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The Rise of 20-Hour Long Flights

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Text Comments (3105)
Wendover Productions (5 months ago)
As I mentioned at the end, I also did a video on the longest duration commercial flight in the world on my other channel, Half as Interesting--a little collaboration with myself. Check that video out here: https://youtu.be/EDeJKQSyGXI
Deipatrous (5 days ago)
Historically "Asia" starts at the West Coast of Turkey. In fact, Asia was the name of a swamp on that coast.
Prakhar Mathur (2 months ago)
Delhi to San Francisco and Mumbai to New York?
唐智余 (3 months ago)
is it possible that commercial airline uses fuel tank aircraft like air force during the none stopping flight, and refueling in the middle air?
avada (1 day ago)
So no Wellington to Madrid flights yet? :)
avada (1 day ago)
5:08 This doesn't make sense at all. Don't you mean that they price non-stop itineraries higher? Even when it's more economic on shorter trips.
vijil (2 days ago)
Still no Auckland to London nonstop - even the a350 can't *quite* make it. Once that kicks in we'll officially have arrived in the age of true nonstop global travel.
James Maebo (3 days ago)
Nairobi to New York 15 hrs
xuimod (3 days ago)
I flew from Houston to Dubai once. It was ok mainly due to me not being particularly impressed by the airline (Emirates) or even the airport once I arrived.
Bill Chaffee (4 days ago)
I wonder what percentage of the take off weight is fuel for the longest flights.
Pete Pepsodent (4 days ago)
This would be horror in economy class.. Just imagine flying this in business class though, I know I would be drunk out of my mind at touchdown
Harry Potter (4 days ago)
I thought Manchester to Dubai is long
Carl Lelandt (5 days ago)
Waiting for the return of big rigid airships..
Bill Jobes (5 days ago)
Please learn to pronounce 'the' correctly. It is 'thuh,' not 'thee.' I.E. don't say 'thee longest flight in thee world.' Thank you.
Patria Adiguna (5 days ago)
You're forget smthing, Garuda Indonesia have nonstop flight, such as CGK-AMS-CGK and CGK-LHR-CGK
Trevor Austin (6 days ago)
Brilliant. Crammed inside a metal tube with hundreds of other possibly unpleasant people with your knees by your ears, having to use toilets recently used several times by several hundred other people, buying water and food etc. I’d prefer to slam my knob in a door.
TheSaintST1 (6 days ago)
Airbus smashing it.
Rhodium 10 (6 days ago)
Imagine a 20 hours flight on seat and for one side a child crying..for other side an ugly woman talkative...beside after 20 hours the plane smell like the save shoes from a Mosque...
Simply Filming (6 days ago)
Number 1, dial is not possible it’s a 20 br flight
orange70383 (6 days ago)
They'd have to pay me a lot to be on a plane that long.
Seb In Spaace! (7 days ago)
And I thought my flight from Sydney to Vancouver was long.
Rakesh Bhandary (7 days ago)
Imagine the blisters on the ass when you reach the other end of these long flights...... Hope they give passengers tinzaparin / heparin injections while boarding to reduce blood clots!
Star Wars Media Market (7 days ago)
Can u do a video explaining why passenger aircraft don´t refuel during the flight?
apgardude (7 days ago)
Excellent video, thank you. Very informative. I'm still waiting for them to bring back the 747 with the lounge / piano bar on the upper deck! ;) [What were the load factors back in those days?] Very interesting how the hub-and-spoke works well for the Australia - Europe market, at the same time as smaller long-haul jets (787, A350) have encouraged new nonstop city pairs elsewhere. Fascinating how all this works out. Evidently, though, this Australia-Europe phenomenon was not enough of a factor to make the A380 economically viable.
Sylvestor (7 days ago)
I don't want to sit in economy seat for 20 hours. RIP
Myoui Mina (7 days ago)
You cant feel your ass after you land. Lol
cant wait to fly
John Iii (9 days ago)
Even in the front of the plane I won’t be on these flights. 12 hours is about my maximum. I actually like the stop overs to get off grab a shower walk etc. and extra 3 hours time is no big deal on such long trips
Alex Harris (9 days ago)
I flew economy to Kenya from London Heathrow it was a 12hr flight and the worst travelling experience I’ve ever had you want to go to sleep but you can’t as you cant recline back enough god knows what 20hrs in economy would be like
PhotoGeorge (10 days ago)
As long as I can go jogging on the plane every 2 hours that would be fine but I'm NOT gonna sit in the same seat for 20 hours straight.
QuantumRift (10 days ago)
Look how fast an epidemic or pandemic can globally spread now...scary.
ohmusicsweetmusic (10 days ago)
Ok Newark to Hong Kong goes straight over the North Pole. I can see how that would work. Now, let's see Santiago to Kuala Lumpur straight over the South Pole. How does that work?
Audrey Jones (10 days ago)
I took the Singapore to New York flight in 2013??????
Audrey Jones (10 days ago)
shit just remembered the closed it then reopened
Даниил Кириллов (10 days ago)
Looking forward to non-stop Earth- Moon flight.
josue Nogueras (12 days ago)
cant wait for london to auckland flight....
Human Bean (12 days ago)
this is the reason why we need high speed rails... flights are just not fast enough to move us around anymore
Razian Amira (12 days ago)
London to NZ...?? 11000 miles and 20 hours
travellers love (14 days ago)
You forgot Air India
A2DJP (12 days ago)
The Air India flight isn't the longest in terms of great circle distance (the measurement used for flight distances)
reezlaw (15 days ago)
Fuck I wish we could have supersonic passenger planes. The idea of 21 hours on a plane is hell
Karrick (15 days ago)
I've done Dubai - auckland 8 times now. It's hell.
Sajith Thayappalli (16 days ago)
Air india has DEL-SFO which takes 17 hours.. it should be in top 3
A2DJP (12 days ago)
In terms of distance its not.
Branislav (17 days ago)
There is limit for longest flight in the world. For example if possible to fly from new York to Sydney but not above Pacific Ocean to go over EU. When u go so much to east that it was better to go to west. (i didnt know how to tell that last sentence)
trinthetrex (19 days ago)
I can't even take a ten minute flight from Chicago to Grand Rapids. How the fuck do you expect me to sit on a plane for twenty fucking hours?
Daniel Cannata (20 days ago)
A 20 hour flight sounds like a nightmare for everyone involved...
J M (17 days ago)
if you're sitting in coach yeah
Bantha121 (21 days ago)
7:06 Two of those three are now gone
Bantha121 (21 days ago)
Funnily enough, Newark to Hong Kong was only the longest flight in the world for 2 days; on 1 April 2001 United launched JFK to Hong Kong, a flight that was 7 miles longer
Michael Chicas (22 days ago)
Music at 7:20?
Reza Ahmed (23 days ago)
Why they dont build faster planes?
A2DJP (18 days ago)
Reza Ahmed planes going faster than the current transonic range will dramatically decrease fuel efficiency
Rilum Osmanaj (23 days ago)
Hi 👐👐 Peace 👋
gokuo64 (24 days ago)
Great video! I'm waiting for a direct flight from Osaka to Orlando :(
Constellation 2023 (25 days ago)
@7:00 Isn't that the airline with the suicidal pilot?!
Nicholas Nathan (26 days ago)
Has air-to-air refuelling ever been considered for ultra long routes on commercial flights? It's done for military flights but is there a chance that commercial flights could also have them?
A2DJP (18 days ago)
Nicholas Nathan not that practical considering that it’s just cheaper to have a transit stop in between.
Jason Gravanis (27 days ago)
This is one of my favourite videos you've done. Very comprehensive and concise explanation!
Caolan The Wulf (27 days ago)
Id rather die
Brad (29 days ago)
I live in Phoenix, AZ and I see a BAW 747 once a week. I kinda wonder who's taking that flight.
A2DJP (18 days ago)
Brad oneworld passengers since Phoenix airport is an American Airlines hub.
Charles Conover (1 month ago)
LulzRoyce (1 month ago)
Why are all airline logos in English ?
D. G. (1 month ago)
Still nothing beats "The Concord!"
D. G. (1 month ago)
One issue you haven't mentioned is there is more wear and tear on the airframe from landings & take-offs, fussalages expand& contract more with landings/takeoffs.More inspections are required for cracks etc. plus landing gear wear. In the Navy carrier landings were watched very closely as a time based maintenance, inspections are required after so many carrier landings. So in plain English, you aircraft wears out more with more take-offs/landings.
MWB Gaming (1 month ago)
if i want to go from australia to europe, i would much rather pay extra to fly direct with qantas than needing to step foot anywhere in the middle east
Adrian Alvarado Varela (1 month ago)
Flat earthers should pay attention to the beginning of the video north became south
ZX_OLO (1 month ago)
planes are cool!
Dhiyo Arsyi Umranulfurqan (1 month ago)
Too long, we need supersonic again
nodlimax (1 month ago)
I had to do a trip for the company I work for from Berlin to Sydney (via Amsterdam and Dubai) in Economy. I do not recommend doing it in Economy...
Killjoy26 (1 month ago)
Took a triple seven from BWI to Paris. It was just when the triple sevens were in service. Plane was very clean.
Delta Juliet Kilo Yankee Super (1 month ago)
Biron Clark (1 month ago)
Great video
Mr TheMan (1 month ago)
VuziTube (1 month ago)
me 15 hours, usa to asia.
Christopher Ward (1 month ago)
at 5:16, you seem to contradict yourself when explaining the price structure of connecting vs nonstop flights.
Jude Odogwu (1 month ago)
What airport is that @11:18? Please.
A2DJP (1 month ago)
Jude Odogwu ok I checked, it’s Newark Liberty airport
Solomon Tsai (1 month ago)
the official name is Hong Kong International Airport, i never heard anyone saying chek lap kok airport
A2DJP (1 month ago)
+Solomon Tsai yea i know What I mean was when kai tak closed and the new airport opened that time. Now the name has stuck around. So it's sorta an unofficial name.
Solomon Tsai (1 month ago)
A2DJP kai tak is literally closed already
A2DJP (1 month ago)
Solomon Tsai chek lap kok is the name of the island in which the airport is located. So that name used to be used to diffenciate it with Kai tak
RS 7 (1 month ago)
Wait, did this dumb american just say Turkish Airlines is a European airline??? Does this dumb american think Turkey is in Europe?
A2DJP (1 month ago)
RS 7 Turkey comes under both Asia (95%) and Europe (5%). And it is legally, because I am quoting ICAO, which states that Turkish Airlines is European. And if you fly to Istanbul, you will enter the European side of Turkey.
RS 7 (1 month ago)
+A2DJP - Legally? 🤣🤣 So law is based on the abstract locations of continent boundaries? The country of Turkey is not in Europe nor is the airline.
A2DJP (1 month ago)
RS 7 Turkish Airlines’s hub and headquarters are on the European side of Turkey (Istanbul). So legally Turkish airlines comes under Europe.
Miscellaneous Crap123 (1 month ago)
Up the Sydney
Ranjit (1 month ago)
Fuck notleys advertising.
Jack Beames (1 month ago)
worlds shortest flight boeing 737 max. 6 MINUTES !!!!!!!
00UncommonSense00 (1 month ago)
I once used my FF miles on Southwest Airlines to travel to Las Vegas from my home town of Indy. I flew to Pittsburgh (yes, the opposite direction) then to Nashville, then to DWF in Texas, then to Phoenix, then to San Diego then I finally landed in LAS. Five connecting flights. That was the anti-direct method to this video. My friends took an ATA non-stop from Indy to Vegas for $600 round trip. I spent that in the five airports to get me to Vegas. Yeah, FF mile trips suck ass.
Hamish Murray (1 month ago)
I am Australian and even if Qantas made a non-stop flight I would much rather take an Emirates plane as they have much better quality of EVERYTHING honestly Qantas aren’t the Australians choice of airline.
Ryan Linkie (1 month ago)
Who’s watching after wow air went out of business??
Quinten (1 month ago)
6:56 Did you knew that WoW would go bankrupt?!?! You could've earned big money with that.
Vii Nguyen (1 month ago)
Jacob Taylor (1 month ago)
7:49 "only kiwi airline" dude that be racist
A2DJP (1 month ago)
Jacob Taylor that’s nowhere racist. Kiwi isn’t a racist word
steto omar (1 month ago)
Very good job @Wendover! Your videos are super well structured and you could clearly see the amount of good work and passion you guys put in there. I'm looking forward to the next one already!
JacP (1 month ago)
i dont know if its because im high or what but the dude with the backpack at 8:55 next to his buddy the human fucking packmule is the funniest shit to me rn
Apple Juice Simpson (1 month ago)
*_RIP WOW Air_*
Mud Skipper (1 month ago)
WOW went out of business today.
Onkel Fabs (1 month ago)
How about using nautical miles instead of imperial miles?!
Onkel Fabs (1 month ago)
But they are useless if he also uses kilometers...
Joshua Burdette (1 month ago)
Onkel Fabs most folks aren’t familiar with nautical miles, his audience is certainly familiar with statute miles though...
serbia991 (1 month ago)
Only possible on a flat earth map!!
Andy Gray (1 month ago)
Editing nitpick: about 5 minutes in you said that they price connecting itineraries higher when you meant to say lower.
Matt Yamamoto (1 month ago)
Still No, too long.
AviaMahaNakhon (2 months ago)
Where was Thai Airways’ Bangkok - New York service with the A340-500?
Jean-Francois Mezei (2 months ago)
The original SG SIN-EWR flight on 340-500 was stopped not due to the 340's fiuel efficiency, but rather the limited capacity of the place in such a long rance flight. It *had* to be all business class because plane couldn't carry more passengers. This is why these days, when you see Qantas call for long range planes, they stipulate long range at full capacity. However, consider that in the 40s and 50s, 11 hour flights on Strato Cruisers had berths, dining and lounge area, one wonders about 20 hour flights in today coach config especially on a plane such as the 787 originally designed for 8 across seating but typically deployed with 9 across seating (narrow seats). Also, Qantas's non-stop to London is only non-stop if you live in Perth. If you live in Melbourne, it is a one stop flight, and if you live in Sydney, it is a 2 flight journey with change of plane in Perth. Is that any different from a SYD-SIN-LHR flight ?
Refuse Kid15 (2 months ago)
what you should’ve said was: “the introduction of two new planes in the last decade, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and some other design that’s trying to copy it.
A2DJP (1 month ago)
Refuse Kid15 the A350 is in a different segment than a 787. A350 is more towards the 777, whereas the 787 is more towards the A330.
Liam Critchlow (2 months ago)
I personally prefer Virgin Australia over Qantas.
Kim Lau (2 months ago)
0:17, 631 Flat earthier disliked the video.
PIERRE (2 months ago)
That flight from NY to Hong Kong is Not possible because tHe EaRtH iS fLaT
Julian Jesse (2 months ago)
10:15 there's unfortunately no A350-1000ULR, only -900ULR
John (2 months ago)
I think I got a blood clot in my legs just listening to this.
Levi Dragon (2 months ago)
20-hour long flight in an economy seat sounds like torture, why would anyone pay for THAT flight. Rather take a break in between two countries for day 1-2
A2DJP (1 month ago)
Levi Dragon because for some people time or cost is priority. So even if it’s hectic, people will still choose that.
daniel montalvo prats (2 months ago)
The flight route Perth-Madrid: 14,634.29 km (17h 43min)
stan giles (2 months ago)
Turkey is in Europe , and Asia
Leslie Castiel (2 months ago)
This year I’m going to travel my first overseas trip I’m so excited.
Rob Kulys (2 months ago)
Spacex will shoot u in space and take you from New York to Tokyo in 30minutes. Remember my words
acchaladka (2 months ago)
Striking video and great research. Given that so many of these routes are over long stretches of water, and/or involve premium economy-plus passengers, I’d like to see a cost-curve comparison and a fuel-curve comparison with a supersonic aircraft. I wonder if such a route (setting aside aircraft development costs) would be viable.