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BAIT BOX - Revenge is Sweet!

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Text Comments (2574)
Bamm XO (10 hours ago)
Hahaha I love this!
stremybrandy (11 hours ago)
look at the dates 0:27 and 0:37 secs
Jerry (18 hours ago)
Troy Brown (20 hours ago)
Done similar gag with pepper spray. I personally would use Doe in heat. Deer piss. Wreaks
Boo Radley (22 hours ago)
After reading some of your comments, I feel like you guys don't know Tom Mabe...I'm not 100% sure that the intent was to prosecute so much as cover the perp in shit.
Jada Hue (1 day ago)
Raymond Hodge (1 day ago)
I wish you could order those from someone and just leave them on your porch, cut the time down to 20 sec. make is so you can arm them from your phone once it's delivered, someone could make a fortune.
Brandon Bakhtiar (1 day ago)
Why not just ambush them from a side window once they pick up the box and hit 3 or 4 times with salt rock in a shotgun? THAT is the video I want to see.
BulletSpoung (2 days ago)
For your next BAIT BOX try using the hot part of pepper spray (100% OC) you can order it on the internet, make sure it's in the powdered form, and it will be the consistency of talcum powder.  This is how it's ordered for manufactures making pepper spray.  If you use this in your next package it will make it so they can't even drive the car it's so bad, it's like dust but feels like molten lava.   note:  DO NOT OPEN THE BAG OF O.C. INSIDE YOUR HOME, do everything outside.  Best of luck.
faust getsu (2 days ago)
He's going to be cleaning that up for a while lol did you show it to the police and did they fall over laughing too?
charles ryanlee (3 days ago)
did you ever press criminal charges against that guy and did he go to jail from video evidence?
charles ryanlee (3 days ago)
The girl in the green army shirt is cute.
Janice Reed (3 days ago)
LMAO that was Fantastic
TheWildbill242 (3 days ago)
Very, very good !
Will Dwyer (3 days ago)
Did you get his plate number?
POLANDWAR (4 days ago)
that guy should be in federal prison for stealing mail!
Alpha Diallo (4 days ago)
You shouldn't blur his face. lol
JohnGoesWild !!!! (5 days ago)
s1r_dr2g0n (5 days ago)
I Would have put A LOOOOT of Itching Powder !!
subieguymark68 (5 days ago)
If ya want to really mess their vehicle use milk bomb. Milk is so hard to get the rotting smell out when it gets hot.
MGP (6 days ago)
LOVE this!!!
H Pac (6 days ago)
that was awesome!!!
kam spork (6 days ago)
Nice job!!!! more?
Doug Bowen (7 days ago)
Why blur the face of the perp? He's on your property, uninvited, committing a crime. Let the public see who it is!
Leol Mondhol (8 days ago)
you should put tons of dog shit inside that box so when it explodes.....KABOOM
BeAMaverick (9 days ago)
Never trust people with blurry faces kids
lrock48 (9 days ago)
Shouldn't have blurred his face.
lolsasaurusrex (9 days ago)
Lmao, you deserve all the high fives. 😂 🙌
Wayne Grant (10 days ago)
do it again...lmao
Boris Lewandowski (11 days ago)
Yessssss! 😂👍👏
Da Hai Zhu (11 days ago)
Hope you had dog poop in that box...
thomn8r (11 days ago)
While I love the idea, it's annoying how you took 15s of material and "blew it up" (pun intended) into 2:05 minutes of crap (pun intended)
JoeHunnit (11 days ago)
Awesome lmao
Eric Stewart (12 days ago)
Race doesn't matter, as much as folks LOVE to claim Given the opportunity, people in similar ecosystems STEAL, the opportunity may LOOK different but the overall sticky fingers is the same (and here, it's actually a more upscale environment and the results pan out the same...give humans the opportunity and they take, even worse there's no 'poor' excuse here it's just greed)
Michael RS (13 days ago)
You guys are my gods. LMAO
Rick Fx (13 days ago)
why blur the face what he gonna do sue you? also getting someone like that when he knows what house is yours .. smart..
SGT Noneya (13 days ago)
You need to patent that shit and sell them.
Beyond Unknown Ⓥ (14 days ago)
that's a lawsuit.
Muzafar Md Yusof (14 days ago)
Those mofos deserve it, those pieces of garbage of human scum. However, why does courier/delivery company just leave packages at the front door? This system is wrong and irresponsible. n my country, when the delivery recipient are not at home, the delivery person will post a note to the recipient to come down to the nearest courier/delivery company/post office/ branch and collect their packages with proof of purchase etc.
Rick Nelson (14 days ago)
Well done, thieving bastards
Jeebs Gold (14 days ago)
Why is his face obscured?
ToonieMama (15 days ago)
LOL!! Good one!! LOL
pg1144 (15 days ago)
HaHaHa he got what he deserved, good on you man, hope you get a lot's of porch thieves from the UK
EmileeArsenic (15 days ago)
Someone needs to do this with stuff like beet juice and glitter, so it looks like they murdered a stripper, but it stains their skin and car.
jerrard ellis (16 days ago)
jerrard ellis (16 days ago)
jerrard ellis (16 days ago)
jerrard ellis (16 days ago)
Chevyx7 Stephen (16 days ago)
Dude that shit was great!!! You know that guy is so lucky that you are nice. Some mean angry person might have upped that load a bit with some buckshot ,some broken glass hell even throw in some poison ivy roots just for shits and giggles. Nice job .
electrojones (16 days ago)
Next time try a nail bomb.
Doug Celeste (16 days ago)
My biggest concern would be that this guy would come back and take revenge on the house in some way with spray paint, rocks to break windows or even gun shots.
mydixie wrecked (16 days ago)
he deserved the POOP LOL
Heart2HeartBooks (16 days ago)
Instead of blurring face just put huge turd where head is and caption.."Future"
oz cor (16 days ago)
exploding packages on your porch? if this guy gets a layer you're fucked.
Albino Viper (16 days ago)
i never seen a video where the "supposed to be Criminal's" face was blurred out unless that man size person is a minor!
Donald Graves (17 days ago)
I luv Those Tird Garglen' theives! some people will do anything 2 B a Utube star LOL
Brock Obama (17 days ago)
You should mount a security cam with a minigun
videostarish (17 days ago)
Would have been good if home owner had accomplice to snatch their car keys,so they were stranded!
Patriot Jefferson (17 days ago)
LOVED IT! Huge grin, thank you. This video made my night. Now to ask other people in town to let you put these special surprises with a "pepper spray bomb!" :)
Patriot Jefferson (17 days ago)
Cars circling like A SHARK! It was obvious a thief
Bruce Burns (17 days ago)
We have the same problem now in Australia where theft has become mainstream where once it was the only the degenerates .
Louis rodriguez (17 days ago)
Wtf stop stealing
Brabus 76 (17 days ago)
1k of dislikes wow pipol are shhhhhh it doesnt matter!
Dan ny (17 days ago)
NICE!!! :)
michael stuart (17 days ago)
That was great, then he threw-up all the way home. LMAO!!!!!
Damien (18 days ago)
Best I have seen before thjs was a huge bag of sugar free gummy bears. If you eat to Manny of those things you have a fun time in the bathroom
applesoranges (18 days ago)
Some people are idiots in the comments. In the eyes of the law they are not criminals until they are convicted! Until then, due to privacy laws they are not allowed to show their face without permission. Especially because they are making money off their videos..
Z Ross (18 days ago)
So they didn't catch him?
billrock12 (18 days ago)
That was great. I bet he thinks twice before attempting to grab another box off of someones porch lol
luke morgan (18 days ago)
Dennis Hare (18 days ago)
I fear that this individual is going to want payback.
Eric Plant (18 days ago)
Nicely played sir
Natalia Lissette (18 days ago)
that's amazin;, I hope people stop doing this, stealing from ppls home's is so invasive.
leon3525 (18 days ago)
Next time use M18 Claymore.
Yuri Pikul (18 days ago)
scottrob1968 (18 days ago)
Next box a couple pounds of C4!
Dath123 (17 days ago)
Sure, if you want to lose the front of the house as well.
Deeb (18 days ago)
you could write on the box 'WARNING BOX EXPLODES WHEN IN TRANSIT' most likely the criminal would never read it. Bases covered, show their faces, plus stealing is a criminal offense.
Deeb (18 days ago)
PRICELESS VIDEO!!😂🤣😃😍😅😉😂🤣😃😄😅
layne ireland (18 days ago)
try anthrax next time. bet they'll never look twice at your house again
Julie Jongkryg (19 days ago)
I wouldn't mind seeing more of these.
Chipwhitley274 (19 days ago)
You guys act proud that it is 4 day old poop... it would be far better if it were *_FRESH_* poop.
NooB Garage (19 days ago)
If it were me I would put a camera on the mailbox (hidden of course) so you get the license plates and close up of the driver and passengers as they come and go.
Matt Molenda (19 days ago)
Get a p.o. box
Matt Molenda (19 days ago)
When it explodes he gets startled loses control kills a person. Neighbor, husband,mom,brother,sis etc
Dick Trickel (19 days ago)
I love you people...I had thought of a poop bomb squirter, but this was way funny.............Looks like he was ralphing!
Prometheus (19 days ago)
Would it be illegal to fill it with purple ink instead
maxcohen13 (19 days ago)
"Security camera" filters are pretty stock in every video editing program these days.
Sally (19 days ago)
They're so dumb. "I'm going to visit the same exact houses every single time, and not expect them to get revenge" Like really? How thick can you get? lol
Trent Timoy (19 days ago)
why do you have to block out his face? he's a criminal and needs to be publicized.
daveheel (20 days ago)
why are thieves doing this so much these days? ups, usps, fedex have all been dropping off packages for years and theft has never been as bad as these times. i'd venture it to guess that it's partly due to the increase in online shopping.
bluemystic7501 (20 days ago)
Make a 'Master bait box' out of cum.
Eternal Night (20 days ago)
That literally was some funny shit!😂
twosence fromcleveland (20 days ago)
That's the neatest thing I've ever seen. More please.
Jermaine Morris (20 days ago)
oh my gosh the thief wasn't black🤔 lol
marko8407 (20 days ago)
I guess 1,000 thieves thumbed this video down. Get a job.
funkyzero (20 days ago)
This lacks one thing: a how-to on building the box. I'm having difficulty coming up with a design that won't physically injure someone. I've experimented with pepper spray, but the cardboard boxes are just too flimsy to do anything with a trigger. Show us your handy work!
Mark G. (20 days ago)
Justice.............. SERVED!
udmbfck x (20 days ago)
YEAH !!!!!!
Jenny Lee (20 days ago)
So was it dog or people poop?
MPSecare (20 days ago)
yo is that McAfee