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Auto ja persoona – Kimi Räikkönen (Teknavi 2017)

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Minkälainen kuski on Kimi Räikkönen radan ulkopuolella? // What kind of driver is Kimi Räikkönen in normal life? LUE LISÄÄ: http://teknavi.fi TEKNAVIN UUDET TV-JAKSOT 26.3.2018 KLO 22.35 MTV3 https://www.facebook.com/Teknavi.fi/ https://www.instagram.com/teknavifi/ https://twitter.com/Teknavi
Category: Autos & Vehicles
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Text Comments (317)
Whitenacho (18 hours ago)
Kimi has a F12 tdf
hugolafhugolaf (1 day ago)
She's hot as fuck.
Tommy Wahyudi (1 day ago)
What is her name?
Ky5 (2 days ago)
Supliikkimiehiä toi räekköne.
DhDeadMan (2 days ago)
I watched the whole thing without understanding a single word
Teknavi Media (2 days ago)
Next time you can turn on the subtitles :)
old techez (2 days ago)
Got to love Kimi :) as helpful as ever. Really doesn't want to be there and couldn't have two shots about the interviewer or car. He really make the interviewer work 😂
Charles Bennett (4 days ago)
Oh my god can Can smile ! 😳
carlos Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Kimi's voice sounds very similar to Charlie Sheen's voice
SHAMSON KUMAR (5 days ago)
300 thump down are real asses...definitely
Richard Dale (5 days ago)
Is this is girlfriend?
Abhinav Gupta (7 days ago)
Kimi really has no fucks left to give.. Really
Flociety (9 days ago)
Kimi smiling and talking for more than 3 seconds??? Surely this guy must be a stunt double!
Kimi Räikkönen (9 days ago)
Vittu my steering wheel
Marcello Mossa (10 days ago)
Minchia, che entusiasmo.
Kaito Nakajima (10 days ago)
lucky girl
Carmine Sica (11 days ago)
Grande Kimi, un solo titolo è stato davvero poco per te!
Li Yin (11 days ago)
english subtitle please
Teknavi Media (10 days ago)
They are there already...
TheCanadianBubba (12 days ago)
She is in the Ferrari four seconds and they are talking about cock already...
Stefan Marraccini (12 days ago)
Kimi is the man. He enjoys the utilitarian aspects of vehicles and dispenses sage advice to the ambitious with equal nonchalance. Thank God for the characters in life and down with the copycat drones. It ain't their fault they're drones but they still annoy.
Maro Vok (12 days ago)
Why in that horrible sounding language?
MsMontec (12 days ago)
Mr Iceman?....Mr Tontolculo
Jio Jao (13 days ago)
Olis ny ollu edes lada
iinerd (14 days ago)
At least I've just found out that they procunce FERRARI in the proprer way using the tongue for the 'R' and not the throat like the anglox!!!
Michael Leuff (15 days ago)
Ferrari F1 Champion & one of the fastest driver in the world saying "I've never really been a car enthusiast" HAHA that is such an irony and a big fuck you to all the losers who pride themselves on their road cars. It's understandable, because the fastest and best supercars in the world, would still feel like a VW Golf to an F1 driver
Gilly P. P. (15 days ago)
Kimi is the coolest F1 driver at the moment. So simple words, so honest.
Bev Virto (16 days ago)
I like Kimi's attitude. I always admire this guy. 💓
jamo2006 (17 days ago)
That's not a forehead - that's a 5.8 head.
Pavel Oliakov (17 days ago)
is it klingon language ?
Mikki Hintikka (17 days ago)
ois tehny brakecheckin tolle seiskan kuvaajalle :P joo joo ei oikeesti tollasella autolla
etienne feider (18 days ago)
The guy drives for ferrari owns alfa wtfff
Clem Fandango (18 days ago)
raikkonen is a beast.
михаил непомнящий (19 days ago)
Luca Glorio (19 days ago)
Kimi 😂😂😂
The German (25 days ago)
"I've never really been a car enthusiast" ! LOL
roolee2k (25 days ago)
0:20 Did he say "Cocks is here" ??
Thiago Kanan (26 days ago)
why is the title in english and the interview in other language.... crap
Teknavi Media (26 days ago)
What do you mean? The video has subtitles.
alphatrion100 (26 days ago)
Wat een kut taal.
John P (26 days ago)
..he seems really passionate about things..😴😁
Leangersh Spikyz (26 days ago)
She wants his babies
xhitfaced fetus (26 days ago)
Coldest man alive
adolfoce1 (26 days ago)
Who's the brunette bro? Stunning
Lintner41 (24 days ago)
Mia Pelttari
eminemshady007 (1 month ago)
Lustig, vettel kriegt malmedie als Beifahrer und der iceman diese Dame ^^
Antonio Seminara (1 month ago)
Ice man n1 forever.
Ay Kay (1 month ago)
Infinite Tribe (1 month ago)
It's not necessary at all for a racing driver to be a car enthusiast, But it's very strange, odd and hard to believe that an F1 racing driver does not know and cannot explain the specs of a car he is driving...😬😬😬😓😓
Mr.Tweezy007 (1 month ago)
Yo wtf did he say? Can someone translate this shit in english?
Teknavi Media (1 month ago)
There are subtitles...
Nelson Luis Freire (1 month ago)
Kimi is so weird, never enjoys his moments... It's he's always bored.. So bad for his sponsors
Saeglopur89 (1 month ago)
So bad I don't speak NOKIA ;(
Jonh Smith (29 days ago)
there are subtitles..
MrIcemanuk2007 (1 month ago)
Omg he's soo boring!!!yawn...
Robert Johnson (1 month ago)
Rayz channel (1 month ago)
For the first time he said more then 2 words
yrjölä niko (1 month ago)
Vittu siin on koe kilvet
KRIPTOMOON (1 month ago)
really nice vide. keep on
B V (1 month ago)
wtf, finish is so bad, its like arab with chinese :D
Jonh Smith (29 days ago)
Portuguese language is way worse sounds like shit
Han Solo (1 month ago)
Ugly feet at :02
Fin Guy (1 month ago)
Kimi Raikkonen the Iceman (1 month ago)
fijod (1 month ago)
Very honest
TeqHDcasper (1 month ago)
I get him but still a bit boring that he doesnt like cars that much
Abdallah Abedraba (1 month ago)
He genuinely doesn't give a shit about cars
Roma n (2 months ago)
Марк (2 months ago)
Kimi you is the BEST!!!!
Aatu Toivonen (2 months ago)
Vähän vaikuttaa, että mimmi venaa kokoajan jotain huippuvastauksia noihin kyssäreihinsä.
s a (2 months ago)
is someone know in what language he speak?
Sweeptheleg ! (2 months ago)
- Rugged - Thanks mate.
- Rugged - (2 months ago)
It's Finnish indeed.
Sweeptheleg ! (2 months ago)
s a I'm not 100% sure but I think it's Finnish. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Wow ! She so beautiful 💓 sod the Fezza & Kimster 😆
sid snot (1 month ago)
FOGGY SPORT SIM RACING rather have her then the car not keen on it I like Ferrari’s but it’s nothing special
Maurice Upton (2 months ago)
They need something to cheer them up with those long grey winters, no sun!
dawox23 (2 months ago)
That girl is HOT
Leon Heart (2 months ago)
Who is the girl?
Sonu03785 (2 months ago)
John Radz (2 months ago)
What would Kimi do with that beautiful girl after the shooting? Just wondering!
Tyynymyy (2 months ago)
Give first aid.
PRAY OR DIE (2 months ago)
A6 C64F (2 months ago)
"rakata kavaka tue la mapa rakatata ja rane ux e rikni eta kaka lola anana" haha :D hes a chill dude
Jani Ykskakskolme (2 months ago)
Suhdesoppa ;))
Fernando Samim (2 months ago)
Toi Hublot vrm maksaa enemmän ku ferrari 😌
Νεοκλής Παπαδόπουλος (2 months ago)
Viva Kimi, Viva Ferrari!!!
Wanna Race? (2 months ago)
häiritsi ku toi valkonen jeeppi seuras kokoaja
Summit X (2 months ago)
A pretty fantastic life, I am sure there is much pressure. I totally get the attitude about cars, when it is your job to drive the worlds fastest cars the rest are just a way to get around.
Casey Kubota (2 months ago)
Kimi is da man!!! Even the Minttu clone thinks so!!!
CL Racing UK (3 months ago)
I love that he is a F1 driver but not a car enthusiast, doesn't know the car specs, and just uses them when he needs too lol
peocaveo (3 months ago)
Never seen so chill. Maybe it's the air of Finland... Normally he doesn't say a word, doesn't make a move... He's completely another person!
Hector A. Castrillo Figueroa (3 months ago)
What sunglasses is he wearing??
ants in your pants (3 months ago)
fucking hell kimi you just bored the pants off her and she is a delicious woman that needs attention
auang (3 months ago)
That's how I talk when I'm drunk ! and I'm Italian
Ari Jalokinos (2 months ago)
auang LOL
mali poha (3 months ago)
"an everyday car" haha :D
Stephen Wright (3 months ago)
Kimi is so fucking cool there is absolutely no BS with him no brovado just a relaxed nice guy who is totally authentic...what a legend
Grom Hellscream (3 months ago)
A woman can name him smile haha
Bingo Bongo (3 months ago)
Who is she??????
sborreo sborresi (3 months ago)
the girl is very beautiful
Mulholland Magazine (3 months ago)
Honestly didn't expect any of these answers from him. Especially about not being a car enthusiast and driving fast. Can't say I blame him though. If you get used to an F1 car as your vehicle of choice I would imagine the fastest "hyper car" in the world is probably a snooze fest. Classic Kimi
kanał 5 (3 months ago)
I laughing when he explain everything. I didn't expect these answers from Kimi
mikkei (3 months ago)
Kimmi talk and drive like old gradpa...
Unknown Stalker (3 months ago)
Just an english comment passing through
Jurgen Timmerman (3 months ago)
Doesn't give a fuck about cars and their specifications. Uses it to go from airport to home. Prefers automatic-gearbox + adaptive cruise control. Lazy as fuck. I like that guy.
Malk Jalk (3 months ago)
Kaunis Kimi Räikkönen!!! Saat näköjää kivasti nausia auotilla!!!!!!
Frouch Itude (3 months ago)
Une vidéo sur le minou de Mintou?
Voltric Gt (3 months ago)
kimi still being kimi 😂
Memewhile (3 months ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Title is in English Video should be too
Tyynymyy (2 months ago)
Teknavi Media+ Maybe he can't read fast enough to understand the captions. There should be an overdub.
Jonathan Tawil (3 months ago)
Teknavi Media (3 months ago)
What do you mean? The video has english subtitles.
DIOSpeedDemon (3 months ago)
Sounds like a V-4 Cylinder. That Aint No Ferrari I recognize....
Rachid Khamlichi (3 months ago)
I swear he is just an F1 driver because he can. Whereas some racers its their dream! Haha.
Amir Penkar (1 month ago)
Rachid Khamlichi he is not even a car enthusiast, like what?!?
Rachid Khamlichi (3 months ago)
Lol the intro was like test drive unlimited
VIP-Design (3 months ago)
Kai tuo ukko joka otti valokuvia kesken ajon on saanut jo sakot siitä kun rekkari kuitenkin näkyy?