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Auto ja persoona – Kimi Räikkönen (Teknavi 2017)

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TEKNAVIN UUSI TV-KAUSI – MA 25.3.2019 KLO 22.35 MTV3 Minkälainen kuski on Kimi Räikkönen radan ulkopuolella? // What kind of driver is Kimi Räikkönen in normal life? LUE LISÄÄ: http://teknavi.fi TEKNAVIN UUDET TV-JAKSOT – MA 17.9.2018 KLO 22.35 MTV3 https://www.facebook.com/Teknavi.fi/ https://www.instagram.com/teknavifi/ https://twitter.com/Teknavi
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Text Comments (670)
The Fabiusgo (9 hours ago)
sapeva gia del suo futuro in alfa ?
MrAnders0n91 (3 days ago)
'California T' *rubs head in embarrassment, as it is base model Ferrari*
Kosmo Nautik (4 days ago)
I have an iveco van back in finland.....I deliver milk to pay bills....
Emmett Brown (5 days ago)
Normal finnish guy. Kesä on mennyt ihan hyvä. 😂 😂 😂 😂
Toni army (7 days ago)
Mietin aina et onks Kimi pilvessä ku vaikuttaa siltä
miro turpeinen (8 days ago)
Sano et toi kuvaaja ajaa audil sehä oli Toyota
David Westcott (9 days ago)
If a hitch-hiking chick hops in your Ferrari, I'd figure some Road-Head will soon follow?
Otto Rättyä (10 days ago)
ei oo ees oma auto saakeli ku koe kilvet perkele
Frederico Pinto (17 days ago)
Kimi is such a boss. Talks all melo, drives slow. Not out to impress anyone except on a race track.
Valentina Vanja (17 days ago)
-"I have an Alfa Romeo" ^^ future predicted :D
Adonis Top of Men (20 days ago)
cool …….
Intel com (25 days ago)
not a car enthusiast?!!!
omarpb1 (25 days ago)
His wife looks better than her.
Hendra R (29 days ago)
What language they're speak?
markus lehto (1 month ago)
rehellisiä vastauksia tuli jäämieheltä :)
Joe Lim (1 month ago)
I think the most iconic car for Kimi is a Tesla
Casey Kubota (1 month ago)
WOW @1:36 Alfa Romero !!! Not a Ferrai!!!!!!?
kristian nodland (1 month ago)
what will you do now , when you dont drive for ferrari ? . will you change it to alfa romeo ?
Bruno Silva (1 month ago)
whats her name ?
Felix Tiger (1 month ago)
This sounds relaxing...
astianix (1 month ago)
He truly is ‘the iceman’... so calm and cool
0123456789abc decghijklmn (1 month ago)
Onks toi muija minttu
0123456789abc decghijklmn (1 month ago)
Miten vitussa jos Kimi on kovin kuski niin miten se on voittanut vaan yhen mestaruuden? ??
HADES (1 month ago)
Is Finnish a germanic language? Because I here sometimes Auto or auto fahren which is German car and driving a car
El túcan (2 months ago)
Ma in Finlandia non vanno in giro con le renne?
Jack Smith (2 months ago)
I remember watching an F1 race years ago (his championship year) where he went from last on the grid to first. Memorable
Cesar Omar (2 months ago)
Para empezar yo me hubiera bajado a abrirle la puerta a la chica, después de mostrarle la velocidad, la llevo a desayunar y después donde ella quiera.
yco67 (2 months ago)
0:51 only nice and familiar sound in this vid..
Kevin OBrien (2 months ago)
Drives an alfa road car in 2017. Drives an alfa rf car in 2019.
Jouni Tennilä (2 months ago)
Kimi is an relative to me and I dont give a shit about the cars i´m driving, satisfied that the cars take me to A-B. But I can drive fast if is nesserry ;)
Miles Welbourn (2 months ago)
I swear that man's heartrate goes at like 3BPM at all times.
MrAckers75 (2 months ago)
Life looks hard for kimi lol
Jarib Jamin Ramirez Fernandez (2 months ago)
Esas eran las politicas que no le gustaban a kimi
naufal thirafi (3 months ago)
So how about his Ferrari in his garage? I'm puzzled right now
Gangsta rap Pez (3 months ago)
That girl is beautiful
MEGAHARAM.COM (3 months ago)
MEGAHARAM.COM (3 months ago)
Kimi ; Goed Bezig !!
PET WUSSY (3 months ago)
Hit or miss? Kimi: just leave me alone
Balaji Perumal (3 months ago)
Coolest guy on the planet... Forza Kimi!
Squidmech (3 months ago)
Koenigsegg on kuningas, jää ferrarit kauas taakke Jos oikein menee ni koenigsegg tarkottaa (tästä sen näkee helpommin: koenig's egg) kuninkaan muna (kananmuna ei mikää kives)
Elniggre :p (3 months ago)
Caleforna TEhhh
artolauri (3 months ago)
* Legendaarinen haastattelu tässä menossa.  * Aivan totta! Arto Laurin Youtube on se tuttu ja turvallinen kanava tilattavaksi jokaiseen kotiin.
Dominic C (3 months ago)
look at the team he is with now lol. he will get all the replacement parts for his car for free.
Dylan Palafox (3 months ago)
not a car person but loves racing. The finnish takumi.
Mcquiz95 (4 months ago)
As an Estonian I'd have thought I could understand what he is saying but no, apart from a few words I'm clueless, reading the subtitles it is then.
paul (4 months ago)
F1 will die when kimi leaves...…………….
Bryce Stewart (4 months ago)
The girl is very pretty lol
Prins van Oranje (4 months ago)
That girl looks like Mintuu.
Enzo 1965 (4 months ago)
I think I'm I know I'm blushing. She's gorgeous.
allan stephens (5 months ago)
Has there ever been a driver who care less about anything more than him. A absolute legend.😁
Casey Kubota (5 months ago)
G-- D-- !! she`s HOT California!!!!
D DarkD3viL (5 months ago)
Kimi best guy ever .... he doesnt care about specs in cars he drives an alfa romeo and at finland he has an iveco van! What a guy!!!
heartwideopen (5 months ago)
Kimiä Ei Kiinnosta.
Butt Wipe (5 months ago)
she looks like minttu
Roland Mullender (5 months ago)
That’s very obviously staged by the road safety commission of the FIA, I don’t believe a word from it !!
cumminski (5 months ago)
Vitun asiaa, ku ei tartte vaihtaa vaihteita ja räplää jotain muuta:)
magkill maghogan (5 months ago)
varmaan paras haastattelu mikä kimistä on saatu.
Top Flight Knight (6 months ago)
Happy to hear that the legend began in old Ladas 🤣
Sota Norsu (6 months ago)
Onks kimillä jotku henkivartijat ku tommonen valkonen jeeppi ajo niiten peräs kokoaika
lil chiken homie (6 months ago)
kuvaus auto
Paneristi (6 months ago)
Didn't James Hunt also drive a clapped out mini ?
Toni Tontsapoika (6 months ago)
Sanosin et kimi on perus kimi. Mut ehkä parhainta pelttaria mitä löytyy =) <3.
CBR250RR乗りのモトブログと鈴鹿サーキット (6 months ago)
James Flint (6 months ago)
koeajokilvissä xD
Zane M (6 months ago)
He’s a disgrace to Ferrari
Lekha Pratap (6 months ago)
If he’s savage just imagine his wife. DAMN!
Ben (6 months ago)
Great guy to have on a car show, not into cars and drives a Iveco van. Nice job
Garth Williams (6 months ago)
Her questions were lame what a waste of time
Ian Gascoigne (6 months ago)
I think he was talking about Adaptive Cruise Control.
mesfigas (6 months ago)
i think woman say "i want to marry you" but kimmi say "if ferrari dont oversteer next race i ll think about it" not easy to understand.
Mike Andrews (6 months ago)
English is the most popular language on Earth. Subtitles at least would be nice. Chinese is the most spoken, but that country is a tumor.
Teknavi Media (6 months ago)
Why don´t you click them on then?
Ozzy Cantu (6 months ago)
He said alpha That’s all I need to know.
Arttu 99 (6 months ago)
Kimi aka savageman
sams party (6 months ago)
Hamilton is a better driver and person! 👍🏽🇺🇸
Huguyguy (6 months ago)
Whatever car you have these days , you spent your time in traffic and filling the tank. Much prefer public transport to get around.
Azharil Azizi (6 months ago)
The reporter is *HOT*
Alan Turnbull (6 months ago)
Did you know that lulu Hamilton is a jaffa yes kimi i do know
Great White Joker (6 months ago)
I'd let kimi bang my wife no problem
countys32 (6 months ago)
Why we love Kimi Räikkönen, he's a man of few words but every word holds weight.
MikaOwns (6 months ago)
At least give Kimi road head or something for the free ride.
coffe time (6 months ago)
i bet her ass smells like aloe vera
Mf Deer (6 months ago)
Raikkonen is the coolest mf
Alexei Pr (6 months ago)
Dean Finn (6 months ago)
Get a photo taken with the paparazzi kimi new what they are like, ye fake stories to sell papers, and one was about sexy being in the car and trouble at home, classic kimi 😂😂👍💥💯
mirror talk (6 months ago)
What a boring Ferrari video....bye bye!!
Max (6 months ago)
*doesnt like going fast* Guess you finally changed your mind for the US grand prix Kimi?
Bautista Prea (6 months ago)
He is the least thrilling person I've seen
Jay Maverick (6 months ago)
Pitikö sahajauhoakin kuivempi journalisti panna siihen kyytiin huoh
Sandb0xMagician (6 months ago)
Such a chill humble dude... How can you not like the guy.
minopino3 (7 months ago)
He drives a Alfa Romeo😀😀👍👍that's my boy🤣
Pin Point (7 months ago)
does anyone know her name?
Pablo A. Rossi (7 months ago)
Javier Hernandez (7 months ago)
I Dont Know!. Kimi is the best!!
POJU Caspelii (7 months ago)
Räkä räikkönen
Titi Kaka (7 months ago)
He drives the Ferrari as fast as my mom drives her Toytota Yaris.....
Support poika (7 months ago)
Kimi räikköne on mun sukulainen
Luke Brinsmead (7 months ago)
He is so sedate for such a fast racing driver
KingPoint (7 months ago)
english title for video... not in english or even with subtitles.... shit
TheMaverickSpawn (7 months ago)
I really believe Kimi would be the type of cool dude that would see you doing something borderline and be like, Bro just chill okay..., and teach you some real shit about life. I'd love to meet him one day.
11DNA11 (7 months ago)
Ei kiinnosta ajaa lujaa siviilissä? Herran vene kyllä kulkee siviilissäkin ihan tarpeeksi :D
Pj Neethling (7 months ago)
Daai Ferrari het kak stoele.