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The Rise of 20-Hour Long Flights

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Wendover Productions (9 months ago)
As I mentioned at the end, I also did a video on the longest duration commercial flight in the world on my other channel, Half as Interesting--a little collaboration with myself. Check that video out here: https://youtu.be/EDeJKQSyGXI
Lincoln Loud fan432 (1 month ago)
fun fact the sinapore airlines lax to singapore was originally operated by united on united's 787-9 before singapore airlines took over in 2018
bruno žunić (1 month ago)
Turkey is not Europe
Bob Smith (1 month ago)
Thanks for pronouncing Melbourne correctly mate!! 👏👏👏
Deipatrous (4 months ago)
Historically "Asia" starts at the West Coast of Turkey. In fact, Asia was the name of a swamp on that coast.
Vannila_1c3 (12 hours ago)
Captain Moose (1 day ago)
Can you cover cargo costs and why air shipping packages internationally is so expensive even for small packages
KIRAN GOUDA (2 days ago)
U forgot the NEWDELHI-SANFRANCISCO Route and it's the longest distance and it's flown by AIR INDIA BOEING 777-300ER
Caolan The Wulf (2 days ago)
I'd rather die
User Name (3 days ago)
I wish we could be put to sleep for the duration of the flight instead of sitting in a seat for as long as about 19 hours being bored!
Arl Tratloandletmealonewithureshitads (4 days ago)
longest airtime for me was just over 26hrs, from North Germany, via Frankfurt-Singapore.Auckland... longest time in a airplane was 16hrs, in a MD-11 from KLM, Amsterdam-Lima, with fuel stop on Bonaire ( Dutch Antilles), longest fligth was also Amsterdam - Lima 14.5hrs in a 777( if i remember right).. best flight was in Singapore and Lufthansa A380, worst in a 767 between Paris and Philadelphia... dont ask, best food also Singapore and LH, Airfrance and KLM close behind... i flew from Cuzco to Lima, 45 mins in a airplane and i have no idea what type it was... most scary moments was, 1# the moment we was on the tip our right wing, and having the touch down 5 secs later ( on my very first flight) in Paris 2# the moment we droped 400ms in a airhole over Belguim.. 3# watching the runway we was suposed to land, from the seat next to the ile in a 767, ca the last 1 minute of the approach to the first wheel touching the runway... sidewinds.. first ever applauding in a airplane for me.... that pilot knew what he was doing... 4# flying from Paris to Philadelphia with Airfrance, its December 2001, chatting in the transfer bus stoped everytime, when it approached a United Airlines plane ( AF and UA have a cooparation), but started again after passing it... 1 day later they arrested the guy on a BA flight with the shoe bomb, also all German aiports there close because of heavy snowing.. i didnt saw a single snowflake for 2 months...
Anirudh Kumar (6 days ago)
This is dumb! Staying in a plane for more than 10 hours! How in the hell can someone tolerate such a nuisance?! Long flights just seem like an inconvenience to me. Anything longer than 6 hours honestly is just not worth it. I'd take 3 short flight than a long 10+ hour flight, even if it costs me extra.
jamesa1995 (8 days ago)
Qantas is a poorly managed airline consistently losing money, and is more expensive than airlines like Singapore airlines. Their service is good though but for most price will win out
jamesa1995 (2 days ago)
@KasabianFan44 that also includes their subsidiaries, jetstar makes a reasonable profit
jamesa1995 (2 days ago)
@KasabianFan44 it has a profit in the couple hundred millions to then have a loss in the couple of billions in the last decade alone quick google search will give you there profit and loss
KasabianFan44 (4 days ago)
“Consistently losing money” - may I ask for a source on that please?
QuarioQuario54321 (8 days ago)
From what I can tell, a nonstop Auckland-London will not exists for well over 10 years.
Stepup Boy (8 days ago)
After I watching this video, I finally figure out of some reasons here. Why Emirates can't launch flights from Dubai to Panama? Firstly, distance from Dubai to Panama is 13821km or about 8200 miles. That means it's a long haul flight for Emirates, about 17h 35m for direct flight. Secondly, Panama City is a main leisure destinations in Central America, not for business destinations. While Dubai is a mixing city between business and leisure destinations, I don't think their flight could it work for Emirates because flying in economy class on ultra long haul flights is notoriously expensive especially leisure budget travellers. We will noticed that economy class on ultra long haul route will be half empty. They need to make a stop via somewhere in Europe before reach to Dubai from Panama City to avoid expensive payloads. The same reason goes for Lima, Peru, which is also much further from Dubai, approximately 19 hours for direct flight.
Ben Morgan (9 days ago)
As someone who lives in Australia, I can confirm this
Phillip Mulligan (13 days ago)
Every time I see a video of hypersonic flights that last 20 minutes from New York to Melbourne on YouTube, I just laugh. If they only know how astronomically expensive such a flight would be to operate as a transportation company. The complexity and logistics of such hypersonic vehicles are on a different planet. It would make a flight on a private chartered luxury business jet super cheap. Supersonic travel is ultra expensive due to extra fuel and frequent highly specialized maintenance. Hypersonic ballistic flights would be impossibly expensive except for the very few billionaires. Such hypersonic vehicles are best used for pushing booster payloads into orbit, not from surface to surface destinations. The costs would be absurd.
alan6832 (14 days ago)
This is so ungreen. What would Greta Thornberg say? They also need a stretch version that trades some range for increased capacity, since carrying 4000 miles of fuel is not fuel efficient, so planes should refuel within 2000 miles whenever possible. This also allows passengers to stretch their legs, thereby reducing legroom requirements, which again increases efficiency.
Buffalo Me (18 days ago)
$0.85 a gallon for jet fuel, less than the cost of gasoline in any country, even in Venezuela, where it’s $1 a gal.
GWS (21 days ago)
"Because people are more sensitive to time than boxes." *Amazon Prime has entered the chat*
Brick Life (21 days ago)
I live in Australia and i have never and hate qantas
funkyleah (22 days ago)
*I used the fuel to carry the fuel*
Karthik Patali (23 days ago)
Air India operates the world's longest flight in the shortest time
Kal_Jor_El (23 days ago)
Are you pursuing any degree in Aviation? Brilliant research and execution.
Robert Burnett (23 days ago)
By the way, airline speeds haven't increased in 50-60 years. And airport boarding had increased by hours. Example..."Cheers", 1980s: Sam had just one hour to get to the Boston airport. A friend said, "You have time, Sam ". Wow.
Robert Burnett (23 days ago)
Any flight over 4-5 hours means premium econ. for me. No nudging of elbows and leg relief. I have a modest income. But worth the extra dollars.
Isaac Tierney (23 days ago)
Surprisingly, I’ve found that most direct flight are cheaper than connections.
SpiffyDiamonder (23 days ago)
It’s always Newark
Tickle Dad (23 days ago)
I flew Newark to Singapore. Not as bad as it may sound.
Thermalburn (23 days ago)
I think we're good on distance, we need to figure out how to make these trips quicker. Flying is like being in a bus. Even a 2 hour flight is enough to drive you mad
Niklas Enblom (24 days ago)
I’m an aviation enthusiast but spending 19 nonstop hours in the air seems to be a bit of a stretch for me.
GoWithZane (24 days ago)
Hawaii to ZURICH via Vancouver next week. 15 hours of travel time, not to bad compared to other flights you mentioned.
FastCarsNoRules220 (24 days ago)
20 hours? I only flew a 12 hour flight from Manila to Los Angeles once in my life, back when my family and I were migrating from Singapore to Canada, and I already feel like I don't want to go back to Asia anymore just because I couldn't handle it...
Y Sun (26 days ago)
20 hours long haul in an economic seat= hell! Before I can afford a business class that’s not going to be my option!
230968 (28 days ago)
The earth is certainly not flat. About time flat earthers shut up.
M&M Playz (28 days ago)
The longest flight I have ever was on Emirate was Dubai to New York jfk (sorry for the bad grammar)
Crazy Life (28 days ago)
WOW, wonderful information.
just lea (28 days ago)
Not even if they paid me. Jesus
Peter Kitching (30 days ago)
Btw BA flys more than 1 a day to Australia
sn3192 (1 month ago)
it's strange, but i personally prefer a flight where you get to stop halfway. the change in pace and another set of takeoff and landing just make the journey less boring
Tyler Blask (1 month ago)
i just came back from vacation in hawaii and the picture of hawaii was right where i stood
K M (1 month ago)
They need to go super sonic again.
phunkyfeelone (1 month ago)
Everybody pissing and moaning about being in Economy for 16+ hours and saying they fly Premium Economy or Business - remember, you're in a metal tube in the sky with 2 people controlling your destiny - i'm just happy to make it to the other end.
phunkyfeelone (1 month ago)
I've done the Sydney-Dallas flight a couple of years ago, made worse by a mad run to clear customs, run to the other terminal, and try to get a connecting flight to Mexico at the end...you're a puddle of human at the end of it. I still think the goal is an electric motor for take-off, with the fuel engines kicking in at cruising altitude. The fuel sources can act as a safety reserve for each other, plus you're not burning massive fuel during thrust. It would also allow for additional range. I'm sure they already have a prototype of this working, but just throwing it out there.
Random Guy (1 month ago)
Correction on SQ21&SQ22: 17h30m-19h.
FranticChicken (1 month ago)
these plane videos hit different even tho i hate flying it’s so uncomfortable 😂
Fala Lala (1 month ago)
Just got off a 16-hour flight with a stop in Taiwan, in economy, hated it... But thank you for the explanation on the economic aspects of long flights. I always thought it would be cheaper to fly non-stop.
msnjmswrdl_ (1 month ago)
Manchester UK to San Francisco CA was a fuck off flight, felt like smashing the window and jumping out
David Hood (1 month ago)
Still waiting on Toronto to Melbourne...
J Tenn (1 month ago)
Those poor Air flight attendants, could you imagine working a 20hr shift? I can barely handle the typical 8 hr shift!
Jake Stolar (24 days ago)
They take shifts. There's a hidden crew rest area on the plane, either above your head or under your feet.
HOLDEN Spurgeon (1 month ago)
J Tenn that’s not how it works...
Florian Rochler (1 month ago)
i wish you were just, like, better #HalfAsInteresting
Bird Plane LANE (1 month ago)
nearly slit my wrists on 14 hour flight from LA to London 😣
MoFBox (1 month ago)
The longest Flight I ever took was London to Miami. I had no problem with that but I don't know if I could endure more than double that on a plane maybe first class but I wouldn't be able to afford that.
DefensePad Global (1 month ago)
Thank God USA didn't have a different unit for time
Volka 21 (14 days ago)
We do but its classified so foreigners cant make fun of us.
abhi kumar (1 month ago)
Beer pints per honeycomb
Gregg Hanson (1 month ago)
So, somebody thinks this is an achievement but i can tell you through personal experience, these flights are hell...unless of course, you don't mind coughing up $25,000 so you can lie down and be pretentious about the wine and the tiny little plates of food. It's just absurd.
Mike (1 month ago)
A 20hr flight will really destroy Etihad, Emirates and the like. Nobody wants to stop there. Singapore is interesting, HK the same, but the Middle East is just skippable.
marymarluis (1 month ago)
Please talk about of economic failIure of AIRBUS A-380
VBHB (1 month ago)
No thanks
14vimalk (1 month ago)
Time for planes to have sleeper coaches like trains?
Marc Liljeqvist (1 month ago)
They do. It's called First Class ;-)
MLG Lucas (1 month ago)
I struggled to not commit suicide on a 7 hr flight
Arthas Menethil (8 days ago)
be like normal people and just down plenty of booze in the airport bar and/or during the flight. virtually all doctors will give you a couple of sleeping pills or xanax if you tell them you get anxious during flights. before 9/11 some stewardesses kept a few xanax or similar drugs on hand.
Time Lapses (1 month ago)
that's weak af. Try 16:30 from Hong Kong to Chicago!
NoobyGamez (1 month ago)
MLG Lucas ur not funny
salvaje20 (1 month ago)
Fuck that. I'm not sitting in a plane for 20 hours.
Roballium (1 month ago)
Nice video Half as Int- I mean Wendover. Learned a lot about bricks in this one-
Arnav Gairola (1 month ago)
“...have to deal with people, which are far more sensitive to a few more hours of travel time than boxes.” *meanwhile* My flat screen tv: COME ON I AINT GOT ALL DAY BUB
Sarah Koenigs (1 month ago)
I have a hard enough time with Milwaukee to Chicago.
arjun sidhu (1 month ago)
the longest flight ive done is 13 hours and 5 minutes
David M Ambrose (1 month ago)
I would rather eat nails than take a 20 hour flight
Evan Courtney (1 month ago)
I wonder at what point it would be economical to use aerial refueling to enable these ultra long flights? On the other hand, having experienced a 17 hr nonstop flight (KC-10, McGuire to Yokota at .82 Mach!) I can't say the experience was one I'd look forward to repeating.
Titanickiller786 (1 month ago)
This is the best time to make fuel efficient supersonic jets
Xtinct- Josh (1 month ago)
I had a 13 hour flight from Chicago to Japan it was kinda torcher
Mackenzie Spoelstra (1 month ago)
Im going from toronto to vancouver to Sydney my butt will turn into the cushion at the halfway mark..
Ralf Siegesmund (1 month ago)
stimulating and insightful as always.
Peter benn pan (1 month ago)
Soon there will be hybrid planes! 😱✈️
Clark Gable (1 month ago)
amazing ... & flying over the world's most hostile land too .
Don (1 month ago)
10 hours 45 minutes is long and boring flight from Honolulu to Manila PI .
Andre (1 month ago)
I went on the rank 6 flight
alex2143 (1 month ago)
I absolutely love the idea of Emirates etc of using a hub and spike network type of architecture in this way. A single stop isn’t all that terrible, and in order to connect one European city to all of the other cities in its network and vice versa, it only needs one additional flight.
xX_Banana_Xx (1 month ago)
everybody exept flat earthers: this looks cool he used a cool round earth animation flat eathers: OMG THE EARTH IS FLAT THIS GUY IS STUPID nobody: THE EARTH IS A DINOSAR
Rattly (1 month ago)
virgin atlantic is gone
Eugenio Vincenzo (1 month ago)
This is how you win the frequent flyer jackpot...
Ed SR (1 month ago)
I hate those long flights, to be honest. I’d prefer to go supersonic
Rochdi Tidjani (1 month ago)
You talk way to fast. I had to hit the "pause" button several times just to see what each flight has to offer.
Joshua 윤호 Han (1 month ago)
I hope to fly one of these flights in the future
Thad Rurak (1 month ago)
This video makes me dislike flying even more. Great video though!
Jolyon Welsh (1 month ago)
I don't travel. so what is the point? That's why there is YouTube.
Jolyon Welsh (1 month ago)
what a fucking waste of money.
L Blueful (1 month ago)
> Hottest year on record > Airlines: let's increase flight time!
YeetMyMeat (1 month ago)
L Blueful demand and supply.
woof beast (1 month ago)
I once spent 12 hrs on a plane from California to New Zealand. That was a worryingly long time to be in the air over the Ocean. The food was good.
Aidan Burgess (1 month ago)
That's pretty much any Aussie/Kiwi wanting to get to Europe/North America
The Holy Emerald (1 month ago)
We need straight flights from Miami to India or at least China/Japan/Australia/somewhere in East Asia. This is the third most populated state in the USA and there's still only just 3 flights that fly directly from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale to Asia. Funny.
ZK-APA (1 month ago)
The Holy Emerald the thing with USA-India flights is that since the Middle East airports are so well connected to the bulk of Indian airports that it’s more practical to fly via any middle Eastern airline than India-USA (as only delhi and Mumbai makes sense for any flight to come from USA)
Daniel Nöchel (1 month ago)
Holy $h!t.... 18,5 Hourse of straight flying.... my longest flight been from Frankfurt (Main) to New York at 7 Hourse and that was taugh...
Michael Mccarthy (1 month ago)
Once planes are fully autonomous they can carry more fuel and passengers and save on crew costs plus are safer.
edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd (1 month ago)
I choose fastest flight every time.
Caro (1 month ago)
That's messed up
ShakespeareCafe (1 month ago)
As John Denver sang in Starwood in Aspen: "It's a long time to hang in the sky" and not an insignificant dose of radiation
Wayne (2 months ago)
Silly question but if it's becoming so cheap to fly and planes more efficient then why isn't premium becoming the new economy class.
Borussia Doormat (2 months ago)
Wayne - More people have the ability to fly premium than ever before
Daniel Black (2 months ago)
11:45 If you try hard enough, anything can be made ugly. Just look at the new iPhone designs to see what I mean
N M (2 months ago)
Fuck wow airlines mang
Blisterbill (2 months ago)
Did Lax to Singapore. That’s a long flight in coach.
Mo n (2 months ago)
Wow sir 😢
RICK11211 (2 months ago)
WOW .......
Jonathan Hernandez (2 months ago)
Small note, The Newark to Singapore route was actually around as far back as 2004 with an A340 instead of the current A350. That route was discontinued between 2013 and 2018 for some time due to lack of demand
MVE (2 months ago)
Is it even healthy to sit in a aluminum tube for 20 hours??
asdkotable (2 months ago)
It sucks to be a Canadian going to China. Unless you take a loooonnnng trip through Europe, you'll have to take the Pacific route, which is 12-14 hours long, with no place to stop in between. I wish we could stop somewhere for a transfer, such as in Vladivostok or Anchorage or something, just to stretch our legs, but I suppose it's not economically viable.
Cat III Aviation (1 month ago)
Jason Luo rip, hope you’re not flying United 😜
Jason Luo (1 month ago)
@Cat III Aviation from NY, just flew back a few days ago, its 14-15 hours going and 13-14 coming back
Cat III Aviation (1 month ago)
Ikr, I’m from Toronto and I’m in china right now, took a painfully long 12 hour flight.
D woodkamp (1 month ago)
Back in the 50s London - Tokyo 88 hours what's the problem? (We did make some progress).
Volka 21 (14 days ago)
I'd take that over some modern flights, you lost time but had much better accomodation. Trains count too, even in modern times, you can have your own bunk and there is an onboard restaurant with AC wifi and many other things. For personal travel trains are superior in certain instances, especially in Europe within Schengen zone.
Phoenix Evanoff (2 months ago)
D woodkamp lol
Pius X (2 months ago)
As a plane enthusiast I'd rather catch 2 or 3 planes to get to my destination than one direct ultra long flight.
Третий Ребёнок (2 months ago)
But depends on what planes and airlines there are available. I'm flying soon to Tokyo and honestly the first two legs with A321 just seem boring to me. Can't wait to try ANA though haha.
johnsamu (2 months ago)
I'm not sure if you should be happy with ultra long flights. I already become a walking corpse after 11-13 hours, I don't want to think about 20+ hours in a plane 😆🤢