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UK Customs Agents Bust Criminals | Border Patrol

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Watch as the UK's most dedicated Custom Agents bust criminals as they try to bring everything from Drugs to Cash into the country. Will the border patrol find that they have nothing to declare or will they get locked up abroad?! Click Here To Get subscribed to the most dangerous channel on Youtube! http://bit.ly/2FT9FGo About Danger TV: We never play it safe or hit the brakes! Danger TV is always bringing you the best in Crime, Sports, Military, Dangerous Animals, and Disaster programming anywhere on Youtube. New episodes released weekly, so check back often for the best in extreme content! Follow Danger TV Here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoverDangerTV Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dangertv Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dangertv/ #DangerTV #Customs #CustomsUK
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Text Comments (3530)
Survival Ex Spurt (5 hours ago)
Sell to who....that’s just being a cunt. He admitted the intent to sell. Rub it in.
Joseph Biehn (12 hours ago)
I love Springers! Had them all my life & id say around 200 we’ve had growing up & given away(for free of course). Even better so, our Springer named Max actually taught me how to walk(born in ‘82)! Didn’t believe my parents till they showed me videos! I’d use him to get up & Max would deliberately knock me over for me to gain balance & then we I guess he figured that part of the training was over, I’d hold on to him & he’d walk me lol! Talk about role reversals
Satosun (16 hours ago)
well done diesel
jcolterh (17 hours ago)
Ukrainians know they just don't give a fuck.
Tony Lawlor (19 hours ago)
Cannabis, crime of the century and to loose your job over it, while in the US, The Netherlands, Portugal , Canada, Switzerland, Spain and others people can toke away without fear of prosecution or loosing your job.
xx xxx (23 hours ago)
M Ean (1 day ago)
The 🐕 is high on cocaine it seems
M Ean (1 day ago)
If this was India truck driver will get slapped like a trillion time for his behaviour
Daniel Gebremariam (1 day ago)
the sound quality sucks.
Mango Memes (1 day ago)
The European Union be like: *in prison Criminal: I killed 20 men, what you here for Random citizen: I brought good sausage to England
alpha 21 (2 days ago)
Krabby patty maybe ok.. Say its for krusty krabs..🤣🤣
Dave Beaudry (2 days ago)
Looks like a lot of drug smugglers are taking notes watching this show lol Good Luck Catch them ALL.
William Warner (2 days ago)
Is the narrator even in the same country? Why is he so quiet?
Ed The 1owa pyr0 (2 days ago)
In the uk drugs are legal but meat isn’t wtf
Tomin Kurisunkal (2 days ago)
how will they know if the people won't sell the cigarettes after they get out
club4ghz (2 days ago)
The real criminals are in charge of a country
maxime leroy (2 days ago)
bro you can’t just touch a dog without the owner’s consent, imagine some weirdo just coming up to you and petting your heard
Outdoors with jolly (2 days ago)
So what the hell do they do with the sausage they confiscated??? I feel like they confiscate it and eat it themself.
DKP Productions (3 days ago)
Wow that guy just cutting towards himself outside in the wind. Probably cocaine flying all over the runway.
Fawad Rehman (4 days ago)
Why do they always gotta be from Pakistan, can yall stop shaming us please??
Sin Sinter (4 days ago)
Now I know from where those "reward balls" come from...
abhimanyu sharma (4 days ago)
The intro looks like a rap
dablackkguy (4 days ago)
Why the intro to the show got me so gassed?
DES 101 (4 days ago)
I feel so bad for that guy with the cigarettes shaking my head he seems so lost
Miika Johannes (4 days ago)
12:41 almost stabbed the poor dog with illegal switchblade.
Juleah Destinie (4 days ago)
Why is the audio of the narrator so quiet ??
Joy Rhooms (5 days ago)
Seize the truck ,board patrol have the right.because he know what inside that why he refuses.hahaha
Poor Bulldog (5 days ago)
It definitely wasn't drugs 😂 it's called nashwar 😂😂 Pakistan people eat that
Gavan Duffy (5 days ago)
Diesel doesn't want THAT ball..
John Miller (5 days ago)
What's up with the sound? Did they basically say fuc the narrator? Lol
Idris Ghazoueni (5 days ago)
Damn that dude lost it all because of his greed
ScrubZilla (5 days ago)
"How many weapons do you have on your person"? Woman: Yes
Franz Koph (5 days ago)
Should not lose his job!
Chris Black (6 days ago)
You can't earn money with gifts ✌️🍺 still gifting😎
skylineXpert (6 days ago)
The only thing i admit to ever smuggle is snap-fit aircrafts seller wont ship.
Gx0d Bxy (6 days ago)
“Uk border agents bust criminals” Haven’t watched it yet but I bet there’s high end international criminals smuggling cigarets and meat, and not declaring a tenner 😩 Yep
Crazy_ Dummie (6 days ago)
Which fuckwwad cut off millies tail
A D (6 days ago)
The truck driver ..”I don’t want that dog on my cab ...they lick their balls and shit” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kathryn Drury (6 days ago)
Britain will be a helluva lot better off when they’re not in the EU - then Brits will be able to take care of Brits!
ch4nfu (6 days ago)
I've got a nice sausage for her
Davide Rossi (6 days ago)
seems like they are spending their life in jail and then: 'there should be a fine, couple hundreds pounds fine'.... seems like it's totally worth trying up.
alex s v (6 days ago)
The english people are Very Nice, Very polite congratulation from Brazil!
K. N9ne (6 days ago)
Are you able to fix the audio at last? Gets worse every week
MrMotherfuck123 (6 days ago)
Old drug MoFo...
Roland M (7 days ago)
For illegally importing 10k cigarettes and having hash on him as well..."he could be facing a fine...a *compound* fine...it could be "a *couple hundred pound* fine". LMAO a couple hundred pounds? What would be the non-compound fine for just one offence then, $50? They might as well make it legal. Presumably he lost his job too though, which cost him a lot more money; but, if you're just a regular person you just pay "a couple hundred pounds" and be on your way I guess--try again next time maybe you'll get away with it.
Ha ter (7 days ago)
wish i was a sniffer dog.. free coke haha jks.. unless.
Hello hello hello !!!! (7 days ago)
I’ll give her some English sausage!
Stewart Mckinna (7 days ago)
why do people need to bring food when traveling, like do people think they'll fly to the UK or australia or the states and get off the plane and there will be no food???
Naseer Abbasi (7 days ago)
the man will be honoured and appointed on more big job that's happening in Pakistan
Bobby Lindsey (7 days ago)
That fella with the cigarettes was the nicest man ever 😂
Larry Farris (7 days ago)
Nikki the Port Of Dover sniffer dog handler could pass as Gwyneth Paltrow’s sister! 😘👍
slimwillo (8 days ago)
I DONT want that dog finding my Drugs
Why Me (8 days ago)
Whatcha in for? Awww I smuggled some drugs from Jamacia and got 5 years, what did you do? I smuggled in some sasauge and got 10 years. Boy the screwed you with that sausage.
Why Me (8 days ago)
So if you took 10000 cigarettes or loose tobacco and made two hundred cigs like 2 foot long by 10 inches in circumference would you be able to clear the border.
Janelle Silbs (8 days ago)
What a bunch of idiots!!! Too bad the U.S. isn't this good as these agents..nowadays with Trump as disgraceful president the U.S. isnt good at much! Just lying! He is number one at that...fact!
shirley Harris (8 days ago)
Kill me dead da fat bwoy deh go slap weh e patty and sausage dem !
PlayBoyHustlazTV (8 days ago)
Ever wonder how they always force the dog to the area of concern lol like the dog walked passed that shit why u had to force him to smell some shit lol
PlayBoyHustlazTV (8 days ago)
It’s crazy how they arrested him twice lol as opposed to adding new charges lmao tf they do that at
manuel jorge Duarte (8 days ago)
Guerra do ópio a inglaterra em 1839-1860 quis vender chá da colónia India no tempo, á China como a SHITLAND já não tinha dinheiro obrigou os chineses a drogarem-se com ópio em troca do chá é só um resumo . conclusão China não esquese a SHITLAND =terra da merda È INMIGO DE TODO O MUNDO!!!!
Ragnar-USA (9 days ago)
Can you lower the volume of narrator ,......I can still barely hear him .
Drew Maria (9 days ago)
English customs agents are much more friendly than the ones in America haha
tinymahuta (9 days ago)
Providing they don't have to chase anything faster than an 80 year old with a walker, or restrain anything stronger than a schoolgirl, then I think they'd do a fantastic job!
Raymond Duke (9 days ago)
dozy twat tells em i will sell the cigarettes lmfao Muppet
Truthfully Simple, Look Up! (10 days ago)
watch something that actually matters.. https://youtu.be/qsrByN2jtX8
jnie swartz (10 days ago)
The customs agent kid was sweet. Most of the agents are assholes. I died when he said she’ll have to buy English sausage. That poor dog. He’s adorable and that guys just talkin a bunch of crap about him.
Jass Mehmi (10 days ago)
Greed greed greed. Shame on that old uncle.
pigeon man (10 days ago)
How long has he been doing it.....? Years give him hard labour
Aaron Slouber (11 days ago)
22:15 Well, we know what those agents are having for dinner.
Mama Deutsch (11 days ago)
Hamid S (11 days ago)
its so weird that government can sell massive amount o crazy drugs but when people want to move things like cigar or cannabis which both are legal, gets to be prosecuted 0.o
Henstar (11 days ago)
"Diesel gets a well earnt reward..." *Throws cocaine ball.*
ScrubZilla (5 days ago)
reality check (12 days ago)
Logistics companies must be compensated for government searches. Business suffers from bullshit searches by incompetent government employees.
aa.Phantom FN (12 days ago)
Love how the background music is sooooo overpowering
Jay Lexter (12 days ago)
LOL that employee didn't lose his job and he didn't serve time. Im sure he just paid a fine or paid someone off. He acted like he's done this before.
Shit Posting (12 days ago)
3.5g of cannabis...wow, such a tresaure
John Spooner (13 days ago)
The audio was so bad I could not understand what the deal with the dog was about? who's dog is it? If it's not his dog why do they want to put it in his truck? Please explain
Sehej Modgill (13 days ago)
Biber Bok (13 days ago)
Notice how the camera moves. Notice the different angles. People are holding the cameras. Cameras are up in there face sometimes. Notice how no one makes eye contact with cameras. Even when directly in front. There is a film crew with more then just two people holding cameras. Notice how well you can hear only the people being filmed even when camera isnt that close , someone holding a mic boom. Notice how there's never a crowd around the person or couple being filmed, in an airport!... Its all staged. Smugging a face is just a affect, an old one. With the amount of drugs found and never any police.. And you people comment as if its real time and as actual events are taking place. Its FAKE.. Whats wrong with you people...jesus frickin Christ.
Vi (13 days ago)
Anyway what's the problem with those sausage and patties? It's not a heroin, it's just some food.
Robert MacGregor (13 days ago)
Who ever did the audio here messed up, Narrator is to quiet and the music is too loud
Ritz Star (13 days ago)
How do you work somewhere 30 years and not understand what not to do. What a fucking idiot
Nick Jarvis (13 days ago)
That idiot just lost his pension over some cigarettes and an 8th if . Listen man, if you’re working at an airport don’t do stupid shit like that. Not at a federal Place like that
fixento (13 days ago)
I don't blame the guy have a dog in the sleeper. Some people are allergic to dog's dander causing their asthma to act up and the damn airlines allow pets in the cabin. The got to stop this support dog crap, I see arses with the pets claiming they are support dogs.
Phuck Onyou (14 days ago)
I was waiting for the guy with the leatherman to cut his thumb off
Sophia M (15 days ago)
Dogs are angels 👼
A Munted Octopus (15 days ago)
1:50 understatement of the year
A Whi (15 days ago)
My butt and boobs ALWAYS causes the thermal cameras to flag me. No...I’m not fat. I don’t even have huge boobs or butt. I just ask for the pat down. Save myself the embarrassment.
klem Shor (15 days ago)
I know someone who worked as a customs agent. He said they took the food home.
Reid Dylans (15 days ago)
Sniffer-🐕!! :)
Mojos Bigstick (15 days ago)
Jamaican Patties are not burgers! 21:51
leo honeyy;; (16 days ago)
if a truck driver suffers from severe dog allergies, are the police then still allowed to search their truck?
MJ Remy (16 days ago)
Great program but the background music is making me deaf and giving me a headache. NO MUSIC IF THERE IS A HUMAN VOICE. NO MUSIC!!! NEVER COMING BACK. I DO NOT WANT TO GO DEAF.
Harold Briggs (16 days ago)
Why would you want that raw meat in your luggageit was already begin the right by the time you get to where you need to without it being cold
Keiro Keiro (16 days ago)
Ol boy put that sausage to the side until lunch time.
Rob. brown (16 days ago)
"couple of hundred pound fine" what is the deterrent??
Dad Eee (16 days ago)
‘He could have something he wants to flush’ let’s him in why do idiots do this seen it heaps
Dad Eee (16 days ago)
Not wanting to let a dog in your car shouldn’t really be suspicious not that I’d care if a dog searched my car but family have people allergic to them and shit
ErenTheBombJaeger (16 days ago)
I forgot I had a fake rubber snake in my carry on. TSA agent wasn’t too happy.
Gregory James (16 days ago)
Officer: what are the fags for mate Guy: to sell Officer: for yourself? Guy: not for myself no, for sell Officer: ah okay Guy: oh fuck.
Eva Sulyok (17 days ago)
exellent sound mix ----best u can do retard english ?