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Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

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Text Comments (20170)
dystope81 (1 hour ago)
*Sees the title* Oof
Kimberly Muniz (15 hours ago)
Young activists vs older activists
Kimberly Muniz (15 hours ago)
Young political people vs older political people
Fabiana Tapp (17 hours ago)
The blonde police officer was the best!!! So open minded!!!
Jovy121 (21 hours ago)
I’m latino and I’ll tell any black person in this country to stop making everything about race! There’s a reason people from around the world live better than most blacks because they don’t blame their failures on race! Where is the Latino lives matter? Chinese lives matter? Don’t want one, don’t need one! From one minority who is a minority to blacks.. Tell the bald guy Latinos get arrested all the time and the Latino community gives zero Fks because they broke the law!
Slighthunder45 (1 day ago)
The one law enforcement is the only one who presented facts yet that doesn’t matter? It should natter
officialyungrich (1 day ago)
Is dangerous and sad that some people forget others lives matters but we all should love each other because War will not bring peace
bryan sitka (1 day ago)
@jubilee i binged watched your videos, production quality is amazing. Improving sound production would take these videos to the next level.
phantomtq (1 day ago)
if humans are chipped and thoughts are controlled or programmed humanity would finally find peace
CodeMcRed (1 day ago)
I want her to pull me over
CodeMcRed (1 day ago)
These people do not look like law enforcers. Sideways hat lol. But that girl is a baddie
Talkindurinthemovie (1 day ago)
That white guy needs to be escorted outta the country lol
Talkindurinthemovie (1 day ago)
Im like overwhelmed by white ppl sometimes they're so ignorant...and it stresses me out. Why do i watch stuff like this
Zeref (7 hours ago)
Be quiet, racist.
Comic but Serious (21 hours ago)
Talkindurinthemovie What do you mean?
ramashto738 LDS (1 day ago)
All lives matter!
ramashto738 LDS (1 day ago)
ramashto738 LDS (1 day ago)
The female officer looks like the stack of liberty!
Juan Bautista (1 day ago)
I want dat police woman in red hoodie to eat my cock
Hayden Cseve (1 day ago)
No its hand guns who would be dumb enough to take a large gun in not be seen in a school
Trevor Emmett (2 days ago)
Anyone who says all lives matter is saying yeah we obviously know that black lives matter, all lives matter. It’s not in opposition to black lives matter. But it’s doesn’t seem like the black lives matter people care about police lives (Dallas shooting of 5 police officers)
Philip Pate (2 days ago)
BLM supporters are delusional
Philip Pate (2 days ago)
bald guy is delusional
Mason Martin (2 days ago)
I can't imagine living my life blaming everything that ever goes wrong in my life on history that occurred long before my lifetime.
Johnny Tucker (2 days ago)
Can't watch this because they're all still speaking in blanket statements. It's ridiculous. All of them. And not making logical points. This is still divisive. It's not helping.
PhenomReloaded08 (2 days ago)
"Your job is to enforce the law". Always knew the whole "to serve and protect" thing was just something they do in the movies.
Zeref (2 days ago)
So you're saying they should *reward* criminals. They serve and protect you. Name me when BLM defended people from attack.
loudmouth vandals (2 days ago)
I do feel all lives do matter and do not approve of black lives matter reason is because is that your separating a group of race in one group it’s basically saying you guys are segregating your self in your own group instead of coming together. I’m black and Asian if someone ask do you support black lives matter? I’ll say no reason is that is because your basically saying only half of my life matter what what about my Asian side basically saying my life don’t matter if I’m not black.
TheChizzel Stick (2 days ago)
Why the bald dude look like mega mind 🌚
Brandon Lewis (2 days ago)
It’s a BIG FACT when you treat somebody like a criminal they eventually begin to act like one 🤷🏽‍♂️ cat and mouse I agree with that lady who said about patrol being concentrated in more community’s than others
Brandon Lewis (18 hours ago)
Zeref your right their their is more crime in black communities than others yes but the reason behind that comes from being treated like criminals it’s deeply rooted in history those LA riots didn’t happen just for no reason you reap what you sew my friend.
Zeref (2 days ago)
Because there's more crime in those communities.
Cam DeHart (3 days ago)
LOL/cringe when white men quote Martin Luther King to black people. Can you imagine the arrogance? Of course he says things like, "I set aside all the identity stuff and approach things from reality". Whose reality? You're a white dude and you only experience one version of reality. And then he goes on to criticize the female officer for pointing out that she WANTS more training.
Cam DeHart (3 days ago)
Redpillpeople: "He said 'desirous', he is intellectual like Benny Shapiro"
Deavion Martin (3 days ago)
Ya say the white man is so ignorant but I feel like he learned something. I feel like he had a change in perspective by the end of the episode. He had acknowledged his ignorance and I feel like he wanted to apologize. That’s just how I feel tho.
Joel N (3 days ago)
That poor girl on crutches had to walk back and forth
Shashwat Jain (3 days ago)
All lives matter is like saying "All Animals are equal", before saying "Some Animals are more equal than other animals".
Hamza Al-Lawati (3 days ago)
that white guy is 4chan come to life
Marco Merino (3 days ago)
What a joke
Daniel Paulson (3 days ago)
Would the guy across from the white dude be considered ignorant as well? He seemed to agree with most of what was said
Justina Anderson (3 days ago)
7:13 hit the nail on the head. You can not be an equality movement if you are ignoring the fact that other people have value, that other people have struggled, and we are in this together.
Rene Torres (4 days ago)
It’s hard sometimes to take cops seriously when they talk stats but when that dude said “dozens of homicides that take place in Chicago” that simple phrase made me understand the fear cops have in some areas a bit better than I understood the idea before watching the video.
Johnathan Roan (4 days ago)
I think officers should have tranquilizer guns when interacting with people but keep an actual gun in their car.
Zeref (3 days ago)
Not all tranqs work.
Rich Morlang (4 days ago)
The white guy with the dark hair is an ass
Andrew Kirschner (4 days ago)
If we ever want to join as one in this nation we need to set aside institutions and groups that are organized around certain races and genders.
Andrew Kirschner (4 days ago)
The thing she said about hand prints on the car was very interesting.
combatjj forlife (4 days ago)
Damn so oppressed having to obey the law when a cop is behind you
Daryl Shook (4 days ago)
Daryl for the win!
Anna Agarwal (4 days ago)
Am I the only person who thinks that the man in the white shirt was really rude and didn’t actually listen to anyone?
Zeref (4 days ago)
Yes. He used FACTS unlike the BLM moron.
King Merci (4 days ago)
If all lives mattered we won't have to say Black Lives Matter
King Merci (4 days ago)
+Zeref its da truth doe
Zeref (4 days ago)
That's an idiotic point and a red herring.
Morgan Wheeler (5 days ago)
All lives matter people don’t understand that BLM is saying that,”Black lives matter too” not “only black lives matter”
B- MIT (5 days ago)
We all need a timer in our life 😂
Illusionen (5 days ago)
I’m glad I leaned English just for this kind of debate ! Keep going guys
টোল জামাই/ V's moonchild mahir (5 days ago)
Black people are no more violent than other races,,, that's just media shitting on you
Raja (5 days ago)
This was better than expected. I thought it was gonna be a yelling match. And that white male was not listening
Yung Chubbz (5 days ago)
That one OFFICER (not my usual vernacular) was righteous!
Ruby Wants Friends (5 days ago)
7:50 Very well said. 💜
Ruby Wants Friends (5 days ago)
Like with the LGBTQ/Christian one, I didn’t understand why someone here couldn’t be on both sides. Thank you, Kaylee for restoring my hope that people aren’t always divided, and can support multiple sides peacefully. ❤️ 10:24
Eliška Dvořáková (5 days ago)
I feel lucky that I grew up without this stigma and without racism as a norm, but also sad learning about what actually goes through peoples heads and hearts in other countries & mostly in shock.
HipptyHopptyCoop (5 days ago)
Another black man to the officer? That’s the stupidest thing I ever seen someone say. I’m done with society
John Giammarino (5 days ago)
6:53 is false. MLKJ would not side with BLM.
CWig (5 days ago)
I love the white dude, I agree with him completely
Joe Hick (5 days ago)
She said MLK would be down for black lives matter.............. Actually MLK was down for peaceful protest!
Mack Dexter (5 days ago)
The white was right in many cases but he talks to much heesh
HexBolts 4Life (5 days ago)
This Daryl guy makes me mad. I was born out of wed lock and I am one of the top 40 best students in my city. I have so many friends doing good in school and they were born out of wed lock
Zeref (5 days ago)
Good for you. But the vast majority aren't.
Ideal Queen (5 days ago)
Talk about the definition of beauty re fat v slim or light skinned v dark skin
RTHA300 (5 days ago)
the girl in the crutch look damn nice
Joshua Williams (5 days ago)
How is a defense attorney law enforcement?
Sarah J (6 days ago)
These videos are amazing. Conversation and listening to one another perspective and opinion is what this country need. Kuddos to you guys, and keep up the great work! ❤️
Jimmy the Buddhist bee (6 days ago)
The white dude is completely right about out of wedlock birth.
Jimmy the Buddhist bee (6 days ago)
If black men stop running and points guns at police they won’t be shot. Stop committing crime and you won’t get shot.
Jeff Connors (6 days ago)
As the BLM activist highlighted, w/out recognizing injustice, you’re gonna make a ‘Chicago’ equivocation every time as the token white guy does. In fact, his ‘Chicago’ example does more to support the BLM movement than almost anything else. But somehow he intuitively connected mass shootings by (majority) white men — who are not disenfranchised —to a category who are disenfranchised. Most crimes are committed amongst social groups. Ex: Black in black crime. White on white crime. But when the lady alludes to white men who shooting up clubs, concerts, schools, & churches... the white guy instinctively goes to... but yeah black people shoot each other in Chicago. Which has nothing to w/ BLM movement. He just wanted to point out there’s black on black crime in Chicago;. Which is irrelevant to BLM, which speaks to the inequality and injustice of minorities via white cops, but more broadly - the inequality of minorities compared to whites.
Chuuyikez (6 days ago)
i thought a free country meant an equal one, too.
Cynthia Carmine (6 days ago)
OMG...people need to be less into single words and more into intent. ALL LIVES MATTER, BLACK LIVES ARE INCLUDED IN THAT. Victimizing himself
Cynthia Carmine (6 days ago)
What did the bald man just imply he "has a degree in political science and a masters" but in that moment he is just another black man. Are other black men less than him?
wazzup20011983 (6 days ago)
MLK would h t be down with black lives matter. Sorry he was for uniting the country. He would be for all lives matter. He was a preacher and he was for jeaus, Jesus is for everyone. Not just black lives.
lennycrew3 (6 days ago)
Black Lives Matter Too.
Nostalgic Life (6 days ago)
No one here uses facts except the white shirt guy yet most of everyone in the comments bashes him. Facts don’t care about your feelings they are the reality not you experiencing denial and getting upset because your wrong or you just simply don’t agree.
The King of Morons (7 days ago)
It should be 'no lives matter'
John Keig (7 days ago)
Nobody in this group really struck me as being black. Even the bald headed guy looked more white than black to me.
Tayamyre (7 days ago)
Police are killed in large by white man and heart attacks. So does the fear of black people come from? but not white men? Drunk white women spit on police all the time.
Zeref (7 days ago)
What? 99% of the time it's a black man shooting a police officer. He is 2000x more likely to be killed by a black man, than a black man is by a cop.
Noah Gavin (7 days ago)
Yeah of fuckin course black people take precautions when a cop is behind them. Guess what. So does literally every other single person. Next.
Joao Paulo Silva (7 days ago)
"All lives matter" was created to belittle "black lives matter". People who are against the statement don't believe that everyone's life isnt equally valuable but believe that at the moment black lives are at a greater risk of being threatened. Simultaneously, the slogan isnt "only black lives matter" and that's what we have to understand.
Joey Zoota-Lucero (7 days ago)
Girl if white people hated MLK then explain to me why there were so many white people from all over the country for the march from Selma
Laura Beth (7 days ago)
Steven K (8 days ago)
All lives don’t matter
Lola Lalo (8 days ago)
Ok so, this guys from "black lives matter" do not like the police being around the city... what is your solution? Who will chase the rapists? The burglars? The shooters?. The military? The army is way more armed and violent than the police. Citizens? If you do not allow them to have guns then they won't be able to defend themselves at danger, so yeah, asking to decrease law enforcement does not help the argument
YeliseyP (8 days ago)
Black live matter movement is not what it claims to be. It segregates blacks from communities and a lot of time it is racist. A lot of African Americans are killed though abortion yet BLM is quite. Black pastor was arrested for preaching next to abortion clinic in Oakland CA. You would think that BLM would rise up but nothing happened. Because they have different agenda: 1. Segregate black people 2. Fill them with hate towards white people 3. Create unrest in community Martin Luther spoke of equality not separation I agree with law enforcement guy.
Laura Beth (7 days ago)
+Zeref .....you can literally just google it And what happened to innocent until proven guilty? That is just a personal view
Zeref (7 days ago)
+Laura Beth MLK did not say that. They are protesting freedom from consequence. Micheal Brown = GUILTY. Trayvon Martin = GUILTY. Stephon Clarke = GUILTY.
Laura Beth (7 days ago)
They are protesting police brutality, they don't have to have a stance on abortion. Also mlk said "A riot is the language of the unheard."
Ben Dover1 (8 days ago)
38 seconds in and it's already time to pull out the victim cards!
melan choly (8 days ago)
i swear that mf looks just like frank iero
Refrigerator (8 days ago)
when dat bald black man was talking theres no such ting as a bachelors in political science theres only masters doctorate and phd
A Ric (8 days ago)
If you are living a legitimate life you aren’t afraid of police.
Laura Beth (7 days ago)
Nope. Legit the most illegal thing I've ever done is steal hair clips from a dollar store when I was like 9 and the police terrify me. And you know why? Because John Crawford was killed in my hometown. That effected everyone, then the police killed Tamir Rice just an hour away. If they can get away with killing a man holding a toy and a child in a park then there is reason to be afraid
1-800- hurt (8 days ago)
To all the people saying "mlk wouldn't support blm " why don't you ask him then ? Oh right !
Abrielle Hamilton (8 days ago)
The bald black guy basically says that when a cats following him he makes sure to obey the rules so he doesn’t get pulled over. You SHOULD be intimidated by a police officer, they’re there to make sure you follow the rules of the law. I’m a white girl, and I don’t care what police officer is in the area, I feel intimidated. Because it’s authority.
Danny (8 days ago)
Daryl shouldn't be there.
DeeSNutts (8 days ago)
Hey America. There’s people called Hispanic and Asians that live here too. We are here too. Not everything’s black and white. But still YES! BLACK LIVES MATTER!
Omar Hidalgo (8 days ago)
Black man is ignorant
Dirk Diggler (8 days ago)
Omg!! Everybody uses their blinkers and watches their speed when a cop is behind them. Most people do that normally, all the time... Smh
Jason Meskimen (8 days ago)
That's the dumbest "defense attorney" I've ever seen.
The Empress of Mankind (8 days ago)
lol, I like this meeting and all, but claiming that beacuse BLM formed the phrase "Black lives matter" you cant use the syntax "(insert color) lives matter". BLM does not own the phrase that something or someone matters.
Hadyn Henri (9 days ago)
So this is the first Middle Ground video I'm watching and I don't know if you have a teachers and parents Middle Ground episode... If not I think that could be really interesting.
stitch (9 days ago)
Weed smokers vs non weed smoker
Emily E (9 days ago)
The problem with the statement “all lives matter” is that often it is used to invalidate or disgrace the black lives matter movement.
D Jacobs (9 days ago)
Law Enforcement protects and serves the state, city and county not the people. It doesn't matter what race. Crime pays big time. If there are no drugs and crimes there will be no need for law enforcement. Everything in America is about money. Stop being surprised that police officers don't care. They are not payed to care about citizens. They are paid to enforce laws of this country and If you pay attention, a lot of laws are geared towards making the prison industrial complex rich off of your labor and incarceration.
Zeref (9 days ago)
There will always be crime, money or not. How much does a rapist earn? Not a lot. A pedophile? Even less.
D Jacobs (9 days ago)
"Yea you should all follow the message of the great Martin Luther King jr. Just let us blow his head off first so he can't actually spread it." I'm confused af at how any attempt to lead the black community in a positive direction has been met with death in the past and people can't figure out that it has a domino effect.
Moose Chocolate (9 days ago)
Tbh black peoples gotta move on you need to stop believing that your still the victim cause it’s annoying