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Kojima's UPS Delivery Simulator - Death Stranding Funny Moments #2

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Text Comments (62)
Nick Diciurcio (1 day ago)
Yeah dude ur not funny maybe i would enjoys these vids more if u duck taped ur mouth for a while 👌😅
MrSammy (7 days ago)
🙂 thats a good question, u can build bridges & highways but can you build The Wall? 🦃😍🇺🇸 yay Umerika! 😀
Manospondylus Gigas (16 days ago)
This game sucks.
ikarus7779 (17 days ago)
Masti (18 days ago)
Don't know the word repatriate? Clearly an american that has never left the states, at least not without travel insurance. lol
Juhis (20 days ago)
So why does breathing give you out to the flying dudes but the scanner thing making noise and the baby crying don't
Zhargida Beoulve (25 days ago)
Seeing this game makes we wanna pitch my "ghost antelopes take over the world and you have to carry a coffee maker around to prevent them from stealing your white blood cells- starring Dennis Quaid" game concept.
sintwelve (25 days ago)
Please play more of this prod. You're the only one I enjoy watching play this game.
Xenophyter (26 days ago)
great vid
Beary Universe (26 days ago)
He just slammed the president against the same vehicle like 5x times lol 😂
Richard Cheese (26 days ago)
Red Bull is for real the worst energy drink taste wise. Every energy drink for 1/3 of the price tastes way better.
Aislin Shoshoni (26 days ago)
Dat click bait tho.
Cultureghost (26 days ago)
Ah yes, the "how much can I sell my cocaine induced fever dream as a game for" game. My favourite.
Indiana Walsh (26 days ago)
I like your Dark Souls content, glad your doing Death Stranding man
innerbloom (26 days ago)
i hate streamers
kyuremimmortal (26 days ago)
Seiko Teacup (26 days ago)
Is that chitoge from nisekoi in the thumbnail?
Goddamnitiwantaname (26 days ago)
In this alternative universe, Hillary won and America went to shit. Sounds about right.
sonic1crack (26 days ago)
I knew you would play death stranding! Thanks :)
Ryley Griggs (27 days ago)
Repatriation "Re-pay-tree-ay-shun." You got this. I believe in you.
Aidin Faint (27 days ago)
Prod you deserve more than 190k subs
mephistopheles the silent chief (27 days ago)
How much you wanna bet that the BTs are just Randall from Monsters Inc.?
Israphel776 (27 days ago)
"It's about as damaged as it can be - it's dead" I actually laughed at that.
Mine Turtle (27 days ago)
Kojima is a secret MAGA fan
D34TH KN1GHT (27 days ago)
Redbull sucks cause it dont give you wings
Branzles (27 days ago)
Kojima must have really enjoyed bendy and the ink machine
Oleg Chernetsky (27 days ago)
"Don't tap the glass they don't like that" hahahaha fuck man xD good stuff
Anubra Kahn (27 days ago)
Was it inappropriate to laugh when he told his dying mother that she was the President of Jack shit? Not that I did that or anything, just curious is all.
Michael W (27 days ago)
Can you actually die or kill people to make craters?
Miguel Casares (27 days ago)
Got a dead stranding ad on it
Sōsuke Aizen (27 days ago)
so when you gonna fight the Weasel BT? i think you should tame him, to help you on delivering the packages.
Abserd O (27 days ago)
Bro you play video games for a living how are you so bad. Also UPS brings dildos not condoms, god you're such a plebian.
Aric Shadow Dragon (27 days ago)
Monster energy to keep you running away from the monsters! Also that baby is really useful...Anyways keep up the amazing videos Prod
faye (27 days ago)
deliver your dead mother , that fucked up but i couldn't stop myself from laughing , you are funny man
Igor (27 days ago)
Oh the guy who brings body pillows yeah
WaffleMinion (27 days ago)
Pro tip! just run into the BTs so they drag you to the boss, run from the boss, go back to the area that is now cleared of BTs, and then collect the resources from the area.
innerbloom (26 days ago)
shit doesn't work as well on hard
This is my name This is my name (27 days ago)
There are so many sentences in this video that would fit perfectly in out of context
Foogi, Lord of Kitsunes (27 days ago)
Mayham Calendar (27 days ago)
Are weasles extinct?
Syfi Freak!!!!!! (27 days ago)
This game is awesome 😎
ManInTheMask (27 days ago)
presidents hand says: "We have nothing to carry her with except you," he says standing in front of 15 million cars that travel 10000000 miles per minute, "you'll have to walk for 20 days to get there."
ツAdorable Centurion (26 days ago)
Then again, don't you have to traverse up a mountain, through a huge field of rocks and slippery slopes? I dunno Seems almost "safer" to have someone carry it If anything goes wrong with the vehicles on the trip, then won't that mean a huge crater thing?
rocketscientist14 (27 days ago)
Just a tip.. it makes the game waaay easier if your ever carrying anything over 40 kgs it is way easier to just hold L2 and R2 all the time so your always at your most balanced and it will just auto correct when you go off balance.
Tami Mari (27 days ago)
seems like really annoying and horrible gameplay
WaffleMinion (26 days ago)
@Wallace Sousuke With Kojima? Yes, I never preorder, but I preordered DS because I've been anticipating it for 3 years ever since it was announced after Silent Hills was canceled
Ironbooze (26 days ago)
lol, I'm really enticed, if it get's cheaper, I'll get it. But I'm also a weirdo :D
Wallace Sousuke (26 days ago)
@WaffleMinion lesson learned I think? Probably not...
Jesse (27 days ago)
I like the universe it takes place in, other than that doesnt re aslly appeal to me
WaffleMinion (27 days ago)
The story ain't all the great either. I regret my preorder.
Levi Hackerman (27 days ago)
''My status is fucked.''
krazy moe (27 days ago)
You know bruce from funhaus damn our prod out here networking
krazy moe (27 days ago)
@Prodbro you deserve more subs your shit is quality been a fan for a while
Prod (27 days ago)
Not really but i am a big fan of funhaus so when he moved to twitch i went to support him and he also followed me :) I was very surprised when he hosted me
xristos ko (27 days ago)
Kekistan Shitlord (27 days ago)
Why is the president not Trump, fuck Kojima
Shining Knight (27 days ago)
"Kojima's a fackin cahksucker!"~DarkSydePhil
This is my name This is my name (27 days ago)
Look, controller is buhhed doooode
Jesse Cook (27 days ago)
Chitoge in the thumbnail. Very nice.
Ben Mauler (27 days ago)
J E (27 days ago)