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Why UPS Trucks Don't Make Left Turns

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While an individual person may not save much by only making right turns, a huge corporation like UPS has proven since 2004 how avoiding left turns in its trucks can significantly increase its bottomline while reducing emissions and accidents. With nearly 100,000 trucks and hundreds of aircraft, UPS averages 15.8 million packages delivered daily worldwide. While an individual person may not save much by only making right turns, since UPS implemented a right turn policy in 2004, they have significantly increased profits while reducing emissions and accidents. UPS estimates the right-turn-heavy policy, combined with its routing software, shortens routes by 20.4 million miles and saves 10 million gallons of gas while delivering an additional 350,000 packages and reducing CO2 emissions by about 20,000 metric tons each year. UPS engineers noticed how waiting to turn left caused trucks to fall behind on their schedules, consume more gas, and increase the probability of accidents. Their software maps routes with only right-hand turns unless it's quicker or easier to proceed with a left-hand turn. A driver estimates they do about 90% right-hand turns. The television show Mythbusters tested the policy with one route using 8 left and 4 right turns, and another route using 1 left and 23 right turns. The UPS-like route was just over 1 mile and 9 minutes longer, but it reduced gas consumption from 6.8 to 4 pounds. UPS' software probably would've added one or two more left-hand turns to be more efficient on time while still saving gas.
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Text Comments (2787)
Truthseeking Troll (9 days ago)
BS I used to deliver packages for UPS as a seasonal helper and all the drivers that I worked with always turn left.
Zach Schory (25 days ago)
I worked for UPS. This is a LIE!
Donald Bartram (1 month ago)
Another  scumbag company,, wouldn't work for them ever.. Their policies are ridiculous
IVWithoutBSTVI (1 month ago)
Its funny, 3 mins ago i just saw one make a left turn 🤣🤣
Beejeezaay (1 month ago)
*what if my place is all left turns*
DLH (1 month ago)
Earlier this month a UPS driver driving a Uhaul truck delivered my Amazon package
J T (1 month ago)
They like to double park and park in red
Mr. Q ! (1 month ago)
does this apply to ups airplanes too???
Noobacat (1 month ago)
So um I was discussing this a few weeks ago and a ups truck takes a left turn right in front of it
Flora Lacusong (1 month ago)
The engines designed in these trucks must be really shit if they are inefficent when turning left just swap it for a peformance engine or add somthing else that wont act garbage when turning left
Avocado Snatcher (1 month ago)
0:08 ain't that a left turn?
Your Dearest Fan (1 month ago)
biggest american bullshit on the internet
xxxTHROATBANGERxxx (1 month ago)
Fake news
Zakariya (1 month ago)
0:08 yea okay they dont make left turns yeppp
Ashdon Lee (1 month ago)
0:08 what is that oh a left turn
Ashdon Lee (1 month ago)
It’s funny cos that’s literally the only turn you see
Oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
nvm thats a curve
Oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
yea since he had no choice
Nick V (1 month ago)
At least they won't need to replace the blinker fluid in the left blinkers.
Goldhead (1 month ago)
Good thing to put on my recommended!
Flora Lacusong (1 month ago)
the new tactic reduces mileage and allows for more packages delivered *later mentions in a test the mileage was higher* what the heck is wrong with this?!
google poor (1 month ago)
next video:why ups trucks never close the door
Frank Smith (1 month ago)
I see them turn left all the time, what a load of shit.
TROLLERJUAN (1 month ago)
He doesnt turn left, he turns right 3 times
Donald Trump (1 month ago)
They do it cause left just isn’t *RIGHT*
rumahhafidzah bekasi (1 month ago)
Ups!we lost your package!
rumahhafidzah bekasi (1 month ago)
Eehhhh. Just attach your small package to your old drone and you be set.
Biggunz (1 month ago)
Doug Heffernan works for IPS, and he's always turning left.
Michael Elbert (1 month ago)
It's because the chimpanzee only knows how to make a right turn signal
The Battlefield Master (1 month ago)
Well my ups guy turned left into the driveway
Spaghetti (1 month ago)
that's why my drum set came 2 weeks late and was "lost"
Hollywood Stacks (1 month ago)
False they do turn left stupid
Chuck Lotro (1 month ago)
Please help us comprehend why UPS parks in Fire lanes (example in front of kids' karate classes in strip malls)?
traxxas kid (1 month ago)
0:09 what's that? Lierrrr
Javed Shahzad (1 month ago)
Useless parcel service. Always late even thought their warehouse is just a mile away
Emmanuel Beauchef (1 month ago)
Fake news! I have followed several UPS trucks and they go up... sorry ups.
Ali Rashid (1 month ago)
I was about to say I was like tf Ive seen ups trucks make left turns but he said they do.
Brandon Riordan (1 month ago)
When I drove for UPS this wasn't even a conversation I ever had lol
xd ThotPoket (1 month ago)
Not trunk to sound rude but who gives A ₣uck about This Ƨhit.
David Thomas (1 month ago)
Then why do ups trucks take left turns
FJRGD (1 month ago)
It took a trucking company to figure out that turning right is the best way to operate. Turning left is simply not the way to go. Interesting.
Sergio Curiel (1 month ago)
They are full of shit they dont use gas first of all gtfoh
Zayde (1 month ago)
0:09 *turns left*
Chris Quillen (1 month ago)
Bull shit. They make left turns where I live.
caca4real TM (1 month ago)
The only way to get on my Street is by making a right turn...
Sanzetti (1 month ago)
We make left's all the time.... No one gives a fuck
Mak Keene (1 month ago)
Yeah this is a lie. I walk by a ups truck, and it drives past me every day when I walk home from school. The truck turns left.
Dauntless Demon (1 month ago)
Legend has it if you see a ups truck turn left it’s a omen
CrazyBox190 (1 month ago)
I work for ups an thats either not true anymore or we just dont fallow that rule
DJ DANNY B (1 month ago)
LOL! False, I see them turn left all the time!
Sweet Lemon (1 month ago)
I’ll tell you why there racist
SumatoO_toko (1 month ago)
Lies, they are all secretly handicapped and their hands dont move left
catslikemath cats (1 month ago)
i guess they got left behind
James jones (1 month ago)
This job is horrible, worked one season for a couple weeks, never looked back.
John Titor (1 month ago)
Im a driver helper and I can tell you thats a damn lie LOL
Inferno (1 month ago)
WOW WHY DONT PEOPLE DO THIS IN REAL LIFE people are stupid on the road
Dpisthebatman 1994 (1 month ago)
This is definitely inaccurate
J A (1 month ago)
They make left turns all the time lol
Lazzie (1 month ago)
Then someone broke this rule because I saw a ups truck do a left
David Cortés DaFailboatFan (1 month ago)
They turn left every time they enter my neighborhood so they can turn around and do the other side of the street though...
Edwin Norberto Medina-Millan (1 month ago)
I work for ups, this is true
AgAir Videos (1 month ago)
That’s 100% false because I know a ups driver personally
Miple 720 (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this at 3am
Dragon Fb_ (1 month ago)
*turns left going out of the ups building*
Lucasaurous Rex (1 month ago)
c t a n e 4 2 0 (1 month ago)
Bruh ups has to make a left turn to go down my street fuck outta my recomendations
C L O U D Z (1 month ago)
Wait a minute...
Shawn Lee (1 month ago)
Too much useless thinking. Let the computer determine the best route. Yes, computer is reaching and will surpass human intelligence. You are/will be all fired.
Pepe The Frog (1 month ago)
So if the postal office is in the middle of a city, and I live in the left neighborhood, how will my get my stuff delivered
Brown 1 (1 month ago)
Man please I still work for ups and we make left turns this is false
Philip Muir (1 month ago)
Someone should have told this to the no-look left turning jack-hole UPS driver that cut me off two days ago. Left 8' skid and scared the stuff out of my kids. I think this video is optimistic at best.
Trevon Moore (1 month ago)
Fucking liberals
NEWYORK BOSS (1 month ago)
In GTA i do left turns in ups truck 😁😁
Ra Eye (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure I've seen them make left turns, Mandela effect?! One time I flipped one off and he flipped me off right back.
Having Tea With the Devil (1 month ago)
So this is why my package says *Delivered* on the website and it shows up an hour later? 😑
SpaceManMonster (1 month ago)
Andrew Russell (1 month ago)
Ask any UPS driver. The new system only slows them down and makes their routes way longer. And there is no policy against left turns.
Kable2146 (1 month ago)
They literally have to turn left to get out of my neighborhood
Jensen Hendrix (1 month ago)
*Right on*
Chris 414 (1 month ago)
Lies, they turn left in my hood all the time.
Dylan Smith (1 month ago)
This video is fake news, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many lefts turns I make daily out on my route
roguemotorcycle (1 month ago)
Ups (pronounced oops) charges me brokerage fees everytime I receive a package cross border. Easy fix, I only purchase from sellers that send USPS. Are those 1950's looking trucks all that energy efficient?
OSRS Gods (1 month ago)
False, they do turn left.
Iaam Adam (1 month ago)
Just watched a ups truck turn left
Jayo (1 month ago)
Because right is the right way.
Dennis Jacobs (1 month ago)
That's a lie I see them do it all the time
Therian 2 (1 month ago)
If they didn’t call this the Zoolander policy imma murder someone
Brik Haus (1 month ago)
Seeing the UPS truck turn left every day at work, I fundamentally disagree with this video
SpicyBoiii27 (1 month ago)
This video is completely false, I work for UPS and they turn both left and right. And not only that but in some areas it’s impossible to be more efficient when you only turn right. Every driver has a quota to hit and if they don’t hit that number because they aren’t going on their route the right way they get in deep crap.
Discord Weeaboo (1 month ago)
Gian Singh (1 month ago)
Give me a break
Colt Z (1 month ago)
I deliver for ups, I turn left all the time
Restore Nugget (2 months ago)
*Right turn*
Edward Santos (2 months ago)
No wonder he does a fat ass circle around my neighborhood to come to my house
Red Wasp (2 months ago)
They dont?
thatkyleguy 1 (2 months ago)
This is bullshit, they turn left all day in my town.
archer abshire! (2 months ago)
Ups drivers and Nascar drivers must hate each other then
War Zone (2 months ago)
It should be rephrased to minimized left turns and maximized right turns.
TJ Marz (2 months ago)
I live on a dead end street that you need to take a left to get to. I haven't received a package since I've lived here. Why UPS? Why?
Trion (2 months ago)
ok wtf
Top10In TheWorld (2 months ago)
This explains why my packages are always late when being delivered by freaking UPS. Just great!! 👌
Solo Consciousness (2 months ago)
I’ve seen plenty of ups trucks turn left. 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Calvin Zociety (2 months ago)
Becuase beyonce Said everything u own in a box to the left lol they dont wanna be about that life haha