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The secret formula of Coca Cola

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more on http://mastercom.over-blog.com 2 guys explore what could happen is the Coca Cola Secret Formula were lost.
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Text Comments (68)
Ian Wootan (11 months ago)
That's my favorite Coca-Cola commercial.
zeth (11 months ago)
stupid video
TjsWorld2011 (2 years ago)
I remember this. This was before I started drinking Coca-Cola. : )
Papa Burd (2 years ago)
The secret ingredient is actually cocaine
LibraGaming (5 months ago)
PAPA BIRD that was in 1886. They stopped using cocaine in 1903
elwin38 (2 years ago)
+Dumb Fish It used to be...that was the "original" coke.
Helix (5 years ago)
coca-cola was used to be better but now i dont like any of it
Helix (5 years ago)
and coca-cola is losing his taste :(
TheBugStorm (5 years ago)
no one knows the formula and no one will
achraf chafalou (6 years ago)
If anyone needs to discover the Formula Of Coca Cola.. this is the original recipie.. : w w w.t h i s a m e r i c a n l i f e . o r g / r a d i o - a r c hives/episode/427/origin al - r e c i p e
ahmed musaevitch (6 years ago)
coca cola formula secret? oh please there are enough other cola's out there that taste the same,but your subconciounce thinks otherwise
looneybinbri (6 years ago)
Pepsi is made from aborted HUMAN fetal kidney cells. don't believe me Google it.
texasaggie85 (6 years ago)
@rickraptor707 dude is pepsi paying you to come on here and reply to every single comment which says pepsi SUCKS?!
Jerry Man (6 years ago)
I drink pepsi :D
Kuzame (6 years ago)
loled at the ( Probably )
alkon muneka (6 years ago)
@GenuineMW2 well in that case you shoul tell the coke company and tell em to make their toxic poison that gives diseases out of sea water and rain water to stop going to other countries and drying out the water sources without paying a thing
alkon muneka (6 years ago)
Yea it also burns 15 gallons of fresh water to get 1 galon of soda and when they dry a hole water spot and move on to the next one without paying a things 4 the communities
gastank43 (6 years ago)
@TheApplefan1993 it's the coca plant you fucktard not cocaine -___- if you knew what cocaine really consisted of you would't have commented at all (I HOPE)
turkyish (6 years ago)
i am addicted to this drink,,,,,I HOPE ITS COCAINE
Ryuuken24 (6 years ago)
Coke used to be good, they changed the formula, more money for them, less taste for us, sugar water will never taste the same again.
sacopenapa (6 years ago)
I don't drink Coca-Cola
Ribbaz (6 years ago)
@derektherock42 At the beggining I think so, it wasnt considered ilegal and as the name says "COCA cola"
deenualhaq (6 years ago)
coke is MASONIC drink aimed to destroy mankind. be carefull
Desi Kazi (6 years ago)
enfoiré de fis de pute sale créateur de coca cola fis du pute
Mark Saxton (7 years ago)
The secret ingredient is ammonia, that just came out in the news. I guess they couldn't get rid of all the mouse piss..
Haybe Hagaagsane (7 years ago)
Is this why I love drinking Coca?! Gettig high?! No doubt this is the reason: cocaine!
1odie2 (7 years ago)
Coke will always be better and Dr. Pepper has prune juice in it!!!
flyslaier (7 years ago)
coke sucks pepsi rules!
elwin38 (7 years ago)
lobelix11397 (7 years ago)
vallexum (7 years ago)
Good thing Pepsi is better then :)
MrChlayten (7 years ago)
coca-cola are cocks
Nic D (7 years ago)
Oh please, give me a break. First of all the "only 2" people that know the formula know the whole thing, so if one dies or something like that there is still one more person that knows it. Secondly, the formula is written down and it's kept at the Trust Bank in Atlanta,Georgia, so people can still look at it and make the syrup. That was total dramatization and they are always looking for ways out of us normal people. Screw you Coca-Cola!!!!!!!!!!
Vrublevskogo (7 years ago)
they add shit
Joeyc5499 (7 years ago)
i heard one nos half and the other knows the other half so know one can take it for themselves
Bee Bop (7 years ago)
high fructose corn syrup, carmel color, sugar, stuff like that
Iobi123 (7 years ago)
@ItsABreeThing, dumbass, not really lmao. FCC sets the standars only so far
Bawss RSPSPK (7 years ago)
Cocaine... End of story.
Slegna (7 years ago)
james liu (7 years ago)
click on that box on 0:31
james liu (7 years ago)
lol probably 0:21
STPostma (7 years ago)
I bet its a type of medicine...... the commercial thing showed a broken bone, war stuff, it could be A NUMBING AGENT, that why my teeth feels so weird when I drink =)
ArmedtotheTeethProd (7 years ago)
Three ways to make Coca-Cola taste better: 1. Drink it while traveling by Amtrak in those little plastic cups, 2. Drink it from the Glass Bottles, 3. Drink it from the Glasses they were using.
Bullet (7 years ago)
It was cocaine in the beginnings, after it was found extremely dangerous they found an alternative. At the time they did know it was somewhat harmful and that they couldent drink to much of coke, just like alcohol today.
WateverWatever04 (7 years ago)
@JEFFRIETURNERTV Cream soda kicks everything's ass!
inkey2 (7 years ago)
@IIIMICHAELJACKSONIII the amount of cocaine coca-cola had in it circa 1910 was fairly small. The cola taste comes from coca leaves. At that time cocaine was probably not even illegal in the USA as many over the counter cough syrups and elixers had considerable amounts of opium and other now illegal drugs. Recently a historical study revealed that a hell of alot of Americans must have been "addicted" to these "cough syrups" as they were so easily obtained with no prescription
inkey2 (7 years ago)
MY OPINION......Pepsi is a Coke wanna be...it always has been. Pepsi is too damn sweet and it doesn't settle your stomach like coke does. Wake up with a bad hang-over and trust me, a Coke is what will do the trick. You could hoist a Coca-Cola flag right next to the American flag, same height and no true American would bat an eye.....because "Coke "is" America......it's right up there with George Washington, The constitution, freedom of speech & the 2nd Amendment
texasaggie85 (7 years ago)
@Alalaila150 coke>pepsi
Alalaila150 (7 years ago)
there are 2 companys pepsi and cola: cola=pepsi 7up=sprite fanta=mirinda pepsi sucks a bit
CQN APDN (8 years ago)
@derektherock42 It was cocaine before, but no more now.
CQN APDN (8 years ago)
@JEFFRIETURNERTV Both are junk foods.
minamu8 (8 years ago)
HassanLalalas (8 years ago)
Good luck with diabetes and stained teeth. Not to mention digestive problem. Well, most of you are probally fat ass people who snack and don't exercise every single day/
RayVal53 (8 years ago)
Look at it like fuel... Coca cola lite = 87 Octane, Diet Pepsi = 89 Octane, Diet Coke = 91 Octane.
jtoon200 (8 years ago)
Or you could just drink Sprite, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, or any other soft drink on the market.
bluester64 (8 years ago)
its true there ARE only 2 peeps in the world who know s it coke pwns pepsi
dee ras (8 years ago)
is this really true??
noelle wimmer (8 years ago)
its obviously happiness
lux (8 years ago)
I just really luv coke it's really frick'n good
TackyRackyComixNEO (8 years ago)
Agreed. We're all Coke (TM) addicts :-P
derektherock42 (8 years ago)
I love this commercial. I also love Coke.
derektherock42 (8 years ago)
I think if their secret ingredient was cocaine, one, we would probably have noticed it by now, and two, that would explain why it's so good. :)
72ve17 (9 years ago)
i would be lost without my coke
Bryce Leung (9 years ago)
Santa would be sleepy haahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha
Whoa hey guys welcome to EB Games (9 years ago)
Note to self: Destroy coke formula at next oportunity
theMidsizeLebowski (9 years ago)
The song is "The Legendary Duo" by Halcali, the greatest band in the universe. They're Japanese, so the actual song name is 伝説の2人, or "densetsu no futari"
JMeyer (9 years ago)
love et !
ride4fun4 (9 years ago)
OMG love it