GM And Ford Are Worried About RAM

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American automakers take their trucks extremely seriously. And the ongoing battles for dominance among the Detroit three are often called the "Truck wars". Third place challenger Ram has made waves in recent years, snagging major industry awards and stealing market share from rivals. Watch this video to find out how this upstart is now posing a more serious threat to rivals than ever before. Ram has gone from a third-place also-ran in America's truck wars to a serious challenger. The Ram Heavy Duty pickup snatched industry publication MotorTrend's 2020 Truck of the Year award on Tuesday, giving Fiat Chrysler's pickup brand yet another award to add to its growing trophy collection. The smaller full-size Ram 1500 pickup won the same award for 2019. It is a dramatic rise for a brand that many in the industry thought Fiat Chrysler was mistaken in creating in the first place. After the Italian automaker Fiat merged with Chrysler in 2009, management decided to spin Ram out of Dodge, allowing the former to focus on trucks and Dodge to focus on performance cars and a few other models with solid customer bases. The move seemed dubious at a time as cross-town rival General Motors ditched some of its own brands. But Ram has roughly tripled sales over the last decade and appears to be taking market share away from rivals. It has done so by giving up on going toe-to-toe with Ford and GM on towing and capability numbers and instead offering buyers a solid all-around truck with a plush interior and a lot of highly visible technology in the cabin. The move might have seemed like a risk of its own: truck buyers have traditionally been considered practical customers who often purchase their vehicles for work or other specific uses. But the bet seems to have paid off both in critical praise and growing market share. Now analysts say GM and Ford are taking notice and may be making similar tweaks to their own lineups. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #RAM Why GM And Ford Are Worried About RAM
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Text Comments (5134)
WildDisease (1 hour ago)
Its a dope truck too
Mike Hunt (2 hours ago)
Haha they're not. Only people who are worried are the ones who bought that Chrysler junk.
Ethan Smith (5 hours ago)
30 years and 400k miles on my dodge still on the road, dont see any fords or chevys like that
JB Castro (11 hours ago)
This is total malarkey! All three auto makers are unreliable and J.D.Powers and Motor Trend are paid to lie about it. I guess you guys are getting a cut too.
UnitedPebbles (17 hours ago)
And does it fit the home?? Omg, you bought new home, already, the second time, lesser than a million in debts, the two of you!!???
UnitedPebbles (17 hours ago)
Why was F-150 the most popular pick up truck?? Aha. Just the name reminded me of the jet plane. Hello Lockheed Martin, anyone? Other than that, maybe government long time contracting business with GM settled for the van and Ford the truck??? But look guys, look at the materials and quality of workmanship!?? I said over rated, nothing innovative, more debts to bear already. Golly, fifty thousands dollars of debt!!??? In less than two decades, already, 'merica??
Mario Lopez (17 hours ago)
Just replace the lower radiator hose in my '04 Mazda 3.0 L at 220 K. Running strong. Don't see to many trucks that old on the road.
CanadianLoki76 (18 hours ago)
The whole thing about "Scotty" thinks they are garbage.. Well that might have been true. But things change, they might be getting better and resolving any issues they had. Especially as the more popular and the more market share they get. Improvements come along.. Look at Hyundai, it was a brand in the 90's and even later that was seen as unreliable, bad bla bla.. It is today a pretty reliable brand and doesn't have the stigma. Same thing with KIA, it is getting better and better.. RAM is now it's own thing and not Dodge. Even if owned by FCA it likely runs on it's own, it only has one focus now as well. Trucks.
Jimmy Quian (18 hours ago)
When you see a ram , you dodge
Zach Johnston (20 hours ago)
Correction Ford F150 is the most popular vehicle in the US
R Wright (1 day ago)
All trucks are piece of u no what
don684 (1 day ago)
Just a wild guess GM quality and innovation is getting worse. So people are looking at Ram. Ford has about 40% of the market and is miles ahead of the competition. Aluminium body panels, a winner in the rust belt areas.New engines. Ford to come out with a hybrid in the F-150 soon.
TurtleSpeed James (1 day ago)
F series gives me a feel of cheapness. Even the top trim level limited and raptor are having hard plastic all over the place... The combination of hard plastic and carbon fiber on raptor is not acceptable for me tho... That's why I chose 2017 Ram Limited in early 2017 and then chose 2019 Ram Limited in early 2019.
my.android. Mfz (2 days ago)
This part of the world, we drive cars for family uses and use actual trucks and lorries to move things..
Charles Marshall (2 days ago)
Listening to all these crybabies deriding the Ram reminds me of folks with Trump Derangement Syndrome!
Yuri Orloff (3 days ago)
Yeah, Ram really "came from nowhere," given that the Dodge brothers only started making trucks about a hundred years ago. Dodge has always been a viable and recognized truck manufacturer. This is just another case of idiotic millennials thinking that history began sometime around 1995.
Don Keyballs (3 days ago)
I use to drive chevys. Junk. Fords are good. Dodge the husband and ram the wife!
Ron Forman (3 days ago)
Actually GM sells more pickup trucks than Ford which makes them #1
Ryan (4 days ago)
5:58 British Colombia licence plate lol
Alex Martinez (4 days ago)
Let's ask Scotty what he thinks!?
lightningsmokerXx (4 days ago)
The Simple solution to getting people to buy your truck, build it more reliable. Don't make the parts hard to change, and don't make the parts a small fortune.
Carey Frisch (4 days ago)
If Mercedes were to build a pickup truck, it would be based on the RAM...it is that good!
lightningsmokerXx (4 days ago)
Calling it Ram was just stupid. Makes it harder to find on parts lists, when you are looking for Dodge, and still on their website when you look for a dodge ram, you have to go to another website. The Trim levels and fit and finish is what's growing the share, nothing to do with dropping dodge from ram.
Brian (5 days ago)
Never underestimate your competition.Go Ram!
al houd (6 days ago)
anything made by fiat is crap!!
Joel Chrysler (6 days ago)
Paid and sponsored by Ram
NxtGen 2B (6 days ago)
Remeber, Mc Donald's sells the most burger's- but that doesn't mean they are the best tasting. Especially when your running g to the washroom 10 minutes later.
NxtGen 2B (6 days ago)
People are easily fooled in buying junk.
vdelrio999 (6 days ago)
I'd agree about the importance of a good - great interior. Of the big three, I've owned more GM than Ford and would say that GM is last in interiors. For the price they are asking, there shouldn't be that much plastic (eg polymer or something similar to Catalin or aluminum), effective sound proofing, and leather wrapped interiors (eg vegan leather or Cordura).
cws10692 (6 days ago)
Iv got a 14 ram n no iv never need help pullin or backin a 30' goes neck but i do like the gps
Henry Futch (6 days ago)
Ram is outsaleing the other because it's cheaper than the other trucks.
Mohammad Usman (6 days ago)
JD powers award hahahaha 🤣 I own a ram 1500 these trucks are not made to work with it's a toy dont tow anything the transmission will get messed up
Shawn Riddle (6 days ago)
bought two Ram trucks. Ram had trucks the others didnt build. In 03 it was the quad cab 1500 with a 6.4 length bed and the most powerful 1/2 ton with Hemi power. In 2015 it was the power wagon. Ford and Chevy have nothing that even comes close to the off road ability. In my personal opinion the Ram is the best looking truck.
Bruh Bruh (7 days ago)
Guess I’m getting a ram rt
John kopy (7 days ago)
I owned a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 for 140,000 miles with only one problem, a new transmission pan because of a leak. It was one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned. I sill miss her, I'm thinking of getting another one.
Alex Estrada (7 days ago)
Ford ain't worry about no damn Ram 😂😂😂
e v (7 days ago)
Meanwhile Toyota Tundra quietly keeps selling more too.
JC130 (4 days ago)
Wait 2021-2022 when the Turbo V6 Tundra comes out, sales will go so damn high (I hope at least lol)
John Hill (7 days ago)
Only people worried about fiat ram are the owners. Gm/Ford are not randomly catching on fire or being bought out every decade.
Oscar Garduno (7 days ago)
Is this about the ram or scotty?? What the f!
Silidons (7 days ago)
they can't be because dodge makes the most unreliable truck kek
A Garcia (8 days ago)
It all happened after the interior was updated with better quality and tesla like screen.
Stupid Honky Face (4 days ago)
I couldn’t care less about a screen and stitching. Just make something that will still be on the road when I’m done making payments.
Darrel Mignery (8 days ago)
Well just because your truck looks good it's not everything dependability is the biggest deal and and it's too early didn't know that about the new Dodge truck
mtrujillo1973 (8 days ago)
Ford’s not worried about Fiat in the least Still destroying it in sales by over 300,000K per year And now that the new super duty came out...it’s over All this is, is sensationalism in its highest form Talk to us when Fiat gets within 100,000 per year...maybe in the next century
lucky trader (8 days ago)
I traded in my Chevy truck for a brand new ram rebel love the interior.
ENB BARBER (5 days ago)
lucky trader 😭😭😭😭 u sound like a female lol
Two Tone (8 days ago)
GM shot itself in the foot by keeping GMC. Chevrolet trucks are made intentionally ugly to allow GMC to sell a prettier truck for a bit more money. Ram will sell you a pretty truck for Chevrolet money. Its a no brainer for comparing the two, and ford making everyone a science experiment for Aluminum trucks is almost a big turnoff as Spending Full size money on a 4 cylinder Silverado. The dark horse is the Nissan Titan Cummins powered truck. That they don't offer the Titan in a true HD trim is a screaming shame seeing they have the motor for it already.
turbojoe2 (8 days ago)
Blah Blah, tech this tech that. I want a truck. Not a smartphone. I have a 2002 quad cab Dakota with a 5.9l auto. I get in and I go. People should not need all these "tech" features. My truck does exactly what I tell it to do. I feel as if people are ignorant of what they are and do. I don't need a beep to tell me when i'm close to something, and I certainly don't need my truck to steer for me. I AM the driver. Ya, my truck doesn't get great mileage. But its likely more reliable and independent than the new ones.
Tycho Bradsell (8 days ago)
Rams are so bad. You'll catch me in a ford
46wireboy (7 days ago)
I have a ford. The mirrors don't work. The Cruise fell apart. I have to constantly lube my door locks or get locked out.(multiple drivers but missing a fob) Funky erratic high speed idle. Wipers don't properly wipe the glass and I only use good wipers. Lots of wind noise. Loud assed power steering. POS
JerseyMikeP (8 days ago)
This video has the most Incorrect Information of any video I've seen on youtube.
Alex Martin (8 days ago)
Cummins is the only reason they do good. Without it. It is trash. Ram is declining rapidly. Dealership are rejecting new rams because they haven’t sold the ones from year(s) before .
SabreTwo190 (9 days ago)
If you plan on keeping a dodge/ram over 4 years.....good luck. I know I'll never but another
Dario Ontiveros (9 days ago)
So a Tesla?
Powerstroke nation 6.7 (9 days ago)
I'll stick with my f350 thank u
Jim Cole (9 days ago)
The new Ram is amazing. By far the best truck. Yes ford and GM have their tech features that I wish the Ram had however hands down a Ram will always be my choice. I have driven many cars and have owned Chrysler’s for over 40 years. All have been great.
Ty Phipps (9 days ago)
Make me a simple truck that's reliable is all we ask !!
blucollardad (9 days ago)
I’ll keep my F150
Kool Change (9 days ago)
Kool Change (7 days ago)
@BBBYpsi strong as a team.of oxen but the trade-off is needing a technician's attention so regularly
BBBYpsi (7 days ago)
I haul travel trailers for a living & I can tell you in this industry Ram is the best truck for the job.
cam urb (10 days ago)
if Scotty Kilmer not worry then this is Fake news!
Khmxer (10 days ago)
I bet CNBC was paid by RAM to say this.
Nick Dupree (10 days ago)
I've always been a huge Dodge Ram fan but The new Rams are so ugly.
bang bang (10 days ago)
Ford buyers typically dont buy GM trucks and just the opposite; GM buyers typically dont buy Ford trucks but either will consider a RAM. I am a die hard chevy fan and I drive a silverado. But this is the truth!😂
E L Griffin (10 days ago)
I own one and have electrical problems up the wazzoo. No more RAM for me..
Tommy Darracott (10 days ago)
I own a 2019 Limited Ram 4X4 Traded a 2017 Chevrolet High Country 4X4. The Ram’s ride and comfort is superior. Looked at a 2019 Chevrolet High Country. Very disappointed in the interior comfort. No Radar Cruise, No adjustable pedals No adjustable seat belt. The Ram Is A Much Better Purchase And Value. I also had a 2014 Ford Limited 4X4 I am not an Econoost Fan
Noble Obodum (10 days ago)
I thought GM and FCA were the same company so I'm confused? I always thought RAMs competed against their own siblings over at Chevy. Is this all incorrect? Either way Fords and Toyotas are still superior in my mind.
Frank Kolarik (9 days ago)
Your an idiot
Thamac15 (11 days ago)
Not worried about Ram in any way. It’s an Italian Chrysler truck that looks like a pansy city boy SUV. That exterior is absolutely hideous! Ford and GM still sold far more trucks than Ram did in 2019!!!!
Ray Davies (11 days ago)
Muricans just want big trucks to make them feel less short and fat, no matter if the quality sucks and they can't afford them
wayne wicks (12 days ago)
And the problem with this is Ford is definitely more reliable than Fiat lol
Simon Vance (12 days ago)
They should be worried, the new Rams are awesome... they are top of my options list.
JuAsked ForIt (12 days ago)
*Taking a look at the Ram 1500?*
straight2helll (12 days ago)
I drive a forklift at work I have been a Ford guy for years but when I put pallet of cement in the back of a Ford or Chevy they slam to the ground, the Ram doesn't even flinch.
tjaynes22 (12 days ago)
The last thing they are worried about is ram ......been in 3rd place for 20 years always will be there
Dave N (12 days ago)
Gm may be worried but Ford ain't. Dodge has always been garbage.
Jeff G (12 days ago)
Nonesense ! I've had them all either personally or at work. Still love my old F-150 , but my Ram is going on 200k miles without one problem I remember having to change the air throttle, the spark plug cables, spark plugs and the ignition coil set on the F-150 at less than 150K although the FX suspension was a dream. The diesel offerings by Ram especially the 6,7L Cummings is proven and unbeatable. The first Powerstroke was a disaster and Ford fought covering it. The new ones are made by one company or another and has no track record. If you're looking for a diesel, Ram is your only choice. Oh ! And just mention them , GM sucks ! The full size any way. Had a 1998 S-10 and the V-6 just ran ! Couldn't really do anything to it. Even the platinum spark plugs looked new at 100K miles, the timing was dead on and the spark plug csbles performed like new. The suspension was car like and wasn't designed to haul much.
Thunder Heads410 (12 days ago)
95 percent of all Chevys are still on the roads...the other 5% made it home. Fords are used to tow Chevys, when they're working Dodges are the only real truck
MG42pillbox (10 days ago)
18 years and untouchable (my avatar)
Joey Ramos (12 days ago)
Ford is worried, cause ram is going down...
MG42pillbox (10 days ago)
Fords have to be traded in more often for a reason.
Bruce Burns (13 days ago)
American management were shocked when sales accelerated after raising quality and reliability level , they didn't know that's what happens because their priority up until they done that was supplying all the profits to shareholders .
Bruce Burns (13 days ago)
America should not worry about Ram taking market share but should worry about the never ending takeover of all the worlds manufacturing by the Asians , American brands in nearly everything have all but been eliminated from here in Australia , GM will only last another year or so and will be gone , they are seen now as unreliable junk , but 50 years ago they had 50% of the market , but sadly the shareholders got priority over product and that's why they are as good as gone .
0 to 100 quick VER. America (13 days ago)
Daily reminder that hemi is a name brand, and the heads are no longer hemispherical
halo hunter (10 days ago)
Plenty of engines have hemispherical heads... Even the Mitsubishi 4 cylinder in the late 70s Challenger was advertised as a Hemi.
MG42pillbox (10 days ago)
Wow so the heads still outflow the competition without being a true hemi. Amazing.
Nomad Sopmac (13 days ago)
Are they worried how dodge/ram is ignoring customers suffering from death wobble ? Please research customer complaints on even NEW dodge n how they are ignored.. Untill someone gets killed
C W (13 days ago)
I think it's funny if you dont like General Motors pickup designs just wait a month or 2 and they will have a whole new design lol
Hiatt Boileau (14 days ago)
The interior better be great, because in a few years that trash is going to be a lawn ornament.
MG42pillbox (10 days ago)
18 years and still perfection. Theres a reason why Rams dominate actual job sites. Not to mention the tractor pull mod competitions. Enjoy your hate noob.
Cris5598 (14 days ago)
Scotty Kilmer making a vid dissing Ram trucks in 3,2,1...
dmichael987 (14 days ago)
Sounds like a paid advertisement to me.
Mason Kielar (10 days ago)
It is.
White Boy (12 days ago)
Not it sounds like.... IT IS
Brian Hayward (14 days ago)
i will never buy a truck that has a knob as its gear shifter. gtfo
Vishal Kumar (14 days ago)
Just a Hindi joke. They should launch a model of vehicle called as Ram राम. ☺😜 Many Tau will buy it instantly
Bobby Joe Henry (14 days ago)
Feels like an advertisement more than journalistic reporting.
Frank Hujsa (9 days ago)
Eric Fox https://www.caranddriver.com/news/amp30390240/ram-1500-vs-chevy-silverado-truck-sales/ Your numbers are wrong, but the correct figures make your point. Ram sold 18% more than last year, with about 634k units - wow. Even with discounted “Classic” models padding the sales, they still hit it out of the park with the new 1500. I can’t find the article now but I read a few months ago that a disproportionate share of Ram 1500 buyers were first time truck buyers. The something they’re doing right isn’t hard to figure out: they dropped a sizzling truck on the market just as Chevy tripped. They saw that truck buyers craved a luxurious, high tech interior and they delivered. Exactly the right product at exactly the right time. Hopefully the new 1500s are as reliable as they are pretty...
Eric Fox (10 days ago)
Ram increased the annual sales of the RAM 1500 from last year by 68% from 217 000units the 361 000units obviously they did something right that is what is being focused here. The are not bashing the competition they are journalizing what Ram has done right.
Frank Hujsa (12 days ago)
Yes. Far below the typical journalistic standards of either YouTube or CNBC.
GATOR DUCKY 105 (14 days ago)
I guess you could say they should of Ram with it ??? jajaja
Alzar (14 days ago)
Let's be honest, RAM trucks looks good .
Modesto Rodriguez (14 days ago)
I’ve heard they’re absolute garbage, with failing accessories left and right.
TeamTech99 (12 days ago)
Electrical and transmission issues also. My auntie owned two Dodge vehicles and they both caught on fire on the freeway. All fun and games until the truck breaks down before 75k miles.
White Boy (12 days ago)
@Modesto Rodriguez I think he meant more accessories/electronics.
White Boy (12 days ago)
@sandwich949 nice there electronics are normally crap. People are having major issues with these new ones as well.
Modesto Rodriguez (13 days ago)
That particular motor isn’t Dodge though... Diesels are a whole different animal, usually.
sandwich949 (13 days ago)
I was die hard gm my whole life. Decided to buy a 2013 hd ram with a Cummins some years ago. It’s a Laramie with all the bells and whistles. It has been a very reliable vehicle. It now has 87k miles. Never had an issue and use it for my construction company
yfelwulf (14 days ago)
US vehicles rated by Quality and PERFORMANCE based on experience No 1 CHRYSLER No2 FORD No3 GM
anthony Young (14 days ago)
Dodge need to see what going on with that running hot problem
Max Korfendagus (14 days ago)
Don't forget the hemi engine eating valve lifters, and the rust--good lord, the rust.
metaltera86 (14 days ago)
GM has gone a different direction in the last 5-10 years it’s sad. I grew up loving them but for modern pickups/cars they are my last choice
#buzzofftoxic Blog (15 days ago)
Toxic fossil ☠️⛽🤑😱🌍fuel trucks ban them 🌍go ev #buzzofftoxic
King Plasencia (15 days ago)
Doesn't ram have the most problems? Especially their diesel trucks ?
cDeadlySkill (13 days ago)
Uhh that would be ford 😂 Too many fords on the side of the road. F-ound O-n R-oad D-ead
Randall Denison (13 days ago)
No they are very good
greysymphonyearth (15 days ago)
Ford is not worried about those piles of junk.
Ron Nettles (15 days ago)
I had a fleet of Dodge trucks in my business for over 25 years....Not one complaint or issue. These were all 2500's and hauled heavy loads. The 5.7 hemi is the best. Fords are junk--don't have an engine to compete, other than an expensive diesel. Chevy's 6.0 couldn't cut it either. IMO, the GMC looks the best, but the RAM has the most incredible interior! But, guess what--the others will catch up. That's where the money is-in trucks.
Ted Malley (15 days ago)
Scotty will never give up his 1994 Toyota Celica for a Dodge pickup.
JuAsked ForIt (12 days ago)
He's probably cursing while watching this
Hiatt Boileau (14 days ago)
But would he for a Toyota-Ram truck?
land otter1 (15 days ago)
I have an 07 Ram mega cab and I love it. No huge bells and whistles. Pretty basic, really. The quality is very good. Never left me stranded. I have had very good luck with it. I would buy another but as is, it will last me for many more years. Great truck.
Matt Smith (15 days ago)
Well if you sit on your lorals you get passed bye
Richard E (15 days ago)
Ram is simply beyond awesome. It's hard to be humble when you drive a Hemi. Mopar or notruck!
JuAsked ForIt (12 days ago)
I drive a 12v Cummins is that considered mopar?
Danyal A. (15 days ago)
Elon: Hold my beer.
Xaverderschnitzelfan (15 days ago)
Im just here because the title is weard: no, no car producer exept for tesla and the oder smart cars are worried abour RAM,Abevause its important for the self driving cars. Other companied arent interrested in ram.