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Worst Company Disasters! | Top 6 Blunders

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Kenni Kuhlmann-Clark (3 hours ago)
How about Sears-Roebuck?.... Way back in the day, they used to be the mail-order kings, and should/could have naturally moved to being the ONLINE-order kings. Apparently, long-since moving into brick and mortar stores, they thought 'online' was a fad. They somehow missed the boat, and allowed Amazon to slowly grow to a giant.
Jack Alltrade (8 hours ago)
What a superb video. Thank you so much for posting this. It was worthwhile for the Xerox Alto alone. This never got mentioned in the film 'Steve Jobs' as far as I can recall. Whilst wrestling with green screens and flashing cursors in 1985 I had no idea that anything this advanced had been around though not on sale for twelve years already.
Radim Párek (9 hours ago)
Actually watching this on the new Nokia 7 plus with Android
derby1884 (11 hours ago)
How about Decca Records turning down The Beatles?
Nishath Najumudeen (12 hours ago)
leslie dean brown (13 hours ago)
Who remembers having to type in commands one by one like this? I do... LOL.
leslie dean brown (13 hours ago)
Wow, I didn't know about the Xerox computer... And since you sound like an Aussie, also have a look at microbee if you are interested in retro computers...
Fire Works (13 hours ago)
I feel sorry for Xerox.
Manny Lugz (19 hours ago)
Blockbuster would have become global if they adopted and accepted the internet as the way to go rather than continue their brick and mortal rental stores. Netflix back then was just into mailing rentals and just exploring the internet. One very big mistake, and Blockbuster ceased to exist while Netflix is now a behemoth producing original shows and movies.
TBirdNeil (20 hours ago)
As somebody who started and runs a business, videos like this are a useful warning to everyone in business.
Aaron (22 hours ago)
Technology is bad
SnesManiac (23 hours ago)
I never knew XEROX had the first PC! It was always my understanding that DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION had the first PC. Thank you.
Dr. Nizam Sarkawi (1 day ago)
With the arise of apk files and android tv box, netflix also could close shop one day
Eric Simonson (1 day ago)
The Xerox debacle is captured in the movie “Pirates of Silicone Valley”. Aptly named, and the clips shown here were from that movie. Definitely worth a watch, you just can’t get it at a Blockbuster though...
jariol (1 day ago)
So often clueless over privileged brats get control of companies and just kill them. This is just a small list. More can be mentioned like Circuit City etc.
TheMoonchild1969 (1 day ago)
We have a Xerox printer in office. Got rid of it with a Canon printer. I would like to grab that Xerox as a collectible.
Fred J3 (1 day ago)
Willysmb44 (1 day ago)
Good video! Cheap VHS (and later, DVD)copies of films started killing the video rental market before streaming services drive the final nail in that coffin. I knew someone who owned a video rental place and he said that as soon as you could buy your favorite film for less than $20, that was the beginning of the end for that industry
Trius (1 day ago)
How could xerox not understand what they had when they built it from scratch and saw that it was a useful thing to have? What about feedback from their employees?
A FlyingBenCh (2 days ago)
Symbian could have been good. I owned the N10, and Symbian, at the time, was 100% on a level to compete with Android. The Microsoft buy out basically ruined them. Nokia will never be the god they once were, but they will hopefully at least hold stakes like Motorola and Sony, that is enough to compete, even if it's a smaller share
David Lench (2 days ago)
i would love to stick anyone into space who says math because they sound so retarded when it said like that, it's maths god damn it
johnlochness (2 days ago)
Jeez. I used a Commadore Pet when I did my 'A' lvel Computer Studies in 1979. Ha
victorkin11 (2 days ago)
Even Nokia using Android, it may not help too much, check MOTOROLA or SONY.
j k (2 days ago)
Blockbuster in 2000 and 2001 had on demand. Thats before your Cable or satellite company had it. Enron ran Blockbuster and shutdown on demand. In 2000 Blockbuster could have bought Netflix for $50 Million. They had bad managment.
Dan G (3 days ago)
Apple just about stole every one of their "inventions". They just say they're cool, so people believe them and buy them.... dumb sheep....bahhhhhhh.....
Julian Neale (3 days ago)
Why is it at 05:35 an Australian is consistently saying the word 'maths' without the 's', like an American?
JT Shark (3 days ago)
As someone who has a business degree, your statement "Watch future trends" Should be "watch current trends" how can you watch "future trends"--you can make projections--but "watching future trend" is sort of an oxymoron when it comes to words. They just did not realize what would happen in the future--like most of the businesses on the list
Daina Marie (3 days ago)
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH❣ Priceless nostalgia and info! Gotta save this one, I remember all but of course, the Xerox pc, wowwwww! I thought my TI-99 in 1982 was early! All I could do was play games 😂! That looks exactly like my Windows '95, just a smaller MONITOR! 😂<-(that's the name of a type of 🦎, a Savannah Monitor!) Had the OLD 💜-gray Nokia then a blue one, with 🐍! :..: :) Loved renting movies! I am sending this video to my son, who loves vintage tech & wouldn't allow my old Atari to get tossed, the cords had lost some insulation & developed shorts.. he wanted to fix them, but his dad threw it out without us knowing. He will love this as much or more than me even, maybe, this is ENTERTAINMENT❣Gladly share, liked, subscribed! Sadly like the companies here I'm brokeee or would join! 🚫$! I literally felt pain @ these, but not pity, the stupidity of these people, all of them, esp XEROX, WOWWW! 😂 Thank you again, super awesomeness! XO
Cat (3 days ago)
Can EA as a whole be put on this list, possibly? If so, maybe blizzard / Activision, too? Lmao
Wayne Davis (3 days ago)
Xerox Alto. Wow, amazing. So ahead of its time
MOLE (3 days ago)
I remember working in blockbuster the sticky adult tapes coming back
Bill Cenne (4 days ago)
this is fascinating! now, if they could just make something that works and is dependable before they sell a bazillion of them!
Mike Cola (4 days ago)
All you apple bashers out there complaining that they didn’t invent anything. Apple has invented plenty of technologies but was even better at innovating existing ideas and marketing. That’s what’s turned them into one of the richest companies on this planet and maybe other planets as well. The Italians didn’t invent cars or motorcycles but we’d all love to own Ferrari, Lamborghini, MV Augusta and Ducati. They didn’t invent noodles either but I love me a good old bowl of spaghetti. Innovation and knowing market trends will win every time. Besides, the best inventions are usually the ones you can’t hold in your hand and text from. I’d choose vaccinations and anesthesia over my S9 everyday...
John Cioffi (4 days ago)
These CEO's should have been beaten with buckle end of the belt then given the guillotine, facing up at the blade.
Warbonnet William (4 days ago)
Where's Penn Central?
Luca Bonafede (4 days ago)
Nice one! Thanks for your work!
Marmocet (4 days ago)
What's most shocking to me about the Mars probe lost in space is the revelation that there is actually an engineering firm whose employees use the imperial measurement system.
Jamie D (4 days ago)
Nokia is coming back hard in 2018 with great Android phones.
David Cisco (4 days ago)
GE, Tesla, Sears, JCPenney, blood bath and beyond ?
Doug B (5 days ago)
11:19, Bits and Bytes, 80's Canadian television, I can remember watching this
muktar aliyu (5 days ago)
The best thing a company, and especially board room, can do is have member(s) from a younger generation. All of these except the NASA blunder were generational shifts. Same way a parent refuses to listen to their child, even when it's obvious they really should.
safatsadman (5 days ago)
Moral of the story: "Don't think of your current customers as some dumb sheeps who would keep buying your outdated products for brand loyalty, eventually they'd move on and find better alternatives." I'm looking at you Apple.
Doug Finlay (5 days ago)
Wow, 1973, Xerox was really on the cutting edge. Also, in 60's Kodak pretty much owned the world in film. It was if GM, Ford and Chrysler were one company competing against AMC and a few imports.
omosamem (5 days ago)
companies were competing to make cell phones smaller now they make it larger??!! video needs to be done
CD Music (5 days ago)
6:03 why math be doing the most (just agree to one world standard) --__--
Eric Mcoo (5 days ago)
COMPANY NEWS; Xerox Sues Apple Computer Over Macintosh Copyright (1989) Xerox contends that the Lisa and Macintosh software stems from work originally done by Xerox scientists and that it was used by Apple without permission.
Naitch Boy (5 days ago)
blockbuster screwed blockbuster. Why do I need the film for 5 nights?
you2099 (6 days ago)
When you're a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. e.g., James Keyes, (failed) CEO, Blockbuster. Same when you're a copier-head. Like Xerox.
Ashter Egg (6 days ago)
nice work
gtimny (6 days ago)
Good stuff — but you need New Coke, possibly the stupidest corporate move ever.
Chinh Phan (6 days ago)
All these businesses failed because they had no foresight and resisted change.
StarScream (6 days ago)
Xerox got to be the biggest blunder in the history of tech, small minded fat cat CEO and board members gifted the future to Jobs. So funny really.
Steven Wilson (6 days ago)
Xerox did not "give away" its tech to Apple, in fact Xerox was able to invest in pre-IPO stock which allowed Xerox to monetize their GUI computing invention at low cost and low risk. If Apple succeeded, Xerox would make money from the stock (which they did), and if Apple failed, it would not cost Xerox nearly as much as if they marketed and sold their computer on their own. Also don't forget Xerox's product was not aimed at the same price point as Apple's computer, along with Apple adding significant innovation to what Xerox ahd created along with Steve Jobs' legendary marketing skills. It was not a bad play by Xerox and they did profit from it. They could have profited from it even more had they simply held onto their stock for longer.
TarkusT (6 days ago)
I wonder what James Keyes payout was for destroying the company? This is the underlying problem with videos like this. Sure they tell the history but everyone just accepts that the people who destroy the company and hundreds of thousands of jobs get multi-million dollar payouts and move on to either new jobs or to prestigious tasks, ie: Keyes is now on the Board of Directors for The American Red Cross. Must be nice to ruin people's live and then get to show up at fancy charitable balls with your wife as if you deserved it.
Baron Von Grijffenbourg (6 days ago)
And now Apple is just another tech-company with over-priced shit. They stopped doing what made them big in the first place. Being reckless and uncompromising in innovation. They learned nothing from Steve Jobs. They're now just trying to compete with Samsung and Google on their terms. Slow, gradual innovation. _''Lets make the screen a little bigger this years''._ _''Let's add a stylus''_ All shit Samsung has been doing for years. Fucking muppets, grow some balls and blow us all away again. They're afraid to lose what they have now and are playing it safe. But playing it safe is exactly what will lose them everything they have now. Samsung will bleed them dry at this rate. I predict Apple will go Nokia within the next couple of years.
Mason S (6 days ago)
I loved block busters. I still go there. You can even rent new video games. (Blockbuster exist in Australia)
Aussie Cowboy (7 days ago)
I was working for Kodak in Australia at the end, they wouldn't pay us, went to work week after week and no pay, we had to stop working and demand to be payed.
Mr Comer (7 days ago)
Microsoft drop the ball with Nokia. That's all Microsoft had to do is keep Nokia up front and get the app platform straight.. They would off made a super dent the cell phone game nope Microsoft got greedy they just dismantle Nokia and then put their brand on it and still didn't get the app platform straight so that's what killed the Microsoft phones. .. I loved my Nokia and Microsoft phones put just couldn't get certain apps that was important that I needed and this what the consumers was fussing about Microsoft didn't listen.. great simply quality phone even the cheap phones had great quality just apps side of thing took the Microsoft phone down for the count. Smh I tried to hold out but I just seen Microsoft riding on there high horse to the grave. So I jump ed back on the Android side.. On my LG G7 but they are not listening to the consumer neither if they don't start listening to there customers they going fail too.. Hopefully not though but only time will tell.
TheCymbalProject (7 days ago)
Removing the headphone jack... #1
Beyond_Death (3 days ago)
pikkuhc (7 days ago)
I have an Android nokia
Fernando Cunha (7 days ago)
which do you think are the mighty companies of now that will disappear in the future because of blunders? Car companies based on oil combustion engines that will fail to see eletric cars are the future? Aircraft producers that will fail to see that space travel is the future?
Fernando Cunha (7 days ago)
did the CEOs that failed to see the obvious still get their bonus?
Joseph Tuzon (7 days ago)
See ya!
MsJubjubbird (7 days ago)
I believe air Canada had a very expensive plane crash because someone failed to convert between pounds and kilograms
The Real 1noskcaj (7 days ago)
Excite didn’t make a bad choice. The way Google was developed led to its success, not the fact that it was named Google and was a bit different.
Michael Lam (8 days ago)
Xerox must be kicking themselves for totally missing the big picture. The genius of Steve jobs is not his technological prowess, it is his ability to see the potential in things other people couldn't appreciate.
Pasan H (8 days ago)
9:40 - I thought Steve Jobs gave Bill Gates a hard time for "stealing" what Apple did with the user experience. But looks like Xerox did it a few years ago before that and Steve got it from them?
The Film Effect (9 days ago)
My mail is on a screen? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS!?
Ian Harding (9 days ago)
This is what happens when companies are run by accountants and investment companies. These idiots believe they know more about the business than those who have always worked in it. Nokia made the best phones and had great customer service. Then taken over by f ing accountants. First thing that went was customer care, second was investment. Arrogant scum brought a great company to its knees.
The Bulletin Manager (9 days ago)
You know, if these companies did this and the results went the other way you would be saying the opposite
Windows Sucks (9 days ago)
I wish I could rape whoever designed the Lumia phone .. I wish I could do it billions of times in his butt
Ashley Davis (9 days ago)
BakerImageGroup (10 days ago)
Actually Netflix still mails DVDs.
liquidiceyt (10 days ago)
Golden!! Thank you.
L (10 days ago)
If Excite had bought Google it would probably have failed. History isn't all cut and shut.
The Bogelz (10 days ago)
Make an Indonesia caption pleases
Sean Franks (4 days ago)
Taffer 1000 (11 days ago)
Fuck Apple! Complete heresy!
joskemom (11 days ago)
How the hell could Xerox invent the 'mouse' and the brain trust not know how this device could make them money?  Is this a case of not seeing the forest because of the distraction of the trees blocking the view?
Big Texas (11 days ago)
never knew xerox basically invented the computer.
La Tui (11 days ago)
#3 seems like Lockeheed's fault? What scientific entity uses the imperial system?
oh ok (11 days ago)
Just to let everyone know Nokia is coming back. We installed 5g ready towers in the southern California area... lames
Jim 762 (11 days ago)
It's great to see large corporations die. I hope all these former CEOs are living on the streets suffering now. Ha ha! Too bad the criminal Soetoro bailed out the big banks. They should all be in prison. MAGA! KAG!
ST&NLY ST&NLY (11 days ago)
blockbuters fucked up
Luxury Auto Insider (11 days ago)
Good stuff
T CREED (12 days ago)
Me and my friends on Sunday go ply pool n drink beer then after go blockbuster n rent a movie, it was a Sunday event..
Mason Samuels (12 days ago)
Sanjeev CK (12 days ago)
..and then bill gates took the rug under jobs and made the computer BETTER
Hooha888 (12 days ago)
Netflicks sucks! Not only do they censor certain movies and documentaries, you have to pay for a monthly membership and exorbitant fees for broadband to download it. Especially if you like high definition and live in Australia! Besides that, Netflicks has a very limited range of classic movies compared to a video store. Netflicks is a ripp-off!
Brian Cooper (13 days ago)
SemeX (13 days ago)
What about JVC?
Super Saiyan 3 (13 days ago)
nokia are fucking idiots
Ian Maher (13 days ago)
I worked for Xerox and this doesn't surprise me one little bit, a company who had a huge chunk of the copier market thinking they didn't need anything else. They thought they were untouchable but bad management decisions left them playing catch up with more aggressive Asian copier/printer companies, unfortunately they never did catch up.
Sacto1654 (14 days ago)
Fortunately, the HMD Global operation did work. Nokia's newest Android cellphones are well-liked, especially the recently introduced Nokia 7.1 with its Android One software.
DonswatchingtheTube (14 days ago)
By the time I became aware of Xerox, they were printing out Apple Mackintosh materials.
yunix collin (14 days ago)
But im printing these on xerox copier
Gary R (14 days ago)
How many remember Fortran and punch cards? How many remember Assembly language? We come a long way baby!
SkandiaAUS (15 days ago)
Samsung also did a Nokia with Samsung Bada, but they realised it was inferior to Android and the rest is history.
Kanuckbrewer o (15 days ago)
Why all the background racket?
benjovi55 (15 days ago)
I remember walking into a blockbuster store with a dvd to return, 3 days after I rented it. That was over a month after the "no more late fees," fiasco. The first thing I was told was that I had a late fee. That was the last time I went to any blockbuster. They made you return movies by noon. Other companies required you return before they close, or as long as you left the video in the drop box before they opened the next day. First company that made me happy when they went out of business. =D
The Joe Schmoe Show (15 days ago)
facebook sucks.