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Passion fruit juice extraction

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Passion fruit juice extraction plant made by Fratelli Indelicato. Equipped with VS 300 washing tank, Elevator, Polyfruit juice extractor, 2 EPV juice finisher. Working capacity 4 t/h. By using additional kits for the Polyfruit juice extractor, the same plant is able to process other varieties of exotic fruits (pineapples, papayas, guavas, melons) or citrus fruits. Food processing machinery. For further informations visit our website:
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Text Comments (11)
khabanganba singh Loushigam (3 months ago)
any dealer in India please put up contact details. or please provide quotation of a complete set with the minimum capacity to
Kingtin Kisamo (4 months ago)
please i need this machine can you ship it for me in Tanzania? let me know the full qoutation
Nirosh Nawagamuwa (1 year ago)
what s the price of 100kg production line per hour
Azhakesan Pillai (1 year ago)
What's the price of 50 to 60 kg production line per hour?
mkubali musa25 (11 months ago)
300 usd
mbarak bates (1 year ago)
i need production line which can produce 1ton per hour please send all details to +255786140140
Chuong Nguyen Thanh (1 year ago)
Dear, I am very interested in your product? Please send me specification and price to mail: Thanks a lot
alam alam (1 year ago)
alam alam (1 year ago)
Diwani Kamatoden (5 years ago)
Sweet and aromatic
Sufri Laude (5 years ago)
how minimun capasity the passion fruit juice extaction for small or minimune capaciy per unit. thanks for yours information