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Hauling 22,000 Pounds of Pringles (Trucker Vlog Adventure #17)

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Denver, Colorado is waiting excitedly for this delicious delivery. Also. I found an arrow head in my truck 🤔 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vasiliy.agiy/ Music: Tocaio - Naps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KruYuWkteyg&t=40s • Tocaio https://www.soundcloud.com/tocaiomusic
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Text Comments (374)
Dicky Miller (1 month ago)
I think he is a good driver being only in his 20’s. Most 20 years old are playing video games!
Jaybird23 (2 months ago)
Pizza Pringles be good
Vasiliy Agiy (2 months ago)
It really do be that way
Making it look eazy Transportation LLC (2 months ago)
So are you a owner op?
two-bit (2 months ago)
Vasilsy: 417 miles should take me about 6 hours Me: ok
Eric Binney (2 months ago)
two-bit why do you say that I’m not lying
two-bit (2 months ago)
@Eric Binney why are truckers such liars?
Eric Binney (2 months ago)
two-bit lol actually I am a trucker been driving since 2012 my company just bought me a glider kit with a 2000 Detroit diesel 60 series 13 speed Eaton fuller on a 2015 Freightliner cascadia frame body an I’m in the process of turning it into a show truck
two-bit (2 months ago)
@Eric Binney you're obviously now a truck driver.
Eric Binney (2 months ago)
two-bit that’s if he can run proper speeds
Cooo Iin (3 months ago)
Goodmorning rooster😄😄
Turd Ferguson (3 months ago)
Maybe the lot lizard dropped it while she was jumpin out the door
Sean (4 months ago)
Do you get a gas card? Also does your company pay for food? Im thinking about becoming a trucker
Dillon Correa (5 months ago)
Doing God's work. :v
xU-Fa!Lx (6 months ago)
This is just diabetes in the back of the truck
Clint Gillespie (6 months ago)
You better be careful when you are driving through Indian territory. Them Injuns will shoot arrows at you. How do you think that arrowhead got in your truck?
Doug Mammaro (6 months ago)
Positive energy...which ie great
TheWhisperingPeter (6 months ago)
Your hooker probably dropped her lucky arrow head
PayPal (6 months ago)
*My dad is a truck driver but he transports cars. Much harder, gone all week. Has to take the cars in and out. I went once with him and It’s so miserable.*
Joe MacArthur (6 months ago)
Why do you have to wear gloves to gas up? Is diesel that toxic? Just curious.
Joe Villa (6 months ago)
When you fuel up at a truck stop...the pumps are dirty with black grimey residue that's hard to wash off of your hands
Sportsy (6 months ago)
Sa-lie-na instead of sa-lee-na, nice vid tho👍
Emile Curi (7 months ago)
Bruh June 15 is my birthday bruh bruh bruh beuh
yuh real (7 months ago)
Are you allowed to eat some?
Brice Pash (7 months ago)
Ahh...the Aurora Co flying j....good times good times...making me miss trucking lol
Jay Bartgis (7 months ago)
I know truckers work weeks at a time... but do they at least get more days off to compensate for it?
Phil Sears (7 months ago)
Guiding Angel (7 months ago)
i never thought DJ Qualls is now a trucker
Steve W. (7 months ago)
Just discovered ur vids... Fantastic! U are such a different idea of what I think of when I think of a trucker. I I vision older, Def fat, dirty and tobacco chewing dumb hick... U r not that image at all. Thanks for the new vision! 👍🏽
Romero Lucasz (7 months ago)
How do you upload videos since ur on the road
stripcat1 (6 months ago)
pretty easy to stop at mcdonalds for 5min and upload a vid just saying
Mike Bell (7 months ago)
I thought SWIFT hauled all the potato chips
송해성 (7 months ago)
this guy needs a private escort.
5,000 Subscribers Without A video Challenge (7 months ago)
Wow you were going really fast down the freeway
Killroy 3022 (7 months ago)
Aim through the scope and pfft bruh who be hunting with 22lr
Michael See (7 months ago)
People hunting squirrels
Mathews Maas (7 months ago)
I live 13 minutes from I-70
Mike Bell (7 months ago)
Mathews Phone Gaming ...I live 13 minutes from I-77
Ivegotwormsinme (7 months ago)
https://www.google.com/maps/@37.3663996,-97.3220672,3a,60y,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1svXBEgRZSTe8p39C9Vh0ubQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 It has become a bit of a hobby of mine to find some of the places in your videos, it seems.
philip cison (7 months ago)
i get flashbacks from that horrid alarm
Cole Parkinson (7 months ago)
This man just shows that anyone can be a truck driver
thatoneguy (6 months ago)
@Vasiliy Agiy how's the pay?
Vasiliy Agiy (7 months ago)
And yet theres a 100,000 driver shortage in the industry. It's a tough job defonitly not for everyone
MetalSonic1389 (7 months ago)
Dude your awesome can't wait to get my cdl and be on the road.
utakatikmobil (7 months ago)
watching this while eating pringles
S M (8 months ago)
My sister husband is a trucker and he makes bank
Dalton Hill (8 months ago)
What is Google's CEO doing driving a truck?
Vasiliy Agiy (8 months ago)
Oh wow now there's a compliment! Thank you, I will do my best to live up ot it :D
Isaiah Evans (8 months ago)
Let’s be honest your built like a Pringle.
Vasiliy Agiy (8 months ago)
Thank you!
Isaiah Evans (8 months ago)
Vasiliy Agiy Lol man I was messing with ya! I love your channel man.
Vasiliy Agiy (8 months ago)
Josh Roberts (8 months ago)
0:33 hearing your alarm triggered me
Alfred The Streetcar (8 months ago)
Does he drive a volvo
CriminalOP Gt (8 months ago)
never got to see the pringles tf waste of time
Patrick R (8 months ago)
How much money do you make a year
BRD (8 months ago)
New Mexico man. The spirits are with you .
Josh Woodley (8 months ago)
Okay... I may sound dumb. But why do you wear gloves while putting fuel in?
Josh Woodley (7 months ago)
Tom Hardware no i havent... never been around them kind of trucks thanks tho
Tom Hardware (7 months ago)
Josh Woodley you ever smelled diesel it stanks.
Anthony Valerio (8 months ago)
Downside of being a trucker, I, a 21 year old are hiring you to move my load.
3575 Ethel southwest (9 months ago)
He getting big cheese
Angel Rodriguez (9 months ago)
mr.narwhalsgaming 01 (9 months ago)
next ss?
honban (9 months ago)
Real question: is there a specific macdnoalds or other place where all truck driver farts go wehn they die?
emi sk8r (9 months ago)
yo i'll be watching these vlogs
SkavenUK (9 months ago)
Damn dude, do you role out of bed with that hair?
24_savage_ boii (9 months ago)
what company do you drive for, im browsing through companies to drive for in the future because my uncle is a trucker and I go with him over the winter and the summer when im not in school... I want to have the same profession so if you could hit me up I would appreciate it. (BTW he drives for delta freight systems and he says it's a good company but im just comparing.)
Coast to Coaster (9 months ago)
Dude hunting is fun brother
LtTree (9 months ago)
What would I do with 11tons of Pringles🧐🤤
JS Fishing (9 months ago)
Not the big bearded boy truck driver i pictured
#LOVEPANDAS (9 months ago)
Ooo!! If you worked out more you would have really nice broad shoulders and nicer biceps!! That’s all you need is some biceps workout!!
Ryan (9 months ago)
Way of the road, Ricky.
Sweaty Bear (9 months ago)
Do you own the truck? Probably yes because you have a sleeper right? Or I'm just retarded
moi moi 2 (10 months ago)
Who is eating pringles at the same time?
Roni (10 months ago)
boonk gang
Harjot Singh (10 months ago)
could you be truck driver at 18 and go around the country as a team
Joe Villa (6 months ago)
Jacob Murphy (10 months ago)
spoofy spoof (11 months ago)
Watermelon Gandhi Gandhi’s (11 months ago)
D u have to pay for gas?
MrBtfo Stream-Archives (5 months ago)
Companies give you gas cards, you would be broke af filling up a rig with your own cash lol
Austin Dagen (11 months ago)
Austin Dagen (11 months ago)
Hi bro
Lorg Porg (11 months ago)
Why would you touch chocolate if it was melted on your floor?
Wet Willy (11 months ago)
You lucky son of a bitch 🤨
Lane Griffin (11 months ago)
Salina is suh-line-uh
Mentzer_60 (11 months ago)
Odd flex but ok
Jake Shumway (11 months ago)
Would they notice if you ate some?
iBev (1 year ago)
How old are you
Bandit Leader (11 months ago)
He's 20+. Less than 30
aditya ramadhan (1 year ago)
When u sleep, do u turn on the ac
Nicholas Whitcher (1 year ago)
i found a skrillex driving trucks
bathed in black (1 year ago)
Random question: Do truckers normally Carry guns on them? Are they even allowed?
Scott DPugnificent (10 months ago)
Owner operators can but company drivers can't bc of commercial vehicle laws.
Bandit Leader (11 months ago)
Majority have a shotgun or rifle to fend off the truck jackers
Nelson Gil (11 months ago)
lamplava assuming you have your permit I would say yea why not? What the boss don’t know don’t hurt
James Watkins (1 year ago)
Vasiliey I can only say nice truck but I drive a Kenwood FITE MEY BOIY
Stones (1 year ago)
My stereotypical mind is telling me this man is not a trucker
Eric Binney (2 months ago)
He’s a legit driver alright lol
Your A Joke (7 months ago)
Well your stereotypical mind was right, he’s a coffee guy
k (7 months ago)
my mind tells me this dude pulls chicks whenever he spends an overnight
Camden Bertrand (8 months ago)
birds_on_the_pier (1 year ago)
Allie knights Male counterpart
XrbXt games (1 year ago)
Salina is pronounced Su-Ly-Na Something like that. Idk for sure though u just live in Kansas
yuh real (7 months ago)
suh lee nuh
Zero Gang (1 year ago)
I enjoy these because I’ve always wanted to know what y’all ship and stuff y’all be doing. Definitely never thought someone would make videos like this. Shits wassup tho keep being you that’s what makes these real and interesting you just bein you and that’s wassup 👌 keep it up
Smoosh Goo (1 year ago)
20,000 punds of pingles
A1GUAPo (1 year ago)
Do you ever film your encounters with hookers?
BrabusTunedSTI - (1 year ago)
A1GUAPo - Did you ask that because of that one episode of trailer park boys? Lol
Josh Styles (1 year ago)
hey, random question. would you recommend a truck driving job to a young person? (im 21)
elba Caceres (11 months ago)
At a perfecto age to start your company
Lando4commando (1 year ago)
0:35 "My first alarm out of 10" **Raises eyebrows wildly**
Rez (1 year ago)
i would hate to be a trucker
SauceEmUp _ (6 months ago)
@Rez no they dont
Doug Mammaro (6 months ago)
@Tago Enduro this is true or in retail as I do.
Doug Mammaro (6 months ago)
@Rez more than what I make working retail.
skids ftw (6 months ago)
@Rez you are driving 11 hours a day then in between those 11 hours somewhere you have too take a mandatory 30 minute break and if you want you can stoo elsewhere if wanted/needed but you have 14 on clock hours then the rest of those are sleeping/bunk hours
awptions (1 year ago)
idubbz is that u?
Cinnamon Rabbit (1 year ago)
Do you think trucking is a good job for people with ASD/Aspergers Syndrome?
Simon Curtis (8 months ago)
Yeah actually, it's not the most social job in the world which is good and requires a lot of patience and dedication
Muie Garda (1 year ago)
Ask your doctor
Jacob Ramage (1 year ago)
Lol u was in oklahoma 😂
MichaelChiklisCares (1 year ago)
American freaks should go from imperial to metres. It still baffles me how these idiots haven't. 10x times better to calculate gas, mileage.
Scott DPugnificent (10 months ago)
Lol I had a food warehouse give me the net weight in metric tons, and I was all what the heck is 20.000mt
Duck Duck Groose (11 months ago)
MichaelChiklisCares no it’s fine how it is. Also think about how expensive and annoying it would be to change all that. Dumbshit
Dfloyd60 (1 year ago)
Holy shit I go to that salina pilot all the time when i go visit my dad in ellsworth Kansas. No wonder i recognized the turn in lol.
king skeleton (1 year ago)
Hey what truck do you drive do you drive Peterbilt or Mack
DOPE VLOGGER (8 months ago)
markiemarksgames Jesus*
markiemarksgames (9 months ago)
Idiot it's a Volvo jeous fucking Christ
A Deadly Dingus (1 year ago)
dunno why but u just dont seem like the trucker type
William Joseph St. Pierre (1 year ago)
Lmao vegans are triggered
11:3 west (1 year ago)
this would be the perfect job for me i love driving i can drive for hours and hours and i enjoy truck stops and i dont mind one bit the idle of other trucks while im trying to sleep.
H H (1 year ago)
That’s a truck I’d want to steal
Rumi the Beat Maker (1 year ago)
How is he a trucker? He hasn't hit puberty yet.
Gustavo Fring (1 year ago)
I'm 19 years old and I still like seeing the semi trucks on the highways. Mainly like it when I go on vacation.
Skipper DaRipper (1 year ago)
How many times a day do you listen to Convoy?
tyler (1 year ago)
How’s this possible
chukob5 (1 year ago)
idk if it’s a dumb question but do you personally have to buy the truck or do you work for a company that supplies the truck
F in chat (1 year ago)
Pretty sure both are possible
Jesse Marx (1 year ago)
I woke my brother up by laughing
Jesse Marx (1 year ago)
I just saw this at 2:30am Video I have seen by him I like this guy he's freaking funny