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Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

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Text Comments (17912)
Bob McMurtry (2 hours ago)
If a cop is behind you how can he see your race?
BMS HIGHLIGHTS (5 hours ago)
At the end of the day white people are going to hate us and not care about black people unfortunately
Alicia Hatz (7 hours ago)
I enjoy hearing the dude with the side cap, the officer and the white guy speaking. Whether if I agree 100% or not of it all in its entirety intelligence speaks volumes over ignorance for me. As long as its correct of course. Everything cant be personal or political. Theres a bigger picture obviously
lizard450 (7 hours ago)
I think that it speaks volumes that the white male officer only sees himself as law enforcer rather than a community role model first and a law enforcement officer second. When I was growing up I was taught that police officers were individuals we could trust and look up too. The reality of the matter is this is no longer the case for an ever increasing portion of the population in the US. His attitude and opinion of his position is deeply disturbing. How are we suppose to respect officers when I can't find a single video of Mike the cop or officer 401 or donut guy doing a video denouncing the shooting of Andrew Thomas. I can even forgive not commenting on Jason Van Dyke's shooting because the video was of such poor quality. Andrew Thomas's murder was clear, recent, and entirely inexcusable. He knew he fucked up because he didn't even call in shots fired. I went from a hard line fuck the police to moderate when I spoke with an officer who I met personally and he flat out denounced the Sean Groubert's shooting. I do not and will not respect anyone who think's the police are "perfect" when it comes to the use of lethal force. By failing to comment on these incidents or showing examples where the police were clearly in the wrong it demonstrates that you do not recognize that there is a problem with the justice system in America today. It sends a message that is interpreted by the public as being belligerent and cowardice.
lizard450 (8 hours ago)
Who gives a fuck ... they stole your name. STAY ON TARGET. This is a distraction. The problem in this country is the prohibition of drugs. Plain and simple. This discourse between BLM and ALM and BLM... blue lives matter :-P.... is designed to keep poor, unempowered people from facing the real enemy. The politicians (including police chiefs) that keep bad laws and procedures in practice. You're a BLM guy? Great ... go to the range learn how to shoot a gun and take a CCW course. Study it. Learn what the firearm is for and the laws and best practices are around it. Appreciate and understand what police have to do. You're a blue lives matter guy ... great... do the same thing as above. A firearm is for lethal force only. PERIOD. Lethal force is only authorized when a reasonable person would believe that there was an imminent threat to innocent life. We all are suppose to be held accountable to the same law. Now take a good hard look at the John Crawford shooting. Look at Tamir Rice. Look at Oscar Grant ... Look at Andrew Thomas ... The murder of Andrew Thomas is an excellent example of both the problems in this country and some of the progress we're making. Initially he wasn't going to be charged. That was the statement from the prosecutor. WTF. Eventually he got 6 months ... which is pathetic... but about the same as Oscar Grant's murderer and it was done without rioting. Do not be distracted understand the problems and work towards real solutions.
Jason M (16 hours ago)
Woah now. "MLK jr would be down for BLM". Kinda shuts down conversation when you claim to speak for the deceased.
N'Shari Jefferson (20 hours ago)
@Showtime123  it's not about them knowing were black as they're pulling us over, it's once were pulled over what happens next. Yes, everyone tries to make sure that they're doing what's right when law enforcement is around but we actually fear for our lives. Something so simple as a tail light being out has caused many murders for black people. Not to victimize my race, but we are literally trained on staying alive when you're pulled over. Not saying this, not saying that, remaining calm and in the right position, not reaching or retaliatiing . Until you've truly experienced this and sat in a car praying your dad doesn't get shot, I don't feel you have the right to speak against it.
Ryan (8 hours ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD7tW4nrj-Y I don't feel YOU have a right to speak on your nonexistent racism. It happens FAR more to whites, you're taught to ATTACK cops, not "stay alive". Cops do not hunt blacks.
JeongCoups (20 hours ago)
why is the world all about race black, or white race. Why can't it be we help all humans be better people and teach them to care about others not whites should be this and blacks should be that. Technicolour not black and white
KM S (22 hours ago)
Did the law enforcement supporter start fighting with law enforcement?
Husky SM (1 day ago)
If there would be only one city in the world and one family in this city commits 80% (imagined percentage) of the crimes. Can everybody blame the officers for controlling this exact family mor often? Now change family in people of colour. Look to asian people. I never heard they were controlled often. Because they commit less crimes than even white people. In asian countrys the crime rate is lower. Thats not racist its just statistics and common sense.
Revelution 365 (1 day ago)
All lives matter is synonymous with all lives have intrinsic value. Being angry at the choice of words and saying it’s just a play on BLM is immature and asinine.
Li Ann Chai (1 day ago)
Do mexicans have a life support grp eh i dun want to be called 'appropriating' BLM movement but is there a mexican/hispanic lives matter movement? Seriously the freaking media hardly focus abt other grps which im always annoyed abt Edit: Eh my qn isnt sarcastic just sayin cos ive hardly heard any
Li Ann Chai (1 day ago)
I havent even watched it yet im akready getting hypertension
Can we hit 1000 subs with no vids? (1 day ago)
I stopped watching at 0:00
Linda W (1 day ago)
IMPLICIT BIAS! So glad that was brought up. Daryl himself was a great example of that. He brought up kids born out of wedlock, and it was clear that he was talking about BLACKS, not just all kids born out of wedlock. Can I shake the hand of this handsome , intelligent gentleman who eloquently explained why the ALL LIVES MATTERS phrase totally undermines BLACK LIVES MATTER and what it stands for at its CORE.
SaKita Rudolph-Russell (2 days ago)
I couldn’t have been a part of this conversation without getting angry
YouTea (2 days ago)
This was the best middle ground ever made. Stats, reality & stories. It had it all.
Timothy Murray (2 days ago)
13% of the population. 50% of the murders. all i gotta say. that empirical data is a BITCH when you're a propagandist.
Timothy Murray (2 days ago)
also, the bald guy should never do an ancestry dna test. he's gonna be heartbroken AF
khfgaugywer gethaegadeg (2 days ago)
After being asked how he would stop racism Morgan Freeman said something along the lines of “Stop talking about it.” That doesn’t mean don’t learn about bad stuff that’s happened, you don’t want history to repeat itself. Just don’t refer to people in casual conversation as black, white, Asian, Arab ect. Stop talking about race and start talking about how we are all human, we are the same.
téa (3 days ago)
Much love for the female police officer
Howitbe (3 days ago)
Isaac with light eyes are skin is a black man, yeaa
Genny Lent (3 days ago)
white shirt is annoying and ignorant. the phrase "black lives matter" does not imply that other lives don't matter. it is saying that hey, black lives matter TOO, in reference to police brutality, etc etc etc.
Ezekiel Widlund (3 days ago)
when it comes down to black lives matter I understand why black people say that because of white racist cops do to black innocent people for no reason and then get away from it thats why we say what we say. All lives matter also but when it comes down to specific group getting killed for no reason its a problem. all because the racist white cops wanna do shit thats not right. they do what they do because they racist, we black, and the history from slaverly. all because black people killing each other for no reason don't give the right for a white racist cop to kill a innocent black person, but i'm black I think that we should stop killing each other and then we can talk about black lives matter because it only makes sense. both ways
Ryan (3 days ago)
1. They don't get away with it. 2. It's not "Just white cops". 3. 90% of blacks shot are shot by BLACK cops. 4. Slavery was created BY blacks.
leo (3 days ago)
No the police class of society are there to enforce laws and collect money, that's there job to extort money from the population at any cost, the fact police can arrest a person for consuming drugs is a crime against humanity, police are not here to protect and serve they're here to enforce opinions at the end of a gun that's a law, an opinion with a gun, do what I say or go to jail, do what I say or die, police officers are not to be trusted and always watch yourself around them they are predators looking for any reason to put you in jail or extract money from you, any time you're dealing with cops answer no questions and provide w/e they need in order for you to be safe.
Ryan (3 days ago)
Oh fuck off. You just hate police because you want to go around raping people. That's it. Police WERE ELECTED. **BY YOU**.
sethorlando (4 days ago)
I was just so pissed at the guy in the white sweater... sounded like a know-it-all without actual experience.
Shvigity (4 days ago)
you all could make these 30 mins long and I guarantee that you get just as many views
Steph Addo-Quaye (4 days ago)
I don't understand how the guy in the white shirt can say all he wants police officer trained on is the law. How does that make them any different to lawyers then. If you're enforcing something, there's got to be some sort of interaction. How can you say all lives matter then say you don't want time wasted on training officers in de-escalation. So....all lives matter as long as you don't have to spend any extra time trying to prevent the loss of life 🤔
Dithril (4 days ago)
this is useless :D
w Joseph (4 days ago)
Being bias is the worse characteristic you could have.
Manny Davis (4 days ago)
My 13 year old ass love these videos
animeak116 Jesus freak 4 life (4 days ago)
Wow......BLM shut the fuck up please. Your making it worse.
whatever9042 (4 days ago)
It’s not that hard don’t break the law and the cops won’t bother you. It’s really not that hard
whatever9042 (4 days ago)
You believe that cops are systematically targeting black people. That’s freakin a weird way to look at your profession
whatever9042 (4 days ago)
Wow get the fuck out of law enforcement please
702thomas (4 days ago)
notice the black guy at the end reaches out FIRST to shake the hand of the white guy...spoke louder than everything else said.
Ryan (4 days ago)
You mean notice the black ACTOR paid to do so, because he, like Darryl, are fake.
CGMe (4 days ago)
Why did you have a white person for the black lives matter group? I don't understand this. It's better to hear from the mouths of people that actually experience what the movement is for. That's my philosophy, at least.
Noelle m (4 days ago)
But the whole point is that in this country, time and time again, we are told, through the actions of our political, law enforcement, judicial, and societal systems that not all lives actually DO matter. When officers kill unarmed black people, when rich white men get away with sexual assault....when those things happen, we are INTRINSICALLY told that the victims don't matter.
Kaitlin Melissa (5 days ago)
This is the video the world needs. I myself ended up in a conversation with a relative of a police officer and me being a black lives matter supporter. I think it's very easy for the black lives matter protest to be portrayed in a bad way and I think it does happen a lot. I think it's an important conversation that needs to be had about what black lives matter really is.
Katie Srivastava (5 days ago)
Can we have a cat people vs dog people episode
lAkEn (5 days ago)
Anthony Kattan (5 days ago)
So much whitesplaining in the comment section.
CreativeUsernameEh (3 days ago)
"whitesplaining"? Please use actual reasoning instead of divisive counter-productive speech. Come on.
Psycho Flicks Productions (5 days ago)
The old woman in the glasses is just oozing with white guilt. *SOMEONE GET ME A MOP*
Fred Felton III (5 days ago)
All Lives does matter, Yet All LIVES are not Treated Equally...js
Fred Felton III (5 days ago)
We put bad blacks in jail, but why don't we put bad cops in jail?...ja
Fred Felton III (5 days ago)
+Ryan hate crimes REALLY LOL.
Ryan (5 days ago)
We do. Why do blacks not be punished for hate crimes?
MrMastadox (5 days ago)
All special interest groups cause more harm than good.. their claims often do not relate to statistics.. Identity politics is wrong and puts emphesis on the differences.. they come with a shitload of accusations that cause a bigger devide... Activists cannot see past their biased view and will ignore any factual information and base everything on subjective feelings... This will only escalate and cause more disruption in social cohesion.. people segregate by themselves... listen to what the black guy said.. he wants black cops for black criminals... good job sir... you are officially part of a move towards more segregation.. before you know it they will demand that only a black judge can convict a black criminal..
Rob Thomas (5 days ago)
dude in the white shirt made a lot of good points. but still, you can tell hes your typical priviledged "law and order" douche who voted for trump. negating systemic racism is having no memory. Segregation was up until 50-60 years ago, when our grandparents were adults. Until society is ran by and inherited from people of that generation, of course there is going to be a deep racial/cultural divide. That doesnt mean that reverse racism is ok, but most people who advocate for equality arent for that; its only a minority of fanatics portrayed to be mainstream. We need more officers like the lady in this video.
Ruth Slagle (5 days ago)
Definitely a solid point that law enforcement should be coming from the communities they serve. For example, I live in a small town with African-Americans residents, but to my knowledge there is no African-American police officer, which actually I believe is not good, because there should be equal representation. From the African-American and White communities. There is also a Mexican community, so it would be good to have a police officer serving from that community, too. Where is there a place to talk about the barriers which have been kept up for generations? But NEED to come down in order for our country to MOVE FORWARD. Which is what we want right??
SUCC (5 days ago)
How do two mixed people and a white woman properly represent BLM?
Hive Atlas (6 days ago)
6:22 " I thought that the goal of Martin Luther King was that we were going to be moving to a society where we were being judged by the content of character." While I don't agree with statement, MARTIN LUTHER KIt'NG IS NOT OUR GOD! White people quote Martin Luther King like they're quoting the Bible at church. And black people trying to end racism is NOT the same as being judgmental. We have a race issue. This means that we need to talk about race.
yawanah travis (6 days ago)
I know I was going to get after this video because if this white lady say the nigga or nigger she did not I will be paid off#balcklivesmatter
GoPro DC (6 days ago)
The real problem with all these videos is everyone keeps putting themselves in a category instead of just saying we are all human..... its so fucking retarded.
kasiakonarski (6 days ago)
Scared of out of wedlock kids 😂 what a goon.
Danna (6 days ago)
I’m so exhausted with this constant self-identifying language before anyone is allowed to give an opinion, it’s sickening. It’s like what you are defines exactly what you can and are allowed say.
Sherrod McKeithan (6 days ago)
Great discussion! The white female police officer gets it! Yass
Sherrod McKeithan (6 days ago)
Come Tf thru Sandra! U better use Ur privilege and be an ally!
Arabella Jennings (6 days ago)
the bald dude and the female officer are on their game
MrSoccerluvr4 (6 days ago)
1:05.... I don't think thats a race thing. Every single person I know tenses up and starts to think about all those things whenever law enforcement is driving behind them.
Tandem Bicycle (7 days ago)
All lives matter. Ask God.
José Antonio Primo de Rivera (7 days ago)
Why is it always the most racially ambiguous octaroons who have to signal the hardest about their "Blackness"
Kylie L'Heureux (7 days ago)
That white dude was a great representation of so many things that are wrong in this country. He wasn’t willing to consider he was biased, he didn’t even understand the reality of a cops job and still put them on a pedestal and he was really just an agitator and close minded voice in that conversation.
Shahadah Brown (7 days ago)
abortionist vs anti-abortionist
God's Child (7 days ago)
0:06 no actually I say all lives matter because all lives matter. Not to undermine the power of black lives matter
White Knight (7 days ago)
I feel like these guys must have scripted answers cause they dont draw attention to obvious problems in the arguments.
Nate Rosenthal (7 days ago)
Way to go asshats! You brought in Darryl and made this unwatchable...fuck you!
Chime In (7 days ago)
Why is that white nerdy on here? He’s never served, never been a cop like wtf does he bring ? He has no idea what those cops deal with of course he is telling the officer what her job is it’s always mofos like that
Ana Wieder (7 days ago)
I’m really sorry that black people and people of color have to go through this horrible shit. However I also feel like cops need more training to deal with people with disabilities, particularly people on the spectrum. I fully support BLM. I just want to bring attention to another important issue with law enforcement.
Ana Wieder (7 days ago)
I can’t tell if that white man is willfully ignorant and racist or just stupid and naive. Either way it’s fucking embarrassing.
Ishmael Cato (8 days ago)
*THE FIRST THING THIS WHITE MALE SAYS IS THAT WEDLOCK AND FATHERLESS HOMES IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY LEADS TO BLACK CRIME...* what he omits is that the reason why there are fatherless homes in the inner-city is specifically because of the white racist government power structure and the policies it instituted. Back in the 50's and 60's when the projects were erected and government assistance (welfare) was being given out to black women, the government told these black women that if they wanted the welfare, the lease to the project apartment and the money assistance, there was to be no man in the household. The government told the women that if you want to get paid you had to keep the man out of the house. And the government enforced this policy by sending white people into these apartments to THOROUGHLY inspect homes to make sure that no sign of a black man was there. This was done for decades and laid the foundation of the fatherless black household and all of the repercussion that come from it. Black people had it so hard back then... can you imagine how MUCH HARDER without both genders raising the child and contributing to a productive household. These conservative racist only look at the outcome but never the history. The reason why they don't want you to look at the history is because the buck ultimately stops with this white power structure historically treating black people like SHIT. The dysfunction you see in the black community is a direct result of economical, cultural, and spiritual damage caused for hundreds of years government instituted White Supremacist Savagery. Some great documentaries on the subject to watch on YouTube is *1. WHITE LIKE ME by Tim Wise - 2. SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME narrated by Laurence Fishburne - 3. POST TRAUMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME lecture by Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary*
Ishmael Cato (8 days ago)
@ryacus... You really need to watch the documentary by Tim Wise called *WHITE LIKE ME.* Personally I am not a Democrat or Republican. Both have been hell to the black community and America. The Neo Liberal corporate democrats are Hypocrites who have sold out to corporations and the republicans are racist, misogynist, greedy and cold hearted and have also sold out to the huge corporations and the military industrial complex. Both of these parties are whores and do the bidding of corporations not the masses. Social Progressives are the way of the future and will save America from itself. You should only be voting for candidates who take no corporate or oligarch money. You should only be voting for candidates that raise small donor monies from the people.
JonnyBgooD 007 (8 days ago)
There was value in the conversation. The group took a lot in, but notice how no one really wanted to continue the conversation outside the group discussion. They seemed eager to re-group into their own uncontrolled environments...their safe places. Like the lady said, "where do we go to have these conversations". There is no safe haven, no controlled environments, where there is an authoritative figurehead/mediator for possible high tension conversation. There are platforms online in some sense, like this one here. As humans we need verbal close to close combat, in order to end this war.
Stinger 1201 (8 days ago)
All lives matter
Noah Reed (8 days ago)
I’m js that old white bitch is so stupid and had no valid points lmao
Noah Reed (8 days ago)
Wasn’t that white guy in the white shirt one of the rich people in one of these videos?
jianna (8 days ago)
the woman in red has really short thumbs
Brummie Becca (8 days ago)
Day 27294930 - White people are STILL missing the point. (Referring to the comments and not the people, well one, in the video)
lAkEn (5 days ago)
I agree But not all white people are like that I'm white, & a black lives matter supporter And there *are* a lot of racist, ignorant white people in the comments that don't understand I don't understand fully what colored people have to go through, but i have a small grasp on it, & agree with them fully #BlackLivesMatter
Joshua Revis (8 days ago)
MLK believed in civil disobedience, not standing on the nation's flag, not screaming" kill cops", not neiling during the national anthem to make a point that has nothing to do with cops but rather disrespects the people who defend that flag. Black people are targeted by cops, but reacting to wrong with wrong makes everything worse. For some reason no one understands that
Linda W (1 day ago)
MLK was considered a nuisance by MANY.His assassination was CELEBRATED by many "good Americans", happy to be rid of the negro PLAYING VICTIM, causing trouble and dividing the country. I think many people re-create and water down MLK. Same thing is done of Nelson Mandela. He was jailed for 30 years. He spoke up, promoted protests and was a nuisance they just could not kill. He is now one of the most beloved African presidents, who helped transition South AFrica after apartheid. He is a hero, but he was for sure considered some nuisance. Probably would have been accused of "playing victim" too. Would MLK have supported kneeling during the anthem? I dunno! I actually would have loved to take a poll on black servicemen who came back from WWII and even Vietnam, to see how they feel about it. Many came back to a country that treated them like crap. I am sure many would say that they loved their country, but did not love what their country was doing to them and their community. I think a person can protest DURING the anthem without it being an assault on the country they are from and love.
The Techno Viking (9 days ago)
The guy in the white shirt has the same lips mannerisms as Christian Bale.
Siknny Boi (9 days ago)
Oof 2:50 always has to be an “ assault rifle” if it killed anyone it is definitely an assault rifle
Anthony Blackwell (9 days ago)
I’m months late but i want more of this group and discussion
Soul.Friend Agape (9 days ago)
#alllivesmatter was not even a notion before #blm. white folks hijacked it and now twist it to fit their agenda, Duh. What else is new.
Soul.Friend Agape (9 days ago)
Lynn watson (9 days ago)
This is crap I’m white my dad is white and seen my dad beat kicked all the above because the cops here in my town think they can get away with anything what I’m saying is it’s not just blacks my uncle what shot at and then when they got him beat him to the point we didn’t even know it was him small towns big city it’s not just a black thing it’s a cop thing get
tultsi93 (9 days ago)
Black lives matter... but #BlackLivesMatter doens't matter.
tultsi93 (6 days ago)
Because BLM is racist and hypocritical. It demonizes white people and victiminizes black people, worships criminals instead of helping people in trouble, is highly anti-police, lies about facts and statistics, commits violence and hate crimes, and doesn't give a shit about black lives in Africa.
Laura Beth (9 days ago)
Why do you believe that?
Stefan Langenhoven (9 days ago)
How tf can you go bring up the "black crime statistics" and then try and say something about judging people on their character
Ryan (9 days ago)
Because they're judging culture, not race.
Alex Macdon (9 days ago)
Martin Luther King would definitely not remotely support BLM
Laura Beth (9 days ago)
blm nonviolently protest, and as an organization they have told people not to ever riot or instigate violence. When they are at protests for other issues it is blm leaders that are often helping keep the peace alongside police. There were people from blm escorting trump supporters and neo nazis through crowds safely during protests. They also protected stores during looting and whenever they saw someone attempt to instigate they would tell them to stop. You can't look at protests against trump, neonazis and police brutality and assume everyone is blm. The media twisted the image of blm into something to be hated but they are a good organization. The only thing I can think of that could have been considered bad that was Actually blm and not just random protesters was blocking roads during protests and "looting" a mcdonalds to hand out milk for people who were tear gassed, which was later paid for.
Amanda Austen (9 days ago)
#allLivesMatter♥️ #bluelivesmatter💙 #trump2020 Before you call me racist , my boyfriend is Mexican American ♥️🤗😋
Amanda Austen (8 days ago)
Laura Beth racist
Ryan (9 days ago)
Too bad bitch. Public forum you moron.
Laura Beth (9 days ago)
wasnt even talking to you
Ryan (9 days ago)
Fuck off Laura. I hope your entire family is shot dead.
Laura Beth (9 days ago)
I pity your boyfriend
Nathan McDowell (9 days ago)
Black lives matter. The creation was founded discriminating against other races. Stop segregating yourself. Call whites your brother as you do blacks. Be a part of everyone else.
Brian D (10 days ago)
Big guy in the black shirt is what is wrong wi h BLM.
jay Ay (10 days ago)
Martin Luther King WOULD’NT be down for BLM because they are completely fighting against MLK philosophy and movement all together, completely backpedaling and promoting segregation. What a shame..
Laura Beth (9 days ago)
Actually blm is nonviolent and do their best to keep violence from any protests they attend. There are many account of blm protesters protecting the other side from angry or violent protestera whether that be all lives matter or neonazis. Do not assume every protester is blm.
jay Ay (10 days ago)
Nigga is light skinned calm down.
Ty'Keria Dawkins (10 days ago)
i’m on the BLM side of things. this panel, however, was very nice to watch. they all were respectful to each other and they were able to express themselves clearly.
Ryan (9 days ago)
What's the matter Bitch? You were scared for all those weeks and decided to come crawling back? YOU are not white. You are a DEMOCRAT, AKA a TRAITOR. Kill yourself bitch. Your kind doesn't belong on this planet. BLM TORTURED SOMEONE AND YOU CALLED THEM HEROES FOR IT.
Laura Beth (9 days ago)
+Ryan YIKES! Please stop embarrassing white people.
Ty'Keria Dawkins (9 days ago)
Ryan oh shut up. White people are allowed to speak! YOU, however, shouldn’t be for that asinine statement ✌🏽
Ryan (10 days ago)
So why do you support a terrorist movement? Black lives DO matter. They have for 60+ years now. It's whites who aren't allowed to speak.
old worm (10 days ago)
He doesn't look black, more like Puerto Rico
kukojin1991 2infinity (10 days ago)
Racist!!!! Seriously though really listen to this evil fucks.
Ryan (10 days ago)
Elijah Miniuk (10 days ago)
Black Lives Matter is a group that was started to target/attack cops (specifically white cops). It is a racist group that of which calls the police pigs/scum that should be slaughtered. They also have killed many cops (ex: Dallas Shooting) for (mostly) justified defensive attacks against blacks who came charging at them with a weapon. Just because a white guy kills a black man in the means of self-defence does not make him a racist.
Elijah Miniuk (8 days ago)
Laura Beth (8 days ago)
+Ryan K, I hope we never run into each other again. Bye. I hope in the future that you're able to do unbiased research.
Ryan (8 days ago)
Fuck off was she. She said ANYONE that was white. You're such a loser bitch that you'll defend ANYONE in BLM. And you STILL defend the kidnappers. I'm done with you. Fuck off and die Laura.
Laura Beth (8 days ago)
+Ryan Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi are still the creators of blm and I was pointing that out bc you said blm started with michael brown which is untrue. Chanelle Helm was referring to neo nazis and neo nazi sympathizers. And personally I don't fault her for that, nazis can eat shit and die lol And again, those ppl in that video weren't blm. I've already said that when we first talked. At least present me with a new argument bc I'm already tired of you And honestly if no amount of proof will shake you out of your delusions then what is the point of debating you?
Ryan (8 days ago)
Sure kid. Sure. I don't give a shit about the three lesbian cunts that created BLM. Chanelle Helm, one of the leaders proves to me all you BLM cunts are violent. SHE represent(ed) BLM, and she said "YOU GOT HANDS. USE EM." Stop saying yikes 500 thousand times, jesus christ get a better fucking word to say. You can link me to all the BLM propaganda you want, but your Klan with a Tan needs to be wiped out. ALM has never harmed anyone. Go on, show me a video of where all lives matter tortured and kidnapped a black boy. Go on. Right now Laura. Fucking do it.
Elijah Miniuk (10 days ago)
Shootings have gone way down since the 80's.
Jay Money 420 (11 days ago)
That female officer kinda thick 👀😍
Doug Butler (11 days ago)
I'm so tired of being grouped, and stereotyped as "you white people"
Ryan (8 days ago)
They mean ALL white people, Laura. Shut the fuck up.
Laura Beth (9 days ago)
You know if you're in that group of shitty white people or not and if you're not then they aren't talking about you
Raymond Ruiz (11 days ago)
Every life matters in the end cause if you only say black lives matter then it becomes racial
Ryan (9 days ago)
No blacks are NOT being killed at higher rates. Under 100 a year. And given blacks are the majority of the world, maybe you can afford to lose some fucking thugs and gangsters. Now fuck off back to Africa, this country is not for *your* kind it's for all races who seek to live as TRUE citizens. Not THIEVES and murderers like BLM. Chanelle Helm proves how EVIL BLM IS.
Raymond Ruiz (9 days ago)
You only agree with them cause you dont want to be called a racists blacks are some of the most racists people in this country they can say whatever racial slurs they want but the moment you call him a nigger or a monkey you become a Nazi so stop being scared of them and always agreeing in there favor CAUSE TRUST ME THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU and yes some badd shit does happen to them but it also happens to my people to yours and alot of other races
Raymond Ruiz (9 days ago)
+Laura Beth Every life matters does your life matter yes or no it does if your killed today your family will be hurt you think the blacks give a fuck about you if your murdered nope not two shits they blame your race for alot there falling
Laura Beth (9 days ago)
But black people are being killed at hugher rates, the point is to point out the problem. Like you don't see a burning house and go "all houses matter" and put water on all the houses
Nyan Lin (11 days ago)
I saw this short clip of a debate online where these kids were talking about this issue, whether the term "black lives matter" is fair or not. I don't really remember. But one guy stood up and said the term Black lives matter seems like its just saying only black lives matter. He thinks that it should, rather, be "Black Lives Matter TOO". What are yalls thoughts on this? Cause I agree with this in a way. I'm not really informed a lot on this topic but i feel like when a black person says "Black lives matter", i feel like they're saying ONLY black lives matter. I KNOW this is not what people's intentions are when saying this, but it just feels like this. I want to know everyone else's opinion on this please don't roast me.
Nyan Lin (8 days ago)
Ahh i see okay then.
Laura Beth (8 days ago)
+Nyan Lin Don't pay attention to him, he's mad about a debate we had months ago. When I said it's hard to find civil debate on the internet...yeah trust me just don't get involved. I won't reply to him on this thread as not to include you tho
Nyan Lin (8 days ago)
Im not...?
Ryan (8 days ago)
Nyan Lin is Laura Beth's puppet account, it seems. Thanks for confirming it.
Nyan Lin (8 days ago)
yup will do.
A Marie (11 days ago)
Agreed: officers should be from neighborhoods. Know the people. Have depth of insight. But also have other cops from other districts got oversight. The number of times officers get comfortable and make bad choices is equal to any other profession.
Auston (11 days ago)
These black lives matter supporters just seems paranoid af lol.