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Four Cheers by The Blue Jackets

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Hit song from the soundtrack for the Edward Burns film "The Groomsmen."
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xxoxia (3 months ago)
I'm not one who usually listens to lyrics, but "you were the needle under the bale -- the love letter hiding in the hate mail" is a great line.
xxoxia (11 months ago)
Ed, not sure if you guys keep track of this channel, but I've been a fan of your films from the beginning, I have half of your scripts, and now, I'm a fan of your music! I had no idea this was you guys! So good. Still looking for Your Frozen Heart, which I believe has to be the song from The Groomsmen during the ferry scene.
ernest hairston (4 years ago)
Great song!
dick johnson (6 years ago)
this song reminds me so much of my best friends wedding cheers
Irene Ainsworth (11 years ago)
Alguien tiene la letra de la cancion???
powerrangerofdoom (12 years ago)
you guys seriously rock. love it all.