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Meeting Hitler In Hell

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (6291)
Daniel Gable (22 hours ago)
Why is Hitler camp in this?
AK-47 (1 day ago)
Hitler sounds like a gay Frenchman trying to sound german
Fang Chimes (2 days ago)
"I vasnt even alive anymare!" LOLL
Mia C (3 days ago)
Great to see my home
Mansuki Panchuki (3 days ago)
meeting Hitler in HEIL
Q & Q (4 days ago)
Heil Hitler
Jacob Susanibar (4 days ago)
Hitler was a vegetarian.
GradeA UnderA (5 days ago)
but hitler was christian so he is in heaven
DX Master 6199 (5 days ago)
That about face was horrible
*zakiddo* *animations ENT.* (5 days ago)
That Bill Cosby joke was kinda messed up😅
*zakiddo* *animations ENT.* (3 days ago)
Andusarus HWS (7 days ago)
Hitler had a nice ass.
Eric Harris (8 days ago)
*That's Definitely how it works....*
Moonflower xoxo (8 days ago)
Hitler is standing at satan side and his gonna be shoving German sausages up your butthole 😂
Audible Gaming (9 days ago)
you mean hail me
LOL IM TRASH (10 days ago)
i mean hitler did alot of good besides well......that
Ace Ventura (12 days ago)
Was he seriously goose stepping in flip-flops? That's just beautiful.
Daniel Mason (12 days ago)
They had one guy who could do a German accent, but could only to the camp German accent :P
George Tanner (13 days ago)
I did nazi that coming, did Jew?
Sharkbait64 (13 days ago)
I died when he goosewalked away
Mr. Clean (14 days ago)
It'd be interesting to see the opposite of this; seeing Gandhi in Heaven.
swand54388 (14 days ago)
This is why I hate gay people
Adan Gutierrez (14 days ago)
I don't very much like nazi jokes, they make me führious. Anne Frankly, they put me out of Mein Kampfort zone 😏😂
Yao Teck Ng (16 days ago)
bring in Joseph Stalin
Cheuk Lun Tse (16 days ago)
Zat vasn't me.
Koalachuck (17 days ago)
Basically what happened when I drunkenly met Pat. Sorry dude!
Kropolis (17 days ago)
should have gotten at least some sort of WWII nazi outfit m8
MrLegaropex (22 days ago)
Dieses Arschloch ist zu schlimm für Hölle.
Tadgh Fitzsimons (23 days ago)
Meeting Hitler in heil
Vlog Central (24 days ago)
"I literally hate everything you did" " thank you that is very nice" omg I am dying
Oldshoes (24 days ago)
Hitler sounds Chinese.
kim joung un (24 days ago)
He has been there for 72 years and 1 day
gibson guitar (25 days ago)
that seat is for Bill Cosby haha
Kenzie Bloom (26 days ago)
"Bill Cosby should be coming down any minute now" I love this channel
King Corvinius (27 days ago)
thats not the real one
Michael Flack (28 days ago)
Is TSI's a restaurant known for transmitting disease? EX: Transmitted Sexy Ingredients...
Annie Dzeko (28 days ago)
...but there were two other tables completely free for those two guys
Wyattrev (29 days ago)
why was he waiting for Bill Cosby if he's still alive
AstroZombie420 (1 month ago)
I gotta go with Hitler on this one. Millennials are self entitled, lazy, and stupid.
Shlomo DeVille (1 month ago)
Clash Addicted (1 month ago)
anyone notice hilter was eating a brain... no... K
Crazy taker Fan (1 month ago)
He's in heaven tho. :,)
Admiral Obvious (1 month ago)
I like how he marched away
ShawnXxXGamer 360 (1 month ago)
40,000th like
Robert Mwangi (1 month ago)
ShawnXxXGamer 360 (1 month ago)
Passionate Embrace (1 month ago)
Except Hitler is definitely in heaven.
rich gregory (1 month ago)
Is this the teenager hitler
Scarfire Trash (1 month ago)
"Zhat seat ihs forr Bill Cozhby" OH SNAP
diva Nathan (1 month ago)
Aingeal Jackson (1 month ago)
*mentions the Berlin wall and starts crying* PRUSSIA
Rob the Romanian (1 month ago)
gay hitler
MultigameZ578 YT (1 month ago)
lmao Hitler would've already shot them
phoebe Tribbiani (1 month ago)
TSI monday
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (1 month ago)
Hitler was a hero, he killed Hitler
Batavian Republic (1 month ago)
Cooking with hitler. Step 1 turn on the gas.
don dom (1 month ago)
Akhand chutiyapa
Santtu12 (1 month ago)
In this video Hitler is gay? Where is Eva Braun? Is Hitler cheating Eva?
Messed-up Kid (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday Hitler
Sherlock Holmes (1 month ago)
"he's history's greatest monster!" No, that's Stalin.
AltRight Serbia (1 month ago)
(((CollegeHumor))) compares Hitler (someone you know as a bad guy) to Saddam (someone you should accept as a bad guy), although they basically did nothing wrong.
Depp TiMe (1 month ago)
I rate this Nein/10
Ean S. (1 month ago)
Man, I would talk to him
yuuki rito (1 month ago)
wtf hitler can't speak english
Anna Verena (1 month ago)
sat was se worscht german akkzent efar
Darkest Night (1 month ago)
"Can I take a seat?" "No! That is for Bill Cosby! He should be here any minute now... "
guitardedmaniac (1 month ago)
OMG. 11,(666),584 subscribers!!
Nived Subhendu (1 month ago)
Lol the hail and the nazi march away
murry001 (1 month ago)
hitler be like "ohh staaaaaaaahhhpp it"
Frank Smith (1 month ago)
Everyone should send this to Sean Spicer
UdusBudus Pvp (1 month ago)
Pabun Korol (1 month ago)
i thought hitler was vegetarian
Ze _Jeff (1 month ago)
Hitler wasn't played very well.
Umar Awan (1 month ago)
Saddam's in heaven
Al.Z. Heimer (1 month ago)
Really boring
Charlie F (1 month ago)
what's what's the difrence between Donald Trump and hitler the isint one
Jumpy Bunny (1 month ago)
Who do I feel bad for?
Boldergaming GamesRock (1 month ago)
Did anyone else realise there was a table for 2 right behind them
Robert Ellam (1 month ago)
Why is hitler so over-used, why not stalin, he was bad too.
Exodus (1 month ago)
Actually no, Hitler was not the greatest monster. It was Mao who killed more people than Stalin and Hitler killed in total.
Yue Fei (1 month ago)
Hitler did nothing wrong
Jeremiah Russell (1 month ago)
"Histories greatest villain?" I think that was Chairman Mao... 78 million killed.
Fertilized Cornstalk (1 month ago)
People did nazi hitler coming, anne frankly they were führerious
Turiel The Protector of Secrets (1 month ago)
This Enemy Must Be punished!!!
Jake Plays Piano (1 month ago)
The perfect punishment for hitler: Surrounded by dickbag art critics in a room full of poisonous gas.
Andy Xypher (1 month ago)
TST Mondays.
Dank Llama (1 month ago)
More like In HEIL
dean byers (1 month ago)
actually Hitler was a Christian
Josef Baldisimo (1 month ago)
hitler showers in gas chambers
Dangaval (1 month ago)
Nikolai_AOUN _ (1 month ago)
i thought hitler was a vegetarian
Aura Thoma (1 month ago)
guys we all know Saddam fucks satan..right??
Liberty Prime (1 month ago)
This butcher Hitler, I was expecting something from Downfall, not the most flamboyant employee y'all got.
Haley W. (1 month ago)
Hitler's little salute in the selfie
David Dimache (1 month ago)
was hitler that gay?
khimi (1 month ago)
Renzo Flordelis (1 month ago)
Deustchland übe- *gunshot*
George Schlaline (1 month ago)
people who made this should go there
Scrub Maestro (1 month ago)
Where's Evalion?
Dan Hessler (1 month ago)
i was about to comment something but nowadays people are just so uninformed about history that whatever i say people will never understand...