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Here's why it's so hard to spot deepfakes

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Spoofed videos known as deepfakes are increasingly appearing on social media, but tech companies are still trying to figure out how to handle them. CNN's Laurie Segall explains why these fake videos are so hard to spot.
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Text Comments (14)
John Stamospawn (1 month ago)
CNN = Deep Fake News
Daniel Plamondon (4 months ago)
if you can't spot a deepfake, you might be stupid
Émeraude Calas (5 months ago)
Who else is here after Shane Dawson's video?
J.F.K. jr (5 months ago)
This is all illumaniti
シPRDTR๛PANDA (5 months ago)
At least it ain't faker than *CNN*
me (6 months ago)
So is CNN now using deep Fakes? Cause CNN is the KING of #fakenews
Bob Thornton (10 months ago)
CNN always the advocates for censorship.
VibeX MaTxeMa (10 months ago)
ur video is perfect to make a deepfake template
Deep Homage (10 months ago)
If you want to watch the entire Marilyn Monroe deepfake featured in the CNN story, it's here: https://youtu.be/D4_j44yJCz0. Subscribe to the DeepHomage channel to get the newest SFW deepfakes. If you have a deepfake you'd like to see, leave a suggestion in the comment section.
Visteo Bman (11 months ago)
Putin,The Butcher of Aleppo, stands poised with his army of trolls to take advantage of this technology. You have been warned.
Ajota Nienu (11 months ago)
So I'm watching deepfakes lol
Feb Vel (11 months ago)
Somehow i can tell that its fake
Jarvis Godan (11 months ago)
"A valuable tool for those who want to spread fake news on the internet" Not very self aware, are they?
Smacks Daily (11 months ago)
If you cant tell that that obama video was fake then your retarded