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Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

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Text Comments (22601)
Hawaiin Guy (2 hours ago)
I strongly disagree that Martin Luther King would be down for BLM. Just the title alone would upset him I would think. Martin Luther King didn't care what, black whatever people thought. He cared for the good people who get judged by their skin color and not their character.
modolief (3 hours ago)
Thanks for that opening statement. Dude pretty much killed it right there.
Andrew Sadler (4 hours ago)
So, we can physically see them talking in the background, but we listen to a voice over? This does not live up to what it should have been.
Lauren Litherland (6 hours ago)
Wow. This comment section is just so sad. Calling people uneducated just because you don’t agree with them isn’t the way to go. Please try to spread positivity rather than negativity no matter what side you are on. God bless.
Sportsfurybest desired (6 hours ago)
i like the white dude
Sportsfurybest desired (6 hours ago)
ohhh ok stop saying all lives matter is racist😂😭😂😂😂😂
Devon Anderson (10 hours ago)
This is like buzzfeed but they actually look at both sides and it’s super cool to watch
Its Me (14 hours ago)
Issac youre not black you are more than 1/2 of something else. So youre not just another black man. Also stop bragging about education everyone has one. You aint from Harvard. Everyone checks their speed around cops. Stop using the race card. How is this ignorant woman a public defender? Well they usually do suck. No Martin Luther King would NOT be down for black lives matter. They are criminals and believe in pulling race card. That was NOT MLK's agenda.
李林波 (1 day ago)
It is funny that you Americans are still arguing about the conflict between Blacks and Whites, but not even mentioning other races, such as Asians, and Latinos, etc. Especially Asian, we are the group that has the biggest population. We should be mentioned in the race discussion, not just blacks and whites. As you guys can see, society now discriminates Asians more than Blacks. It becomes a cycle that now Black discriminates Asian, and White also discriminates Asian. So we are the biggest victims.
Peter Lalrinsanga (1 day ago)
That black dude is all about self victimization...typical of the black people...
Kaizer13 (1 day ago)
“If you’d like outside” aha what assholes
Kaizer13 (1 day ago)
0:58 literally everyone does that not just people of colour
Adrenise Parker (1 day ago)
I want Sandra to be my grandmother
New Commenter (1 day ago)
White sweater isn't even a cop, he's just a bootlicker
New Commenter (1 day ago)
Nice, they got a racist cop to represent
Scotch Tape (1 day ago)
Good video but when a police is driving behind anyone they make sure they aren’t breaking any laws
jacksonian (1 day ago)
I don’t get all the hate towards the guy in the white shirt, I don’t completely agree with him but most of his points were strong. People in the comments are getting mad at him or are fabricating reasons they don’t like him? Very odd and really biased as well, apparently just because he had his facts together and spoke well he was wrong? My only problem was he seemed a little full of himself.
KLEIN (2 days ago)
Never before have I herd someone get so offended over someone saying that they care about all lives...
Kay Jay (2 days ago)
i didnt watch the video... i just wanted to type "NO" in the comment section...
Evan Bozajian (2 days ago)
If black lives really matter to black lives matter...why do we all never hear about all the black lives lost daily in Chicago during a black lives matter protest or rally? We only hear about black lives lost from a white cop or Mexican man shooting them?
Fowsia Mohamed (2 days ago)
the female cop is a gem. we appreciate you & everything you do. thank you for your service 🙏🏾
Kellen Harvey (2 days ago)
So many liberals having a go at that guy with a white shirt for simply spitting facts they don’t wanna hear. 🤨😂
Robyn Price (2 days ago)
Nurses de-escalate situations all the time in hospitals. Why can't police officers do the same thing?
Shirley Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Is no one going to talk abt how the English Captions have the n word at THE END NENENWMWA
Mr Petty (2 days ago)
There are countries with legal slavery so Im black and Im about all lives I fear Black men in East Cleveland then cops
adalid5 (2 days ago)
i came here for the woman officer
Freakout767 (3 days ago)
Please let the lady cop pull me over 😏😍😂
waldoh415 (3 days ago)
The white guy is really annoying. idk what it is, his voice, his look, hairstyle, face. everything about his is annoying
waldoh415 (5 hours ago)
+Mike Balderston Nope it's definitely not that. I think his face and voice are simply annoying. That's all. Cool little conspiracy you had going on there
Mike Balderston (5 hours ago)
Oh I know why. Its because he challenges the false narrative and presuppositions around law enforcement and crime that you buy into. Facts don't care about your feelings.
Ethan Kupser (3 days ago)
The black guy, looks white. The black lady, look Hispanic.
waldoh415 (3 days ago)
Can someone explain the whole getting up and then walking back to sit down? i don't get it
Jade B. (3 days ago)
when she said “i don’t feel afraid for my life a citizen but at work i do and that’s a choice i made”
Osvaldo Acosta (3 days ago)
Every human in this world needs to evaluate their life for their self-worth to hire greatness
Thomas Brown (3 days ago)
Why does the guy who isnt a police officer and who fundamentally doesn't understand BLM or Law Enforcement the majority of this conversation?
Koa Kalua (3 days ago)
The woman police officer was by far my favorite person in the discussion. So strong and well-versed, yet very respectful and open. That's the kind of people we need in law enforcement and in this world in general!
Cupcake (3 days ago)
Police need first amendment classes.
SilverLight IsLife (3 days ago)
I really want to see local Hawaiians vs Americans and see the views they would get
Nataliexspidey7 (3 days ago)
the older white lady and the white officer lady is the reason I still have hop for white people in humanity
Mike Balderston (5 hours ago)
Wow, that sounds racist.
Elizabeth Rogers (3 days ago)
The white guy is the epitome of the problem in law enforcement
Zay Zay (4 days ago)
Police are trained to shoot to disarm... remember that
Paul Brooks (4 days ago)
I find it so odd that the same group who always preach 'Respect our law enforcement, Respect our country, Respect our military'. Were the same people who were unequivocally disrespectful to President Obama who was the elected leader of all of those things.
Shotgunsam 23 (4 days ago)
These BLM people should just stfu.
Dippidous Fippidous (4 days ago)
Did that old white lady just say that if a skin color has more people in jail that’s racism? Excuse me
King Buse (4 days ago)
Blonde girl was a thiccie and a great person
America (4 days ago)
The fact that the guy in the white shirt was not dissuaded by the vitriol of the BLM dude was a good indication of how bitter BLM is too facts instead of emotion and opinion. It saddens me to see all the hate he receives because he uses words with more than two syllables that I suppose signify a "lack of actual knowledge". Disgusting to see...
Anna Rescigno (4 days ago)
What a good one
FINEDIAMOND (4 days ago)
What an intense conversation. Isaac is beautiful, I must say! He's very intelligent and he is a great spokesperson for the Black Lives Matter movement. I applaud the white women who actually get it! They get our struggle and conversation. Homeboy in the white...not so much. He must be scary to deal with. God help anyone who he polices. And "unequivocably" is not a word, it's unequivocally. 😫
Molly Carew (4 days ago)
I’m in love with the female officer !!!!
Chris RJ (5 days ago)
Original LGBT Pride flag - VS - New LGBT Pride flag.
Ha080 (5 days ago)
Darryl looks like he was in the millionaire video... hmmm
Marchella Shellman (5 days ago)
The guy in the white shirt missed what the black guy was saying he wasn't saying we need all black cops from their community to police their community he was just saying cops it doesn't matter if they're black Hispanic or white as long as they're from that community they will be better at policing that community
Growing with Nabil (5 days ago)
Studying sociology really limits people's mind by seeing the world in very limited terms. All about race, gender or power.
AC Chaudhry (5 days ago)
0:19 my guys is not messing around
Caitlyn Smith (6 days ago)
Whatever is going on in the white dude's head is blocking from understanding anything.... esp with the All Live Matters discussion. I don't think he's really trying to understand what the other side is coming from. He's just there because he wants to state his opinion and that's it. While it is what he is there for, it's only a part of it. He's there to listen and LEARN and hopefully take the other side's argument into consideration. The ending is the only indication that he was listening, but even then he seemed ingenuous.
TheCanadianConservative (6 days ago)
As expected, nearly everyone in the comments is downplaying the role fatherlessness has to do with the state of the black community
TheCanadianConservative (4 days ago)
+alanmac36 How my work?? Lecture hall?? This is a youtube comment section dummy lmaooo. Fatherlessness came about from a culture that circles around shifting responsibility to others. You haven't been able to make one rebuttal lol. You're the lazy one, fool.
alanmac36 (4 days ago)
TheCanadianConservative I didn’t shift anything, you can’t even show your work. You’d be booed out of any lecture hall😂
TheCanadianConservative (4 days ago)
+alanmac36 Yeah thats what I thought lol. Fatherlessness is the number one issue facing the black community, and it's undeniable. But there are always people like you who try and shift the blame to like, white racism or something, to try and explain family abandonment. It's sad, and won't solve anything.
alanmac36 (4 days ago)
TheCanadianConservative I’m not arguing with a lazy person😂. You made the statement so show your work.
Earth (6 days ago)
The guy in the black shirt. Is he even black? like I seems white to me
Jo Garcia (5 days ago)
Earth 😂😂
Stephanie 420 (6 days ago)
i think they made a mistake inviting Daryl to this, he’s literally not even law enforcement. but i guess you can’t really tell who’s going to completely make no sense and devalue the conversation until the discussion starts 🤷🏽‍♀️ this guy has no clue what he’s talking about 😹
Ryan (5 days ago)
He uses facts. The black non-police officer has nothing to add.
Andrew Stephenson (6 days ago)
Jubilee the work you are doing for the world and the American culture is breath taking. Be proud of the work you are doing and continue to take action! Very Inspiring.
Cat Craft (6 days ago)
In britain police have tazers (a weapon which shoots barbs which deliver an electric shock) which momentarily incapacitates a person causing no permanent damage! Tazers should be much more common!
Nicoles Ponytail (7 days ago)
To be honest I don’t really like he term ‘Black Lives Matter’, I think all lives matter not just black/brown lives but all lives. If we wanna stop racism and prejudice we have to stop living in the past I get that slavery and mistreatment of other races was a putrid thing for white men to do but it hasn’t happened again and I think people should stop latching onto that period of time and focus on what we can do in this day n age. There is still racism in the world and it’s not gonna go away that’s the truth but I think if we had NO RACES and everyone was the same and we didn’t identify people basted off their skin colour because in the end we were all made the same.
Will Lucky (7 days ago)
*sarcasm* Yes cops=slave catchers Completely the same. My favorite are the black slave catchers they have been brainwashed by the white men they work with now they are racist against their own race! *sarcasm*
Jay Rome (7 days ago)
Do an episode with humans who think texting and driving is fine and those who don't. Thank you Jubilee
Ace B (7 days ago)
That white officers seems like he became a officers for all the wrong reason
rican_ plays games (7 days ago)
Dude said when hes sees a cop behind hime he dose everything in his power to obey the law😂😂 thays what u should be doin
LULU_011 (7 days ago)
anglo policing is just a man with a bat pointing at you and sayin "oi stop fannying around"
HelloGodItsMeSatan (7 days ago)
Everyone hates the guy in the white shirt, but I agreed on him on a lot of things. He seemed very down to Earth.
Charles Reyes (8 days ago)
Black lives matter = All lives matter
Minky23 (8 days ago)
Hi (8 days ago)
Okay but seriously the bald guy is really annoying at some parts of the video
Scourge Star (8 days ago)
It’s simple Human first, face second Martian Luther King Junior said it himself, All lives matter. Woman, Man, African American, White dude, Asian guy, whatever, we aren’t divided, we’re just throwing a big fit.
Sulthan Samir (8 days ago)
That female police officer is gorgeous
TheSk8rbro (8 days ago)
Is Daryl the same guy from the rich vs poor episode?
Platinum Saber (9 days ago)
This series as a whole is just genius and needed more
Ali Alahmad (9 days ago)
there is w9me thing I don't understand about African Americans u could have 70 % of ur DNA from white people and still considered ur self to be black like this difference attorney why
Ryan (8 days ago)
Why? You get more stuff due to being black.
Kyle Hartley (9 days ago)
Why did they cut audio over the public defender as she was speaking to the group? She was mid sentence and it cut to her saying who she was. Way to cherry pick what people say and misconstrue her entire point there
Reggie Gardens (9 days ago)
i want a threesome with both them white ladies. essketit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gunnstuff (10 days ago)
Lady cop is latino
Sodas AndBurps (10 days ago)
Living smack dab in the middle of the worst part of Los Angeles made me appreciate cops and the LAPD isn’t necessarily known to be nice. If you generalize these guys then of course you’re going to be paranoid and hateful towards all of them.
Negan Lanciani (10 days ago)
1:00 Oh, you mean like every person acts when a police officer is driving behind them?
RhodesWC (11 days ago)
wow, those public defenders are awful to listen to. clueless... i wonder what their success rate is in court? mediocre? just leave attorneys out, they sole purpose is to argue what ever side they are hired for, whether they believe it or not.
Joe T (11 days ago)
Chicago is only one city. Why is it always brought up in these type of conversations?
RhodesWC (11 days ago)
they could use Baltimore or LA ?
Joe T (11 days ago)
RhodesWC but it’s not an accurate depiction of what is actually happening all over the rest of the country.
RhodesWC (11 days ago)
it (the ciy) provides clear and easy to understand facts that all can recognize.
Silver Blade (11 days ago)
Female officer be thicc
Dawson Metcalf (11 days ago)
I wonder if they knew Daryl was rich
Dawson Metcalf (11 days ago)
If that’s the same guy from rich vs poor (99% sure it is)
TheJman16165 (11 days ago)
Omg That black guy is so fine!!!!! Them green eyes I love my light skinned chocolate.
yaboiNiko (11 days ago)
Anti-vaxer vs pro-vaxer
Somer Lewis (11 days ago)
Isnt that white guy the guy in the rich and poor video who said he was obsessed with power....? Yikes
cristybello (11 days ago)
I love the blond woman officer
Kd Go (11 days ago)
The person who makes me nauseous is the person that talks the most. The officer in the white shirt 🤔 I have No clue what he talked about. He only came across sexist and racist Trying to recite & sound smart doesn't hide a Wolf in a sheep's coat 😬
ollie bee (12 days ago)
the female police officer! yes! i really liked her :)
adam blauw (12 days ago)
Can anyone point me to any studies showing anti discrimination training being effective? I heard the bald guy mention implicit bias. The whole concept is that it’s something in your subconscious that you don’t even know exists. How do you fight that with “training”?
Ameer Bashar (12 days ago)
Star trek dude is having me cheesed lmao
May J (12 days ago)
lets see if all black teens from urban areas see eye to eye
Akhira Watson (12 days ago)
"All lives matter" is a protest to our protest.
Dead Obvious (12 days ago)
wow, white shirt is REALLLLLYYY deep throatin' that boot.
Mac Doesn'tDoit (12 days ago)
Why dose everyone bring up Chicago when talking about crime rate? New Orleans has the highest crime rate per capita, and highest murder rate per capita
Amanda Peters (13 days ago)
The guy thinking that the only job a police officer has is to enforce the law is the scariest type. Not realizing that there are people- HUMANS -on the other end of their calls is why bad things happen. 😓
Kevin Scheidt (13 days ago)
Isnt the guy in the white shirt the same guy from rich vs poor episode in which he was in the group that made more than 3mil. Law enforcment dont make that much
Crofregernish (14 days ago)
I can't say when I've felt afraid of someone my first thought was, "Oh, no, their parents aren't married!" Also, white shirt guy, if you cared about MLK so much you'd know the word "segregation."
Jeronimo Arrubla (14 days ago)
Respect to the dude in white, completely rekt the retarded BLM folks
Jeronimo Arrubla (14 days ago)
Cavan Schraner (14 days ago)
everyone shitting on the white guy but he’s the only one that isn’t just using his feelings as evidence