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Burnout Goes Horribly Wrong

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what starts as a normal burnout ends in disaster check out more cool stuff at http://topcultured.com disclaimer: this video was sent to us and is not our original content
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Text Comments (4890)
Andres Salinas (9 days ago)
Dumb ass, he should have traded me before he crashed it.
Greg Campbelle (7 months ago)
Or Horribly right
Zero Flower (4 months ago)
no wrong
Crystal White (3 years ago)
e throwing a party a yes, I will be the first to know that I can see it. it is 4th St Paul. I will be the first time in the morning. I am a beautiful person
Crystal White (3 years ago)
e throwing a party a yes, I will be the first to know that I can see it. it is 4th St Paul. I will be the first time in the morning. I am a beautiful person
matt spark (3 years ago)
Ken Burns (3 years ago)
Damn that was a really nice truck
Dylan Roberts (3 years ago)
That isn't a fucking truck!!! It is a ute!!!! A truck is a mack or a freightliner. Get it right!!!
Hectic Turtle (4 years ago)
Face palm America Can't even drive in a straight line
CheckEngine Light On (4 years ago)
"OH FUCK" he said i say OH FUCK INDEED 3. Hit rut in road 2. Can't drive stick 1. SHITTY ASS DRIVER WHO CAN'T DRIVE STICK WHILE HITTING RUT IN ROAD I like to know what bullshit he said to his insurance company.
Ralph Smallblock (4 years ago)
I hope you know what you did wrong as the burn out was beautiful
morland (4 years ago)
Did I pop the tire? No you ass hat......you flipped your truck
Idontmakemanyvideos (5 years ago)
I can just imagine trying to explain to people how he rolled his car doing a burnout...
Zero Flower (4 months ago)
"you see I was just driving but then I SAW A fly"
paulz5531 (5 years ago)
Did I pop a tire? No dude, your just a unqualified driver.
Ty92x (5 years ago)
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andy björk (5 years ago)
Josie Wales (5 years ago)
Insurance companies have people research these videos in hopes of catching insurance fraud. :P beware
Cameron Tobin (5 years ago)
"Did I pop the tire?" I think that's the least of your problems dude.
Rigo Gonzalez (5 years ago)
No i dont Think thats fucking good !!! lmao
Dane Anderson (5 years ago)
"MY MOMS GONA KIL ME!!!!!!!!!!1111111111"
Andrew Echito (5 years ago)
he means did he crash because he popped a tire
springz8823 (5 years ago)
Haha fuck head
hddr3 (5 years ago)
"you sure"
Casper (5 years ago)
Did i pop a tire? No you just don't know how to counter steer or drift or drive one of the three or all of the above
bluetorch181 (5 years ago)
Phil Washburn (5 years ago)
no, you didn't "pop a tire". you hit a wet spot. idiot.
jeremy660 (5 years ago)
Ever wonder why we pay so much for car insurance??? Well now ya know. Stupid ass spoiled dipshit!!
Criss Vomit (5 years ago)
Buhahahaha!!! Fuckin girls leave the hotrodding to men and ladies! Fuckin retards
Steve Dyer (5 years ago)
I can't pronounce 'Bacaruda'
bebee10 (5 years ago)
Like a good neighbor... State Farm is there....
Horrible Kid Videos (5 years ago)
you have a HUGE point there kpoopktoo.
Ricky Salinas (5 years ago)
Should of had a ford ;)
Rasterbayne (5 years ago)
DosChimichangasPorFavor (5 years ago)
This video will never get old. NEVER.
Hero Tech (6 years ago)
Since no one can use their brains on youtube, i'll help a bit. He's asking if he popped a tire because.. He thought that was the reason the truck flipped, not because he's an idiot. Seriously is that all youtuber's want to do is just prove the person in every video i see is an idiot or doesn't know what he's doing... what's the point? Children don't need to be on the internet anymore its fucking ridiculous..
LalaRay (6 years ago)
nAsTeGaming (6 years ago)
Did i pop a tire?? No you just can't drive.
Mickey Cook (6 years ago)
Maybe a clown car like maybe a Fiat 500 would be a good starter car...... obviously you are a clown.
spikeman dan (6 years ago)
what kind of dumb ass question is that..? did i pop a tire are you fucking kidding me hahahahaha 1 you over corrected 2 that truck has to much ball for you & 3 if you can't do a burn out with out fucking that up, you probably shouldn't be driving in the first place . rolmfao im glad you wrecked it im sure your rich ass parent's will buy you a new car but this time go with baby steps and start your self off with a v6 and work your way up lololol
spikeman dan (6 years ago)
what can i say that hasn't already been said about you, lol good job dumb ass go buy your self a prius
brendan stanton (6 years ago)
You didnt finish what he was saying pal, Do you understand english dumbass
DGAF_AK87 (6 years ago)
do you understand sarcasm you fucking dumbass
brendan stanton (6 years ago)
He was asking did he pop a tire is that what happened. he thought he popped a tire and flipped
Matthew Goodman (6 years ago)
stupid truck
Dr. Peter Venkman a.k.a Original Ad-Buster (6 years ago)
man you stole my comment! but it is in fact fuckin good;)
Matt C2083 (6 years ago)
Didn't want that truck anyway.
DGAF_AK87 (6 years ago)
"Did i pop a tire?" No you just ran over a cat and aimed for the ditch... dumbass
DGAF_AK87 (6 years ago)
no thats better than the last one i saw
1911s4me (6 years ago)
Can't hammer you bro, I feel your pain.
jonathan miller (6 years ago)
you hit a oil spot dude
VKGchaos (6 years ago)
How did such a pointless, brainless, bitching about nothing comment get in the Top section. Every person who thumbed you up is scum.
onegoodnathan (6 years ago)
this is fucking hilarious
PG1090 (6 years ago)
fuckin retard ... if he'd react ... :/
MassiveStunnah (6 years ago)
Naw. You didn't pop the tires, but you did pop the whole truck upside down which is 1000 times worse. :P
SV Automotive (6 years ago)
yea just cause its a dodge makes it the problem and its not like that dodge made the fastest production car around Nurburgring with a record lap time of 7:12
SV Automotive (6 years ago)
did i pop a tire what a fucking retard if i had the chance i would punch him straight in the face for wrecking a perfectly nice truck
Cameron Steelmon (6 years ago)
is fuck your favorit word?
justin robarts (6 years ago)
you guys are fucked man
pamela hamilton (6 years ago)
Charsept (6 years ago)
Some lessons are learned the hard way. Next time run that through a try-catch block in your head before trying anything "badass" Still, you had a nice truck there sir
tony (6 years ago)
Oh shit aww Man imma get a whopping
M.Joseph Ali (6 years ago)
That's wat happens when u get off the gas. You get traction and go in whatever direction you're pointed. Lol. Stick to automatics and away from rolling burnouts.
Kham Char (6 years ago)
Did I just popped the tires
ATrippyManeHD (6 years ago)
yeah... he's fucked nda azz... no KY
Coty Lake (6 years ago)
Please... Dodge is the best. It's owner just happened to be an idiot.
Andrew Przygocki (6 years ago)
trucks for sale minor damage
The Chosen One (6 years ago)
lmao, who would have though that with the front brakes locked the truck wouldn't steer right? Next time do an actual burnout not a lame brake stand.
Tyler Reeves (6 years ago)
no you didn't pop the tire, you shifted to second while sideways creating a bigger torque therefore launching you sideways more. don't burnout on a skinny ass road if you don't know what your doing.
Givngr31f215 (6 years ago)
What a Doouch bag.
dave elise (6 years ago)
fuck dude
theclos16 (6 years ago)
"thats not fucking good" really genius?
danglesnipecelly13 (6 years ago)
Dumbass..... such a nice truck!
Talon Deslauriers (6 years ago)
mengle2004 (6 years ago)
I think he was just trying to figure out why he lost it. He just ditched it but he thought he had popped a tire.
mengle2004 (6 years ago)
was a beautiful truck
Brenton Wainscott (6 years ago)
He just flipped his fucking truck and he's worried that he popped a tire. Wow.
clm234 (6 years ago)
Hardly. I drive American. Always have, always will. I drive a Mustang. A true American icon.
Eirik Skaug (6 years ago)
So what do you drive? A civic?
wolfshadow1968 (6 years ago)
Son... We need to talk. You said you swerved to avoid a dog. Lets have that talk real soon.
wolfshadow1968 (6 years ago)
This would need the airport... don't think they allow that there... but then... there was that one guy on the news...
wolfshadow1968 (6 years ago)
at least.... it was....
metalmassacre84 (6 years ago)
ur a fuking idiot! thats what happened
jw85916 (6 years ago)
Thats not fucking good....instant classic
hmac540 (6 years ago)
That's a beautiful truck too :(
kramerlance (6 years ago)
Show your insurance company....
Tyson Price-Mingo (6 years ago)
Very fortunate to b alive!
TheGeneral2022 (6 years ago)
That's fucking good <<< i like it
Vinny G. (6 years ago)
"That's not fucking good" LMAO!!
Rebel colt (6 years ago)
@PREPARE4THEHYPOCRITE go cry nothing wrong with little fun. Your abused kid im guessing that wants people to get same pain yeah?
sourjello (6 years ago)
Bahaha dumbass driver. Serves him right.
OhEight6seven (6 years ago)
Did I pop a tire.... Fuckin retard
yourneck2 (6 years ago)
Hey you wanna sell your rims......?
motoxxx101 (6 years ago)
seeingeyegod (6 years ago)
serves him right, show off
300rearview (6 years ago)
did any body else say that not Fucking good at the same time he said it?
reesesgokart (6 years ago)
Dan Benedict (6 years ago)
lol. douchebag.
boliver shagnasty (6 years ago)
@PREPARE4THEHYPOCRITE Still living at mom's,.... still riding a bike, have no wheels & cant get laid?
Danny Rumbles (6 years ago)
Oh my god..
Ben Herr (6 years ago)
chevyck95 (6 years ago)
jim u ok....faget
Dizzy Nacho (6 years ago)
Another High Performance Vehicle in the hands of a Low Performing Driver...What a waste of a Nice Rig!!!