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Worst Company Disasters! | Top 6 Blunders

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Text Comments (5787)
william tombs (3 hours ago)
House of cards is a remake
Brad Lee (15 hours ago)
sorry, don't believe it.
Beezu San (18 hours ago)
you people are faggots, they weren't blunders in their days, if you look back at that stuff now then sure, but back then when they came out they mattered, you're fucking idiots for even making this video
chester rockwell (23 hours ago)
0:31 I'd rather reserve that 'luck' for the lottery. Thanks.
Ambient Walking (1 day ago)
zzebowa (1 day ago)
I cant stand your faux london-jamaican accent.
kimjunjae (2 days ago)
Wow, that Xerox computer is freaking avant-garde, it's so good that even I, a graphic designer/coder obsessed with my job, would accept living in a world where THAT is the most advanced thing computer-wise. Incredible.
SovietConnector 11071917 (2 days ago)
You should do biggest business mistakes in the videogame industry.
Dommi Davros (2 days ago)
I want one of those Xerox computers!!! They almost look ahead of their time!
Frank (2 days ago)
Great Video !
John Blasiak (3 days ago)
Fascinating especially the Xerox story
Mary Uytterhaegen (3 days ago)
Well,jobs was a cunt and would never give anyone credit where it was really due
Bruce Boatner (3 days ago)
And then there was Gary Kildall, Digital Research, and CP/M.
MR V (3 days ago)
Youtube will do this to themselves by restricting and cancelling channels based on opposite political views. They are a publisher now not a platform for free thinking.
PAVANZYL (3 days ago)
Kodak also blew it with the copier market. The idea was shown to them but they said the resolution was to low, it had no practical application. Then the inventors started Xerox.
Mudnut59 (3 days ago)
WoW, a small decision at the wrong time leads the end of some big business....
Joseph Fabian (3 days ago)
Ampex the reel to reel audio recording company invented the Video Cassette Tape and sold it to Japanese Victor Corporation (JVC) for I believe $36,000. So Americans invented it and let it go. At the same time the optical laser disc was invented in the 60's and patented around 70 and demonstrated in 72. But it was the Japanese Pioneer corporation bought a controlling interest and ran with it into the late 70's. That became CD's and DVD's. We have had some really short sighted CEO's in this country.
Stanislav Angelov (4 days ago)
Hello from the future, Nokia did NOT make it in 2019 also.
Bongo (4 days ago)
I know I'm watching Coldfusion, I can see your channel name under the video. Why you have to put an intro is beyond me
Ghost Dog (4 days ago)
Here is a disaster about to happen: Trump is Legit and you were duped. Sorry folks. Go watch this Breaking News: Dan Bongino Show Ep.982, Ep978, Ep976. Watchdog groups and freedom of information act foia requests have revealed Democrat Collusion!! This is the historical moment we have been waiting for and its scary folks. Go watch. In that order. Peace from Canada! I am watching!!
Bob Douglass (4 days ago)
I can understand most of these - hindsight is everything. But Xerox of the 1970s had one of the greatest R&D divisions in the world, next to Bell Labs. How could they end up with such stupid managers?
I AM KURGAN (4 days ago)
Blockbuster contributed to its demise by alienating customers that didnt buy into sjw bs. Anti 2nd Amendment, et al.
Garret Roland (5 days ago)
turlock California 95380 we don't have a blockbuster no more.
emmeaki (5 days ago)
They had digital cameras and modern desktops the year I was born? Damn!
Abe Gamb (5 days ago)
amazing sometimes looks as if were just a flip coin.
GetoverYourself (6 days ago)
Add GNC, JCPenny, and Sears to the list. Perhaps even Macy’s.
Ian Duke (6 days ago)
Strange you forget the biggest of all time, APPLE or rather STEVE JOBS gave MICROSOFT the rights to WINDOWS FOREVER forgot to put AN END DATE IN CONTRACT! HOW STUPID! Thats TRILLIONS not even tiny billions!
Ian Duke (6 days ago)
So Jamkes Keyes got the sack after bankrupting Blockbuster then got a job playing a politician on House of Card on Netflix!
SeeBreanna RowdsCrossHere (6 days ago)
androids sucks
Rupak CR (7 days ago)
7:00 watching this on a Nokia 6 running Android 9
zeng22 (7 days ago)
I see linux in 2019 is still operating on that late 1970's non-xerox GUI
GregoCatal (7 days ago)
Xerox??? Y'all blew it!
Rich McIntyre (8 days ago)
How could you leave Commodore off this list? Talk about corporate suicide!
Azen Kwed (8 days ago)
So, Apple copied Xerox, did I get that right?
D W (8 days ago)
You missed Nintendo not partnering with Sony.
jeric cordero (9 days ago)
Hey in my country most ignorant people say lets take a kodak instead of picture, im going to xerox instead of photocopy, i will buy colgate the store owner ask what brand?colgate close up instead of toothpaste..
Bigguns222 (9 days ago)
I want blockbuster back im miss picking up old and new movies and video games
AGENT X SECURITY (9 days ago)
Chandler Keaton (10 days ago)
Haha Blockbuster. Threatened to take me to court over not returning some games. Well Blockbuster is gone, and I still have the games.
Nodrodsky (10 days ago)
If Exite had bought GOOGLE ,it does not mean it would be the same GOOGLE today.
Joey J (10 days ago)
VHS in the 90's never cost more than $40.00 and those were like gone with the wind limited edition tapes
Omar Ayala (10 days ago)
Linux management is still command line!! No GUI BS needed
Noel Joseph (10 days ago)
95th just east of Ridgeland Oak Lawn... that was my Blockbuster. I still have their Sega Genesis Strider game cartridge.
Ed ash (10 days ago)
not going to talk abojut the Fun with Commedore and the Amiga?? wow..let alone the Goys that emptied the bank and ran??
robert lumsden (11 days ago)
sears is a good example they gave up on catalog and look what we have now - amazon. stupid executives.
GregoCatal (7 days ago)
THIS. Ten thousand times this.
deretsun (12 days ago)
Sears could've been bigger than Amazon. With a century of mail-order catalogue experience they had the infrastructure, they just needed a good web platform to take it into the twenty-first century. Instead they ditched the catalogue, invested in bricks and mortar, and created an ugly, useless website engineered to drive sales to the physical stores.
J Lai (12 days ago)
ofcourse xrox were mentioned time after time, in computer engineering program class,I remembered back in 90's my first CE class in university I was totally shocked to learn that almost everything computer related at the time were actually invented by a copy machine maker.
MS Partyboot Deutschland GmbH (12 days ago)
Great video. Thank you 🙏
glen miller (12 days ago)
marsharian (12 days ago)
Xerox was one who do the hard work but others who enjoys the privilege. Wtf!
Aleksandar be together not the same (12 days ago)
apple is new nokia |:)
Alderman Fred C. Davis (13 days ago)
Corporate arrogance and hubris................but that's NOT the best part............surely, the ultra highly paid brainiacs who were behind these monumental blunders that cost thousands and tens of thousands of people their jobs, homes, and livelihoods, marriages, etc., were able to Golden Parachute out, with THEIR own finances intact, while essentially giving their employees and shareholders a middle finger. Good times.
Soap McTavish (13 days ago)
Lol don’t hire 7-11 ceos for video services. That’s like hiring clothing store ceos to run mobile wireless. Oh wait....
Soap McTavish (13 days ago)
Webcrawler and lycos baby!!!
ToadieBog (13 days ago)
"Typing lines of text was now a thing of the past". Funny now everyone has to do everything in development via command line. Explains why linux will never be a mainstream desktop OS.
professorbuglefarts1 (13 days ago)
So Blockbuster went belly-up in Sept 2010. Meanwhile in Adelaide, slack-jawed yokels gaze in amazement at this new VHS technology... The shock of entering Adelaide and seeing Blockbuster Video stores everywhere is something that never leaves you...Someday soon, Adelaideans will discover the wheel...and then fire...
Ana Conda (13 days ago)
This brings back so many memories of growing up in the 90’s ... I miss my childhood lol
JEFF JACK (13 days ago)
The kept all the money and pretended to send something towards the sky. They get to keep all the money and never find the "Probe" perfect scheme. Indoctrinated people are so gullible.
JDL2112 (13 days ago)
This video is 16 minutes and 25 seconds long. However, you can state the reason why these companies are toast in less than 6 words: Stupid, greedy, stupid criminal executives.
YeBoyBugsBunny (13 days ago)
Windows phone is dead but now Nokia finally uses android
Brandon Schulz (14 days ago)
I love the Underworld track!!
Tyhler Novac (14 days ago)
Redbox killed blockbuster .. like vVdeo killed the radio Star
Six Pack Shortcuts (15 days ago)
So Xerox made a revolutionary computer and did not release to the market? WTF? Why not? I don't understand.
Arnold Castro (15 days ago)
I love this video, I didn’t have a clue how those companies died
Evan Silversun (15 days ago)
Great vid! Thanks Degogo
Christopher (15 days ago)
interesting dont care about viewers input unless they give you some of the money that you are begging for on patreon….with 1.7 mill subs if you still need to beg for money then you are clearly doing something wrong...…..
Mellivora Capensis (16 days ago)
Moral of the story: You snooze, you lose.
2LegHumanist (16 days ago)
Next will be Toyota who started the electric car revolution by pioneering the hybrid and then snubbed their noses at BEV technology in favour of pie in the sky hydrogen nonsense and now old-tech hybrid technology. Toyota's days are numbered.
erad67 (16 days ago)
You missed IBM. Microsoft is only a big company because of a blunder IBM made in a deal with Microsoft. IBM agreed to give Microsoft a share of the money for every OS sold instead of paying them a flat rate to buy the OS. I may the specifics a bit wrong, but something like that.
Michael Erwin (16 days ago)
I was VP of R&D of a very large semiconductor company. We offered them exclusive use of a new chip technology...their response "we are a chemical company and therefore find no need to embrace digital technology." That's a direct quote...I still have my notes from that meeting in 1992.
MR V (3 days ago)
History in the making and you were in the middle of it.
Lensman (16 days ago)
I knew about the Alto system but I'd not seen as much video of it ... WOW! TWENTY YEARS ahead of its time! IDIOT MANAGERS!!!
Stephen Key (17 days ago)
Tbh the Excite ceo had a point..... Page was asking too much of his company... Why should everything called excite be taken over by Google (I think that's a stupid name even today even though I know what it means) just because he was offering for a "cheap price".... And without a crystal ball... For all he knew that million could've been head straight for the drain.... And that was ALOT of money in 1999 ie pre recession
Dick Fitzwell (18 days ago)
to bad Netflix is controlled by demcRATS so every show is about lezbos and hating men painting them all as rapists
The RightStuff (17 days ago)
cancelled my netflix a year ago for that reason
Dana Grebbien (18 days ago)
As for Xerox I am curious what IBM computer research was doing at the same time. That would make a great documentary.
Diamond Tiara (18 days ago)
Kodak kept some patents to prevent the development of digital photo. It should have exploded since the 1980s since the average 16-bit home computer ( atari ST, amiga, Mac or 386 ) was more than capable of treating digital images. The principle is to keep a monopoly on chemical and tons of waste instead of something you buy once and use thousands if not million times. I wonder how many shots I made with my Sony... but I'm glad film is dead. Who cares bout Excite, Google is just as evil. Blockbuster. Heh. Should've got in the market of something else than DVD rental. Selling the real thing is what people want. Terrible management is what you deserve. Nasa isn't a company, just blame the mandatory quotas and diversity they need to go through for the failure they are becoming. Why do you want an Android? Blackberry switched to Android and completely killed itself to please the normies. Xerox made a thing that was not a commercial succes but without them, no Windows or MacOS. but for the prigs you are, a real computer back then was very, very limited with a windowed interface / GUI, while real computers used a command line. DOS, BASIC for home computers, or IBM / UNIX terminals to get things done. Even the Mac and Lisa or early Windows were seen as a complete waste of RAM. Even today I don't even script a server to be cluttered with Xwindow, gnome or kde are a nyet as they run extra services that are pointless. Even in the 90s any PC game ran at its best booting on DOS instead of Windows 95/98/NT, so the UI might be a revolution for the end users, today Windows 10 or Mac takes about 2 or 3Gb of RAM for an awful interface filled with spyware, and your I7 can barely run the last fortnaite game in fullHD!
Vogel Account (19 days ago)
Simply because someone is in a position of power, do not assume they know what they're doing. What amazes me is that so many consumers, without advanced degrees or industry experience, immediately see the advantages of a new technology/system/method/service while corporate executives do not. It's amazing, and a good lesson for all people.
granskare (20 days ago)
i recall zerox thinking they were only copy machine company
Meghbalok Akash (21 days ago)
Nokia return 2018 ...
Dario Delgado (22 days ago)
Sad thing is that, these sorts of things will continue to happen, idiots with big egoes always running the show.
Azi Smythe (24 days ago)
In almost every example it was YOUNG people with young minds who dominated the gray-hairs.......Today's CEOs and boards: are you noting this??  [Don't forget about Decca record execs telling the Beatles they'd be a flash-in-the-pan and declining to sign them)
Jor-El Golden (24 days ago)
Lmao Kodak ain’t dead but nice try
johansburgg (24 days ago)
Everytime we need to photocopy our notes before, we say ‘i need to xerox my notes’ 😅
Christopher Yako (24 days ago)
It depends on the leadership. If you see a future and have innovation with your product that is a good foundation. I am glad some of these companies did not merge or get bought out. Because they would have been lost as well.
Riyu Raz (25 days ago)
Apr 2019..Nokia no where to be found
Ikey Brown (25 days ago)
rareads (25 days ago)
I find the narration too fast and hard to follow with the wrong intonation for explaining things
Olaf Lesniak (26 days ago)
EA in a Nutshell
tre bushett (26 days ago)
Kodak hasn't made a decent camera since the 1940s !
CaapriceTube (27 days ago)
Lovin the music in this. 💕
folgore1 (27 days ago)
Neat vid! I never knew of the story behind Xerox and Apple. After seeing the scene of the clunky Commodore computer, I couldn't help but think you should've added the Amiga debacle as well.
Rado G (27 days ago)
Can I be OK.
Bring back 8 track tapes
stuart bruce (27 days ago)
Julian Allen (28 days ago)
XEROX - Hindsight is a great thing, but when you cannot see the future you do what you think is best at the time. The key to 'invention' is creating something that everyone wants but don't know it YET! - Of course I am working on a TELEPORT, that when I have working will revolutionise TRAVEL, kill the Car / Aircraft / Ship / Train industries worldwide and I will own the Planet....... just need to get the damn Flux Capacitor to work on 110Volts!
Trichome Collector (28 days ago)
Xerox really I mean REALLY fucked up lol
PJ Pesic (28 days ago)
Anyone heard of BlackBerry?
Isaac mondragon (28 days ago)
XEROX WAS the innovation of information and computer world! Could have dominated google search engine as well!
joseph ubaldo (29 days ago)
I was laughing when Blockbuster folded up. It was my 5th year as an immigrant and I had a regular job. One Saturday morning, I went to a nearby Blockbuster to rent some movie videos. I was asked 2 photo ID and the manager told me to wait for few minutes. He came back to tell me that I could not rent any DVD as it was the policy of the company. I was a bit angry because I felt it was another racism working its pettiness in Canada. Prior to that I tried getting a computer that I can pay in installment basis but I was turned down. The salesman gave me a form to fill up which I did and mailed back to them, but I waited for something that was never acted upon or again, summarily disapproved. Canadians have this racism and discrimination that they practice that it is really stupid, they would not do business with you just because of their petty character.
BLOCK BUST3R (29 days ago)
S. Dutta (1 month ago)
NASA did aa ooppsiee
I Do Coke (1 month ago)
The Xerox one is insane. They had the skeleton key for the entire computer industry and had no idea. Wonder who the R & D people were? That is radically advanced for 1973.
Shreyash Waghe (26 days ago)
The R and D people were some of the greatest scientists who in PARC made computer mouse, Ethernet sort of, GUI... But they they didn't make advancements in photocopying, so it was a strict NO by the financers, they just trashed that tech into dustbin