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Education in Sweden Vs The US (6 Years Teaching in Sweden)

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Ana Camejo (15 days ago)
It may be a bit stressful to know you have to work to get into the gymnasium. But it's nothing compared to the stress the students in the US go through in regards to college, and their non existing income to pay for said college
Pixelisak (18 days ago)
One thing to note is that gymnasium can be way more niche than high school in the US. Our gymnasium is about as specific as college can be in the US. For example, the course in my gymnasium that I'm going is all about video game design and programming.
Loka- Chan (21 days ago)
The Swedish school system is bad even tetcher think so
Enjoy Life (1 month ago)
Good information!
MAC VENA (1 month ago)
In the US the federal government doesn't control the schools, therefore this is no US system. They set some standards and expectations, provide a modicum of funding at university. There are 50 states, thus 50 different systems, minimum. Each largely publicly funded by local tax, so Massachusetts is funded by Massachusetts tax payers with a curriculum that isn't identical to New York's. Political rivalry in the US is largely the problem with the whole thing. The two main parties cannot agree on much if anything. Americans are aware of all other ways, but those systems aren't implemented, because of the political dynamics in the US. Political leanings are at the heart of the problem.
Rox Girl (1 month ago)
How is it with Students that have a Handicap like Autism? Do they have Special Schools in Sweden too like here in Germany? I'm asking this, because I am an autistic Person myself that had to go to a Special School, because of learning disabilities!
Daniel Karlsson (1 month ago)
Yes we have special schools for autism and other disabilities
Andreas Lundqvist (6 months ago)
I got detention once in the 13 years I went in school in Sweden. I believe it was in 3rd or 4th class. And what did I do... well I was little late back to class after a break, and the reason was that me and some other kids stayed with a classmate that was hit in the head with a shovel by a other kid. Stupid reason indeed.
Grumpybuck (7 months ago)
We had your system 30 years ago
Fantaghiro (7 months ago)
Isn't a difference also how much safer it is? Like you don't get shot at school, I feel like that's a major plus.
Fantaghiro (7 months ago)
IT IS FREE OMFG this argument is so dumb, i'm tired of hearing it and seeing it in the comments. Who would say walking in the streets isn't free? Yet streets are also funded by taxes so just can we all agree to stop making this stupid, senseless argument? Kids don't pay taxes so LUNCH IS FREE. Students haven't payed taxes yet, usually, so when uni is free IT IS ACTUALLY FREE FOR THEM. Otherwise, what IS "free"? Where do people think the money comes from that the government is using?? It doesn't grow in the streets, after all..
ejreob (7 months ago)
I'm not sure elevens val in Sweden and school sports in the US should be compared to each other straight off like that. For starters schools in Sweden don't, generally, run sport teams at all. The very idea of schools spending (rather large amounts of) money on having good sport teams is very foreign to I dare say the overwhelming majority of Swedes. There are sporting events for schools/students but they are mostly done on individual or class basis (the class being, as you also pointed out, a more important and cohesive unit in Sweden) and in the cases where schools do compete against each other the teams are largely created ad hoc. Now elevens val (or individuellt val for gymnasiet) is for the students to spend time doing something they find interesting, want to learn more about or getting better at a subject they're struggling at but it does not mean they can pick just anything. It is still supposed to be teacher led education of some sort and not scheduled slacking off. As examples, some of the subjects I myself picked during my school days were working on a school newspaper, theater, preparatory chemistry and drama.
Drackan (7 months ago)
You don't need to argue on this point, everyone thinks the swedish grading system sucks! Students and teachers alike
Alice Palmqvist (7 months ago)
National tests are a huge deal in Sweden I would say. If you do not do great on your national tests your grade will not turn out great at all. And the pressure on the students' are unreal. I feel like your views are mostly right but it also seems like you work with younger kids. I would say that swedish school is really independent when you start High School or gymnasiet. Gymnasiet is not obligatory and you are responsible yourself fot your education.
Felix Nilsson (7 months ago)
9* year teaching but most people do 12 years with gymnasium
Mam M (7 months ago)
No 1: It's forbidden to homeschool in Sweden. We have a deuty to go to school. So ye, they have to feed the kid's in schools. And they can't throw them out of school no, because it is against the law not to go to school in Sweden. Maby that's the number 1 difference. And it's free ...
Mam M (6 months ago)
@Johan Ylinenjarvi and that is nearly impossible. If you don't have a severe diagnostic problem. A severe! There is a handful that get the premission. Swedish perents move out of the country to homeschool! And if you talk about it you're in deap water. Consensus is important in Sweden not democracy. People go out of Sweden to put their children in better schools to. It's a growing trend.
Johan Ylinenjarvi (6 months ago)
Actually it's not forbidden, you just have to get a permit. Be able to prove that the education you provide is at least as good and you need to have a valid reason. Not forbidden. Källa: https://www.skolverket.se/regler-och-ansvar/ansvar-i-skolfragor/hemundervisning
Epic wave (8 months ago)
Depends on the kommun but up here teacher buys their lunches. They only get free lunch if they are lunchroom “watchers”.
Daniel Karlsson (1 month ago)
@Andrew Austin check your tax might say förmån mat then i pay tax for those lunches
Andrew Austin (8 months ago)
Been working at two swedish schools and get a free lunch
Gostiv (8 months ago)
Yea I think everybody in Sweden hates utvecklingssamtal haha
Memebert (8 months ago)
the free school choice is one of the worse thing that we have conducted. The poor don't change school, the rich change to the same school which mean that instead of the good kids rise the lesser kids, the good kids leave and then the school crashes.... Fuck the free choice!!
MissKittenBell (8 months ago)
I think that elevens val is in younger grades because im in grade nine and we do not have that
Karin Johansson (8 months ago)
MissKittenBell we had it from 7th class to 9th but that was a long time ago
ankra12 (8 months ago)
In Norway its year 10.
Simon H (8 months ago)
I sometimes used the firstname and sometimes the last name back in my school days. I got 2 detentions, 1 for forgetting my stuff at home too many times and 1 time for coming to class too late too many times. I was playing chess with my mates and the game never ended when the class started :D
Andrew Austin (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Noa Midéus (9 months ago)
Hi what topics do you teach in? In what level?
Fannyisak (9 months ago)
One more thing. We have "studiebidag" in Sweden. I don't know if you have that in the US. But I think it's help a lot for us students. Even if it just 1 200 kronor/ month, I think it helps a lot for the students to stay in school. Du är grym på vad du gör, och förklarar jätte bra🤗
Jennifer Lorence (9 months ago)
I went to School in New York and the Schools were a WAR ZONE, and that was Back in the 70s!!! Americans have to Pay Taxes too!!
Jennifer Lorence (9 months ago)
I'm Sorry, but Americans from the U.S. are the MOST Stupid People I Know. there are Some Good People here in the U.S., but Not Very Bright. You have to become Stupid in order to interact with anyone here in American Society.
jmitterii2 (6 months ago)
I'm an American, and agree. The overall population is shallow and only topics most want to talk about is what movies are coming out and just out, and concerts... and what happened on their favorite tv show... recently that includes Game of Thrones... and the most irritating recent thing some coworkers do is compare who acts like which character on The Office. The other topic that comes up, but not as often as you would think is going to resorts or cruises... didn't realize so many people love cruises. But everyone apparently has been doing them and have their favorite locations. But the general population tends to be extremely ignorant about everything. And moreover they're just not interested in anything outside popular entertainment and sports.
Sunflower (8 months ago)
Agreed! That's been my experience too.
hkistreet (9 months ago)
Dude, I didn't know you're in a nu-metal band! (Hair reference, sorry)
Federico Scala (9 months ago)
for me it's crazy to have to pay for university. It should be an investment for a country to have well educated people. It's a right, but it makes also sense economically. Higher education means also higher productivity, more innovation, higher salaries and therefore higher tax revenues.
SuperLeica1 (9 months ago)
Sweden authorities regards education as an investment, while many in the US just see the expensive cost.
MAC VENA (1 month ago)
No, that's an incorrect perception. Sweden is one state. The US is 50. There are two political parties that will not cooperate or agree on anything. Public funding comes from local/state tax, not federal tax from Washington DC. Americans who choose private schools must pay out of pocket, because private schools cannot get tax money like in Sweden. Americans are the biggest critics of American schools, but the politicians do not listen.
bRUh (9 months ago)
Most often as a business
EvilKris (9 months ago)
this kid gels
Andrew Austin (9 months ago)
You know it :)
Kewonerdk (9 months ago)
I always envied the lunch thing in Sweden, I hated my boring rye bread lunchbox when I was a kid.
Patrik Rydberg (9 months ago)
One could say it's "pay what you can", given that's how taxes work. The upside is it doesn't matter how poor you are, your kids can still get a good education. The only limit would be themselves, not the parents financial situation.
Ewessa (9 months ago)
I'm a teacher student in Sweden and really reacted to what you said about the system in america for setting grades is more concrete, with easy percentage and avarages. The whole idea with the swedish assessment model is that a student should be graded on the knowledge level they're at when they end the course, and not be "punished" for a bad start and such. It feels safer when you think about how, for instance, accidents and family deaths affect you. If you work hard you can really improve your grade in a meaningful way and get rewarded for the ard work.That principle is the main reason I personally prefer the swedish assessment model, even if it is harder. It also gives more credit to the teching profession I think. A grading teacher really can't be unqualified, since it's less mathematical. I always get frutrated when people think it doesn't take skill to teach and assess fairly and efficiently. Anyway, super interesting to hear your teacher-thoughts!
Keri Morgan (9 months ago)
Do you have to speak swedish to teach?
brian williams (10 months ago)
In the US in 2018 there were teachers striking for pay so they didn't have to work an extra job and to get basic classroom materials that they were paying for themselves because the school couldn't afford to supply it. That is a broken system.
David Hurtado (10 months ago)
Music teacher and just moved to Sweden from the US as well! (I’m colombian, though) What a relief!
trina dee (10 months ago)
They changed us we are now 1 the 4 for being damn near impossible
The Doctor (10 months ago)
about the thing with changing classes, in sweden you have a certain "skolfrihet" that gives kids the guarantee that they can go to the school they want to, so say that one kid hates his class it's fully within his//her right to change schools
hailey may (10 months ago)
I’m really interested in teaching up in Sweden some day!! Could you make a video about what your university degree is in and how you went about teaching there?
Prodesu (10 months ago)
Depends on where you are in the states doesn't it. There are some crazy fundamental christian schools etc in the south. On the other hand it also has some of the best schools. It's just a very unequal playingfield, which is funny coming from a country that prides itself on "the american dream" and capitalism. Just my two cents
Sanna Olsson (10 months ago)
They have changed the grading system a couple of times. The grsding system I had is not the same as it is now. The bew one is very confusing. I had G, VG and MVG when I went to school. Before that when my parents went to schhol it was something else. It was 1 2 3 4 5.
Emerald Blaze (10 months ago)
Vem mer är ifrån Sverige
Tobias Bernhardsson (10 months ago)
And don't forget that we don't need metall detectors at our schools
MAC VENA (1 month ago)
99% of American schools don't either.
jmitterii2 (6 months ago)
From Idaho here, good news is that such security really only applies to really high crime areas/cities. I'm not aware of any school in Idaho or even Washington state or Oregon that has that, I've used restrooms in schools while doing field work... metal detectors. Have some nephews and nieces still in school. But it is sad that some of our schools and cities are so crime ridden, and the mass shootings that seem to happen so frequently.
BolinFoto (7 months ago)
Det kommer, vänta bara- https://sverigesradio.se/sida/gruppsida.aspx?programid=83&grupp=11069&artikel=7128959
Suzie (10 months ago)
Re: the first name-thing. This is not just something that occurs in a school setting, as you probably have noticed. We had something in the sixties called "du-reformen" (the you reform) that you might find interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du-reformen ;)
Benny Gustafsson (8 months ago)
@Andrew Austin - yes, I believe the du-reform has been a very important change in communication in Sweden. This reform has also spread to Norway, Denmark and Finland but not further. Iceland? And have you heard about Saltsjöbad-agreement in 1938?
Andrew Austin (10 months ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Tobias Bernhardsson (10 months ago)
We also have studiebidrag. A monthly payout to students. That can be a discipline measure for the school to take it from you if skip classes. And also high-school here is more to prepare you for work. You can study what you want to work with. Start specialize there.
ceicli se-i-sl-i (10 months ago)
Thanks for doing the video! Many things you mention are things that are different from school to school. Mostly it's a pedagogic lunch, meaning the teacher eat with the children. It's not a break. In some schools, those that don't eat with children have to pay a fee. The student loan has to be paid before you turn 65 (retire). The longer time, less pay each month.
Andrew Austin (10 months ago)
Thans for watching!
TheRealmBetween (10 months ago)
I had to pause and think for a moment when you mentioned the grading system XD The system with grade A to F is fairly new, while when I went to school it was IG (Icke Godkänd/Not acceptable), G (Godkänd/Acceptable), VG (Väl Godkänd/Well acceptable) and MVG (Mycket Väl Godkänd/Highly acceptable). But my parents both had grades 1 to 5, where 1 was the lowest and 5 the highest grade (my mom was the only one in her school who managed to get a 5 in PE ;P )
strawberry smoothie (10 months ago)
New subscriber here :) I'm a Swedish girl who moved to the US and lived there an extended time for university, so I can relate a lot to your videos discussing the two countries. I recently moved back to Sweden and now YouTube is recommending me a lot of US/Sweden related content, such as your videos :D I really like your channel so far. What part of the US are you from? :) Keep up the good work!
strawberry smoothie (10 months ago)
@Andrew Austin Nice! Thanks for your response :) I lived in the PNW but did some traveling to the east coast too during my time in the US. Unfortunately I never made it to Pennsylvania though. :( The closest I got must have been NYC or Buffalo. Maybe you can tell us more about your home state in an upcoming video? :) All the best for 2019!
Andrew Austin (10 months ago)
I'm from Pennsylvania. I am happy to hear that you like my videos. It would be interesting to here your perspective as well.
Neville (10 months ago)
My English teacher is called Andrew
Myndr A (10 months ago)
That’s very interesting! I go to an English school (in Sweden), so we get kind of like the best of both. We refer to our teachers as Mr and Ms, and we have a “punishment” system. If we come late five times, we get detention, and the teachers can give out behavior notes, and if we get three of those, they have a meeting with our parents. It’s pretty strict, we have a dress code, but you get use to it. We also have a lot more assessments and stuff, but the average grades are hight. I actually like this system!
Monkenstar nar (8 months ago)
"best of both" "punishment system". Well that's kinky.
Andrew Austin (10 months ago)
I use to work in an english school. Compared to a USa school it is not as strict.
Ella Vikstrom (11 months ago)
I don't know most of my techer's lastnames.
Kristoffer Hellström (11 months ago)
Good vid! Keep it up
Andrew Austin (11 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words!
Felix Seestrand (11 months ago)
Just to clarify, you're working in classes in the elementary school? It's quite a difference from the elementary school to the gymnasium and a big change from the gymnasium up to the university. The difference is both different between subjects and level of education and concerning both the grading system as well as the teacher to student relations. Just to emphasize on the point you made about the lower end schools in the US, some families doesn't even have the money to have their kids in school or not the possibility to get the kids to school whilst a higher tax is, well, a higher tax, it still makes it so that the kids doesn't get (as) punished because of their family economy or family relations. Especially since children (who supposedly would go in elementary school) by law has to go to school, the parents will get in trouble if they would somehow prohibit the kid from doing so.
Felix Seestrand (10 months ago)
@robin water tree Thank you :)
robin water tree (10 months ago)
@Felix Seestrand gah you're annoying. The average *public school* (i.e. free for the) student costs about $12K - that's only fourth highest, my mistake. The least any state spends per student, on average is $6K; though most spend at least close to the OECD average, about $9K, so I doubt the problem is a huge lack of funds keeping children out of the system all together. BTW Utah is the lowest spending state but the 30th ranked so the relationship between spending and performance is not linear. Teaching in the US public school system is not competitive. Being a bad teacher doesn't mean being a poorly paid as far as public school teachers go; it isn't quite a problem of poor schools only being able to afford louses to put in front of classrooms. I take your point about equipment. However, the problem is not that schools or students are poor it's that there are powerful incentives/structures that cause money to be wasted. Hence, I advocated a different system which would change the incentives of the schools.
Felix Seestrand (10 months ago)
In what way does the US spend the most on each student? The spending on each student is still extremely unevenly divided in the US depending on what school the student is attending (the schools that costs a lot to attend also spends more on each student, only seems logical). Since the schools with the best results gets more funding the lower end schools gets stuck there because they don't get the funding needed to pay what you'd define as "good teachers" which means all the "bad teachers" goes there because they don't have a choice + the school gets worse equipment for the education. My point was that to even get into school costs money in the US = those that cannot afford to do it is missing out on all of that "spending most out of any nation on each student". Finally, could you explain what your comment had to do with my topic? o.O
robin water tree (10 months ago)
The US already spends the most of any nation on each student so I doubt the problem is lack of funds. Bad teachers mean bad schools and the US unfortunately has alot of "deadwood" in the teacher's unions. A voucher system could go a long way to fixing that issue.
Andrew Austin (11 months ago)
Felix Seestrand From grades 3-9. I have experience
Tobias Olsson (11 months ago)
I agree that a basic education is a right but a higer education is not a right. However an investment from the sociaty to make that education free is a very positive idea, and if its a good education it will repay the investment many times over.
Gerald Miller (11 months ago)
In the US there is a more diverse student body. Go teach in Malmo and make the same video
Povel Vieregg (11 months ago)
Gerald Miller, they have the same school system in Malmø as in the rest of Sweden. It is not like they change the rules depending on the skin color of the students. All white schools in the US have the same rules as all black ones.
Patrik Svensson (11 months ago)
Really interesting video! I went to a folkhögskola (is there an equivalence in USA?) here in Sweden a couple of years back and spoke to a teacher there about school lunch (it was partially a boarding-school and lunch was added to the rent cost for students living there) and he said that studying required energy just as much as any other exercise and students that didn't eat lunch usually lacked the energy to keep up after lunch. With that in mind it's fairly easy to understand why lunch is free in Swedish schools - it benefits the learning ability of students. Of course, I didn't fact check that, but it made sense.
Audrey Winter (11 months ago)
Breaks are not just a Swedish thing, I assume it's a European thing. I went to school in Germany and we had a 30 minute break plus two short breaks. You just need to be able to empty your head and stretch your legs between lessons, the overall learning success will be better. I am actually surprised that it is only one break in Sweden. I mean, I went to SFI (svenska för invandare) and SAS (svenska som andra språk) and there was only one break, but it was only half a day and a short half at that, so I assumed there would be more breaks during a regular school day.
Magnus Nilsson (2 months ago)
When I went t school wenever class took more then 80 minutes we got a break. A normal day could look like this: 8:10-9:30 Math 9:50-11:10 Swedish Lunchbreak 12:10-13:10 English 13:20-14:00 Geography 14:20-15:20 Music
Em Anderson (10 months ago)
No we got breaks in Australia 29mins in morning and about 40 minutes at lunch plus certainly when I went through our school day was shorter than European systems
Quadraxis (10 months ago)
I don't know what kind of school you went to but even at Lund University you get 10-15 min break in between all 45-50 min classes
Oliver Persson (11 months ago)
Im pretty sure we have more breakes. Atleast untill Gymnasium. In the gymnasium, it could vary. from 5 min between the lessons. To 1,5hr. and on that always a 30min lunch break. But from age 6-16 the breaks were atleast 15min to 30 min between almost all classes.
Andrew Austin (11 months ago)
Yeah this is a good point!
Angie B. (11 months ago)
Thanks for your perspective. It is a curiosity of mine because my kids go to a "rich" school in Northern California and the way my 7th grade daughters teacher does math is by the mastery approach. I learned through repetition and my class would come back to it before a test. She comes home with a few problems in math, each slightly different problem and then when the test comes she doesn't remember. The info moves so fast too. What philosophy is math taught in Sweden?
Henrik Holst (10 months ago)
I would say that it's repetetive.
Andrew Austin (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Christoffer Sandberg (11 months ago)
It's hard to speak your mind. Especially in Sweden. Everyone has to be in consensus. It's good to hear the stuff you talk about Swedish school, when a lot of people here is ranking it down. CSN, the cheap loan you can have, is great. I pay around 90 dollars per month, I will be done in year 2027 I think. No stress at all. (For non-swedes, this is money I loaned to spend on food, apartment and clothes...not intuition fees, that is free here. ) When my daughter went to elementary school I told her to listen to the teacher and to "shut up" at the lessons. Many parents always think the teacher is the problem in Sweden, and does not raise or blame their own kind. So I guess it is hard for teachers here to act as parents also, to the children.
Frida (10 months ago)
True, I think part of the problem is the parents attitudes. That many parents don't respect teachers and as you say blame the teachers when there's a problem and taking their kids side. If the parents don't teach their kids how to behave it's difficult for the school to fix it.
Johanna Forzelius (11 months ago)
Every time I watch videos like this I am so happy that I was born in Sweden! So happy! I can't even imagine having to stress over those kinds of student loans. I mean I have student loans to pay of here in Sweden, but no where near that much a month.
Andrew Murray (2 months ago)
Johanna Forzelius you should thank your lucky stars. I'm from Canada and our student loans are are crippling.
Zeta 123 (9 months ago)
XAOThat would be around 27,6k $.
XAOZ (9 months ago)
@Zeta 123 about 25k in $?
Zeta 123 (9 months ago)
Well, I just finished 5 years in KTH. Me and colleagues had about 250'000kr in student loans when we were done so we will be paying a large amount every month as well.
XAOZ (9 months ago)
@XDrakeX1 now i kinda wish i lived there... i would have better grades... jk i want to be able to tell the difference between Sweden and Switzerland...
Cara Crabtree (11 months ago)
I just saw the new report cards in the US, they complained about the grading concept (A, B, C, F, etc) but they changed it to #'s (1, 2, 3,, 4, etc), but they hold the same meaning when you look at the key, so what's the difference? It's just a symbol with the same meanings. And true, a lot of education gets lots studying for these standard tests, and the schools that need the most help get less funding and forced to lay off teachers, makes no sense to me.
Time and Space (11 months ago)
In america is completely segregated. The property tax funding the public schools in the area is just complete and utter systematic segregation and could not be commented on in any other way than SHAMEFUL as fuq. National tests are shit, in U.S and Sweden both. Also, interest rates on student loans in Sweden is like 0,4% so the amount you pay back is actually less than what you borrowed in terms of monetary value.
Erik (11 months ago)
I think the american way of changing classes if I understand it correctly is probably better for most people because it will force you to meet a lot of different people and there's a bigger chance you will find friends you really like.
Adam Sjöberg (11 months ago)
@Erik Så är det såklart. Men får man stanna med samma personer länge så lär man sig förhålla sig till andra och bygga vänskap och relationer.
Erik (11 months ago)
@Adam Sjöberg Det är ett lotteri vilka man hamnar med i grundskolan. Jag hade en väldigt tråkig klass. Inga tjejer som var intresserade av killar, osv... Som tur var hade vi idrott med B-klassen som hade alla snygga tjejer. Hade kanske inte just då velat haft mer kurser tillsammans med andra men såhär i efterhand hade det nog varit nyttigt.
Adam Sjöberg (11 months ago)
I am of the opposite opinion. I have 6-7 friends that I saw and grew with every day for 9 years, and I still see them weekly. For me they're practically family. We all have the same memories since we were 6-7 years old. That is worth alot for me, but ofcourse for some people that system can be a pain for 9 years that just holds one back.
Andrew Austin (11 months ago)
I think there are pros and cons to both systems
Life is Sprinkles and Wrinkles (11 months ago)
If universitys in us were free. More ppl would get educated, get better jobs, pay more taxes, and spend more money in stores and services who can invest more and employ more, It pays for itself
ToonsOff Fun (11 months ago)
Acording to some random source most people have 15k usd in student loans.
kennelexplicit (11 months ago)
WOW! Can't imagine having to pay that amount every month..
Alexander McKay (11 months ago)
Educational learning between the persons involved to lead a student at a "gymnasium age" is very important with discipline and structure in Sweden. Keeping that in mind, it is up to the individual personality to develop and understand what they would want to do in life. Eventually, a student becomes an adult and will find their own path in decisions from a "proper educational system". This is depending on the discipline of the individual, educational costs and the scholastic grades to continue on their own career path, in a work industry the person wants to be working in.
Stange Days (10 months ago)
Is the pay for a teacher comparatively poor in Sweden compared to other professions?My friend's daughter told me that she chose to study something else due to pay and pressure lack of prestige/respect the profession yields.
Stange Days (11 months ago)
@Andrew Austin - Thank you for taking the time to respond. Keep up the informative videos.
Oliver Persson (11 months ago)
If you have a Uni degree as a School teacher you are very attractive on the market. In Sweden there is a huge demand for Teachers. My friend Educating to be an English teacher estimated a pay around $5000/month (Roughly estimated) But i guess you could increase that if you find the place really in need of such a teacher.
Andrew Austin (11 months ago)
I think it is average higher in the US. It depends on what state you go to.
Henrik Andersson (11 months ago)
Are the us still using "multiple choice" in exams? I always thought that was to easy.
Manu B. (6 months ago)
@RedRisotto In my company in Germany we have used multiple choice tests for a few years in the internal training of our apprentice. But unfortunately we had to realize that the young people did not really understand what they were actually learning. Therefore, regular questionnaires with written answers were used again.
RedRisotto (10 months ago)
Canada (North America). Yes, it's still used (not for all exams...). BUT IMHO it can also be a TRAP... (2 questions are nonsense / 2 are (can be) so poorly formulated and vague that either could be (sort of) correct = becomes more a very nuanced language thing than a science question). When you write out your questions - the teacher will be able to see where you are failing in your learning/thinking. My humble opinion (not a teacher...) just a parent with one kid in high school and two in University). I prefer written answers as a parent. In any high school here... The teacher is Ms. Mrs. Mr. Sir. Anything else would be considered incredibly disrespectful.
Andrew Austin (11 months ago)
It is used on a lot of standardized tests.
Marcus Gerber (11 months ago)
Great insight and well said! A real expert opinion here which is super valuable
Andrew Austin (11 months ago)
Thanks for checking it out. Glad you enjoyed it!
Em (11 months ago)
Jag vet inte när tilltalet ändrades men till och med mellanstadiet tilltalade jag lärarna som Fröken eller Magistern. Klassföreståndarna i högstadiet var fortfarande fröken men de andra tilltalades nog med förnamnet. Jag tror det berodde på att låg- och mellanstadiet så var det EN lärare för alla ämnen (förutom gymnastik, hemkunskap och slöjd) men högstadiet hade olika lärare beroende på ämne Grejen med nian är att det är sista året av obligatorisk utbildning, sedan kan man välja om man vill fortsätta med gymnasiet eller börja jobba
Benny Gustafsson (8 months ago)
Du-reformen slog igenom 1968 (med Bror Rexed 1967 och Olof Palme 1968).
Thor Johansson (11 months ago)
Andrew vad använder you för progamiringspeogram?
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