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Dale Jarret UPS tribute commercial

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This is a commercial put up by longtime Dale Jarrett sponsor UPS.Dale retired this year,and is going to be misse by just about everybody in NASCAR. Thanks for the memories,Dale.
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Text Comments (6)
Williams Grantham (6 months ago)
Thanks William Grantham! #31Ever #FiveTime
Williams Grantham (6 months ago)
MrMegamater (6 years ago)
It so sad Dale left nascar. before he retire, he is my favorite driver. GO DALE GO
Lia Smith (6 years ago)
My Home Track/ My Childhood Favorite....PIR/Dale XD Best Combination XD
MegaMr46 (7 years ago)
We Belive in you, Dale. The Fans will always Love u. Thanks Dale, It's Been a Great Ride. :)&:(
Graham Chase (8 years ago)
this make me want to cry. Miss you Dale! I will never forget your talladega win back in 2005!