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3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: "Linda, honey, just listen."

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Mateo makes a sweet and convincing argument for cupcakes! Visit us at thebigtino.com facebook.com/thebigtino tvtino.com
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Text Comments (24525)
carty carty (4 hours ago)
So cute
NJ Mountain Biking (9 hours ago)
This went on far to long. In my family he gets shut down immediately. End of story. Push it further and your day is over. Gnight. Enjoy your room for the rest of the day
Deashonae Higgs (10 hours ago)
Linda linda lick it listen to me😂😂
Saurabh (15 hours ago)
dennis the menace I know I am more talking than u. but please listen.
Ilham M (17 hours ago)
don't turn on the subtitel / cc
Goliath (1 day ago)
For any uneducated people out there on development of a human being: This child is 3, he does not mean to 'disrespect' or anything because his ability to differentiate is not there. So if you are severely retard, an abuser or just uneducated, your argument of 'he's disrespecting already' or 'in my time/with my parents this would not be allowed' then you can rest assured your parents abused you for lacking the knowledge that 3 year olds are not able to know, what 'respect' and 'disrespect' really mean. Just because you are a parent doesn't mean you automatically earn respect, medieval mindset. Anyone can procreate, you're not special for impregnating or having been pregnant, and if you hold the opinion that this kid is 'disrespecting' etc then you especially do not deserve respect for being an uneducated and dumb parent who didn't take the time to understand the developmental stages of children.
Caitlin Liversgowdy (1 day ago)
He had to of heard his dad say that so many times so now he says it.
Cityboy Ari (1 day ago)
Who's watching in 2018
BL Snowball (1 day ago)
If that were to be my kid in the future im either going to fuckin spank the shit out of his neck or put him up for adoption
Debby Ek (1 day ago)
Wow I love this kid
camachitoo Gomes (2 days ago)
future lawyer
ThickestOfMints (2 days ago)
Anyone else thinks this kid is super annoying?
STUPID (2 days ago)
2:04 This kid tryna bribe her LMAO!
eko purnomo (2 days ago)
proof of reincarnation
Malik Morton (3 days ago)
Mrs. Rivas (4 days ago)
this is too cute that there is no reason to get mad at him but just love him some more # great future lawyer
divya singh (4 days ago)
"But Linda,Honey Honey"😂😂😂
Natalie Trujillo (5 days ago)
zaigotthehits turner (5 days ago)
He said Linda Linda listen
Virgo Life (5 days ago)
He's not saying "Linda" "Honey" or "Look it" in a disrespectful way, he's saying it because he's copying what his parents say. He's also saying "Look It" because she kept turning her head away to laugh
Tacos R awesome (5 days ago)
I still watch this video he's just so adorable😂😍
Devin Robinson (6 days ago)
My grand ma sent me this I think she thinks it's a young version of me
Jarrett Athey (6 days ago)
this is so cute
Dillon Schillberg (7 days ago)
I love this kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don John (7 days ago)
Listen, listen, Linda. Honey doll. Baby. You're my everything, you know that, right? You're the apple of my eye, my reason for living, puddin'. Quite literally, as a matter of fact. But hear me out, sunshine. My lollipop. Ok? I did not grab those cupcakes, sweetie. I can't even reach them, they're so high. That's beside the stuff that would break by my trying to reach them way up there, understand? Also don't trust everything you hear at gramas house, sugar bumps. You know? And don't pow pow Kevin, either. Because he's innocent too .. Right? Sooo ..
Tricia Kinchen (7 days ago)
Love this!
Eriana C (7 days ago)
0:30 is my favorite part "ok then what" BAHAHA😂😂😂
Jordan Ashley (7 days ago)
Lmao this kid said "ok then what?" Hahaha funny
Linda Macias (7 days ago)
Look at the world my ass😂
Linda Macias (7 days ago)
Every time I watch this I laugh so hard
Markeya Smoot (8 days ago)
This kid so funny LOL
MakeItSweet Le (8 days ago)
Donnie Plouse (8 days ago)
Was he saying Linda lick it?!?!?!?
Blue Galaxy (8 days ago)
Ok I'm listening lol I'm Linda
Chasity Vargas (8 days ago)
So cute n funny my favorite line ""this..this...this..thing"" cute I would let him have 2 cupcakes
Sanukuna Cakey (8 days ago)
Sanukuna Cakey (8 days ago)
Lakefanigan Lay (9 days ago)
Marlon Romero (9 days ago)
This is boring!!!
Erin Xxx (9 days ago)
So beautiful and cute I want him xx
Keith Whitfield (9 days ago)
Ma Dukes AND Pops woulda beat my black ass but this is adorable as fuck lol
Kam Walch (9 days ago)
This is hilarious my favorite part is "linda linda listen to me honey honey. Hahahaha that is funny coming from a 3 year old smart mouth.😂
Lowanda Lee (10 days ago)
I do this all the time...love it
Katerina Filippou (10 days ago)
Love this child 😂❤
I'm ugly I need a life (10 days ago)
good thing yt made it so we can watch things better when it's recorded vertical
Star Magical pasta (11 days ago)
Omg this kid can talk REAL WELL for his age
Noodle ROBLX (11 days ago)
Listen listen listen Linda honey Listen!!
m me (12 days ago)
Scientifically proven corporal punishment traumatizes children.
BreuckelensFinest (13 days ago)
This child is smarter than me bc he can argue a hell of a lot better than me!
Elizabeth Andersen (13 days ago)
Cheesy Waffle (13 days ago)
This kid will be a good lawyer
Julianna Urban (13 days ago)
But he's my little bub bubs ;(
Ammaar Marlan (13 days ago)
But Linda listen listen 😂😂😂
Ember MacFarland (14 days ago)
Ok then what😂
Evan Verlander (17 days ago)
U kids retarded
trubritatheart (17 days ago)
Joel Hernandez (18 days ago)
danny dev (19 days ago)
I really don't want to argue with this guy EVER !
soflo23 (19 days ago)
Its obvious he's talking to his mom the same way he sees his dad talk to her.
Abraham Villarreal (19 days ago)
Dad said stop saying Linda
Damian Mitchell (20 days ago)
Lmao. Too adorable. Kids these days.
Thomas Ager (20 days ago)
Linda, listen to me . . . . you're screwed!!!
Sophia Georgiou (20 days ago)
He's so cuuttteeeeee!!!!!
Ivorion horn (20 days ago)
Linda Kevin is moceing you
Daniel Contreras (20 days ago)
I Hear El Chavo Del Ocho in the background 😂
Curtis Robinson (20 days ago)
Obviously his father treats her like garbage for him to talk like that
alicia barton (20 days ago)
The cutest video I've watched in a long time. This little guy is so adorable and precious.
Tyler Tallman (21 days ago)
Lick it Linda
Kookie Cake (21 days ago)
Kookie Cake (21 days ago)
Omg I love this kid😂♥️😽
Wolfie Caelyn (21 days ago)
Athmar Alghanim (22 days ago)
honey has me dead 😂😂😂😂
Dave Cooper (23 days ago)
just slap him
T.J.A Nation (23 days ago)
Emmanuel Onwuka (23 days ago)
Master negotiator.
GANG GANG (23 days ago)
Joanne Meola (25 days ago)
nayelie reyther (25 days ago)
Tooooooo cute
Gamer Gabe (25 days ago)
Why do people still film in portrait mode
gxvoidkoala- 9000 (26 days ago)
I don't get it
koopaling bro (26 days ago)
I seen this on Instagram
Avery Thompson (26 days ago)
¨Okay then what¨-Mateo
TheEveryday Win (26 days ago)
I can't!!! It's too cute
andreasails2 (26 days ago)
I hope Mateo will study to be a lawyer . He is very intuitive!!!
Hector Magallon (26 days ago)
Hector Magallon (26 days ago)
He's so cut
aRustyPatina (27 days ago)
The Boy is a Broken Record of Daddy's Arguing/Pleading/Controlling Skills. Makes me ill to think that most people think it's cute that the little boy is modeling his Daddy's Disrespect of his Wife......just charming...... AND they were rewarded by Ellen.....** BARF **
Amnesty Holder (27 days ago)
soooo cute!!!!!!!!
dantethekid 24 (27 days ago)
Subscribe to dantethekid24
Tiffany Cooper (27 days ago)
This never gets old 😂😂😂
Flaviusworld L (27 days ago)
abusing children
Miahmacncheeze D (28 days ago)
Linda=mommy Likin=listen. Honey= listen girl i got sonthin to tell ya The little boy=the cuttest thing in the world
Jacqueline (28 days ago)
He called his mom "Linda" and talked to her like that? In a Chinese family, he would probably be terribly scolded before he finishes his first sentence.
exnewsanchor (28 days ago)
It's cute now but it won't be so cute when he's a teenager towering over Mom dong the same thing. It truly is funny but now that they've got the laugh... as Barney Fife used to say on The Andy Griffith show, "Nip it nip it in the bud"
3232myke (28 days ago)
That's funny as shit but foreal u need to nip that shit in the bud too much back talk from him
Aman Lais (28 days ago)
Makenna Custer (29 days ago)
That's my aunt Linda
Frank Samando (29 days ago)
I'm my house if I touch cupcakes I get my ass beat there's no smooth talk if I do what he did
sarah cortez (29 days ago)
This kid is so cute...we all agree. It's funny...we all agree. But this kid has learned he doesn't have to listen to his parent. Then he won't listen to his teachers...and so on.It's still our job to parent. So I was relieved when she said, "I'm the mom and I'm done arguing with you." I would have added, "It's not okay to argue with your mom."
Nelyssa Sosa (29 days ago)
this little kid went viral