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Worst Company Disasters! | Top 6 Blunders

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Text Comments (4183)
Shantorey Wilkins (5 hours ago)
Dennis Bergendorf (7 hours ago)
How about NASCAR thinking the "fan experience" would permanently replace actual racing? It's now losing up to $20 million a year, which is chump change compared to Kodak and Xerox, but still it's a pretty stupid "fail."
Dennis Bergendorf (7 hours ago)
One more is Motorola's Iridium wireless phone project. The plan was to put several dozen single-use satellites in orbit to route calls from a device that had to be out-of-doors to receive the signal. Motorola spent between $2.8 and $5 billion and then abandoned the project.
Dominick (11 hours ago)
Seriously I cant watch videos with dudes with that English Accent! Just cant do it.
MrCalifas88 (1 day ago)
And Steve jobs got his karma, now he’s dead!
Freebleepers (1 day ago)
So sad about Xerox, they broke all grounds to what modern technology is today.
Aric Hans Montoya (2 days ago)
WoW!! Xerox could’ve owned the Tech works but slept 🛏 on it 😧😵😵
Russell Morton (2 days ago)
Watching on my nokia 7 plus😂
Wayne Blake (2 days ago)
Romulo Banos (2 days ago)
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Torniojaws (2 days ago)
Ironic, the markup language ColdFusion is also basically dead :)
DAGATHire (2 days ago)
Eventually Windows(microsoft) are gonna be on a list like this if they continue to fuck around with the windows operating system as they've been doing. Someone over there needs to get their head out of their ass. Windows 10 is collectively disliked spying on you cluster fuck.
firefrostcat62 (3 days ago)
Wait... how is google now known as alphabet?
goollink (3 days ago)
seriously imperial system is pain in the arse
xnocf (4 days ago)
imperial measures, ROFLMAO
Rory O'Connor (4 days ago)
Great video.    Xerox must be kicking themselves. Steve Jobs was a  visionary. He saw immediately the implications of what Xerox had produced. Poor Xerox. Their executives  just did not get it.
BloodRider 14 (4 days ago)
Watching this on Nokia phone
Trig (4 days ago)
Nothing against Netflix i love it but that has to be the most retarded statement " since then Netflix is behind such original shows as House of Cards" you do know that's a British TV show originally right from the 90's?
Angharad (4 days ago)
Nokia's Maemo (as on the N900) was the best mobile OS I've ever had. Essentially, it was Debian Linux on a phone. It evolved later into Meego. And in a further twist, has gone on to become the building block of Tizen, now used by Samsung in its smart watches, and some phones. If they'd pushed this as their only OS, instead of trying to keep Symbian going, we might all be better off for it.
Sam Arbiter (4 days ago)
The correct pronounciation of 'patented' is 'patt-en-ted', not 'pay-tent-ed'.
Dennis Bergendorf (7 hours ago)
Yes, but the guy is British, and likely says "alumin-ium." I hate using the short vowel sound in "the" and "a" preceding a vowel sound (like thuh object).
pully 1010101 (4 days ago)
Nokias cool and samsung
Zell (4 days ago)
My local Blockbuster turned into a Planet Fitness. There is a Family Video with Papa Murphy close by. Not sure how they still stay in business after being there for 12 years.
Native Teacher 002 (4 days ago)
I remember walking in to an Angus and Robertson bookstore in Perth in 09. Do you have book readers - no. Do you have stations where I can download, for a fee, A&R books? No. They went down fast.
lottery248 - the Voluptuous Velphord Artemis (5 days ago)
but only Nokia is back
David Munson (5 days ago)
MS also took a very, very long look at DR Dos which had GEM or graphical operating system. Anyone remember MS dos 5 and beyond?
Fart Knocker (6 days ago)
tom ridley (6 days ago)
That xerox computer looks better than the last android phone I had.
Joopa Joo (6 days ago)
Anssi Vanjoki was never the CEO of Nokia. In 2010 it was either Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo or Stephen Elop. The latter actually decided that windows (!!!!!!) was the best operating system for Nokia.
Austin Le Roux (6 days ago)
WOW, don't normally subscribe. But well done man.
Winston McGregor (7 days ago)
dvd's and the internet killed blockbuster.
Aaron Lesse (7 days ago)
This video has many commercials. That can be a big drawback to finishing the video.
David Keenan (6 days ago)
Then block the commercials. Adblocker blocked 19 ads on this video for me.
Spearfast (7 days ago)
Bit of a stretch of what happened with Nokia. They chose Lumia and Win 8/10 as it was by far the most professional operating system offering a mostly locked down system compared to the scatter effect of android/ios with its tiles in a million places look. Win10 aimed to make 1 OS for all 3 platforms. Unfortunately for Nokia they changed tack and are looking at one device to replace all 3 platforms, which is brilliant. Think of how annoying it is using a desktop app and trying to get those files to iOS and back again. Mac is making some pretty big mistakes itself. A Macbook PRO 13 (calling it pro was taking the piss) wasnt refreshed for 10 years and really, still isnt, it should have continued with a low end GPU like prior mac 13s and now the quad core low voltage model should include the low voltage mx150. None the less its now just an over priced ultra book with an OS that doesnt interact well with software or other OS. MS are beyond visionary with their Surface line up, the Book is an amazing notebook capable of anything and they Studio is a designers dream and the Pro is the only tablet I would consider a 2 in 1. (again IOS and Android are killing the tablet market).
Live Noteworthy (7 days ago)
Even your channel has been destroyed like these companies
Jan Kovize (7 days ago)
CEOs are the problem
MsFears (7 days ago)
Its 2018, is anyone using a Nokia?
MammaDuck (7 days ago)
"It still works" said the caveman.
Alisha Niroula (7 days ago)
its 2018 where is nokia??
Chiquitito Esmith (8 days ago)
Im still trying to figure out DOS..And now computer technology is way past that..i guess, technology is about taking chances.
MammaDuck (7 days ago)
I still have my IBM DOS and MS DOS in both version 2.1 and 3.1 on the original 4 1/4 inch discs and a true IBM lugable computer to run it on. I also have the ring binders and cases with pristine copies of the users manuals. Big Blue always went overboard with things. MS DOS user manuals came in a .txt file on the single disc everything came on. A:\>prnt lpt1 usrman.txt 3 hours of dot matrix racket later there would be your user's manual. That stuff's gotta be an antique by now. Give it another 25 years and it will be a museum piece.
Chiquitito Esmith (7 days ago)
MammaDuck ..MS DOS
MammaDuck (7 days ago)
2.1 or 3.1? Also, IBM DOS or MS DOS?
Microphonix Virtual Studio (8 days ago)
Graphical User Interfaces made sense to me as well, because I hated the command line entry. I know people who don't like typing anything but they will use a mouse and icons to control their computer.
Microphonix Virtual Studio (8 days ago)
The metric system was made for simple minded people. OK, maybe people who can't grasp the old Imperial system. It is still used in carpentry, (no one in their right mind would build a house using the metric system) mile markers, Speed limit signs, MPH on all American built cars, the US Dollar, cooking measurements and refrigeration. It caused trouble for NASA when they sent a probe to Mars, because of the conversion from metric to the Imperial system. However, I believe to be unconstitutional as well. Why do we need to metric system?
Lorenzo Benito (8 days ago)
The command line survived in Linux. Now there is also Powershell for Windows, and it's awesome.
Jeff Allinson (8 days ago)
What about Enron?
Shane Fagan (8 days ago)
Meego wasn't bad, the issue was lack of quality in what was released. Android wasn't the powerhouse it is now and there were quite a lot of devs in Nokia that felt like an open source Debian based full Linux phone was better. I think it is better to this day, Java is meh at best as a language for developers. I really wanted Nokia to succeed because the one phone they did release was good if a little overpriced.
curious pug (8 days ago)
Somehow i felt good about myself after watching this video Fml..😑
MrBrander (9 days ago)
Another mistake Nokia did was that they sold themselves to Microsoft and Microsoft forced their own Windows phone operating system on the phones which just utterly sucked and still sucks. If Nokia just had either accepted Android or for real developed their own operating system to be competitive with Android and iOs, the story would be totally different. So what we learned? Keep your mind open, accept new technologies and keep moving forwards. Never stop to stand still.
Down Hill (9 days ago)
youtube better stop with the ads or else it'll end up on this video one day. I'm not joking.
Steven Van Hulle (9 days ago)
"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." Ken Olsen, president of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), 1977. DEC went defunct in 1998.
Down Hill (9 days ago)
lol. Ken Olsen died in 2011.
Five8 finest (9 days ago)
Kodack and Xerox was the shit in Rochester NY back in the day's ✌️
56postoffice (9 days ago)
The Xerox Gobsmacked. What *could* have been........
Soplet (9 days ago)
Survival of the fittest it is.
Jack Sak (9 days ago)
CompuServe in the early 1980's had chat, file transfers, messaging, libraries and games
eric wsmith (9 days ago)
Xerox, Nokia , and while not mentioned GM. all suffered from two problems, No one can do what I do. and no new product's that hurt or compete with our core products. With Nokia, only are system is the answer. for Xerox, why would we build computers anyone can operate ? With GM Chevrolet can,t build a car nicer then a Cadillac , and Cadillac can,t make a car cheaper then Buick. instead of 5 innovative separate divisions, they turned it into 5 restricted divisions.
maxis2k (9 days ago)
"Steve Jobs Visit (Dramatization)" No kidding. That is about as opposite of how Steve Jobs looked as you could get. Was James Dean busy or something?
Markus451 (10 days ago)
The Brits seem remarkably talented at mis-pronouncing names. It's "NO-key-ah", not "Knock-ee-yah". While I'm at it, for any Brits who see this, it's "Los Angeless", not "Los Angel-leees". Similarly, it's pronounced "Loss Vegas", not "Lass Vegas". Meanwhile, they would roll on the floor laughing if we ever pronounced the "Thames" River as it's spelled.
0XxAngelOFDethxX0 (10 days ago)
xerox president commited suicide x)
Retro And More (10 days ago)
After World War 2, the Volkswagen factory was offered to Ford for free... they refused. Ford thought it wasn't worth anything and the Beetle was a bad car.
oskari liikanen (10 days ago)
nokias full android now
Down Hill (9 days ago)
nokia is just a myth, a legend, a story taught from generation to generation.
Peter Clark (11 days ago)
Here is a series of examples that Homo sapiens should not concentrate power and especially in the hands of people of the wisdom years. I would argue that the finalisation¹ of the brain's development into those 'super highways' that give an answer sooner (wisdom) are limited by the fact that that will be constrained by the narrow band of experiences that brain has mastered. Some do stay young at heart and mind but that doesn't carry much weight in the boardrooms. If we are a progressive species then any withdrawal from that process has to be regarded as seditious, or more kindly unhelpful. Ergo: becoming a conservative is becoming a traitor to the future of your community. The political method to capture this is democracy, but it has to be real, vibrant, deep and profound. My proposition. ¹ the brain goes through this in the years 25-40
Jack Sak (8 days ago)
Peter Clark: All my demons disappeared long ago. I like being an old son of a bitch, i.e. no inhibitions, healthy, still working. One thing though, you rarely know who you're talking with on the Internet. I'd like to meet many of the people with whom I communicate, but so far that hasn't happened. I'd much rather have a face-to-face discussion rather than an anonymous link. I'll look for your pigeon.
Peter Clark (8 days ago)
You seem to be fighting demons of your own nightmares JS. I will honour this conversation by naming any pigeon I own after you. They love chess I hear. And winning. The Perfect Confluence.
Jack Sak (8 days ago)
Peter Clark: My work here is done. We beat this one to death. And, yes, I had good teachers back in the day. I'm an old son of a bitch at 74 from a time when people used common sense and spoke to each other without having to be politically correct. PC is destroying free speech and making it difficult to get clear, meaningful thoughts conveyed in an efficient manner. PC creates ambiguities, misunderstandings and results in drawn out, sometimes hostile conversations.
Peter Clark (9 days ago)
The logic is unassailable. Kudos to your teachers. By the way, it is your thoughts that will most likely emphasise my original point, so thanks bud. ps: have a closer look at the meaning of 'simplistic.'
Jack Sak (9 days ago)
Peter Clark: Probably English isn't your first language. For your sake I hope not, because if it is you must be a very lonely person.
Jeff Conforti (11 days ago)
You want Blunders ????? How about New Coke, remember NEW COKE? How about IBM not writing their own PC Operating System ??? How about Apple NOT licensing their MAC OS ??? How about WANG, Remember WANG ??? Burroughs Corp buying Sperry Univac ??? VW Buying ROLLS ROYCE, but NOT REALLY buying ROLLS ROYCE ???
drop the dead donkey (11 days ago)
Gerald Ratner who told the public his jewellery sold because it was cheap crap...killed his multi million business stone dead over night & all the stores went bust...LOL
Paul Allen (11 days ago)
Eh, Kodak is making a resurgence..
malcolm b (11 days ago)
Great stuff bro
burt CoKain (11 days ago)
Oh kodak and xerox, how you break rochester ny's heart...
Dijay Skunki (11 days ago)
the xerox story is for those who don't believe in was Steve's destiny, so he had, and it's a pretty nice story to tell to future developers tho..
Daniel Patterson (11 days ago)
Don't feel bad for Xerox guys. In the near future Communist red China will own everything, and our children will be taught that they invented the light bulb.
Templeton Peck (11 days ago)
Xerox didn't hand it to apple, they handed it to Microsoft AND Apple.
broccolihart71 (11 days ago)
Oh Xerox....what a sad story.
B Taylor (12 days ago)
Great job.
Marlon Mariano (12 days ago)
I think you should have a second part of this which includes Yahoo,Myspace,and Friendster.
Chris Coleman (12 days ago)
What about the Amiga or ST, they had GUI and blew away every early Apple or IBM PC !
Jelly G. (12 days ago)
I would susbtitute the NASA one with the fall of radioshack, AMC, Toys R Us or Blackberry.
Neil Barnett (12 days ago)
So 83 million customers, worldwide, is a big business is it? (Netflix) That many customers replaced Blockbuster and caused its downfall? I think there's a flaw in that suggestion. People started going back to cinemas around that time, the sense of occasion, the size of the screen, the enormously expensive sweets and popcorn... Maybe it was that. Or maybe people just stopped watching movies at home and started playing computer games.
patrick. (12 days ago)
Microsoft killed Nokia.
Down Hill (9 days ago)
Chris Benoit killed Nokia
The Pine Dock Dot Com (13 days ago)
Oh no. I cant math.
Aren't I'adorable (13 days ago)
GOOGLE…YOUTUBE…TWITTER….APPLE ………..are all run by FASCIST Wuss’s a Puss’s.
freshgino (13 days ago)
Great video bro
IV XXIV MMXVII (13 days ago)
I miss blockbuster rental so much.. my family would always rent movies when I was just a young girl, they also had a neat little hop scotch on the carpet for kids and my brother and I loved it so much !! I’d also rent games at the time for my Nintendo and GameCube.. those were the days.. super simplistic .. I miss it .. I can’t believe the guy ruined it like that .. what an idiot man.. 😔
empresstina876 (13 days ago)
I think it was dumb to replace blockbusters ceo with gas station ceo, no wonder it crumbled.
G Man (13 days ago)
If excite had bought it Google wouldn't be the company it is today
Eddy alvarez (13 days ago)
I miss block buster so mush family night with pizza wow those where the days
Reggie Turner (13 days ago)
Again, a failure to communicate!
Drew Taylor (14 days ago)
Why wasn't there any credits associated with "Pirates of Silicon Valley" (1999) from Haft Entertainment
Jim Wong (14 days ago)
IBM PC Jr., Lucent, TRW, McDonald Douglas, Yahoo, Sears
Chris Lee (14 days ago)
5:35 says ‘a grade-school math error cost NASA $125,000,000.00’. Wrong. It didn’t cost NASA a cent. It cost US taxpayers. People in government forced them at gunpoint to pay for this sort of crap, and it was their money that people in government stole and wasted.
Lovuschka (14 days ago)
And if Blockbuster bought Netflix, Netflix likely wouldn't have become the big company it is today.
tryptychUK (14 days ago)
Kodak make film, not electronics, an entirely different market. They could never compete. As for NASA, USA is now virtually the only country in the world that refuses to adopt the metric system. Brought that one on yourselves.
LIAUW Jasper (15 days ago)
Nokia isn't bad now I'm using a Nokia 6.1 plus it is at least faster then Samsung Galaxy S7 and it is using Android one
Christopher Bedford (15 days ago)
He didn't ATTribute he atTRIButed. A thing *has* ATTributes. You don't snob (or snub) your nose and you don't snub "up" anything "at" anything. Four (clichéd) expressions mashed into one there. Just two examples of the horrible writing on this video. FFS please learn to use English.
Meng Pant (15 days ago)
Altair looks similar as VC20/VC64.
Joshua Gallo (16 days ago)
Now Blockbuster has one location left in the U.S.
Santiago Nigro (16 days ago)
OMG Xerox! 😖
purplesyndrome (17 days ago)
1973 i never knew xerox was that advance.
mayank hasija (17 days ago)
Only companies that reinvent themselves survive.
Jack Sak (9 days ago)
Buggy Whip
Mature Minded Millennials (17 days ago)
Am I the only who MISSES tf out of Blockbuster???! Or is that just my dumb ass??
Rob F (17 days ago)
About the German translation, the automatic subtitles can understand.
RealRunner7 (17 days ago)
6:04 Does he say Nasser employees?
Francis Kapsowe (17 days ago)
canonballsimp (18 days ago)
Xerox gets a million apple shares. You think that is a business flop?
jaan lille (18 days ago)
hmm nokia refusing to use android? nokia is dead? hah it's funny because im watching this video on my nokia 3 that has android
theylied1776 (19 days ago)
The Xerox/Apple Fiasco was the biggest blunder in business history. Xerox could have been the first business in history to reach a one trillion dollar valuation... and they would have reached that by the end of the 80s.
wbutlers (19 days ago)
Omg nauseating Apple gushing. And no references.