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LGR - Mario Teaches Typing - DOS PC Game Review

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Time for some typing this Edutainment Month, and it's not Mavis Beacon. Nope, it's Mario of Super Mario Bros fame, pressuring you into higher WPMs while disregarding proper typing habits! ● Please consider helping support LGR on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/LazyGameReviews
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Iamasillyboy Yesiam (1 month ago)
To this day my favorite typing game is typing of the Dead. Came out for the Dreamcast originally and then they had a PC port. I played that game for hours
Divine (4 months ago)
2:20 wtf lololol
Liquid Kitten (4 months ago)
Did you name yourself Mavis Bacon?
hushicho (5 months ago)
This took me back! I learned a lot from Mario Teaches Typing. In fact, I was the best typist in my class at school largely because of it. I really liked how you could be Mario, Luigi, or the Princess, which was also a point of strong appeal that Mario 2 had for me. It's true, you really had to sort of self-motivate with the game, but I think it really did help me to learn typing and improve my typing to a good, strong level. Wonderful to see this game getting looked at again. I never had the CD version, so the differences are really wild to see!
maeganmonster (6 months ago)
Mario's Disembodied 3D flying head is exactly my type of humor
Kris Nichols (6 months ago)
Toad was fast in Super Mario 3D World actually
Kris Nichols (6 months ago)
Marco Polo (7 months ago)
Pointing at her keyhole so they may insert the key. Genius.
David Berlin (8 months ago)
why did Nintendo let Interplay release a Mario game on pc that should be like if Mario got released on Xbox one or Ps4 today? Plus can you review Marios game gallery
TerDa_Bloxxer (8 months ago)
yuan qin (9 months ago)
and what is this 6:03 your not even typing and Luigi is still swimming all by his self
James Isaac (9 months ago)
Did the LOL players learned typing from this game.
Mario Videos (10 months ago)
Elliot Grey (10 months ago)
🇵 🇷 🇦 🇨 🇹 🇮 🇨 🇪 🇲 🇴 🇩 🇪
Abdulaziz Alserhani (10 months ago)
Was that same Interplay that would go on to make Fallout from 1997?
AlphaCore (9 months ago)
Meri Isamu (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who finds the Mario head funny?
David The Zetta Nerd (10 months ago)
Wait? Interplay? Like, Fallout's 1 and 3 Interplay?
AlphaCore (9 months ago)
William van Vliet (11 months ago)
Love how much that 3D animation of Mario looks almost like the face in the main menu of Mario 64!
Tikko (11 months ago)
Why is this video's title and desc in spanish? i'm so scared... Things aren't supposed to be like this.
Video Psybeam (11 months ago)
1:41 - *T O A D N O S T R I L S*
Kitten5710 (1 year ago)
im actually using this to help me learn typing lol
Philip Hanhurst (1 year ago)
2:28 Ironic considering this was a meme when I was growing up. Also, I’m afraid of bananas.
steve b (1 year ago)
Anybody know the outro song?
steve b (1 year ago)
Thank you and God bless you!
AlphaCore (1 year ago)
Btw, the title is on Closed Captions.
AlphaCore (1 year ago)
Das_Bass (1 year ago)
I had this as a kid. I didn't like it.
Syahrul Hatta Mohd Nordin (1 year ago)
How does mario know LGR????
mrFlamist (1 year ago)
I'll be honest. When you're 9 years old and never had Famicom, you would play any Mario game you can. Actually I used to play this game a lot and it actually taught me something.
Greatest Ever (1 year ago)
This is what I learned to type on in the 5th grade in 1995!! I won in a typist competition in high school and averaged 120 wpm. Now that I am 34, I average 150. This program works pretty well. I am not kidding
TheNintendofangirl ! (1 year ago)
BSM and 102 others (1 year ago)
Randy Cardwell (1 year ago)
Clint sounds so bored he could walk into a wall and not even give a second thought in the slightest, especially compared to his now energetic voiceover work nowadays.
Robert Harris (1 year ago)
Wait. is peach smashing those bricks with her ass?
Pixelboy127 (1 year ago)
this is where the mario head meme came from.
natekates (1 year ago)
When that rap song comes on.. I actually fell outta my seat dying laughing
Okay Entertainment (1 year ago)
1:27 Guess Mario got some 'cake'.
cgkitti (1 year ago)
This game is how I learned to type though for real!
Rct (1 year ago)
All you fucking bugthesdatards with your shitty "skyrim for switch" as always interplay created a more objectively better game MARIO TEACHES TYPING
The SNES Man (1 year ago)
Sizing Pleasure *insert bowser CDI laugh
TheLegend1800 (1 year ago)
AJR 1986 (1 year ago)
The original actor you mention - Ronald Rubin - must be the same guy who voiced Morph in X-Men The Animated Series and Artemis in the original Sailor Moon dub. It HAS to be - I can't think of another voice-over performer that is also named Ron Rubin. Saw him in a panel years ago. GREAT dude.
Failsafe (1 year ago)
The CD rom version is better because a meme got birthed from it
Ryan James (1 year ago)
Why does everyone call the Koopas "turtles"? They're tortoises!
That random guy XD (1 year ago)
?MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?MM?MMMMMMM 2:13 who forgot to close the gates of hell
Michael M (1 year ago)
I love that the company that birthed the Fallout franchise (my personal favorite series of all time) also made “Mario Teaches Typing”. You know, if the theory of parallel universes is true some sad people out there got Mario Teaches Typing 4 rather than New Vegas.
Jose Barrios (1 year ago)
We had this in elementary school. c:
Supersonicspeed2029 (1 year ago)
Size does matter
Omar Hajjar (1 year ago)
2:17 early signs of autism
Dara Ouk (1 year ago)
All schools in my country use this to teach students how to type.
candy-kat! kitty-lichious! (1 year ago)
_pole dancer_
Electrified Heart (1 year ago)
So here's where SMG4 got his video idea and sfx
BBHood217 (1 year ago)
It was actually this program where I heard the Donut Plains music for the very first time, and its particular arrangement got ingrained into my young mind from playing the game a lot. So when I finally heard the original version of the song in Super Mario World itself and even to this very day, I completely dismissed it because in my mind it was playing it all wrong by playing the two halves in the wrong order. The MTT version of the song just makes more sense to me.
elgranmcgee (1 year ago)
0:20 that Grim Fandango box... 👀
Late Night Person (1 year ago)
Mario in this game (original voice) sounds like what Shrek would sound like if he took helium and was trying too hard to be American. Wait, that come out wrong.
ReapoBot (1 year ago)
I know I'm late to the party... But I got a full kit of this game for 50 cents at a yard sale. 5.25 floppy and 3.5 floppy discs included.
Ashton Arnold (1 year ago)
Mario flying around going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH cracked me up!
No, please, NO!
The Dedede (1 year ago)
AxelBelnas0123 (1 year ago)
Enjoy. Enjoy! ENJOY
Hagashager (1 year ago)
Oh man...oh wow... That 3D Mario being voiced by Charles was...legitimately hard to sit through. Martinee I love you man but...the esrly years were not your best yesrs it seems.
Jesús Flores (1 year ago)
¿Por qué los juegos educativos tienen animaciones excelentes?
Themist0cles (1 year ago)
still the best typing game around; that title screen song is STILL stuck in my head
Tonko301 (1 year ago)
that sunin level has a good time.
Masked Monocle (1 year ago)
This game was a huge hit in my school! (2nd grade in the 90's lol) You say it's pretty useless, but honestly it really helped us type faster, i mean the gloves at the top tell you the correct finger to use for the key, and we all competed for the highest scores lol.
MrCatFace 8885 (1 year ago)
2:14 WTF
jprfts (1 year ago)
Mario ain't a doctor!
Pedro Ivo (1 year ago)
Oh my... so much memories on this... Thanks Clint! Great job, as usual!!!
edgar rivera (1 year ago)
Doomer Cool (1 year ago)
That game is zero. You can get dexterity even on some fps games like Doom, Duke Nukem, Half-life
TheLonelyLion - Let's Play! (1 year ago)
I totally believe as a kid that this wouldve been AWESOME X3
Dregz (2 years ago)
the sun in the game is making the "kid with two wieners" face
catherine hansen (2 years ago)
TumbleGamer (2 years ago)
Is there a YouTube channel that makes resumes for fictional characters.
Andrew Via (2 years ago)
Cleverly Blonde (2 years ago)
Where is that "practice mode" meme from?
Machiner6 (2 years ago)
I once watched videos on a promotional Apple CD called MacAdvocate, to teach new users about System 7.5. In some of them, Mario Teaches Typing was on the Launcher in the background, and until now, I was ever so curious about it. Now I wish that icon had never been in the shots.
Jacki Rountree (2 years ago)
Do you plan on doing Mario is Missing or the other SNES Mario edutainment game? That SNES one was too confusing as a kid
Thelolguy (2 years ago)
>mvisbcn I remember you
Marlo Noorland (2 years ago)
The sun is ugly
zeek bonaham (2 years ago)
compared to typing class in middle school typing random word strings from a book in to MS word this would have been fun
quikyu's archives (2 years ago)
2:13 I freaking DIED!
Angus Beer (2 years ago)
The comedy is on-point in this episode
Wow (2 years ago)
Damn Interplay went from this atrocity to Fallout & Fallout 2, talk about improvement.
The amd tech pony (2 years ago)
Lol madjik flying mario head ITs creepy But fly wass Fanny
Patric Bracewell (2 years ago)
Imagine opening this as a kid on xmas morning!
Harry (2 years ago)
That floating Mario head is going to give me nightmares, what the Hell is it?
Marcus Badi (2 years ago)
WWWWWWWWWWOWWWWWWWWW!! THIS BEALTIFUL GAME!! I can type without looking to the keyboard thanks to this pearl!! ¶;D~~~~~
JohnDubya (2 years ago)
This is literally how I learned to touch type when I was a kid. My mom forced me to instead of my "hunt and peck" method. So glad I did. I'm now a programmer. Thank you, Mario.
Nobu (2 years ago)
Lol interplay the developers of wasteland and the original fallout helped make a shitty typing game for kids
NerdyDude186 (2 years ago)
😂😂😂😂 you suck at typing
x_HENTAISENPAI_x (2 years ago)
St. Urban Winemaker (2 years ago)
Brande X (2 years ago)
This game is a lot better on CD.
mootbooxle (2 years ago)
I wanna see Mario and Mavis Beacon go toe to toe.
Cobalt Crusader (2 years ago)
Don't forget mario is now a plate shuffler.
ErikPlayz (2 years ago)
Mairo Taches Taping (im from MBTT
Pac-Man Entertainment (2 years ago)
Welcome to Mario Teaches Typing Ludwig said You did well.
Amy Carter (2 years ago)
I remember playing this game. It's fun to me, but then again, I am a huge Mario fangirl.
Datfreaking Chrisi (2 years ago)
Chris Banana (2 years ago)
This game is why i was able to type at 100 WPM by the age of 7
Fishstiekz lol (2 years ago)
And when I mean 4 years ago I mean if some1 will read this.
Fishstiekz lol (2 years ago)