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Meeting Hitler In Hell

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (6682)
Jarrah tree (2 days ago)
I did Nazi that coming. Did Jew?
dark demonwolfpup (3 days ago)
Don't forget he is German ya know..
The Hennry Stickman Show (3 days ago)
OMG 6,666 coment
The Hennry Stickman Show (3 days ago)
Wow 70 years so what
loose pickle (3 days ago)
i fucking hate you. OH!how mean of you!
????? le ???? (4 days ago)
Oh nien. America just killed em ágain
Christian Culp (4 days ago)
A world war 2 buff would know Hitler didn't build the Berlin wall
Goblokest (5 days ago)
Retief Groves (5 days ago)
History's greatest monster? Tell that to Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, and Pol Pot.
Drew Marshall (6 days ago)
This was kinda cringy
TOASTWHO TOASTS (6 days ago)
Flash: hmmm IDEA Flash:*goes back in time to stop hitler from being an evil asshole* Meanwhile at school Teacher:and thats how hitler didnt become an evil asshole
Dimitri Rascalov (6 days ago)
Not Responsible for the Berlin Wall? Actually his actions created the Domino effect that created the Berlin wall. Because of his actions, Germany wasn't to be trusted so it was divided. But because of this Divide, The Soviet Union and the United States both had different ideas on how to run Germany thus it became a battle of Capitalism vs Communism in which the wall came up at the height of the cold war. Also, Why did they use a Cuck as the actor of Hitler?
Axios .king (7 days ago)
yeah 3 out of 10
Jerry And Friends (7 days ago)
Hitler should go to heaven because he killed Adolf Hitler
Landon clark (8 days ago)
Hitler sounds gay...
Grandma Bertha (9 days ago)
i like hitler now... *SEIG HEIL*
Wong Horace (11 days ago)
Hitler seldom ate meat?
Yoga Anjing (11 days ago)
Hitler is sassy af
SnowHunter (13 days ago)
Why does Hitler sound like a gay British Asian?
N W (13 days ago)
Is nobody going to talk about how hitler speaks English and not German in this?
Ego12 Draconis (13 days ago)
This doesn't sound like a German accent, rather like a gay one
Story Teller of Evil (13 days ago)
a bill cosby joke in 2015. love it
Christopher Grobl (14 days ago)
I thought Hitler would be saying "feigelien feigelien feigelein!!!"
noodlematt (15 days ago)
why tho
Ricardo Pesenti (15 days ago)
So rude... let him alone^^
The Zuera Never Ends (17 days ago)
I thought he was going to say "I'm Chaplin damnit"
EvoDark Plays (18 days ago)
hitler in heaven coz he killed hitler
No GHOST NATION (19 days ago)
Hitler isnt evil he is a hero thats what people want you to think.
Quenie Alcime (19 days ago)
Y'all jinxed bill Cosby foreal
Nicholas Bryant (19 days ago)
Thank satan it's Monday when
The Anime Gamer Girl 101 (20 days ago)
Hitler was a vegetarian. He loved dogs and animals more than people. Why was he eating a brain? CHECK YOUR FACTS COLLEGE HUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waterstar86 (20 days ago)
I love the fact that hitler was saving a seat for Bill Cosby
Jack the SAVAGE (20 days ago)
I see what's happening here your face to face with greatness and its strength
Johann Lim (21 days ago)
Why are people so insisting on calling Hitler gay, and while he very possibly could be, these people are reacting to his voice or acting but this is an uneducated stereotype and a bad observation. I think a reasonable explaination is that Adolf is hopped up on things from cocain to purvitin (yes, I do know that's just meth) and that's causing is erratic behavior and high pitched voice.
I am Potato (21 days ago)
Thank Satan It's Monday
LovedBlood (21 days ago)
Hitler is gay
Captain TimTam (22 days ago)
I want to met hitler
james tomlin (24 days ago)
If Hitler was gay
Minecat -AnisaPria- (24 days ago)
Yup. Hitler was gay.
irishmafia665 (24 days ago)
Hitler should be in heaven. Killing the Jew pigs is not a sin.
Grell is Fabulous (25 days ago)
How did u know where i live stalkers
niyonziza 007 (30 days ago)
Waiting on bill cosby😅😅
Murdo Stuart (30 days ago)
This is like the fourth time they've mentioned Nazis
David Rosenthal (1 month ago)
rubendopeguy (1 month ago)
Man jews really get burned up by this video
Marjiya Ahmed (1 month ago)
Their shirts contrast so perfectly *_*
Bryan Shi (1 month ago)
Kiss your Hand five times the repost it then look under your pillow
Stalin is histories greatest monster you freaking idiots!!!
BradsonMan (1 month ago)
French hitler?
Leaf Salad (1 month ago)
"Greatest monster" you haven't heard of Stalin then
Tim-Tam (1 month ago)
Lmao Hitler sounds so gay
Samurai Of memes (1 month ago)
I'm not sure how people come to blame other races for problems. It's more of the people who can influence everyone else socially or politically that cause the problems. Like every know politician in existence.
Titanhunter (1 month ago)
A mere 2 months before pat was killed by trapp
sasha rodrigues (1 month ago)
The one good thing we got from nazis ? WOLFENSTEIN GAME SERIES BITCHES XD
God (1 month ago)
But I like mondays.
Jayu Lawliet (1 month ago)
Jessica Fox (1 month ago)
its a 'hellfie'
Dondre (1 month ago)
Next time do Napoleon, or Donal- oh wait...
Donnie Trump (1 month ago)
He went to Aryan heaven
setio ryski (1 month ago)
hitler is not as bad as stalin,polpot or soeharto, he maybe evil, but not most evil person in the world even i think he was one of best politician, he make german development in economic and military is great more than ever. he just greedy like many other politician,who think he can doing war by himself, and repeat napoleon mistake. and he make some other mistakes..
Adam Gawlowski (1 month ago)
Where's stalin and Mao?
Vanessa Ibarra (1 month ago)
"No, that chair's for Bill Cosby, he should be here any minute"
Chocolate bleach (1 month ago)
I'd love to meet my Lord and Savior Hitler in hill
Joker ! Batman (1 month ago)
Nice job in both wars hitler you should not even exist in any reality or timeline
S a t e r (1 month ago)
Hitler: that's saved for bill Cosby I lost it
Random Parent (1 month ago)
He sounds french
bug fighter (1 month ago)
Bruh thats not even a Hitler stache.
baldci (1 month ago)
Max Bjurlin (1 month ago)
Hitlers a queer
Petko Mikov (1 month ago)
Wow Hitler is one person ? After all the lefts bullshit i thought we all were Hitler.
esrapk (1 month ago)
Hitler went to heaven, he was a great man.
Davis Pro (1 month ago)
Wow ich habe meinen Führer noch nie so schön gesehen XD
iJamie8467x (1 month ago)
Hitler's certainly not the most evil person in History
TheSwagginNarwhal Its Legit (1 month ago)
"NO! That is for bill Cosby. I don't know where he is, he should be here any minute" Lol, maybe cause he isn't dead yet
Happy (1 month ago)
That Hitler actor's accent is so weird
dabbin bros (1 month ago)
Are they the columbine killers
randomDS (1 month ago)
I know hitlers punishment: surrounded by jevs for eternity
Blitz (1 month ago)
Walter White (1 month ago)
my dad work with Saddam Hussein he served with the Army
Space Dude (1 month ago)
"Greatest monster" This is a game i like to call haaaaaave you met Stalin?
Gilsz WARRIOR (1 month ago)
it sound like a french imitating gay man german man,but then you also try to be a british
Danny Medina (1 month ago)
Hitler Is A Badass
Zach T (2 months ago)
Who knew TGI Friday's could be worse
Diseased Atheist Dwarf With Crabs (2 months ago)
man, Hitler's a dick.
Alexis naveh (2 months ago)
Now do the sissy walk
Koobo (2 months ago)
When you are German and you must hear this awful german accent xD
SpungBoob CancerPants (2 months ago)
yea hitler is a christian so he would be in heaven, because if you confess your sins they would be excused. Yea sorry im not fun at parties or anywhere.
Yuмιє ღ (2 months ago)
Meetin Hitler In Heil
speedy hedgehog (2 months ago)
But Hitler wasn't a bad person, he may have been responsible for some bad things, but I don't think he was a bad person. He thought he was doing good, and he only wanted what was best for Germany.
Naþan Ø (2 months ago)
Hitler didn't build the Berlin Wall, but he DID build a wall on the french border. It got Germany back to work and kept out those french murder-rapists some of whom, I assume, are nice people. They kept building it after they had _annexed France_.
Advay Y (2 months ago)
Why tf is Hitler eating brain
Naþan Ø (2 months ago)
I don't hate _everything_ Hitler did. His paintings are... decent. I guess.
Doctor P (2 months ago)
Hitler in this sounds Irish
iiTiny_RCPD (2 months ago)
Heil mein fuhrer.
Andrea Salbego (2 months ago)
His Hitler with a dab of gayness
Thorant (2 months ago)
Hitler eates a brain that means he is a zombie
Quin Durkin (2 months ago)
no that's for bill cosbey
D Stevens (2 months ago)
Nearly every comment I come across are complaining about neo-nazis or whatever, and yet I can't find any actual comments about it.
D Stevens (1 month ago)
Ernwell Himler (1 month ago)
National socialism is on the rise once again, 2033 will be the next great awakening. You will begin to see more and more "neo-nazis" in the next years.