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IndieFlick Jim (8 months ago)
Out of the 10 people that were hired I am the only one left. You are right, most of them are gone within the first year.
tl2003 sev (8 months ago)
@Billy G. I see it every day at work.
Billy G. (8 months ago)
tl2003, youre just repeating mindless crap you heard from someone else.
matt johnson (8 months ago)
You are totally right. I started back 9/14 with about 10-12 others... over 4 years later I'm the only one still there. It's really sad that this kind of thing happens. It needs to change.
tl2003 sev (8 months ago)
Because our lazy and don't want to work. That's our new generation they want money for nothing
Billy G. (8 months ago)
There were about twelve people in my training class, I was the only one fool enough to stay beyond a couple months.
Emmitt A. Dorsey (1 month ago)
Your you're right I have no one left and who I came with in 2017. As I said before they don't really explain anything to anybody when they do come in as a part-timers, or even the young ones. I was still wondering how would you know if you alright 22.4 or a 9.5 or anything else that basically they are trying to fill a positions. Yo really when I started in 2017 and I really didn't know what it was all about. When they sent that packages out to me, man I had no clue what it was all about so I vote Yes at the time and now looking at this and listening, I would have voted NO.
Michael Brown (4 months ago)
This was their goal... To divide us. I hate politics
J Hnat5288 (7 months ago)
Got told to do a trailer. When seeing everyone else on phone I figured might as well take break too. I get told to go somewhere else. (I was always taught to finish job first, then move to next task). Also, I assumed whether I did trailer or went did other task I would be not working as directed. Anyone, no how to talk to a bunch of managers who have no clue? Why they'd rather go after people who work. (Problem has been arise since I caught sup in a lie and called him on the lie in front of "their Stewart". Just trying to wait for my transfer for school that they are refusing to Grant. Can I just leave the local (63) and join local 460, without new dues? I got into Lipscomb in Nashville.
Russ Aman (8 months ago)
your very right about the part timers. amazon does the same thing just before they get eligible for benefits package they are let go then they hire new part timers it’s a never needing cycle. im tired of remembering new names and faces.
Mark Benner (8 months ago)
They dont  "get rid of them" (the part timers that dont make the full year) at my hub....they promote them to PT supervisors
michelle Panyik (8 months ago)
When I'm worried about Tyler is my husband goes to work and he's a full-time driver, with all these 22-4 drivers they're taking all of my husban hours away. I guess the Sunday drivers are coming in and he's not as heavy on Monday my husband wanted to work on Monday he was off by 1:30 pm and he's a full-time driver. They're supposed to guarantee drivers at least 8 hours a day. What should my husband do he's not used to working with nothing in the back of his truck. He's used to working with a full load. He feels like he should ride the clock until for 8 hours but that would get him fired should he talk to somebody and tell him? he's not used to not working. There's taking so much off his truck he's actually worried not getting 8 hours in every day. Because there's so many 22 for drivers part-time drivers taking the bulk off. He's supposed to get a Helper next week he doesn't even need one! What the f is going on with this company? I mean isn't it true that they're supposed to give people 8 hours a day if your full-time? my husband is freaking out because he's not even making a little overtime anymore this fucking sucks they need to get rid of those 22 4 green and just maybe keep a Sunday route in.? I don't know? I know that the Atlanta Hub is freaking out because there's too many people working everybody spread out and full-timers are not getting there 8 hours in that's not right.?.? What are you think Tyler anyone?
John (8 months ago)
I feel that the part timers need their own contract. They basically out number the full timers and have too much voting power. Whether they voted or not they control the majority of the contract vote. At my center we have hired more drivers off the streets than inside. Basically no part timers want to drive, it's that bad! I've been with the company 26 years and it's just getting worse for us. The rich get richer..... Just remember UPS made 6 Billion in profit. I'm glad Amazon raised their wages for their employee. Just a nice slap in the face of UPS! G R E E D.
Paul Matsukawa (8 months ago)
What can we do to kick out those clowns that suppose to represent us and and put in a more reliable person we can trust
Justin Vasquez (8 months ago)
Yo Tyler.... Whats your e- mail again? Want to send you something.....
Erik Manuel Cardona (8 months ago)
I dont understand why we dont have VOTING BOOTHS at work!!! Walk in the door and let us vote right before we clock in!!! Is that so hard to ask? I;ve been a package handler making $10 an hour for 8 months. They kept telling me to vote but nowhere to go and VOTE. I was waiting for the voting booth to go up at work but saw nothing. What the fuck!!!!!
owenbro (8 months ago)
A large majority of full timers are NOT informed! Many don’t bother to educate themselves on the contract or how it works. You’re doing a fantastic job, keep up the great work! We need to inform, educate and spread the word! In doing so, we energize the base. To many of the members are low information voters!!!
KawaRider88 (8 months ago)
Saturdays are the absolute worse. We need more people. The bigger routes are bullshit. Everyone knows it, why aren’t we fixing it?
John b (8 months ago)
Did we have better turn out voting via mail vs this online ballot vote??
Ray Miranda (8 months ago)
Now you're making some sense! Well...you were earlier too but now you're addressing the problem. Good video. What you are saying cannot be fixed right now. It will take the next 5 years to do what you suggest
Brad Belikove (8 months ago)
There's an extremely simpler way to do this and handle this. make the "best and final" language much more precise (eg: best and final can only be in effect after 2 negotiating attempts etc) Also, we could divorce from the schemsters… Offtopic but my local is like a little mini hoffa cheerleading club. I'm sure several locals could use some fear of a revolution and a friendly reminder who they work for
Amanda Schlegel (8 months ago)
No more split pay for current 22.3s!! Our building won't be getting 22.4s for at least 5 years
Tony Gasperson (8 months ago)
As a union part timer in nc and 5 years with ups and 15 with the teamsters. The union is shit here unlike back in Cali. Shop stuwart does talk to us about anything. Let management post shit to let new parttimers know they are getting a raise...My idea for part timers to vote and to get a ballot, 5 years at ups and has to be a paid member in union also 5 years. Also Teamsters has to post before the vote how many people are allowed to vote. That way we know upfront.
Newan Ryland (8 months ago)
22.4 is NOT bad for ANYONE! As it stands right now, part-timers waiting for full-time driving opportunity have NO OPPORTUNITY. With 22.4, they have the opportunity to work more hours at a higher rate while they wait on a driving position to open up. It's that simple. Would you rather work part-time for 1-10 years with no option to get more hours (which is how it is now), or would you like to work part-time for 1-10 years while having the option to make more money with the company? Duh, more money making opportunity for part-timers paying their dues please thank you!
Newan Ryland (8 months ago)
Btw, there's nothing inherently more valuable about handling a ground package vs an air package. It's meaningless
Newan Ryland (8 months ago)
@JEFFREY Whether it's the way you say it is, or it's just plain voluntary ignorance on the part of the individual, the participation percentage remains the same... "Oh I'm part time and only make $34 while the full timers make $40? That's not fair! 😪" Would you rather make $34 or $17 because there is no part time driving opportunity? Tough shit, wait in line for full time like everyone else, like you're already doing, and like you've always done.
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
Newan Ryland Whatever the case? Exactly, thanks for proving my point. Sweep it all under the rug
Newan Ryland (8 months ago)
@JEFFREY Whatever the case, that's still 60% that don't mind the contract which puts you in the minority technically. Maybe you sold out by not supporting your unions negotiations. You're like a rogue faction, you don't stand with the company or the Union.
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
Newan Ryland 60% of the work force aren’t talked to, kept up to date on things, completely ignored, and were sold out for 40 years. No wonder they don’t vote. You would know all that if you actually worked with the company.
Chris Schleiger (8 months ago)
Good video, but the west didn't vote Yes because of pension issues. Ours is funded at 93% we were sold that we need to vote Yes to fix pension issues everywhere else.
Name Williams (8 months ago)
I wonder what would happen if the union dropped all its members and then waited to see who signed back up on their own free will again what I mean is if that person would go out of their way to make sure their on the team. To see if that person is a member of convenience or a member of commitment
MARTY COLLIER (8 months ago)
Part timer, here. Yes I voted NO!
MARTY COLLIER (8 months ago)
Great presentation, Tyler.
rudy torres (8 months ago)
Dude been part time for 18 years i camt drive due to health issues but i always believe if drivers dont get a good contract then i and all others aint gonna get anything good out of it!!!!
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
rudy torres Drivers have been getting good contracts by selling you part timers out for almost 40 years. We blame all of you for not voting but honestly speaking, we are happy you don’t because it get us drivers paid. That is the truth.
MrVaughn32 (8 months ago)
The union has always known that the turn out rate will never reach the level that they set. That’s why they set it. Let’s not be fooled who is in control. No matter how we vote we get what scraps they want us to get.
Luigi (8 months ago)
First of all thank you for these videos, you are truly a man with a goal and passion. My thoughts on these after considering many possible scenerios is to have a separate contract amongst FT vs PT employees. You hit the mail on the head on many reasons why an unanimous contract is just not feasible between both parties involved. Again, thank you very much for your endless efforts and dedication to our future as IBT members!
joshua enyart (8 months ago)
Thank you for your work!!
JimiThaJuiceman (8 months ago)
This just frustrates me even more. I need to leave this company but it's so hard. I want to say fuck it and pull my dues since I'm in a RTW state but I know this will be cutting my nose off in spite... idk
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
JimiThaJuiceman It'll look hurt ourselves. It sucks
sliccflip (8 months ago)
All I'm saying is. Stop bitching about the contract being ratified when most of you whiners didnt vote. Just accept the fact that its ratified and enjoy that 40 something dollars an hour for us drivers will be getting.
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
sliccflip When the teamster “family” is taking a shit on its own members can’t be surprise when a lot of these union members don’t care anymore. We voted the contract down. 50k to 42k. That’s a record turn out. We let Hoffa and Denis know what we wanted. They, however, used a loophole never used before I believe to get around what we wanted. We voted and the union doesn’t give a shit. That’s the union we have today.
sliccflip (8 months ago)
@JEFFREY that's why I voted no. But looks like the rest of teamster family didnt vote, so theres nothing much to be done here.
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
sliccflip It not all about us drivers. You have brothers and sisters who should be taken care of in the warehouse as well. This is a union after all
Ramses Alexander (8 months ago)
I was hired in Oct. 1, 2018 and i still get $11, does the contract effect me?
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Ramses Alexander Yes once it passes you will receive a raise to $13 or $15 we will know the exact amount soon
JR EliteMods (8 months ago)
We need to change the Constitution which classifies how a person is eligible to vote. I don't think that people that are not vested should be able to vote. I understand we have part-timers in the union but I don't think that they should be able to vote on a contract until they are eligible for benefits and understand what it is to be vested in those benefits. Also we need to get rid of the supplementals and go to three simple supplementals East West Central.
JR EliteMods (8 months ago)
@Tyler Binder your video was good but there's some key points that people need to know about. UPS knows now that Hoffa and Dennis Taylor will not stand behind our votes even though we had 52% vote no. The reason that this contract was so important. Is UPS and the union know that we will not get the majority vote that's needed to turn down the contracts now. One key point that needs to be addressed is the pension memorandum of understanding. Because, 2023 I guarantee you that UPS is going to try to push the package car division into a 401k versus pension plan just like they did with their non-union management. And at this point UPS knows that if we don't get the majority vote that Dennis Taylor and Hoffa will go ahead and ratify a contract with that language in it. This contract was so important and I think that that's some of the things that people did not think about when offer and Taylor ratified this contract.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
JR EliteMods Good idea
donald martin (8 months ago)
I'm curious how is it that your all under the same contract and yet some have TCD's and others dont. The contract should be the same when it comes to having workers
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
donald martin The supplemental agreements override the Master agreement. In some supplements we fought to have no TCDs
Patrick Woods (8 months ago)
Hey Tyler this is Patrick Woods I work for UPS 81st Hub in Indianapolis Indiana I work on the midnight shift as a unloader I have been hearing from the drivers that there needs to be 4 contracts one for part time one for full time one for package car and one for feeders that way it can be fair for everyone and the drivers don't have to worry about losing any benefits just because there are a few of the part timers that either side with management or just don't care which way they vote.
Patrick Woods (8 months ago)
I have a question who negotiated the 10 minute breaks in the contract that needs to be renegotiated in the new contract.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Patrick Woods I haven't heard that brought up yet. Good point
Dennis Pluto (8 months ago)
Ups has been cheating and using pters for 40 yrs I was there for 12yrs 78 -1990 and did not have enough senority for a full time job my rate almost 30 yrs ago was over 16 hr.from what I can see. I'm glad I left.we didn't have u tube back then.I was harrased for a vote no t shirt in 81 when pt wages were cut in half for new hires.keep up the good work tyler but watch ur back.they would love to find a reason to get rid of u.
offroad6901 (8 months ago)
They love to find a reason to get rid of anyone who is pro-union or at least is pro-self preservation and conversates about the tough issues in life. It is our future and somehow many of our votes did not count.
Maurice Johnson (8 months ago)
The best and easiest fix to this problem is to get Hoffa and Taylor out of office. I want you as my leader of Teamsters ASAP!!!!!
James Middleton (8 months ago)
Tyler what is the deal with telling drivers we have to be done by 9.5? I've been getting a message everyday about being done in 9.5 or having to call in for help and stops to be removed so I can be in by that time.
James Middleton (8 months ago)
Thanks for the reply. Glad to know it's not isolated
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Yes it's happening all over the country. What the plan is or why it's happening I do not know
James Middleton (8 months ago)
Is anybody else experiencing this? Just started yesterday
Brian Chernesky (8 months ago)
October has been very slow i am scapitgel about peak season i hope i am very wrong about it
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Brian Chernesky It'll be wild as always
Johnny D (8 months ago)
You can only vote if you have work for ups for 2 or 3 years
Gator Huckelberry (8 months ago)
change it to where if a Ratification is to be invoked due to low voter turnout, a meeting of all Local Presidents and Secretary Treasures will be held and voted on before any such Ratification shall be invoked.
Aaron Springborn (8 months ago)
Great points and statistics. I will say we need to add language to the contract saying that the company should have no right to ratify the contract without at least 51% voting yes for a new contract and if at least 50% votes no the leaders must go back to the table and must talk to us members of what we want in the contract. We need stronger language in the contract to keep the company and our leaders accountable. Separate contracts may help to a point based on too much division you have demonstrated than again one would be easier so we when everything is solved we can be done with this for good until the new contract comes up.
Lawrence Cruz (8 months ago)
Withholding information is one of the main factors for people not voting. The international does it by design, not a big secret. The strike vote fell right in line with common voter turnout, around 35 percent. We can't let the people that don't vote decide the outcome. In other words if you don't vote, you have more influence than people that do vote. Sound backwards right? But that's what happened here. The international had absolutely no reasons to impose this contract period.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Lawrence Cruz good point
Brian Chernesky (8 months ago)
I miss the Christmas bonus and the turkey
bc1320 (8 months ago)
Easy way to get everyone to vote would be have each employee vote at their respected hub. Basically how we vote nowadays for president with an actual ballot machine.
sr166 (8 months ago)
I just want to see the look on my managers face when I walk out of the facility , like I’m on strike! “do the work yourself”....
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
sr166 same
Nighthawk Predator (8 months ago)
We can change the current situation in part, by changing our union's leadership drastically. Any steward that wore a "Vote No" button was pressured to take it off. Lets get some Union Leaders that bargain in good faith for a change. We need new blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are correct. We do need to change some of the constitution, we need to have a better, more unified message for members by training stewards better. In the last couple of contracts, our local members voted "no" even though more than not the stewards were pushing the crappy contract on us. What the hell? We need union leadership that is not going to give away the store to the company and we definately do not have that now. I say, start at the top and remove Hoffa and all Hoffa wanna be's. We need Union leaders who actually fight for us like Ron Carey did in 97!!!
pilot 74 (8 months ago)
UPS is only #1 because of the quality of drivers that represent the company, and the blood given. Richard Branson said, "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients". The competition in freight/package is extreme....It's ironic that the SUITS that designed the TITANIC also died and went down with the very problem they created! UPS can divide and sink as well....
glen aldo (5 months ago)
@JEFFREY not true if my on road questions me about "why u sitting" i tell him customer service baby, we gotta keep em happy
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
pilot 74 That stop mattering a long time a go. Now all ups cares about is their shareholders. Drivers as well as the brothers and sisters inside the warehouses are a after thought. Drivers can’t even talk to customers anymore because it would add too many second to the time were allowed to be at a stop. Hi ... bye ... gone So much quality and building a relationship with our costumers. It’s now about quantity and how many packages UPS can shove into your truck without completely breaking you.
Nighthawk Predator (8 months ago)
You need to add the cost of training these part-timers as well.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Nighthawk Predator where I'm from we don't train. We just throw them in and hope they make it
Patricia Driscoll (8 months ago)
I don’t work for UPS however I am a CWA retired member . I have never heard more of a screwed up mess than UPS UNION CONTRACT !! You need one contract for all UPS Workers or at least by regions. From what I understand by watching your videos you have several contracts for each group, this is great for UPS, divide and conquer ! The older members need to educate the new members . I could go on and on with problems I see with the Teamsters , ALL UPS WORKERS need to get new leadership ! Make one contract for every title and every worker. Why aren’t part timers ever made full time ? That needs to change there is no incentive to stay or give a shit really . You don’t want two contract one for part timers and one for full timers. That is further dividing the workers power ! As far as that percentage bullshit that is BULLSHIT . I have never heard anyone go by a percentage to ratify a contract, that needs to be gone ! Any contract should by yes and no votes. I wish you all the best but you definitely need to all stick together or you will be in for a terrible time in the future .
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
Patricia Driscoll Same thing I’ve been saying all along. Sad thing is the divide is already there and has been for decades. You have full timers willing to sell out part timers even more asking for a separate contract. These people make me sick ...
pilot 74 (8 months ago)
We need to remove that clause in the IBT Constitution or separate the full time from the part time for the vote.
tl2003 sev (8 months ago)
The part-time has nothing to do with UPS. The part-timers anymore are lazy and don't want to work hard so they leave. It's a person getting hired not UPS's fault
tl2003 sev (8 months ago)
You make over $100,000 a year afford a $300 lens big boy
tl2003 sev (8 months ago)
@Tyler Binder awwww. Don't hate. Lol. Then if you just went top scale you couldn't have made 100,000 yet like you said you have.....hahahahahha.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
tl2003 sev i just hit top pay get off me
jessica minor (8 months ago)
If we are going to break the 50% voter turnout mark, we need to change who is eligible to vote. You should not be allowed to vote on contract unless you have been with company for 3-5 years. Doesnt matter if you are full time or part time, you need to be with UPS x amount of years.
offroad6901 (8 months ago)
@Drake Brown I agree with you, but to counter, the mass amount of people that didn't vote have only been there a couple of months and less than 2-3 years (myself included, but I voted too) and the people that have only been there for a couple of months have more say than the people than who have been there for 10+ years because the majority of new people didn't vote makes people like Tyler question how we should adjust this to take the power out of the hands of the people who don't vote and give it to the people who want to make it a career and/or want to vote like you and myself. I think a fairly good solution is to educate workers on how the union works(because our union does not care apparently), give them voter rights and if they don't use there vote for an election, the next election there vote is not counted towards the total and they can still vote, but just not counted as an active voter, then if they vote they are counted for that election and onward until they don't vote, almost like you have to actively vote for local/state/president in order to not become an unregistered voter in the U.S.
Drake Brown (8 months ago)
I NEVER comment on anything but I highly disagree with what you just said. I agree the 50% turnout needs to be fixed but it's not fair to the people who actually do plan to stay to tell them they can't vote until they've been there for x years. I've been at ups 1 year now and i took the time to vote because the contract INCLUDES me and i care about what's going to happen to my job you dont really have a right to tell me i have no right to vote on somthing that affects me but everyone else gets to decide what happens meaning i have no say in my own contract..
offroad6901 (8 months ago)
@JEFFREY agree with you completely
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
jessica minor What we need to do is change that stupid 50% voter turnout in the language. It gives to much power to those who don’t bother to vote. We had a record amount of votes this contract. Around 93k worth. We came out and voted. The no votes won. Then this scummy union decided now was the time to use this bullshit 2/3 loophole Funny, we didn’t have a 50% majority vote for a strike. Why was the union bragging we had strike authorization when the majority didn’t even vote for it? So we can be picketing on a line with no 50% majority vote but my fellow brothers and sisters can’t get a $15 pay rate with catch up raises in the warehouse without a 50% majority vote? My fellow drivers now have a subclass who will make $6 less for doing the same job and a drivers will be forced to do 70hrs, which was dangerous last peak, is now the norm this year at peak with no 50% majority vote? Man, this sorry union has its priorities ass backwards.
itweety21 (8 months ago)
Time to change the rules they are all setup to take power from us. Don't let it happen again. We got play ones we are not getting play twice.
Ross Headley (8 months ago)
Get rid of the 1 in 6 off the street hire bullshit
Matt Scenna (8 months ago)
I think I am the sole survivor of onboarding group. On top of that I watched 3 people come and go within two months... maybe 4 if this guy can't cope with a supervisor known to harass
TinyBOss (8 months ago)
People quit or fired quick where I'm at. Just gone on the no hired list also for a minor thing. Not liable employee.
Robert Gordon (8 months ago)
Good video! I've been with UPS for 31 years, I'm a 22.3 That Didnt Work, they should have a full time contract and a part time contract!
Keith Carter (3 months ago)
How many hours do part time drivers get and what is the starting pay?
Kelly Spencer (8 months ago)
Great video! As a long time part timer it's so tough to get part timers involved in the union. I think discussions need to happen right when the part timer is hired and I think it would help if it came not only from a part timer but a full time driver as well.
Christopher Pack Art (8 months ago)
Be able to see the contract first and then when you go to vote yes or no on the contract also have a yes or no on authorizing a strike. You knock out two birds with one stone, and you also know what you are possibly striking against. If you create two separate contracts; one for full-timers and one for part-timers, given the reasons you stated in the video I have a feeling that the part-timers would be screwed over intensely more than now.
Christopher Pack Art (8 months ago)
Also if voting is done, or at least available to also be done at work at one of the computers I feel that would help with voter turnout and the 'lost' ballets in the mail issue.
T wills (8 months ago)
The locals leaders should discuss what the pros n cons are thru each own agreement and try to agree on something everyone can benefit from without losing anything
T wills (8 months ago)
I thought it was in the contract that UPS promise to open more full time positions to part timers
T wills (8 months ago)
What about the part timers that been there for more than 1yr still getting a 200 dollar bonus for coming to work on time
Mandosolo S (8 months ago)
People who say two separate contracts for full timers and part timers divides us more aren’t looking at the big picture it doesn’t divide us it actually helps both sides usually part timers don’t vote because the contract focuses more on drivers and we don’t win because they out number us that would fix 2 major issues
gl knord (8 months ago)
@Mandosolo S There should be no blame to begin with. Who's blaming and for what? The vote? I have seen no stats on voter turnout for PTs vs FTs. If you go down the road of splitting the contract, they have to be voted on as one unit, else you risk setting each side against themselves. As a hypothetical: Next negotiations FTs get a superb contract and pass it overwhelming, PTs get severe concessions and decide to strike. Are the FTs going to risk their gains for the PTs? Are the PTs going to roll over and accept it because their FT brothers and sisters won't stand with them? Would they strike anyways and then UPS simply replace them. Then the following contract PTS get a great one and FT gets screwed...rinse repeat a few times and then where could we be. I think it's highly probably UPS would love to have an opportunity to negotiate to a divided union.
Mandosolo S (8 months ago)
gl knord we should rely on each other but the reality is that we can’t therefore a contract for full timers and part timers is the best way to stop the blame
gl knord (8 months ago)
Our power as a union is when we are united. If we split the contract into a rider and sort like we have in my area they need to be voted on as one contract. We need to stop acting like we don't rely on each other for our continued success.
Marcus Webb (8 months ago)
I think the vote decision should be based off of those who actually voted rather than the entirety of the union. The pensions could be based of the cost of living in that area + years worked. Either have tcd drivers everywhere or not at all. Still don’t fully understand riders. I haven’t been with ups long but that’s what makes sense to me, I could be wrong and something I said doesn’t make sense or wouldn’t work.
Nicholas Malone (8 months ago)
Nicholas Malone (8 months ago)
Yall see this shit
PT _ (8 months ago)
I tried to vote but I was told my access code was in valid, I tried doing it online and calling in. I'm sure I wasn't the only one, I'm not buy into the fact that no one voted, everyone voted they're not telling the truth.
Nick B (8 months ago)
Rule #1 you can not vote on a contract until you have worked a contract. Members must have 5 years service to be eligible to vote....let the rank and file decide the contract.... We don't let kids vote in the election in America you have to be 18 to vote.Well you have to have 5 years service here let's not let the rookies kill our vote
Patricia Driscoll (8 months ago)
Nick B, in my opinion you can’t exclude any part of membership and the reason I say that is this, the company would love to see this happen ! They watch and wait for divide and conquer. In your union is a no vote considered a yes vote? Believe me I saw this happen when I started working but I had enough respect to listen to my elders and union reps and members would talk to the younger workers. I was hired as permanent part time but after six months was made a permanent full time employee sadly I cannot believe your union would let that many part timers . I agree the younger generation doesn’t care about anything except how much they make they don’t think of the future ! Thank God we raised our son in a union household and is respectful of seniority and to listen to a senior person and to think of the future . All I am saying you can’t shove the younger workers aside you have to literally unfortunately beat it into them . I hope your next contract is better, but I would try desperately to get rid of that constitution that goes by percentage, it should be by yes’s and no’s !
Nick B (8 months ago)
@Patricia Driscoll this last contract just showed everyone has a lot to learn.. all I did was come up with a drastic idea of how to get people who are in the rank-and-file to vote on a contract not some new hire who doesn't vote and kills our numbers. Our business rep went around to all the part-timers at work and ask them if they voted he didn't care how they voted he just wanted to make sure that they did and they all told him yes and we didn't even get 40% of our members to vote in our Union. People are lazy they don't care and they're stupid.
Patricia Driscoll (8 months ago)
Nick B sorry I have 30+ years in the union and you still have a lot to learn , from a good union . To you younger workers that care go to older senior workers and ask them if if you have a good rep go them and talk , go to union meetings etc
Nick B (8 months ago)
@Patricia Driscoll 16 years ...ok thanks bye
Patricia Driscoll (8 months ago)
Nick B , how much time have you been in a union? Sorry all you did was to divide the work force, which isn’t an answer ! By the way I know a lot about being a true union member and that means working with the younger seniority ! Sorry you have a shitty union, that can be changed by the members !
Speed9044 (8 months ago)
That section in the constitution can be a double edge sword. It can be a good thing for us or a bad thing depending on the voter turn out.
Brian Chernesky (8 months ago)
18 year proud ups part time teamster it is very disturbing to me what is going on with this contract !!
Chloe Price (8 months ago)
@Brian Chernesky yeah the drivers are subcontracted out to the company called Werner I used to work for them they're getting sued by the federal government I hope they get their cheeks fucked hard
Brian Chernesky (8 months ago)
@Chloe Price i don't drive i work the warehouse picking orders in July we voted for a union it was the teamster we won the vote it is all most the same benefits as ups
Chloe Price (8 months ago)
@Brian Chernesky I heard they're pretty good just dont ever drive for them trust me
Brian Chernesky (8 months ago)
@Chloe Price i work for Coca-Cola
Chloe Price (8 months ago)
I quit after 3 days as a loader I was promised a driving job. But due to racial discrimination I quit. all the employees were sleeping and using their phones while tens of thousands of packages were coming down the line they put me at the end and expected to walk all of them to the front it's literally impossible I told my supervisor look he's sleeping on packages he's like he's allowed to do that if he works a little
Steven Sorg (8 months ago)
If you want to fix the problem you need to fix the union. Vote the Teamsters out and a new union in. The Teamsters have made it clear with every $6 billion cash purchases UPS had made. Look at the gross underfunding central states pension still has after UPS bought us out 12 years ago. Then add the "we are 200,000 + members strong because of UPS" comments the union leaders brag about along with the past 15 years of sellouts from the leadership. Its more than clear that the Teamster leadership only cares about surviving. The Teamsters are broke and UPS owns no debt. With that financial difference it's no wonder the union jumps when the company tells them. UPS uses money for everything they want. Why do you think the company used money to to both reprimand you ("oh we didn't fire you. It was a administration leave") and prove a point?
Oscar Palomino (8 months ago)
we should selecte a RAMDOM group of smart people from different states and getting them ALL together to analyze the contract b4 setup. AA and DHL have a way better contract than we do...¿ why ? Because they have the right people negotiating contracts 4 them. Selecting two contracts for full n part timers it's not the solution.The solution is demanding what we need straight forward and getting rid of those problems like subcontracting, etc,etc
Razix (8 months ago)
Part timer - While I do have hopes of becoming a driver at the moment it's just like you mentioned.. Pretty much nothing in there actually applies to me right now. About the only thing that will get me to go vote is if I see they want me to make 15 an hour instead of 11.
Lord Lorten (8 months ago)
Razix i hear you buddy
Jeremy Brake (8 months ago)
Another figure to be added in is that many locals had 100s if not 1000s of ballots "missing"
Edwin Liberata (8 months ago)
Tyler, why aren't you running for the ibt presidency?, let's get that F Hoffa outta there
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Edwin Liberata It's 2.5 years away
Vegashot Boi (8 months ago)
good video Ty
Justin Bird (8 months ago)
I think that the locals should be constantly testing soldarity and educating the members especially in Right to Work states. The strike authorization vote is just one data point and we need actually organizing on the ground. I did not even hear about the strike authorization vote until the results were reported in the news and my local did not send me a ballot even though I was a member in good standing. Inactive and underfunded locals in inbattled union states is part of the problem. I think some of those 110,000 or so part-timers would vote for 15 to 20 dollar progression if the locals would lead the movement. Lack of engagement and education is the problem at my local at least. 878 Little Rock
ImSoThrowed1 (8 months ago)
One thing that made it difficult for people to vote on the strike authorization was the contract was not available at the time for the members to review... If the contract was available the strike vote count would of been different
weez82 (8 months ago)
We need new leadership. From top to bottom. We are divided because our leadership doesn't lead us to unity. I strongly believe that if our leadership aka, Hoffa and Taylor, had led us to stand together and told us the truth about this contract and that this is a bad contract for us that it would have been voted down by 90+%. But we didn't have that. Instead we had leaders telling us to vote yes
CaptLowRez (8 months ago)
I have a question that might have been answered already but like you said already, the 705 and the 710 are and have been on their own contract correct? Well, when they gave us that huge number of all eligible union members that could vote, did they also include the 705 and 710 members in that huge number anyway? You know, as in a way to make the over-all average of what was required of the no votes needed to go up. (Don't know if I'm explaining this correct. But I will try to give you an example.) So let's just say like 170,000 people are the eligible union members that can vote on the national. And also lets just say that the 705 and the 710 make up about 30,000 members total. But of course they are on their own contract and it wouldn't count towards ours. Our actual voter turn out was around 92,000 which in this scenario, would put us over that 50% turnout threshold. But what if (whom ever is in charge) also added the 30,000 of the 705 and the 710 union members to our number to make it 200,000? They are union members and they do work for UPS after all. Even thought their votes don't and cant count towards ours, their number would be added to push up our threshold. Making it higher and harder to achieve. So we would be under that 50%, and mainly because there where like 30,000 votes that we couldn't use. And people join and quit UPS all the time. It would be easy to sneak in some extra numbers here and there. Is there a way to check if something like that could happened? With all of the funny business that's been going on lately, it would be impossible for me to rule this one out. Especially since UPS and our so called leaders seemed to be (whats a good word for this) rather Intimate, with each other.
Junior M (8 months ago)
11.00$ an hour is impossible to live off of I hope the raises go though sorry but I've gotta eat
Benji Austin (8 months ago)
Excellent video!! Totally agree. Thanks for all the work that you’ve put in with the videos and info. 👊🏻
Great Lakes Doug (8 months ago)
The only way to make a change is to elect new leadership and get a unified contract that represents everyone equally. You also need to get change your constitution that changes the wording to represent the members while holding leadership accountable. Not the other way 'round where leadership gets to put the members in a sleeper hold and screw them over while they're least expecting it.
SpartanMike (8 months ago)
Every driver or sort group should be represented by a set number of shop stewards. Each shop steward represents a vote. During elections for office or contracts, each steward would be responsible for holding votes within their own group. Based on the outcome of the vote is the vote that the shop stewards would be required to cast at a Hall meeting. This way you get a much higher % of votes and employees represented. Kinda works like the electoral college.
wht1zzfe (8 months ago)
Just lost a guy that had been there for 10+ years. Good unloader, good sorter, NEVER missed a day. Just didn't make enough money he said. Sucks. They have good workers that want the jobs.
Noe _Sanchez (8 months ago)
Ex HolonsPhantoms as a part timer i agree some of us dont care because we are there for the earn and learn program
Ex HolonsPhantoms (8 months ago)
Stephen Satterberg part timers don’t care because they don’t see ups as a long term job obviously
Stephen Satterberg (8 months ago)
wht1zzfe I think you missed the point of the video completely. Part time hub employees are the reason we did not get our “no” vote.
Mountain West Highways (8 months ago)
If you run for Teamsters president, you have my vote brother!!
Billy G. (8 months ago)
It's divided for a reason, no doubt about that. As a member of 710 I was not allowed to vote on the strike.
Erik Pearlman (8 months ago)
Don't forget the canadian's involvement in fucking us
Howard Henninger (8 months ago)
can package handlers get fulltime or is just drivers?
Howard Henninger (8 months ago)
@Arlene Modafferi I think I will try to get with UPS. just after hearing about the benefits, pay may be low at first but if I want a career here I feel I can get one.
Arlene Modafferi (8 months ago)
There are full time package handlers...they have 22.3 jobs...that's 2 part time jobs to make up one full time job.
Rise Epsi (8 months ago)
I think we need to change the number of the strike vote turn out some how . At my hub in Hartford , CT we got little to no info on the strike vote . There's a reason that number is that low and it's because at the time we didn't have a whole lot of info about the contract so nobody in our building took it seriously until they looked at the voting ballets and took the time to peep the contract . Because almost every employee in my building on the third shift said they would go on strike if needed but I'm pretty sure nobody voted because we were to busy getting piped by the heavy volume at the time and the info wasn't getting passed around enough
caleb dahl (8 months ago)
Never got a strike ballot
Sean F (8 months ago)
You made some good points. The only answer to this is either 1. lower the amount from 2/3 to something like 55%, OR separate the contract agreements with a Master Part-Time and Master Full Time. If we are stuck with the 2/3, perhaps the union should pay the members $100 to vote (yes or no), this would boost voter turnout, and perhaps better reflect the will of the members.
Jestah (8 months ago)
Wish they made it were you need at least +5 years to vote. That way they’re probably in for the long run and will care to vote because you’re already so invested.
Jestah (8 months ago)
​@JEFFREYThe majority of part timers in my area are young kids that just don't care. They are only after ass and assuming they'll go to college, and finish it. Local89 here, Worlds largest package facility. I still feel votes would be higher, if it was based on how many years you worked for the company. I'll say this, my first 4 years I didn't give a single shit bout anything, just work and finish college. Now on my 14th year. When you finally figure out that you're probably going to be there for the long run, you start to open your eyes and think about, oh. This is about my future, I should get involved.
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
Netherblade The easier thing to do is change the 2/3 language in the contract. Those who didnt voted shouldnt have more power than those that did. I know guys who have been with the company for decades and still don’t vote. Talking away the voice of part timers isn’t helping anyone. What the union should do is stop being hyprocrites and instead of blaming part timers, actually go out there and do the job we are paying them to do. The union should get part timers involved. I rarely see union officials at my building unless it’s contract/election year.
Rick1979 (8 months ago)
Part timers lost interest because the union used them as pawns to trade off all of their wages and benefits to get full time benefits because they didn't vote. Ken Hall told me this himself. I think a "cicil war" within the union is probably the only way out. Hoffa's loyalties have always been with freight, not small package or even ups freight. I think there needs to be a separate union whether it's Teamsters or not to deal with UPS fulltime. It's not their fault but UPS workers have been subsidizing all the other company's employees pensions. It's why almost all the multi-employer funds are in trouble. We know this for a fact. You can't go on strike but you can disupt or slow down as peak nears.
JEFFREY (8 months ago)
Rick1979 Anyone without any bias knows we full timers fucked the part timers over for decades. Can’t be surprised some kid doesn’t give a shit about the job when they were making just $8.50 not to long ago. That was going on for almost 40 years. The culture at the company has both management as well as full timers looking down on part timers and now we want to blame these same part timers for not “saving” us? If anything, it’s what we deserve for letting our brothers and sisters in the warehouse down.
gl knord (8 months ago)
Rick Hicks said the same thing about part timers being used for the full timers gains during negotiations the last several contracts when he rolled through my local to sell the contract
frank manion (8 months ago)
I'm from ups freight. Let us in that small package agreement.
Randy Cain (8 months ago)
I agree..we don't have a chance unless small package goes with us..we could use each other
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
frank manion You guys voted very well. I think it would help us and also help protect you guys from being out there alone just hanging
Pu Stew (8 months ago)
Anyone hear Hoffa went on a 10 day vacation to Singapore while our contract is in chaos ?
David Wildridge (8 months ago)
Just following the money
Tommy Reed (8 months ago)
How do you not get Tyler in office???!!This guy is great in numbers and enthusiasm and organization.Lets get the following up!!Hoffa’s cronyism can’t compete on the Internet with us.💪💪💪😂Tyler should have every voter in this channel.Tell your locals.
Pu Stew (8 months ago)
General consensus is the contract should have been separate for Full timers and Part timers
Brad Belikove (8 months ago)
That's the best way to lose every contract forever
Knowledge S.O.G. (8 months ago)
Ups Teamster 710 Kankakee Illinois. It seems like the union brass purposefully was quite around vote time . They counted on low turnout so the could pull this 2 3rd crap on us. Back room politics.
Aaron Hawley (8 months ago)
The 2/3 requirement to vote down a contract is not majority rule. This has problems. It makes sense, as you say, for justifying strike activity. I get that. But in the case of people who don't vote, it violates the one-person, one-vote rule. Consider the following below: If there are 100 union members, and 26 vote against the contract, and 25 vote for the contract, the vote is 51% to 49%, and the turnout is 51%. This situation is eerily close to this year's master ratification vote. The contract would be successfully voted down by 26% of membership. Recipe for a good strike? Probably not. However... If there are 100 union members, and 26 still vote against the contract, and 23 vote for the contract, and the other 61 don't vote, the contract is ratified because only 49% voted, and only 53% voted against, not enough for 67%, two-thirds. This means 23% of the membership supported the contract's passing, even though 61% don't vote. As few as 14% could vote for the contract, and nine more people could not vote, and it would still only be 66%, not enough for two-thirds. This means if there is low turnout of less than a majority, and it's a close 50-50 vote, the last two "yes" votes (and up to nine) could just not show up. The contract would be ratified. The "yes" voting people not showing up just doubled their votes for the contract. Who knows what the will of the 51-60% who don't vote is. This is a bad situation. Given the regular low turnout, it seems there's no way to remedy this.
Aaron Hawley (8 months ago)
If you want to avoid striking, sure, you require a majority turnout, and require a super-majority otherwise. If you want to organize a strong union with good contracts, you need 1) majority rule, 2) strong contracts, and 3) a united membership that is willing to strike for the majority's wishes.
Aaron Hawley (8 months ago)
These numbers are worst-case turnout scenarios, but show the problem with the low turnouts. If the union was trying to maximize turnout, than it would be fine. However, if they are disingenuous and are convincing people not to vote, making a poor effort at handing out ballots, then the contract would still pass. This is a flawed feedback loop system. There are no incentives for good contracts or turning out votes, because these voting loopholes let them pass anyway.
Dwight Lollar (8 months ago)
Exactly what I pointed out in the last video you put up. We need 1 contract
Dwight Lollar (8 months ago)
Thanks Tyler. I appreciate your effort. UPS knows the divide and conquer tactics and they use it well. If you ever run for President you definitely have my vote.