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Here's Why Chernobyl is Still a Massive Problem Today

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Text Comments (4552)
The Kameleon (2 hours ago)
I thought a wolf with 3 heads was a mythical creature.. But in Chernobyl they might exist.
Baltic Lukas (16 hours ago)
Fucking hate it when some retarded normey who looks at where hbo filmed Chernobyl and when I say I'm Lithuanian there like but that where Chernobyl happens I ain't joking 2 people said that lol
The RamenHat (19 hours ago)
This is why im scared from the nuclear stations because any time this chould happen
Kevin N Weinhold (1 day ago)
Not the worst nuclear disaster.
Sion Goodier (2 days ago)
The tomb is already leaking radiation out and rain water in 😂 and yet we as human are still going for greed , and destruction, ,
Very FRESH And Unsuspicious MEMES (2 days ago)
Why do engineers need to over engineer everything? Why didn’t they just put earth and waste over it?
Toxic Rex (4 days ago)
Can we not understand man should not create nuclear substances Edit if you have information about Chernobyl pls reply I'd love to talk about it
ellipse BossAPod (4 days ago)
Then in the next century when the protected dome is destroyed we use our aliens to help and they have bedrock blocks Thx for raiding area 51
Diablo 666 (6 days ago)
Lol there's no way to safely remove it. Actually there is literally no way to remove it, as nothing on Earth that we know of could withstand the radiation levels.... But don't worry radiation is totally safe. The nuclear waste they bury that that will 100 percent leak is fine... Lol morons
TheTuubster (6 days ago)
I always hear about dismantling the exploded reactor. I never hear about how to dismantle, relocate and store a molten reactor core.
-ドミノ・ウカエDOMiNO UKAE (7 days ago)
EU is not a continent! It's a super peninsula... 0:48
Gustav Gnöttgen (7 days ago)
Fvck nuclear power. When something happens it happens hefty.
Rotoprism (8 days ago)
What is up with the map of the U.S. at 5:05? The North West section goes way too far, it is like a 100 miles north of Vancouver Island.
Kelly Edey (9 days ago)
Imagine it happening in America with all the sissy woke male feminists.
vassili zaitsev (9 days ago)
So,why it is still a massive problem today???Telling the story again here just?
Jean Brandt (10 days ago)
Nuclear power sounds good until something like this happens!
FotY (8 days ago)
If you calculate it, oil and coal have more death per kwh If you arent stupid (like Fukushima and Chernobyl) Nuclear Energy is very, very safe. Fukushima: Who the hell builds a nuclear reactor in a tsunami area? Chernobyl: You watched Chernobyl on HBO so..you know why.
Gabriel Zaragoza (10 days ago)
50,000 people used to live here... Now it’s a ghost town
NGC1433 (10 days ago)
What a load of crap... So, there is like 10,000 Rhoentgen inside the sarcophagus and it would immediately kill people and fry robots, but german union workers are dismantling it under a new safe confinement right now... I mean, do you even proof read your texts yourself??? Do you do 2+2 on your scripts? WTF?
Danger X69 (11 days ago)
2:07 the place from cod 4 mw all ghillied up mission
purchaser47 (11 days ago)
Nice to be spreading misinformation and fear and advertising yourself as well!
Dario D’Arconso (13 days ago)
I live in luxemburg
A shadow snorlax (13 days ago)
I just realized we can store all of our trash and we can turn this reactor into a landfill to save the animals!!
Clorox Bleach (14 days ago)
50 thousand people used to live here Now its a ghost town...
The Joker (14 days ago)
Pripyat, a city stuck in the 1980’s
Doctor Medkit (14 days ago)
This is about 10% as deadly as the Bhopal Disaster. Except no one was punished for that, and the CEO responsible now is an executive at Dow
MuhammadFarid (14 days ago)
ghost town
Monica Stewart (15 days ago)
You know, SpongeBob SquarePants used to be a person. Then Chernobyl happened….Now he's a sea sponge! (starts to cry)
Rainbow Six siege Noob (15 days ago)
They fixed the problem of the scarcofigus , nations put millions into a dome that now covers half of Chernobyl, right when I started typing talked about the new building🤣
Tim Rosencrans (15 days ago)
For those uneducated that fantasize the Fukushima is killing the ocean. Grow up. Nuclear testing released into the ocean 30x as much radioactive material as Fukushima. The decay of that material in the last 8 years actually means there is less radiation in the ocean now then before Fukushima. The total release from Fukushima is 500,000 times less than the naturally occurring radiation from the potassium in sea water. The arctic ocean which has seen almost no Fukushima radiation is twice as radioactive as the Pacific. The Baltic Sea is 20x more radioactive due to Chernobyl yet it’s still alive.
Tim Rosencrans (15 days ago)
For those uneducated that fantasize the Fukushima is killing the ocean. Grow up. Nuclear testing released into the ocean 30x as much radioactive material as Fukushima. The decay of that material in the last 8 years actually means there is less radiation in the ocean now then before Fukushima. The total release from Fukushima is 500,000 times less than the naturally occurring radiation from the potassium in sea water. The arctic ocean which has seen almost no Fukushima radiation is twice as radioactive as the Pacific. The Baltic Sea is 20x more radioactive due to Chernobyl yet it’s still alive.
Pot Noodles (15 days ago)
Why couldn’t the people of Chernobyl just evolve and get radiation protection
Sarah Amalin (16 days ago)
3:51 that bundle is so interesting to look at
Tim Rosencrans (16 days ago)
Ok reality check... yes Chernobyl radioactive release 400x Hiroshima. Hiroshima was a tiny little bomb. US weapon testing 1000x Chernobyl. Chernobyl total predicted deaths over time 4000. US tests 300,000 in US alone. Chernobyl and Fukushima radiation in US still a tiny hump on chart next to US testing.
Tim Rosencrans (16 days ago)
Real life lies. The U.N. never said 4000 people died. They predicted 4000 total would die over several decades from cancers. That number now seem excessive as cancers rates have not increased nearly as much as forecasted.
Don Love (16 days ago)
Ah the post literate world.. Watch a video watch a video.. cheers
basically hell (17 days ago)
Lumber liquidators
Vali Zeth (19 days ago)
It's quite crazy how far the radiation reached, many swedish scientists believed that it was one of our nuclear power plants that had leaked or failed, even though we're not that close to Ukraine.
Sarah Amalin (19 days ago)
This video is niceeeeeee
Sarah Amalin (16 days ago)
I literally come again to look at the bundle
TopShonuff (20 days ago)
Every time I see that Ferris wheel, I remember playing Modern Warfare, Call Of Duty.
Doneld Trump (20 days ago)
Not a single reference in the comment section of the TV show
mike WIZZ (19 days ago)
I know, its not great, not terrible.
GrimmJaw (20 days ago)
I remember Kolya :(
Jessez_FIN (20 days ago)
Reactor Blows up: Phil Swift: *NOW THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE*
Annikkaware (20 days ago)
50,000 people used to live here. Now it's a ghost town.
Amirul Imran (18 days ago)
Ah yes
Enter the Game (19 days ago)
Annikkaware call of duty modern warfare -,, all ghillied up"
Things Happen YT (20 days ago)
Ever think of a more compounding hell that is the red forest around pipryat? If that were to ever end up catching fire the resulting fallout from that? The dead forest that absorbed most of the radioactive fallout then? Released twofold into the air? Bad bad bad.
Tim Rosencrans (16 days ago)
Ahh no... not really... trees don’t bioaccumulate and there just isn’t that much there.
Scott Essery (20 days ago)
The Ideal Communist Worker "Within a communist society, people are expected to act in the interest of the Communist Party and the majority of society. Specifically, the individual is expected to work and act to promote the betterment of the community., “At no time and in no circumstances should a Communist place his personal interests first; he should subordinate to the interests of the nation and the masses. Hence selfishness, slacking, corruption, seeking the limelight are most contemptible, while ... working with all one’s energy, whole hearted devotion to public duty, and quiet hard work will command respect.”
FURRYGAMER 115 (21 days ago)
Yeah but....have you seen black mesa?
Commander Shepherd (21 days ago)
When will the threat of government stupidity end?
fo1scher (21 days ago)
~Get out of here s.t.a.l.k.e.r.
MineWit (22 days ago)
make everything white
crazy911wman (22 days ago)
Kids think its a joke and posts their copied retarded memes
Josh Gooderham (23 days ago)
5:00 Just so you know, the US is richer than Ukraine. 'Murica.
Thomas Bridle (23 days ago)
where are your sources on the amounts of corium and Uranium and Plutonium?
Kath Lyn (24 days ago)
Is this te next level version of Call of Duty franchise?
Sword Knight (24 days ago)
Nice information
pixel man (24 days ago)
That can evolve humans lot of radioactive particles can take place in DNA changing our body
Ohyawellfuku (24 days ago)
6:50 that yellow bus bout had a bad day
Garrett Wilson (25 days ago)
Apparently, if you go even near the reactor today, u breath even once, your dead 😨😱
doyoulikebeetroot (18 days ago)
Might be a slight exaggeration
The Cereal Guy (25 days ago)
Kid Crue (25 days ago)
Welp..I was born in 2012 :p and it’s 2019
Can Be Anyone (26 days ago)
"50 Thousand People used to Live Here , Now it is a Ghost Town"
Roderick Williams (22 days ago)
Call of duty
Wafflepudding (26 days ago)
"Still a massive problem"? He's delusional
alberto Mazzotti (26 days ago)
the first google map it's wrong dude, that isn't the nuclear power plant
doyoulikebeetroot (18 days ago)
Do you mean at 0:16 ? That aerial view of the Chernobyl power plant with the new big shiny cover over reactor 4? Is it a new sector of Disney world then?
CaramelTV (26 days ago)
I can count the amount of times I’ve been to Chernobyl on my fingers, 14.
CaramelTV (24 days ago)
GoogleLetsYouChangeYourNameIntoSomethingReallyLong you’re fine dude
CforCalum (24 days ago)
CaramelTV must’ve been a coincidence then, sorry
CaramelTV (24 days ago)
GoogleLetsYouChangeYourNameIntoSomethingReallyLong I never noticed that. I commented this as soon as I got into the video
CforCalum (24 days ago)
CaramelTV i saw a comment exactly like this made two months ago
CaramelTV (24 days ago)
GoogleLetsYouChangeYourNameIntoSomethingReallyLong what?
Gustavo (26 days ago)
And all this distaster is due to what? Building nuclear weapons to "protect the country".
doyoulikebeetroot (17 days ago)
@Gustavo I lived through the threat of a cold war mate That's nothing to do with what I said You were talking about a nuclear power plant producing nuclear weapons
Gustavo (17 days ago)
@doyoulikebeetroot You should also watch a cold war documentary
doyoulikebeetroot (18 days ago)
Might be an idea to read up on the function and purpose of a nuclear power plant and come back
error error (26 days ago)
MaD-JoKeZzz (27 days ago)
The Chernobyl event is *mindblowing* . Literally.
Ridwanul Shawrup (27 days ago)
Everyone making Chernobyl reference, Meanwhile me: *_50 thousand people used to live here, now it's a ghost town_*
Phyroxity (28 days ago)
One of the workers were my uncle who worked cleaning the radiation he lost all the theeth and one leg 😔.
Jay G (28 days ago)
Wait so if 33 years passed and Chernobyl is still dangerous.... then what about Fukushima?
Tim Rosencrans (16 days ago)
Fukushima not dangerous now.
01042453 (29 days ago)
packisbetter90 (29 days ago)
just build a huge bubble dome over it done
сука Haw (29 days ago)
8:47 B u z z f e e d
littlehooch94 (29 days ago)
Send that ish to space
k l o p p s (30 days ago)
Chernobyl was an inside job there is no way the soviets could have made a whole city dead 1n 1986 wake up america smh
Big Dog (29 days ago)
k l o p p s your saying that the reactor exploding wouldn’t of killed all those people? Ahhaha okay then you have very very low levels of edumecashon.
lostn65 (1 month ago)
it's pronounced Be-la-ROOSE (rhymes with goose) not BEL-a-russ.
Central Intelligence Agency (1 month ago)
*”50,000 people used to live here,now,it’s a ghost town.”*
STIJN HUYBRIGHS (1 month ago)
Seems like few americans have any knowledge about what happened in Harrisburg...
klb12393 (29 days ago)
STIJN HUYBRIGHS my family evacuated from Lancaster (PA) to NY during the 3 mile island scare. Everyone in that area either remembers it happening or has heard stories from their parents
Edwin Traas (1 month ago)
Hoop dat dit nooit meer gebeurd !
Rohith 1999 (1 month ago)
How many Toyota Corollas can fit in a sorcofagus?
octalpus (1 month ago)
i learned how to breathe from skillshare
Bullet Time (1 month ago)
I know this because i have watched the TV Show Chernobyl
it brooklyn here!! (1 month ago)
"50,000 people used to live here, now its a ghost town"
Darkened Shadow (1 day ago)
And now it has 45,000 people living here As ghosts
Amirul Imran (18 days ago)
Ah yes
Denis Pepic (1 month ago)
People in Pljevle Montenegro still have a bit of radiation in the air
Jackson Anding (1 month ago)
이상운 (1 month ago)
How about fukushima and tokyo?
Dr. Officer (1 month ago)
"Belaroos" I thought is how it's pronounced.
Eclipse Now (1 month ago)
WRONG! The UN don't say 4000 people HAVE died from cancer, they say 4000 people *might* one day die under the highly controversial and over-cautious Linear No-Threshold model. It may be that smaller levels of radiation actually stimulate the body's cancer fighting mechanisms and increases length of life!
Mark (1 month ago)
He is still in the toilet legends says...
m4e_bgafopwmn hgt47_hoi (1 month ago)
You forgot about the elephants foot a mass of corium and radioactive dust that is slowly dissolving the floor of which it rests and what is under the floor a pool of water scientists think that if it ever gets to the pool it would cause a bigger and far worse explosion.
Tim Rosencrans (16 days ago)
That would be a neat trick. First off radiation doesn’t dissolve concrete (they build reactors from it). Second the corium is a big rock if you dropped it in water it would make a splash nothing more.
Jeremy Lindemann (1 month ago)
Before getting too carried away with the negativity about radiation from Chernobyl I would suggest watching the BBC show called "Chernobyl and Fukushima - The Lesson". The fallout is not as bleak as you might think. Life is kind of carrying in a lot of places inside the forbidden zone. The people have learned to identify spots with high radiation levels, they live and grow their food in safer areas. Wildlife is thriving inside the exclusion zone. It's quite interesting to see how things are going now, it's more complex than you might have expected. Also there is another BBC show called "Inside Chernobyls Mega Tomb". Another interesting special about the development and engineering feat of the dome which is now in place over the reactor 4 sarcophagus.
bak j (1 month ago)
Do you know Hell? well there is a hell
Shadow King (1 month ago)
Belarus is said like 'Bela - roos'
richardscathouse (1 month ago)
Bless Russia for being so responsible! Fukushima is still an open wound bleeding tons of unchecked radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean every day with no relief in sight!
doyoulikebeetroot (18 days ago)
How about Russia helping countries such as Lithuania to decommission the nuclear power plants they built instead of the EU having to pay for it?
Raman Tiwari (1 month ago)
Cod Morden war fare
Phantom nub (1 month ago)
just throw it into the Bermuda triangle
annainretrograde (1 month ago)
Id say the problem here is the fact that the new safe confinement was designed to hold the ionizing radiation being emitted by reactor 4 for just 100 years compared to the area where it'll take 2000 years for the land to become habitable again but there are people who are literally dumb enough to go into the areas with higher levels of radiation "for the gram"
doyoulikebeetroot (18 days ago)
It's safe to enter now and you can take your own meter if you wish to check yourself Please note I visited BEFORE the HBO series and I most certainly didn't do it for social media pics.
Bart Druckenmiller (1 month ago)
If the safety measures didnt malfunction it would still work
Rockhopper1163 (28 days ago)
The safety measures did work from my understanding, but they were flawed, as the reactor spiked in power they hit the kill switch which lowers the moderation rods back into the core which cause an even bigger spike in power (as more neutrons were produced), thus flash boiling the cooling water in the bottom of the core and the rest is history.
O J (1 month ago)
50000 people used to live here. now it’s a ghost town
Paul Scott (1 month ago)
Now they have made Chernobyl vodka brewed in Chernobyl if vodka wasn't bad for your body now you can get Chernobyl vodka if you start glowing in the dark after drinking it then it's your own fault
richardscathouse (1 month ago)
Or just drink Fukushima Saki guaranteed brewed from rice grown in Fukushima prefecture! 🤭🤭🤭
Alexander Mitchell (1 month ago)
How come we don’t have a big net like thing that is not only a fence to keep unwanted people out but also if a core exploded the (net) would catch all of the radiation
doyoulikebeetroot (18 days ago)
@Alexander Mitchell Ok cool 😉
Alexander Mitchell (18 days ago)
I mean I did say (a net like thing) but yeah.
doyoulikebeetroot (18 days ago)
@Alexander Mitchell Well at least you admit it ^^^^^ Respect for that at least 😆
Alexander Mitchell (18 days ago)
It was an example. A bad one at that.
Alexander Mitchell (18 days ago)
More like a wall