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Underground dome house of the family who led geese to fly home

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Paula and Bill Lishman spent many winters in a poorly-insulated A frame cabin before realizing they needed to go underground to use the earth’s energy to stay warm, so they knocked the top off a hill, dropped in ferro-cement domes and covered it up again with dirt. Thanks to skylights cut into every dome and the white-powdered marble that covers the interior, their earth-sheltered home is naturally well-lit despite being below the frost line. Fifteen feet below ground, the soil temperature remains about equal to the annual average temperature of the area’s surface air so earth-sheltered homes use sod’s constant temperature to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Bill Lishman believed in rethinking not just the conventional home, but also how we live. He reimagined his home’s refrigerator by building a round appliance that pops up out of the countertop so the heavier cool air stays inside when opened (via compressed air). In 1986, Bill Lishman began training Canada Geese to follow his ultralight aircraft and to "teach" the birds migration routes to avoid a threatened extinction. His work on "Operation Migration" brought him popular recognition with the 1996 movie Fly Away Home starring Jeff Daniels. Paula Lishman also believes in rethinking convention. In 1979 she began her fashion label reinventing the fur trade by using spun fur to knit her clothing. http://williamlishman.com/ http://www.paulalishman.com https://faircompanies.com/videos/underground_dome_home_family_led_geese_fly_home/
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Rhonda Westfall (4 hours ago)
Fantastic. I really like the whole thing. Your refrigerator is incredibly innovative a perfect design I wish these were available I would definitely have one
Darren Lesinski (12 hours ago)
Earth what? Integrated?
sinekuanone (18 hours ago)
I saw it un my dreams !
Hatachi Koi - Chickasaw Nation (1 day ago)
Wow! This house is awesome! That Fridge! So creative and innovative. I wouldn't mind living in one of these.
Tara (1 day ago)
Wow! This man was an absolute genius and visionary! I really like Paula too and I think this house suits her perfectly 😊 It's a strange coincidence, but Fly Away Home was one of my favourite movies as a child.
Mitchell Quinn (1 day ago)
That refrigerator ... wow ... I'll be in my bunk.
Paty Japan (1 day ago)
dyrectory com (1 day ago)
Star Wars theme? 🚀 👾
Alia Guerin (2 days ago)
It looks like an oubliette:)
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct (2 days ago)
Iw even want light everywhere
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct (2 days ago)
I want light everywhere
Ramil Navato (2 days ago)
We had similar house before. But flood is our problem. So my father decided to renovate the house. I miss our old house. Alot of memories that made me dream to succeed.
Anon Mason (2 days ago)
8:37 Pneumatic fridge with little fingers nearly chopped off. Unfortunately this video is turning out to be a great example of what not to do and why building codes are important.
Anon Mason (2 days ago)
That is one dangerous drop off that curved hill to the roof. One trip and they'll find out why building codes are important.
Pia (2 days ago)
Thisabadusername (2 days ago)
Everybody’s grandma made them watch the movie about the pilot girl helping the geese fly home
Margaret Jones (2 days ago)
Thank you so much for this clip! We lived not 15 minutes from Bill and Paula's place. My mom worked for Paula's knitting company in Blackstock for years and we loved her products! How many hundred times we passed by their drive and had not seen the beauty they created! And 'tight as a ship' construction is what I would expect from the prolific industrial artist Bill was! Remember "AutoHenge" down the road? All the sculpturing at Canada's Wonderland? We were so thrilled to see Bill's work when we went to Vancouver 1986! And the IMax film there was "flying with the Canada geese" in 3D! Thank you for highlighting the most efficient earthfriendly living space I know! Farmer MJ
Linda Gieselmann (2 days ago)
Love this house!
MarVi M (2 days ago)
Beautiful and very inspiring!
Hunerbun (2 days ago)
12 to 14 inches
Anthony Untalan (3 days ago)
This is Luke’s parents house in Star Wars.
19Marc79 (1 day ago)
A model (or a radio controlled real robot) of R2D2 would fit nicely into that cone-earth-integrated-house :)
Greg (3 days ago)
what are the holes in the skylights for? they must relate to something! someone must know. sauce pls
Tommie Gipson (3 days ago)
coolest fridge ... EVER!!
Christy Sweet (4 days ago)
That fridge is a great idea.
Ural sky (4 days ago)
JAMES! Since the 70's (4 days ago)
That is soo awesome! I'd love a home like that! I live under a rock anyway, so why not a underground dome home!
Placid (4 days ago)
Mary Freedom (4 days ago)
what a amazing home love it <3
Fernando Trebien (5 days ago)
6:52 This is brilliant! If you can make this a passive house, then you have optimal energy as well.
Meloney Ramsier (5 days ago)
So Beautiful
Matt L (5 days ago)
When summer come, Did you feel cool inside??
That One (5 days ago)
wow I want one
sadiahossain arif (5 days ago)
Soo nice
Jay Cowle (6 days ago)
Great to See Luke Skywalkers family home.
Dala Tuy (6 days ago)
Fly away home. I love that movie
icke11234 (7 days ago)
0:33 Ghastly 'sculpture'. But - nothing to see, just move on.
KevinShultz (7 days ago)
Where is the 'underground dome house'?
Chaka Zulu (8 days ago)
Teletubbies house
Mae Javile (8 days ago)
I wanna try to live there...☺️ feel but cool and futuristic,
Gampa Gamer (8 days ago)
This place reminds me of the home of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru on Tatooine....lol.
Anita Shaw (8 days ago)
I love this so much. I'd like to say something more informed but I really love it.
g k (9 days ago)
So inspiring people
Erhardt (9 days ago)
Well... Amazing concept...but I guess not really cheap...🤔 Having said that... the round rooms is what makes it nice... The refrigerator is GREAT 👍 The Lishmann family was great and very innovative...just looked it up ✌️
Adilen Torres (9 days ago)
hey.. I think its earth integrated
Adriano Ramos (9 days ago)
Tudo muito lindo 👍
kale phen (10 days ago)
so amazing, and i’m so happy kirsten is still sharing these wonderful stories and homes
Some guy (10 days ago)
1:33 Is that Terrence McKenna?
Justin Paccha (10 days ago)
Drink every time she says concept.
Silvia Voss (10 days ago)
crappy attitude regarding animals, fur from beavers, just rodents? Really lousey view!
Wendy L (10 days ago)
i can't tell if it's "integrated" or "underground". She's so vague; I wish she'd be more specific lol
Judith Ashenhurst (10 days ago)
This is totally amazing. The more I see of it the better I like it. It has a lot of great innovative ideas that I think are an improvement over the conventional, especially the refrigerator and so many other things.
Cynthia Redd, Rev. Dr. (11 days ago)
I love this.
Cynthia Redd, Rev. Dr. (11 days ago)
I can tell something is there.
gracie ! (11 days ago)
is it just me or does the outside remind you of We Bare Bears?😭
P C (11 days ago)
Better to watch with the audio off...for many reasons.
Michael T. (11 days ago)
I watched "Fly Away Home" as a kid, last time was probably almost two decades ago. Yet I IMMEDIATELY recognised that fridge design.
Tee Latona (12 days ago)
Its not at all underground?
Lisa Reinhardt (12 days ago)
Gabe Cawn (12 days ago)
fuck if they say "earth integrated" one more time...........
speedbeast73 21 (12 days ago)
It's pretty cool but your super annoying saying the place is earth integrated four times lmao no one does that
Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin (12 days ago)
She insists it is "earth-integrated" instead of underground, but its all just semantics. I could refer to my socks as "foot encasement sleeves" but that just seems silly to expect others to do the same.
Gavin B. (12 days ago)
I built a house and threw some earth over the top of it, and called it house integrated with dirt. Seriously though, very nice!! It's good to break away from right angles.
Jessica Robbins (13 days ago)
The dog marking it's territory on all the dome windows.....😂
Julie Berlier (13 days ago)
I remember this story from being a kid! It is nice to see "where they are now."
Alexa Nelson (13 days ago)
for the 630 people who disliked this video, what was it you were really trying to see? this is amazing
nuffflavor (13 days ago)
Weird people up there
Lord Rupert (13 days ago)
Roger Dean
tinker bella (13 days ago)
fur trade compost and idea of building domes in arctic i dont know if i should be concerned or just amazed about this combination
suzannelove (13 days ago)
Did she said 6 thousand acres????????
Hannah Masters (13 days ago)
i love her hair and that she put a fireplace in the winter he died
Mari Ala (13 days ago)
❤️ who wants to help me build something similar? 😊
SG R (14 days ago)
I hate it 😬
Intan payung (14 days ago)
Ophir (14 days ago)
12", such a magic number. Beaver weavers
Geo Cyo (14 days ago)
I have been saying for LITERALLY DECADES that this is how houses in the midwest U.S. should be built for safety against tornadoes.
Carrie Smith (14 days ago)
The inside of this house is so awesome ☺
KRS KA (14 days ago)
Thats not underground.... thumbs down for you... next time type bette title
Michelle Carver (15 days ago)
You have an elegant design. I mean my compliment in the way someone might say, “Anyone can solve the mathematical problem but you solve in more elegantly.” Elegance has a “Gala—fancy pants” denotation sometimes. But to me, elegance is at the intersection of Form and Function. As a separate topic from my “elegant design” compliment, your beautiful interior walls appear to be plaster. I want to ask if you have difficulty with the plaster in your home absorbing moisture and force exerted by the pressure of surrounding earth? I’m given to understand (through a failed prototype or twelve) that plaster is highly porous and does not flex with expansion or other movement. If not my first guest—plaster, what material do you use? If you have a moment, I’d love your thoughts on the materials and how well they worked.
Conexus X18 (15 days ago)
Miss Nightmare (15 days ago)
WOW beautiful
larken2 (15 days ago)
she does clothes with animals!
ForTaxReasons (16 days ago)
"You can't break an eggshell - you cant break an egg by squeezing it" X to doubt
Tara king (16 days ago)
love this house so much , can you adopt me lol id love to live in an underground house and do artworks.
burnt chickain nugget (16 days ago)
what if a earthquake happens??
WelcomeTo Life (16 days ago)
Oi selfish people. Few people foe how 6k acres are you mad. Your jesus wants your reasoning. Selfish that is
James Knight (16 days ago)
Not sure why the interviewer goes back to heating so so so much. We got it. I'd be interested in sound aspects and privacy. Walls are so thick no problem there but they must channel all sound to the doors which look thin. Wiring is another thing to find to due to the walls, a unique problem.
James Knight (16 days ago)
13:15 knitted leather? whaaaat, where can you buy that?
James Knight (16 days ago)
6:53 very clever fridge - though slight worry about safety of fingers, and if they added a removable tray on the bottom would stop leaks.
Vee (16 days ago)
But zombies still could get in 😞
Lulu Del (16 days ago)
Bill Lishman was a genius!!! Such an incredibly creative mind...One of a kind..
Scarlett Adams (16 days ago)
No one: YouTube recommendation: Underground dome house of the family who led geese to fly home
Cook & Gamying (16 days ago)
Feels weird man
Dominic Hester (16 days ago)
full size pizza won't fit in there guess you'll have to do bite size or small circle pizza if you get a hankering
Dominic Hester (16 days ago)
cool refreigerator
Vultura Majeral (17 days ago)
Bilbo want his hole back
直美 (17 days ago)
Looks like a hobbit house lowkey
J Quiznos (17 days ago)
Can middle class people afford something like this or do I need to be friends with people who just bought a ton of land back in the day? I like what I see and I think it's cool but I feel that to have more and more people move to earth friendly/earth integrated alternatives you need to make it affordable. I can't imagine that it is affordable to have something like this. I could be wrong. Maybe I'm confused. I felt this whole thing was a bit snobbish. Am I missing the point? Also, props on the braided mullet.
Wulf Claw (17 days ago)
That is the most awesome fridge ever !!!
Angel (17 days ago)
cooool, I love that fridge
David Giddens (17 days ago)
Just love the fact that people build different houses its so great to watch and take on board new ideas