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The New iPhone is Just Worse

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We've done something that at first seems counterintuitive--and then is: we've made it worse. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com Assistant Editor: Spencer Kombol Editor: Ryan Anthony Martin Visual Effects: TJ Gonzalez Post Supervisor: Stephanie Zorn Post Coordinator: Theodora Hart Head Assistant Editor: Phil Fox
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (22083)
Ceci Scientia (5 hours ago)
why does he looks like a videogame character?
WizaDude (14 hours ago)
Penelope Dick (1 day ago)
Love these Apple ads! Please make more!!
Chaos Gaia (1 day ago)
Iphones always have inferior specs than android devices.....they have low ram, processing power, lack of storage, less ppi, bad resolution and shit cameras.
Potato Man (1 day ago)
When we realeased the iphone 7 people complained about removing the headphone jack for the iphone 8 we removed the charging jack so you have to buy wireless charging tools in the iphone 9 we removed speakers so you had to buy wireless headphones to use sound with the iphone 10 we removed the side buttons like the volume adjusters and on/off button so you have to use the home button with iphone 11 we removed the home button to be edgy like samsung in the iphone on the iphone 12 we removed the camera so you can buy are icamera for only $499.99 with the iphone 13 we removed the screen so it was a solid block of metal with the apple logo on it with the iphone 14 it was literally a apple logo sticker so you can stick it on to anything and sell it for 10x what you bought it for with the new iphone 15 you give us your money and walk away. -Apple, Innovations everyday
iliminati when it glitched
Tessa Leslie (1 day ago)
reat video
TraustiGeir (1 day ago)
HAL, is that you...?
Slayer Animations (2 days ago)
I think I'm starting to go insane.. This guy looks like a video game charecter
Sergio Flores (2 days ago)
By the iPhone 15 they will remove everything. Just an empty box worth $12000 and people will still buy it
Roobik B (2 days ago)
iphone slowlely removing itself from market....it started from removing head jack....and it goes on
smartass199614 (3 days ago)
Isaiah (3 days ago)
😂 Watching on iPhone7! I loved this parody although it's not accurate Apple made a lot of changes internally but android will always hate so 🔥🖕🏾 SUCK A DICK LOL
Ember Typhlosion (5 days ago)
I wonder when it can make me breakfast....
kristof1018 (5 days ago)
now put it in Rose Gold colors so the selfie teenager zombies can suck apple's dick
Narkiplier (5 days ago)
Dear apple build a charger that FUCKING LASTS DAMMMNNNN!!!!!
noogai223 (6 days ago)
Iphone 58: just the camera lens, nothing else
Delet This (6 days ago)
Somebody explain the G key missing thing?
OptimusPhillip (6 days ago)
We removed the headphone jack and replaced it with a piece of plastic of unclear purpose. Think Differently
PascalGame indonesia (6 days ago)
the iphone 8 there will no charger port so you need to replace your phone every time its fuckin dies
PortableGamerYT (7 days ago)
The next iPhone is a button with a screen.
Small blocks (7 days ago)
we took away WiFi so you will half to use phone service so it will be expensive and then we took away phone service so no internet so we make you waste money now we took away the battery and the charging port then we took away the touch screen now you will half to use the iPhone as a black berry but now we took away the screen so you will half to use a Bluetooth monitor and you will half to give the monitor access wich you can't because you might of realized we took away all the buttons while you were reading the comment now we removed the fingerprint sensor so now the iPhone is a waste of money now we removed the whole phone oh look we removed your brain now you will get an F on every test oh look we removed your body now you only have your soul
Servine [Silent Engine] (8 days ago)
Every iPhone sucks.
Radox (9 days ago)
"I mean, what else do you want a phone to do? Make you cum?" I'm down with that idea
Katie Harmon (10 days ago)
"Because please" me too
Duong Nguyen (10 days ago)
Guys, iphone 6s or iphone 7? ;)
vinoth Vino (11 days ago)
m apple guy..but I like the video..very funny
GAster!SANsDOGE (11 days ago)
"the phone looks exactly the same as the old ones" omfg so ture xD
Marty Despot (11 days ago)
Are you against Apple products? Because this is A BIG argument against the company's philosophy...
yami yume (11 days ago)
what's up with the g keys?
Vincent Paquette (12 days ago)
This video is just full of bullshit dude. Tim Cook did a wonderful job has CEO of Apple. The Iphone 7 is the best Iphone Apple ever maid in their history. The worked so hard for it. But Yeahh, I know that you want to Apple change the design of their Iphone but you just have to wait to the Iphone 8 !! Annd by the way the iphone 7 plus is enormously better than the first Iphone 6.
Super originele naam (12 days ago)
r eality is here (12 days ago)
this person is a robot or human?
鄧鈞鴻 (12 days ago)
the whole new iPhone air: just air.
Wicked Xander (13 days ago)
One of the best College Humor videos
BANANA CREAMY (13 days ago)
it would be awesome if the iPhone 8 had no charging thing so you would either use it once or have a thing wear you put your phone on and it chargers
Epictimes (14 days ago)
thinking differently
Triple A 7 (14 days ago)
I think that you should remove the speaker 🔊 charging port and the back camera 🎥 cause who uses the speaker and who likes to charge their phones again and again and who takes photos from the back camera I guess that if Tim Cook were to comment on iPhone 8 it would make no difference lol
Hatake Kakashi (14 days ago)
That's because please *I died*
Lucy Scarlet (14 days ago)
I make use of the stereo speakers and I love them. Therefore I think It's worth it.
MatthewCasagrande (15 days ago)
tbh i think this is one of the best sketches that CH has ever made
Justin Taylor (10 days ago)
" *That's because please. Please don't.* " - Tim
JoeGamut (16 days ago)
Jony sounds like a real scary uy.
Young Magician (16 days ago)
Alright, alright! We put the headphone jack back. (we replaced the power button with the headphone jack. How do you turn it on? That's your problem!)
spicy kippurs (16 days ago)
IPhone 8- runs android 1.0
EastWood Studios (16 days ago)
"What else do you want a phone to do....make you cum" Honesty I feel like that's what people are waiting for now a days. Expectations tho.
The Lazy Kid (16 days ago)
Careful, Tim.
CAH ellas (16 days ago)
Watching this on my iPhone 7 plus...
Super Smash Spartan (17 days ago)
Le' Baguette (17 days ago)
"Oops Daisy. Where did Tim go?"
Lukas Egeling (18 days ago)
Apple should make a new line of vacuum cleaners called iSuck
JackStrait (18 days ago)
This is why I'm switching to Android.
Alustarr (18 days ago)
you see the Illuminati symbol when. the video glitches at the end and he disappears
Glenn Hillman (18 days ago)
best vid lol....android soon be iphoid
Glenn Hillman (18 days ago)
lol android and apple are to controling just like gov.....im thinking of flip phone
Chanel Coba-Coba (19 days ago)
sounds like lemmino
Sora Flare (19 days ago)
I miss Steve
TurtleToes (20 days ago)
Oh! Just use the Bluetooth in your car. Now if your car speakers don't have Bluetooth...
TurtleToes (20 days ago)
Oh, just buy a car with Bluetooth in it...Well if you already spent enough money on the iPhone 7...
at some point (20 days ago)
I think they should take away the home button. So there's absolutely no fucking way to exist an app.
Jose Mercado (20 days ago)
iPhone 7 out now... the best iPhone we ever created, you will shit bricks... we remove the screen... so you can see the inside...
rikudou sennin (20 days ago)
I don't care as long as it looks good
Doomguy (21 days ago)
We removed our headphone jack to fit more tech. Yet Samsung has completely roasted them on features in their phones and still has a headphone jack!
Vincent Smith (22 days ago)
Oisin Hughes (22 days ago)
Bought the iPhone 7plus ... waste of time and money. My last apple 🍎 product for sure
Sme Gay Doodz fucked me up (23 days ago)
iPhone 8 = we're removing charging ports for removable battery. we have to buy the new battery every time it dies
sawosts devkota (23 days ago)
there is something wrong with that man nose
MrXemrox (24 days ago)
Now, they've removed the back and previously opened apps buttons.
Josh Brown (24 days ago)
When do you ever see a new galaxy phone parody lol
Jeremiah Pasion (24 days ago)
Am I the only one who loves the intro jingle on their videos?
RankDirtyMintFlava (24 days ago)
iphone 8 has 10 mb of storage
Random Faggot (25 days ago)
dude there was this exact ad with iphone with poeple talking about a gay product on a chair in a white room and it keeps changing to wierd poeple
Sergeant Blaze (25 days ago)
Kinda funny cause I'm watching this on an IPhone 7
Alice Schoenfield (25 days ago)
Anyone catch the fucking illuminati symbol lol
CookPiggy (25 days ago)
Iphone 8: We have removed the buttons. You now need an adapter to turn your volume op and down.
Kya Cotton (26 days ago)
thats because please..... please dont
Mitchell_ Folger0987 (26 days ago)
The iPhone 7 is dome af they should trash that shite and make a iPhone 8 with a fucking camera
Callum Williams (26 days ago)
This Isn't just Apple the universal standard has been accepted as USB-C Apple has just done it
Ruzlan Rauf (26 days ago)
Adrian Lai (26 days ago)
our class teacher showed this today and he said this is the real one.
Zefyr Frost (26 days ago)
why couldn't they just lengthen it by like half a cm to accommodate both the dual camera and the jack,its the same as it always has been just making things bigger
Adittya Abir Dhrubo (26 days ago)
Adittya Abir Dhrubo (26 days ago)
n0v4 003 (26 days ago)
tbh its kinda true because most of the iphones are just the same shit every year
AaronThePaladin (27 days ago)
That got dark fast
Vikalpa Connections (27 days ago)
I don't get it, why are people still using apple products ! they clearly just want to milk all the money from you !
Sami M. (27 days ago)
If you use your headphone jack to plug in your car then you are FUCKED!!!!! this gets me everytim
FireCosmos (27 days ago)
I thought of something we need. The Iphone air.
Varun Raj (28 days ago)
I was thinking like what if you people have taken money from the other companies to destroy the reputation of apple. In a way you people are the downdated computer virus.
Selena Balance (28 days ago)
I've watched this video a million til
Selena Balance (28 days ago)
I could watch this a thousand times
Mario Rallo (28 days ago)
The iPhone 7. Because there's only 7 people left in the design department
SuXr -Music (28 days ago)
the next thing would be a new iPhone WITHOUT the screen, wouldn't that be a surprise.
Pedro Paiva (28 days ago)
The next Iphone will be a coffee maker
Keemstar Love 420 (29 days ago)
I am never getting an iPhone again. Literally the shittiest phone, fking updating piece of garbage. Have fun updating your phone, cause if you don't half of your shit won't open, the internet will be retarded, and Siri will hate on you.
MemeWorks End Me (29 days ago)
NO i think a better idea that the iphone 8 has no screen and you can only listen to justin biebers music
Cory xLover (29 days ago)
Well on iPhone 8 they will surely take away the camera because people are complaining that they are being watched from their camera. On iPhone 8 people will be pissed, no selfie, no video, no nothing. This will now make Apple more shitty than it already is. (Typed from an apple phone) Ps. Apple plz forgive me
Dakota The Wolf (29 days ago)
Honestly? I upgraded to an iPhone 7, but jesus, i hated it so much that i returned it and kept my 6. Just, why??? There's so many obstacles with the removed headphone jack that aren't an issue with previous models.
Tash-Ann Gordon (29 days ago)
Apple is struggling 😑
Tash-Ann Gordon (29 days ago)
iPhone 8 no screen
Tash-Ann Gordon (29 days ago)
That's why we have the Air pods duh