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Jeff's Last Delivery

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A UPS driver of 20 years and Crystal lake resident, Jeff Hornagold, was delivered to his final rest in style. His best friend and co-worker, Micheal McGowan made his most important delivery from Davenport Funeral home to St. Thomas the Aspostle Church with his UPS delivery truck. Friends and family gathered and his wife of 24 years, Judy Hornagold said it was a great tribute to a man bigger than life.
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Arturo es chistoso Cervantes (5 days ago)
they fucking racist fucking white they don't give the position of driving you want white said but Mexican paking handler fuck white
Drew Jennings (5 months ago)
Very touching but kinda funny how he said and we are gunna drop him off...
Sharana R. Ebron (6 months ago)
Omgggg, This was phenomenal. Tears are falling down my face.
Carlo Gambino (6 months ago)
That's Loyalty till the end.....
Steve Mahoney (7 months ago)
Hi my name is Trevor I live in Tucson I do not want to see my address but text me back or call me back when you ready for me to tell you may I really want to UPS truck and beef roll ups tell me when I grow up I'm only 7 have a great day
Cormac Slane (8 months ago)
I've seen it all now with you Americans, getting your coffin actually delivered to your grave!
Mike (9 months ago)
The feels...
bornidbj (9 months ago)
20 year man, that was a beautiful thing!
George Stevenson (9 months ago)
God is receiving his delivery using UPS
simon juaRez (10 months ago)
3 points of contact Jeff .
Rahjee Brunner (11 months ago)
At least they didn't throw him off the truck...
BigMonkeyGrip (11 months ago)
Condolences to his wife. I think this made it easier for her. Life sure has a way of throwing us curveballs!
Blackn' Proud (11 months ago)
this the koowlest thing I've ever seen
Justin P (1 year ago)
Much respect
Aaron Soloman (1 year ago)
I’m a ups driver for over 40 years from Grand Rapids, Michigan R.I.P. friend... May sweet Jesus bless your soul.
t fox (1 year ago)
y noooooo
t fox (1 year ago)
Agent 47 (1 year ago)
#RIP Jeff
t fox (1 year ago)
rip :((((( DXXXXXXX
Patrick Wagz (1 year ago)
who are the 16 soul-less savages that thumbs-downed this video??
MJChamp (1 year ago)
May he RIP. My story is kinda like his, and i been trying to get a job driving for UPS for close to 5 years. I am a broker courier right now, and just want to be an employee with all the great benefits and VACATION i might say. I have not had vacation in years. Anyways i met a few good drivers whom been with UPS over 20 years and they helped me get my foot in the door. I just had my second interview, now tomorrow i have my road test. I'm super stoked and pretty sure i will land the job. Being a courier is in my DNA, and been delivering since 2003. My only regret is not getting in with UPS to start with, but with that said i just want to serve my community the best i can :) RIP Jeff Hornagold
Mari Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Beautiful video and tribute...God bless the family and friends. :))
Tmobile Sucks (1 year ago)
did they time him on this delivery too?
Vladimir Akimov (1 year ago)
they sent coffin by mail? dayam, these 'muricans are crazy-ass
Ernesto M (1 year ago)
Its always companies like McDonalds and UPS that break the minds of some employees to do stupid shit like this. They fuck them so hard that they actually start to fall in love with their slave masters.
Ernesto M (1 year ago)
jason Crespo after 12 fucking years, once they break your body, no thanks
jason Crespo (1 year ago)
El Vergon McDonald's dosent pay 35 dollars an hour and free benefits.
daniel mejia (1 year ago)
Rip Jeff, ups driver from stafford tx, Houston tx.
Kelly Green (1 year ago)
I work with ups every day I'm a dock worker for yrc god bless you UPS
tuganbar (1 year ago)
RIP Jeff! God bless you Mike! Thank you United Parcel Service! Through all that grit and hard work, deep friendships are forged!
sjagain (1 year ago)
He made a left hand turn!
bob ski (1 year ago)
RIP dude.
Brayden Bainbridge (1 year ago)
Rest In Peace man.😭 this is amazing and sad af
Tushar Kamble (1 year ago)
Respect for UPS.....great work.... was totally unexpected
Kennedy Kerry (1 year ago)
I guess they didn't drop kick this package!
gcmotorman 63 (1 year ago)
Awesome! Good for Jeff and those who love him. And thank you UPS
Zombie3110bd (1 year ago)
Owh and Rip to Jeff i shoudln't let weed make me post funny comments on a sad sausage
Zombie3110bd (1 year ago)
No but seriously no joking i feel bad he passed
Zombie3110bd (1 year ago)
If i die Will i get raped by a moose like i'm One of his french girls?
Rockin gamer243 (1 year ago)
we all will miss you Jeff nice person
Sean Leff (1 year ago)
Joel Maejor (1 year ago)
Why jeff died
nxios (1 year ago)
idk why this showed up on my recommendations, but wow a touching story never knew how close ups drivers were.
Afzuigkapje (1 year ago)
Soooo, this is the truck whery my parcels are delivered by... Good to know....
Just Ian (1 year ago)
John Grepo (1 year ago)
I am sorry for your loss, the company has lost its " brown family feeling.
Michael Parks (1 year ago)
Ace it (1 year ago)
So sad
STAINLEES (1 year ago)
joe shmo (1 year ago)
Rip that we lost one of our own. Unfortunately if you know UPS package, they probably called Mike in after the funeral to run a route....
daniel mejia (1 year ago)
For real, fucking assholes. If I was a supervisor and this happend. Me personally would of been like, go home man I'll cover the route today and I'll figure it out. Very few people in this planet like me left
joe shmo (1 year ago)
Glad I'm out of it now. Feeders for me...
joe shmo (1 year ago)
Sad but true...
LS1 Corvette Fan (1 year ago)
Steven Crawley Hahaha!!!
Steven Crawley (1 year ago)
joe shmo if it's like here they'd of tried to call Jeff in to...
RRIA AMERICA (1 year ago)
You my package may be in the same truck he was in..??
Billy Swarthout (1 year ago)
very nice.
james bell (1 year ago)
was he buried in his browns???I'm a former ups driver,,,,and I want to be buried in mine..ups gets into your blood,,,so much of your life is traded to the company,,,that your in your browns more than anything else..GOD bless your loved one,,and ""you can't stop the big Brown machine""👍
sapher2020 (14 days ago)
Casket was brown
Camy (1 year ago)
thats actually insanely sad.
Amed Tajan (1 year ago)
james bell thanks James, most of the people thinks is just a job, but what you say is true. employees are the heart and backbone of any company even if they are misstreated
Bobby Cratchet (1 year ago)
When an employee becomes part of the family corporate policy book full of rules and regs. gets tossed aside in favor of human emotions and real world dedication to their loved one's passing.
John Grepo (1 year ago)
Bobby Cratchet , not always- corporate would not let this happen again..
Jester Flight (1 year ago)
I've always loved UPS, MY 83 year old mother always called it ups instead of U-P-S. Mother was a doctor of special education, however her children loved the UPS vans, and so when she first started teaching ,the children didn't understand that it was referred to phoneticly, instead of pronounced, so she would encourage all her teachers to also pronounce it, due to the fact that everyday the children would wait for the UPS van to drive by, and the children would make the international motion for the UPS to "HONK" whatever driver was driving by the playground for the children with disabilities, they alw as new that they should honk when requested by the children. When mother passed at 83 YO, many UPS DRIVERS attended in their van behind my mother's hearst. Additionally there were thousands of mentally challenged kids walking with UPS drivers, and assistant drivers. I remember vividly that even though father was a Texas peace officer from 1953 till 2015 he always said that he had wished his officers could of received the love, respect, and honor that the children had for UPS drivers & UPS employees. Father loved the Marines because he fought in North Korea, and he always wanted to be an FBI AGENT, however he said he would have traded those goals, to receive the love & honor the students had for UPS drivers, never missing the chance to blow their horn , when requested by the advanced challenged students. He knew that his wife, my mother, looked at the Ups drivers, as true humanitarians with Devine intervention riding 9n their shoulder. When dad would go present at mother's schools with his subordinate officers, the young boys wanted to be UPS drivers, not police or firemen.
Motor rider (1 year ago)
I think ups drives never get a thanks to often next time I'll see my delivery driver I'll make sure to make his day
Robert Johnson (1 year ago)
Kory pump the brakes bitch boy!
John Grepo (1 year ago)
Kory , it doesn't hurt to show appreciation..
Cowboy Kody (1 year ago)
Just make sure FedEx doesnt run you over first
Kory (1 year ago)
t3l3 fr4gg3d Its their job to deliver packages , you don't need to thank them .. Idiots .. Don't nobody want to hear thank you every single fucking time you deliver a package ..
Mutniy O (1 year ago)
please tell me what the salary of the courier ups
Chris Borbon (2 years ago)
Wow! I'm a UPS driver in California. I can't believe corporate allowed this. Totally awesome! Condolences to the family
JayF8st- WithDreads (8 months ago)
Paola Lazcon Facts
JayF8st- WithDreads (8 months ago)
Lincolnator its 28 not 23 i know this for a fact in Texas
Paola Lazcon (10 months ago)
in california a ups driver gets payed 36.50 top pay
Lincolnator (1 year ago)
It's 32 an hour where i live and fedex makes 23 an hour
Derek Conklin (1 year ago)
I'm sure they didn't allow it for free.
Zzyzx Wolfe (2 years ago)
When I die, just put me in a cardboard box, mark it return to sender, and schedule a pick-up. Nice of UPS and his friend to this for him. RIP Jeff. Glad you found something that made you happy while you were here.
terry (1 year ago)
rest in pepperonis jeff
Douglas Muth (2 years ago)
^ this
Helisabed Romano (2 years ago)
Traductions 365 (2 years ago)
R i p from ups drivers france
BOYCOTT PC (2 years ago)
SocraticMind89 (3 years ago)
Mike Getsi (3 years ago)
I wonder how Jeff died.   I bet UPS killed him.   What do you think?
sapher2020 (14 days ago)
+Chris lol
Francesco Avila (7 months ago)
Isaac Pedroza12 old? He was born in 1962 and and died in 2008.
Chris (1 year ago)
I bet it was FedEx
Isaac Pedroza12 (1 year ago)
Mike Getsi Maybe He Died Of A Heart Attack Or Died Of Old Age Or He Had A Long Life And Wanted To Be With Jesus
Black Owl (1 year ago)
He died a hard-working man which is something you can't do...
BOYCOTT PC (3 years ago)
I am a want a bee driver.  RIP sir. should have put a big shipping label on the top of the coffin.
My leg! (2 years ago)
But then they would of had to throw the coffin in the back of the truck like a package
Mitchell Smith (5 years ago)
jeremycounty (5 years ago)
not sure how i got to this video but i shall go cry now.
FORDLLK1970 (5 years ago)
Hats off to management to allow it. Shows they appreciated him a lot....
smiling bandit (2 years ago)
or the positive publicity it gets/got?
sapher2020 (5 years ago)
I like your avatar
trabakollias (5 years ago)
i am too driver for ups of greece..........my frend is ups driver too an die......but nothing happend in for him.......baried with out 1 honnor or speech for this guy..too same for ups of greece.......all driver work with hard and love for ups and the ups of greece see us like a dog..............................the ups of the america know this thing...??????
pierre richard Dalcourt (1 year ago)
local made the difference mate locals
Gilberto Collado (5 years ago)
I,m very sure they fire you , cuz you dint cut it.
Gilberto Collado (5 years ago)
After 17 years in the job , this man don,t want to be promoted. he is a Teamster for life.
2fast65 (5 years ago)
Those are two verry dedicated men that make's me proud to be an american true blue hard working people we need more people with that kind of dedication in america this wase a touching video thanks.
CresentMoon18 (5 years ago)
This man deserves to be promoted...
marcel lebrun (5 years ago)
am verry touching am ups driver canada 24 years rip body
sapher2020 (5 years ago)
Those trucks are never that clean!!!
8bitpothead (5 years ago)
didnt know jeff but this is one of the most redneck ways to get to your resting spot
Vatozulu (6 years ago)
As a Fed Ex Driver Rest In Peace Jeff...that was a Moving Video....Lights on For Jeff...
Stephen W (6 years ago)
yamahonkawazuki (6 years ago)
foxdmulder (6 years ago)
Hope god signed for him
Sean's Myth (1 year ago)
+foxmulder Why do so many stupid comments get hundreds of likes and yours just a measly few? SMH.
honeybun33 (2 years ago)
or did DIAD mis load him to a heated place.
sapher2020 (6 years ago)
Gordon302 (6 years ago)
I'm sure that Judy handled Jeff's "package" a LOT better than UPS handled most of their parcels that they deliver.
dibdevlon (6 years ago)
Wonder if they handled jeff like they do most of their packages. UH Ma'am didjuh get dat inchoorance.
charger master (1 year ago)
dibdevlon Dont they throw packages on the porch? Most Times?
andvaleli (6 years ago)
oh wow amazing, im out in temecula california local 63, respect to the family and friends
OneTimer (6 years ago)
Dragonking1984 (6 years ago)
this was a great tribute to someone who loved there job and made the UPS shine. I am glad to see that the idea to do that was approved by management. must be true what they say "the good die young"
Kurtis Saar (6 years ago)
Rest in peace, Jeff. You will be missed dearly by all UPS drivers and Crystal Lake residents.
Dick Trickel (6 years ago)
ONly 46? Bummer!
lyricalwildman (6 years ago)
Awesome job! I'm very sorry for your huge loss!
Kathleen Shoup (6 years ago)
Very touching and such a tribute to a dedicated worker.
Sign in Here (6 years ago)
Great of UPS to allow this to happen. A touching story and video. Way to go!
Jeremy Griffith (6 years ago)
one of the most touching funerals i've seen. UPS rules for this!
jbmass84 (6 years ago)
I also am a UPS driver and this is the best thing ive ever seen! What a proper send off... Cheers
Texas Psalmist (6 years ago)
What a class act. I am sorry for your loss. Jeff will live on via this video and your memories. May God be with you in your sorrow.
giovanni verhagen (7 years ago)
nice funelral... i"m a UPS driver from Belgium and i'm alsow proud to be a UPS driver ;-)
remastered1950ford (7 years ago)
i have a tear in my eye, right now. but he loved LIfe..
chipjumper (7 years ago)
@mikemcgee2 You clown; he died from cancer. Granted, your assumption isn't that far fetched for other drivers...
Bryan Miner (7 years ago)
nice send off
Ryan Malone (7 years ago)
This is one of the weirdest and most pathetic thing I've ever seen. I worked at UPS for 5 years, and that was 5 years too long. This place sucks and all the management hates you.
dean eladli (7 years ago)
they should have sent him fedex he would have been there on time!!!
mike mcgee (7 years ago)
is this the guy management harassed into suicide
Dave Dyck (7 years ago)
very touching, A classy send off for someone who looked like they were truly happy doing what he was doing. Nice to see that the big wigs could look past everything and do something to give this guy the tribute he deserved. Hope your route in heaven is nothing but smooth roads, sunny days and light packages.
Lyle Hadlock (7 years ago)
A great send off. I am a UPS driver as well.