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BAIT BOX - Revenge is Sweet!

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Text Comments (1753)
bonnita- marie decarvalho (15 hours ago)
it's shitty to steal people's personal property :-D
jack Li theskys (16 hours ago)
Arav Vyawahare (1 day ago)
Scott McG (1 day ago)
Why blur their face? Expose the cowards.
Mike Sollows (1 day ago)
a shity day for sure .. ahahahahaha .. well done all .. more .. more please and thanka
Shteno (1 day ago)
Way to go fellows! A scum like that doesn't deserve anything else )in fact, only worse)! Hope you used the footage to put them inside as well!
Msalazar6sicVI (1 day ago)
more people need to do this!!!! Use amazon boxes lmfao!
Guy Wilson (2 days ago)
Great revenge ! I hope the police have the dirty bastard !
Michigan Mister (2 days ago)
ah, yea,...that's ah,...mazin... is the news on yet?
360 Glance T.V. (2 days ago)
was this a Bad Hombrè?
glasstronic (2 days ago)
Nope. Cohort. I call BS
alibaba66able (3 days ago)
Job well done. You said that you know that guy. Did you call the cops?
Makinja (3 days ago)
Lol. Only thing missing was the dye pack.
Megaloton8210 (4 days ago)
This is the best thing i've ever seen in my entire life!
icare4you123 (4 days ago)
Maybe think about having your packages delivered at work.
CatLovezTokioHotel (4 days ago)
one word.......RIGHTIOUS!!!!!!!!!
Ben Croshaw (4 days ago)
this is why in England they give it to your neighbors
michael kerins (5 days ago)
that was awwsssooommmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!  thieves deserve it, it should of been an exploding stink bomb !!!!!!!!
Jonathan Koehn (5 days ago)
Gunner M60A3*M1A1 (5 days ago)
Phckng Goofy69 (5 days ago)
You need to set the timer for :30 or less. I would enjoy seeing more videos on this same theme. Maybe a schematic on your homemade device so I may copy it. I'm having the same trouble.
James Seiling (6 days ago)
I love this lol
David Ryder (6 days ago)
Next time use hydrochloric acid and rusty nails.
bacorable (6 days ago)
Michael Lawson (6 days ago)
Fucking awesome! How about a how-to video on how to make one of these?
Austin CraftHS (7 days ago)
why 1 clip?!
Rob Simpson (7 days ago)
Bait box I thought it was about fishing! Fantastic!!!
Chris Smith (7 days ago)
Mike C (8 days ago)
You should have used permanent PINK ink.
Stephen Hazeldene (8 days ago)
Now the piece of shit is covered in shit. Why hide his face?
Walter Strong (8 days ago)
Forget the box of shit, load that sucker up with plastic explosive and rig it to go off when the box is opened.
George Planet 9 (8 days ago)
falloutrangerlol (9 days ago)
Should've filled the box with crap and let it explode
jason yang (10 days ago)
I really don't know why are there 800 idiots dislike it. They must be the guy who taking others packages.
raynutty82 (10 days ago)
Morgan Brown (10 days ago)
Next time, try a butyric acid prank. That would be a recipe for a REALLY bad day!
Vulture Crotch breath (10 days ago)
That is an awesome idea I would put human feces a whole bunch of it and have it explode on someone that stills stealing the package sorry I have an iPhone 7 plus 256 gig of shit phone from Verizon made from China we're all things come to be a piece a pile of shit product it misspells 1,000,000,000,000%
lhow2000 (10 days ago)
Well fucking done,well done!
tuberesu (10 days ago)
I can't understand why delivery people leave boxes outside a home. If I am not in, the delivery driver leaves me a note that there is a delivery for me. I phone the depot and arrange a delivery when I am in. The alternative would be to have a self-locking box where the driver can place the parcel, close the lid and the parcel is secure.
SMITTY (10 days ago)
that served him right!👍poop patrol!
Cute Little Suzie (11 days ago)
Free shit! LOL
Goldenfoxy 1234 (12 days ago)
Good for you thief you got what you deserve now let it be a lesson to you
Jay Groom (12 days ago)
awesome job
Yes Sure (13 days ago)
Nice one :)))) How did you make it explode 40 seconds later?
Jamie C (13 days ago)
Literally "good shit".
OneRoomShed (15 days ago)
Absolutely brilliant !!! Fuck those thieves.
Ben Garcia (15 days ago)
1stAmbientGrl (16 days ago)
You live in Lake Forest?
Nameramthgin (16 days ago)
This is great and they deserve it, but please warn people not to do this on their own. This sort of thing can be very illegal depending on what state you live in.
Scott Worden (16 days ago)
A bait box with STINKY BOMB in it or dye purple pack or BOTH would be "da bomb".
stan potocki (16 days ago)
I love it.GREAT JOB
soxbearshwks (16 days ago)
FOXY BROWN (16 days ago)
Jerry (17 days ago)
Next time make it a stink bomb.
roguesquatch1 (17 days ago)
You're doing God's work, bless you!
Hello Goodbye (17 days ago)
Kratos000S (17 days ago)
hahahahahhahaha I need to do the same
Leandro FR (17 days ago)
No scent from a skunk? Shit and Scent, would be awesome. Shit you can wash off. But with scent he would remember for some couple of weeks. Including in the car.
Leikili H (17 days ago)
Awesome thank u for that lol
Javier Gomez (17 days ago)
lmao! good job man!
KAT X (17 days ago)
Good on you! brill man serves them right!
Red Card (18 days ago)
Can I donate some of my feces to put in the next bait box 📦 ?! 😬
juspro (18 days ago)
well done! what a feel good video
Pure Liberal Warrior (19 days ago)
Bravo, MabeInAmerica! :-) Maybe next time try some exploding dye packs like the banks use! Or something that smells god-awful and lingers, like skunk spray.
Daveferatu (19 days ago)
I'm curious. Is it neighbors or strangers? Do people just cruise looking for boxes on porches? I'd call it Fed Ex fishing.
Franklin Sharp (20 days ago)
love it.
oyinbo peppe (20 days ago)
>Brilliant, Tom Mabe! ¦o )
Archangel9106 Rivers (20 days ago)
tom11zz884 (20 days ago)
Why are you concealing the criminal's face? Show it so the whole world can see
Steve Ranseth (21 days ago)
love it
Michael Pipkin (21 days ago)
What that asshole gets
I'm On Your Roof (21 days ago)
What kind of camera system do you have and did you install yourself? I live in a major city, but it seems like there are no professional camera installation companies for homeowners. Only heavy commercial.
Matthew Harvey (22 days ago)
Tom, you are the best aye.. lol.. onya mate
Troy Jackson (22 days ago)
Criple Bitchin (22 days ago)
SO I have to ask what did he say or you say the next time you saw this guy????? Please answer I am dieing to know. You said that you knew that Guy
jonybang (23 days ago)
lol, Classic.
John Douglas (23 days ago)
why are you blurring this wankers face?
Eric Thomas (23 days ago)
James Ryals (23 days ago)
That is beautiful!!!
mary thomson (23 days ago)
oh that was beautiful so well deserved you said you knew him did you ever meet again see each other eye to eye. 👍👏
Allan ES (23 days ago)
ROFLMAO , classic revenge and you served it up well , he deserved it :D
buzzsaw301 (23 days ago)
FUCKIN thieves get whatever they got coming
Brian K (24 days ago)
chevy6299 (24 days ago)
Hahahaha justice served.
Spencer Reynolds (24 days ago)
Great one, got what they deserved.
Serpentaria (24 days ago)
Next time use 10 sticks of dynamite. And don't record it.
97BuckeyeNut (24 days ago)
Yes! I f@cking hate thieves. Thank you for doing this.
Boring Channel (24 days ago)
paid actors
phdfxwg Fischercat (24 days ago)
should have ben big enuff to blow windows out of car ! try harder next time bigger bang for the fuck !!!
Michael Byerly (24 days ago)
I'm in love with this. It's not a prank, it's awesome!!!!
Whisker Biscuit (24 days ago)
Tom green?
kim w (24 days ago)
nice job!!!
Tamara Villa Waalkens (24 days ago)
exploding shit box,,,you can go to jail for exposing ppl to hazardous waste,,,,,,,,smooth move exlax