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BAIT BOX - Revenge is Sweet!

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Text Comments (2105)
fasteddie4145 (13 minutes ago)
the 990 people who gave this a thumbs down would steal your shit.....
Justin Carvin (1 hour ago)
Borderlands808 (4 hours ago)
Some dynamite next please!! Or some C-4 Lol
Negotiator007 (5 hours ago)
anyone notice how from the start the security camera shows the year 2006 then jumps to 2016?
God Bless General Lee (5 hours ago)
Death to all thieves lol
Gort Newton (9 hours ago)
Bait Boxes! Conquering the world, one thief at a time.©
786philb (11 hours ago)
How many likes can I give this. Brilliant
Jesus Alfaro-Garcia (11 hours ago)
this was awesome!
cyndy t (17 hours ago)
This is why I love Tom
Rob F (22 hours ago)
Nice !!
Rog1550 (22 hours ago)
I Love all people, but I hate thief's they get what they deserve.
Canyoueventhink? Probablynot. (22 hours ago)
lol Awesome!!!
Mr. MOTORMASTER (22 hours ago)
i want to make one using a granade 🎁🏃💥💢🔥💀🔥
Bob Clavile (23 hours ago)
OUTSTANDING IDEA. Congratulations for giving them what they WERE HOPING FOR. Good stuff. Keep it up.
X Ballyhoo (1 day ago)
VoooonndahBaaugh!!!!! Beeeeeaaauuuuty Eh!
MrBadApple999 (1 day ago)
Next time put a real bomb
Mco Heating (1 day ago)
are your guys seriously ok if I was that guy I have your address I wold fuck you badly I would come after you with all my powers be careful
paperchasser54 (1 day ago)
alan30189 (1 day ago)
Great job on the bait box, and OMG, your wife is beautiful!
ldenisedavis (1 day ago)
Awesome! That's what he gets, the miserable reprobate!
Lightpaws Hird (1 day ago)
You should give your neighbors around the area a few of these boxes.. I bet that guy never comes back!
LeeBlackish (1 day ago)
That's a shitty thing to do ... rotflmao
Frankie Frankerson (1 day ago)
cool trick
wholeNwon (1 day ago)
This sort of stuff has some amusement value, therefore YT video, but the people who actually do it risk SERIOUS criminal and civil liability. Think you delivered "justice", well, maybe. But it could cost you your house, car, salary for years and prison time. Then there's the fact that the thief knows where you live! Note though that the poster concealed the thief's face. Why was that? Well, maybe he wasn't a real thief at all. Or maybe he knows something about liability laws. Best thing: Have your packages delivered to a secure place and/or have a camera pointed so that license plates can be recorded.
Gary Bradbury (1 day ago)
Funny......20 mins later and i`m still laughing
Day Home (1 day ago)
Two thumbs up!
Captain Everything (1 day ago)
Awesome Prank. Love you on B&T too. Take Care
Anthony Pirozzi (1 day ago)
oldedude51 (1 day ago)
AWESOME!  I hope you had the biggest, baddest, rankest, nastiest sh*t you could find in that box.  I hope it was bad enough to gag a jackal.  Oh, and then I hope he got turned into the cops. What a low life PoS.
VolDep45 (1 day ago)
Awesome!! I hope he got some of it in his mouth.
C Lee (1 day ago)
Why post the stupid video when you have no ball to show the thief's face???
SoundSoCollective (1 day ago)
I doubt this is real,,,, or you would have the person arrested for theft... also the tv cctv room with a mildy hot chick just screams bait,, oh and dude in the Back,, Big Country!! shit is tooo bait
Mark Butler (1 day ago)
Well done !
james simmons (1 day ago)
wow that was good video im rofl my ass of ty for that
roger davis (1 day ago)
I think that an exploding poop box is the funniest thing in the world. I am beginning to question my intelligence. Please continue" spreading".
Absoleet (1 day ago)
Baldmeister in an suv
moosefactory133 (1 day ago)
Talk about having a $hitty day
G. Andrew (1 day ago)
That shud orta larn the iggorant basstids
Dylan Tomasi (1 day ago)
ra5928 (1 day ago)
If that's your mailbox in front, you should put a camera there to get the license plates. Then again, a lap full of $hit is justice enough.
Jacob Beck (1 day ago)
that was pretty fuckin kickass!
bRad Nichols (1 day ago)
I seriously hope you had human feces for that thief ! ! !
marcelino calvo (1 day ago)
coloradokid79 (1 day ago)
why pixellate? let everyone see the piece of shit thieving ass hole!
Brad Griffin (1 day ago)
That is Gold! Dry retching on the sidewalk and all :D
MrWestbrook78 (1 day ago)
I would have called the police and have him charged with stealing your s***
geno mccgeno (1 day ago)
That was fucking awesome !
Rich P (1 day ago)
Love you guys, that was great.
Dale Allen (1 day ago)
did this about 1996 , we had thieves watching us put our tools away . we had a empty box and a dry waller used a coffee can as a bathroom . we put the can in the box with some bricks . they ran up and grabbed it , put it in a car and fled . I really wish I could have seen their faces !
David Northrup (1 day ago)
how did you make the Box explode
MKK Properties (2 days ago)
Of course ONLY LOSERS put thumbs down to the video!!!
tina A (2 days ago)
warviper GT (2 days ago)
o wow hes a anglo cool
SanPedro22 (2 days ago)
Ad too long. Next video.
Antar Blaque (2 days ago)
AWESOME!!! I have NO love or sympathy for theives!!!
eight inches (2 days ago)
This is excellent. Serves these assholes right.
Brian Rodgers (2 days ago)
Please share how this is done. I have the same problem.
Pro. Logic (2 days ago)
MabelnAmerica: Keep up the good work.
nosoul4 (3 days ago)
I'm surprised that gold car has been creeping by for a solid decade. Look at the time stamp
MabeInAmerica (2 days ago)
+nosoul4 hahaha! Yeah, I placed the time stamps on it
Kevin C (3 days ago)
Who's the blonde? More of her please lol.
iodinesoul (3 days ago)
Maybe they'll learn you don't steal people's shit....Literally!!
BeAsA Roze (3 days ago)
Do it again!
DONTUO Harris (3 days ago)
Make sure you eat plenty of eggs and broccoli before you crap in the box....A good stool softener would make a nice consistency to it as well.
nevyen (3 days ago)
Not enough explosives.
Jimmy Erbe (3 days ago)
funny funny funny as shit
ToyChainsawMassacre (3 days ago)
Gary Daniel (3 days ago)
I love this video.
An R (3 days ago)
Excellent man, great job. Can you give us the recipe?
Mr Robb (3 days ago)
Right on
nuffflavor (3 days ago)
sjw suck ass (3 days ago)
shit car anyway
joe woodchuck (3 days ago)
A movement sensor should be easy to make. I'm thinking a flat head screw balanced on it's head on a metal plate. When it tips from movement it completes a circuit. Either with electronic time delay (ebay item) or without, a AA cell connected to a model airplane engine glow plug which lights a small firecracker fuse. Other methods invited. CO2 cartridge, can of compressed air, maybe a strong spring release?
joe woodchuck (3 days ago)
I just thought of a partially open bottle (loose cork?) of liquified crap that tips over when the package is moved from it's original position. In the car, the liquid leaks through the cardboard box, but the thief finds out too late when it's already spilling inside the car. Yeah, I like that one better without electricals, etc.
Nightcrawler 2 (3 days ago)
criswellwj (3 days ago)
Wow same car drives by 10 years later on the same date.
steve cohick (3 days ago)
Lol funny I was surprised he was white
J Gillespie (3 days ago)
perfect get a piece of shit with shit
Jon R (4 days ago)
why blur a d bags face?
ridicule35 (4 days ago)
should use some sort of acid so he's physically fucked up, marked "thief for life" ... no mercy...
wingnutofcoolness (4 days ago)
I love it. He and the interior of his car are splattered with shit. Can't call the cops.
Greg Smith (4 days ago)
HJB Productions LLC (4 days ago)
gmc9753 (4 days ago)
I think a box covered with Bitrex would be appropriate. It's the most bitter substance known so you know the thief would eventually get some of it in his mouth.
jérome le floch (4 days ago)
Bravo dépose un brevet et vends la
Gene Boice (4 days ago)
Msdhdjmz (4 days ago)
too friggin funny,,,karma's a bitch 😁
David Stegman (4 days ago)
James Hollen (4 days ago)
priceless !
Five Inchfish (4 days ago)
Wouldn't it be hilarious if this was real?
Steve Thunder (4 days ago)
should fill the box with nails aswell and hurt the thieving twats
Phil Preston (4 days ago)
Why blurry out the guys face...let us all know who these thieves are.
allboydogs (4 days ago)
Shoulda showed the assholes face
Randall Flagg (4 days ago)
if these are actual criminals, you should _not_ do them the courtesy of censoring their faces
jack sparrow (4 days ago)
make an exploding box of nails
woodandwirepiper (4 days ago)
ha ha
Dormantheart (5 days ago)
Dats two day old poop right there.
ten ring (5 days ago)
Should have put a real bomb in there and blowed the theiving fucker in pieces! Great prank tho shit in face is better than nothing!
Sasaki Walker (5 days ago)
this shit is funny but that asshole should get jail time.
Stephen Thomas (5 days ago)
The best thing I've seen all week!!! Priceless!!
Monster commenter (5 days ago)
Next time do an exploding box of hydroflouric acid.