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Funny Kelloggs Commercial October 2001

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A funny but stern side of Terry Labonte in a Kelloggs commercial from October 2001
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xX60DemonDrummer09Xx (4 years ago)
Anybody else notice Dwayne Robertson?
NASCARFAN160 (5 years ago)
Ragoldiesfan (5 years ago)
I remember seeing this commercial all the time back when I watched NASCAR that season. Thanks YouTube for the memories!
MH (7 years ago)
"the nose needs to be blue-er"
person5598 (7 years ago)
this was the commercial came on after they went on break after dale earnhardt's fatal crash
pat02537 (8 years ago)
@Harvick2921 Till Martin
pat02537 (8 years ago)
No mustache this time.
Nigel Webster (9 years ago)
never noticed that
Dale Reynolds (9 years ago)
Agreed but Bobby's a little skinnier in the face than Terry is.
Nigel Webster (9 years ago)
looks like Bobby
vidEvWill (10 years ago)
He just has to string success together...he can win a few races in his career I think and that is it...there are only a few great ones.
Dale Reynolds (10 years ago)
Yes sir. Terry Labonte, one of the few old-school NASCAR drivers that still race today. Sure he isnt in all the races, but he races some races for some teams like Michael Waltrip and the road course races for Hall Of Fame. I like Terry, it was nice to see this commerical and see him win his last race at Darlinton in 2003.
braves15 (10 years ago)
Classic Ice