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The New iPhone is Just Worse

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We've done something that at first seems counterintuitive--and then is: we've made it worse. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com Assistant Editor: Spencer Kombol Editor: Ryan Anthony Martin Visual Effects: TJ Gonzalez Post Supervisor: Stephanie Zorn Post Coordinator: Theodora Hart Head Assistant Editor: Phil Fox
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (22165)
m.l.maximus (3 hours ago)
more Apple vids please
Adam W (11 hours ago)
'What else do u want a phone to do?' 'Make u cum?' -college humour is amazing
Daniel Boon (13 hours ago)
At the begining Apple always were upgrading iphone every year, but now , when they should take a little break and invent something new to put on iphone, they don't, because they will start make slightly less money.
leniel dela torre (1 day ago)
play radio
Kabir Khanna (1 day ago)
whoever made this video has a tiny mind, and not an iota of research in their "facts". the video is really stupid and inaccurate, as the iphone has many new notable changes that these blockheads ignored, in their hopeless attempt to be funny. these losers should try to get a real job, like mopping floors at kfc after their parents finally kick them out of the house, and living off chicken popcorn in the dumpster outside. *mike drop*
Computer Tench (1 day ago)
Hey tell this fake Tim Cook to come to Microsoft or Samsung
Ashen Gamage (2 days ago)
apple is nonsense sometimes
Asper Kai (2 days ago)
Red Graythorn (2 days ago)
wait, if they remove the "g" on "grateful"... does that mean my 30GB is just 30B? fck!
ARGAJIT TECH (3 days ago)
plzzz...reply soon
ARGAJIT TECH (3 days ago)
can i use your clip in my video...for less than 30sec
Anita Lucas (3 days ago)
The iPhone 7 plus actually isn't a bad phone I have it and it has the same features except for the camera. It works the same and is really good. The only thing I don't like is the headphone jack.
Magic Trash can (5 days ago)
Impenetrable glass brick
nihal ahammed (5 days ago)
99% of the viewers are who cant afford an iphone 7 😂😂
2sweet2handle (5 days ago)
Glitchmaster (6 days ago)
That got dark fast
Shenzi Fan (6 days ago)
So true
Toms Kauperits (7 days ago)
im watching this for the 3rd time just to hear the narrators voice
pal1d1nl1ght (7 days ago)
oh no...... where did Tim go?
Jeff Four Twenty (7 days ago)
I'm so hyped for the iBrick!!!!!!!!!!!
ICICspyTV 2 (9 days ago)
10K butthurt Apple fanboys disliked this
E. Keough (9 days ago)
That got real dark real fast.
leenoo m (9 days ago)
i'm out i'll buy a samsung s8(:
King Chihuahua (10 days ago)
What else do you want a phone to do? Make you cum. DEAD😂
space (10 days ago)
pay more for less apple 2017
Scott Blacklock (10 days ago)
That's because please. Please don't.
hotsauceintheeye (11 days ago)
Johnny giveth, and Johnny can taketh away Dead
ṮḧḕṖṙḭẒḕḲḕḕṖḕṙ (11 days ago)
*O o p s y d a i s y. W h e r e d i d T i m g o?*
hanter fahim (11 days ago)
hahahahahahahaha more worser then ever
Brooklynn Brandon Willis (12 days ago)
Annnnnnnnnnd I'm watching this on the "Worse" iPhone 7 Plus
Mantvydas Bira (12 days ago)
J_ua_n (13 days ago)
Watching this on a 7
Seat Gashi (13 days ago)
stop hating
秋风尘 (13 days ago)
I do hate apple, but that's... not gonna happen,no one will buy a ipaid back or ipod whackle
iMarks Tech (13 days ago)
lol I understand this is a gag... but, just putting it out there,.. I NEVER, in the history of me owning a phone (since 2006) have ever needed to charge and listen to music at once... literally. plus getting rid of the headphone jack is awesome! now many companies are putting in DAC's into headphones making them sound crazy better than headphones with a 3.2mm jack. win/win
iMarks Tech (13 days ago)
also, anyone who enjoys high quality music doesn't plug the phone into a car using the AUX cable.. they will plug it into the car with a USB cable, which btw enables you to listen to higher quality music AND charge the phone... the beauty of the lightning cable.
Lam rof (13 days ago)
Jobs would never allowed this calamity to happen.
Emily Sanders (14 days ago)
Why? Because please. PLEASE.
FlizzZ (14 days ago)
iOS will be more like iMagination
Wickedpowerupguy (14 days ago)
this is Apple in a nutshell xD
Iustin Raducanu (14 days ago)
Introducing the next youtube video. Now without phone discrimination!
Nathan (16 days ago)
13,436 apple drones were triggered by this documentary!
Anonymous#25411141 (17 days ago)
why ? because Steve Jobs is ded
TheScottishGamer (17 days ago)
why the iPhone sucks
Roronoa Zoro (17 days ago)
apple is cancer
Undifinder (17 days ago)
The new Macbook Pro (2018) - We have made a new *INNOVATION* is that we... have upgraded our keyboard up to *TOUCH* keyboard and we also introduce you to the new HUGH *TOUCH* trackpad that it can get away your wrist and mess you up. In the end, we will just take your money to produce more... Moreover, we have made another *BREAKTHROUGH* is that now you will not have the ability to *OPEN* the Macbook "Pro" because we will screwed it with our *Magic* tool that no other repair shops have, then when you take to the Apple Store and you want to repair, we will secretly not to tell you that we are going to replace the new components but not by fixing so we can charge you more... Thank you for listening our presentation and ready your pocket for the new *INNOVATION*.
godspyro (18 days ago)
R.I.P Tim and Steve, may they rest in peace. =,(
Gaming Guy (18 days ago)
Tim Cook looks kinda like Mini Ladd
Bacon Ninja (18 days ago)
the iPhone 11 won't have a charger slot. But it's ok all you have to do is buy a $986($654 modern day money) wireless charger that only works with your iPhone 11 and not your friends iPhone 11. and it charges your phone 2% every 15 minutes
Esme Vroom (18 days ago)
They removed the headphone jack so that the iPhone 7 would be water resistent.
CAT TV (19 days ago)
The "Johnny Ive" Voice sounds so real
Flips N Tricks (19 days ago)
Why is every one hating on the iPhone 7 If you wanna use a AUX cord then use a lightning charger because if ur car has a AUX port then it has a USB port and I have wireless headphones So I guess that's just me
William 312 (19 days ago)
What's the song?
Johnny (20 days ago)
Lol go Johnny
Eric Radcliff (20 days ago)
When watching this on an iPhone 7.
Rongrong Huang (20 days ago)
when your watching this on an iphone 7
piyush barthwal (21 days ago)
the keys in my macbook keep coming out
HI THERE (21 days ago)
It appears that over 13,000 mindless Apple worshippers stopped by this video.
Juno Huck (21 days ago)
"We've done something that at first seems counterintuitive, and then is." 😂😂😂
Maudsteray (24 days ago)
If Steave Jobs was here the iPhone 7 would be a lot better and cheaper
123456 78 (24 days ago)
i love the ending
Miss Controllerism (25 days ago)
people are isheeps and still buy it
Vatablous Devil (25 days ago)
Running slow? Just download some more RAM.
Emiliano Mendoza (26 days ago)
I miss Steve Jobs...
Vinayaka Halemane (26 days ago)
Seriously one of the funniest videos! iPad Backs. Lol. Genius stuff!
Md Ridoy (26 days ago)
i poop i fucked
tharusha fernando (27 days ago)
RIP, Steve and Tim.
Made in U.S.A (28 days ago)
IM WATCHING THIS ON A SAMSUNG! Ha you IPhone users are fucked.
Ewelina Kunysz (28 days ago)
The iPhone 11S will have a bigger logo that's all
Butter Tree (29 days ago)
I watched this on this iPhone lol
Banana Gazpacho (29 days ago)
Is it bad that I'm watching this on an iPhone 7 Plus?
Warzombie3701 # (29 days ago)
IPhone SE: Cheaper than the 6s: Better than the 7
Brandon Chandler (29 days ago)
if you pause at just the right time when tim is being erased you can see the illuminati
Declan O'Hare (30 days ago)
make you cum
백재정 (30 days ago)
apple suck
EmilyViole (30 days ago)
person: iPhone is shit *couple days later* person: like my new iPhone 7+?
H.1309 Taskmaster (30 days ago)
When will the Ibrick come out?
DO A BARREL ROLL (1 month ago)
Just use the Airbu-AIR PODS GODDAMMIT
Arya Vart (1 month ago)
i buyed this shit for 800$ and i regret it. I use my phone to make calls, take pictures and LISTEN TO MUSIC . i don't use it to play games so how much the processor is better doesn't matter to me , I think that iphones are just a mark of status symbol ,they are very expensive and lack much value for money ,i am never buying iphones anymore and would buy phones less than 400$
AFK Queen (1 month ago)
*c a r e f u l , t i m .*
saeed alkuwari (1 month ago)
if u want to listen to music while charging then get AirPods ..there u go
tvMinty (1 month ago)
This channel isn't funny
Chazo Anwah (1 month ago)
Okay... Right at the moment Tim disappeared. My internet went down for a second.
Messi Morning (1 month ago)
Did you see the illuminati symbol
Laura V (1 month ago)
One of their best videos ever
kshitiz pandit (1 month ago)
gandhi why
Rachel Nocera (1 month ago)
When the Narrator said "Oh no, Where did Tim go?" I thought of Blues Clues.
Turborider (1 month ago)
This is freaking hilarious
Gw the os Os (1 month ago)
And they should remove the battery thingy so when it runs out of battery u should buy a new one every goddamn time
Gw the os Os (1 month ago)
Only 90s kids remember head phone jacks
Tell Me About Your Butthurt (1 month ago)
The 13k dislikes are triggered iPhone users that lack a sense of humor. just like the iPhone lacks a jack port. que the butthurt Apple users ;)
Aa Gg (1 month ago)
Tim cook should be fired! He has ruined apple far enough!
And Other Small Things (1 month ago)
Because please.
Prince XVII (1 month ago)
So nobody's going to mention the dark turn the video took? Maybe they just got taken away...
RIKKI R (1 month ago)
I own an iPhone and I'm gladly going back to Android. I like my headphone jack and I hate the fact that Apple removed that shit to make more money
Crazcompart (1 month ago)
Yeah, right..."iPhone Invisible"....Good! I'll pay for it with invisible cash, too!
clownage123 (1 month ago)
Imagine if they invented cars. So dangerous. No windows.
Alabri King (1 month ago)
Neon Galaxy Entertainment (1 month ago)
iPhone 11 runs on android
Granty's Panties Delivery Service (1 month ago)
The new $1000 iPhone 8 will be as thin as paper and the whole back of it will be speakers but you have to take the speakers off and replace them with a separate back with a built in plug to charge the phone, sold separately for an extra $600. And if you are even more awesome you will want to buy the deluxe version of the iPhone 8 for $3000 which has 2 apple logos instead of one. And we have gotten rid of the power button and volume buttons as they have been much of a liability. Last but not least you can't make phone calls anymore because that's so last century.
vw gti 2.0t lover (1 month ago)
Apple phones are a fucking joke. The people that are buying them are clowns!!