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Couple Builds Own Tiny House on Wheels in 4 Months for $22,744.06- "hOMe" FULL TOUR

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For a FREE 7 Day Tiny House Construction ECourse, please click on link: http://tinyhousebuild.com/free-7-day-ecourse/. To look at the plans for hOMe, please visit: http://tinyhousebuild.com/home-plans/ http://tinyhousebuild.com/ presents the "hOMe" tour. Our 221 SF (+128SF in lofts) was self designed and built tiny house on a 28' trailer. Built for $22k ($33k including all cabinets and appliances), our tiny house feels spacious, roomy and totally livable. BEST house we've ever lived in! :) During this video we take you through the entire tiny house, showing each nook and cranny and design features that are working so well. Unlike most cottagey tiny houses, hOMe has a clean, modern feel.
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Text Comments (6003)
Patti Stuber (16 hours ago)
Couldn't railing be installed alongside the stairs for safety?
yo yups (1 day ago)
the only sad thing is that a day comes when we have to leave behind our pleasures cravings and belongings- everything.. so wat is the real point in having everything.... always this thig ever since makes me sad gloomy n depressed that one day we will die and will have to leave everything...
James McEwen (2 days ago)
I have the idiots guide to Tiny house, showcasing this nice little tiny home!! Only I didn’t realize it until AFTER watching the video!! LOL
MAD GRUMPYMAN (19 days ago)
If you're going to go with a built in couch, better make sure it is big enough and comfy enough to lounge on! A narrow bench with a chunk of foam on it is where you sit to tie your shoes, NOT WHERE YOU lounge TO RELAX AND BE COMFY.
Jim James (27 days ago)
Volume level! VOL-UUUUUUUME!
Deborah E (29 days ago)
This is hands down the best tiny house plus the best narration of a tiny house I’ve seen!! Epic!!
Eric R (30 days ago)
audio sucks tho
ZMAC LLC (1 month ago)
Am I seeing double here? This is an EXACT match so who copied who????? Somehow, I think I know the answer ... https://youtu.be/-ky_Kc8zdgA
LR Hurst (1 month ago)
People who want to do YouTube for a living.... Step one ...get the lighting right. People won't want to watch your video if they can't see you. Unfortunately, the lighting in this video is very poor and gets in the way of being able to see the possibilities of this home. It should have been evident to him when he edited the footage. Should be reshot with appropriate lighting.
My name is Steve Rogers (1 month ago)
Hate this house and layout
Lan Bostwick (1 month ago)
I would like to have one
Lan Bostwick (1 month ago)
I really interesting in it
Lan Bostwick (1 month ago)
Hi there this tiny house for sale?
Jonathan Smith (1 month ago)
A rail/bannister on the stairs might be practical and safe, and aesthetically pleasing.
Neo Sw (1 month ago)
At 13:20, it look like you have humidity on the stairwell :/
per abrahamsson (1 month ago)
Was that 'Kalles kaviar' in there!?
Kaarli Makela (2 months ago)
The cupboard for the office ... I would have put those hinges on the other side!!! Gotta say, when people live in the ones they design, they tell us details we want to know ... The fellows who pre-build places to sell to whoever might buy ... they forget to tell us the basics like LENGTH!
LET'S BE REAL HERE!! (2 months ago)
I sooooo love this
lyndaster46 (2 months ago)
you can tell that so much thought went into this tiny house, but if he had slid the "office"cabinets to the other side of the desk, the office door swing direction would make more sense and the sofa would not be so isolating. overall pretty amazing otherwise.
GD Blackthorn (2 months ago)
How can you get past the building codes? What about the stair railing? Nice place, but I couldn't do it!
Highbaby9 (2 months ago)
Really good tour, makes you thing.
GUANG PENG (2 months ago)
we supply nice tiny house /remove toilet .container shop and wooden house from china and solar panel systel for tiny house .please add my whatapp:0086-13827728575 my email:guanyin8099@gmail.com
KAT 69 (2 months ago)
VERY Beautiful Design👍
margaret little (2 months ago)
One of the best homes I've seen, but I would have the lounge a cosier space
Jarret Chambers (2 months ago)
Damn I'm 6 foot 3
Marlene Silva (2 months ago)
Do you sell the plans on your tiny house
VIC MEL (3 months ago)
20&savage (3 months ago)
Too detailed Make a vid with a wide view camera with short video
anakmelayu baru (3 months ago)
Next time use a proper mic..barely audible
oka199999 (3 months ago)
Maybe some comment about gray/black water you produce... volumes, how to deal with it...
sadhana kamble (3 months ago)
u have design ur house like a pro... there is not a thing which can point out... its awsome comfortable tiny house
Thomas Tournavitis (3 months ago)
looks like can't escape the city routine
Colours Of Life (3 months ago)
plzzz subscribe my chanel plzz videos soon
Tara Moon (4 months ago)
Heavily stylized. It looks cramped with all those cabinets everywhere.
847MicRoss (4 months ago)
This on tiny house hunters would cost 100k
stephen trujillo (4 months ago)
I'm surprised this clown didn't show off how many underwear he has. ffs man.
TheReaperAnubis (4 months ago)
You say we but theres only 1 toothbrush
james Nueva (4 months ago)
Quite expensive....
Sergiy Dzysyak (4 months ago)
I do not understand why people do not add sliders to their tiny homes. Sliders can turn tiny home in to almost normal small house...
Zaiga (4 months ago)
Doesn't need pants but sure needs a lot of pillows 😂 . Great house design 😜
Salma Arshad (4 months ago)
A beautiful and an eligent house . I like it 👍
Ian Doyle (4 months ago)
As a Chef I always wondered how i was gonna fit a full sized kitchen in a Tiny home...this answers it...I just need to raise the ceilings since i'm 6'3. But thanks this helps me a long way in my design!
Benjamin Malave Jr. (4 months ago)
I’m no plumber so excuse my ignorance but how are the bathroom and kitchen at opposite ends?
Foxy Lady (5 months ago)
I like your dresser drawers in your room where did u get it ?
Raul Albarracin (5 months ago)
It is necessary a big truck to move it.
Claudia D'Angelo (5 months ago)
The volume of the video is too low
Tinny (5 months ago)
0:00 Nothing like the sound of a fucking hammer. -_-
comic girl (5 months ago)
luv the clear, straight design, the dark wood is not mine, but else i would move in within a heartbeat :-)
Simon (5 months ago)
I like it but i feel like you could have made it so that you can stand in the loft. There are alot of space over the fridge and to the cabinnets and if you lowered that part of the floor and rotated the bed you would be able to stand up there.
Simon (5 months ago)
Im thinking of getting your build plans and making some personal changes to them because the overall layout of the home seems elegant and well thought out.
Simon (5 months ago)
I would also have put the washer dryer combo in the corner instead of the lazy susan and i would have gone for a smaller heater because the one you went with seemed too big and you would have been able to make the ladder less intrusive. I would also change the curtains to the bathroom for a sliding door.
Asota Music Musicproduction (5 months ago)
awesome i am neeed this by Austria wow !
JoAnn Hutt (5 months ago)
I'm hoping to buy/build a TH before next Winter and this one is the BEST I've seen! On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd have to give this a 9½ !! Over the past few months I've watched so many TH videos and none have impressed me like this one has! I absolutely love that kitchen!
Costica Popa (5 months ago)
Nicely Done..... Good Job guys
Lairenlakpam Sushma (5 months ago)
Speak to the point Mr. Useless talks No need to speak about ur dog and vacuum or printer
Maliq Elliott (5 months ago)
Right! Pretty annoying throughout the entire video. I was like ok we get it...ur rich! Lol
Patricia Nairn (5 months ago)
Doesn't look/feel very homey.....more like an office space. The living room looks so awkward and uncomfortable......like a token living room. Why bother? To me, it's more sterile than minimal.
Alka Mishra (5 months ago)
Mike Shotglass (6 months ago)
How many time can you say "again"?
Mike Shotglass (6 months ago)
What a douche
Nishdeep Solanki (6 months ago)
where is the water storage?
Xenedraa Bourque (6 months ago)
I would put my bed where the recessed window/couch would be. I'd like that look.
FindDiego (6 months ago)
It keeps everything simple
hank wilts (6 months ago)
Lovely house for a weekend away.
gossumx (6 months ago)
How much does it weigh, though?
Paul Nubreu (7 months ago)
Great house, bad video.
stephen trujillo (7 months ago)
geez this guy loves to hear himself talk. " ALOT"
Pravina Fi (7 months ago)
Cost to build me one?
Tracy Keenan (7 months ago)
Very nice
Sandra Bedoya (7 months ago)
Yes I want that scanner!
msxmargo (5 months ago)
It’s very pretty but that couch looks so uncomfortable - the craftsmanship is beautiful
Samantha Amaral (7 months ago)
Whats the name of the vacuum
J Tarar (7 months ago)
Why do you even need a scanner when u can take a pic of anything with phone? Lol
Stephanie sharland (7 months ago)
Sorry don't like it. I would not want people seeing me relaxing. I really would not want my seating area there. Can't believe you are happy with that.!!!!!
Frech Studios (7 months ago)
So well designed!
Nisa Carla Smith (7 months ago)
Balla60 (7 months ago)
Well made and explained really well, with good camera work. Thanks, good price too.
Promisse in LaLa Land (7 months ago)
This video was longer than MTV 'CRIBS', it's a tiny house come on man!
geni allen (7 months ago)
I would like to know where you purchased the pillow chairs on your bed>
Shannon Miller (7 months ago)
Great house.... But. The weight is insane ..... Nice design . but. Your passing to many gas stations with that monster
Adhul M V (7 months ago)
A 3bhk normal house in India costs the same..
Braxton Curry (7 months ago)
That’s pretty big to be on a two axle trailer
Zee (7 months ago)
I love this home, especially the large kitchen with full size appliances. It makes sense to have the space with the most potential for clutter and mess, stretched like this with no waste for a typical "hallway" area. I also like your presentation; you're simple and straightforward while thoroughly pointing out all features and their advantages as you go.
Random Dude (7 months ago)
You know the guy’s a moron when he says out loud that a window shows you the outside.
Random Dude (7 months ago)
Why the fuck would it cost so much?
Rosita Chung (8 months ago)
Dedra Tiger (8 months ago)
This is the first tiny house I ever saw. Was kinda surfing around and ran across this video. It was my first introduction into tiny house living. The design is still one of the best and I’ve been looking at them for 2 years now.
aldof hister (8 months ago)
He has a shipping container with holes in it !
SteVieh Braun (8 months ago)
Carion Deville (8 months ago)
Too much yaking. Show the structure, not every little nook and cranny.
comicsgod53 (8 months ago)
Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak.I turned the sound off right away.Windows amazing concept.The dog yawned...so did I.
Susan Sirianni (8 months ago)
"So basically I created" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄
claudermiller (8 months ago)
Too bad you didn't have enough space for an iron and ironing board. JK LOL
neef three (8 months ago)
smaller stove and smaller fridge and better more comfy couch in living area vs bench...maybe cut back on office area
Teri Molenaar (8 months ago)
where can i find that scanner?
Vicki Lemke (8 months ago)
Too much idle chatter . Ars you selling this tiny house ? Is this your new career.
retchats (8 months ago)
He does go on.. no room for an iron and ironing board though 😂
adjuster70 (8 months ago)
What type of software did you use to design your tiny home?
David Chandler (8 months ago)
22k, nice place for that price but i dont think thats their permaenant home
David Chandler (8 months ago)
they just do a stat on how many people hurt themselves eventually on that to bed
David Chandler (8 months ago)
i like tiny houses but i think most would agree the ladder to go to bed is just so unpractical.build some steps
Karla Jeletic (8 months ago)
Tiny house? I don't think so...
Rogue E (8 months ago)
I'm afraid to build it my self though. What if I mess it up and it collapses?