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Jean Philippe Crepes

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Awesome Crepes at Jean Philippe in Bellagio at Las Vegas. It also has biggest chocolate fountain.
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Text Comments (278)
ロコロコ (22 days ago)
最初のクレープの上に乗せた、丸い平べったいのは何だったんだろう? スポンジケーキみたいな?
oYUn DunYaSi (1 month ago)
Necede temiz ve seluqeli işleyir
Panca Anandari (1 month ago)
Fórmula car Escuela (1 month ago)
Alguien me puede decir que es eso redondo que le coloca al crepes encima y luego lo dobla
Isahel Anaya (1 month ago)
Parece queso Brie, no estoy totalmente seguro.
Cuisine Najat Top (1 month ago)
سلاملبنات انا جديدة معكوم كنتمانة تابوناو معايا الله يسهل عليكم
Jasmin gotuje (1 month ago)
أبنتي حياتي (1 month ago)
asma riaz (1 month ago)
Send me the crepe batter recipe thanks
Jerònimo Ance (1 month ago)
es muy bonita , y amo su debociòn a su dulce trabajo...
ASWINI VEDARAMAN (1 month ago)
Wow it really good women and done her job perfect 👍 and by seeing this I want to eat it from this lady 😍😍❤️😍❤️💗
Анна Литосова (1 month ago)
Она поставила тарелку с блинчиком прямо на готовые блины?????
JUDY STERNWELL (1 month ago)
Omar Mohamed (1 month ago)
اتمنى ان اعمل بمكان.كهذذذذذذذذذا
قناة متنوعة (1 month ago)
Good video 👍 good job
Tufayel hussain (2 months ago)
Cida Oliveira (2 months ago)
Que delícia
Akma Muhamed (3 months ago)
Чо за корова сзади мастера,с сиськами прошлась,подтянула трусы и штаны и пошла...дура блядь
Roz Hola (3 months ago)
Raymond Cook (3 months ago)
That's enough chocolate to give the customer Diabetes.
Isableue1 (3 months ago)
Why always these giant portions in the USA? These crêpes are for 2 or 3 people
Ludmila Mejibivsji (4 months ago)
Начальника такая деловая прошлась-игра на камеру.Хуже нет,когда женщина начальница ...Какая чистота и красивая форма.
VBL HD (4 months ago)
Alexander Aguilera Ramirez (4 months ago)
Teresa Lucia (5 months ago)
Mohon Ullah (6 months ago)
Omg she is great now I want to eat it and I still do not mind if people like or not
ذكريات طفولة (6 months ago)
Why whenever i watch crepe videos I find bunch of Japanese of the comment wtf
Joe John (6 months ago)
jean philippe my ass!!
Péter Majoros (6 months ago)
0:15-nél az az indiai kinézetű nő, de írrítáló !
猫好きの凡人 (7 months ago)
Yolizen Nunag (8 months ago)
Ivan A (8 months ago)
I think that crepes different with indonesia crepes. In here crepes texture crispy, and flip become triagle. I look this crepes like pancake, pluffy texture
くろいろぐみ (8 months ago)
l l (8 months ago)
Зачем эта баба без формы ходит на заднем плане?тупая овца
sunny Constantina (8 months ago)
Лидия Лебедкина (8 months ago)
Уборщица!!! Тоже туда, сюда своей волосней трясет!!!
Лидия Лебедкина (8 months ago)
И как всегда!!!! На заднем плане прогуливаются админы!!! Без униформы, с волосами!!! И по....й, что готовится еда для гостей..
Too Much (8 months ago)
Дикий народ....гам как на птичьем базаре.....
RedHD Momma (8 months ago)
I worked in the Bellagio for few years and I loved getting coffee, gelato and chocolates from here almost every day. A must visit place for anyone traveling to Vegas.
RedHD Momma (8 months ago)
Daljeet D- not Los -Las Vegas
Daljeet D (8 months ago)
Where is Vegas? That means Los Vegas
LifeWithNicolas (8 months ago)
Holy shit that right side is a plate of diabetes and the one on the left is a plate of colon clogger 😱
Chris S (8 months ago)
That manager in the blue coat has some big Titties!
cnn doz (8 months ago)
This one is the lux crepe that ı saw, in Asia they makes faster, in europe slow
Lorelei Cotard (8 months ago)
Ca va ? Elle a pas honte de remonter sa culotte
Amany Ahmed (8 months ago)
Crepe is the easiest thing to do at home just work your imagination and invent new recipes
Yousf Nasri (8 months ago)
Very good food 👌
Mikemike H (8 months ago)
Where is this place? Is it a chain of restaurants?
varonika (8 months ago)
That's a dosa🤷🤷🤷 In India every woman knows how to make it ...v doesn't even need that wiper kinda a thing , the spoon with which she is pouring the batter is enough for us
mary tremendous (9 months ago)
So yummy
Djahida Lakhdari (9 months ago)
แมวเหมียว เมี๊ยวเมี๊ยว (9 months ago)
Abood Abood (9 months ago)
Large chest
まゆらん。 (9 months ago)
danial q (9 months ago)
shes too fuking slow
Daisie Robert (9 months ago)
Travail bien exécuté..belle crêpe bien garnie..bon moi je ne pourrai pas terminer !! Pour deux oui
fdama (9 months ago)
What a sweet lady.
Анастасия Маслова (9 months ago)
Это же теремок)
こぐまの宅急便 (10 months ago)
Diana Lailur Rachmayanti (11 months ago)
I want it.... it's so yummy...
Marta Fonseca (11 months ago)
T (11 months ago)
nkjmilktea 0810 (11 months ago)
親氏ね (1 year ago)
Hela Cufi (1 year ago)
Ooo sada da mi je jedna palacinka👍👍👍👍👍🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰
valjohnabc (1 year ago)
I've been there and watched do Crepes she is fantastic, hope she is still there when I go again just love the Belliago nothing like it anywhere.
Emelyn Batalla (18 days ago)
Sir volhnabc.. where they can buy the food they cook?
Таша Кон (1 year ago)
Какая приятная женщина.
Карылгаш Мирзажанова (8 months ago)
Таша Кон только уставшая тяжёлый труд
Stephanie McPherson (1 year ago)
She DOES do a great job! I just noticed that she doesn’t change gloves & touches all kinds of stuff AND the food. It doesn’t bother me but would affect some folks.
ВСЕМ ДОБРА (1 year ago)
ООО!!!А я тоже так умею!!!))) Приезжайте к нам в Сибирь!!!
Elena KAMANINA (1 year ago)
Сейчас 23.50 , у меня слюни как у собаки Павлова))) женщины поймут))
Michael Herrick (1 year ago)
Hi Dianne...
duc nguyen (1 year ago)
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alice p (1 year ago)
I liked the mango one!!! 🥰🥰🥰 what kind of ice cream was it? Vanilla or mango? Thanks
Mohamed Talaat (1 year ago)
Waaaw j'adore les crêpes
Viv Sanchez (1 year ago)
How u not gna show how it looks or give your thoughts about it
Amja5d Shinati (1 year ago)
she is sad . 😑 force her self smile front of ppl .
Akdeniz Sofrası(sweydi) (1 year ago)
Muhteşem yüreğine sağlık çok güzel olmuş
Dora Gomes (1 year ago)
Nossa isso é uma delícia
Isa Mari Buigues (1 year ago)
Te quiero muchísimo a todas personas
KITCHEN COUNTER (1 year ago)
interesting to watch her work so flexibly
DrMario Pepper (1 year ago)
I love crepes
Имя Фамилия (1 year ago)
Ого какая порция, её явно выгонят не экономная))))
Ciggia Blanco (1 year ago)
Qué delicia!!
Terumi Tsuda (1 year ago)
Different but interesting! 😋
Maggie baby (1 year ago)
There is so much passion in her work. It's like watching an European creperie. So satisfying
詩奈乃 (1 year ago)
melisa cuervo (1 year ago)
MARY (1 year ago)
Me repugna ver tanta masa y que le agreguen tanto azucar y esas salsas.no parece un crepe rico!! Prefiero lo salado!!
Mercedes Gonzalez Lopez (8 months ago)
Alguien por favor me da la recete des haluetes franceses Merci beaucoup
Silvana Visalli (1 year ago)
Juan HERNANDEZ (1 year ago)
3:00 couldn't hear what is inside
Baris ve Esitlik (1 year ago)
In Turkey they have been making the savory crepes w this techniques for hundred years. Very yummy
Aiman Abdlh (1 year ago)
adham zaki12018 (1 year ago)
المديريه صدرها جامد. قوي اللي ظهرت اول الفيديو. أعتقد يستخرجوا منها الحليب الطازج
papor papor (9 months ago)
C'est possible
In Another Life Time (1 year ago)
Not really clean at all. She touches everything with the gloves, cabinets, utensils and trays than touches the food. :(
Jiandong Zhang (1 year ago)
In Another Life Time well it’s still the same if she didn’t wear gloves anyway
Rameshbhai Nakiya (1 year ago)
crack whore (1 year ago)
another reason to go to las vegas
Carla Regina (1 year ago)
Fascinante! Amoooo
あゆ (1 year ago)
ぼむ (1 year ago)
すごく綺麗♪ 飛び散ってないし、髪もちゃんと帽子の中入れてて清潔感があっていいし、乗せてるものとか中に入れてるものもケチらずにふんだんに入れててすごく美味しそう♥
New World Order (1 year ago)
She didnt put shit of nutella!!!!
折原祈織 (1 year ago)
Adjuntiviti Sarabia Piii (1 year ago)
Cómo se llama esa plancha y ese palito qe da vueltas la masa.porfis.me gusto gracias.
Mmm Katam (1 year ago)
おっき!!!ヽ(´▽`)/ズバ-ン!! 💖
たけのこきのこ (1 year ago)