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Is Electric Skateboard Maker Boosted's Scooter Worth $1,600?

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Boosted, best known for its electric skateboard, will enter the scooter business this summer with the Boosted Rev, a $1,600 electric scooter. We got a first look at the new scooter and talked to the CEO and co-founder to see why the company is betting big on electric scooters. The company hopes to appeal to a broader customer base, but it will be going up against the scooter-sharing companies that have recently starting popping up in cities. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #Boosted #BoostedBoard Is Electric Skateboard Maker Boosted's Scooter Worth $1,600?
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CNBC (4 months ago)
Will you purchase a Boosted Scooter once it's available?
NoFakesHere (29 days ago)
way overpriced and no suspension.. so many more cheaper options with better components out there
loganrunaways (1 month ago)
Nope. Bought the ninebot kickscooter max for 1k less with similar performance.
Tom Lindquist (1 month ago)
I’m thinking seriously about it. I have been reading forums on a lot of seemingly great scooters but they turn out to be junk. Low quality parts and sloppy assembly.
Serge Fog (2 months ago)
Boosted's biggest problem's got a name and it's Xiaomi with it's 400-dollar scooter. I would happily go for a round-the-States trip with Boosted's scooter but for everyday commute I'm afraid price matters and I just can't justify paying 4x more.
Bunker Buster (2 months ago)
Clean up Skid Row so we can boost without being infected
Bradley Tomkins (5 hours ago)
It’s to low to the ground so no it’s stupid
xXjerodeXx (23 days ago)
the Horizon scooter from fluid freeride has every feature this one has and its $1000 less https://fluidfreeride.com/products/horizon-practical-allround-electric-scooter-for-commute?variant=19733559869509
mega0876 (24 days ago)
Worthless fruit cakes millennials
daniel floristeanu (1 month ago)
lol ! is it worth? did they said anything about the specs? what a useless video
Frank martinez (1 month ago)
Is a nice product but the price is to high come on guys yuo can give us a better reliable price 😐
Sam (1 month ago)
So where can we take for a test drive.
BeeeHonest (1 month ago)
Love everything about it except the price. I am no yuppy, don't have that much of cash sitting around for that. I'll go to Xiaomi to save me a whole grand!
Zachary R (1 month ago)
How fast does it go
L.E.B MC5 (1 month ago)
NovaGamer (1 month ago)
I initially put in an order for one. But now I'm just waiting for that confirmation email so I can cancel. Now that I've thought about it, I'd rather just reinstate my license and get a moped.
Sam (2 months ago)
"transportation for everyone" Costs $1600 Right......"everyone" You mean just people with a hefty income... The people whom would benefit the most from these scooters can't afford the up front cost..
Josh Aleru (2 months ago)
I live in the bay area and take advantage of public transportation as much as possible which has enabled me to get rid of my car. Having a solid and reliable short distance option is great and would eventually pay itself off with all the Lyfts and Ubers I pay for.
Chad Dawson (2 months ago)
There is a scooter that can go up to 40mph top speed and range for up to 38 miles. The scooter cost the same. Turbowheel Lightning.
Alan Caldoza (2 months ago)
Soon city slickers will ride on something like this for one thing. Its an answer to overwhelming traffic every where. Cars will be for long distance state to state, city to city ride
John Ball (2 months ago)
$1600 is just TOO EXPENSIVE, the production cost is probably $700, the CEO will be sooooo rich faster than their Boosted Scooters!
Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4 (2 months ago)
Nope. I rather get a FalconPEV EVO 10x. Front and rear suspension and it can go up 40+ mph.
YOUR SUCCINGBUDDY (2 months ago)
Needs a 2 smoke infernal combustion engine
Kaffen Burger (2 months ago)
would like to get XIAOMI M365 PRO, $1000 cheaper only $585
Josh (2 months ago)
Boosted completely RIPPED OFF the adidas soccer logo as there brand logo.
Karl (2 months ago)
Advert. Xiaomi sell a perfectly good scooter for £300. This is a rip.
Ace (2 months ago)
They want to make it for everyone so let's charge 4x what Xiaomi charges and more than double the Segway ES4..
Chinmay H (2 months ago)
The title of this video remains unanswered ? yet to be seen !!!
lu za (2 months ago)
This is a Paid advert. Don't waste your time.
S (2 months ago)
Just buy xiaomi
Ezduztube (2 months ago)
Over priced scooter. 🛴 Mercane is much better Scooter 🛴. https://youtu.be/OixtSCxdDtU
Mike Eyaotu (2 months ago)
5,000 Subscribers With No Videos (2 months ago)
I have seen scooters for the same price go 45 miles and 45 mph
5,000 Subscribers With No Videos (2 months ago)
And this one only goes up to 22 miles and up to 24mph that’s not a good deal for 1,600
Just-Your-Average-Negro (2 months ago)
Overpriced and underwhelming just like Apple
Brendan Purkapile (2 months ago)
John Smith (2 months ago)
46 lbs!
procekim (2 months ago)
xiaomi scooter pro is awesome for 499,-
shakil ahmed (2 months ago)
i need one......from Bangladesh....
Olivier De Pooter (2 months ago)
People that complain about the Xiaomi m365 are simply too heavy. You shouldn’t get the regular one if you weigh more than 80kg, but get the pro instead.
Руслан Шакиров (2 months ago)
You can buy minimotors staff with that price, witch characteristics are much better
Al kis (2 months ago)
lol so stupid.. failed before it ever hit the market. when you have scooters for £400+ and those will take you to that (30 minute ride) in 2 minutes as well..
TheGrateful108 (2 months ago)
Make something new to justify the price. Boosted doesn't even have a suspension. Make a Gyroscopic stabilized scooter with a suspension.
Filippo Z. (2 months ago)
It weights 21kg. This alone is a valid reason to pass. What were you thinking BB? (not to mention the price tag. it's so ridiculously high it's impossible to unnotitice. But that is your standard, quality=costs, I can accept that)
I H (2 months ago)
Dude those are all awesome! I see them here in SF all the time!!
CryptoJack (3 months ago)
Can't you buy the bird scooters for like $300, why are they charging $1300 more
Frank martinez (3 months ago)
To expensive come on give us a better price 🤨
whatelse02 eazziii (3 months ago)
I had one of these 18 years ago for less than 200usd. Don't waste your money for that price
Denis Ho (3 months ago)
for 1600 you just can buy a vespa.
Kaka KarrotCake (3 months ago)
I think those San Fransiscans can flex half a months rent for one of those.
Fake AsFluff (3 months ago)
Might as well get that scooter for $1700 with 38 Mile Range and 40 MPH top speed
Ryan Caputo (3 months ago)
The 1600 price tag for a dual 750w is not bad (maybe a bit over) At this price I would want solid tires and some basic suspension. I own a Xiaomi and I can say I would never buy pneumatic tires again. I would like to see the turn radius of the front wheel, you want it restricted for control (around 30 degrees) Lastly a HUGE design flaw is no chain lock ring, They need a way to lock it up and with 2 motors you cant use the rim to run a chain through. Ultimately as the price goes up these things need to be addressed more appropriately
AZN_Flame (3 months ago)
Buy a cheaper one it’s way better
Bosco Sticks (3 months ago)
Or I could rent one on the street for 1 dollar lmao
iceberg (3 months ago)
Meepo skate board hauls and under 400$.
ucheucheuche (3 months ago)
I've owned a Xiaomi M365 electric scooter for over 1 year, and traveled 1000s of km on it. And there's 2 key points Boosted hasn't addressed, and it doesn't have to do with build quality.
Profit Glen (3 months ago)
I just spent $2000 less and pre-ordered two Ninebot Max scooters. $600 vs $1600 each. No brainer, but then again I don't "need" the 24 mph. It would be fun as hell though. lol. IMO $999 should be the MOST this should be.
Michael Nablo (3 months ago)
*Busted price*
Wil Hughes (3 months ago)
i wouldn’t want the scooter but i would do anything for a plus or stealth
Righteous Freedom USA 1776 (3 months ago)
I don’t know but their $1600 stealth is VERY worth it.!!!! It is a powerful BEAST. Gets me up any hill too
Samson Blay (3 months ago)
Hey guy! would really mean the world to me if you wanted to help me out. I've got a video about an electric skateboard that I think is a huge competition to Boosted board, that I really want you're thoughts on :)
Kevin Holland (3 months ago)
imo they are wasting their time with this. This design is way behind the curve.
tocdco (3 months ago)
No swappable battery? Nope....
Schemit J (3 months ago)
for $1600 you can get a scooter that does 60mph with shocks and lights.
San Diago (3 months ago)
And the answer is no, because the turbowheel lightening exists
Chris Ma (3 months ago)
2012? plz check back to detective conan .. plz XD
Kabeeswar Harsha (3 months ago)
We're buy this? Any contact information
kings17court (3 months ago)
Does the product look good? Yes. But the price seems pretty steep.
Pandaplutten (3 months ago)
It will boost your muscles when carrying it!
Hans Zarkov (3 months ago)
why are there so many bicycles in the boosted lobby?
Chuck Haney (3 months ago)
I'd LOVE one of these. But no way is it worth $1600.00 to me. Call me when it's half that.
Pedro Aguiar (3 months ago)
Good but expensive
WT COLLECTOR (3 months ago)
This is a joke price vs performance. Honestly it's embarrassing. 800, 900 dollar range justified but 1600 is laughable. I can buy turbo wheel lighting that kills this for the same price.
Party-of-5 (3 months ago)
If I’m paying over $800 it better have a gas engine lol.$1600 they are tripping man
Jannis Höntscher (3 months ago)
Illegal where live :(
4c1dr3fl3x (3 months ago)
Casey Neistat and his endless selfie cam... *_Cringe has intensified_* ....
Danny (3 months ago)
I used to work here as a temp...f.y.i the boards are actually assembled or made in China and I hear the workers there are working in harsh conditions over seas, the company was very silent and hush hush about this. They rely on cheap, Chinese labor over seas to assemble and build every board and temporary workers state side identify mechanical or software failures, disassemble, repair, reassemble, and ship to consumers. They do not manufacture or “make” these products in the USA. I just want to say, this company and others like it, are why I am gentrified. They look good on the outside but they take advantage of environmental and humanitarian loop-holes by outsourcing and the exploitation lenient labor and environmental humanitarian laws overs seas, and of temporary labor loopholes.
snowfreeze (3 months ago)
Hi. I'm CEO. And I shave my mustache but not my beard. Because I'm half assed. Yet I expect people to somehow take me seriously. LOL
Ben Martz (3 months ago)
Not everyone lives in san fran. I tottally love it.
Seán O'Nilbud (3 months ago)
Chris Macier (3 months ago)
For all those complaining about prices, you obviously have never ridden their boards. I have the Boosted Stealth and it was $1,600. Worth every penny. I’m surprised the scooter isn’t more expensive.
Archives (3 months ago)
Rather upgrade my V2 Boosted Board to the Boosted Board Stealth
J Swartz (3 months ago)
Good scooter for my ocean beach to union square commute.
thosai (3 months ago)
Buy a mi scooter
Joe Blow (3 months ago)
$1600 damn ill just wait for some yuppie high on drugs to come around my corner with one
Michael Mack (3 months ago)
Lol exactly. I got my civic for 500
RSSS68 Camaro (3 months ago)
Hey Boosted, I don’t have millions of followers or thousands of videos but can you give me 1 for free since I’m NOT a millionaire?? Probably not right?
M A (3 months ago)
Is Bugatti really worth $1million?
Mark McCammon (3 months ago)
People complaining about a $1,600 electric scooter probably spent over a $1,000 on a smartphone XD
NoFakesHere (29 days ago)
smartphones actually have more practical uses and a $400 scooter can do the same as this over priced gabage
Creepy Girl (3 months ago)
So motorized inlines next?
Gerry (3 months ago)
death on wheels!😫
Eddi Nice (3 months ago)
Make them available in Cambridge UK.
FunkyDoolittle (3 months ago)
that ginger dude sounded so dry like a he was in a commercial for fabric softener
Blue Prince (3 months ago)
I hope that they don't lose to CHINESE competitors, just like SEGWAY when they lost to copycat NINEBOT and bought them out of the competition.
Anthony Woodroffe (3 months ago)
When can I get this in Trinidad and Tobago?
jak p (3 months ago)
It will sell well. Boosted is the Apple or scooters. Yes there are cheap Chinese scooters like there are cheap android phones. This is the iPhone of scooters for people who are willing to pay a premium for a refined experience. San Francisco engineers cost more then Chinese engineers.
snowfreeze (3 months ago)
Everybody WISHES they were the Apple of anything. In reality, Apple should rename themselves Overpriced Crapple. And their slogan, thanks for your money NEXT!
Matt Sezer (3 months ago)
Or you could just not be lazy and ride a bicycle. They didn't mention this, but I know at least the original Boosted boards had pretty horrible battery ranges.
Charlie Eck (3 months ago)
Go kart 😆
The price is too hi
Hardware Software (3 months ago)
No. Good talk.
Peter L (3 months ago)
You can probably build one with the same spects around 160. I mean...scooter...motor...controls module...battery.
British Entertainment (3 months ago)
Its actually very powerfull, its faster to 50kmh than a 50cc scooter
Frank Stocker (3 months ago)
No thanks.
Shanty Town (3 months ago)
price seems to be the only problem rn
Walter Wilkins (3 months ago)
Are we sure the price isn’t part of the marketing strategy? Exclusivity sells. In that sense, the price may be too low. At $1600 the product makes my purchase questionable, but, at a starting price of $2600 I could actually be “seen”!
Han Bulban (3 months ago)
A couple of people died from falling off electric scooters in Australia is just a few months. Very dangerous and stupid method of transport
Not Real (3 months ago)
This is a metaphor for made in America products. They cost an arm and a leg.
snowfreeze (3 months ago)
In reality, I am sure they will end up Designed in San Francisco by an Italian, assembled in Germany using Chinese built parts.