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Couple Builds Own Tiny House on Wheels in 4 Months for $22,744.06- "hOMe" FULL TOUR

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For a FREE 7 Day Tiny House Construction ECourse, please click on link: http://tinyhousebuild.com/free-7-day-ecourse/. To look at the plans for hOMe, please visit: http://tinyhousebuild.com/home-plans/ http://tinyhousebuild.com/ presents the "hOMe" tour. Our 221 SF (+128SF in lofts) was self designed and built tiny house on a 28' trailer. Built for $22k ($33k including all cabinets and appliances), our tiny house feels spacious, roomy and totally livable. BEST house we've ever lived in! :) During this video we take you through the entire tiny house, showing each nook and cranny and design features that are working so well. Unlike most cottagey tiny houses, hOMe has a clean, modern feel.
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Maw G (5 days ago)
Great home. Really impressed at the storage esp in living room. God bless you both. In Jesus Name Margie from Southern Mississippi
Joseph Gabriel (5 days ago)
I only made it 8 minutes into this video cause the way this guy keep tooting his own horn over the design of an 11ft shed roof. barf
Mehmet (6 days ago)
I appreciate that at last someone talks about the costs as well. In so many videos they pretend a tiny house was affordable for everyone.
T Mac (8 days ago)
I just read up on composting toilets and the temperature makes a huge difference in how long it takes to render it safe. Like a month vs a year, so I actually like the idea of it composting inside a heated space which would guarantee the fastest turnaround.
starflower703 (10 days ago)
This is a very nice home with a good design. However, my family would need a dishwasher and a full stackable washer/dryer.
Yoga Bliss Dance (13 days ago)
Paperless office? I've never heard of that!
Todd Carmona (14 days ago)
Amazing well done 👍🏻
Marsha Mc (14 days ago)
I love this house it’s beautiful, clean, tons of storage which I love. I’d really like to know how to get that little reading back rest thing they have on their bed with the reading light. I love that thing.
Renee Cannon (15 days ago)
Gorgeous ♡
joe joe (15 days ago)
you're a genius. beautiful home. nice dog. a home is not a home without a little dog or cat. how both both.
Dark & Lovely (15 days ago)
I love the Kitchen ❤️
Dark & Lovely (15 days ago)
Amazingly Beautiful. This is one of the most organized and clean Tiny Home that I’ve seen yet.
Lee Bailor (15 days ago)
What breed is oscar? Cute doggo
Aaron Hall (16 days ago)
What brand is the heater stove? I am looking for one like that!
Vicky Lynne (19 days ago)
What brand is the scanner?
Lilac Milkshake (19 days ago)
17:56 - Arrh, you talked about the walls but didn't say what they were or what method was used for installation. Bummer!
Lilac Milkshake (19 days ago)
16:00 in, and I'm still hoping you talk about your wall linings. What material and method? Nearly up to this stage myself and want floating plywood walls, but I've got a steel frame, so I don't know if screws will be needed (and will ruin the sleek look).
River flow 818 (21 days ago)
Sam Sung (23 days ago)
Who wants to see a toilet as soon as you walk into the house?
Lois Newton (26 days ago)
I could BARELY hear his voice. WHY? My speakers are up fully.
Erin Petrie (27 days ago)
Why not have the doors for the office area, open towards the office area?
sami shubert (28 days ago)
Just S T A C K it
kelly keller (29 days ago)
I would have put them towel hocks on the other side of the shower..that way you can just reach over and grab the towel when getting out of the shower..I just don't think I would put my towel right beside my toilet so close..if he is standing there pissing his piss would spatter on the towels...don't think I would want to dry off on a pissy towel...that's just my thought..
Colleen Longardner (29 days ago)
Regarding the desk space with the cover over the wheel well below it, doesn't look like any toe room. Foot up against wheel well cover not very comfortable. And why wouldn't you have pocket doors for the bathroom. Good grief!!
Luci Den (30 days ago)
Maaaan you talk too much! I was waiting for the vacum bit but you did not go back to it.
Steven Gatewood (1 month ago)
What kind of insulation is used? Did you use wood or metal studs?
alim adam (1 month ago)
perfect . its my dream .
Gypsy Jena (1 month ago)
That's the first time I've seen that toilet, what brand is it?
Eseven (1 month ago)
Nice 👍
TheRawBabe (1 month ago)
Toilet window needs a curtain LOL
RockaParty (1 month ago)
All that space (seriously, most cabinets were bare) & NO IRON? 🤣 I simply couldn’t resist, but truly it’s a lovely tiny home & I’m sure lovely people too!
Jason (1 month ago)
You have to go outside to fart 💨 or else
Choice777 (1 month ago)
No door on bathroom ? FAIL.
João Reis (1 month ago)
What's the weight of the entire house? What car/truck do you use/recommend? Congrats and thank you! Happy 2020.
Thelma Hall (1 month ago)
A bed lounger wow I've never heard of it them. Cool
Pretty Astounding (1 month ago)
Nice until your knees go.
Koito Yuu (2 months ago)
This house is perfect for my OCD
Erica Levinson (2 months ago)
how much square footage is this house?
Tidwell (3 months ago)
I've seen a bigger home for the same price
Juan Carlos Abad (3 months ago)
nice job, nice tiny house!
Standard Straight Kicker (3 months ago)
I wanna iron this guys shirt so bad
Judy S (3 months ago)
If those were my office cabinets I would reverse the hinge to make things more accessible. This way you have to go around the door first. Also where the laptops are, if they make the opening for cords larger and right where the top splits to lower they could store them on the wheel well shelf and not have to unplug them. Love the kitchen but not the color. Love the TV reading loft.
backpackingonline (3 months ago)
I looked at the website. I did not find information about the vacuum cleaner. Do you have a Link?
Befrin Axtjärn (3 months ago)
Neil Whitcombe (4 months ago)
maboh (4 months ago)
Rikki Snyder (4 months ago)
Why would you put the "focal point," the window you are looking at, behind the "couch" essentially behind yourself? Do other people do this? Do people put their seats facing away from their views, TVs or fire places like that? How uncomfortable must it be to sit down and have what your meant to be looking at behind you twisting to stare out of it? I feel like that was stupid.
Patti Stuber (4 months ago)
Couldn't railing be installed alongside the stairs for safety?
yo yups (4 months ago)
the only sad thing is that a day comes when we have to leave behind our pleasures cravings and belongings- everything.. so wat is the real point in having everything.... always this thig ever since makes me sad gloomy n depressed that one day we will die and will have to leave everything...
James M (4 months ago)
I have the idiots guide to Tiny house, showcasing this nice little tiny home!! Only I didn’t realize it until AFTER watching the video!! LOL
MAD GRUMPYMAN (5 months ago)
If you're going to go with a built in couch, better make sure it is big enough and comfy enough to lounge on! A narrow bench with a chunk of foam on it is where you sit to tie your shoes, NOT WHERE YOU lounge TO RELAX AND BE COMFY.
Jim James (5 months ago)
Volume level! VOL-UUUUUUUME!
Deborah E (5 months ago)
This is hands down the best tiny house plus the best narration of a tiny house I’ve seen!! Epic!!
Eric R (5 months ago)
audio sucks tho
ZMAC LLC (6 months ago)
Am I seeing double here? This is an EXACT match so who copied who????? Somehow, I think I know the answer ... https://youtu.be/-ky_Kc8zdgA
LR Hurst (6 months ago)
People who want to do YouTube for a living.... Step one ...get the lighting right. People won't want to watch your video if they can't see you. Unfortunately, the lighting in this video is very poor and gets in the way of being able to see the possibilities of this home. It should have been evident to him when he edited the footage. Should be reshot with appropriate lighting.
My name is Steve Rogers (6 months ago)
Hate this house and layout
Lan Bostwick (6 months ago)
I would like to have one
Lan Bostwick (6 months ago)
I really interesting in it
Lan Bostwick (6 months ago)
Hi there this tiny house for sale?
Jonathan Smith (6 months ago)
A rail/bannister on the stairs might be practical and safe, and aesthetically pleasing.
Neo Sw (6 months ago)
At 13:20, it look like you have humidity on the stairwell :/
per abrahamsson (6 months ago)
Was that 'Kalles kaviar' in there!?
Kaarli Makela (6 months ago)
The cupboard for the office ... I would have put those hinges on the other side!!! Gotta say, when people live in the ones they design, they tell us details we want to know ... The fellows who pre-build places to sell to whoever might buy ... they forget to tell us the basics like LENGTH!
Let's Be Real Here!! (7 months ago)
I sooooo love this
lyndaster46 (7 months ago)
you can tell that so much thought went into this tiny house, but if he had slid the "office"cabinets to the other side of the desk, the office door swing direction would make more sense and the sofa would not be so isolating. overall pretty amazing otherwise.
GD Blackthorn (7 months ago)
How can you get past the building codes? What about the stair railing? Nice place, but I couldn't do it!
Pam S (7 months ago)
Really good tour, makes you thing.
GUANG PENG (7 months ago)
we supply nice tiny house /remove toilet .container shop and wooden house from china and solar panel systel for tiny house .please add my whatapp:0086-13827728575 my email:guanyin8099@gmail.com
KAT 69 (7 months ago)
VERY Beautiful Design👍
margaret little (7 months ago)
One of the best homes I've seen, but I would have the lounge a cosier space
Jarret Chambers (7 months ago)
Damn I'm 6 foot 3
Marlene Silva (7 months ago)
Do you sell the plans on your tiny house
VIC MEL (7 months ago)
20&savage (7 months ago)
Too detailed Make a vid with a wide view camera with short video
anakmelayu baru (8 months ago)
Next time use a proper mic..barely audible
oka199999 (8 months ago)
Maybe some comment about gray/black water you produce... volumes, how to deal with it...
sadhana kamble (8 months ago)
u have design ur house like a pro... there is not a thing which can point out... its awsome comfortable tiny house
Thomas Tournavitis (8 months ago)
looks like can't escape the city routine
Colours Of Life (8 months ago)
plzzz subscribe my chanel plzz videos soon
Tara Moon (8 months ago)
Heavily stylized. It looks cramped with all those cabinets everywhere.
847MicRoss (8 months ago)
This on tiny house hunters would cost 100k
stephen trujillo (9 months ago)
I'm surprised this clown didn't show off how many underwear he has. ffs man.
TheReaperAnubis (9 months ago)
You say we but theres only 1 toothbrush
james Nueva (9 months ago)
Quite expensive....
Sergiy Dzysyak (9 months ago)
I do not understand why people do not add sliders to their tiny homes. Sliders can turn tiny home in to almost normal small house...
Zaiga (9 months ago)
Doesn't need pants but sure needs a lot of pillows 😂 . Great house design 😜
Salma Arshad (9 months ago)
A beautiful and an eligent house . I like it 👍
Ian Doyle (9 months ago)
As a Chef I always wondered how i was gonna fit a full sized kitchen in a Tiny home...this answers it...I just need to raise the ceilings since i'm 6'3. But thanks this helps me a long way in my design!
Benjamin Malave Jr. (9 months ago)
I’m no plumber so excuse my ignorance but how are the bathroom and kitchen at opposite ends?
Foxy Lady (10 months ago)
I like your dresser drawers in your room where did u get it ?
Raul Albarracin (10 months ago)
It is necessary a big truck to move it.
Claudia D'Angelo (10 months ago)
The volume of the video is too low
Tinny (10 months ago)
0:00 Nothing like the sound of a fucking hammer. -_-
comic girl (10 months ago)
luv the clear, straight design, the dark wood is not mine, but else i would move in within a heartbeat :-)
Meowdy Partner (10 months ago)
I like it but i feel like you could have made it so that you can stand in the loft. There are alot of space over the fridge and to the cabinnets and if you lowered that part of the floor and rotated the bed you would be able to stand up there.
Meowdy Partner (10 months ago)
Im thinking of getting your build plans and making some personal changes to them because the overall layout of the home seems elegant and well thought out.
Meowdy Partner (10 months ago)
I would also have put the washer dryer combo in the corner instead of the lazy susan and i would have gone for a smaller heater because the one you went with seemed too big and you would have been able to make the ladder less intrusive. I would also change the curtains to the bathroom for a sliding door.
Asota Musicproduction (10 months ago)
awesome i am neeed this by Austria wow !
JoAnn Hutt (10 months ago)
I'm hoping to buy/build a TH before next Winter and this one is the BEST I've seen! On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd have to give this a 9½ !! Over the past few months I've watched so many TH videos and none have impressed me like this one has! I absolutely love that kitchen!
Costica Popa (10 months ago)
Nicely Done..... Good Job guys
Lairenlakpam Sushma (10 months ago)
Speak to the point Mr. Useless talks No need to speak about ur dog and vacuum or printer
Maliq Elliott (10 months ago)
Right! Pretty annoying throughout the entire video. I was like ok we get it...ur rich! Lol