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Auto ja persoona – Kimi Räikkönen (Teknavi 2017)

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Minkälainen kuski on Kimi Räikkönen radan ulkopuolella? // What kind of driver is Kimi Räikkönen in normal life? LUE LISÄÄ: http://teknavi.fi TEKNAVIN UUDET TV-JAKSOT – MA 17.9.2018 KLO 22.35 MTV3 https://www.facebook.com/Teknavi.fi/ https://www.instagram.com/teknavifi/ https://twitter.com/Teknavi
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Text Comments (587)
Titi Kaka (1 day ago)
He drives the Ferrari as fast as my mom drives her Toytota Yaris.....
red bull (3 days ago)
Kimi räikköne on mun sukulainen
Luke Brinsmead (7 days ago)
He is so sedate for such a fast racing driver
KingPoint (11 days ago)
english title for video... not in english or even with subtitles.... shit
TheMaverickSpawn (12 days ago)
I really believe Kimi would be the type of cool dude that would see you doing something borderline and be like, Bro just chill okay..., and teach you some real shit about life. I'd love to meet him one day.
11DNA11 (12 days ago)
Ei kiinnosta ajaa lujaa siviilissä? Herran vene kyllä kulkee siviilissäkin ihan tarpeeksi :D
Pj Neethling (12 days ago)
Daai Ferrari het kak stoele.
Max Wolverine (14 days ago)
Even if Kimi did drive a taxi cab in London, Hamilton would overtake him driving a bus. 😂😂 I'm a Ferrari supporter, but I'm self-ironic too. 😉👍🏻
satos1 (18 days ago)
They don't call him the "iceman" for nothing. Super cool dude and doesn't let anything bother him too much. Except for Paul di Resta who should stick to the reporting stuff.
Si_Anu Itu (19 days ago)
I have enough of that at work. Just drive when I needed to. Kimi is being Kimi.
Aldo John Agdigos (22 days ago)
He sounds like a porn star!!!!
おれ (23 days ago)
GeForced (24 days ago)
Kimi type of dude to wake up late for his final exam he totally forgot studying for, and ends up acing the exam. Then he goes back home to sleep again.
Феликс Сергеев (25 days ago)
I don`t undestand, why do buy the Ferrary for driving on quiet town streets?
Don Casparov (25 days ago)
What a boooooooring guy
Mohd Feisal Mat Ghani (27 days ago)
Look like GTR r35
Duco Romme (28 days ago)
He prefers an automatic with cruise control. Awesome.
Seiffi (29 days ago)
ei hän sillä autolla ole väliä ku tulee kummiskin uusin ferrari tehtaalta aina ilmaiseksi kimille
UFOlici (29 days ago)
fuck him! what HEr name?
Hara (1 month ago)
This guy reminds me of Takumi Fujiwada from Initial D's First & Second Stage. Drives fast on the track,doesn't know shit bout the cars.
Νικόλας Gucci (1 month ago)
Ωραίο μουνι.......
Abhijit Khamaru (1 month ago)
Entire time he was only concerned about the paparazzi taking pictures & he was trying to avoid him...rest was something that happened in between 😂😂 Legend 👊🙏
PlainBagel (1 month ago)
Kimi racing a van....make it happen
shumble69 (1 month ago)
Chilled !!! He's fucking dull and boring lol.
Christian Beaton (1 month ago)
Kimi is cooler than a ice cold Sinebrychoff Karhu .
Ayman Zaman (1 month ago)
The more chilled you are = Success with driving + women!
JenovaDoll (1 month ago)
He has talked more in this video than in his whole F1 career
hossahunter22 (1 month ago)
COCKS. And only kimi could care less and not know anything about the sports cars he drives
James Anderson (1 month ago)
He should've tried the old run out of gas route with that chick
xN2o (1 month ago)
kimi: isn't that your job being a car show and all? host: i'm just hitchhiking. kimi: and i'm just driving. S A V A G E
Alexis Francis (1 month ago)
He's somewhat like Niki Lauda
Martin Böckmann (1 month ago)
I don't speak finnish, but this sounds so chill when spoken calmly and slowly. Amazing.
ElementX • (1 month ago)
It’s like modern Niki lauda with his crush
Jody Heritage (1 month ago)
Absolute one off. A man of few words and adored by millions for being Kimi. Refuses to be a corporate puppet if he can despite driving for the most successful F1 team of all time. Gotta love him:)
El Ta (1 month ago)
She fancies the hell out of him.
Greiguci Wootchie (1 month ago)
I bet he rides her after.....................Anal only lol.
No Country For Normal Men (1 month ago)
God what an ugly fucking language. Such ugliness in a beautiful machine. Speak English or a Romance Language if you're going to drive a fucking Ferrari.
Professional Gamer (1 month ago)
"No, I've never really been a car enthusiast" Drives a car for a living
Fin arsenal (1 month ago)
1.43 on se äijjä😂😏
FranK (1 month ago)
this guy gives 0 fucks a new definition
TUZIN (1 month ago)
Nice girl.
Davide il guerriero (1 month ago)
Grande Kimi....
App Magician (1 month ago)
and, did he boned her after, she would wanted him to for sure.
Simone Ternelli (1 month ago)
"CALIFORNIA.... T...." holy fuck the badassity.
Martin (1 month ago)
Which is the city?? ... thanks
Kevin Snyder (1 month ago)
Hi. I'm Kimi Raikkonen. I drive 200+mph F1 cars but I prefer to drive around in vans when I'm at home lol.
Odium47 (1 month ago)
who the hell pushed this one into F1? was he an abused child?
baro metar (1 month ago)
is this his wife? looks a lot like her.
Michel Wolfschild (1 month ago)
''I've never really been a car enthusiast'' LMAO
Dabe montoya3000 (1 month ago)
Raikkonen t’a jamais rien fait rentre chez toi grosse brel ou alors continue à faire le beau dans la Ferrari ....
El Guti (1 month ago)
What is the girl her name? She is smoking hot!
Arrie Van Rensburg (1 month ago)
Will make good Godfather.
Lord Wasserstoff IX (1 month ago)
"What are the specs on this one?" Kimi: "I don't know!". Number one.
Mahesh Prabakaran (1 month ago)
She resembled minttu!
M FERLI (1 month ago)
Vesperia 1 (1 month ago)
Thank you.
elpoderosaso (1 month ago)
Anybody know what kind of cars Kimi owns. Im curious to know. Most f1 drivers dont buy hyper super ultra rare exotics. Most of them have said that after driving a formula one car, everything else is slow.
rikster 111110 (1 month ago)
Waste of a good race seat
Ali Khadour (1 month ago)
Smart man. He knows it’s a business and keeps the passion to himself. Looks at it like a job. Ferrari I’m guessing is very strict
ZeidGho (1 month ago)
If they don't speak English, *DON'T WRITE THE TITLE IN ENGLISH*
Alexander Rdzen (1 month ago)
0:21 cocks
Giuseppe Maggió (1 month ago)
His lack of interest in fancy cars, fast driving and in cars specs reminds me a lot of Takumi from Initial D. Love it!
Alexis Francis (1 month ago)
Initial d fan
Deezel Kane (1 month ago)
Giuseppe Maggió he just doesn’t want to promote any manufacturer.. I’m sure he is an insane rev head with an amazing fleet of cars
Jamaican Me Crazy (1 month ago)
Kimi is a fucking legend noone can convince me otherwise. What are the specs of the car......I don't know. OWN THAT SHIT. legend.
jeshkam (1 month ago)
Speed x 1.25 - Kimi on Red Bull. Speed x 2.0 - Kimi on amphetamine.
RSD 1326 (1 month ago)
First it was my hobby now it's my job.. What an answer!
Maurizio Spagna (1 month ago)
KIMI is courage, pure sympathy and pure rebellion ... a friend who also helps you to win the title as long as Ferrari wins ....
Narumon Nevala (1 month ago)
Love u guy. So real persona.
easyx9mm (1 month ago)
I thought that was his wife! 👀
Otto K (1 month ago)
Mull on sama lippis ku Kimil :3
Marc Hollander (1 month ago)
Such a boring dude 👎🏼
King Of Finland (1 month ago)
Hee just don't like interviews
Eric (1 month ago)
I,m so surprised it didn’t breakdown, get a puncture, or someone ran into him. That’s what normally happens to raikkonen on track.
VENCA V V (1 month ago)
Ningyuan Aisingioro (1 month ago)
Kinda wanna learn Finnish.
tompparaideri (1 month ago)
3:27 kunnon homo takana ajava ku kuvaa ajaessa
King Of Finland (1 month ago)
Semmosia ne seiskan toimittajat on
xxaltered7xx (1 month ago)
he should smile also on the champioschip..
stateniland (1 month ago)
he's as boooooring off the track as he is on the track. Ferrari will soon replace him as soon as Nico Rosberg decides to come back.
Neil Evans (1 month ago)
She's fit ☺
Jerska (2 months ago)
Mikähän toi valkone jeeppi on tuol takana kun seuras koko ajan
Jeroen Bezuijen (2 months ago)
I love the lady. Who is she?
franco Esposito (2 months ago)
non si capisce una mazza
Mohamed Qallout (2 months ago)
Pousses un peu plus...les deux ....
Darrren Fisher (2 months ago)
Absolutely class interview! Kimmi doesn’t give a shit about anything but his family 👌 Cool as ice 👍
Agnel Aaron (2 months ago)
Kimi cracking jokes and laughing Is this an alternate universe :)?
Xue Qu (2 months ago)
Kimi is best!!!!
elwingy (2 months ago)
this video had the perfect start for a promising porn movie... disappointed.
Kamil Modzelewski (2 months ago)
4 minutes I watching this video and I know already why they call him Iceman. And his driving F1 car???
Al Keholic (2 months ago)
I hope kimi stay’s in f1 for a few more years !
tonninseteli (2 months ago)
krugerwd (2 months ago)
Name of song?
DerBurner1709 (2 months ago)
lol his speed talking english is the same slow when speaking his native language xD
Smuutti (1 month ago)
Why, is there some kind of a rule that one should speak their native language as fast as possible?
Thebassist Noeve (2 months ago)
Sam Toure (2 months ago)
Kimi didn't even open the door for his wife, not gentleman like.
Sam Toure (2 months ago)
King Of Finland Thank you very much for the info.
King Of Finland (2 months ago)
That is not his wife. She is Mia Pelttari, host of the car show called Teknavi (little bit similar like Top Gear).
HappymanFIN (2 months ago)
thats probably because his wife never went in the car.
Janez Novak (2 months ago)
jeez he is loaded
Simonini Nicola (2 months ago)
He has just shown the difference between a common pilot like him who does it like a 'normal job' and a real champion (schumacher, hakkinnen, senna, villeneuve) who has the passion for race and cars in their blood.
nishanth g (2 months ago)
Kimi is the best
TheLeChannel (2 months ago)
On a true petrol head has had an alfa
Idea Man (2 months ago)
This is horrendously outrageous !!!! Awesome!!!
morominaolenmina (2 months ago)
Can G. Bostanci (3 months ago)
He said that he has never been a car enthusiast but he had a very rare CLK DTM and a Ferrari Enzo then :) And also he has a nicely specced F12TDF now.
Merlin 480 (3 months ago)
That is by far the most I have ever heard Kimi speak, too bad I don't speak Icelandic...
Morgen Freefarm (3 months ago)