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3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: "Linda, honey, just listen."

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Mateo makes a sweet and convincing argument for cupcakes! Visit us at thebigtino.com facebook.com/thebigtino tvtino.com
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Text Comments (24061)
Alasdair Hill (5 hours ago)
Man man right here
Evelyn Blust (1 day ago)
listen linden
Lahela Vlogs (1 day ago)
2:03 but the his thing
Lahela Vlogs (1 day ago)
But he's my little popus 1:40
Vortex Gaming (1 day ago)
ayyitzsasha _ (2 days ago)
Lmao this kid 😂💗
BB Trash (2 days ago)
He sounds like that old Mexican man you see at Walmart arguing with the cashier about how the label said it was on sale but the cashier charges full price
Only 1 Narwhal (2 days ago)
Don't go 💥 💥 on his butt please I'm begging u he did nothing wrong please don't go 💥 💥 PLEASE
Only 1 Narwhal (2 days ago)
Only 1 Narwhal (2 days ago)
I kno
Only 1 Narwhal (2 days ago)
Me too
Only 1 Narwhal (2 days ago)
I vote
Only 1 Narwhal (2 days ago)
I know PLEASE we should start a rebellion
Joseph Jones (3 days ago)
Katie & Emily's channel (3 days ago)
Linda helped me. No lies she's an angel. She's in my dreams . she's a wionderful lady and she's watching and she loves u all very very much and she wants Ernie to have a bit of peace and quiet now.
TiMíyah Richardson (3 days ago)
your child is funny and rude and funny.
Latoya Presnall (4 days ago)
He so adorable
King Savage (4 days ago)
"Linda Lick it Lick it".
Linda Sun (5 days ago)
This kid will be a great lawyer
Brady Kristoff (5 days ago)
Linda this has gone on far enough now you should listen
Alex Yanez (5 days ago)
Yo linda, you know the Guizar's??
Lea Brinkley (5 days ago)
that boy needs to listen to you because he is acting like a grown man but he is not one
Samyra Santana (5 days ago)
Angela Henry (6 days ago)
Linda you need to listen 😂😂😂😂😂😄😅
Charlie P (6 days ago)
There's great career ahead of this kid in either law, politics or sales.
bellyqueennorth (6 days ago)
I accidentally said "listen linda" to a meager. .. is anyone hiring ?
Elizabeth Scholten (6 days ago)
His child is cute but needs a lesson about respect and boundaries
Damita Polo (6 days ago)
I love you Mateo God bless you
Minecraft Kingdom123 (6 days ago)
This was funny but this kid needs a cupcake
Mavy Lujan (7 days ago)
The man has a right to make his case without being interrupted, Linda!
Kotaksurat Ikhwan (7 days ago)
but Linda Linda "Honey" Look at this.. 😂
Some Dude Daquan (7 days ago)
lawyer: hes guilty kid: linda lick it , listen to me lawyer: FUCK hes good
But backwards (7 days ago)
https://youtu.be/TP8RB7UZHKI?t=29s Link for 'Okay then what?'
Taniya Exum (8 days ago)
he is so cute
Bruhh King (8 days ago)
Linda. Linda...lick it lick it 😂
super Cat lady (8 days ago)
Linda Linda honey
Kawaiii Land (9 days ago)
1:38 "He's my little Pap-Paps" 😂😂
Ghost goku (10 days ago)
Nikki Cumberland (10 days ago)
i love how no one.. ever... EVER.. can just see the funny side to these videos. stop making this shit about you. seriously. fuck, that's annoying. just calm the fuck down.
SkyeKingdoM (10 days ago)
Zach sanford 82 (10 days ago)
Jesus Christ
Zach sanford 82 (10 days ago)
What a lame-o that he said Linda he is not allowed to say that He only has to say Mom
Vicki Thiel (10 days ago)
He is so cute!!!! Can't wait for him to become a teenager
Annetta Hunter (10 days ago)
Thats so funny
Imani Carter (10 days ago)
so cute
Chy Stash (11 days ago)
Heather Morello (11 days ago)
he is a riot
carlospablo1986 (11 days ago)
i come here just to see 1:00 😂😂😂 "looket looket looket"
Nefa Loumster (12 days ago)
Papaows in your butt
Ashley Ramnarace (12 days ago)
He is so cuuuuuute😂😍
Tanunchai Boy (13 days ago)
I love him
stogoto (13 days ago)
0:29 "ok then what" lol
Mikey Carden (13 days ago)
how come at 1:05 he says linda lick it lick it
Kikitorres Torres (13 days ago)
Masooma Murad (13 days ago)
He reminds me of my cousin!!! Look up cookies are not junk food. It's so adorable 😂
Meg Sullivan (14 days ago)
Guess fame on the Ellen show is more important to continue his behavior. Wait until those teen hormones kick in. Get some parenting help now. OR you are in for one wild ride later. Got that Linda?
Meg Sullivan (14 days ago)
might be cute now but you are teaching them to argue and also no respect calling you by first name. You keep saying I am not going to argue but keep it going on . Its sending the wrong message. I raised 2 boys alone. Just wait until they get older and you have allowed them to get away with this behavior at their age. No means NO. Need to correct them now. Stop lowering yourself to the level of a 3 yr old.
Danica O (14 days ago)
omg I am dying here. lol. for the last couple of weeks my co-workers kept quoting "listen Linda". I finally asked what it was about & they told me to look it up on YouTube. this was so adorably hilarious. what a little cutie
Hydro (14 days ago)
Linda lick it, wisten
Ghost Lover (14 days ago)
That kid is just like Navi ( Hey listen....LISTEN! )
Aj ally gaming Paterson (14 days ago)
Lol 😆
Jean McPheeters (14 days ago)
Too funny!
sharon f (15 days ago)
This lil boy is beyond intelligent, but learning the condescending behaviour from someone.....
Jaylan Dixon (15 days ago)
Shit was funny bruh
Jaylan Dixon (15 days ago)
Dude disrespectful
Nina Simone (15 days ago)
this is tooo adorable
TheYoungGun (16 days ago)
Stupid bastard. Think he smart
Brendon Norris (16 days ago)
I would have smacked him and then told him to listen then
Chassity Webb (16 days ago)
so funny
Chassity Webb (16 days ago)
looks light two younger jaden
ReganCupcakeGirl (16 days ago)
That's me when I want cupcakes
DpbEntertainer (16 days ago)
Linda lick it lick it lick it
Grace Dressel (17 days ago)
This is lit 😂😂😅
JDM 209 (17 days ago)
why won't Linda just fucking listen
David Cartagena (17 days ago)
Jose Carrillo (17 days ago)
This kid is going to become the best lawyer ever
Madi Sandoval (17 days ago)
He goes to my church lol
Envision the Truth (17 days ago)
Ok then wat 😂
Hossam Elzomor (17 days ago)
I would kick him down and slap him
Dalton Evitts (18 days ago)
that kid is funny
maxximumforce (18 days ago)
I want to know Mateo's immigration status!
Green arrow Gameing (18 days ago)
Jose Alba (19 days ago)
"But Linda honey look it, listen to me"
rorrante (19 days ago)
Funny ! The truth is that NOBODY listens to anyone anymore. They're all too busy staring into their smart/dumb phones.
Joe G (19 days ago)
ive always heard about this video but this is my first time actually watching it. Gah!! why did I take so long to see this?!
haleyskiles65 (19 days ago)
When he says listen it sounds like lick it
Bonby Nicholax (20 days ago)
what a nerv wreaking kid
James Murray (20 days ago)
it sounds like he's saying lick it
Random_ Panda (21 days ago)
I can see my sister in this young child. She's 3 and makes life a living hell
Angelica Rodriguez (22 days ago)
"Da da di di dis ting ga garah" 2:22
Angelica Rodriguez (22 days ago)
Why does he squint his eyes 😑
markarmijoz (22 days ago)
The Magicianist (23 days ago)
0:38 "lick it"
The Magicianist (17 days ago)
Left Handed I know but it sounds like he is saying lick it
Left Handed (17 days ago)
The Magicianist "look it"
christina benway (23 days ago)
so so so cute
Cerysdoc CERYS (23 days ago)
thesavagelinda isdrawing (24 days ago)
photondance (24 days ago)
Linda must have cotton in her ears. The man wants a cupcake, and he can't reach them! How hard is that so hard for Linda to understand?
Anthony Otey (25 days ago)
Ah he is so cute... and fugly
sav4days 22 (25 days ago)
did he still get a "po pow" after the video
Chrissy Lindsay (25 days ago)
this will never get old 😂😂😂
Jahneye Holton (26 days ago)
Haha Lol.
Lowanda Lee (26 days ago)
I was talking to a lady, and she didn't get what I was saying, i broke out with "listen Linda. she cracked up. lol
Toni Hawkins (26 days ago)
...But he's my little bop-bops 😂😂😂
Quinton Bobbitt (26 days ago)
what an asshole
SnapperHD (26 days ago)
i can't believe this video is already 3 years old! time flies so fast
Luiz Dias (27 days ago)
He is right.. his point is that the house is none of theirs.. not his, not the moms, and the mom is using grandma`s things, but he is not allowed to. To which he feels is injustice. I agree with him, his mom is not listening to his argument. The mom could have explained..I made the cupcakes in grandma`s kitchen with her permission, you can eat those, just not now.. so you and I have both right to be here, use things, but there is a time for eating the cupcakes, just not now.. etc.. they are both arguing about different topics, the mom about the cupcakes, he is arguing about touching grandma`s stuff.. - I had to listen to him 3 or 4 times to get his point..