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Chevrolet Colorado Prerunner Build - Raptor Offroad - Insane Project!!

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Insane build project of a 2015 Chevy Colorado Prerunner. Specs: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado - 730hp Wegner Dry Sump LS7 with FAST intake - 4L80E trans - Currie Full floater rear with 9" - C&R Radiator - Full custom built Roadster Shop chassis and long travel suspension - 22" front and 27" rear travel - J-arm style front and 4-link style rear - 4130 front arms, spindles and trailing arms - Fox racing 2.5"dia coils and 3.5" series bypass with 2.5 bumpstops - Ultra 103 rims with 37x12.5R17 BF Goodrich Baja T/A KR - Wilwood 6 piston front and rear brakes RS says it took the “no comprises” statement seriously, and it shows. Gone is the original engine sitting under the hood and, instead, a dry-sump 7.0-liter LS7 V8 engine making 730 hp is powering this bad boy, paired to a 4L80E transmission. But, the concept doesn’t rely on the fact this is most likely the only LS7-powered Chevy Colorado in existence. The tuning shop has crafted a full-blown custom suspension for the 2015 Colorado Prerunner with 22-inch front and 27-inch rear travel, and a Curie Full floater nine-inch rear end. As if all of that custom work isn’t enough, the 2015 Colorado Prerunner benefits from 4130 front arms, spindles and trailing arms, Fox racing 2.5-inch diameter coils and 3.5-inch series bypass with 2.5-inch bump-stops and Wilwood six-piston front and rear brakes. Finally, a set of massive BF Goodrich Baja T/A KR tires provide the means to take the 2015 Colorado Prerunner anywhere. Truck built by: Roadster Shop 28775 N. Rte 83 Mundelein, IL 60060 ➤Subscribe to DIY Garage: https://www.youtube.com/c/diygarage7?sub_confirmation=1 __________________________________________________ -All video elements used with permission and collaboration with Roadster Shop. -Music: Used with commercial license from SiriusBeatTV https://www.youtube.com/user/SiriusBeatTV
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Text Comments (588)
Wicked (2 years ago)
dont think ive ever seen welds that clean in my life
LR Lapua (2 months ago)
go to RaceDezert and do a search on a guy called Dump.....his welds makes those look like bubblegum....
GPS BOLADÃO (4 months ago)
its all tig welded
RoverOne (4 months ago)
tell me what youve seen built so i can stay far away from it. the welds are very nice youre right but god i hope they arent us uncommon as people make it seem. maybe its just the welders i know i suppose. most people must just be spattering metal around...
A killa 4 reala (7 months ago)
Shit looked like chewed bubblegum! 🤥
Pixel_Geist (7 months ago)
stop by my shop ;)
Danes Stang (1 day ago)
MacroHD (4 days ago)
from 0 to 10 i bring this 100
A. D. (1 month ago)
Uuuuuuuggly omg
Roman Torrano (1 month ago)
Can you guys transform my 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser ?🤤
M. JUSTIN BROMANN (1 month ago)
I personally like that classic prerunner look with the twin vertical spare tyres coming out of where the liftgate would be. Other than that, great job on the build, The ColoRADo looks "RAD"!!!
lucas constantino (1 month ago)
music 2:20????
Pino (1 month ago)
this sucker looks.... heavy. lol
NATHAN HOWARD (1 month ago)
lmao they put a vans bmx waffle grip on the shifter handle
omni crux (1 month ago)
lot of ford fans mad they cant get a truck like this
FANS PUBG (2 months ago)
オレンジふつうの (2 months ago)
T-bone Tyrell (2 months ago)
Holden's Colorado is still better
Guti Buga (2 months ago)
non non (2 months ago)
Genesis Maldonado (2 months ago)
whats the second song
CryptoDaddys (2 months ago)
how much did this cost when all said and done?
VOM (2 months ago)
Furkan Yıldırım_Pro (2 months ago)
wtf my nigga i thought it was rc
Johnathan Wick (2 months ago)
The thumbnail looks líke a forza game
LR Lapua (2 months ago)
500K........sold to a Saudi Sheik.....lol
SlCKB0Y (2 months ago)
DIY Garage = Petrol Heads Pornhub
celow banks (3 months ago)
Boss was like fabricate everything I don't want anyone copying our shyt
1222222222 2333333333 (3 months ago)
i want it
the pizza Player (3 months ago)
The front Fenders look weird in my opinion
Cát Tường Huỳnh Nữ (3 months ago)
CZC zZzzz
Вежлевый Человек (3 months ago)
Название музыки подскажите
Johannes Müller (3 months ago)
perfect for diy
Diha Diha (4 months ago)
How much weight?
AJ Channel (4 months ago)
How many bug jet ?
Julia Hertz (4 months ago)
So tenho uma palavra, maravilhoso
Brandon Wright (4 months ago)
Most bad ass build I think I’ve ever seen wish y’all would do my truck like this r even something close to this.... hell I’ll take a paint job lol...awesome work guy...keep the content flowing
Hiérophante_ (4 months ago)
Сбербанда похоже не смотрела сказку про Золотую Антилопу
GenerationDoomsDay (4 months ago)
Godconsle1455 (4 months ago)
All chevy owners: sniff, sniff, it's so beautiful... Americans: Now that's America!!
Потап Кудин (4 months ago)
Вечная рама
TurkedyQuackle HQ (4 months ago)
how small is the v8??????????????
Vera 1957 (4 months ago)
Couldn't you buy a old piece of shit truck if your just going to replace everything?
Elton Quezada (4 months ago)
Que louco!
JTPenguin [ (4 months ago)
It looked like a rc car in the thumb nail
Шоид Гадоев (5 months ago)
Классное работа
鍾宜易 (5 months ago)
Водичка Светлая (5 months ago)
*БРАВО !* 👏👏👏👏👏
Jean Yess (5 months ago)
Из джипа сделать джип, да вы охуели!!!
Royal Race (5 months ago)
African Boss (5 months ago)
forget about the truck The welding here is from Jupiter. How on earth
Дмитрий Кожухов (5 months ago)
любопытно привести это чудо к нам и попробовать зарегистрировать все изменения в конструкцию))))....у нас не понимают в стране что автомобиль сам по себе безопасен любой-опасен лишь тот кто его ведет..
Moscow } (5 months ago)
Такое могут себе позволить только граждане гниющего запада!
420 Friendly (5 months ago)
I'm not even ashamed of that fap
Евгений Васильев (5 months ago)
Красавцы парни
Sterben. (6 months ago)
The sound of this car reminds me of GTA san andreas rich cars
RAN HUA (6 months ago)
Zharas Shalabayev (6 months ago)
кто ищет комментарий на русском?)))
The Real Talion V3 (6 months ago)
Who else thought it was an rc truck
Zharas Shalabayev (6 months ago)
качеством прет!!!
Александър Петров (6 months ago)
2:53 song?
Eric Colon (6 months ago)
How is this diy???
Alpha Machina (6 months ago)
Damn man.. That's so beautiful. *tear*
J (6 months ago)
what would be the rough total cost for someone who may want to do a similar build?
DiegoBarreto (6 months ago)
Top !
Don Jon (6 months ago)
Name of the songs please?
xray (6 months ago)
Roberturt (6 months ago)
ColoRADo badge is the best part
Willy (6 months ago)
The metal work is OUTSTANDING. Well done!
John Harkins (6 months ago)
Nice work. Too bad they ruined it by using a 4 door truck. I know the masses love them, but personally I can't stand them.
Сессил Фонбраун (6 months ago)
эротехнопорно мммммммм ахуеннно
Dirty Eddy (6 months ago)
Why go through the hassle? Just convert a UTV.
badar chaudhry (6 months ago)
eye candy <3...i wana see more videos of this thing in action ??
Kelsie Keegan (6 months ago)
definitely an insane build as far as man hours and fabrication but you can tell that they haven't built many trophy trucks or maybe they just don't know how to set up the suspension. it won't perform as good as it looks but still a crazy build. bj Baldwin's blazer prerunner is done right as far as suspension setup.
Shawn Biers (6 months ago)
sick thank you go pro
Shawn Biers (6 months ago)
only clear coat the a arms and trailing arms sic look!
Matthew Asher (6 months ago)
Any giveaways anytime soon. Lol
José Vasco Branco Francisco (6 months ago)
ColoRADo you are the future!
playsinmud (6 months ago)
When did they start allowing porn on Youtube?? Unnnnnggghhh!
astronaut dolphin detective (6 months ago)
those welds look like a stack of dimes very nice
Jake The Legendary Gamer (6 months ago)
That think looks like a beast great job
Markus Schumann (6 months ago)
What stays from the original car? Its a built from credle with some Colorado Sheet Metal on it
Arjuna David Bellino Gani. (6 months ago)
Dream garage for build
Shane Levreau (6 months ago)
Steven Harris (6 months ago)
Those Welds Tho. Like a row of finely laid quarters. Toast to you!
Jason Pettinato (6 months ago)
What a piece of shit. I've seen better.
690 ADV (7 months ago)
very good video, they are not easy to make keep up the good work!
Abdelhadi Hamed (7 months ago)
These guys are the best in this job
James Cooper (7 months ago)
Polishing a turd
Guardian 06 (7 months ago)
If I’ve ever built or imagined a truck in my head. This is everything I put together. Someone is a lucky dawg. I’ll never afford the ability to transform a truck to this degree
Hunter Novak (7 months ago)
I love the way it turns out. However, i feel as if it wouldve been easier to just build something from scratch considering they literally tore the truck apart and rebuilt almost everything anyways.
MrBen TV (7 months ago)
I want to model 2017 car like this how much?
MrBen TV (7 months ago)
How much does this car cost?
J.C. Kohle (7 months ago)
Best truck ever made... Now there is a great example of a farmtruck. Not to be confused with pigpen by definition. That will go everywhere. I'm goin to make one . ON a budget of 50 bucks a week. Get this on television man. the entire world needs to be exposed to this mastercraft.
1963 Stratocaster (7 months ago)
No articulation in the rear end.
daniel deleon (7 months ago)
How much are we talking for a build like this?? $$$$
Slim Reaper777 (7 months ago)
Well everything is possible with money I guess lol
Slim Reaper777 (7 months ago)
Frank Manning Back when I had a 4 cylinder 2012 Colorado LT man
Frank Manning (7 months ago)
The problem is that people ask if it's possible when the real question is, why bother?
Pixel_Geist (7 months ago)
yes lets weld a ton of steel onto our race truck to make it lighter
MaxiiBoii (7 months ago)
Better than nothing
Chris Rawk (7 months ago)
Now that is a True definition of an american made rig!! I LOVE IT! That is true skill
George Loghry (8 months ago)
how did you make Chevy in it a ford Raptor ???
joshua Ortega (8 months ago)
My question is: why did they buy a car?
DIY Garage (8 months ago)
It wasn't purchased but given by GM for this build.
General Cigar (8 months ago)
Richard Colbert (8 months ago)
I want one!
Christian Meyer (8 months ago)
Roadster Shop rocks i love their work
Christian Meyer (8 months ago)
dumb question^^ got it,missed the song at the start
Christian Meyer (8 months ago)
is that *_RAD_* from the Movie?
Mrjeanséb 0904 (8 months ago)
Ls7 unda tha hood boys