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Meeting Hitler In Hell

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (6296)
Pokèmonelover 879 (1 day ago)
Sheilah Ballard (1 day ago)
For me, subjects like He'll and human suffering is just not something I can joke about.
Tripp Parsley (2 days ago)
Is supposed to be like finding George Washington in heaven
Maura Jahangiri (2 days ago)
I would be like i hope you get tortured for eternity
Liam Ward (3 days ago)
1, There is no hell. 2, If there was then Hitler would be considered weaksauce compared to some of the 'people' there.
Adolf Hitler (3 days ago)
Wow you guys actually remade that! You guys should be coming to my mansion
Noah Benitez-Lee (3 days ago)
you guys clearly don't know everything that Hitler stood for. Did you know that Hitler launched the world's first anti-smoking campaign.? And that as well as standing up against animal cruelty and working to preserve nature, he also passed the world's first bills to help single mothers with raising their children. So to say you hate everything he stood for, you're saying you hate nature, women, animals, and you absolutely adore cancer. Now by no means am I saying he was a good person, I'm just saying that he wasn't the most evil person of all time, and he actually had some pretty morally sound values. The more you know.
YoungRebel Gamer (3 days ago)
why does hitler sound gay
Moni {imp} (3 days ago)
i think the thing i laughed at most in this video was the horrible faked "german" accent
trythewine (4 days ago)
"that seat is reserved for Bill Cosby" fucking gold xD
Mary Marshmallow (4 days ago)
This Accent is so weird... I'm from Germany and i definitly don't sound like that.
Bramone Cessyardo Sinaga (5 days ago)
hitler talk germany
The gods who may been forgot (5 days ago)
How much did the holo cost?
Predalien Raven (5 days ago)
Did Hitler even speak English? If he didn't how can he understand them.
matthew morse (5 days ago)
meeting Stalin in heaven
Jolly Justine Gaming (6 days ago)
my friend should see this
Takworm Productions (6 days ago)
Bobby Johnson (7 days ago)
Mao Zedong or Stalin would be more fitting
AwesomeEthan 2.0 (9 days ago)
This is so hellarious I mean I did nazi this until I started watching college humor
Quentin Lennox (10 days ago)
heilarious, I did nazi that coming, what a gas
Eurovision 2015 mad (11 days ago)
After WW3 Mr Putin will be here tho Hitler wasn't all bad. Stalin was a lot worse!
GenieLogic (13 days ago)
Wait.....if you die of natural causes would you be the age you died in wherever you end up? Or would you revert back to like your 20's or something? Like if you died at 97 would you be 97 years old in heaven or would you be 26?
Haaraskaba (14 days ago)
Actually Hitler was a great man and deserves a place in heaven. He hated jews for a reason. Everyone should read Mein Kampf and do some basic research. He wasn't a bad man. Funny video though.
Stich “Twofacedohio428” Is here (15 days ago)
Who else is up late watching College Humor.
Robert Richardson (17 days ago)
get a grip on Life OK that's all
Majestic furry (18 days ago)
everybody loves Hitler
SilverPlays (19 days ago)
hhhhahahaahahahaah So so so so not funny...
Atlas Blitz (20 days ago)
thats not hitler thats is one douche bag guy
Shay Lempert (21 days ago)
not funny
Corvyn Malfoy (21 days ago)
I wonder how they got someone to play Hitler, I doubt many actors would do the same
Geo Channels (22 days ago)
Why is He Gay?
dan lolwatermelon (22 days ago)
holy shit hitler is the gayest shit ever.
Helen Puskar (22 days ago)
That Prometheus reference killed me. I'm such a nerd
Basil Minhas (22 days ago)
Zatz notz funni (German Accent)
Mutha Ducka (22 days ago)
Hitler is a vegan.
The Empty Doge Z (23 days ago)
Hey that guy's a fake!
Recreation 559 (23 days ago)
This is HEllarious!! Kill me
Aaron Schula (23 days ago)
Isn't that fat guy the kid who won the first season of master chef junior?
BOBBYISTHECOW (27 days ago)
TSI Mondays Thank Satan it's Monday.
Oliver Christensen (28 days ago)
I read that as heil.
MK1 Music battle (28 days ago)
He only sound like Germany
Mariel the Bird Nerd (28 days ago)
I don't get it, how can someone SOUND homosexual? It makes no sense.
Articulate Pineapple (29 days ago)
This could've been done way better.
Boris Medrano (30 days ago)
Does anyone notice he's eating a brain?
Alexander Hamilton (30 days ago)
Hitler Sounds strangely feminine
lilmisskaylie marquardt (24 days ago)
It's a bad German accent. :P
Cyril Marie (1 month ago)
Would *jew* stop doing jokes and puns about serious matters? You did *nazi* that coming huh? I'll go now
Cunt Cunt (1 month ago)
Jaja this is to funny. Sieg Heil my brothers! 卍
Saff x (1 month ago)
Hitler seems gay
Cane Richards (1 month ago)
Let's be honest, if you read from the bible Hitler would be like gods favorite mortal. He committed genocide on the people that killed his son, used religion to promote strong core values that united the nation AND had an extreme disdain for homosexuals. That's like the most righteous biblical figure 10x
Cane Richards (29 days ago)
More specifically I was talking about the Old and New Testaments, The Great Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the defeat of the Canaanites at the hand of Israel; but The Q'uran also promotes the Genocide of the Banu Qurayza (Jewish people), the Bhagavad Gita or Gita supports violence for religious purposes and I'm sure if there were any remaining institutions of the Zoroastrian cult they could explain to you with immense detail how religion and genocide goes hand in hand
Cane Richards (30 days ago)
Right, I forgot Sodom and Gomorrah wasn't genocide it was a righteous cleansing ritual.
Molotov King (1 month ago)
Cane Richards There is no world religion that supports genocide. Don't know what you have been listening to...
Joseph Simpson (1 month ago)
This needs more likes, I'm the only one.
Adolf “Doffy” Hitler (1 month ago)
Mikolaj Popik (1 month ago)
Or you can say Meeting Hitler In Heil
Cobi Lancaster (1 month ago)
"You do not appreciate any of my atrocities!" LOL
Toggle weekly (1 month ago)
Heilirious work College Humour
Toggle weekly (1 month ago)
Btw it's a joke
Ramsés Amadeus (1 month ago)
charming Mr. Hitler
The Diplomat (1 month ago)
More like KosherHumor
YeDutchHawk (1 month ago)
haha ya. The only good negative portrayal of Hitler was in "Er ist wieder da".
Fries Does YT xD (1 month ago)
Underswap Sans (1 month ago)
Was it Hitler who made the "Dab"?
Viknesh Jay (1 month ago)
Genghisk Han wld be whopping his ass
Jonathan Galasan (1 month ago)
alexander reusens (1 month ago)
His German accent was like franglais with hint of Australian. 6/10
LeagueOfArkani (4 days ago)
Yep. And whenever you want to do an american accent just abuse some slaves and eat fast food while speaking. That way you fit in perfectly!
alexander reusens (1 month ago)
and with a feminine voice. the real german stereotype is shouting, just shout whatever you want to say and germans will understand probably
Josh Pollock (1 month ago)
Wilson Qi Wen Choo (1 month ago)
i thought he'll speak German
Kawaii MoeGirl (1 month ago)
Hitler did nothing wrong.
Temmie Taler (1 month ago)
I'm not sure if this is funny or not
Walacan Malacan (1 month ago)
Hitler went Gay
Amiira Harnsberry (1 month ago)
Why is Saddam Hussein compared to Hitler ?
Samarth Yadav (1 month ago)
Let me just get you one thing clear, yes hitler did wrong things, but no more wrong then britshers. Churchill starved 5 million bengalis to death and that scum is a hero.
top hat (1 month ago)
this isnt right he's a vegertairen
Just Some Aussie (1 month ago)
He doesn't even sound German...
Nathan Youtube (1 month ago)
1:42 best selfie ever haha!
Derp Derpson (1 month ago)
A.H dindu nuffin he a good boi he bout to get hes cuntry bak on trak, he evn went to churc!
Anakin Skywalker (1 month ago)
Didn't know Hitler was a Such a FAmily man
HEYORUEATINMAYO 1640 (1 month ago)
saddam hussain invade mah country like a billion years ago in fact i didn't study for the social studies test
Aether (1 month ago)
Implying Hitler wouldn't be in heaven.
clayton dehne (1 month ago)
I am a modern day neo-Nazi and this offends me
MOONMAN (1 month ago)
I bet those two guys are gay.
Cortex Beats (1 month ago)
Hitler got flip flops
Everyday gaming (1 month ago)
how is hitler history's greatest monster, Mao zedong killed 76 million hitler killed less than 6
Lil Dino (21 days ago)
Everyday gaming I know it's just that he became famous though I'm not sure how
Zachary Rose (Der Fuhrer's Werwolf) (1 month ago)
Hitler the boogeyman. Boo! Pathetic.
Cheese Chulupa (1 month ago)
This was weird af
Joseph Summers (1 month ago)
So Hitler was 23 years old when he died or something? That actor is way too young. He's less than half Hitlers age with perfect skin.
WolfySnackrib666 (1 month ago)
Am I the only one noticing everyone in the sketch is Jewish?
WolfySnackrib666 (1 month ago)
+Fancy Scott Go eat a Jewish baby, Raptor Jesus.
WolfySnackrib666 (1 month ago)
+Fancy Scott Yes, and it's a joke that exposes the ignorance in the teller of the joke.
Fancy Scott (1 month ago)
+WolfySnackrib666 dude... its a joke
csjdruid (1 month ago)
WildCat AQW (1 month ago)
Trump is visiting there soon.
JACQUELINE PEREZ (1 month ago)
That dose not look like Hitler
Joseph Summers (1 month ago)
He looks 23 years old. Hitler was 55 or 56 when he died.
Mr Gazebo (1 month ago)
Wait so hitters Idian! Or is there another reason that colleg humour LITERALLY picked the worst person to play hitler, that is not a German accent, it sounds Idian
matt mcmillan (16 days ago)
Mr Gazebo Well, Hitler isn't even German. He was born in Austria
charmanater (1 month ago)
this came out 30 days ago
mikethespike (1 month ago)
Lol hitler sounds indian
NR Productions (1 month ago)
Idk what it is but this is fucking cancer and it made me cringe beyond belief
ryan haynes (1 month ago)
1:28 is my favorite part
Alicia Qu (1 month ago)
3:11 Sounds like he's wearing flip-flops
Vinnie Martin (1 month ago)
hitler sounds like he is GAY
TangerineMist 37 (1 month ago)
Was Hitler playing golf when he died? No offense but those look like golf clothes
Ken Spitze (1 month ago)
you'll never get me to feel sorry for people getting recognized and people coming over to talk to you because your famous. Most people would love to be that popular and anyone that complains about deserves the normal life that the soooo desire and I hope that they never work again and loose all their money. I'm rich and popular my life is so hard boofuckinghoo.
jimos4ever (1 month ago)
halfway through the video i imagined doomguy getting in, shooting hitler in the face and ordering demon flesh for some reason
willistheminecraft (1 month ago)
Poor hitler, still waiting for Bill Cosby
Ahmar Saeed (1 month ago)
Winston Churchill was worse than Hitler, responsible for the deaths of millions of poor in Bengal province of India.
spyro A (1 month ago)
idiot americans comparing Hitler with Saddam hussein.. good job to your propaganda arogand fucks
Dr.Richard feynman (24 days ago)
i dont think them comparing sadam Hussein to Hitler as bad as them comparing bill Cosby to hitler
jpkjnn (30 days ago)
spyro A Saddam or Hitler? well, sounds like you've got a friend in trump.
csjdruid (1 month ago)
Rockwell Cx Thank you! Very true words!
Jeremy Callahan (1 month ago)
Rockwell Cx lol
Rockwell Cx (1 month ago)
Reginald The Fourth Wikipedia cannot be trusted on certain subjects because it only contains the politically correct "offical story". Hitler is the 2nd most lied about person ever to live on this planet, only behind Jesus. The holocaust as we know it is a lie, I know it sounds like nonsense when I only give you a conclusion, I used to believe everything in history books (about WW2 and more recent times) myself. A holocaust denier was someone I tought very low of, but they were right all along even tho some of them are plants (or just degenerate skinheads that the jewish media loves) to make it look stupid. I recomment this 6 minute video for a quick "TLDR" on holocaust revisionism /watch?v=j5QlWJUk4-o Theres alot of good material on youtube, I recomment David Cole's 1992 documantary where he visits Auschwitz if you are interested.
Tom Draper (1 month ago)
what would you say if you met Hitler?
The Pie person (1 month ago)
I think hitler was a Cristian so he should be in heaven