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BAIT BOX - Revenge is Sweet!

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Text Comments (2211)
Umesh Pradhan (1 day ago)
just imagine this you are in a arab country and some habibi like this bald guy doin this to you you put bomb inside BOOM!!
MrCarpmagic95 (6 days ago)
Why hide the face? Why, Show it to everyone, 7m of people ffs.
Blue Marshall (6 days ago)
Why Not C-4.
border lord (6 days ago)
yanks are so loud and overbearing
Jerry (7 days ago)
Next time make it a paint bomb!!!
devestv (8 days ago)
Patent and sale guy. Great justice to the POS who is now covered in shit. Haha funny.
chomama77 (9 days ago)
I can't believe there are actually thumbs down votes on this vid. Some SJW is probably crying about how this low life piece of shit could be hurt or some other type of crap. Good on this guy for doing something creative to get back at this thief cuz the cops aren't gonna do anything.
Orlando Johnson (9 days ago)
Legend has it he's still stealing boxes today.(trying to build a club house!?)..,,in a has mad suit 🤔😂🙄😅😜
rachid khassal (9 days ago)
revenge is shit
eric sanchez (9 days ago)
dominoz back (9 days ago)
Yes! finally!
Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon (10 days ago)
I hope the poo got in his mouth 👄
Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon (10 days ago)
Hahahahahaha, so great! Such a brazen thief and now he is POO BOY...
Just Me (10 days ago)
Why block out his face!?   AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Robinson (10 days ago)
how the heck do you make this? this has happened to me last week and happened to a neighbor 2 days ago. so i know the person will be back to try this shit again.
Kevin Riley (11 days ago)
well deserved too people that do this
Gordon McCoy (11 days ago)
Now THAT was some funny shit...!
Frederick Wise (11 days ago)
MabeInAmerica, Suggestion: try this: put some fish in the box and leave it sit in the sun for 5 or 6 days. I hope you put the charge under the fish so it gets spewed out as the box blows open. As Jonathan Campbell says - leave the car with a lingering smell!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xuweiwen (11 days ago)
next time put itching powder inside
Gavin Boothe (12 days ago)
Oh my gosh... this is so satisfying to watch... Take a hint thieves. Try working for what you desire instead of being a lazy cowardly leach on society.
supercomputer2004 (12 days ago)
fill it with pepper spray
Sea Ride (12 days ago)
Better idea --> hide in a trash can near the curb. Soon as the thief walks up to your porch, jump into their car and drive away.
tnhammerrider (12 days ago)
That made my F-ing day!!!
aznboycols (13 days ago)
Oh man...his only good shirt, too!!!
raraparuka (13 days ago)
Did he say the box was full of shit that exploded?
Divine Falcon (13 days ago)
Why not rig a bait box with those dye packs the banks use to mark stolen money?
Gen X Murse70 (13 days ago)
He had an accomplice, too.
Barbara DuBeck (14 days ago)
Fucking thieves deserve to die!
DJ cool (14 days ago)
Go what he deserved
William Taylor (14 days ago)
I would have had my morning shit in that box and that is what he would have had all over him and his car. Shit for a piece of shit. They go together well.
William Taylor (14 days ago)
Why is the identity of the piece of human waste not apparent?
Jack Sprat (14 days ago)
And he sues you for assault.
ben ban (14 days ago)
I hope you used peppery or fart spray that will convince him never to do such ever again.
Lynn Brown (14 days ago)
W Fox (14 days ago)
I love it! Poetic justice in action!! Hope he had a "shitty" day!!!!!!
firesong83 (14 days ago)
You just made my whole day
Mark R (14 days ago)
Nice! Keep up the good work!
Yougottab Kidding (14 days ago)
Once lived in an apartment complex and my newspaper would get stolen almost every day. I suspected the crazy flight attendant across the hall. I took a newspaper and filled it with powdered clothing dye and left it at my door. That ended the problem. My crazy neighbor quit looking me in the face and just acted mad after that so I am fairly sure it was her.
Susan Flowers (15 days ago)
That was GREAT!!!Good for you
John Magus (15 days ago)
beckie lassetter (15 days ago)
2 week old horse poop 2 week old dead fish a dozen rotting eggs that have been sitting in the hot sun for a week how about that TOM lol ,I have a very devious mind when it comes to pay backs
D Manalang (15 days ago)
Yess! Justice is served! Awesome video.
explosivefreak666 (15 days ago)
This is AWSOME.!!.. I like balance in the world... Hé just got a Facefull o' justice.!
BigCoop 17 (16 days ago)
she's hot!! oh and yay poopie video😫💩
ClayZ (16 days ago)
Kevin White (17 days ago)
off topic but your house cam is better quality then any of the footage we see from terror attacks! must of been expensive.
BuckGreywolfe (17 days ago)
After 25 times i am finally getting tired of watching this. I'll come back tomorrow!
Thomas Jefferson (17 days ago)
lol, YA!!
nightcore raven (17 days ago)
Imaginary Winchester (17 days ago)
You have made me feel a little better about the world, today. Thank you. <3 That was fucking BRILLIANT!!!!
Janet S Martin (17 days ago)
i hope there is fresh shit in that box
Quo Tanzient (18 days ago)
rigged for views, FRAUD... I don't buy this for one second.
johnnieace45 (18 days ago)
You need to fill it with dog shit
Cntrol100 (18 days ago)
90 % of people on this planet have to go.
Marty Marsh (19 days ago)
But why not show his face, he is nothing but a criminal.
AmokBR (20 days ago)
Holy shit, the US is full of douchebag thieves!
Snowy23 (22 days ago)
LOL nice. Thnx for the share Tom
Shootasaurus Rex Tech (22 days ago)
fuck yeah I need to do this..
eggrollsoup (24 days ago)
Make sure you got his plate
Darshan Parmar (24 days ago)
Did anyone notice the date on the cam footage changed from year 2006 to 2016. The theives scouted for 10 years!! LOL
Isaiah S (24 days ago)
That was so funny! Hopefully he won't be doing this again! Who's that gorgeous blonde watching the video?
Booger6995 (25 days ago)
Try some buck lure. It stinks real bad.
xc5647321 xc5647321 (25 days ago)
Thieving piece of shit!!!!!!
Spartas Edge (25 days ago)
Haha, awesome!
Marc Leconte (25 days ago)
Way to go Tom! karma.... instant regret.
True Freedom (25 days ago)
why not show his face?
mjoek (25 days ago)
I love this video on itself alot but I love love loooove to watch it with subtitles on. "I just got word US gun" "I kow that now he comes out he comes other girls" "We're going to misspeak, we're going to miss it, yeah fot it we're going to miss it" "Today over ready someone else to fuck aren't you like a fun"
Vegasus (26 days ago)
Looks like that guy was probably doing this for awhile, since he had a driver with him.
Kelly Gervais (27 days ago)
OMG that us beautiful, beautiful, beautiful what a piece of shit 💩 and he and the driver got exactly what they deserved... sweet... 😆😆😆😆
Morgan Bound (27 days ago)
Is there an Instrucables available?
Geoff Dearth (27 days ago)
I believe this is justice but one needs to be careful with the severity-- Thinking in terms of lawsuits which could happen in our system.
Leandro Zavala (28 days ago)
how to do you make one of these boxes. ive been having the same problem and need something like this
alphons bretagne (28 days ago)
I still don't get, why the hell are the packages "delivered" to the porch?! You could "deliver" it to someone else passing nearby, just as well. Nobody at home? Pick up your package at the postal office.
Tom tonka (29 days ago)
What type of poo was it?
Motorcycles Vancouver (29 days ago)
We always show their faces in our bait videos lol
richardb154 (29 days ago)
Very third world, leaving packages on doorsteps. First world countries all packages are signed for.
NoahBones 12 (30 days ago)
why censor his face he dont deserve privacy
William Austin (1 month ago)
Love it! Bet they whining, "Ain't fair!" LMAO
Always Allen (1 month ago)
Please do more! To funny!
Mauri Cobian (1 month ago)
omg this made my day!
crewd00d (1 month ago)
Highly doubt this is real. What are the odds that an internet famous prankster is getting his packages stolen and catches this on camera? Seems set up
littlegoatgt (1 month ago)
that was so great.  What a favor he did for his neighbors as well.  Just curious about the liability risk:  he set a trap that can't be controlled, because it was a timer.  So this means that any person that comes to the door (legitimately) becomes subject to this trap because it would be likely they bump the box to get to the doorbell.   Or what if the driver of the car got lost control from the box and there was a fatal accident?  Just curious what the laws are when it comes to booby-traps.  This probably wasn't done in California where lawyers have ruined everything.
Kevin S (1 month ago)
My name is Kevin S. One time I made a deceitful post on another stolen package video where I claimed I put a live snake in a box. I am a liar.
Steven Wilson (1 month ago)
prob the unlike is the dumbass shit eater that sole it!! LOL!!
ZodiacK427 (1 month ago)
Jason Sauls (1 month ago)
I caught someone stealing a package from my neighbors house one time an followed the guy 3 blocks away an as he was about to steal another package me an my friend tackled the guy an beat him into submission an waited for the cops. The cops found over 50 packages in his van from 30 different homes. it was funny that the guy told the cops that he worked for UPS an he messed up on the deliveries an was trying to fix what he did. the package he stole from my neighbor was a 24kt gold diamond studded ring he got from his mom to give to his soon to be fiancee.
ldg332004 (1 month ago)
Good job man.......Good job.
Chainsaw Squirrel (1 month ago)
If is in the US , why was driver driving on the right side of the car ??
suhailmall98 (1 month ago)
Fill it with glitter.
EX (1 month ago)
How does this 'explode' after 40 seconds?
Don Friedman (1 month ago)
I wish you would post how you made that I am having the same situation of people stealing packages
Xaivier M. Sinclaire (1 month ago)
BUWAHAHAHAHA freaking awesome
moop noom (1 month ago)
Zuriel Salas (1 month ago)
don't censore his face so everyone can know who is the Thief
Daniel (1 month ago)
They have to censor the scumbags face because in this libturd world of insanity - the thief can sue the home owner. Go figure.
Chip Bridgeville (1 month ago)
Why does the Date stamp change from 5/26/06 to 5/26/16?
SuzHar (1 month ago)
Why is UPS or any delivery service leaving boxes unattended on the front porch in the first place?
Urban Dreams (1 month ago)
Poorly planned, Very short, not visible, face blurred, no after math.
ADMIRALSCORNER (1 month ago)
Oh Great! Justice is sweet!