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3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: "Linda, honey, just listen."

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Mateo makes a sweet and convincing argument for cupcakes! Visit us at thebigtino.com facebook.com/thebigtino tvtino.com
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Text Comments (23886)
Sonja Braveheart Brooks (3 hours ago)
I laughed sooooooo hard!
actressV (3 hours ago)
This will never get old. "Linda, look it..."
TheEarthCreature (4 hours ago)
Haha what a brat.
Hermanjildo Montes (4 hours ago)
Damn it Linda! Just listen... lol
Jason Anthony (7 hours ago)
Because he's a little kid people think that this shit is cute?? geez...
KAKASHI HATAKE (8 hours ago)
Haha 😂 go kid go you can win I know you can
this kid is pure gold
Uber Steve (9 hours ago)
He threatening to trash the kitchen? If only he had the strength to flip that table.
get money Ato (9 hours ago)
He didn't turn on his mans under pressure i like that 💪👏
MIX Videos (14 hours ago)
He soo cute ❤️
Grayson Vlogs (22 hours ago)
hey eh bee family i love you
Michelle Gillie (1 day ago)
This is the ultimate best video! Love it
mara41205 (1 day ago)
Why did she call you Linda
Tyrone Crayton (1 day ago)
0:30 "Okay den wut?" I DIED "Then I have to spank Kevin." "But he is my little pop-pop." I ROLLED IN MY GRAVE
Maria Casella (1 day ago)
Linda Linda Linda listen to me!!look it!! Lmao this kid is so cute ..how this Mom kept a straight face lol..he's gonna be a good lawyer lol
Internet Gangster (1 day ago)
If this came out in 2018 feminist would call him sexist for saying honey
Square Bear (1 day ago)
I would smash that little fucker in the kid face.
Trevor Wilson (1 day ago)
That's hilarious
Irene Rex (1 day ago)
This conversation should have stopped the minute he questioned the mother's authority and called her by name. BAD PARENTING. 👎👎👎
Cynthia Meyers (1 day ago)
Paris Webster (1 day ago)
*L O L*
Scottishlander (1 day ago)
Omg. Adorable.but why does he call you by your first name if you’re the mom?
Terri LaValle (1 day ago)
Maybe he needs to learn respect ......
Esme Byrne (1 day ago)
Lol so funny
The Lott (1 day ago)
"OK" "OK then what" -Speech:100
FLORIN SEKOSAN (1 day ago)
This video was in my 6th grade health class
mango juice ! (1 day ago)
Lick in lick in lick in Linda
hector rivera (1 day ago)
That's the dad talking
Life of Azzy (1 day ago)
Wait so this all about cupcakes for dinner 🤣
rylee fogle (1 day ago)
damnn thats so me now and im 13
Alfredo perez (1 day ago)
How come he tried to steel a cupcake
margarita rico (1 day ago)
Instant savage, OK THEN WHAT
Joe Dirte (1 day ago)
Why are people automatically assuming he is talking to his mom? It could be his older sister, aunt, cousin who baby sitter knows. Sensitive ass haters stay guessin
the jager gamer (1 day ago)
This kid is fucking annoying and so retarded
livewithpassion2001 (1 day ago)
And people wonder why kids grow up and become criminals. I don’t see any humor in disrespect.
Joe Dirte (1 day ago)
livewithpassion2001 What part was disrespectful?
Angel Johnson (1 day ago)
But Linda, Linda, Linda, honey, listen to me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😱 He is too cute
kitty cathaly (2 days ago)
mom: then I have to spank Kevin Mateo: but he's my lil pup pup's OMG SO ADORABLE😻😻😻
Ruben Lemus (2 days ago)
2:27 I'm hulk
Kay Star (2 days ago)
This little boy makes my day bright. His mom is awesome!
SwamiJamesVyom (2 days ago)
Betcha it's from his grandma
Bre Caston (2 days ago)
Linda just listen just please follow his insroctions
Joe Barbagallo (2 days ago)
Kids needs to go to law school to become a litigation lawyer lol
Joe Barbagallo (2 days ago)
Mimicking his father for sure. Lol lol
Lilacorn Splash98 (2 days ago)
OMG cool
Doge Official (2 days ago)
What's gonna burn your butt?
Daniel Montoya (2 days ago)
I would have slapped that kid already. If I tell you not to do something don't do it.
The cousins that are just like brothers 71 (2 days ago)
Listen Linda listen
makhi Vlogs (2 days ago)
I’m dead 💀 omllll I see the light
Michael Schrank (2 days ago)
Erin Newlin (2 days ago)
I found this kid kinda annoying, I think he needs them spanks lol
Gabby's Life Channel (2 days ago)
john henderson (2 days ago)
3 years old what a star in the making......
yaya forlife (2 days ago)
Listen Linda
Jesse Baca (2 days ago)
He really is a character😃
Wolf Trainer Kaiyla (2 days ago)
My brother was exactly like this when he was younger 😂😂
Stivi & Milo Brines (2 days ago)
Wisdom Calls (2 days ago)
Kids, The best negotiators in the world!!!!
Joseph Smith (2 days ago)
A born Lawyer
Paula Guinazzo (2 days ago)
Totally adorable...kiss that sweet face...
1Kay Vibez1 (2 days ago)
2018 and I'm still here.
Ryu xR (2 days ago)
Im trying to figure out what point hes trying to make when hes telling his mom to listen lol.
Sie_ liE (2 days ago)
Linda honey 😂😂😂
Michael Hughes (2 days ago)
He convinced me! Let's get those cupcakes.
Howard Riesel (2 days ago)
This kid is something else. Why does Mom allow this "Linda" stuff ? Honey ??
T T (2 days ago)
Wow. That child needs to be reprimanded for lack of respect towards adults.
ROBLOX Girl 101 (3 days ago)
Lol if u watch rio it's says this lol
PETE Zah SLICE (3 days ago)
Linda lick it... and when I say lick it.. I mean lick my pee wwes
joy austin (3 days ago)
This reminds me of my oldest daughter....did she give him lessons lol.
Rod Labbe (3 days ago)
Why doesn't she just lick it?
Sarah Quinerly (3 days ago)
You better say it. He is really trying to proved his point
robert densmore (3 days ago)
How did she shrink her husband!?
Do you know Dae wae (3 days ago)
Maybe Linda should listen😂
GUTER FÜHRER 1488 (3 days ago)
Illegal spick
Lauren Reilly (3 days ago)
Don’t hit kids LINDA!!!!!!!!
Unique (3 days ago)
He's to funny....never gets old.
8-bit panda (3 days ago)
Listen linda
Brandon (3 days ago)
Monkey see Monkey do.
Farhan Haider (3 days ago)
David Ramirez (3 days ago)
Cute. But who is the adult here. Sounds like the child doesn't want to listen either. It's sad because he's mimicking his Father when arguing with Mom.
coolwater55 (3 days ago)
All time favourite video! I noted plastic on top of table cloth! Yes!..But Mateo Priceless.❤
Matthew Bassler (3 days ago)
This little man is funny,very opinionated
Joey Evans64 (3 days ago)
Can I get More subscribers?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andres Romero (3 days ago)
Linda honey! What! Lick what? 😏 😟
BananaManda (3 days ago)
Might be cute now, but this isnt somethimg to encourage or tolorate.
Ceanna Charlize (3 days ago)
This kid is amazing
Julie Harrison (3 days ago)
Dapple Draws (3 days ago)
This kid is a huge brat
Brat Baby (2 days ago)
Dapple Draws after my HEART
writeract2 La Principessa Anne (3 days ago)
This is adorable. He is CUTE!! Why is he calling the Mom "Linda" - Linda Linda, listen to me listen to me.
Geiner Gomez (21 hours ago)
Linda is Spanish for "cutie".
STLCODPS3123 (3 days ago)
Pretty damn mature for a 3 year old! I would’ve been screaming and crying if I were him 😂
I love The Dolan twins (3 days ago)
Im dying on the floor rn 😂😂😂😂
Prince Mauhdi III (3 days ago)
i need my son to never use the word honey, nor ever consume cupcake sugar flour. but this is what happens when the man is off working, & the sons are hanging @ home with mom, who's eating sweets, so he wants sweets, then that's corrupting his male genes..I look at Conor McGregor's son, Conor so busy, away from home for training, working, promoting, making money, while the mother of his kid, is feeding his prince, his 1st born son, total junk, he's a bloated, fat mess from eating a sweet junk diet of sugar, carbs, starch, glucose..& girls have evolved to digest that for the most part, but men cannot.then you wonder why men die so much sooner than women, not just the stress of being the sole provider, but girl diets. it kills us off, early. my grandpa, uncles, gone. colon cancer & stroke, both food related. trying to digest the same carbs & starch girls do, girls feed us, constipation, ferments, feeds the cancer cells, done. stroke, eat junk, high blood pressure meets high blood sugar combo, stroke, out. heart attack. greasy thick fried junk carbs, girls can, just stores as soft fat tissue, their bodies are built to handle curvy fat. guys, that shit clogs our arteries, till boom, heart attack, out. top 3 causes of male death, all from eating girl foods.
Quinn Doggett (4 days ago)
Linda but honey look it lol I am dying 😂
Sunshine Fleming (4 days ago)
"Linda, honey..." This young man has been listening to daddy lol😂😂😂
BlaCk RoSeS (4 days ago)
So cute hahaha
Aries Candelas (4 days ago)
Soooo cute I can see this a millions of times I love this
Warrior Mindset (4 days ago)
Pow pows huh? Shit I wish when I was little I got pow pows....... I got bangs, thwacks, and thuds😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Antonio Silveira (4 days ago)
Future LAWYER, defense
Kari Zavala (4 days ago)
I'm watching this 2018
Kari Zavala (4 days ago)
I love this little guy he's so adorable hehe 😂😂😂 loving him!! He's s on small adorable and oh lick it and burn your but!!!
2-MINUTE-ZAC : (4 days ago)
Look it look it