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BAIT BOX - Revenge is Sweet!

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Text Comments (3927)
t diz (1 day ago)
Tony Caira (1 day ago)
you got a good thing there too bad we cant see the greedy fuckers open it at the door.... shit spray that would be nice..........
Grand Tickler (1 day ago)
does the law allow delivery companies to just leave packages on the front porch in America? In the netherlands they either have a lot more options. 1: house owner isn't home so they ask the neighbors if they could hold the package for them, and if they want to sign for it. 2: if neighbors dont accept the package, the package will be attempted to be delivered 1 more time the next day. 3: If home owner still isnt there, package will be delivered at the closest store/supermarket which volunteer for this. which will be kept for about 2 more weeks. its quite smart of supermarkets to do this because they often have a big magazine for storage, and it will attract more customers.
Keni Snedeker (2 days ago)
Show the piece of craps face.
Charles Elliott (2 days ago)
Please, Please keep this up and nail those rotten bas tards......
USS ENTERPRISE (2 days ago)
Well done! Looks like that thief barfed up his lunch!
Rob Gibson (2 days ago)
Not sure why you blurred his face. There no expectation of privacy.
umigainsborough (2 days ago)
couldnt you just make 1 of your iron man suit guard your box?
RE (4 days ago)
Why would you cover his face you idiot
Johnson Qu (5 days ago)
Why'd you blur his face?
Alex (6 days ago)
Dude that. Video from 2006. 12 years ago WTF
Salobrena Smith (6 days ago)
I would show his face
Caleb Gentry (6 days ago)
Did you report him? Sounds like you know who he is.
Noctra Sumone (7 days ago)
That was some funny shit ..lol you should do it again .hahahha
orouba14 (7 days ago)
Oh that was so satisfying.
David Meyer (7 days ago)
the best video ever 100%.. a face full of shit ......
VegasNative63 (7 days ago)
Mike C (8 days ago)
UPS never rings my doorbell even though I have asked them.
Choose Life (8 days ago)
Too bad he kept his legs. Good American soldiers lost theirs so that this scum could walk.
Bryan Moore (8 days ago)
Did you get his licence number? I agree exploding dye would be the best, like they used to do with bank bags handed over in a robbery.
paul kieffer (8 days ago)
Freaking boring get a life
George Stokes (8 days ago)
i like the way you waited until  he got back in the car.    As for me i would have had it do more  than just blow up in their face.
Ronnie Caporuscio (8 days ago)
How about doing an exploding box of sulfuric acid in the face that would be great
Samuel Segal (8 days ago)
Put lots of pepper in the expoding bait!😆😂
Cruz Dominguez (8 days ago)
Good work!
Guillaume2606 (8 days ago)
Beautiful!! But the main problem is the system itself! If a delivery guy can't hand over the box to the addressee, it should never be left on a porch! After a second or even third delivery attempt It should be taken to a collection center, where the addressee can pick it up. If not picked up within 4 weeks it's to be send back to the sender. THAT's how it is done in most coutries!
Jack Rogers (9 days ago)
Crapping in a box was funny enough. Ha!!!!
Themistocles (9 days ago)
Ali Amjad (9 days ago)
Loool the bold rat drives up an down before he makes the move
MustangWriter (10 days ago)
Excellent. He's damn lucky it was just poop.
Rabbit Snare (10 days ago)
Rig a box that looks like a new Cuisinart or coffee maker or something. Replace the item with a bottle (or 2) of used motor oil. When the thief opens the box, the bottle opens and oil pours out - hopefully onto his very expensive table or rug.
rob wells (10 days ago)
ppl actually give this thumbs down?
Towlie The towel (10 days ago)
Nice 👍
TheRationalAnarchist (11 days ago)
You're a lot nicer than I am. I would have wired up a pipe bomb with shrapnel to a cell phone and waited about 15 minutes after it was stolen to light them up. Just make sure to not leave an address label on the box, at least not one with your name and address.
stewart thomas (11 days ago)
Was it human poop . That would even make tit better
Eve Faustin (11 days ago)
Well done!👍👍👍👍👍👍 Fucking thieves... I hate them!
Aptom7747 (11 days ago)
bruh set the timer for 15sec
Waterbird 4222 (11 days ago)
Good for you. So glad it went off in the car as well. Too bad you don't have a remote so that you could've set it off as he got in the car. The driver would've been spooked and possible drug the motherfucker down the street.
Lilly VonShtup (11 days ago)
ChuckyT (11 days ago)
I wonder if he got poop in his eyes and mouth? hope it was HUMAN poop!
Ms MD (12 days ago)
How about a snake ?
Colin Dorrans (13 days ago)
Nicholas Littlejohn (14 days ago)
Always get them in their car.
left4deadian (14 days ago)
it would be cooler if its an explosive device
M. Iaz (14 days ago)
The thief literally had a shitty day.
FORD #1 (14 days ago)
Hell ya!!!!!!
Levy Thompson (14 days ago)
Excellent.........! No other words
Leon Leo (15 days ago)
Dont hide their faces
James Fraser (15 days ago)
Funnie good work
Buddy Brickhouse (15 days ago)
Anna Draper (15 days ago)
That's great, he'll never steal another package in his life.
Aimee Curry (15 days ago)
sweet vengeance!!! Love it that was hilarious.
Robert Butler (15 days ago)
That was great ! Perhaps a little larger explosive next time ! LOL!
wearefromoutthere (15 days ago)
This theif though he was the shit.
Jeff C (15 days ago)
Why pixilate the scumbag's face?
Ms MD (15 days ago)
Great job. These scumnags should be taught a lesson . Thinking of putting Ebola virus in these boxes.
echo wagon (16 days ago)
Hahahaha.that funny..explode inside a car..great idea..i will use my own shit..
Dirty Bong Water (16 days ago)
Gotta love the acoustic scanline filter
Richard Binder (16 days ago)
Awesome! I don't know if you drink. But I would love to buy y'all a few rounds.
MabeInAmerica (16 days ago)
I don’t drink anymore.. I’ll take a pizza
KingParisBuckingham (16 days ago)
wifey looks hot.....lol
John Doe (16 days ago)
It should be legal to shoot these assholes if you catch them taking your box.
Ravage Gonza (16 days ago)
Now this is what an Taliban terrorist vid should look like...
Range.Time (16 days ago)
Very nice video but I seriously doubt you live in a "Nice" neighborhood if this is an ongoing problem. Illinois by any chance?
Fires Blade (16 days ago)
Very, very well done.
Alex blooddrunk (17 days ago)
I salute you
Joe Kurtz (17 days ago)
Hafta wait for IT,... worth it, try with sulfur dioxide or Bee-go. As a going away present . Too bad Claymores illegal, just ruin their day
acrprmann (17 days ago)
1.7K thieves disliked this video.
Les Roberts (17 days ago)
Good one,got the bastard.
Lisa B (18 days ago)
Tried the bomb with red paint
rinaldy86 (19 days ago)
I'll make the box fully filled with cockroaches
wurly164 (19 days ago)
Liberals gave thumbs down
Ace D (19 days ago)
Whos that chick next to him dam
fred asd (19 days ago)
and then u gett sued for having explosives :D
Gangus Khan (20 days ago)
If I lived where stuff like this happens all the time, I'd suggest that every neighbor always keep a Bait Box on their front porch! Let's let them cruise for packages and make it impossible for anyone to figure out if they are REAL or not. Make it even big ones.... so we can have delivery hide good ones behind them. Other than that..... too bad you all don't live in a very rural neighborhood..... where everyone cooperates and mail and packages are always safe.... even when left out! ......thieves would be stupid to mess with anyone around here. Too many retirees with nothing better to do and all people just naturally take care of each other and chat over coffee all day long!
AshnKksmom2 (20 days ago)
So funny asshole may think twice before stealing from you again
Chris Gayler (21 days ago)
It is funny but be careful because if someone get hurt even though they are a crook they can sue you. Do not use dye packs you will be sued up the --- because it will blind them think about it not worth it. Yea he did deserve the sh--- though
Tony Neville (21 days ago)
I did that with my newspaper before. My paper kept disappearing out of my driveway for 3 or 4 days. On the 4th day, I woke up extremely early, went to the driveway, retrieved my paper, did a #2 in the middle, folded it back up, put it back in the little plastic bag and marched it back to the driveway. When I got home from work it was gone again. But the next day and every day after since, my paper is right there in my driveway waiting for me!
Obadiah Goldshekelsteinovitz (22 days ago)
Should of put a midget cop in the box.
Chris Duke (22 days ago)
Should put a die pack in the box to the asshole can walk around like a smurf till it wears off.
The Moto fixery (23 days ago)
Oh thank you so much! The world needs more folks like you! A+
通り鷹 (24 days ago)
Why would you blur a proven criminals face?
james w (24 days ago)
love it!!!!
marsh hawk (24 days ago)
Tom mabry.....this is French Mabry...... you are a funny guy! Amazing video👍
den m (25 days ago)
who pooped in a box though?
Shane Recktenwald (26 days ago)
GSM tracker, get adress, get plate numbers for the cars, find a realtor who can lookup the current owner of that house, name lookup, get phone, contact landlord, saying you want to get in touch with their tenant, reverse phone lookup, get names, file police report with plate numbers names adress phone numbers video footage tracker records etc. Talk to landlord and get their sorry asses kicked out... if they own the house talk to related friends and family (comes back in phone lookup) about what their relative did. The theif is now possibly out of a home, alianated from their family members, under a police investigation, and make sure to dox the fucker with all the shit you've gathered on him/her. Hooray, now they get what they deserve for stealing your shit, from your private property, and commiting a federal offense for stealing possibly important mail.
dieselrotor (26 days ago)
Ha, at this time 1.7K package thieves disliked this video !
DevilMaskMedia (26 days ago)
It's cute that you made a poo bomb, but I'd rather see that guy in jail.
FallingDown.us (27 days ago)
Why are you protecting the identities of criminals?
jackhammermike (27 days ago)
Mark (27 days ago)
one of the best videos ive ever seen! Kudos!
Freak Of Nature (27 days ago)
Karma in an exploding box ! >^..^< lol
Keith Lea (27 days ago)
Half pound of c4 and i will bet he dont do it again
Tom Fddtec. (27 days ago)
Hahaa. Awesome!!!
jwahh (30 days ago)
Awesome job guys! My heroes, lol.
lessonhelper&giver anything you need (1 month ago)
R u the guy who has been delivering the bomb packages and killing people because if u r I will either report u or find u I swear
Beverly Frederick (1 month ago)
Love This !!!!
Jonas Johnson (1 month ago)
Lol hilarious
Guy EH (1 month ago)
Its to bad he survived
halleffect1 (1 month ago)
too bad to couldn't substitute C4 for the poop.
Levi's Mommy (1 month ago)
This is one of the best videos I've ever seen.