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UPS Delivering Done Right

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Scott D (26 days ago)
I think I’ve watched this about two dozen times. Why do I get such a kick outta this!?
Scott D (27 days ago)
Friggin epic!
Tarkesh 021 (1 month ago)
It's most likely it's his last delivery
Scott D (26 days ago)
Means he’s going home after his last delivery Or if you mean this entire video it appears the driver is a friend to the recipient. He jokingly asked if he wanted to hang out later, watch Top Gun, and drink a beer.
crableg steve (1 month ago)
Tarkesh 021 I don't get it?
34stzoo (1 month ago)
He enjoys his job! You got to love it!
Firewing (4 months ago)
He's so happy