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The Hub: Episode 2 - Part 1

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A broader look than last time. Topics include scanners, rollers, pickoff, and... Mike Rowe??? Also covered: Aaron's shiny head. Will post the second half of the night (post-break) next week - stay tuned!
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RomesXIII (24 days ago)
Honestly, I’m glad UPS actually cares about how the trucks should be loaded At Walmart, everything is literally thrown in there & they also put random pallets inside which creates more work for us unloaders
Prevan Warrior Princess (3 months ago)
Too bad there's no one this sexy working with me..
alstang (4 months ago)
This is nothing I work in Ontario, CA twilight hub. We do about 200 trailers in 6-8 hours. My highest pph was 700 but i could do it for 8 hours. These guys say they do 800pph but can only do it for an hour. I love UPs, i get paid to workout.
James Rockwell (5 months ago)
You suck at loading
Modemhead (6 months ago)
My all time record for loading is about 800 PPH, and I wasn't 'power loading'. Didn't have anyone breaking my jams either. Wall quality was on point too. Beat that.
Modemhead (6 months ago)
wait a second... Break time??
Star Galindo (7 months ago)
Bend with your knees not your back!
Salvador Ramirez (10 months ago)
Robin Yarborough (11 months ago)
where is this filmed at?
Aten Akehnaton (11 months ago)
Man yall got it easy. I used to have to do more than that by myself. Then again, that's why building has one of the highest turn over rates in my region, and I cannot forget to mention lowest peer review. Don't get me wrong, I'm not proud, I was a fucking moron to do that much work. This looks like absolute cake to what we have to deal with. In a building with 80 employees tops, we'er always understaffed by 10 or so and today we had at least 6 no call no shows I know of. Wait I just realized this video is from 7 years ago. Been there 13, not sure if it was this bad 17 years ago. I do know it's been getting worse every year though.
Gage Edwards (1 year ago)
ross shipping loader right here!
Pappa Watson (1 year ago)
Do you know anything about what job the high Value clerks do? Is there job hard? Thanks
B-ride LambofgodQueen (1 year ago)
i work at UPS im sad :( just being an ass hole that got off of work a half hour ago LOLOLOL
B-ride LambofgodQueen (1 year ago)
you fucking cowards do some real work like the real night shift 150 loads on the night sort alone ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Anthony Castaway (1 year ago)
these videos go so unappreciated. I like seeing stuff like this. I've only been a loader at UPS Swan Island Hub 6 months but I can't convince people that I bust my ass for my job without a visual. keep doing videos like this bro.
Ahmed Habichuela Adam (1 year ago)
2010 Old ass video
Arianna Martin (1 year ago)
Ugh sir you didn't do your six sided checks.
Jamil Bryant (1 year ago)
I work at the main hub in Louisville, where in the world is this place?! My hub just updated they're equipment and got rid of pick off. It's crazy!
theangryemonerd (1 year ago)
I like how you stack them. where I work at they want you to stack them in a manner where the boxes are even. its total bullshit too because as long as the entire row doesn't move I think you are good. I noticed some of your rows the boxes are not leveled at the same size.
Kell12UK (1 year ago)
This is a light sort. I load trucks that go to CACH at my hub and it's always between 1400-1600 a night for me.
Theresa Brandt (2 years ago)
that sort guy nick is a moron that job is bannanas when its a sunday
Theresa Brandt (2 years ago)
bags go ontop bro
Marina Mejia (2 years ago)
That trailer was loaded like shit. There wasn't a proper cornerstone, bags weren't loaded on top, the shelves weren't level, not loaded left to right, columns. I give that load a 5 lol
2MLYU (2 months ago)
one day my wall fell over me. i was under the boxes, but nothing happened to me. Thank God im still alive.
2MLYU (2 months ago)
Kell12UK one day my wall fell over me i was under the boxes, but nothing happened to me thank God im still alive lol.
Prevan Warrior Princess (3 months ago)
I dont have the patience either..plus I also get too see what those so called perfect walls look like when they arrive and need to be unloaded...haha not so perfect...
XakashinaX (5 months ago)
Marina Mejia I can look perfect walls at 400+ an hour no problem, but I'm a trainer so I know my shit. If you're not trained properly you won't have an eye for it
Mike Williams (1 year ago)
build a trench wall behind main wall and drop bags in behind....you mean keystone
MASERATI BOYZ (2 years ago)
This place looks chill, all I have to do is unload trailers at my Hub in downtown Chicago and they want it done fast as fuck smh...
Theresa Brandt (2 years ago)
+MASERATI BOYZ nah the dude recording is a superviser and its a dead day he did it on so its not chill no ups is chill lol i work on the east coast and i have worked in wisconsin same shit
MASERATI BOYZ (2 years ago)
There's one in near down town right by the University of Illinois at Chicago, it's called Jefferson Hub cause it's on Jefferson St n Roosevelt Rd
familyphotoshoot (2 years ago)
+MASERATI BOYZ Are you talking about the CACH Hub in Hodgkins or one of the ones in the actual city? I load at CACH and it's super easy. The volume is super high so they don't make us scan packages, just visually check labels. I'll do like 1800-2200 packages a night.
MASERATI BOYZ (2 years ago)
It's not hard at all it's just hard on your body, I'm not sure if you will be an unloader, loader, or sorter it all depends on what position they put you in for. From what I heard loaders and package sorters get more time than unloaders because we're the first ones out the building. But it shouldn't be that bad I know a few girls that are loaders just take your time that's what I did before I used to go fast but it's not stated in your contract of how fast you must work so don't work too fast or too slow but at a moderate steady pace
Alisha A (2 years ago)
I have a interview coming up for that exact same location i choose the sunrise shift. Will I be loading trucks or unloading. Loading looks super hard
Muilisx (2 years ago)
ohh the memories..spent 2 years loading and 3 years as a pick off. Pick off is the place to be
Muilisx (2 years ago)
but in my hub, we had to audit scan as we picked off
Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers (2 years ago)
Which hub is this?
Jewish Person (2 years ago)
UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc... are the unsung heroes. Thank you guys for your awesome service! I know you catch a lot of shit for damaged packages but nobody realizes how many packages go through your places.
Jewish Person (1 year ago)
Yeah I worked for UPS in college like a lot of people, that shit is hard work, and people who do it as a career, you guys make my business and let me live a comfy lifestyle. Seriously you and truck drivers thank you!
Mike Williams (1 year ago)
it least you can stand and load top level....we have to stand on a boom that is three feet off the ground and still struggleto the roof.
Frank Castle (2 years ago)
You're welcome it's hard doing this stuff, but us loaders and unloaders have fun doing it lol
BLOWxMEx323 (3 years ago)
Heath ledger worked at ups?
vaughn pounds (3 years ago)
@Marcos I think you are the loser. Why the hell would you get on here and talk crap about someone doing a hard honest days work? Most of these guys load/unload and are in school and this is a night job that is helping pay for there school. Don't be so quick to judge. You have no idea what any of these guys story is. So maybe you need to stop talking shit to hard working people and take your stupid ignorant ass back to Mexico or wherever you are from. The only loser here is you. . If it wasn't for these guys you wouldn't get your packages on time or at all for that matter.
Chad Groom (3 years ago)
Seeing 6 figures a year? Better bennies than anyone else? Yes definitely for losers Marcos
T Marginau (3 years ago)
Break time?? Talking? Ha!! That was unheard of where I worked(loader at Greensboro hub). 6 or 7 hrs, no break, no food. They say bring snacks but shit, when was I supposed to eat? Anytime I slowed down to catch a breath I'd get a "Let's go!!" from a sup or lead(who were cool btw, just merciless). Free benefits are great but you DEFINITELY work for them for that year. They make SURE of it. I won't even get into hardware..loading carts and carts of everything 75lbs and over from the floor into the truck at the END of the shift. It depends on where you work, who you work with, what position(loader/unloader), and when you start. I started during peak season(the WORST time for a newbie..even vets complain) I laugh at people who sit in offices their whole lives, complaining about "lazy people" stealing their "hard earned" money. That statement would be more realistic if they excluded the hard earned part. Also, those who call these ppl losers, you shouldn't look down on someone who does jobs you wouldn't last a week doing.
Baby Bunch (6 months ago)
Yep it's called the union..If you don't get a break they can get in big trouble
Sergio Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+T Marginau you know the whole backwall could write a grievance for not getting any breaks , let alone a lunch after working 6 hrs. Happened at my hub durring peak season when we didnt get a lunch.
ROBIN TILLEY (3 years ago)
Good idea for Christmas gifts for Santa Claus nice GOD Bless you
William Drewes (3 years ago)
I used to be a loader at the Stafford hub in CT. i had fun made fiends. It is hard work but it's worth it! you can become a driver have to be put on a list.  
12deepkid (3 years ago)
lol this hub is nothing compared to the one in newark.. you guys got it chill
Sakaza (3 years ago)
+12deepkid i used to work in the busiest hub in the country mesquite Tx. That was a hell whole management was full of complete dicks who sat on their ass and the only time they talked to you was to yell at you
Marcos Monterroso (3 years ago)
No offence but ups is for loosers go back to school guys 
Foster Price (4 months ago)
You know that ups drivers can make a 6 figure income right? You’re the loser for not doing your research
XakashinaX (5 months ago)
Funny, because somebody has to do it or you wouldn't get your packages dumbass. People like to look down on blue collar workers but if nobody does this work than what??
Gerardo Munzo (7 months ago)
Texas Beast hahaha he doesn’t know. Saw you replied 7 hours ago so thought I’d comment.
DTX_Kurupted_X7 (7 months ago)
UPS is for losers but Im a UPS Driver making 36 dollars an hour and 54 dollars an hour over time clearing 100k a year with full coverage insurance that the company pays for, a company savings plan and a 401k that will give me a damn good retirement one of these days but you’re right buddy. UPS is a losers job.
Mid West (1 year ago)
fool you sound like a loser. You prolly in your 20's living with your mom in the basement playing warcraft for hours straight til the point you start getting hemorrhoids
francis lindsay (3 years ago)
i drive tugs and tigers lol easiest job ever
Josh Pittman (3 years ago)
lawl your belt actually is so slow man
Tyler Cataldo (3 years ago)
How did you get a camera phone in there past the security guard?
Frank Castle (5 months ago)
Some hubs are different, my hub we’re not allowed to. But then there’s another hub 30 minutes away from mine that lets workers bring in there phone
MASERATI BOYZ (2 years ago)
You sneak that shit in put a hoodie on top your device inside your bag and the guards won't bother searching
GmJunky87 (3 years ago)
I worked in a hell hole, umm... I mean hub for 5 years. Our hub was that old that the trailers sat like 4 inches above the dock so that packages wouldn't flow in. I got fired because I loaded my two doors and the sloth next to me, his doors were the whole way up so I went in to load one of his doors. the roller line he had had NO STOP at the end so the packages just went all over the floor. I loaded, he came into HIS door and he forced the packages down the line which hit the back of my legs and almost knocked me over. We exchanged obscenities and went fist to cuffs. We both got fired he got his job back because he had like 2 months more seniority than me. Only good thing about that job was the pay and benefits (I was article 22). Everything else a fucking nightmare!
derek jeffords (3 years ago)
Tsk, tsk, tsk... Load stands are not for videoing, lol
W OR L Chairman (4 years ago)
My dad wants me to apply at the greensboro hub i heard its the biggest on the east coast
Jamil Bryant (1 year ago)
W OR L Chairman Louisville has the largest hub
Marcos Monterroso (3 years ago)
no offence but ups is for loosers, your dad hates you brother
Cookie Cute (4 years ago)
ahhh I found it!!!! yayyyyyy!! xD
Marcus Glover (4 years ago)
pmarroquin1714 (4 years ago)
the small wooden trailers are easy as fuck, fuck the all metal trailers...
ex0gen (4 years ago)
lol you guys are totally not following methods when you guys were loading (not bending knees, not left to right, etc).  If I was your supervisors we would have to fix that.  
Mike Williams (1 year ago)
where we run you have to double wall....the main wall is 60 centermetres (2foot)but behind it is a small trench wall half the size of the major wall.....beause we would recieve incompatables with all shaped freight you have to have the secondary wall as a spill zone to dump 40 lb boxes that are 6x6 inches and lengths that cant be stacked....we have to stand on telescopic booms to reach 12 foot high ceilings.
ex0gen (1 year ago)
+Operator Bunz It's simple. Either you're loading according to methods or you're not, right? Either there are "T" shapes, you're loading 18-24 inches wall depth, front to back, 3 level shelves minimum, above waste height, back to front, etc, etc, etc; either you're doing that at the minimum pace or better, in a way which is safe, meaning not putting yourself in unnecessary risk of injury, or you aren't. All of those things are quantifiable. There is nothing about the job which is subjective. I've worked at UPS for almost 20 years. Now, I don't agree with micro managing mentalities. I agree you should "let the man load." But at the same time, 'then do the job the way I told you to do it" and I will stay out of your way, is more or less my attitude. You don't do it like I asked, then I'm going to talk to you, even if you refuse to do it, then that's what progressive discipline is for. Not that I want to take it there, and in my experience, rarely do I have to, because employees respect and like me. But if it has to come to that, then the jobs till has to get done.
Operator B (1 year ago)
+ex0gen unless you can match or beat my load rate of 600+ (that's average, get some coffee in me and I can crack out over 850) and the quality of my walls, let me load how I wan't. That was our biggest problem at FedEX, fucking managers would come in trying to "teach" us how to load "properly" and not only completely fuck our walls up but get us backed up and then bail out when they realized they weren't helping at all. Yes, if you see someone doing some safety hazards, correct them. But if the loader is killing it, and has a record of doing great work with none to minimal safety violations or work injuries. Let the man load.
ex0gen (4 years ago)
Because the rollers should be close enough where you can pivot and not have to take steps. What you do is as you start on the right side you face 45 degrees in the direction of the TOFC rollers.  From that position you pivot and load and when you get to a point half way through the wall, you reposition to face the opposite way 45 degrees so now you are facing half way between the TOFC rollers and the wall again, except now you are facing the right side (where previously the left).
alexis manuel (4 years ago)
Left to right method its just a waste of time! Why would you walk back to the same place you started if you can just start from the left to right and right to left?
ReelFlix (4 years ago)
i work at fedEx Woodbridge Hub we runs 40% of all packages shipped. idk but UPS look light bra
Mikael Grohs (3 years ago)
In my Fedex hub in philly i work the woodbridge trailers and its hell, I could imagine the woodbridge hub.
Phillip Alex Acero Jr (4 years ago)
Is this what a package handler does?
Mike Bridges (4 years ago)
The okc hub isnt bad. We usually get breaks mid threw overnight
JIM LANE (1 year ago)
Ya'll don't even run like our hub. You ever been buried in a trailer and have to load your way out?
Angela Lynn Hall (5 days ago)
YO JAX HUB what shift/PD?
RzVids (7 months ago)
Chris Mejia 3-4 trucks that's moving like 6,000-8,000 boxes a day.
Marcos Mendez (8 months ago)
Glenn Brito atleast he has a job. If he didn't then he'll be a pussy
Glenn Brito (11 months ago)
Bla Blah fucken pussy
ryan michaels (4 years ago)
Fuck ups
jockstrap steve (4 years ago)
This was posted 3 and a half years ago .... Wouldn't surprise me if the poster got fired for videoing this ... I worked for a shipping company and can tell you I would have lost my job over posting a video
optiplex sarkodie (4 years ago)
hey do you work with corporate?
Carlos Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Dat can 1000 to 1500 hundres pieces depends on the person whos loading it nd how big the boxes are
Danny F (4 years ago)
how many pieces are in the trucks
sect236 (4 years ago)
Dude, just like anything in life, you have to set your standards of how ppl treat you. I've been sorting for 10 yrs and never had a problem with breaks, restroom breaks or injuries. YOU JUST LET SOMEBODY FUK WITH YOU!!
sports89man11 (4 years ago)
lastly wow you guys have 3 people in a truck, YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WE HAD IN A TRUCK AT OUR HUB???? ONE GUY HAD TO RUN 3 TRUCKS!!!!!! when they told me im going to be running 3 trucks i said GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE BRO!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! we had 3 guys no call no show this week and that just fucked us. and those rollers suck balls, esspecially when you have to put them up when your done and they dont line up. JUST TO SUM IT ALL UP FUCK UPS!!!!!
sports89man11 (4 years ago)
i wasnt even part of the union yet so it wouldnt make a difference, plus they were about to fire me for performance, (i.e. shitty walls, poor pph,) i didnt give a fuck bro i just threw the boxes in the truck. that wall looks good to me man, in fact, thats way better than how mine would look. why work hard when your getting paid minimum wage??? i fucked my elbow up hitting the extendo, and i was just pissed...
sports89man11 (4 years ago)
i just quit that fucking job today, and WOW YOU GUYS GET BREAKS??? WE WOULD GET YELLED AT FOR GOING TO THE BATHROOM!! WE WOULDNT GET ANY BREAKS!!! this surpasses any job ive had and this job is at #1 of the top 5 worst jobs ive ever had in my life. THE SUPS TREAT YOU LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT! i fucked up my arm today and they wouldnt even send me home!! the boxes just kept on coming and after 2 hrs of suckin, i said fuck this job and went up to my sup and told him i quit.
rbrisb24 (4 years ago)
Those walls suck!
Rebel 1776 (4 years ago)
man they took my belt off my extendo and put a plastic cover on it. im so pissed.
Rebel 1776 (4 years ago)
mister micro-manager here
sooner2325 (5 years ago)
Your walls are terrible, they're not locked with smalls. You're suppose to load left to right and bags go on top. ROOKIE!!!!
TheCarBro92 (5 years ago)
I load 300 avg pph and make exactly what you make, so go ahead and bust your ass and load at 600+ pph haha noobs.
Osvaldo Galvez (5 years ago)
Yea ok..... 5 53ft trailers would be about 9000 packages properly loaded bullshit u do that much...
TheCarBro92 (5 years ago)
If you can't last sitting in a car whwn it's 90 degrees then you won't make it at ups
sooner2325 (5 years ago)
That wall sucks, there are no T's whatsoever!!!
MrBigbmcc (5 years ago)
i work on preload a i have to take your shit down can you guys load a littel better i hate it when a pakage falls on my head it makes me want to chew some one out!!!
MrBigbmcc (5 years ago)
you think 44 is not bad tri peak season shit i do this 5 days a week at 2am start time!
DodgeRam (5 years ago)
grab oppisite diagnal corners and pivot dont twist
Parlimrider (5 years ago)
Just watching this video reminded me of work. Though I have to admit it didn't look like you guys were loading much. was it a slow night? Usually i try to keep clean no matter how much flow there is.
SnarfSquared (5 years ago)
HAHAHA man those auditors are fuckin mythical. 5 full years and I've yet to actually see a real live auditor. hahaha
awirefreak (5 years ago)
Man I hated working there only took me a week to quit, it's sucks ass, they treat you like shit and the pay isn't even worth those fuck'n hours. Btw that wall is horrible, your not even keeping up with the height and you don't bend your knees.
Joshua Crocker (5 years ago)
you know the supervisers there where not fun i got fired because of one of them i would do what he would tell me and show me then he comes back when im doing what i was told and he write up and just thinks it nothing and safety my ass really nobody work safely at my place I love there service but man i would not recamend working there they dont treat people right in any way what so ever
xXJestrXx (5 years ago)
oh reminds me of my early days at fedex, all the scanners were beat up and cracked.
Terry Taylor (5 years ago)
jujumistress (5 years ago)
I jerk every day. =(
jujumistress (5 years ago)
So how did it go?
700halo (5 years ago)
grasp opposite corners, lift with slow, steady motion; don't jerk, pivot; don't twist
thefrijole15 (5 years ago)
Its all about that fedex bro. Thats why you dont suck ass so you can move up the chain.. You obviously werent very good at your job...
MultiMonster69 (5 years ago)
i wish i had a third shift job. i know i probably sound weird but id like my manager to stop telling me im lazy when i already work two jobs
Richard Rogers (5 years ago)
also use ur load stand damnit loooooooool
Richard Rogers (5 years ago)
at least ur rollers roll
lxcarion (5 years ago)
5 keys to prevent slips 'n falls; walk at a brisk pace, don't run. establish firm footing. do not climb, or walk on any of the rollers, slips, or shoots. look before stepping. adjust to the changing conditions. WEDLA. ;D
2008Flyboy (6 years ago)
as a pt sup, you need to talk to your shop steward, you get a break, it's in the contract.
ErickLazcon4 (6 years ago)
dude who actually follows the rules and who actually listens to the trainer???? I'm serious cause they didn't train me they just told me to pass my sort test and then report there on my first day
ErickLazcon4 (6 years ago)
dude im a sorter and i work pre load and that shit is kick back
brobdabachelor (6 years ago)
man we have between 90-105 doors a night in west Columbia SC, man they must get no hours at all..and break time? we don't get that it's part time.the only time we get that is if we make our own break time.
jason Green (6 years ago)
man that hub is clean were is it i work at the Orlando hub it's filthy
b00mcherryb0mb (6 years ago)
All you noobs claiming to load 1K an hour are stupid. Do you get paid by the hour, or by the box? And this vid with 40K in volume for this shift is pathetic.
theghostofmrcow1985 (6 years ago)
I work at Grande vista hub in Vernon California
bloodedgvfb33 (6 years ago)
you guys dont know shit, i load 2500+ at a 750 every day. NOT DURING PEAK SEASON
nohopebutwhatwemake (6 years ago)
God as soon as I heard the sound of the rollers i started having fucking flash backs and had to stop the video. fuck that job. The cold ass winters, the summers where I felt like i walked into a pizza oven every time i walked in the building, the sounds, the shitty little announcements telling us to take relief. I'll never miss that hellhole. To this day I still have nightmares about the fucking "irregs." Best day of my life was the day i quit.
AccessDenied (6 years ago)
My dream job is to work for Fed Ex,UPS,USPS, or DHL
gustoman001 (6 years ago)
Lol, only 600? Had around 3k with a 919 pph a few months ago. And that was with the old rollers.
Mike Johndrow (6 years ago)
@1776freedom id rather have an old school extendo than a set of rollers. true story
Mike Johndrow (6 years ago)
@ErickLazcon4 more like, how do you like it?
Ryan Morse (6 years ago)
Damn it, sometimes I miss the hub.
Jennifer Vasquez (6 years ago)
You guys know nothing until you've worked at the meadowlands hub. Unless you work at CACH or Louisville, its nothing compared to us.
ErickLazcon4 (6 years ago)
Just got a loader job how is it?
vernwaylon (6 years ago)
8 Keys to Lifting and Lowering Packages: Get close, feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees, check package for shift in weight and content, use existing equipment.......shit I forgot the rest. AUDIT FAILED