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BAIT BOX - Revenge is Sweet!

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Text Comments (2051)
SM B (1 day ago)
FN Awesome, score one for the good guys👍👍👍
gregarius1111 (1 day ago)
LOL! I just had a $1,000 computer stolen from my front door. I am sorry that you didn't have a remote-controlled gun to shoot this fucker dead. That would have been better than exploding poop. These thieves do not deserve to live. I wish all of them a very painful death.
Brian Salomon (1 day ago)
That's hilarious
Chris Palffy (3 days ago)
Show there faces great laugh...
Vyolet Infinite (4 days ago)
Most People Say *_Revenge_* Isn't Worth it. They're Reactions Prove Them Wrong.
Truss monkey (5 days ago)
ROFL he got out of the car to puke!!!
J Smith (6 days ago)
I thought white people don't steal.
LeeGibsonSings (6 days ago)
Dang, Tom, how did I NOT see this when it came ou?? wow!!
SMITTY (7 days ago)
served him right 👍🐶
IzDaBait B (7 days ago)
why you use me
Leonardokite (7 days ago)
OH NO, you just made my day. WONDERFUL video, with a MARVELOUS ending! I have packages left on my doorstep routinely and haven't been burned in 30+ yrs. BUT, please divulge the mechanism used for this fine device!!!!! Just in case it is needed.....and I'm sure plenty out there need this!
David Patten (8 days ago)
Laughed my Cock off! Great job!
Nunya Beeswax (8 days ago)
If you want to inflict serious bodily injury or death, then stuff a few of MY turds into the box next time!
i dont care (10 days ago)
You should put dildos in it
John C. (11 days ago)
Cody Mcneill (12 days ago)
solid gold is there a part 2? if so I must watch
IKnowYourCommentIs (13 days ago)
Fill it full of glass. shit is too good for that piece of shit.
Mike Zip (13 days ago)
Leave a box of poisoned cookies!
Feral Cat Brothers (13 days ago)
Fantastic! Let's hope it teaches those @$$holes not to steal. Good job!
gunfuego (15 days ago)
fuck this prank, I'd use a ALS Technologies Pepper grenade so their whole car or house is gassed to hell and back..... I bet that would be the last time they steal anything..............
LOE J (15 days ago)
BTW, what did you use for a timer/ delay?
LOE J (15 days ago)
Excellent trap, very nice, but two things; First, show their faces. Two, you don't know sh!t about explosions. What you need is to hire a muslim. They know how to make an exploding package and they are also experts in sh!t as they wipe their asses with their fingers. And being the natural born killers that they are you know they wont hold back on the bang stuff. Otherwise, nice shot, man!!!
LineoLemon (15 days ago)
the quality of the camera is so high, that he had to add lines to make it look more authentic.
trainman071 (15 days ago)
lets try level three just put live rats in a bait box
Scott Watson (15 days ago)
Should fill it full of cayenne pepper juice, hoping they would go blind.
Cliff Legler (16 days ago)
Why blur the face of a clearly guilty dirtbag ?
Andy Henderson (16 days ago)
I loved it. Next time use a cow patty. That way there will be crap everywhere.
Nicholas Hanks (17 days ago)
That was funny as hell!
SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ (17 days ago)
it'd be interesting to see the effects using sulfuric acid
DrHillbillyShow (17 days ago)
My favorite Tom Mabe skit is 'revenge on the telemarketers.' A carpet cleaner telemarketer calls Tom...."OH GREAT! Can you guys be here in an hour?? Please - oh shit - that's a LOT of blood...Hey, um, I will just leave the key in the mailbox because I can't be around for a while so just get here and get rid of all this blood."
RobBoudrie (19 days ago)
Tom - what are you to chicken to show the thief's face? Also, I hope you put some indelible ink in the booby trap.
Hicham B (19 days ago)
I am curious why you are hiding his face. Faces of people like that should be shown and not hidden!!!
Ballsacksaswinging (20 days ago)
Hope it was human poop
Willysmb44 (20 days ago)
Like most people responding here, I love what you’ve done in this case. The only missing aspect to it, as you appear to be waiting all day for this to happen, is to have someone on the street, with a camera crew, videotaping the reaction up close, showing the car, and explaining to them that they’ll be posting it online and perhaps going to the cops as I think that stealing mail is a federal crime. Confronting these people on doorsteps could be a very dangerous thing, which I guess is why you and most others doing such things don’t do it. I certainly understand that, but I think many people would seriously enjoy someone confronting someone as they walk away from the house with box in hand and no way to talk themselves out of it. Have them realize their faces and license plate numbers are now recorded. I’d LOVE to see someone do this someday, though I do get why most people would be worried about the thief getting violent…
Stringy Fingers (20 days ago)
You better watch out! If he gets the right lawyer you could be looking at some serious time! Even though it's your property. You deliberately set a trap that could cause harm to another human being. Be careful! Trust me! He deserved it. However, the right lawyer could F you right in the ass.
immortalis1001 (21 days ago)
The date went from 2006 to 2016 in a matter of seconds...clearly a case of the Einstein-Rosen bridge...or just bullshit editing with actors to make money.
silverss onyoutube (21 days ago)
well if the guys face is blurred im guessing that tom mabe reported this guy to the police .
teeswatertom (22 days ago)
I think your step will be secure from now on lol
YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX (22 days ago)
Who the hell gives thumbs down to this awesome video!!
moron (22 days ago)
give us more
Carlos Rangel (22 days ago)
that was awesome that's what he deserves
Ben Eberle (23 days ago)
get some skunk spray instead
Chris Salesy (23 days ago)
What an absolute shitty thing to do, lol, just desserts i say. Well done!! more please?
jimmy perkins (23 days ago)
what kind of security camera you use ?
F Huber (23 days ago)
He's a thief... show his face so everyone knows it.
slikdarelic (23 days ago)
lol.. i love it!
KDM TRAP (24 days ago)
Fucking bitch is hotttt
Virde Somnio (24 days ago)
Though it would probably take a bit of ingenuity, a box that explodes Liquid Ass in all directions would really start teaching people to beware what you steal.
brandon (24 days ago)
0:28 Suspicious vehicle surveilling the house.... and 10 years later...... 0:35 damn he's patient!
James roughan jr (24 days ago)
Hahahaha, get a fly catcher it's called a Big Stinky a gallon + a week of rotting flesh and flies oh ya maggots, if that blows up in a car then you might as well burn it in a remote area and call it stolen lol
Judge Jury (24 days ago)
I love it, so treat all thieves.
Jason James Cunningham (24 days ago)
Chebon Henderson (24 days ago)
yes. I hate thieves. awesome.
No Libbies (24 days ago)
Friggin' awesome!!
Robin Johnson (25 days ago)
very good job nobody has the right to steal anybodys mail but their are stupid people out their keep up the good work thumbs up to you
brianjschumer (25 days ago)
Arthur Camacho (25 days ago)
That's amazing.
FreeAgent (25 days ago)
Are there really 1010 people who dislike this because they had s#*t on their face at some point?
Rayan 666 (25 days ago)
I love your vids! And I think your really nice!😊
mdj300 (26 days ago)
Lmao 😂😂😂Perfect
Adamkaban Kaban (26 days ago)
oh God just watched the whole video funny but if he drives away and it explodes a good cause a crash or he could crash into somebody's house this is extremely dangerous under the right conditions I think a 10 second fuse would fit better just my opinion
Adamkaban Kaban (26 days ago)
sorry autocorrect pretty much what I was saying if it exploded in the car that could cause a crash or worse
Adamkaban Kaban (26 days ago)
why would you steal something from a house that has a camera seems incredibly stupid to me
FLLLOWNBODR (26 days ago)
Fuck yeah!!!!!!
dleelasarmoti (26 days ago)
If I made this I would make it explode with extra fine glitter and Styrofoam pieces
kickinbackinOC (26 days ago)
Perfect! Now that thief really is a "sh*t head", literally!
Cliff Roberson (27 days ago)
Anthony Poole (27 days ago)
I say someone rigs a small doorway enclosure with a camera and a box that triggers a wired gate door that rolls down fast when the perp grabs the box, that way you can press charges because you have evidence on video and you have the perpeptrator stuck behind the gate also!!!
mtaur100 (27 days ago)
LOL! Do you think any of the stuff got in his mouth?
Russ (27 days ago)
Living in a nice neighborhood people still do this shit? good lord...
Anthony Johnson (27 days ago)
Why do people blur their face makes no sense make them show it so everybody knows how shitty of a person they are
Dave Kane (27 days ago)
Now you've pissed him off and he knows where you live. Fucking brilliant.
KingOfAllAnimals (27 days ago)
I am sure the police were allowed to see this footage unedited?
Glen W (27 days ago)
Deer Urine next please
Sidney Briscoe (27 days ago)
oh shit!
bucketrobbert (27 days ago)
the British way you dont have that problem you got to be home to receive the parcel they are never left on the porch
Dildo Swaggins (27 days ago)
this is genius! i'm working on mine right now only that it will hold a fair amount of sulfuric acid
surimaribo24 (28 days ago)
you guys shouldn't blurry these fkers face. let them be exposed and be ashamed for the things they do.
Atom Atom (28 days ago)
just what he was, happened to him.. Just add some HARD LABOR and call it even!!
Aphex David (28 days ago)
I'd like a mini-nuke bait box. When it explodes it just leaves the thief's smouldering shoes and nothing else
Luck z (28 days ago)
Stupid americans living packages basically in the street. No fucking wonder it gets stolen people!!!
Caitlain Harper (28 days ago)
How could it have taken that guy 10 years to drive back down the street
19Dmac37 19Dmac37 (29 days ago)
Don't steal
Subgunman (29 days ago)
Show their faces. They are guilty.
Ken Luzar (29 days ago)
KICK ASS!!! Thanks for sharing this with us! danggg..... lol love it so much!!!!
Simon (29 days ago)
You're amazing!!! I love this kind of stuff!
Learama ws. (29 days ago)
You should have shown his face. Thieving a-hole!
Kevin herenow (29 days ago)
The problem with that now they know where you live. Good luck with that!
Egil Lomeland (29 days ago)
Why pics-elate the perp?
hairycat (29 days ago)
love it. good job tom
Mimi Dino (29 days ago)
maybe you should explode it before he start driving because it might cause accident and endanger other people...
Twila (29 days ago)
Why blur the face of a criminal?
FD Sailor (29 days ago)
Next time as some permanent blue die.
fasteddie4145 (29 days ago)
the 990 people who gave this a thumbs down would steal your shit.....
Justin Carvin (29 days ago)
Borderlands808 (30 days ago)
Some dynamite next please!! Or some C-4 Lol
Negotiator007 (30 days ago)
anyone notice how from the start the security camera shows the year 2006 then jumps to 2016?
God Bless General Lee (30 days ago)
Death to all thieves lol
Gort Newton (30 days ago)
Bait Boxes! Conquering the world, one thief at a time.©
786philb (30 days ago)
How many likes can I give this. Brilliant