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Bad Drivers USA - North American driving fails & Road Rage in America #32 (Only US dashcam)

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Text Comments (428)
ALAINA (5 hours ago)
i live down the street from there! 5:55
Giorgio Gazzola (3 days ago)
People are fuckin morons
bridgecross (3 days ago)
These contain about 10% of the craziness of Russian dash cams. "Oh no, that guy pulled in front of me to pick up his friend, I'm going to throw a tantrum now!"
TheFalconJetDriver (4 days ago)
Sully does not like those Canadians either. Sully Sullenberger
MR POPSICLES (5 days ago)
7:56 when you forget to check your mirror before you open your door.
Kenny Fogal (6 days ago)
1:50 Crystal, MN
Hug awa (7 days ago)
lol..."damn Canadians"... too funny eh
Phil Bos (7 days ago)
the Canadian clip made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Butke (8 days ago)
Sorry, but if it’s dead ducks or me in an accident, dead ducks every time 💥 🦆 💀
Ben Factor (8 days ago)
8:05....sweet justice
desertvs (9 days ago)
6:33 Welcome to Denver, CO. 8:31 too...
Mendoza Football (9 days ago)
9:09 looks like the guy from the ambulance teleported but looking at the video ten times I noticed he jumped out of the door.
Games and the life of morgan (9 days ago)
that last one had my dying hahahaha
info145 (11 days ago)
8:03 Who is to blame? Hmm...
Luciano Bezerra (11 days ago)
The Canadian geese was funny !
Jeanette Marie (11 days ago)
Poor geese, that guy is an embarrassment to America over geese! He needs a nap!
Jeanette Marie (11 days ago)
@7:27, I hope the Cammer driver got that license plate number, that drive drove stupid just to pick someone up and they didn’t care if they were going to cause an accident, How Rude!
Jeanette Marie (11 days ago)
Omg! So many close calls and did I see a guy fall out of that paramedic truck? I had to watch it a few times and you can see someone falling out of side door!
Poe Tato (11 days ago)
Need to build that wall on the Canadian border to keep those Canadians out.
_________ _________ (12 days ago)
0:55 what
Jennaerys Targaryen (12 days ago)
1:05 you know that boy soiled his shorts.
bigbenk83 (12 days ago)
the biggest asshole has got to be the guy that, instead of warning the truckdriver, followed him for a mile
Scrumptious Urinal Cakes (13 days ago)
my proudest moment was hitting a guy on a suzuki and getting away with it :)
SonOfDrTito (13 days ago)
7:51 always run over the animal , if its on a menu and a road, your life is worth more then a duck dinner
Fuh Weel (13 days ago)
What's the song at the 4:22-4:40 mark?
Tray russo (13 days ago)
That last guy needs to chill the f out
LaTavia Washington (13 days ago)
1:50 gave me sooo much fucking anxitey omg 😣😣😣
Rennis Henry (15 days ago)
10:20 I don't know about the Canadians but I seem to recall him saying doing something about the mexicans
SAO KazutoKirigaya (15 days ago)
4:10 The radio station is Mix 105.1 if anyone is curious
William Crowe (16 days ago)
Just caught myself yelling at the computer screen just like I do in my car
deiselburner (16 days ago)
NO FUCK YOU AMERICANS!!! You bunch of REDNECK pieces of shit!!
Anthony Esquivel (16 days ago)
At 5:20 the driver who was drag by the 18 wheeler sue the truck driver and company in San Antonio, Tx on I-35 and 281 where the accident happened it show on Kens 5 News.
Trey K (17 days ago)
If you don’t know your surroundings DONT SWERVE. All you do is make things worse.
Adam Lenhardt (19 days ago)
1:26 this is what you get for painting flames on a V6 Mustang
Christiane Montazer (19 days ago)
The last one..... sounded like a demented drunk Trump
Linda Gibson (19 days ago)
I’m Canadian and I love that last video .
Wendy M. Williamson (20 days ago)
The "Canadian" gag was funny.
Carlos Gambrell (20 days ago)
One thing I will never seem to understand, why these idiots see a hit and run and just sit there and watch, instead of calling the police or following the driver to ID to police, smfh, do something
Raymond K (20 days ago)
7:16 He was in a hurry picking up his boyfriend and bringing it to the hospital. Boy had a broken wrist as you can see clearly.
Benjamin Grimes (20 days ago)
Who cares about Canadians? I thought Trump was after the Mexicans.
Hunter's Moon (21 days ago)
USA = Russia is another Russia
Clare Gollner (21 days ago)
Great scott!😲
Bad Drivers of Chicago (23 days ago)
I like the videos keep it up!
Rosa Lacrimosa (24 days ago)
9:01 why is it always people being blatantly stupid that are the ones flipping you off when they know they're the idiot in the situation? lol
benm mbk (25 days ago)
Did anyone notice that there is a BIG difference between the drivers of russian vedios and these?? These drivers ATLEAST tried to AVOID a collision, where the russians NEVER even attempted. They seem to be resigned to a fate of collisions NOT believing that THEY are completely AVOIDABLE ACCIDENTS. They HAVE to learn HOW to drive, that is ALL. "Fluent in Driving".
Linda Johnsen (25 days ago)
Great videos, but the Canadian comments did me in!! 😂🤣😂
Mike Ike (26 days ago)
that cop at 0:57 😂
Will Lyon (26 days ago)
Those two retards driving on the sidewalk to pass the train crossing. typical fuckbag Prius and F150 drivers
Gabriel Villegas (28 days ago)
All woman lol
ilovemanunited (28 days ago)
9:55 Need For Speed Payback
Ben Canevari (28 days ago)
Where the fuck did these people learn to drive? And how did they get their licenses?
d0pesick (29 days ago)
9:10 Is that the passenger bailing? stolen vehicle maybe?
Amuro Ray (1 month ago)
This entire video pisses me off.
Scott Nyob (1 month ago)
8:09 ...the most satisfying.
Frank Mccracken (1 month ago)
Why is nobody getting an ass beating
Question Everything (1 month ago)
people are just so freakin stupid. our own stupidity is ushering in driver-less cars
50police (1 month ago)
someone's gonna have to explain to me how security cameras count as "Only US dashcam[s]"
SaltyBro (1 month ago)
seems like dude at 8:05 brake checked the motorcycle and the biker didnt know how to brake.
henry cruz (12 days ago)
We can't see the front view but it looked like he was slowing down.. but the dude didnt know how to brake. He put his right foot down when he couldve used the rear brake instead.. probably wouldnt have done anything tho.
Louie Villa (1 month ago)
Like that white little card throwing himself in front of the other car with the camera trying to scare him with his own car people like that should be shot it could cause you to lose your life when your life is in danger you need to act if he doesn't care about his protect yours
Valerie Paulsen (1 month ago)
7:11 trying to cause an accident. Likely his proffession.
l337pwnage (1 month ago)
@8:40 WTH did they make that front suspension out of? Chewing gum?
l337pwnage (1 month ago)
l337pwnage (1 month ago)
@0:06 reaction time too fast, need to add more vodka.
An Nguyen (1 month ago)
How can Trump build a wall in the air to stop Canadian geese to please the last guy?
Naomi Balmer-Howieson (1 month ago)
last one😂
AdoreYouInAshXI (1 month ago)
10:07 made it all worth it
Gonzalo Pardo (1 month ago)
Sean Bodine (1 month ago)
Has anyone else noticed that most of the drivers causing these accidents are in Japanese cars?
Brian W (1 month ago)
In case anyone was wondering, the best way to change lanes is to close your eyes, stomp on the gas petal and turn the wheel all the way to one side...
woovine (1 month ago)
People get mad when they're in the wrong.. like wtf
Donna Jo Royal (1 month ago)
WTH is up with the blue Prius an white truck the think driving on the sidewalk the 🚂 won't hit them lol 🤔
Corey (1 month ago)
0:55 for the win!
Zora (1 month ago)
8:31 thumbnail
ImTryingToBeA BetterPerson (1 month ago)
You know that cyclist blamed it on the cars
Calvin Field (1 month ago)
OMG that last one was funny as hell!!!!
Callbrin (1 month ago)
my favorite part is when the idiot drivers stop in the middle of what their doing instead of getting out of the way like @ 3:10
Terry (1 month ago)
9:09 That 9-1-1 response time tho!!!
Terry (1 month ago)
Fucking idiot in the minivan! Doesn't even know what's in front of him. 4:03
Rowland Buck (1 month ago)
So m e thing tells me the hospital had no business letting the 81 year old driver leave.
Pashu Pati (1 month ago)
Very very much Disgusting words and language of the last clip, its so much hatered and a reflection of what Americans and Canadians are thinking about each other, in this clip its only Americans Shame on you Americans
Angel Gallegos (1 month ago)
Pashu Pati: r/whooosh
Shelby (1 month ago)
1:05 next stop: new undies
Composure (1 month ago)
4:43 what kind of dashcam does this guy have, fancy!
Rich Faulkner (1 month ago)
Ha at least he hit an ambulance
Charles Nelson (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHA "I thought Trump would so something about these Canadians..." OMG I'm Canadian and that just made my day.. no my month roflmao... Oh and by the way, if you're thinking about building a wall along the Canadian border, as this footage clearly demonstrates, we have wings and can fly over ;P
Jeanette Marie (11 days ago)
Charles Nelson Sweetie, it’s not about you and your country, even the Mexican border has wings and they can fly over, too.. duh! 😂
Rich Faulkner (1 month ago)
Ha saw my house on there
Mel S (1 month ago)
8:03 that hard brake check couldve killed that guy. And he thinks its funny?
kay Horton (1 month ago)
Did these people really pass driving class at dmv or through a mail order class from another country
Robert Morris (1 month ago)
9:12 Well, at least he had an ambulance handy.
TheMoistMango : (1 month ago)
9:10 I don't understand.
PureAloha78 (1 month ago)
That last clip.......CLASSIC! LMAO!!!!! I love it
dylan kagely (1 month ago)
2:17 is another repeat all of these are!!!!!!!!! fuck this channel. officially unsubscribed. peace, retards
dylan kagely (1 month ago)
a lot of repeats first one i just watched in another video. lame
Ranjit (1 month ago)
Those are trudeau supporters, dumb as rocks.
Zach C. Benton (1 month ago)
That truck at 5;20 was like fuck this dude. If I’m gonna get cited to this retards bullshit might as well fuck him up good
SUshadow92 (1 month ago)
6:35 Guy might not have been able to see the car in the outside lane, so not a complete fail
Zach C. Benton (1 month ago)
That fucking cyclist one where the cop yelled the speed killed me lmfao
billyhatcher643 (1 month ago)
alot of these videos are from another channel called fury road which i think this guy stole from
Rebecca Gallin (1 month ago)
What part of the US is the first one?? Lol
Greg B (1 month ago)
I'm glad that in a few of the clips the cops were right there to get the moron drivers.
Karen Aguilar (1 month ago)
The last one was funny, get it? The geese were Canadian geese. It was a joke😄😄