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The Rise of 20-Hour Long Flights

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Wendover Productions (3 months ago)
As I mentioned at the end, I also did a video on the longest duration commercial flight in the world on my other channel, Half as Interesting--a little collaboration with myself. Check that video out here: https://youtu.be/EDeJKQSyGXI
Prakhar Mathur (14 days ago)
Delhi to San Francisco and Mumbai to New York?
唐智余 (1 month ago)
is it possible that commercial airline uses fuel tank aircraft like air force during the none stopping flight, and refueling in the middle air?
Whatever Is My Chanel Value (1 month ago)
Please explain About Sailorman with the Ship international Cargo
Andy Gray (16 hours ago)
Editing nitpick: about 5 minutes in you said that they price connecting itineraries higher when you meant to say lower.
Matt Yamamoto (22 hours ago)
Still No, too long.
AviaMahaNakhon (2 days ago)
Where was Thai Airways’ Bangkok - New York service with the A340-500?
Jean-Francois Mezei (2 days ago)
The original SG SIN-EWR flight on 340-500 was stopped not due to the 340's fiuel efficiency, but rather the limited capacity of the place in such a long rance flight. It *had* to be all business class because plane couldn't carry more passengers. This is why these days, when you see Qantas call for long range planes, they stipulate long range at full capacity. However, consider that in the 40s and 50s, 11 hour flights on Strato Cruisers had berths, dining and lounge area, one wonders about 20 hour flights in today coach config especially on a plane such as the 787 originally designed for 8 across seating but typically deployed with 9 across seating (narrow seats). Also, Qantas's non-stop to London is only non-stop if you live in Perth. If you live in Melbourne, it is a one stop flight, and if you live in Sydney, it is a 2 flight journey with change of plane in Perth. Is that any different from a SYD-SIN-LHR flight ?
Refuse Kid15 (2 days ago)
what you should’ve said was: “the introduction of two new planes in the last decade, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and some other design that’s trying to copy it.
Liam Critchlow (2 days ago)
I personally prefer Virgin Australia over Qantas.
Kim Lau (3 days ago)
0:17, 631 Flat earthier disliked the video.
PIERRE (3 days ago)
That flight from NY to Hong Kong is Not possible because tHe EaRtH iS fLaT
Julian Jesse (6 days ago)
10:15 there's unfortunately no A350-1000ULR, only -900ULR
John (9 days ago)
I think I got a blood clot in my legs just listening to this.
Levi Dragon (11 days ago)
20-hour long flight in an economy seat sounds like torture, why would anyone pay for THAT flight. Rather take a break in between two countries for day 1-2
daniel montalvo prats (11 days ago)
The flight route Perth-Madrid: 14,634.29 km (17h 43min)
stan giles (12 days ago)
Turkey is in Europe , and Asia
Leslie Castiel (13 days ago)
This year I’m going to travel my first overseas trip I’m so excited.
Rob Kulys (13 days ago)
Spacex will shoot u in space and take you from New York to Tokyo in 30minutes. Remember my words
acchaladka (13 days ago)
Striking video and great research. Given that so many of these routes are over long stretches of water, and/or involve premium economy-plus passengers, I’d like to see a cost-curve comparison and a fuel-curve comparison with a supersonic aircraft. I wonder if such a route (setting aside aircraft development costs) would be viable.
Xoulepos Xoulepos (15 days ago)
Floba airlines
Jayden Strickalnd (15 days ago)
Well put together video. Was very impressed by the research put forth into this video.
George Georgio (16 days ago)
I love Wendover. There, I said it. You happy now?
Malaika Tah (17 days ago)
When you say (0:35) “the two cities have never before been connected” you place a tag on New York, when at the beginning of the video you said the flight took off at Newark. That hurt because I am from Newark and Newark needs it’s praise. Rather than being shadowed by New York, like it always is.
Arnobization (17 days ago)
There's a flight by Air India from New Delhi to San Francisco 17 hrs
St. Devil (18 days ago)
Fuckin' blood-clot hell no way am flying 16+ hours non-stop.
VJ Rei (18 days ago)
I would be fine with going to the airport, being put in a casket to sleep and wake up at my destination.
By the Numbers (18 days ago)
Oh, my aching joints.
msi (18 days ago)
Must be heaven in Business Class..
Steven Irby (19 days ago)
I travel internationally all year long, sometimes as many as 20+ flights in a year. I *strongly* prefer direct flights and will most often even pay extra for it. Nothing is worse than an international layover which you have to stand in long lines for immigration and security. All for like a two hours layover? Forget that. Even as a US citizen I refuse to do an international layover in the US as you have to get your bags, go through immigration, security, and then wait for another plane. I couldn't imagine doing it as a non-US citizen. I've done a long haul ~16-hour flight in business and it was no problem at all. I wouldn't have done it in economy though... So I guess it's a mix of how terrible the layover experience will be mixed with how torturously long the flight will be.
tropicana Sister (19 days ago)
why is there no nuclear powered airplane?
Fran Camino (20 days ago)
No thanks
Charles Andison (21 days ago)
I'd be pretty cautious about taking ANY long haul flight, what isn't in the ads is the higher risk of stroke !
Steven Banks (21 days ago)
Excellent info.
Reaboka Jonathan (21 days ago)
do you any videos Africa?
Jeymison Ribeiro (22 days ago)
11:15 which airport is that?
Songbird (20 days ago)
Jeymison Ribeiro it’s Newark Liberty
thom1218 (22 days ago)
Batteries and electric planes will soon take over.
Kenny G Choonit (23 days ago)
the a380 seem the best choice by far for more than 12 hour flight. the bed business class.
msi (18 days ago)
A380s have outdated cabins mostly
Raven JJ Johnson (23 days ago)
Just did the San Francisco to Singapore on United’s 787. Word For the wise sit on the right side of the airplane because you’ll be in the sun almost ALL the way on the left window. It dims, but that heat still comes through.
56456546643466 (24 days ago)
I'm still getting used to 20 hour hookers
CAPS LOCK (24 days ago)
but... the earth is *FLAT*
Antonette Abe (24 days ago)
Still I would prefer the Concorde 😞
Lauren Buss (25 days ago)
lmao austral-asia
Bo Gao (25 days ago)
I think I prefer shorter, hopped flights. I did JFK-PEK before, and 13 hours in a sealed aluminum tube doesn't feel good. I would much prefer 10-hour LAX-NRT plus 2 regional flights.
stephen shiels (26 days ago)
It would not be very good for the blood circulation on a 20 hour flight.
cchris874 (26 days ago)
I found a 22h 10min flight, from a 1959 timetable. Is there anything that long today?
Shingen Fujiwara (26 days ago)
this means longer bad service MNL to NYK. Filipinos know that airline.
Lucas Frazier (27 days ago)
Great video
Hazardeur (27 days ago)
Kind of dissapointed about the straight lines over the globe....
Michael Lewis (1 month ago)
Peter B (1 month ago)
What an ignorant post. SFO - BOM non stop flight covers 9320 miles in 20 hours by Air India. I have gone in one.
cageordie (1 month ago)
20 hours of hell. Never on United. I might rather die than spend 20 hours in United Economy class.
Jorge Bruno (1 month ago)
This channel owns!!
bob lai (1 month ago)
Better go prepared get down loaded videos ,books to read puzzles to excercise your brain and streching exercises to work on
bob lai (1 month ago)
Atlanta to johanesberg sitting in the middle row in between with over weight passengers that wedges and hangs over taking your space and the in convience of getting up to go to the toilet
Ankles (1 month ago)
I must be getting old. I remember my first trip from Australia to London. Brisbane -Singapore-Mumbai- Dubai-Rome- London . Makes me laugh when people complain about making 1 stop. In those days in flight entertainment was the book you brought with you. The only good thing was that even in economy the seats were about twice the size that they are now and your knees didnt hit the seat in front.
ThisKid (1 month ago)
You: Sitting for 20 hour without moving Blood clot: *it's free real estate*
David Ellis (1 month ago)
On some of those flights there's a lot of distance over open ocean with only two engines to depend on.
Turbo Turtle (1 month ago)
Can you give those 20hr flights a Doug score?
Alex3745 (1 month ago)
Where are they finding this low cost fuel. Last time I checked at my airport it was over 4$ per gallon for jetA1
msi (18 days ago)
Are you pumping liquid gold?
Mr. P. Enis (1 month ago)
When a plane can fly 20,015 km we could go anywhere in the world with a direct flight
கிருஸ் ஸ்ரீ (1 month ago)
The market for non-stop flights from India to North America is also increasing with Air India operating 33 weekly flights to 5 USA cities, due to high demand from Indian diaspora, businessmen and leisure travellers. Just recently Air India started flights from New York to Mumbai along with Delhi. United operates 14 weekly flights from Newark and they're starting San Francisco to Delhi. And Delta is also planning to launch a non-stop service to India after US negotiated with gulf carriers to reduce their subsidies, making this competitive. Earlier the India-US routes used to be dominated by European carriers first, then Gulf carriers and still is and now it's increasing for ultra long haul.
KB Hornblower (1 month ago)
Let me add some comments after watching the video and reading the discussion. As has been stated, extremely long nonstop flights consume more fuel than flying the same route with a fuel stop in the middle. To find out if the reduced fuel consumption in the latter saves the airline in total operating expenses, we need to include stop-related expenses in addition to fuel costs. I can think of some repetitive-stress duty cycle expenses in addition to the airport fees at the stop: 1. Centrifugal and cooling/heating stresses from stopping and restarting the engines. 2. Bending stress in the wings from the weight shift of landing and takeoff. 3. Pressurizing/depressurizing stress on the fuselage during climb and descent. The airline has a maintenance cycle schedule that is calculated on the basis of these stresses as well as whatever stresses are incurred in level flight. I am curious about the magnitude of these stress-related expenses and that of the airport fees. I can imagine that when fuel prices are low, the economics will shift toward favoring the nonstop flight. As for aerial refueling, forget it. Even if there is no danger in our dream world, we need to pay for the tanker's fuel consumption and airport fees.
taketimeout2 (1 month ago)
This video has genuinely educated me. Thank you. I didn't realize that it is cheaper, fuel wise, to stop along the route beyond a certain distance.
Hellions Tao (1 month ago)
Guy talks too fast!!!
Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman (1 month ago)
Neil Armstrong: Hold my beer.
Shan Ferguson (1 month ago)
Guys give a like and support to this pic pls.... thanks fam https://m.facebook.com/lanka.skydive/photos/a.554377858375291/554378978375179/?type=3
Luka Kresoja (1 month ago)
Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet LAG
Azazel (1 month ago)
Bakon (1 month ago)
Honest opinon: my head hurts from sitting up so high in the atmosphere.
michalmartyniuk93 (1 month ago)
2:52 This is funny because "latam" means "I fly/I'm flying" in Polish.
Sylvia Else (1 month ago)
Forget the nop-stop flight - give me something that flattens out so that I can sleep, and you can stop as many times as you like to make it cheaper.
shepardbook (1 month ago)
I miss the flights that had "via" in their itinerary.
Valerio Cotoloni (1 month ago)
Live one entire day on a plane, now you can do that
Nigel Scott (1 month ago)
Non-stopper also means that it will be stopping on each run on a regular basis for refuelling only. Passengers cannot get off even to stretch their leg in a caged compound. One example is Atlanta to Johannesburg, S.A. by Delta. The stop is a mountain top just pushing out of the water in the S. Atlantic, called St.Helena, I think. Just think how neat it would be if it could refueled in the air as with US Air Force tankers instead. Perhaps they could send fresh coffee and donuts! It would knock off a whole hour in a sixteen hour journey.
Coleen West (1 month ago)
Could Qantas fly Melbourne to Toronto non-stop or is that simply too far?
Patrick Eruimy (1 month ago)
Economy seating has to be thought over and redesigned for these ultra long flights, if you want to survive such a flight.
Panicking! At The Disco (1 month ago)
Lmao I love how far New Zealand is from everything
AverageJoe Pro (1 month ago)
Please stop using the medieval imperial system not all your viewers are Americans
Anton Boludo (1 month ago)
OK good, so A-380s will not be used for this?
Suhas Guddeti (1 month ago)
6:13 is it just me or does he say "and" weirdly?
jae0204 (1 month ago)
Rarely, It is useful video for aviation fans, I love it. Meanwhile. this could effect the commercial airliner industry like Airbus and Boeing
ml0130 (1 month ago)
But here's a thing that wasn't brought up even though the plane can go further that doesn't mean that there are more airports that can take/accommodate these planes. Look at the biggest long haul plane the 380. Yes, it can go far and carry a lot of people but 2 major problems. One its hard to consistently fill the plane with people. Two must in the US alone there is only a hand full of airports that can handle that aircraft. For example LAX JFK ATL DEN DFW. Just to name a few. So I think for the long haul it better to somehow get smaller planes that can still go that far.
Jeffrey Place (1 month ago)
obviously the Earth is flat...
martin camilleri (1 month ago)
you: the 787 can fly up to 47632w56374623462368567324632587642 miles while jumbos can only fly 3 miles. me: ha! u make me laugh
9%beer (1 month ago)
From London to Wuhan China flight time is about 18 hours..
Black Swan (1 month ago)
4:15 When will some airline exec discover military air- to- air fueling? So planes on LOOOONG non-stop flights dont have to carry a s**t load of fuel from the get-go?
Black Swan (1 month ago)
How about adding in another video a graph explaining the sensitivity of long nonstop flights to fuel prices : If fuel is = 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, 0.5 USD/ gal on one axis and no of max hours feasible on the other axis
robert retka (1 month ago)
Babies and small children ? Only if they place them in a crying room.
Russ Gallagher (1 month ago)
"Premium economy" class? Umm..my brain just exploded!
robert retka (1 month ago)
2 inches more seat width and 3 inches more space to stretch your legs. What a deal !!!
scumdrops (1 month ago)
One day we will be able to travel 5 x as far non stop! very exiting.
arfyness (1 month ago)
5:04 I'm sure you meant that connecting flights are typically priced LOWER than nonstop flights. Right?
Master Kid (1 month ago)
Sydney to Dallas route is literally entirely all ocean😭thats scary if you ask me
robert retka (1 month ago)
More scary is that at 37,000 ft. alt. the outside air temp. can be @ minus 58 deg.F.. Air? What air? If something happens to the engines the glide distance is a bit over 100 miles. Relax
Hang Zhao (1 month ago)
why passenger liner cannot refilling in the air like military fighters??
robert retka (1 month ago)
Because inflight refueling is more dangerous than you know?
The Mighty Spoon (1 month ago)
Fuck it global warming’s going to hit us like a freight train, might as well ay.
Paco Dave (1 month ago)
Sitting in flights for 15+ hours is terrible. I just try to watch movies/tv or sleep the whole time, but after a while you want to lay down! Air travel is more affordable than ever, but probably less comfortable too.
Brian Ping (1 month ago)
I’m looking forward to Wendover’s “Why the A380 Failed.”
De U (1 month ago)
I always enjoy watching videos on this channel. Looking forward to more videos. Keep up the good work
redopps (1 month ago)
Everyone interested in aviation should try Airline Empires. Really good free browser game about airplane business.
Dale Gribble (1 month ago)
After all the plane crash videos I've watched on YouTube, I'll only take a 20 hour flight when I'm ready to end it all. The slightest crack and spark will send you plummeting to earth. It's a miracle planes don't crash more often🤪
William and William (1 month ago)
I flew from SF to Singapore a few years before 2016 on Singapore Airlines.
Erik Schiegg (1 month ago)
What kind of drug do they distribute to reduce stress behaviour of the passengers? Vaporising marihuana into the cabin air after the first three freak outs?
DE BIZARRE (1 month ago)
Turkish airlines will never get approved for Sydney airport, the amount of terrorists in that country will never get approved by Australia.
Kevin Melchor (1 month ago)
As a travel advisor, the video of explaining longer nonstop flights is well explained. I recommend watching it. Longer nonstop flights are more in price. And some clients of mine do not mind paying more. I also have clients that do not mind paying less for a stopover such as Los Angeles to Taipei to Manila or Los Angeles to Newark to London or San Francisco to Istanbul to Milan or Rome. Stopovers tend to become less in fares and is attractive and plus you can vouch and say you stopped over in a city or country you have never been to. I also recommend in a stopover to stay 24 hours or at least 10 hours to explore a city.