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ARCA Daytona Crash Track Worker Ranover

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Ethan Weeter (8 days ago)
No idea what the guys going three wide under yellow were doing. Like to hear that explanation.
Ethan Weeter (8 days ago)
RIP Slick Johnson.
David Marskell (1 month ago)
These driver's need a little more practice runnin' daddy's moonshine before they get behind the wheel of race car. Foolhardy way to die ffs.
Jason Ingram (2 months ago)
I hate it when bogans stand up at sporting events when something extra exciting happens. It is so dumb.
Andrew Toone (2 months ago)
Buddy Pittman looks like Fred Savage and Jim Daly looks like Rob Lowe.
U mum Giey (2 months ago)
Truly amazing.
Erich k (2 months ago)
That’s Fire fighter Mike, he use to teach us fire safety in Elementary School I was 9 years old then that being 1986, 4 years before his accident happened I’m now 42 years old my name is Erich he taught us at Sugar Mill Elementary School here in Port Orange, FL I will always remember him he’s such a nice guy!!
Carl Peterson (2 months ago)
bee better if it didnt sound like they were whispering, even using bluetooth speakers, can barely hear anything. other than that, good upload.
Aaron Pulchinski (2 months ago)
Personally I think if there's anyone on the track there should be a red flag and none of this caution flag crap
zachary burdette (2 months ago)
those drivers should have been fined for racing under caution
Sovereignty Soldier (2 months ago)
"How to make money from an accident"
Noggin Fodder (2 months ago)
Hey, that’s the hospital I was born at. It’s about a 30 second drive from the Speedway. Glad the fella was okay.
Ross Marshall (29 days ago)
Prove it
Leo Verran (3 months ago)
Why is that guy smiling, oh yeah same reason anyone watching smiles,...the wrecks
darink300zx (3 months ago)
That mustache though.
Mike Kannard (3 months ago)
Where was the ran over part?
David Murphy (3 months ago)
Is ranover a word like redrover lol
David Harvey (3 months ago)
The video wasn’t about Slicks death was a story done about the paramedic,who was hit and then run over..if anyone payed attention Mike Staley was the one injured..ya’all are ignorant for not paying attention
Marisela Cantu (3 months ago)
Martin Mouncher (3 months ago)
Yanks don't give a fuck about track safety then!
John Thomas (3 months ago)
Uhh Slick Johnson died during this crash. Never even mentioned once.
mopar92 (3 months ago)
*run over.
Craig Mitchell (3 months ago)
I was sitting in the fourth turn that day. This one nearly made me physically sick. It was still years before they changed the rule about racing to the yellow flag.
This Is Home (4 months ago)
Ya gotta love Mikes mustache
Omen (4 months ago)
Who is slick Johnson?
Craig Mitchell (3 months ago)
Julius Johnson. His car was the one initiating the crash and he died from his injuries.
Raif Marshall (4 months ago)
Racer dies in crash, racers continue to race through yellow flag, racers hit paramedic, paramedic gets airlifted off track, still no red flag. Everyone is fired.
Emily Hill (4 months ago)
funny how that mostache can turn both directions but the drivers cant..... shitty sport
William Jordan (4 months ago)
Run over not ranover.
Rafael Rosa (4 months ago)
DirtyDinner24 (4 months ago)
Death in the name of entertainment. Our future generations will look back at racing as a waste of human lives and money
Kevin Pippin (4 months ago)
What accident? all I saw was the back of people's heads
Leroy Hogwash (4 months ago)
3:45 NASCAR driver plays injured.
Michael Barnstein (7 months ago)
1000 Ways To Die brought me here.
Random thing productions (7 months ago)
I wonder what happened to the driver who hit him since he was driving at high speeds on a yellow flag
SUMMIT Productions (7 months ago)
"Best flip, Worst landing" 😂
Jerry (7 months ago)
stupid assed statements when anyone but anyone says they will give any percentage above 100. It is not possible.
Johnny Stek (7 months ago)
slick johnson
sean henderson (7 months ago)
Not even a friggn mention of slicks death 🤦🏼‍♂️
Scooter Lee1775 (3 months ago)
BECAUSE IT ISNT ABOUT SLICK. They later went on to talk about slick later in the show. Man y'all are stupid.
Mark Wheeler (7 months ago)
At 04:20 the medivac chopper is coming in next to the track but cars are still going around. No red flag? WTF?
Andrew DeWick (7 months ago)
John Kaszanek (7 months ago)
These people are dumber than football players. Football players have an excuse- CTE!
Please youtube Unban my account :c (7 months ago)
Mans flipped 2/4ths the time of Richard Petty! Btw did the car that was parked get front damage from a fucking rear end collision? I love those types of wrecks in every sport but since it defines logic it’s hard for that to happen lol...
E1itetube (7 months ago)
Nascar drivers are rich kids playing around. Nothing more. Tony Steward murdered a guy. Got away with it.
Brandon Dykema (7 months ago)
He didn't murder anyone, it was accidental. Ward walked into his car according to a spotter, and Ward was high during the race. Do your research before commenting.
deloreanfan81 (7 months ago)
I remember this
DDS029 (8 months ago)
I got news for all you jackasses. As the yellow came out, it was two f'n NASCAR drivers who weren't paying attention at the driver's meeting and decided to do things their own way to gain positions who caused this part of the wreck after the yellow was already out for a lap. That was when ARCA and NASCAR raced back to the yellow, although the ARCA guys had kind of a gentleman's agreement to only do it when the race win was on the line. The two went flying up through the pack racing back. Not the way the ARCA guys did things, but, unfortunately, perfectly legal. Except for one thing. They passed the leader just after the start/finish line. Instead of slowing down, they were disagreeing who lead across the line, and still "racing" each other to get ahead of the other one. The rest got up to speed to catch them. The leader wanting his position back, and the others to not be at a disadvantage pitting from so far behind. When they came out of four they ran up on the pack following the pace car, "The two", slammed on their brakes starting one of those caterpillar effects. You knew someone was going to run up somebody's ass. Sure enough. And that's what triggered this. These were two guys that had cup affiliated cars, and more "experience" than 3/4 of the field combined. Back then, it was worse than now about high dollar teams cherry picking televised races. One year, it was so bad at the Atlanta fall race, ARCA's last race of the year, there were so many "outsiders", the team I worked with couldn't even make the race OR EVEN get a provisional, and _we were seventh in the point standings with a chance to get sixth!_ Four cars ahead of us in points, needed the available provisionals! Some cup teams were running their new drivers for the next year, to get a race in together so they would know what to work on for the next year. Only two ARCA regulars made it in on time. Then the four provisionals, then the three who raced every ARCA race that year but had to go home, with about six or eight outsiders going. Even if you ran the whole season, most ARCA guys who weren't in the top 10 in points didn't even bother going. They knew they weren't going to get in the field. Thankfully, at least now, the cup affiliated teams, more are running the whole season for driver development. They can be considered "regulars".
Captain Insano Shows no mercy (7 months ago)
Cool story bro
Matthew Pressley (8 months ago)
ARCA drivers.
BRD (8 months ago)
I witness my ass,you dident witness shit. You watched a video
izzy lee (8 months ago)
the driver that hit the paramedic is Bob Keselowski .The father of nascar driver Brad Keselowski
Please youtube Unban my account :c (7 months ago)
izzy lee shit
DDS029 (8 months ago)
The one who got knocked into him, you mean.
ThA MAN C MAcK (8 months ago)
Thank God he was alright. What a strong fella with a heck of a mustacheo.
Mint Hyena (8 months ago)
That guys is a trooper I'll tell you that
erich84502ify (8 months ago)
Saw this happen at a quarter mile pavement track, it was ugly. You could hear it. He only had broken bones and a lacerated liver.
Paul Quick (8 months ago)
1990..calm down
Brian Henkel (8 months ago)
What was that moron in the blue car doing. I hope he’s not on a track anymore
Dia a Dia e Aventuras De um Autista (8 months ago)
vern white (9 months ago)
I remember this race it was bad
Dkap xl (9 months ago)
Inconcevable de faire rouler les voitures si vite alors que l'équipe médicale interviens je ne comprend pas la sécurité
Dkap xl (8 months ago)
@william Greene yes terribly dangerous even for the spectators
william Greene (8 months ago)
This was very long ago. Things were insanely dangerous back then.
Ray Ruggiero (9 months ago)
that way arcar needs to go
DDS029 (8 months ago)
Umm, almost all of the cars are brand new today. very few are more than three years old, and they were gotten from cup, or xfinity teams that hardly used them because they have so many. Some are R&D cars the NASCAR drivers didn't like, and have zero races on them when an ARCA team gets them. The chaasis are cheap and plentiful, and just about all of the suspension pieces will bolt on to newer cars. I hate it when people just repeat the first thing they hear about something and take it as gospel. That's how a jackass ended up in the White House.
Ray Ruggiero (9 months ago)
old cars that dont need be on a races track that big .
Fitzcam (10 months ago)
I have worked with that camera guy Jim Daly for over 20 years in Florida. Excellent camera op.
Coop de Ville (10 months ago)
He deserved it just for the mustache alone.
Justin Stephens (1 year ago)
See how the driver of the white car gets out and looks over at the medic and just falls. Bitch get your ass up stop looking for the lime light. That medic got hurt worse then you did by FAR. O have fallen and I cant get up.
DDS029 (8 months ago)
Ever get the wind knocked out of you? Sometimes it takes awhile to kick in. Ever get up too fast? That's your blood pressure bottoming out. Sometimes takes awhile too. Some can't handle some things they see. I worked at a local track on the safety crew, before weekly tracks could afford radios. We would have guys stationed around our big 5/8 mile to signal the flagman or the tower, if we needed something. One guy wrecked into a light pole near me. When I got to him, he was unconscious. First thing you suspect is a neck injury. Yelled to the ambulance guy needed a cervical collar, while I was holding traction on his head. I found out later, the _guy fainted!_ I was told he always faints when he had a big wreck. You never know. You treat everything like it's a life threatening emergency. Rarely do you make a mistake by overdoing something, if you know what you're doing.
S Lit (1 year ago)
To Bad it Didn't Straighten out his HAIRDOO......🤔🤔🤔🤔
Caged (1 year ago)
Wow...some mustache.
kolai (1 year ago)
dude his arm was a fucking noodle in that slow-mo. Shattered
Jamison Macdonald (1 year ago)
Arca brakes
Josh G (1 year ago)
Who is driving the car that flipped over?
Craig Mitchell (3 months ago)
That was Ramo Stott in an earlier crash that day.
Please youtube Unban my account :c (7 months ago)
Jake Browne I have my bitch a slick Johnson 😃
Jake Browne (7 months ago)
Josh G slick johnson
UltraRmx (1 year ago)
Why didn’t they stop the race when the paramedic got hit. Greedy rich business owner prefers the money over the life of someone. 👎🏼
DDS029 (8 months ago)
And typically, especially with the threat of rain like that day, you want to get laps into get to halfway, so you can call it a complete race and get it over with. They don't stop a race when a _driver_ gets hurt!
Randy (1 year ago)
They did stop the race because during that same crash there was Driver fatality. It was a big sequence of events
Joe Higgons (1 year ago)
Ultrarmx I mean... Once all cleared, y wouldn't they continue...
# Einstein MMA Tony E. (1 year ago)
Thank God Mike landed on his mustache .
4o7KeV (1 year ago)
Dude is a badass. Nice AR btw
Metal Motto (1 year ago)
Whats that intro song at 6 seconds in?
Caiden coffman (1 year ago)
Mikes a fucking god lmao
Musicrecords10 (1 year ago)
Then he almost runs him over for a good measure lol
ctrlshiftqq (1 year ago)
Arca brakes smh
Andrew Toone (1 year ago)
Buddy Pittman looks a lot like Fred Savage.
Mark Midkiff (1 year ago)
Idiots of ARCA
DDS029 (8 months ago)
Idiots of NASCAR, invading ARCA races.
theothertroll (1 year ago)
Is there audio? Wait, if I turn it up to 300 I can just hear something ~
Air Aero (1 year ago)
Rescue 911 brought me here
Larrt Rawls (1 year ago)
Dumbass move away from the track Wash D C
ciccone39 (1 year ago)
This is the race that defines ARCA- Too many under-qualified drives in fast cars that can't handle going this fast.
Craig Mitchell (3 months ago)
This was in 1990. The quality of the ARCA drivers is much improved.
DDS029 (8 months ago)
I know this is late for this but . . . 2019 Shootout? 😒😓 So you'd rather they start right out in cup? They have to get experience somewhere. NASCAR even requires drivers to run an ARCA race or two to make sure they don't stink up their races. The guys who started the confusion that led to this part of the whole scenario, had well over a hundred (maybe 200) cup starts. The other dabbled in stock cars, but was a multi time IMSA GTO and Kelly Girl Challenge Series winner and champion. Which caused a former USAC stock car winner to run into a Super Late Model, and ARCA Champ. Now I'm speaking of this part of the whole incident that day. But, since this was under caution, the two that caused this, by passing the leader after he took the caution, have less of a reason to let things get away from them.
Kenny Phillips (1 year ago)
Since the same sort of crash happens in the "big leagues", I guess we can say the same about all NASCAR drivers.
John (1 year ago)
this is why you shouldn,t text and drive
Cyber Farmer (1 year ago)
His mustache saved his life.
pagansforbreakfast (1 year ago)
Looks to me like that situation might and I say might have benefited from a red flag. Looks like there were a lot of poor decisions being made by the drivers from the amount of carnage prior to this happening.
DDS029 (8 months ago)
Not this part. Read my comments in regards to some of the others.
William Mills (8 months ago)
This was ARCA basically rookies and inexperiwnced drivers.
Gustav Gnadenlos (1 year ago)
Best flip, worst landing. Kek
Insidious Insanity (10 months ago)
I saw that but disagree with his friend. I say best landing; in that he didn't land on his head and break his neck or fracture his skull.
Jeffery Soles (1 year ago)
and if you wonder why people die in car crashes there it is
m m (1 year ago)
I wish the sound was louder
Thomas John Solidum (2 years ago)
Came for the crash, stayed for that mustache. Glad to know that guy is alright
Echo Xenon (8 months ago)
Holy shit, it's a talking muffin (2 years ago)
2:44 Eli Gold!
Jacaso Asheland (2 years ago)
love eli gold
The Duffy Street Incident Podcast (2 years ago)
It is insane we ever raced back to the caution in NASCAR
DDS029 (8 months ago)
And my boy, you must be too young to remember back in the days when YES, NASCAR raced back to the yellow. They pretty much invented it for scoring purposes. And they weren't racing back to the yellow. They were trying to close up the pack after taking the yellow the previous lap when the guys in front didn't slow down once they took the yellow. They are always told, in the driver's meeting, to close up the pack so the track crew has the most time possible to work, between the last car going by and they pace car coming the next lap. Two non-ARCA drivers couldn't get that right.
Randy (1 year ago)
This was a ARCA race not NASCAR.
First Last (2 years ago)
Were all the paramedics gay?
William Mills (8 months ago)
Nope just you.
AngelNoriega1 (1 year ago)
You’ve been watching too many Village People movies...
Robert Wilson (1 year ago)
Just the ones named sarge
maju (1 year ago)
No, it was just the 80s
stefan woodham (2 years ago)
that afro tho.....
O.G. P E K K A (2 years ago)
not a big NASCAR fan. but I get a very intense vibes from watching crazy NASCAR videos like this. especially when I'm high.
DDS029 (8 months ago)
Might as well have been. Mostly NASCAR drivers with varying experience. And the control tower run by NASCAR officials. Outsiders always gobbled up spots from the regulars at TV races. Usually spending as much in one race as a regular team spent in half of a season.
Bryce Boatman (8 months ago)
is this my comment ?
Yeet People (1 year ago)
You make me laugh
Edward Tripp (2 years ago)
not nascar
RapidDecisions (2 years ago)
Ranover? Ranover? Is that even a word? I bet you ranover to the polling site and voted for Trump, didn't you?
Edward Tripp (2 years ago)
Negevs are for pros (2 years ago)
Every video I see that covers this unfortunate race they fail to mention that Slick Johnson was killed in the multi car crash, kinda ignorant when they covered his role in the crash but never mentioned that he passed away.
Scooter Lee1775 (3 months ago)
Idiot it wasnt about him. It was about a man who surived against all odds. They nedded some back story for production value.
Randy (1 year ago)
I posted one you happy now ?
Randy (1 year ago)
Steve C (2 years ago)
lol that love of man
Dakota Zimmerman (2 years ago)
Of course he survived, he drives an XJ! I can't get over that mustache tho..
Robert Phipps (2 years ago)
27 heartless people that could even hit the thumbs down button
William Mills (8 months ago)
Some people hit the dislike because of the carnage.
pingpongpung (10 months ago)
Hating on the dislikers is unoriginal and gay.
Ron Burley (1 year ago)
know it s 70
martin joseph (2 years ago)
dee he go deaid?
Please youtube Unban my account :c (7 months ago)
martin joseph no he turn innnnoo martan trucs goonior an hee stash turn into smol, he is shit driv?
A Potato (8 months ago)
Excuse me, I speak idiot. Let me talk to him. *Ahem* No. He sorviv. He liv. He won talk in video. He talke bout encedent, so obveeouslee He liv reel gud. He no go deaid.
GlassyTiger620 (8 months ago)
No he is spoky gost
Vectro666 (2 years ago)
martin joseph wut
Geoff Longford (2 years ago)
Its amazing that the force of the crash had twirled his mustache like that.
Donald Cotnoir (4 months ago)
@Hammerhand I just saw this video and to think someone can make a joke about it is really disturbing to me. No class
todd goslin (7 months ago)
Lighten up Francis.
Hammerhand (7 months ago)
Your a piece shit. A lot of us know Mike and he went through hell in this. Making a fucking joke about this is not funny
Nipps Welmactt (7 months ago)
@stefan woodham In fact, his balls are made of steel. The only thing that saved his life when the cars hit him
ThA MAN C MAcK (8 months ago)
Lol 😂
hmc2s (2 years ago)
The jackasses that were racing under full yellow should all have had their race licenses pulled on the spot period. They are all lucky this paramedic didn't die. RIP to the driver that actually passed away Slick Johnson.
LeeDuKe 951 (2 days ago)
hmc2s looked to me like like they had already went through the caution flag and was just being idiots
Scooter Lee1775 (3 months ago)
They didn't have caution lights then. So they raced to the line.
Charles Thomson (7 months ago)
hmc2s Millenial douche.
Pete Smith (8 months ago)
Hey stupid back then you raced back to the flag under yellow.
TruetotheBlue (8 months ago)
I didn't know slick had died during that race RIP
Patrick Martin (2 years ago)
This is one reason why they have red flags and catch fencing, also the flaps on top of the roof of the car
William Mills (8 months ago)
@Some Toast problem is the rules back then were you raced back to the flag/line. Nascar has changed that rule to imediate slowdown but that rule came too late. Also the safety crews now wear helmets and high visibility clothing as well as firesuits.
Some Toast (1 year ago)
Patrick Martin none of those things would have prevented this, the red flag was not out, the catch fencing was not used as it only lies on the outside of the track, and the flaps prevent rollovers. The only thing that could have prevented this would be the drivers knowing that you don't race under caution.
Rosemary Hallman (2 years ago)
who was in the 29?
Craig Mitchell (3 months ago)
@Waltinez ツ Mike Staley was the one who got run over. Slick Johnson was the driver who perished.
Waltinez ツ (3 months ago)
Stan Patterson Stayley wasn’t the one who got ran over. Stayley died in the car
Please youtube Unban my account :c (7 months ago)
Ryan Hale Wait wtf lol
Stan Patterson (2 years ago)
Wonder is Staley ever got any sort of apology from Keselowski for running over him (even though it wasn't really his fault).
Ryan Hale (2 years ago)
Bob Keselowski, Brad Keselowski's dad.
reelkena (2 years ago)
You can save some people, but you can't save someone with that stache.
pokemon56761 (2 years ago)
wait this incident was also the slick johnson crash?
Lycan_Jedi (2 years ago)
The Slick Johnson incident was the caution this happened.
SilenceEnigma (2 years ago)