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Why UPS Trucks Don't Make Left Turns

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While an individual person may not save much by only making right turns, a huge corporation like UPS has proven since 2004 how avoiding left turns in its trucks can significantly increase its bottomline while reducing emissions and accidents. With nearly 100,000 trucks and hundreds of aircraft, UPS averages 15.8 million packages delivered daily worldwide. While an individual person may not save much by only making right turns, since UPS implemented a right turn policy in 2004, they have significantly increased profits while reducing emissions and accidents. UPS estimates the right-turn-heavy policy, combined with its routing software, shortens routes by 20.4 million miles and saves 10 million gallons of gas while delivering an additional 350,000 packages and reducing CO2 emissions by about 20,000 metric tons each year. UPS engineers noticed how waiting to turn left caused trucks to fall behind on their schedules, consume more gas, and increase the probability of accidents. Their software maps routes with only right-hand turns unless it's quicker or easier to proceed with a left-hand turn. A driver estimates they do about 90% right-hand turns. The television show Mythbusters tested the policy with one route using 8 left and 4 right turns, and another route using 1 left and 23 right turns. The UPS-like route was just over 1 mile and 9 minutes longer, but it reduced gas consumption from 6.8 to 4 pounds. UPS' software probably would've added one or two more left-hand turns to be more efficient on time while still saving gas.
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Text Comments (2528)
Dj Realest (19 hours ago)
Stupidest thing i’ve ever heard meh you probably right tho
J C (22 hours ago)
The reasoning behind this makes no fucking sense not to mention I've seen UPS trucks turn left. I call horse shit. 😂
William Horn (4 days ago)
A UPS driver told me it's a lie
Lou Cypher (4 days ago)
Wooooaw had no clue
Googidie Master (5 days ago)
What if it is a ONE WAY
Shane Horton (6 days ago)
This is bs. I Have seen them turn left plenty of times
Billy Smith (7 days ago)
UPS divers get burned out no mater what turns they make .Very few will get retirement they push them too hard .
J Xandelas (8 days ago)
Need that GPS device
Nicholas Hobby (10 days ago)
Better question would be why ups is okay with their employees having heat strokes every year by the hundreds just because they are to cheap to put air conditioning in any package cars and in any hub facilities, other than the managers offices of coarse. Because we all know when you sit on your butt and do nothing you need that air conditioning. Worst company ever.
Mr. j-dog1 (9 days ago)
David HB (10 days ago)
I see UPS trucks turning left all the time. This video is garbage.
David Vega (11 days ago)
I saw a UPS turn left 2 days ago.
jeff Beau (11 days ago)
Surfer Surfer (11 days ago)
i see ups make right turns all the time
Surfer Surfer (11 days ago)
left i mean.
Shalia Mathews (12 days ago)
Where I live it turns left everyday
Mike Secondo (12 days ago)
What???? I always see UPS trucks turn left!!!!!
James Woods (12 days ago)
U. nited P. ractus S.lideruel
Nick Guigno (12 days ago)
I worked for ups for 25 year's total bull!!!!!!!
Matt Butler (14 days ago)
Idk what y’all talkin about I work at ups and them shits definately turn left
Dee Holly (14 days ago)
Somebody said UPS(under paid slaves)Not at all not when they making $34 dollars an hour and $1500 to $2000 dollars a week.Now ask them how much they make on there job😶
BY A L E X Y S 1001 (15 days ago)
0:43 Cocaine delivery in GTA Online xD
RMURPHY RMURPHY (15 days ago)
So does UPS jetliners have the same left turn policy 😆 lol
Wheal Kernow (16 days ago)
They started this policy in LA and saved tons of money. At that time Downtown LA had stoplights at nearly every block, no synchronization of stoplights, and almost no left turn arrows. It was common, at that time, to wait through two or three light cycles to make a left turn. It made perfect sense for LA. I don't know if they still do it there, or anywhere else, but they cut off about two hours per downtown route doing this. Mythbusters didn't take traffic or left turn signals into account when they did their test.
Taylor Guy (16 days ago)
Ups trucks do turn left ive worked with them before lol
Colorado Cyber (16 days ago)
BS... see them do it ALL the time. Did you pull this story out of your arst?
SgtHydra (16 days ago)
I guess this was the right decision.
kikirubi 33 (17 days ago)
Perdí mucho dinero por culpa de ups nunca me devolvieron mi paquete es más me dijeron que tenía que pagarles más dinero si es que quería el paquete MALDITA UPS
Gay Little Boy666 (17 days ago)
Oh please turning right instead of left saves them gas??? Yeah gas inside there ass mabey,,,,please I'll make them turn left if I have to
Phantompuggle 7 (17 days ago)
0:09 well what way is that turning then???
Blixen (18 days ago)
Fitting I got this into my recommended now because my package is 3 days late.
Spaceflight Central (18 days ago)
WRONG... ive seen a ups truck make a left turn... if they didnt, they could never get into my town
Dave Duncan (18 days ago)
Ups licks ass
The_Crasher 1111 (19 days ago)
I just watched three make a left turn yesterday one after the other lol
Rob Tavares (21 days ago)
They should focus more on not "losing" packages instead of offsetting the cost by making right hand turns
Greenie! :D (21 days ago)
Jackson Murphy (22 days ago)
I work at UPS and I live in an area where I see several UPS trucks driving around daily...they make left turns all the fucking time lol....
Weakboi (24 days ago)
0:08 *shows clip of it turning left*
NYC BRiAN (26 days ago)
I see UPS drivers making left turns left and right.
(26 days ago)
Not too long ago I saw a UPS driver take a left turn right in front of me lol
J. Cole Knight (27 days ago)
They turn left all the time at my house on the corner. I see them do it Daily.
Disney Matt (28 days ago)
Wrong...I was a UPS driver's assistant for 2 months...they turn left just as much as they turn right.
dis cover (29 days ago)
Short answer, Maths.
Isaiah Brickfilms (29 days ago)
Saw one turn left today
Mr. Jazz moose (1 month ago)
Because they’re always right.
Donald Whittemore (1 month ago)
Why do they go past my house 2x a day?
YouTube N' Chill (1 month ago)
I work at UPS and I can tell you that they do make left turns and sometimes they are forced to make left turns on busy roads during rush hour
apathy2673 (1 month ago)
Except they do.
RyanVon Drake (1 month ago)
Bullshit I worked for UPS we turned left and right
James Carlisle (1 month ago)
This isn't real
imeverywhere. (1 month ago)
Imagine a ups circling your house trying to give you your package...
Hitesh Patel (1 month ago)
I know cuz their family religious
madison55 (1 month ago)
My UPS makes left turns. This sounds crazy.
chad smith (1 month ago)
Three rights make a left...
Melissa Pedigo (1 month ago)
They work for Matthew McConaughey, they only go Alright Alright Alright
stephen mroz (1 month ago)
Now I know why they always reverse into my driveway.
Dave Hicks (1 month ago)
I drive for UPS. This is BS. 100% False. Not once has management ever stated “Don’t make left turns or reduce your left turns.”
supermario373 (1 month ago)
This is an absolute lie. They can and will turn left. I’ve witnessed it myself. This just goes to show you, you can’t believe everything you see and hear on the internet.
willieachilles (1 month ago)
I saw a truck go left on my way to drama school.
Xasurak (1 month ago)
UPS can suck my ass
Pro Zach (1 month ago)
this video is dumb and not even true. good job spreading fake rumors
Voice crack (1 month ago)
I didn't even know that they didn't make left turns
Daniel Murillo (1 month ago)
theres absolutely no way a UPS truck comes to my house without making 4 left turns but ok
LMJustice_541 (1 month ago)
I was a driver helper for UPS, and I'm pretty sure my partner did many left turns.
Saul Salazar (1 month ago)
totally false I've seen many times when they do left turn.
J Flack (1 month ago)
I see them turn left almost daily
Hennessey onehundun (1 month ago)
Well I seen a ups truck turn a lot of left's rights u-turns so that's a lie
Avery Recker (1 month ago)
For Pete’s sake they’re called Package Cars!!!!
GGALLIN1776 (1 month ago)
Bullshit. The drivers turn left into my driveway, onto my road ....and when they leave they go left. *LIARS*
BunPlays Games (1 month ago)
This is such a fucking lie I work for UPS and left turns we always do. And also what fucking map they expect u to know your route without a map lmfao
Nischay Brar (1 month ago)
This is not accurate. I'm literally making a left turn right now in my UPS truck while watching this.
Anthony (1 month ago)
Yes they do 😓
LinkCanBackflip (1 month ago)
Is anyone else Trying to remember a Time a UPS Truck turned Left but Can’t Remember? 😂
C.C. Man Battle Born (1 month ago)
The no left turn policy doesn't apply to the UPS NASCAR driver i guess
Rippy 888 (1 month ago)
UPS drivers turn where ever the fuck they want to get their job done.
ElementsMMA (1 month ago)
So they do make left turns there, thanks.
A Montano 2 (1 month ago)
I should record the line of UPS trucks that turn left by my work and post it.
Gary Garcia (1 month ago)
Want to reduce fuel consumption and increase profits. Listen to the drivers. They are the ones doing the routes. Not the "route software" lol
daniel sanchezaldana (1 month ago)
Fuck this bs these trucks don’t have ac it was 110 degrees in Houston yesterday damn
Kunal Mazumdar (1 month ago)
Funny American people and funny American rituals. 😂😂😂😂😂
Ramon Ayala (1 month ago)
I work for UPS make left turns all day lol. Stupid video
90AlmostFamous (1 month ago)
lets just ban left turns, right turns only :D
Bulldog_321 The gamer (1 month ago)
This is a lie they make left turns in my neighborhood
Xavier Guadarrama (1 month ago)
Ups sucks
jassir amed (2 months ago)
And them supervisors are pricks who would laugh at you if you get hurt . I hurt my back and they were laughing ......Ups dont do drug test and people be working smelling like weed ..... even the supervisors smoke weed.
jassir amed (2 months ago)
Ups is modern day slavery they're pushy as fuck making you lift 200 lb packages all day every day for a miserable paychek os 190 a week in a place where rwnt goes over 1,200$ a month Ups is a garbage job.
su u (2 months ago)
They do left turns here all the time
limeyosu2000 (2 months ago)
used to be FedEx driver back in college same rule there do as many right turns as you can on your route!
Jacob Levine (2 months ago)
What happens if you have to turn left
Yuck Fu (2 months ago)
So that's why the UPS drives right by my house when I'm waiting for an important package, and doesn't return for 5 F'ing hours?
Sayda Fuentes (2 months ago)
Yuck Fu 😂
Nathaniel Dela Paz (2 months ago)
I live in a neighborhood where you HAVE to make a left turn to enter, I see at least 1 truck every month
Awakening To The Universe (2 months ago)
I liked my own comment to get it going :)
Legion (2 months ago)
UPS trucks DO MAKE LEFT TURNS! .. They do it all the time on my street.
Peter Griffin (2 months ago)
I went london and they did
Boruto Uzumaki (2 months ago)
Now remember kids always aim for the right more efficient
nimbyy (2 months ago)
Making a left turn 0:08 seconds into the video
Caucasian Invasion (2 months ago)
I worked for UPS and drivers make left turns
Dave White (2 months ago)
Lies my ups driver makes a left turn into my street all the time.
Moon Man (2 months ago)
Shortened routes by 20.4 million miles *Makes 3 rights to make a left*
palex mouse (2 months ago)
0:08 Left turn
Oligampla (2 months ago)
So, when they don't make left turns, it means that they drive in circles and never come to me. OMG! My life is a lie! It was a fake UPS truck this morning! The real one is never arriving!
Patrick Mooney (2 months ago)
That's a lie I seen a ups truck make a left trune