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Disney And Apple Take On Netflix In The Streaming Wars

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Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and others are about to come head-to-head with the likes of Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max and CNBC's parent company, NBCUniversal. It's been dubbed the streaming wars. In 2017, 61% of adults 18 to 29 said they primarily watch TV through a streaming service, compared to just 31% who watched cable. So who's going to win, what's going to happen to cable, and how much will it cost customers? Watch the video to find out. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #Disney #Netflix Disney And Apple Take On Netflix In The Streaming Wars
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Text Comments (1464)
Yves Lacombe (17 hours ago)
Okay ... so now we're going to have to subscribe to a gajillion streaming services. How is that different from cable? Other than the convenience of watching what you want when you want, if you have to subscribe to 10 diff services at 15$/month a pop ... cable will start looking attractive again...
harry bapidi (1 day ago)
what i could understand from this video is that Disney was the smart student in class and lent its products smartly so much so they don't have to buy them back from Netflix
bverji (2 days ago)
Shrug it is all on-demand TV. People will just service bounce.
enzmondo (2 days ago)
Cable is losing because it settled with churning out cheap (low budget), low quality, and unwanted products and sold it at a premium only to be riddled with advertisements and supported organizations that discriminate their own main target audience. If the streaming industry follows suit, we can now sort to pirating. It's impossible to have 100% market share of anything. However, that's the main goal of most (American) companies out there.
enzmondo (2 days ago)
Any consumer product that becomes expensive, people will pirate those products, not unless that company offers something no one else can. I hope in the future, when the streaming market starts to frustrate the consumer, more people will pirate things. I also hope the paychecks of executives will also get hurt.
Amann (2 days ago)
Netflix is still a winner in my eyes, nothing can beat it.
Ajita chakladar (2 days ago)
The TV streaming industry is getting crowded day by day. With Netflix adding more and more shows daily, the viewers are getting irked by the plethora of options. Also, we have to keep in mind Disney already have a bag full of blockbuster shows and movies. Disney+ is surely the one to look out for. However, Netflix spends a lot on its originals. Although Netflix was a dominant player in this field till now, we have to see if other shows would be willing to stay with Netflix for long. I have written an article on why Netflix might lose the streaming war on Medium. Give this a read to know more : https://medium.com/@ajitaa3/how-netflix-might-lose-the-streaming-wars-62ce6d53bf5f?sk=2e175da4a9b2842c1b68f6763f47a4d2
Lewis Carlin (2 days ago)
Yo no, yo no, a pirates life for me.
Brendan (2 days ago)
I love how every one of the top comments is about piracy
Google Assistant (3 days ago)
I think HBO Max and Disney+ will be all I need....!
J M (3 days ago)
The winner is youtube mf.
Pops Pops (3 days ago)
Netflix is the best I hope it stays the same way as it is right now hey Netflix company never change stay the same way you are right now. I will keep buying I love you guys you're the best.
Anonymous (4 days ago)
To everyone saying that you should torrent: That is stealing. If you wouldn’t steal from a store, you shouldn’t steal from the makers of these shows because it is just as bad. Imho, people should be prosecuted for theft by torrenting, like they would from stealing from any other store.
gokul balagopal (5 days ago)
Only market in which we need mergers because we can't afford them all
RED D (6 days ago)
Thing is, cable/satellite ties you into a contract. Streaming by and large does not. Also streaming allows you to pick and choose the service you want when you want, unlike cable and it's aforementioned contract basis.
Naughtius Maximus (6 days ago)
Pornhub will always win!
Vimal V (6 days ago)
Among these streaming wars, I really want to recognize YouTube! Its free and has great content.
Stabbing Squidward (7 days ago)
As an average 33 year old with 2 children the winners will be the Disney package deal, Netflix and Amazon. Netflix for original adult content, Disney plus for the kids and ESPN/ Hulu thrown in there, and Amazon because I have prime anyway. Would put money on these being the big 3.
Adis Veliji (7 days ago)
Did anyone notice this stupid mistake he is multiplying 6.99 by 10 thinking that a year has 10 months when in reality 6.99 multiplied by a year (12)months equals 83.88
Steven Bills bob billy gates person man (8 days ago)
Remember when Netflix was $3 now it’s like $13
TyCena Royalty (8 days ago)
I think I will get HBO max
worshipthebagel (9 days ago)
y this dude sound like mr slave lol
You're the man now Dog (9 days ago)
pause @ 0:50 and check out the nails on that beast
djkevlarr (9 days ago)
Yup me & my hole family dont pay for traditional cable we’ve found a lot CHEAPER WAYS!! To Get all the tv live show I want...DO UR RESEARCH!! It’s very simple
Divyadeep Kaushik_patterkiller (9 days ago)
The fox owned hotstar in India is providing with sports
Personal Account (10 days ago)
I'm getting Disney+
Paul Tao O'Kain (10 days ago)
Ok TV subscription is nice no ads at all but you have to pay for it because at more money for two companiesNetflix is being a little bit greedy the past couple months because they just increase their price a little bit so that's not really not a horrible for people who has a low budget
Sikanex (10 days ago)
I’m not signing up for 10 services. I’ll stick with Netflix and Disney+
Gabriel Fung (10 days ago)
2030 gonna be like “oNlY oGs reMeMBeR cAble”
Denis Jair Calix Pacheco (10 days ago)
I was thinking about piracy while watching this, then I read the comments 😂😂😂
a tribute to Yeah, Sure (11 days ago)
Cable companies have only their greed to blame for their down fall.
The Old Turtle (12 days ago)
9:26 maybe zero !
ALL FOR ONE (12 days ago)
And that's where "bee tv" comes folks. Don't believe me? Just google "bee tv apk". Apple users fook off😂
Martin Phillips (13 days ago)
The problem CNBC didn’t tell you is cable doesn’t care what the customers wants, that the reason why Netflix is the numbers one ☝️ Streaming service. They think 🤔 outside the box 📦. And every body want to cloned what Netflix is doing.
CannabisCultureTechLife (13 days ago)
What are these wind chimes in the background? Super annoying
Cherry Stone (13 days ago)
I just watch YouTube and pornhub lol
I Would Prefer Not To (13 days ago)
Ahem ... PIRACY Give me upvotes.
Ranjan Biswas (14 days ago)
Piratebay is KING NIBBA
Dario Ye (14 days ago)
all these programs Chinese can watch it for free...sucker...
kavari (14 days ago)
Kathryn Newton (15 days ago)
The reality is this: Netflix loses big time; piracy plummets higher.
readme info (15 days ago)
it's a fight between the old world pedophiles and the new world pedophiles. who will win and get access to the new wave of young children being born and tricked by greedy parents to get into acting and become a child-star... no matter who wins, the children lose.
gta4everrr (15 days ago)
The one sector where less competition might actually be better for consumers
Andre Irby (15 days ago)
Solution: Get friends and everyone pay for something else. That way you are only paying for like $20 for streaming.
J M (15 days ago)
Just protest and don't subscribe to any of these new streaming services. FX+ had to shut down their streaming service because they failed to get subscribers. We can do the same with other ones. Only Netflix, Amazon and hbo please.
Luis M (15 days ago)
Netflix has Netflix and chill how do you compete with that?
John Zag (15 days ago)
Netflix rocks
Cory R (15 days ago)
This is not what consumers want, I will just go back to my kodi box and pirate everything if they want to make this back into cable TV. WE dont want to have to pay for 20 different channels to watch something, We want a singular service like spotify that covers all media for one monthly price.
Elise Erickson (15 days ago)
there's only one question left: which streaming service will have the harry potter movies?
Tech Lover (15 days ago)
world is changing fast!
HardWarUK (16 days ago)
It'll never work. Unless you have $100 a month to buy every service. One day these services will have to be available on one channel.
Omega Beta (16 days ago)
Netflix + Disney for me. Comment below what's yours
Matt Wolf (16 days ago)
There's too many, after a few years it will probably just be down to Disney+/Hulu, Netflix and maybe Amazon Video. Most other services will probably merge into those. Before that happens though, there will be a lot of piracy.
BLueSun (16 days ago)
7:40 lol what is this guying even saying? Cant figure out how to press a button?! Shut up old man
Paul Borneo (16 days ago)
Don't watch tv. Do things. Be relevant. Don't just give up.
Paul Borneo (16 days ago)
The purpose of life is to be more interesting than what's on tv.
Daniel Pruitt (16 days ago)
Honestly most people like me are just going to get hbo max and disney+ in addition to hulu and netflix.
Sadhanabrata Roy (16 days ago)
At the end of 5 years of battle 5 companies will stand tall as winners : Netflix, Amazon prime videos, Disney+ and HBO With PORNHUB as the undisputed King
MightyGamer (17 days ago)
Doesn’t Disney already own Hulu?
J V (17 days ago)
Travis R (17 days ago)
1:44 heh nice
Raiders County (17 days ago)
YouTube has the free news and your phone produces weather and Facebook has the free sports
Raiders County (17 days ago)
I need something that combines Crunchyroll and Funimation for the same price
Nizar El Zarif (17 days ago)
The companies executives are so out of touch with ordinary people. People don't want 10 different streaming services with increasingly smaller library, I am not gonna buy a subscription just to watch the office and another just to watch Friends, even though I like these shows. I watch them on Netflix because it is already there and not sure what to watch. I think Disney + might have a chance of surviving just because Disney already have a huge library of movies and shows. Amazon video only services because it is bundled with amazon prime. I doubt anyone would subscribe for prime just because of the video. Netflix will probably be fine.
brielle ricker (17 days ago)
yikes ppl are big CHEAP in theese comments u realize theese will replace cable... and end up costing less in the end
Matt Wolf (16 days ago)
It won't save you anything if you buy all of these services.
Large Churro (17 days ago)
Looks like I’m going back to pirating
sexy squidward (17 days ago)
In 5 years they will all come together under one roof. People will start pirating and they will lose billions. And they will have no choice but to
Hemant Gaikwad (17 days ago)
I want to see an honest ad video " if streaming services were being honest" from Cracked More vultures coming for your money
Benja Sariwatta (18 days ago)
Roku + Sling for me. Still watch Sony/Crackle every once in a while. Pluto TV is free/good. Still have a video library on Vudu, Prime, and Google. Cancelled Netflix due to their push of pedophilia. Cancelled Hulu a while back.
SeKToR (18 days ago)
It's been a good almost decade... Back to piracy it seems. Thanks industry!
Jacques Rivette (18 days ago)
Hmm Pirate Bay is Micheal Bay little baby! Hmm
Yeet ed (18 days ago)
Nbc, the company focused on cable post a video about how streaming will be just as expensive, I'm sure there's no bias
Jacqueline Perez (18 days ago)
I'm with dysneyplus
HybridFlu (18 days ago)
Apple TV: $299 a month Everybody else: Under $20 a month
Matt Wolf (16 days ago)
Apple overprices everything.
Sigmund Salazar (18 days ago)
It has already been won. Torrent wears the crown!!
isaiah ursery (18 days ago)
These companies just don’t get it lol. Time to get around this once again
Highzler Almir (18 days ago)
Greed AF
Популярно в България (19 days ago)
netflix is a modern soap opera for young and old
beatjunkybg (19 days ago)
Some torrent streaming apps are already conveniently combining ALL the content and also have a pretty Netflix type of interface. Here's the winner
Priyanshu Sharma (19 days ago)
Well why can't you just keep shifting between them? Netflix 1-2 months, binge watch whatever you have to, Disney next, Hbo after that. Why keep active subscriptions on all the platforms? Truly great content doesn't get released a lot anyway, so the key is to Time your subscription.
Marcelo Matiello (19 days ago)
Nah. That does not sit well with me. All these different services charging you. Nope! I live in Brazil so none of those piracy laws can touch me so what I've been doing the a long long time now is to download everything(movies and tv shows) for free (from torrent sites for example) then add to my server where using Plex I have my own Netflix/Hulu/Disney + and all of that combined. For free.
Billy B (19 days ago)
They're just reinventing network television and making you pay for it with the added benefit of less/no commercials and the convenience of watching shows on your own time.
Eduardo Bermudez (19 days ago)
Disney for me!!! It has great content for my kids and me!!!! But this will eventually shift as my kids grow. But Disney movies are classic so it will be hard to just cancel the service!!
saul Serrano (19 days ago)
The Disney + is the only one I’m interested in.I could get Hulu and espn with it.Thats crazy
Peter Godmez (20 days ago)
Piracy is gonna make a comeback in 2019.
Mira Figueira (20 days ago)
i'm not paying for multiple streaming services. i guess i just have to quite watching tv on hulu. I'll get my entertainment through newspapers and the radio.
Nadir Hamid (20 days ago)
Buy 6 subscription services ? Why do all these companies need their own subscription service anyway they already have the content. This will only be a head ache for those watching this content or those that find it convinient to have all their content under 1 or max 2 platforms. Now they have to use 6 ? All because of these guys.
senzo salvatore (20 days ago)
piracy joined chat 😂😂😂
Karthikeyan Jayachandran (20 days ago)
Whoever bring back alive the kat again, is the real King. Not these money mongers.
CENSORED YETI (20 days ago)
when you get kidnapped 7:39
Hydro Cookie (21 days ago)
The more companies move to streaming the more people will move to pirate.
TJ Lama (21 days ago)
IMDB should the one umbrella
Max Hunter (21 days ago)
I buy movies on ITunes, so I’m quite unaffected but EEEEEEEEEEE
MrPotato16 (21 days ago)
looks like HBO max is all I need
Debasmita Nandy (21 days ago)
As far as Netflix is concerned it is doing a great job. The company literally started a cheap mobile plan so that regular indians can watch more of their content.
Debasmita Nandy (21 days ago)
Back to torrent then. It was good while it lasted.Netflix did a good job and is still doing it but these companies are too greedy. Im not gonna pay for different streaming services. Netflix still has good content and ill stick to it and for the rest its torrent
Some random guy on the Internet (22 days ago)
The Companies are like rats eating Netflix,Hulu,and more companies PIEs
Brian PRM (22 days ago)
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
spinicker shadows (22 days ago)
Disney can make their own streaming. I don't watch Netflix or Hulu cause I want to watch Disney. I don't watch Disney movies.
David Peng (22 days ago)
It makes no sense, the fragment of market will destroy the market, we need a different more creative model for video streaming business, just need time to wash out some of the investor, wait for another five years, we will see at least two of top five gone.