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Meeting Hitler In Hell

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (6470)
Alexis naveh (11 hours ago)
Now do the sissy walk
Koobo (1 day ago)
When you are German and you must hear this awful german accent xD
SpungBoob CancerPants (2 days ago)
yea hitler is a christian so he would be in heaven, because if you confess your sins they would be excused. Yea sorry im not fun at parties or anywhere.
Yuмιє ღ (2 days ago)
Meetin Hitler In Heil
speedy hedgehog (3 days ago)
But Hitler wasn't a bad person, he may have been responsible for some bad things, but I don't think he was a bad person. He thought he was doing good, and he only wanted what was best for Germany.
Naþan Ø (3 days ago)
Hitler didn't build the Berlin Wall, but he DID build a wall on the french border. It got Germany back to work and kept out those french murder-rapists some of whom, I assume, are nice people. They kept building it after they had _annexed France_.
Advay Y (3 days ago)
Why tf is Hitler eating brain
Naþan Ø (3 days ago)
I don't hate _everything_ Hitler did. His paintings are... decent. I guess.
Doctor P (3 days ago)
Hitler in this sounds Irish
SS-Obergruppenführer John Smith (4 days ago)
Heil mein fuhrer.
Andrea Salbego (4 days ago)
His Hitler with a dab of gayness
Dott (5 days ago)
Hitler eates a brain that means he is a zombie
Quin Durkin (6 days ago)
no that's for bill cosbey
D Stevens (7 days ago)
Nearly every comment I come across are complaining about neo-nazis or whatever, and yet I can't find any actual comments about it.
chaos_galaxy (7 days ago)
Why does he sound like king Jon Un.
noSkill AceD (8 days ago)
damn , they got to talk to pewdiepie
Blurry Face (9 days ago)
Why is Hitler eating a brain Hitler was a vegetarian
2 HUNter (9 days ago)
And that's why you should carry a Meinkampf with you.
Moein Mohammadi (9 days ago)
I would really want to meet hitler and ask him questions
Nhlpro14 (10 days ago)
He didn't die in Germany, he escaped
Nhật - Jinx (10 days ago)
Everyone knows Hitler is vegan :/
Epic94 (11 days ago)
Allison (11 days ago)
Cosby reference lmao
Pamela Block (11 days ago)
The only thing I think hitler would say is: FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!
artsytoes (12 days ago)
I'm from the Netherlands, and if I made jokes like that around my parents I'd get smacked lmao. But then again, all of my grandparents had to live through the second world war, spending a good part of their youth malnourished. Worse still, my mother's side is Jewish, meaning the only reason I exist is the fact that my great grandfather managed to successfully escape the nazis while his entire family got caught and murdered. So I don't make jokes like that.
Connor Ross (13 days ago)
college humor did you know that stalin killed 5.5 million Jews
lily zimmerman (13 days ago)
But Hitler is a christian
Will The Irish guy (14 days ago)
that is not Hitler hes a German like me *i'm part German* he speaks German
Ilham Cahyo (15 days ago)
That's not german accent
Toby The Toaster (16 days ago)
ummm... hail
Crazyduh101 (16 days ago)
you dumb hitler wasn't evil
jerkthemiiverseguy jerk (17 days ago)
Bet this is banned in Germany
David K (17 days ago)
so dum
Strongest Aids (18 days ago)
That's Freddie mercury
Emi Animal (18 days ago)
but he's a vegetarian. he can't eat that.
ViewCall (18 days ago)
No that chair is for Bill Cosby
Patrick Polcuch (19 days ago)
Hitler rolled all his r's
Wild Card (20 days ago)
Hitler was pretty fabulously gay
Hx. Williams (20 days ago)
lmao Hitlers selfie pose 😅
proudpilot777 (20 days ago)
I like hes accent
Shikaido YT (21 days ago)
Shikaido YT (21 days ago)
PigetteIncestBehindADildoHere (21 days ago)
Hitler was good don't fucking believe this shit
VT Zdorovetskiy (21 days ago)
Rick The Lee (21 days ago)
They should do a heaven series
Dennis fischer (22 days ago)
poor Hitler
Lps Bloggers (23 days ago)
Lmao Tsi it's monday
GizmoRazaar (23 days ago)
Hitler sounds REALLY gays in this. Just sayin'.
Devoni Albritton (23 days ago)
Hitler is a fucking drama queen
nathan k (24 days ago)
I would be them i hate Hitler
Diamond White (24 days ago)
Was he eating a brain???
- Tom - (25 days ago)
But, like, he is in Heaven. I don't get it...
right.wing.aussie (26 days ago)
Never new Hitler was gay
lee zeo (26 days ago)
Hitler was vegetarian
Audrey Ellis (26 days ago)
It TSI thank Satan it's Monday
Erwin Schmidt ϟϟ (26 days ago)
Why did you made him gay ?
Titan (27 days ago)
Why does hitler sound gay
Francis Bonneyfey (28 days ago)
Anybody else feel like he sounds like APH Austria? Just me?
WeeabooMatt (29 days ago)
He didn't die, he's 128 living in south America.
Rodrigo Sotto Jr. (1 month ago)
that doesn't even look like hitler it's just a mustache
Nicholas Rios (1 month ago)
What would've happened if Hitler never kicked his bucket?
ayy lmao (1 month ago)
Isent Bill Cosby still alive?
Morello (1 month ago)
Hitler is far from being the most evil person in history.
bernard lynch (1 month ago)
hitler so right yet so wrong
irainkoolaid2 (1 month ago)
hitler is gay?
UNeedToFindTheItems (1 month ago)
I hope he wont destroy Czech again xd
duh_itsEm (1 month ago)
um...why have I tapped this video?
Alex Animates stuff and things (1 month ago)
wait what about when bill cosby gets there
Athiya Man (1 month ago)
I heard that Hitler was a vegetarian... is that true ??
sirhC diC leD (1 month ago)
you guys should do a 420 on hitler since on 420 its hitlers bday
QQwert1988 (1 month ago)
Fang Chimes (1 month ago)
Hitler.... You looking a little gay there .....
THEPHEONiXSHOW (1 month ago)
Meeting Hitler in Heil
An overly unnecessary long name For you to read (1 month ago)
Where's hitler? All I see is gay hitler
Kongman Productions (1 month ago)
Love how the guy playing him makes the guy sound gay
king of everything (1 month ago)
So many brainwashed kids in the comment section! +1 if Hitler is your Prophet.
Randy Marsh (1 month ago)
History has a new greatest monster and her name is Angela Merkel.
Simple Brian (1 month ago)
When can Hitler speak English?
claus (1 month ago)
stalin was the devil her self
Jim Zix Here (1 month ago)
How dafuq does hitler know selfie?
chutti123 (1 month ago)
where are all the American presidents after Kennedy
Kate cat Manstein (1 month ago)
Hitler is such a douche bag when he started the war.
Ammar Al-Kahachi (1 month ago)
hitler sounds gay here !
Jeppe Kjær (1 month ago)
>thinking hitler is the worst person in history yall are the most dumbest
Rizal Idris (1 month ago)
Ummm Hitler is a vegetarian he just eat bean every day
FPSXGlossy (1 month ago)
my freind us a ww2 fanatic he hailed hitler in a church im not joking
F1ve Alarm (1 month ago)
This video just reminds me how extremely unacceptable of videos collegehumor can make, and still get away with it.
Brainstormvideos (1 month ago)
the most Evil person is stalin not hitler
GlazeStelar (1 month ago)
Gay Hitler
just watching (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure US presidency has killed more people than Saddham Hussain
g fox (1 month ago)
Hitler disclaiming any responsibility for the Berlin Wall is pretty funny, since even though it was put in place after he died, ofc the reason for it existing was Germany being carved up by US, UK, France, and the USSR after the war ended... so yeah, pretty much was your fault, Hitler. You can take credit for it, too, no worries.
ethansworldtour (1 month ago)
the Hitler accent was pretty bad but it was still funny
Daniel Gable (1 month ago)
Why is Hitler camp in this?
Nano (1 month ago)
Hitler sounds like a gay Frenchman trying to sound german
Fang Chimes (1 month ago)
"I vasnt even alive anymare!" LOLL
Mia C (1 month ago)
Great to see my home
Mansuki Panchuki (1 month ago)
meeting Hitler in HEIL
Q & Q (1 month ago)
Heil Hitler