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Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

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Text Comments (23628)
Sunflower X (51 minutes ago)
Sunflower X (52 minutes ago)
Y’all should do a black lives matter vs all lives matter
carson preston (1 hour ago)
1:09 everybody does that lmao it’s not that deep
Dtf (2 hours ago)
14:09 even tho you were kinda stereotyping shooters as white men earlier
Dtf (2 hours ago)
6:40 I really doubt that considering his daughter is republican
Bianca Zerbini (2 hours ago)
The lady in the red hoodie YEEEEEEES
Charlie Ives (3 hours ago)
incinerator1016 (5 hours ago)
incinerator1016 (5 hours ago)
the guy in the white shirt is just like LALALLAALLALLALAL I CANT HEAR ANYTHING
Hunt16 (7 hours ago)
The amount of ignorance in this comment section bashing the dude in the white shirt for bringing up FACTS. Just cause you guys don't want those facts to be real doesn't mean that they aren't real... You're all such sheep and it's disappointing.
Theo Price-Sherrie (8 hours ago)
All of these people are so succinct and knowledgable. I respect all of their opinions and agree with aspects of all of them <3
Nicole DeBeer (12 hours ago)
Ewww white guy
Nicole DeBeer (6 hours ago)
Ryan I’m literally White. I said that because of what he said. Here I’ll fix it pretend I said “ewww guy in the white shirt”
Ryan (7 hours ago)
Curtis Hanner (15 hours ago)
Great video!!!
Richard Son Nguyen (15 hours ago)
Most police assault claims put in the news always leave out the part about the black man wielding weapons or trying to harm the officer
Dan Heuser (16 hours ago)
As someone who works with computer programmers, I will assign them bugs and determine which ones have a higher priority. When dealing with bugs that have a "high" level of priority, it's always great when, instead of fixing those bugs first (and, therefore, acknowledging the importance of them), they simply comment "All bugs matter" and then do nothing.
TheEnsakz (17 hours ago)
All Lives Matter! Period!
Dayton Pitigliano (17 hours ago)
Lol @ how the black lives matter people only think black lives matter lmfao
SparksFly (17 hours ago)
So police are biased towards black people? Maybe that's so. But think about this: 10% of the population 30% of the crime
aya mikbel (20 hours ago)
Darryl was the best
A LITTLEMOESAINT (21 hours ago)
Omg the black man is daddy asf😍😍😍😇😇
Tron Tron (22 hours ago)
Why are black people so damn needy AnD complaining all the time don't you know you're being racist by not trying to be one
Anthony Chillemi (1 day ago)
I feel the guy in the white shirt is getting way too much hate. He was well spoken and educated.
Red Panda (1 day ago)
I would like to see one on abortion
Yaela G (1 day ago)
When white shirt guy started trying to use Dr. King to make his point I had to stop the video lol
Kahmeee (1 day ago)
Black lives matter dosent mean that other lives don’t matter it’s just focusing on black ppl bc they don’t have equal rights as other races
Marie Simply (1 day ago)
The most contentious standoff for these types of videos would be republicans vs democrats, at least in America. To do it right, you'd have to have people of similar debating styles who can actually get their points across. Don't have, say, a Fox-news-talking-point-disseminating republican drone vs a barely-cohesive-high-school-dropout liberal democrat. Not saying those examples are par for the course for either side but that wouldn't be fun for anyone to watch.
cal brogan (1 day ago)
Well I'm sorry isaac if you are driving down the road shouldn't you be doing all of that anyway
TedIsHere2 (1 day ago)
Guy in the white shirt is what I like to call a Know-nothing intellectual
Eamon Moore (1 day ago)
I believe that all lives matter should be a yes to any good human being. I get the point they were trying to make and it's not wrong but debating whether the rallying phrase should be all lives matter instead of black lives matter is completely different than the question that was asked
Eamon Moore (1 day ago)
​+Ryan okay... what does that have to do with my comment
Ryan (1 day ago)
ALM has never harmed anyone. BLM has.
Lilly Patterson (1 day ago)
mad respect to the female officer. everything she said was beautifully articulated, and I genuinely hope and believe that the majority of law enforcement officers align with her opinions and views on the systemic oppression of particular individuals in society.
Lizzie Smith (1 day ago)
I was confused by the officer guy in the white shirt's argument that law should be the only focus of officers and biases should not be discussed. wouldn't that make the assumption that the law is based and enforced on biases? If we know that baises affect our decisions and as an officer, you're faced with difficult decisions in pressing and stressful situations wouldn't you want to root out any biases that could stand between you and another person?
Mark D'Andrea (1 day ago)
10:25 what a beautiful sentiment. She really cares and recognizes the flaws in the system and wants to work to correct it.
yoogeo1 (1 day ago)
Why would you not want de-escalation training? Why would you be against that?
Brittany Lerebours (1 day ago)
Next time someone from the all lives matter house catches fire firefighters should start throwing water on every house on the street not just theirs. Since all lives matter they got to make sure Everyone is okay not just the one that’s suffering
Caitlyn Hutabarat (1 day ago)
the guy with the white t shirt and blue underneath kinda looks like Matthew Lewis (the guy who played Neville Longbottom, by the way)
Amanda PinkGelato (1 day ago)
I wish that EVERY cop thought like Her! Meanwhile the cop who sorta looks like Jim from The Office, but waay short: "I've been a civilian my whole life" Yep, as ALL of us not in the military. This should be been BLM vs. ALM.
Jamal Jones (1 day ago)
Has Daryl been on here before? I feel like I just watched a video with him in it. Possibly the one about the rich and poor.
kidd_ optimus (1 day ago)
Si Ian Tan (1 day ago)
Since the white guy liked stats so much, black people get arrested and incarcerated at higher rates than whites, for the same or similar crime rates. So, clearly, the way The Law, is not being appropriately enforced. There is a bias against black people. Now all that training the blonde cop is suggesting, is to mitigate that bias. Make sense now?
Chase Newman (1 day ago)
WHen a cop kills anyone there is a long process that could result in them loosing their job. THe fact that a cop gets away with killing unarmed black person or person for that matter means that no black should be in that area because the system is racist is enought that every part of it feels its okay, everytime a cop kills someone they risk their job and the systems in certain areas shrug it of, black people need to leave those areas, the sytem is okay black people dying(in that area) , so if you don't want to be next, move.
Chase Newman (1 day ago)
The guy with the black shirt and beard and the bald head is right and he knows his stuff
Ryan (1 day ago)
No he doesn't. You're brainwashed.
bubgum00 (1 day ago)
About having the Police behind you....Guess what black guy, I believe the majority of drivers make sure they are following the driving laws.
Musical Heart (1 day ago)
I live in a neighborhood with what I believe to be all white people. It’s sad but most of the people in my state are white. If I could move to LA I would because it’s just so much more culture, I love learning about culture. I have only seen a car car in my neighborhood once out of the years I’ve lived here. There is currently someone living close by that I believe to be abusing their dogs. We haven’t seen any proof or solid reason to call someone for it yet- but that person would never be arrested. Never- because they live where cops think “a bunch of white people. They couldn’t posssibly do anything wrong.” It’s horrible really. Sometimes I hate that I’m white- but I know that I shouldn’t hate who I am. I should just help change and preach what I believe.
Suff N things (1 day ago)
I’m absolutely disgusted by everyone on here defending a made up slogan for a dishonest organization such as black lives matter. White people get wrongly shot by cops too. It all depends on the narrative the media wants to push
Nevaeh Woodward (1 day ago)
once i read that people who say they operate on "facts and logic" or the law, such as the man in the white shirt, do not. they simply normalize their own opinions, experiences, emotions, and reactions as "fact" and "logic" no one can really ONLY operate on facts because our opinions and responses are motivated by our feelings and emotions.
Ryan (1 day ago)
See that's your problem as a Liberal. You discard facts and use emotions. "See, a lot more people are shot compared to black peo-" "I DON'T CARE! IF I BELIEVE IT'S TRUE, IT MUST BE TRUE!!!!!!!"
Roxy_Cream (1 day ago)
I dont believe in Black lives matter the same way I don't believe in feminism. Whats the point of just focusing on one race. It isn't just black people facing issues. Hispanics, asians, native americans etc. Are all discriminated against in some ways. Why spend so long fixing one issue when you can attempt to fix everyones issues at once with one movement. I believe in equalism. We are all made to be equal and deserve to be treated this way. Just talking about one race or gender isn't helping. Its creating a deeper barrier.
Ama Sam (1 day ago)
the white blm lady is invited to the damn cookout... and hey, she gets a take home plate too.
Ama Sam (1 day ago)
my bald brother... so well spoken and eloquent! whether you agreed with him or not- he had a way with words!
Celin Shambora (1 day ago)
Climate change scientists vs. scientists who don’t believe in climate change!!!!!!!
Andrew Gentile (1 day ago)
The white officer was such a pretentious cuck. Cocky motherfucker is so delusional like just say you're racist sis..
Beat my Kids (2 days ago)
I might break the other leg and leave her on a wheel chair if me and the policewoman get into a bible study
cajun tacos (2 days ago)
ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALICE (2 days ago)
The white lady with the glasses is how all white people should be. She's amazing!
Ms. Spot On (2 days ago)
The white man brings a lot of talking points that justify a lot of the mistreatment many move beyond. White people love to bring MLK into the conversation though most white people though he was an instigator in his time.
magician King (2 days ago)
Maybe the guy in the white shirt has some sorts of autistim. I recognize some symptoms from one of my cousins. When the guy is answering the “all lives matter” question without recognizing the connotation it’s not because he’s being defensive I think he just can’t understand
hher ppoy (2 days ago)
Girl in red hood is gorgeous!!
Robin Nobles (2 days ago)
Guy in the white shirt is genius. Best answers overall. This was great. Good points from all.
Anthony DeRosa (2 days ago)
that dude in the white shirt nailed it when it came to all lives matter.
Charles Rowe (2 days ago)
I feel like the name should be BlackLivesMatterToo
Mr. No ImaGe (2 days ago)
I LOVE what black lives matter USED to stand for, equality and human lives! However, actions speak louder than words. I believe that black lives are important, I DO NOT believe that burning local business in your city is the answer to "inequality"
Vergil (2 days ago)
that bald ”black” dude looks white 🤣🤣🤣
Meagan Wallwork (2 days ago)
The guy in the white shirt mansplaining what the female police officer's job is.
Conor Mcgregor (2 days ago)
Is that Chael P Sonnens brother?
brian brenton (2 days ago)
In this country, if you are not meso- American, you are an immigrant. Or, at least, the descendant of immigrants. We are all the same, biologically speaking. In this day and age, why should we still be arguing about the very slight difference in our pigmentation?
M M (2 days ago)
So much white guilt .. stop it
Oma Rumunna (2 days ago)
The police officer of colour isn't very articulate. This wasn't for him. The white BLM supporter seems quiet and you wonder if this was meant for her but what she said at the last question impressed me.
Fat Ass Aleks (2 days ago)
the dude in the white shirt was one of my favorites idk what y’all are bitching about
Noodles Jive (2 days ago)
Any neighborhood with a high crime rate should be heavily patrolled by law enforcement.
Cameron Wiley (2 days ago)
Pretty bad when an officer doesn't think all lives matter. "I'm kind of kidding."
Young Spas (2 days ago)
female officer is thiqqq
Obviously Avery (2 days ago)
All lives matter. Any other movement should be irrelevant
Eat A Barbie Ass or sumn (2 days ago)
“All other movements should be irrelevant” is an ignorant statement considering the fact that not “all” people are treated the same as others.
Obviously Avery (2 days ago)
I’m on the cops side 100%
accioanna (2 days ago)
This format is confusing to me
Zamzam Abdul (2 days ago)
The blonde police officer is soo gorgeous inside and out need more like her.
Ladarrius Arrington (2 days ago)
White shirt guy seems like he feels he's above it all
LetYourLiteShine17 (2 days ago)
Honestly, Darly's comments from the moment of "rampant social chaos" to his two dimensional understanding of the fact that law enforcement officers do not currently and _can not_ possibly function in a vacuum without regard for their own implicit biases and the psychology of the communities that they are policing was problematic. His comments demonstrate a disturbing indifference to seeing beyond himself and expanding his understanding of his role as an officer. The world certainly needs athenians and spartans, but blind application of cut and dry rules does no service to society. Officers who treat their jobs as jobs instead of careers (the distinction being that the former implies a simple way of getting a pay-check and the latter being a way of life and greater service) should not be on the force. He had no reservations about coming to the table because he sees nothing wrong with his opinions and he is not interested in educating himself because he likely became a cop because it seemed like a simple job...when it fact it is a serious tool of social structure, and should be approached with a full appreciation of the impact of law enforcement conduct on shaping society. I am the granddaughter of NYC police officer, I have great respect for law enforcement, but because of that respect I demand that the officers who wear those badges conduct themselves thoughtfully, anything less is a disservice to the badge.
LetYourLiteShine17 (2 days ago)
6:33, that moment when a person who has not been oppressed, and has no idea what it feels like decides to talk about MLK Jr. because that's all they know about Black History and they think it makes them a nice color-blind person to bring up the "content of their character" quote when trying to engage in a conversation with people of color...oh lord, he needs to be seriously educated.
jacque floyd da 13th (2 days ago)
Lexy Thompson (2 days ago)
I think this episode is one of the best ones ive seen of this series.
MrBlablablabla13 (3 days ago)
White guy is right. Bald-black guy is talking rubish. Cry as much as you want.The end.
Swan Arima (3 days ago)
6:51 why did she smile?
77xDivaOkurrr7ATSymbol (3 days ago)
It can never be submitted as valid discussion points or argument to speak on behalf of a dead person. Be it Martin Luther King Jr. or Jesus Christ. It throws out the integrity of all further discussion, because you're not arguing for that person. You're arguing your interpretation of that person. You don't know. That's the only fact that can be harvested from this.
Luiz Vaz (3 days ago)
The "black" bald guy is the whitest black man I've ever seen. I have seen caucasians that are tanner than him wtf. Same thing goes for the attorney. They might have an african american descendancy but they are pretty far from it genetically at this point.
Mary Medeiros (3 days ago)
That dude in the white shirt is just a dick
Ryan (2 days ago)
No, he uses Facts.
Derwin Anthony (3 days ago)
I really loved this video
Yasmeen Abo (3 days ago)
The guy in the white shirt.....crazy
HiFiFiZzy (3 days ago)
13% of the population commits 60% of the Violent crime in the United States. 13% of the population is black
HiFiFiZzy (3 days ago)
“wHiTe MaLe”
Elevated Gaming (3 days ago)
I’m white.. but Vic Mensa said it best. All lives matter, except the ones you refuse to include... which is the black lives.
Rochelle Alcantara (3 days ago)
Please explain “implicit bias?”
Madison Stites (3 days ago)
Isaacs (bald black lives supporter) point that protection should come from within the community is brilliant. Nobody can understand a community and keep it safe better than their own. I love this talk, we need more of this and less accusations and more talking through to a solution. P.s. does anyone know why some of the voices were voiced over?
Em M (3 days ago)
Daryl was also featured in the "Rich and Poor People" Middle ground episode (representing the 'rich' person category) and there he said "I have an obsession basically with power-". He sort of seems like someone who you need to watch out for.
Zoe Gibson (3 days ago)
here we go agian
Proxximite (3 days ago)
1:06 literally everyone does this lmao
Lamont Wilson (3 days ago)
The "LAW" enforced is completely determined by those in power, not the words of the law!!!!
BoDoO (3 days ago)
White lives matter
Vonnie Daniels (3 days ago)
Latinos will do anything to be considered white.
Vonnie Daniels (3 days ago)
You chose the wrong black people for this video. The black folk in this video are white washed.
Matthew Freeman (3 days ago)
1:28 oh really now? I've got polish friends who tan darker than this dude
Isla Harris (3 days ago)
The white man is just not campassionate