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MOMENTS WHEN INSTANT KARMA WAS SERVED COMPILATION OCTOBER 2017 Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we'll get it resolved .
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Text Comments (761)
Skoldpadda (1 day ago)
Damn a mustang GT cop car?
Absaalookemensch (2 days ago)
Sometimes there just isn't enough karma in the world. But then there's 8:56
JAVIER ORTIZ (4 days ago)
John Msx (6 days ago)
08:55 Sweet.
Jared Achee (9 days ago)
Something just like this happened to me when someone took a right burning rubber and there was a cop in the left turn lane right next to him that immidiately took a u turn to chase the guy
Nikolai Bonnkarovsky (9 days ago)
In the first one the biker passed in a passing zone, what's the karma here?
DOOMS DAY DELIGHT (12 days ago)
Oh and p.s. you’d better look before you leap....lol
DOOMS DAY DELIGHT (12 days ago)
You know that shit sickens me..why do people get their jollies by other people’s misfortunes? If it happened to them I seriously doubt they’d be laughing at that...BUT making idiotic moves where it could possibly hurt any children then by all means laugh your ass off...
R. T. (14 days ago)
A la tipa de la moto para que te sirve la cabeza pues para ponerme el casco ja ja ja
beth olschowka (15 days ago)
I've driven I-5 (California) so much, that when the segment at 6:44 begins, I knew where they were. (exit 471, Stockton)
Angga Pradika (15 days ago)
i'm here because thumbnails
Maxine Waters (17 days ago)
1:16 you gots to be shittin ol Auntie Maxine! A Police Ford Focus?
Maxine Waters (17 days ago)
0:46 Oh I would love do have dat Police Issued Stang
SC P (17 days ago)
firs clip: did the biker do a wheelie after he passed? its kinda blurry so i wasnt sure if it was wheelie or no pass zone. 04:25 can we talk more about the demonic sun here?
Margaret Handley (19 days ago)
Very satisfying.
Paco Vasda (20 days ago)
1 out of 4 people dislike this video. This isn't Karma half of this is simply people getting tickets. Where is your karma for taking pleasure in other people's misery? That's sad chasing the guy down and giving him back his trash was great
Arioch IV (20 days ago)
Too stupid to even check the rear view mirror to see the cop car RIGHT BEHIND them before pulling a stunt...
Phantom Wind (21 days ago)
4:25 what is that black spot in the sky?
Leonardo Dominguez (21 days ago)
Still the same videos with the motorcycle driver and the trash bag?
Leonardo Dominguez (21 days ago)
¡Qué música tan pinche en el minuto 1 con 12 segundos.
Roy Foster (21 days ago)
Where is Judge Dredd when we need him. “Guilty, the sentence is death, to be carried out immediately”
Dave auf dem BMW (22 days ago)
1:10 Mexicans guy’s revenge ha
cas woe (23 days ago)
that guy dressed in black crossing the street in the absolute most legal way possible and the scooter boy in his path....and ped. steps on the seat of said scooter.....is my hero for this day! Most love to all!
Meyer Entertainment (24 days ago)
6:00 to 6:15 the song tho
E Ray (27 days ago)
Are you serious? What kind of police department has Mustang GTs?
Lucky Underwood (28 days ago)
8:10 WOW! I hate to say but he had it coming! Watch me break this entire glass & run then BAM! 8:54
Edwin Bell (29 days ago)
Yeah, the ass breaking the window got hit back by Karma! Karma is a Bitch I hear! 😂😂
lord thick nipples (1 month ago)
I don't get how getting pulled over for doing donuts in an empty parking lot is karma, they're not posing any danger to anyone but themselves and they're just having some fun & cops tend to ruin that.
bazuka0190 (1 month ago)
Why is inta karma on the first bike so what he’s supposed to do? wait for your slow ass foh get out of the way let people do them
Zoie Hipkiss (1 month ago)
5:30 who notest that it says SHY on the car sorry if I spelled "notest" wrong like anyway if you notest SHY on the number plate
The E Card Man With Vids (1 month ago)
This vid sucks
po18guy (1 month ago)
@1:26 it is the infamous Mercer Street on-ramp to S/B Interstate 5 in Seattle.
William Nestor (1 month ago)
talon55130 (1 month ago)
4:05 is PRICELESS.
Nrg Beats (1 month ago)
there is no way that cop saw that guy. first clip he was mile down the road and behind two other vehicles wtf?
click click (1 month ago)
You know, I am really beginning to get pissed at people stealing other people content and putting it on their channels. You watch a few videos and you see the same clips over and over again. Because YouTube pay for views it encourage stealing. Then the idiot shoot up the office and persons agree with her. YouTube is not a job. It is a company trying to make profit. How much do you think they will stretch their advertising dollar to people. Remember IF YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR IT MOST LIKELY YOU ARE THE PRODUCT ..NOT THE CONSUMER.
Roy Yurkas (1 month ago)
First clip MotoCycle was in the right passing in a passing zone.
Ron Smith (1 month ago)
4:49 is the best. Gonna put it on a loop.
Kyler Loftin (1 month ago)
When the guy breaking the window and runs across the street, I DONT BLAME THE RED CAR!!
TJ NightTrain (1 month ago)
lol you video was shit, i have adblock, u made no money. fuck you. i laugh at try hard idiots like u to make 2 cents for a video ads.... shoot yourself. thanks.
Derek Armsden (1 month ago)
Redefining the meaning of the word "karma" to "police doing their job."
Carlos Santos (1 month ago)
Idk why but I am laughing so hard at this
eric naoue (1 month ago)
last video should be called "instant karma"
Gio T (1 month ago)
when you are showing as a "cover" the police mustang from transformers you better include it inside.
Stay TunedForCrap (1 month ago)
Nate Higgers (2 months ago)
Alex is a stupid nigger!
Dave Hansford (2 months ago)
JustDaz (2 months ago)
Random total eclipse across the sky at 4:30 😂
VenrezvonVyntari (2 months ago)
I cant see anything the first motorbike driver did wrong.
Isaac Kim (2 months ago)
anyone know what was bad about the 2nd clip, car going around the roundabout ?
Jeff Siegler (2 months ago)
3:45 Daddy, whats a dumb fucker?
Madgeney (2 months ago)
Also... I hope the guy at 8:30 is dead. I feel sorry for the guy in the red car. Sorry, did I say “dead”? what I mean is “at peace”
Madgeney (2 months ago)
I love the guy at the crossing! If I tried to do something like that I’d fall flat on my face. He nailed it! Go man!
Brave Yang (2 months ago)
That dumb ass actually broke a window with his hands
Harry Cheese (2 months ago)
So where can i get a pair of pants like that guy breaking the window?
Sam Brown (2 months ago)
this is me on youtube except for this video clickbait here clickbait there
toxic arora (2 months ago)
4:33 black hole
Norlanth Tiemeth (2 months ago)
The fuck is the cop in the first one doing?!
jutubaeh (2 months ago)
those screetch n dö nüt extra shöws are 3 x better than just slightlie göing över with ´´spörty müffliäR$´´ - . -
Jordan Carlson (2 months ago)
4:30 what is the black dot in the sky?
Craig Dann (2 months ago)
Web Master (2 months ago)
Tim lucas (2 months ago)
The cop at 8:05 should get fired
Teddy Collins (2 months ago)
Several years ago in Elmira, New York, I was stopped at a school crosswalk as the crossing guard was escorting children across the street. As soon as they were all in front of me, the young driver behind me spun the tires, crossed the double yellow line and went around me. Guess he didn't see the police officer standing on the other side of the intersecion by the tree.
O.I. am thee 1 (2 months ago)
6"02 Perfect timing...Take me on?!
Mr. MouseMan (2 months ago)
Why theres barricade in the thumbnail
Manny Khieu (2 months ago)
4:26 solar eclipse?
Aleatha Vogel (2 months ago)
8:54 - Well I guess if you don't have any brains regarding vandalizing private property, you don't have any when it comes to looking before you cross the street either. LOL
Jo Ann S (2 months ago)
Love be the bike guy returning the trash to trash !
Kaelyn Brynn (2 months ago)
6:17 Easy, honey, it's not your husband.
Anthony Biggs (2 months ago)
Tbh I could care less about the drift guys and the burnouts. But the jackasses that cut people off, cut in, and plow lights are way more dangerous. In my opinion. Never seen a spirited driving accident t in person. But hundreds by lack of skill or arrogant driving.
mkozzokm (2 months ago)
3:46 Baby's first words... "Dumb Fucker!!"
Daehawk (3 months ago)
Wheres the cool Mustang cop car?
Jim Beekman (3 months ago)
thepatgomes1 (3 months ago)
That thumbnail holy shit
John LaFrance (3 months ago)
The sun sometimes look blood-clot red in Russia. And the idiot doing a 180 degree wheelie was amusing.
Gr1mm (3 months ago)
4:27 : Sun just casually decides to be pitch black.
Mike C (3 months ago)
I love 4:05 " did you say the F Word?" Yes. Fast forward as daddy apologizes.
2pac Jr. (3 months ago)
Don't act like that gd GT Mustang could of chased that Motorcycle down😂👎 That nigga coulda stomped it either way & lost him💀💯
Timothy Luzier (3 months ago)
Where is the car from the thumbnail???? Clickbait!!!!!
Irish Brickhouse (3 months ago)
You know, BEING A 2 FACED BITCH... is uncool!!! Don't sit there and cheer someone on who does donuts in the parking lot and then cheer on the faggot ass cops for turning on their lights and giving them hassle for a few tread marks on the pavement! PICK A SIDE BITCHES!!! Either you like the show the driver is putting on for your entertainment and theirs, or you are a punk ass cop lover! YOU CAN NOT BE BOTH! #FuckDaPolice! Pick your side, wave your flag and anyone who don't like it can suck the fuck off! O.k. yeah there are exceptions to every rule and not every police officer is a fucking useless pig, but when the numbers are 90/10 as they are with cops it's hard to always recognize the 10%, they seem to get lost in the 90! SO... #FuckNinetyPercentOfPolice!
Garret Bjerke (3 months ago)
I’m not even mad that he got ran over
Chris (3 months ago)
Dat dude in da crosswalk doh!!
Yaminabototal (3 months ago)
Shit video
jrgreiner (3 months ago)
Listening to Sonny Rollins @1:28 Finally someone listening to something other than acid metal or rap.
Baby NOOB (3 months ago)
My favorite is the guy that walked over the motorcycle.
Mustafa Kirman (3 months ago)
8:54 he totally deserved that
BrynTheSkits (3 months ago)
Uhh where was the karma at the @7:00 clip
Timothy Fisher (3 months ago)
The mustangs will always get you
Bathrobe Carpenter (3 months ago)
I’ve got to leave a comment here... the trash... I’ve done that... but it was a soiled diaper instead. Smeared on the windshield.
Joyce Tumba (3 months ago)
Abonné vous et liker svp ça prend 2 seconde https://youtu.be/fahZYmSsFQg
Just Dont Jimin (3 months ago)
이거 너무 재밌어 😂😂
Proce (3 months ago)
4:25 dude got to see the solar eclipse
Renārs Magone (3 months ago)
Those dickheads screaming ''GO! GO! GO! GO!'' Go where? To fucking jail?
ChildOfMercury (3 months ago)
I love the biker throwing that guy's rubbish back at him! XD
Black Beetle (3 months ago)
Why is Barricade on the thumbnail.
Dingle Berries (3 months ago)
1:47 I don't unserstand what happened
Under a bridge too far (3 months ago)
4:05 LOL very rude but gave the guy a good lesson.
Spanqwire (3 months ago)
trainwreckmetal (3 months ago)
7:01 Shout out to B-Fud for being mildly retarded...