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National Geographic Megafactories - Coca-Cola

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A Documentary about the No.1 softdrink company in the world.
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José Mar Pérez Fuentes (58 minutes ago)
General Grievous Jr. (2 hours ago)
do they sell coca cola in australia?
9 8 (3 hours ago)
Flavoring (Merchandise 7X): 1 qrt alcohol 80 oil orange 40 oil cinnamon 120 oil lemon 20 oil coriander 40 oil nutmeg 40 oil neroli
9 8 (3 hours ago)
Not me! Pepsi all the way.
sendoh ibrahim (3 hours ago)
Coca cola poisoning your heart slowly...until you and your children die...
Ronald Raimey (3 hours ago)
Why are the glass Coca-Cola bottles made in Mexico different than all the rest of them and the labels don't come off their printed on and the Coca-Cola tastes a lot sweeter from Mexico
joseph frank (4 hours ago)
Plastic bottles suck make the taste of the what ever beverage taste like shit!
Ben Giles (5 hours ago)
Coca Cola should be illegal
tsfcancerman (6 hours ago)
I wish they stopped using plastic, cause every drink taste better on glass, still remember back in 80's when it was on 1 litre bottles
Mary Claire (6 hours ago)
I love coke!!
fern Haloo (7 hours ago)
I miss New Coke.
Oriol Vilalta (8 hours ago)
everyone knows plastic coke is undrinkable. glass and cans all the way
Globalisation (10 hours ago)
i dear you to go and have a coke in Iraq :D, they have their own secrete baby
castlev1986 (10 hours ago)
so can some one tell me why the last humans haven't been replace by robots?
Angel Campoverde (12 hours ago)
They have contributed nothing good to the world. They have contributed to diabetes, obesity and dead for millions.
Airbnb Universe (15 hours ago)
I like Marvin the lid guy, he doesn't know how to put on a mask
Airbnb Universe (15 hours ago)
No the value comes from the cocaine in the coca-cola. Stupid lady, who put her in charge?
Saa Sasu (16 hours ago)
Coca cola
Michael Titera (22 hours ago)
Coca~Cola, most amazing company and most amazing beverage!
James Cabarr (23 hours ago)
The secret ingredient is opium from Afghanistan.
Seldom Pooper (1 day ago)
why people drink soft drinks ? just carbonation and no taste. garbage.
advanceddarkness3 (1 day ago)
Because the rest of the world is smart enough to know drinking from plastic bottles causes cancer.
George Campbell (1 day ago)
Corn syrup - not good for us. PET bottles - not good for us. Caffeine - I'm good with that. Taste - I like it fine.
ten ten (1 day ago)
A lesson to America. You are the greatest nation on earth. Be great and take the lesson from the rest of us. Reuse glass. Refuse plastic.
t3hb0ss (1 day ago)
I really want an ice cold coke rn
Kiki Tay (1 day ago)
It's a fact that the people who works there do coke
Charlie Cosca (1 day ago)
i love coca cola :3! is so yummy :3! but coca cola can kill you if you drink so much or everyday x.x
gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs (1 day ago)
Their distribution network is pretty impressive. Lots of places where it's way easier to buy a Coca Cola than to find healty food. Not necessarily Coca Cola's fault, but still very sad.
Enthused (2 days ago)
Recyclable or not; single use plastic bottles should have been obsolete by now. This is like a cave man's concept. Adding insult to injury, these ones contain enough sugar to set you on your way to a miserable life and an early death. And they charge you money for this. If you drink soda, you may as well smoke a few packs of cigarettes a day and literally never ever stand up off the couch.
B Roll Offroad (2 days ago)
12:54 i want this on the highway.
Dern Vader (2 days ago)
High-Fructose Corn Syrup has ruined everything, and it is carcinogenic. It makes your pancreas put out sugar at an irregular rate, unlike glucose, which is a true sugar and is not harmful... Ban Corn Syrup!
dlwatib (2 days ago)
Compared to manufacturing a car, this is a very simple process.
Dern Vader (2 days ago)
The day we find out that the 'Natural Flavors' in Coke come from Castoreum: the *anal excretions* of a Beaver... AH! Yum!
Dream Catcher Man (2 days ago)
couldn`t care one little bit on how much plastic they produce & its final destination. The Sea
Fuck You (2 days ago)
who else got up and grabbed a coke?
Chris Nowak (2 days ago)
This can't be good :(
DreamPhreak (2 days ago)
"the most closely guarded secret in the world" except that one time when a person who worked with coke got the secret formula and tried to sell it to pepsi (was stopped by the fbi)
Dave Kam (2 days ago)
This is not a Cola, it's all American poison for your stomach!
xGoodOldSmurfehx (2 days ago)
ah, Coca-Cola AKA Diabetes in a bottle
Beraj Patel (2 days ago)
how much water is needed to produce a single serving of coca cola ...
Mike Davidson (2 days ago)
So literally is coke worse than alcohol or cigarettes? Energy drinks? What about the other toxins? We know it can strip paint who's drinking a pack a day? Lol Plus you can still get sugar filled coke Instead of hfcs
Weng's Man (2 days ago)
Nothing like the sound of a 2 liter blow mold over pressurized ! I work at a Coca Cola Bottling plant and when those 2 liter preforms blow it sounds like a shot gun
jean francois gagne (3 days ago)
le liquide avec de leau gasilifier et bon bon liquides bien sur cest Cokekacola le plus cossomer et le 7up Sprite ect boire a bonne saveur coke
Raistlin Majere (3 days ago)
ahh THIS is where babies come from
Prfctdrk (3 days ago)
Does anybody else get irrationally angry at that fucking pouring sound or is that just me? It's just so irritating, it's like hearing someone fucking chew with their mouth open
anticala (3 days ago)
When I was a kid it was a forbidden drink in the upper class .( and its still, I heard a 10y old boy " Mama whats the taste of Coca Cola ? " . Mama said:" Like poison with sugar, dangerous for good people ! ! ") Thanks god this way I got not addicted to such chemical stuff too !
Alpha Male (3 days ago)
Yeah, but Pepsi still had the 7th largest navy fleet in the 50s. Top that coke.
New_Cosmos (3 days ago)
Remember kids do not drink too much of this. Just drink occasionally or none
Igo Ram (4 days ago)
Who makes the original video, Nat Geo or How it's Made, you have same video, I think it is a copy rigth issue..
NycBeauty (4 days ago)
Hayden Dewey (4 days ago)
Any one like Diet Coke
Andrew Cox (4 days ago)
Why doesn't the cola go off? The bottles and cans whizz around the factories with open tops so bacteria must get inside. The liquid goes in cold and then the lid is put on with no heated sterilisation step. Why don't the bacteria in the cans and bottles consume the cola?
James Simms (4 days ago)
You have got to stop using metric for measurements, no clue what that means. This is American, we use standard no matter how hard the government tries otherwise.
Adam Leven (4 days ago)
What the fuck is a BOTLER?
Ten Lugg Gaming (4 days ago)
Everyone is complaining as to how bad coke is and you’re not wrong. But it’s not Coke’s fault. It’s up to the consumer. Coke isn’t pointing a gun at people’s heads and forcing them to drink coke.
Norma (4 days ago)
Nice, but I still prefer Pepsi
sharonlung Lung (4 days ago)
Frank Berg (4 days ago)
Perfectly valuable metal is wasted in one single use to hold a modest amount of one of the most senseless beverages on the planet.
Brendan Montague (5 days ago)
This shit just scared the crap out of me
Bruce Richall (5 days ago)
Coke manufacturing is absolutely mind boggling. I shudder to think about the natural resources used to make the product. Just the plastics alone will take millions of years to degrade not to mention the vast quantities of fossil fuels used. It's simply staggering.
Philip Rosenthale (5 days ago)
Hey Coke, your product is total shit in the United States because you feed FAT Americans High Fructose Corn Syrup GARBAGE. So FUCK YOU.
Jay Dee (5 days ago)
i love coke
Pepsι Mαn (5 days ago)
This is just pure evil!
munichs23mostwanted (5 days ago)
Secret ingredient is Human Blood lol
aknopf (5 days ago)
This is a very interesting Coca Cola ad.
Rich P (5 days ago)
Boy it sure is wonderful that this poison reaches so many people.
Booper Dooper (5 days ago)
Rich P If that’s your logic, don’t breath. Things in the air react to your lungs and cause cancer. Oh and don’t eat, the sodium is also poison.
P La (5 days ago)
OMG I manifested this video it popped up as a recommended video. It’s my favorite soda I was thinking about watching a video in how it’s made 😊 I heard they add cocaine 🤣
Norma (4 days ago)
They used to, now they add coca leaves that don't contain coca anymore.
RandomPsychic (5 days ago)
Fluid extract of Coca 3 drams USP Citric acid 3 oz Caffeine 1oz Sugar 30 (it is unclear from the markings what quantity is required) Water 2.5 gal Lime juice 2 pints 1 qrt Vanilla 1oz Caramel 1.5oz or more to colour 7X flavour (use 2oz of flavour to 5 gals syrup): Alcohol 8oz Orange oil 20 drops Lemon oil 30 drops Nutmeg oil 10 drops Coriander 5 drops Neroli 10 drops Cinnamon 10 drops
Czech Death (5 days ago)
Secret formula - if you know anything about the medicine origin of this and history of food in america (being imported from all over the world, asia, mexico, india) It is pretty clear that it is basically Masala chai spice mixture.
John Dillay (5 days ago)
This dude just said they put vegetables in it... almost made me tear up.
AsSeenOnTV (5 days ago)
So if a Soda Jerk is a jerk, do you call them a soda jerk jerk?
AsSeenOnTV (5 days ago)
9:38 ....pretty much how my last date went...
AsSeenOnTV (5 days ago)
I searched ‘Dildo Factory’ after watching this...
AsSeenOnTV (5 days ago)
Coke tastes the best out of cold glass bottles. Thumbs up if you agree 👍
AsSeenOnTV (5 days ago)
3:17 lol dude grabs the GoPro before it gets sucked into the machine
AsSeenOnTV (5 days ago)
Watching this while drinking a Pepsi
TOM PIPPS (5 days ago)
Joy Platon (6 days ago)
Corn syrup hahaha lier😈 C'mon magic sugar for real 😡
Raza Khan (6 days ago)
Nice way to get diabetes and other diseases. American way! hahahaha
Sebastian Molina (6 days ago)
1:14 "we operate in over 206 countries" There is only 195.
No One (3 days ago)
No. You're wrong. There are 193 countries that are recognized by the U.N. and are part of them. Do your homework. There is 206 countries. Not all of them are recognized by the U.N.
Brandon Herrin (6 days ago)
Finally someone said something!!
computerjantje (6 days ago)
No statistics about how many people die too young due to drinking cola for a longer time? This is just a very long commercial.
Andy H (7 days ago)
Useless crap.
Do Komo (7 days ago)
This whole program should have lasted 1 minute: just explain how the cocaine is added to the bottles and how the global governments are fooled to look the other way. Most of these other details are irrelevant.
mun zai (7 days ago)
pollution maker
Rage Face (7 days ago)
What If the secret Ingredient Is so horrible thats Its the only reason they wont say what It Is. Either way, still my favorite soda when I do drink It.
EricB 2417 (8 days ago)
Pepsi is better
Markus E (8 days ago)
"Robots." They are trying to make it sound advanced, futuristic, and "cool." The are machines bot robots. Its like calling a microwave and a toaster robots. Are they? If they are, then lets call washers and dryers robots, too.
neo walker (9 days ago)
Their figures are wrong what they get in a year is probably what they earn in one day
G P (9 days ago)
I can't even remember the last time I drank pop. Beer ? Now that's a different story.
Josh C (9 days ago)
when i stopped drinking cokes i stopped feeling sleepy all the time and no more headaches and depression
Jacob Bailey (9 days ago)
This really wants me to drink coke again. Interesting how it’s made and their ingredients
jack siscavage (9 days ago)
See how great it feels when no longer consumed. Poison.
Cody Levinson (9 days ago)
Why would anyone drink that rust cleaner??
Hedrik (9 days ago)
woohoo go poison!
Philip Boyd (9 days ago)
'We operate in over 206 countries' Um there are only 195 countries in the world
Serenity (9 days ago)
"natural flavours", hmmmmm
Patrick Maloney (9 days ago)
Your bodies are full of microscopic plastic.
joe black (10 days ago)
pepsi is much better
robert ward (10 days ago)
T he secret is the coca leaves Because coca leaves are natural. In bolivia the farmers chew the coca leaves to prevent fatigue and provides energy and are not addicts, the addiction comes from after the extraction of the coke what is mixed in labs to the natural substance.