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Bad Drivers USA - North American driving fails & Road Rage in America #32 (Only US dashcam)

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Text Comments (542)
Sandra Weeden (17 hours ago)
Soooo.... Why shouldn't anyone pregnant watch this video...?
Anti-Social (20 hours ago)
ahaha that cop - 8:00 (damnit) … I would of thought FUCKK!! would of been more of the go to word in that situation LOL
Getta Petta (1 day ago)
10:40 this cost you 5 seconds of your life...& you act like it’s killing you. The jerk drivers get their karma in accidents and tickets...but you are no better. Short tempered people are the worst drivers.
Getta Petta (1 day ago)
7:07 SLOW DOWN AND no tailgating! No faster arrivals happen if you crash.
hh pp (1 day ago)
I am an Russian but was adopted by American and have to learn only by the English language and religion but I can still learn to speak Russian
Jim Richards (1 day ago)
Doggies report fraudulent news when Godzilla crushes planets into cookies.
Adam Gil (1 day ago)
Does anyone know what camera that is at 4:40?
TaraRockRevival BeBe (2 days ago)
The ending was super darn cute! Them damn Canadians in our streets and in our back yards pooping ha ha
Ryan Jensen (3 days ago)
1:02 Woa that was a straight up hit and run. I hope you sent the plate to the authorities.
DeMaray Lister (3 days ago)
at 7:40 just to funny
DeMaray Lister (4 days ago)
that blue car and truck at the railroad track tho lmao
Jim Brown (4 days ago)
I bet the guy at 2:24 had to changes his drawers.
Kayla4217 (5 days ago)
Why do I enjoy watching wrecks so much
owl magic (5 days ago)
Well that guy on bike would be owning the fire house ambulance cut across like that
owl magic (5 days ago)
All prius drivers need to fucken die
CoreOfTheStar (6 days ago)
those folks driving on the sidewalk at the railway freaked me out. that’s so dangerous!!
natasha staniforth (6 days ago)
this video scared me like jesus, but then the last clip just made me happy
Jeremiah Jacobs (6 days ago)
7:55 opening your door into traffic is illegal..... shoulda looked first
MyArms2short2masterB8 (6 days ago)
*TRUMP was here!*
MamaKat (9 days ago)
Last clip.....😂🤣😆
rose smith (9 days ago)
this makes me wish I never had to ever drive for any reason, but I like to eat and sometimes I need to go to the doctor, and no bus service around here, and I cant use a bike or walk, (bikers seem to get hit alot around here) Also they are called canada geese  not canadian, they are not exclusivly canadian birds. they are very beautiful birds but in some places have grown so vast some areas are calling for a culling of them.
kk9841 (11 days ago)
4:52 it sounded like bad boys bad boys what you gonna do.. and cop showed up.
WoT Nice (12 days ago)
Конченые пьяные америкосы
John Biggs (12 days ago)
damn Canadians
kev theplumber (12 days ago)
5:36 truckers sweet revenge on d-bag drivers
Dman Deric (14 days ago)
Lol dumb don't know they are dumb.
Joyce LeBaron (14 days ago)
The Fucking Canadian gangs! LMAO!!!
Jonathan Parent / DJ 10N1Z3D (15 days ago)
As a Canadian, try winning a war without our help! Lol, jk. We love you too... except for Trump, because no one likes him
mapezaid (15 days ago)
Don't watch this video of you're pregnant!! Lol
Weebee (16 days ago)
Hahahaha hahahaha..... Canadians...too funny. Some people it's like, whaaaaaaaa?
MrMerk1991 (16 days ago)
5:00 what dash cam was that looked like something out of GTA hahahaa
Steve Goldstine (19 days ago)
David Buschhorn (21 days ago)
5:27 when someone brake checks you and you're just not having it.
Corbin Garrett (22 days ago)
Fucking California drivers. Everyone thinks it's ok to just ignore the rules then they throw a bitch fit when they get in a wreck.
Shannon O'Rielly (23 days ago)
Hahaha, Trump's got fuck all to do with us! See how polite we are? Even our feathered CANADIAN’S moved for a pathetic AMERICAN like you HAHAHAHA!!!! 🇨🇦🕊🦋
Tami Martinez (27 days ago)
Damn Canadians! Best part!! lol
TheDrummerman1951 (28 days ago)
So how is cussing out a bunch a geese going to help?
Outrjs (28 days ago)
Diesel trucks, you fuck with the bull you get the horns.
TheReapersSon (28 days ago)
0:44 -- Factoria, WA; just outside of Bellevue. Those two right lanes are ALWAYS jammed up during the day, and people drive as fast as possible and then cut over at the very last minute to merge from I-90 Westbound onto I-405 Northbound (queue jumpers). People that get tired of waiting in the shit always decide to get out of either lane, but the problem is, traffic to the left is always going freeway speed despite a warning of 45 or slower. Shit like this happens all the time.
Tyler Fabish (28 days ago)
I can say with certainty that all of the motorcycle crashes in this video could have been avoided with 1. proper awareness and 2. proper braking technique. I mean..... all 3 of these incidents are just straight pathetic. How do riders let their guard down so easily? -disclaimer- I am a rider myself and hang my head in shame at each of these nutjobs
lil Shorty girl (29 days ago)
4:41 this looks like something out of GTA 5 lol where can I buy a camera like that!
Jeeper Creature (29 days ago)
They're actually called CANADA geese, not CANADIAN geese.
FlashFronk Prepping (29 days ago)
Those Geese were awesome!!!
FlashFronk Prepping (29 days ago)
I felt zero compassion for the motorcyclist who ran into the rear of that car on the highway. I see stuff like that all the time...
FlashFronk Prepping (29 days ago)
This is the bullshit that scares me about my son turning driving age! What a bunch of assholes!!!
David Ray (1 month ago)
1:03 the luckiest man in the world!
lab speciman (1 month ago)
I thought trump was going to do something about the Canadians.
Christa Carlin (1 month ago)
Don’t you love it when they cut you off and wave...like thanks for letting me be an asshole!!!! Lol 😂😂
TheHighKirk (1 month ago)
I will say that in America that are *A LOT* of people who will follow either right behind you or in your blind spot instead of actually driving. The do this so they don't have t pay attention. - Personally I think the 'Tentative Driver' is more of a danger than a distracted one.
twist58 (1 month ago)
(2:07) North San Diego, ain't it?
Matey Mate (1 month ago)
Last guy was very funny... CANADIANS! 😂 😂 😂
تونسي و راسي عالي (1 month ago)
Fucking canadians 😂😂😂
Mainbwana (1 month ago)
You could see the life flashing before the eyes of the cyclist on 1:05.
Demon with a Glass Hand Nemesis (1 month ago)
That officer at :59 is awesome! 15...LOL!
JR Anonymous (1 month ago)
The Canadians clip got me. I was looking around for people until he blew his horn then I realized the driver was talking about the birds. He apparently missed a dose of his medication. LOL
Frankie Rizzo (1 month ago)
I don’t get how most of these people don’t say a word when they get into these accidents at all....they don’t scream, curse, flip out or nothing!! I’d be goin fukin insane lol
Rainer Schnippe (1 month ago)
What is your problem? Have you no time! you are bullshit!
branden hinke (1 month ago)
Conclusion - people are f'ing idiots.
It’s Briyoncé (1 month ago)
The last clip was a breath of fresh air. 😂❤️
Kelly Tribier (1 month ago)
the guy in the last vid can suck my big Canadian cock
subhash pni (1 month ago)
subhash pni (1 month ago)
Arcamean (1 month ago)
Some of these people deserve a bullet in the head not a three thousand pound bullet they guide into others.
Malik Williams (1 month ago)
Any time you see a Toyota Prius driving......GET AS FAR AWAY FROM IT AS YOU CAN!
Malik Williams (1 month ago)
The first clip was awesome! I hate when people do that;
ChrisYoungGunn (1 month ago)
"15" lmfaooo
Menwan Cellos (1 month ago)
OMG! LOL @10.15 Really? "Fuck you, Canadians! Trump doing what?" That's the most stupid commentary I've ever heard. OK. Next time I see crows in my garden, I'll blame the Krauts. "Fuck you Germans!" Or a bustard, and I'll say "Fuck you, Spaniards"... Trop débile !
V S (1 month ago)
Omg the ducks what a good laugh. At least he stop for them
Courier Six (1 month ago)
This made me fume
Maggie Romero (1 month ago)
Finally an action packed video. Some of those videos are WOW, too stupid for words. Last video was cute.
Sparkle Shine (1 month ago)
At 7:10, I don't honk that long. I drive an old beat up white work van, another dent will not hurt it a bit.
mikesmovingimages (1 month ago)
3:51 Dashcammer was an idiot.
Pipe Tunes (1 month ago)
French Canadians are the worst
xoxoficklefangirl (1 month ago)
I like watching videos like this one but they piss me off so much. Do people not know why rearview mirrors are in and on the vehicles for? And the lack of them using the turn signals. Getting a driver's license needs to be a lot harder to get. Overpopulation doesn't help either.
Kelley Manning (1 month ago)
The last one was my favorite.
HotWives Matter (1 month ago)
370z @ 9:03 <3 <3 <3
SharksFortniteyt (1 month ago)
Wouldn’t the one at 9:50 be a hit and run? And worse because it was a police officer
Sharkboyprano Dorito (1 month ago)
9:50 would technically classify as a hit and run right? Especially because it was a police officer
Jaime Ortiz (1 month ago)
what dash cam is that @ 4:41?
ALAINA (1 month ago)
i live down the street from there! 5:55
Giorgio Gazzola (1 month ago)
People are fuckin morons
bridgecross (1 month ago)
These contain about 10% of the craziness of Russian dash cams. "Oh no, that guy pulled in front of me to pick up his friend, I'm going to throw a tantrum now!"
TheFalconJetDriver (1 month ago)
Sully does not like those Canadians either. Sully Sullenberger
MR POPSICLES (1 month ago)
7:56 when you forget to check your mirror before you open your door.
Kenny Fogal (2 months ago)
1:50 Crystal, MN
Hug awa (2 months ago)
lol..."damn Canadians"... too funny eh
Phil Bos (2 months ago)
the Canadian clip made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Butke (2 months ago)
Sorry, but if it’s dead ducks or me in an accident, dead ducks every time 💥 🦆 💀
Ben Factor (2 months ago)
8:05....sweet justice
desertvs (2 months ago)
6:33 Welcome to Denver, CO. 8:31 too...
Mendoza Football (2 months ago)
9:09 looks like the guy from the ambulance teleported but looking at the video ten times I noticed he jumped out of the door.
Games and the life of morgan (2 months ago)
that last one had my dying hahahaha
info145 (2 months ago)
8:03 Who is to blame? Hmm...
Luciano Bezerra (2 months ago)
The Canadian geese was funny !
Jeanette Marie (2 months ago)
Poor geese, that guy is an embarrassment to America over geese! He needs a nap!
Jeanette Marie (2 months ago)
@7:27, I hope the Cammer driver got that license plate number, that drive drove stupid just to pick someone up and they didn’t care if they were going to cause an accident, How Rude!
Demon with a Glass Hand Nemesis (1 month ago)
Notice the kid they picked up...gave him the finger...little shit...oh karma please...
Jeanette Marie (2 months ago)
Omg! So many close calls and did I see a guy fall out of that paramedic truck? I had to watch it a few times and you can see someone falling out of side door!
Poe Tato (2 months ago)
Need to build that wall on the Canadian border to keep those Canadians out.
_________ _________ (2 months ago)
0:55 what
Jennaerys Targaryen (2 months ago)
1:05 you know that boy soiled his shorts.