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BAIT BOX - Revenge is Sweet!

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Text Comments (4754)
Turnip (3 hours ago)
Is that human syit?
paul k (7 hours ago)
what if said thief returns and starts breaking windows in house with boobie box? they could come in from a different angle as to stay off camera or wear a hoodie and mask so home owner could not identify who it is. be careful with these pranks as they may backfire.
t s (11 hours ago)
That is awesome
LaughTooHard (11 hours ago)
This is a problem that's easily solvable. Just talk to your driver and ask him or her to leave packages at your backdoor. Another option is if packages are being left in sight from the street call in a complaint. It will be solved quickly.
6 6 (11 hours ago)
Go to the bad part of town. Collect all the syringes you can find on the ground. Dump the needles in the box and fill with packing peanuts. This will protect the needles from damage.
Will Wigginton (12 hours ago)
How many times did you shit in the box. I'm going to make one.
Christopher Russell (23 hours ago)
Have you tried using a red food dye in the box. The thief would be marked for weeks, particularly if you use cocheniel; the natural red colour!
menyamya itambu (1 day ago)
he deserves it in fact he earned it loooooooooooooooooool
Lorraine Hutton (1 day ago)
...but why blot out his face. Everyone should be able to see his damn face!!
blueskdragonFX (2 days ago)
What I don't get is why aren't the package deliverers not taking back the package when nobody is home? They just put it on the porch ready for everyone's taking. Here in the Netherlands and almost every other country in Europe if someone is not home they either bring the package to a pickup point which almost every supermarket has or they will put a note in the mailbox that has the time on it for the next day they try to deliver it again. Even UPS does that here in the Netherlands. That will save allot of trouble and those porch thieves would be out of business.
lino klein meuleman (2 days ago)
Shoot his ass off
Crypto Analytics (3 days ago)
Put wasps in it
Crypto Analytics (3 days ago)
Now put some paint in it
jon williams (4 days ago)
they should be shot
Nonya Busi (4 days ago)
Didn't see it though, get one where it goes off with them carrying it
Ur2stupid2function (4 days ago)
now that was awesome. Why these thieves feel they are entitled to other peoples property is unreal to me. I despise thieves.
ACoustaDC (4 days ago)
I wuv you (said like astro)
Esther Wolf (4 days ago)
If it weren't animal cruelty I would make a package with a venomous snake so the thief would get bit and die, that would put a stop to it at least for that thief.
Esther Wolf (4 days ago)
Shame on them, some people have special cancer meds delivered to them, the thought that a slimy low life creature invades someone's property to steal a package, shame on you fuckin thief.
Esther Wolf (4 days ago)
Someone needs to make a special delivery box nailed to concrete to put packages under lock and key.
sibertooth (4 days ago)
Change the timer to 15 sec mate ..
Carol Lee (4 days ago)
ROFLMAO! I bet next time you see him, you will have a difficult time keeping a straight face!
KartonnenDoos (5 days ago)
Here in The Netherlands packages are given to your neighbour if you aren't home and when you're home you go to their house and they give your package
Alessandro Girotti (5 days ago)
I just hope that was real poop, or better, real diarrhea!! They deserve only that!! ;) Next time, please, try to follow them record their faces after that explosion! It would be great!! For us, obviously. Aaaand... Do not censor their faces! Let the World to see a theft!
Vic Rivera VRP, Inc. (5 days ago)
Awesome. Thanks for making my idea real. Sure I'm not the only one who thought of it and you pulled it off sweet.
Chris King (6 days ago)
happy Gabby!!! (7 days ago)
Rapture's Next (7 days ago)
It's about time someone did it right!
ApplePie 2017 (7 days ago)
Just saw this. Epic! Those thieves are so blatant, and don't even try to hide their faces or cars. Too bad it didn't blow his windshield out.
Anne Rhoads (7 days ago)
David Thomspson (7 days ago)
Paul Cameron (7 days ago)
good idea; but use much more explosive next time to blind the thief
Edward Schmitt (7 days ago)
Not funny when the ATF shows up and you get charged. Then the thief sues you and low and behold in our great country you are liable for the guys "pain and suffering". Thief gets slap on the wrist for petty theft (although arguably theft of something of zero value is not even theft), and some of your hard earned money. Guy deserved it and it was funny but you provided evidence for the above to happen, online. Be careful.
Jeff Ebner (8 days ago)
Put fire ants in the box, you'll see them all jump out.
dawn zeraus (8 days ago)
why blurring his face?
Meat Head (8 days ago)
Absolutely fucking hilarious... That's pure Gold..
Stephanie Murray (8 days ago)
Are delivery companies allowed to leave packages without signing for them? Here in europe they leave a paper for you to go pick up if its postal and contact you via sms ifs its ups ,,, no leaving packages ! and anyway who has packages delivered if they know they will not be home ? sounds silly to me.
Roberto Viana (8 days ago)
good job.
Hello God (8 days ago)
Hopefully the guys in the car their mouths were OPEN when it went off. 🙀🙀🙀👍🏻
Hello God (8 days ago)
I guess shit happens
Sonja G. (9 days ago)
Dear Sir: On behalf of victims whose packages were stolen by "porch pirates" I curtsy to thee.
Shane ORegan (9 days ago)
I --i-- i--LOVE IT !!!!
TheRPGenius (9 days ago)
I feel like if you want to become a package thief, you should _really_ do the research and make sure that there aren't any professional comedians living in the neighborhood you're targeting.
colin958 (9 days ago)
If only he left the Fan Off
seuratguy (9 days ago)
Why does the year change from "06" to "16" at 0:35????
Black Swan (10 days ago)
Puhlease, lower the volume on your next video. No need to get so excited that you sc%^w our ears , bro!
Arthur Castle (10 days ago)
Miguel Rodriguez (10 days ago)
I bet the inside of the car is completely smeared in shit. He's gonna have to sell the car to a chop shop, but even they may refuse to take a car like this one after the shit exploded inside.
marcel gervais (10 days ago)
Karol klocolus (10 days ago)
You should add more shit!
Lisa Baltzer (11 days ago)
Unlucky Neighbor (11 days ago)
More more more!!!
Gejor Dominguez (11 days ago)
Thomas cleary (11 days ago)
How did you make it? I want to do the same thing!
Home Collecttive (11 days ago)
tOO funny...
carl t (11 days ago)
That was a shitty surprise, bahahahaha
Thomas Kar (11 days ago)
Revenge is a bi@ch
rrhone (11 days ago)
Hell YES!!!!! I like that. How bout some skunk oil to go with that?
S Harviroc EL (11 days ago)
FRANK GETSUM (11 days ago)
barry noel (11 days ago)
i would love to see how yall did this i have the same problem
Tasha Vladimiroff (12 days ago)
Awesome. Why blur their faces?
Noodles Womdombus (12 days ago)
0:33 Ten years laterrr...
Jack Jones (12 days ago)
I can't believe how brazen some of these thieves are walking up to your front door in the middle of the day, wow.
real justice (12 days ago)
Love Tom Mabe
pokeball3799 (13 days ago)
I remember picking up a package for my grandma cause she was at the hospital and a guy with his dog passed by....that dog didn't give me any mercy..
late fall chill (13 days ago)
It should have been same day, fresh juicy, poop !!!!!!  next time show the face ...why are you protecting the thief ? Somebody could recognize him and he could be arrested.
Bill Carroll (13 days ago)
Epic 👍💩👍
gfx4u1716 (13 days ago)
Ok I want to see the video of how to make the shit box bomb. Can you make and upload the video.
bongoboyj (13 days ago)
This is great. Stealing from a prankster AHAHAHAHA! and one of the biggest of all time.
Jerry W Heath (13 days ago)
why hasnt someone come up with die packs like the banks use there stealing mark them for a while
Victor Silva (13 days ago)
Why censor the lowlife's face?
Mike Y (13 days ago)
That was awesome S*** for a piece of s***
Brian Pruett (14 days ago)
BS !!! Tom
naju332 (14 days ago)
I LOVE THIS IDEA, they should do more of this to those bastards
Elmware (14 days ago)
I wonder how much trouble one would get into, if they were to leave a box on the porch, with a hornet's nest inside? It would almost be worth it to get those bastards.
Best Forex Robot 2018 Elite Forex Scalper V10 (14 days ago)
Stealing mail is a federal offence. These people have no idea they are playing with fire.
ZadZadrack (14 days ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. WICKED. Who said that 'S...t' is sweet, revenge is, surely, but not the CONTENT of this Box. BRILLIANT. I can't for the life of me understand why some people resort to thievery?
Billy Joe (14 days ago)
Awesome stuff haha, I love my town, 6 hours my Nvidia shield sat on my pouch and it was still there when I got home.
Bob Smith (14 days ago)
Next time fill the box with shit covered nails.
specialty k (14 days ago)
YES!!!!! I started laughing as soon as he picked up the box. Now that's instant karma!
Sonja Jefferson (14 days ago)
OMG that was Great!!!!
Jeeta Ryo (14 days ago)
In my world anyone who steals something , no matter how small would get lashes publicly, at least!
Jose Rosales (15 days ago)
Omg This guy is hilarious
Reggie A. Stroud (15 days ago)
Jim Wellman (15 days ago)
Comin in a little too hot for me.
BlackMambakins (15 days ago)
Cobra Kai (15 days ago)
Cougar Serrault (15 days ago)
Ceed 3D (15 days ago)
Now that's the SHIT...
GUNVALKERIE (16 days ago)
Bleu Skye (16 days ago)
Love it !!!!!
Mien ROY (16 days ago)
It would be better if you put shits
Bob E (16 days ago)
Just like Pavlov's dog, he got conditioned:) Imagine a guy with a box over head showing up on that lardbag's own porch on H-ween, LMFAO
Richard Romine (16 days ago)
Now load a box with red fox urine!! Be careful not to get any on you! It don't wash off!!!
bevy king (16 days ago)
great! show his face though...zoom in and freeze frame the creepin thief
George Mecek (16 days ago)
Did you use liquid ass in the box!
Izo Khan (16 days ago)
I love it
Alain de Jacmel (16 days ago)
good shit....no pun intended
unit entierly (17 days ago)
What kinda fecies are we talking? Animal, human ? Cocktail?