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McLaren's Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne | F1 Grill The Grid

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Youth and experience team up as the McLaren drivers tackle our tough F1 questions in Grill The Grid... For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow F1® on Instagram:
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Text Comments (831)
fueledby BUKOJUICE (1 day ago)
Chicago bulls 🤣🤣🤣
Raphael Cordeiro (1 month ago)
Wow. Both are sexy. In different ways. But very sexy.
Alex N (1 month ago)
first frame look at fernando's face
Johnny Weaver (1 month ago)
Fernando just sat there not saying anything on the last question
José Dias (1 month ago)
How can Stoffel could doubt that Senna have most wins for McLaren?
Charandatta Muddana (2 months ago)
Are we in q3😂
Hampaaton Läski (3 months ago)
F1 if you mean (pronounce this in a Fubbusg way) you have to put videos online where there is a Finn, then it will be watched. You understand the name of the game? :D
appie (3 months ago)
The stoffel ,lol
Archiworks 992 (3 months ago)
alonso made so many YOKE about his team...lolz
Rise (3 months ago)
0:6 Hello :)
superrowen (3 months ago)
Rosberg only has one Stoffel
OLI KING (4 months ago)
Chicago Bulls XD
Li No (4 months ago)
alonso xD <3
Abriana Martinez (5 months ago)
It said name team : cigar box on wheels
kwibalda lol (5 months ago)
DudtSpeed (5 months ago)
We'll soon miss you Vandoorne! Goodtimes.
ThePointlessBox_ (5 months ago)
Stoffe:''and we're Mclaren Honda'' Alonso's face ''DONT YOU FUCKING SAY IT''
Mariуa Popova (5 months ago)
00:06 yeah/yep ...
Fernando Garcia (5 months ago)
Chicago bulls 😂
nealy boi (5 months ago)
3:00 sums up season
JIMMIEJOHNSONFAN7X _ (5 months ago)
I’ve never laughed harder when Fernando said, it’s Michael Jordan, so Chicago bulls
Swagwan (5 months ago)
"Hello I'm Stoffel Vandoorne!" "Hello I'm Fernando Alonso" "And we are from McLaren Honda" "...hello"
astroandyborgloh (5 months ago)
Fernando is ALWAYS in competition mode!
John Paul Ramolete (5 months ago)
Fernando Alonso says "Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls" in the same sentence, that's impressive.
aceman42 (6 months ago)
Laughing at Alonso saying innuendo things about their mclaren experience 😂😂😂 like are we in Q3 at least and even if we do this many times we are not gonna improve . Or to that effect lol lol
Marisa Tamayo (6 months ago)
why did I just find this? Stoffel is a mood
ッBlaze (6 months ago)
0:06 I just love Fernando
José Coelho (6 months ago)
Alonso was trolling all the way ahaha
Chipwood (6 months ago)
Fernando Got salt when he heard that magnussen was the last to finish on the podium with mclaren
Sul W (6 months ago)
Alonso deserves a better car!
Zrob8 _ (6 months ago)
name drivers who won consecutive world titles stoffel names driver who retires after first title
joshua miquelon (6 months ago)
Not us😂😂
Unbekannt_NL (6 months ago)
Chicago Bulls. Yeah.
AUmarcus (6 months ago)
They look depressed.
david tapia (7 months ago)
No power
bracikmen (7 months ago)
chicago bulls hahahahaha
Ramir Duria (7 months ago)
Michael Jackson. Alonso: I like your sense of humor!
Ayush Hegde (7 months ago)
Arrrr V q3reee atleast???
Mohammed Saleh (7 months ago)
Michael Jordan number 23 Chicago Bulls 😂😂😂😂😂
Gar C (7 months ago)
Yo Fernando/Stoffel, ever hear of a guy called Michael Schumacher? Yeah I think he may have won the most consecutive world titles❗❗ 👀 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎 👀
Martin Stanishev (7 months ago)
23 jordan :D :D :D chicago bulls
BennyBoo (7 months ago)
lmfao i love fernado's hello in the beginning
Tim Ruppert (7 months ago)
This is the most uncomfortable grill the grid video to watch
Calvin Grad (7 months ago)
the person asking the questions is wrong. It was obviously Michael Jordan. It was the number 23 and the car colours were red and white!!!
Najeem Av (8 months ago)
Gp2 quiz gp2 quiz....arghhh
Leetbeast (8 months ago)
Wtf how did they not get schumi... wow at the last question
François xD (8 months ago)
0:05 hello
MLNDR (8 months ago)
K9 Max (8 months ago)
2:31 Chicago Bulls 😂😂
julsonka (8 months ago)
stoffel is handsome !
Brent Zittel (8 months ago)
By far the most entertaining one
ploizinga (9 months ago)
Luke White-dunn (9 months ago)
They didnt say Michael shoemaker
feel that (9 months ago)
1:55 leeeeeeellllll
RohanFranklinTV (10 months ago)
Chicago bulls😂😂
Mike Wu (10 months ago)
Chicago Bulls of course.
Cicero (11 months ago)
"Hello im Stoffel the badger"
Stuge (1 year ago)
Michael Jordan lol
Josh Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Lost it when Fernando said Chicago Bulls 😂😂😂
adri vid506cz (1 year ago)
So stoffel lost
Fagner F Souza (1 year ago)
People seems to forget Michael more than they should. Just say his name right off the bat, because he accomplished almost everything available.
Jesper van Berkel (1 year ago)
0:07 "Where did the stoffel finish on his f1 debut" Fernando pulling a Hakkinen there
Ploder Motorsports (1 year ago)
micheal jordan is number 23 Chicago Bulls 😂😂😂😂😂😂
AirEdin (1 year ago)
Are we Q3 AT least😂😂😂😂
Belinda Ryan (1 year ago)
0:07 HELLO
Jorge Guberte (1 year ago)
I had no idea Alonso was so funny
blackflagqwerty (1 year ago)
Michael Jackson........REALLY?
Empire Mapping (1 year ago)
Beethoven? Mozart? Rly 😂😂
WellVets (1 year ago)
Ofc Alonso tries to beat the guy inside the team instead of actual teamwork or pushing team together... winkwink 2014
Ploder Motorsports (1 year ago)
Fernando always amuses me 😂😂😂😂
Raucous MayMay’s (1 year ago)
Did Stoffel really answer Rosberg for the final question 🤦‍♂️
Adam Isaksson (1 year ago)
0:06 just an awkward "hello" from alonso
LikeWildFire (1 year ago)
0:55 Fernando answered this question in his own Grill the Grid episode and answered Alain Prost both times lmao EDIT: It was Stoffel who got it wrong actually, same answer as Fernando
FormulaManuel (1 year ago)
Only Lewis has Sebastian's number? You gotta be kidding 😅
AxemaN Racing (1 year ago)
0:58 you guys asked the same question one year before and Fernando didn't remember...
Silent Killer (1 year ago)
Have we made Into Q3? 😂
Gabor Pozsgai (1 year ago)
Chicago bulls 😂
Marcus Ericsson (1 year ago)
Kaevin megnuseen. IT IS Kevin Magnussen Stoffel!
Dr. MG M (1 year ago)
Lmao. Alonso is like "we can repeat this a 100 times but can't do any better". He's like Fuck this shit, it can't be worse than a McLaren Honda 😂😂😂
Hari Tan (1 year ago)
Are we in Q3 😂😂😂😂😂
SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER (1 year ago)
Hello im van doorne hello im alonso and we are engine failure 😂
Saif Ahmed (1 year ago)
Alonso is a fucking legend !!!
WorldGuiness Comments (1 year ago)
No McLaren engine failing in the background?
KIRAN KULKARNI (1 year ago)
I was controlling my car ... alonso... Savage
ContendedRacer5 (1 year ago)
are we in Q3? 😂😂😂
The Meme Machines (1 year ago)
Here's a joke. Every single Honda Racing Engine.
121bham (1 year ago)
Alonso is a genuinely funny guy in his own way.
schnitzelThis (1 year ago)
Beethoven - LOL
AutoSherlock (1 year ago)
Jackson is a singer, not musician
Lights Out YouTube! (1 year ago)
MANSELL loves a bit of SENNA
Chl Eric (1 year ago)
Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls lmao Alonso 😂
MATTE och Elia No last name (1 year ago)
Well i dont belive this! Farfar som Alonso?? What?!
Cesaar (1 year ago)
"Are we in Q3 Atleast" 😂😂😂😂
Dale Wilson (1 year ago)
2 years in a row that Alonso thought Prost won more races for McLaren than Senna
Michiify (1 year ago)
Fernando: Where die THE STOFFEL finished...
Walter Perez (1 year ago)
Kreo k maclaren se ekivoca al. Desafectar a los motores honda los japoneses. Creo k tenian el motor ya en el vanco de pueva. Para montarlos en la dos ultimas carreras. Algien me puede desir a ke escuderia. Va honda. Acuerdense de lo k digo. Onda va aser campion en el 2018
meowgoesthedog (1 year ago)
"are we in Q3? at least" the closest they gonna get with mclaren smh -_-
grandpa &chunky (1 year ago)
Craig (1 year ago)
"Chicago Bulls" 😂
Orang Media (1 year ago)
I love Alonso