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The New iPhone is Just Worse

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We've done something that at first seems counterintuitive--and then is: we've made it worse. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com Assistant Editor: Spencer Kombol Editor: Ryan Anthony Martin Visual Effects: TJ Gonzalez Post Supervisor: Stephanie Zorn Post Coordinator: Theodora Hart Head Assistant Editor: Phil Fox
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (21873)
Alaap Dhall (5 hours ago)
Without steve jobs... apple will shut down !!
Ryan Jablonski (9 hours ago)
This is why I got a Samsung
Justin 3 (10 hours ago)
we all miss steve
chrome435 zz (16 hours ago)
wow apple just stop making iPhone if you keep on making it worst
mlg boss gamer (1 day ago)
this YouTuber is so stupid
Leonardo Da Vinci (1 day ago)
I miss Steve too.
Iwky (1 day ago)
I always watch this video only for the part it says " make u cum " it never gets old for me
Ethen Sun Randomness (2 days ago)
I need the iPad backs
Willy Anugrah Cahyadi (3 days ago)
Apple betrayed me twice. I considered iPad the most affordable and worthy product of Apple. I liked iPad 2 because it was the fastest tablet device for reading PDFs, especially the heavy ones like full-colored magazines. Then iOS 7 came and iPad 2 became too f*cking slow, my Android jelly bean phone could perform much faster. Then I sold the iPad 2 until 2 years ago I came across a very affordable iPad Air which I enjoyed so much until iOS 10 came and remove "Slide to unlock" (I've never locked my tab, I like it to be very fast to unlock). The old Apple tried to introduce conveniences to user's life while the new cooked Apple tries to remove conveniences from the users, forcing user to buy more of their overly expensive products. Bye, Apple. I'd prefer Oranges.
Sarvesh chande (4 days ago)
iphone 8 : no display, next gen siri only
Nguyen Chanh (4 days ago)
i have this "Portal" feeling...... iPhoneCake?
groszak1 (4 days ago)
"That's because please." "because please." ????
Phạm Xuân Đạt (4 days ago)
we are fucked .-.
Brandon dunn (4 days ago)
trade your Apple for a potato it has better video.
Emma Lambert (4 days ago)
Apple Is just messing around with it's customers
Braylon LaFrance (4 days ago)
iPhone 50 nO screen
Joshua G (5 days ago)
*watching this on my iPhone 7* I agreeeee 😂😂😂
Crystal Amalgam (5 days ago)
Beakbeard The Barmy (5 days ago)
Samsung 4 life
Dil Howlter (5 days ago)
Lmao I'm not even joking I had to change from my iPhone 7 to my iPhone 6 because I'm using headphones and I had to charge my phone. This is very true
Igor Yegin (5 days ago)
"can taketh away" Grammar Nazi is coming for ya!
Mr. De[X]ter (5 days ago)
You are stupid 🤗🤤
CleancraftenLP (5 days ago)
Every IPhone is Just Worse.
Marcore Aaron Claymore (5 days ago)
so trueeee
DTINC WORLD NEWS (5 days ago)
Next year the iPhone 8 will be the first to come out with.... wireless charging
Minecraft Reporter (5 days ago)
only True Try to not laugh challenge
Callum Imeson (6 days ago)
I find that people who both love and hate apple like these videos
Vinx342 Gaming (6 days ago)
iPad Backs That Crack me up
Frenkie Fejzic (6 days ago)
Someone saw Illuminati ?
Calin Bizga (6 days ago)
i like that i got an add from samsung
A.C Krishnan (6 days ago)
lol and the old one wasn't?
Yousef Ansari (6 days ago)
"All the G keys on our keyboards are gone!" "just be rateful" who else thought this was just a typo
Who? (6 days ago)
I love your cannnel
The Epic Gamer (6 days ago)
They did this because they are money whores who charge anyone who wants to manufacture a plug to listen and charge at the same time
AliviaSunner (7 days ago)
evil_glass_wolf (7 days ago)
-never buy a keyboard on ebay-
Chivo (7 days ago)
Do Apple executives use iPhones? I wonder.
Sm00thJAzzer (7 days ago)
Iphone 8 - No charging port. Comes with a wireless charging port Iphone 9 - No Wireless charging port, you only have one use (make it count) Iphone 10 - Removed Speakers Iphone 11 - Removed phone, its now implanted in your brain for a price of $1599 + 1599 tax, and anyone who has an Iphone 10 and lower becomes defective, and blows up. Iphone 12 - Anyone with an Iphone 11 will become defective, and blow up.
Moody Schwartz (7 days ago)
Tim's expression when he realised what would happen when you can't charge and listen to music.
GamingSquishy (8 days ago)
Copied from smosh
ImagiNation Clips (8 days ago)
So we r all going to ignore the illuminati symbol
Christopher Sacchi (8 days ago)
The iPad Backs, which is just two iPad backs stuck together.
Anime Boy (8 days ago)
Im watching this on iPhone 7 plus
XK5 Zombie78 (9 days ago)
A Truck Campbell (9 days ago)
iPhone 9: screw it just get a 6. but tim they don't make Them! then get a 5! they do the make those anymore! crap.
PersonalPotatoGayming (9 days ago)
*Shit. The battery is drained. Time to buy another one......*
Sonic and mlp Fan (9 days ago)
Lol I'm watching this on a iPhone 5s
Artimè arts (9 days ago)
All these jokes about iPhone 8 no charger port, iPhone 9 no speaker. They're just plain stupid. They obviously need all of these things, and the jokes aren't funny either. Please grow up
VacancyJB (9 days ago)
maybe iphone8 will have wireless charging and remove the lightning port. and yeah the wireless charger is cost $200.
Bill Malec (10 days ago)
Worse than the other iPhones? That must be bad!
Bilbo_Gamers (10 days ago)
Samsung does new shit. Why can't apple?
Jordon Holmes (10 days ago)
this guy is fucking hot
skyybound02 (10 days ago)
iPhone 8: We put the headphone jack back on but now its called the Airjack and you can only use Airbuds with it
Kaxity (10 days ago)
guys its ok! just get a flipphone like drake
xXkingleo13Xx (10 days ago)
I lost the game
mikecheck237 (11 days ago)
By the time we get to the iPhone 15, Apple will just be selling us a box of air
Final Sebas (11 days ago)
Ahahaha! downdate? Apple just set itself a new record!
Terin Tudor (11 days ago)
The removal of the headphone jack provides more battery space and improves battery life. I'd rather not have to charge my battery all the time while I'm listening to music.
g33k_ d4sh (11 days ago)
Not gonna lie, this was actually kinda terrifying...
Jack Stache (11 days ago)
holy shit
w_R Andrs (11 days ago)
Well that got fucking scary at the end... :( :O :X
Jack Skellington (12 days ago)
Brandon Laws (12 days ago)
iPhone 7: no damn jack iPhone 8: no damn home button iPhone 9: no audio control iPhone 10: no camera iPhone 11: NO FUCKING SCREEN GOD DAMMIT
Christian Dupree (12 days ago)
The first 40 seconds are the best part of this video
thecringe master (13 days ago)
the new iPhone 8 not only it has no speakers it has no screen
Jayden O5O8 (13 days ago)
The new person is just worse than his mom
snowball the Scottish fold (13 days ago)
I am sure Steve jobs is crying watching this in heaven
Darkshock 42 MLG 0 (13 days ago)
there's the Illuminati symbol at the end when Tim is flickering. I just know it. this further proves peledophobians theory about Tim being an alien with terretz syndome who Japan's to be a part of the Illuminati
fuglyandsmexybitch (13 days ago)
"That's because please." Haha amazing.
starwars1744 (13 days ago)
iPhone is really falling apart. Steve Jobs needs to come back from the dead and FIX THIS SHIT
A Simple Pebble (13 days ago)
I'll be honest here and say that I'd actually buy the IPad backs.
Edward Evans (13 days ago)
anybody know what song is in the background?
Sam Looney (13 days ago)
"And the Apple Watch which we couldn't figure out a way to make worse than it already is" I lost it 😂
Undertale Portal And Gravity Falls fan (14 days ago)
"I miss Steve!"? Steve jobs? (1 second later ) "Opsie daisy. Where did Tim go?" WELL SHIT. THATS JUST SCARY.
Kieron King (14 days ago)
Steve Jobs is turning in his grave at this present time
Farhan Rizaludin (14 days ago)
I sense a similar vibe to Lemmino.
Yoshi, Wart United (14 days ago)
7 Grand Dad is better than this shit.
Akshat Jain (14 days ago)
Please, please don't!
Daniel Blagoev (15 days ago)
Hey, why not to remove the power butten. You will only need to buy bluethoot phone activator for 100$.
Lazy Hazy (15 days ago)
Apple watch:"couldn't figure out a way to make it worse than it already is"
spooderman (15 days ago)
All the dislikes were from teenage white kids with rich parents.
Big Pete 7 (15 days ago)
haven't laughed at college humor in awhile. it feels good
SonoftheWay35 (15 days ago)
I've never understood why anyone would ever get a new phone unless the old one broke. Nothing new ever makes it worth buying.
Tashveer t (15 days ago)
Phone can make you come.... pornhub
Virtue Live (15 days ago)
The new IPhone 8 has introduced something spectacular, they have removes the volume buttons and now you have to go to the settings and change it from there.
Joshua Jones (15 days ago)
lol wtf were they thinking. The whole headphone jack being pulled to me is just greed at work not innovation.. even the Chinese smartphones have 4100 mah batteries and they still got headphone jacks.
Internet Person (16 days ago)
Actually, it's a smart marketing decision because, if you buy this phone, you'll have to buy headphones specifically designed for your apple phone, which means you won't buy headphones from other companies.
Pet Place (16 days ago)
I got a say that I love collage humor but they use too many curse words
Mafaman (16 days ago)
iPhone 8: No screen...............just buttons. Like a calculator............
Mafaman (16 days ago)
I'm pretty sure phones are already helping the humanity Cum all over the world bathrooms.
MAXimum Wage73 (16 days ago)
I'm guessing johny Ive (fake one) ate everyone in the apple parody department.So there's no college humor vid on iOS 10 being the best because you can delete system
Patrick Star (16 days ago)
" That's because please, please don't " lol
sonny sodani (16 days ago)
iPhone 8: no charging port, you have to buy a new battery everytime it runs out, TIM COOK GIVE ME A JOB
Jeffery Lopez (18 days ago)
I have had the same phone for 3 years now and it's still great for me. So buying an iphone is not on my Radar. never had one, never will. especially after that useless piece of garbage iphone 7 came out XD. Seriously can't believe people bought that. Some of them paid $900 for it. only way to change apple's way of thinking is to just not buy it. Buy something that works lol
Epic Doge (18 days ago)
Is This Real?
Doge is Life (18 days ago)
Best quwincidence ever!, when he said, "I miss Steve!" And the screen glitched away, on my game clash of clans the notification your village is being raided by Steve!, right when all that stuff happened, I got so freaked out
Osman KDNL (18 days ago)
stupid do u know how great is iPhone u
First Name Last Name (18 days ago)
I would buy the ipod brickle
Chistian Sera (18 days ago)
That's why Samsung will stay KING.👑