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National Geographic Megafactories - Coca-Cola

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A Documentary about the No.1 softdrink company in the world.
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ohouti8estwra (1 hour ago)
So...if coca cola were to use less plastic and more glass bottles we'd save the planet a great deal...
MarkoDash (1 hour ago)
somewhere a vault dweller is planning.
Lejon van Rhee (2 hours ago)
13:20 This is like bottle auswitch
simon (3 hours ago)
Drinking an Ice cold coke on a hot day while watching this.
Anik Samiur Rahman (5 hours ago)
44:40 Now this is called commitment!
R2d2 789 (5 hours ago)
A quote he said natural flavors like natural plants Coca is a natural plant... You know it produces coca leaves that make Coca paste and finally into cocaine.....🤔.?
Joe Irby (10 hours ago)
i definitely do not want to work in the spanish glass bottle factory
Mike Lindner (11 hours ago)
I will still continue to buy both Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. They taste great !
Daniel Hartwick (13 hours ago)
disgusting product. grow some taste buds and get a pepsi you plebians.
Scott Barwick (13 hours ago)
Warren Buffets wallet is bursting
violet640 (13 hours ago)
I like coke in bottle - tastes better . If I buy bottled coke - I can only hope they're in new manufactured bottles , not the recycled ones.
Get Informed (14 hours ago)
Coca cola, polluting the whole world with plastic, one bottle at the time, sweet !!!
sevencolours (15 hours ago)
I hope coca cola goes bankrupt, I mean I hope people stop drinking this garbage. It will be a win for humanity. I don't drink this shit anymore, I actually hate it, still wonder how I loved it when was a kid.
FutureLaugh (16 hours ago)
when are they going to start talking sparkling water seriously.
johnny6148 (16 hours ago)
addiction caffeine and sugar
johnny6148 (16 hours ago)
disgusting waste of world resources
Mr. J (16 hours ago)
coca leaves is the secret ingredient, produced in south america facilities, more of it in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina
f@brizio$$ (16 hours ago)
Ditch the plastic bottles and go back to glass only for two reasons, 1. Better for environment and 2. It tastes better out of the glass bottles. They should also go back to putting cocain in it. ;-)
dejan (17 hours ago)
Only good to clean wc -toilet
Killroy (17 hours ago)
Notice the Department of Transportation (DOT) Placard 1805 PHOSPHORIC ACID, Class 8
Rune Lee-Kolhoff (21 hours ago)
I am glad that I don’t drink this crap anymore. I have only drank maybe 3-4 sodas for whatever reason since I have quit drinking soda everyday last year. Sodas feel like after drinking like I am going to get a stomach ach. The only soda that I drink that tastes like soda is sparkling water which may not be as healthy as water, but is definitely far healthier than drinking this crap. I rarely drink sparkiling water and only drink for special occasions like family reunion, or celebration events. I usually drink Vitamin Water ZERO and regular water with electrolytes on a regular basis.
Rune Lee-Kolhoff (21 hours ago)
Cancer factory!
MrMeow (21 hours ago)
High Fructose Corn Syrup - no thanks. Only drink one with sugar. It tastes better too.
Jeff Sitler (1 hour ago)
High Fructose Corn Syrup -cancer
Peter Dawes (21 hours ago)
Fascinating engineering, but the drink is poison. All that sugar is causing obesity and for Americans drinking this shit, you'll end up with gout too from the Uric acid produced by your cells when converting Fructose in citric acid cycle.
Beng_ (22 hours ago)
1:12 Bottom left there is a heap of bottles tipped over. Haha
Mortimer Laforet (23 hours ago)
all this energies and resources spent on liquid candy make me want to kill humans being.
Scotty D (23 hours ago)
Does Coke taste different in different countries? That's what i'd like to know....
LenVrijhof (1 day ago)
So much plastic! :(
Planet Awesome (1 day ago)
toilet cleaner ,So glad I quit drinking that crap! automaton loss of employment
gunther Vladimer (1 day ago)
Now they need to do an episode on Great Value water. Been to the bottling facility in Texas and it's just regular tap water but the facility is one big health code violation. I'm a truck driver and mostly haul food goods and see a lot of places that packages what we consume and Great Value water is the worst.
Boris Zeng (1 day ago)
so this is why the world is dying
Scott Wilkins (1 day ago)
Those 12 pack "frig packs" are so inconvenient. They put the "handle" on the side rather than the top making them a pain in the *ss to pick up at the store.
Ian H. (1 day ago)
Kudos to the creative minds that design this machinery.
Jumbomuffin13 (1 day ago)
They add cleaning products... Their secret
Hammer Head (1 day ago)
What would be the environmental impact if all coke consumers switched to water from their own glasses? 100 years ago there wasn't a island of plastic in the ocean. We are killing the planet as fast as commerce will let us. Water is all we have ever needed.
Manny Radzky (1 day ago)
Soda is poison.
mayakovski (1 day ago)
Loading aluminum lids, what a mindless and boring job.
The plastic factory seems incredibly inefficient. The glass one also seems very unsafe.
Brett Dawson (1 day ago)
I don't know... I like "New Coke" better.
keimo2007 (1 day ago)
why they wont make alu-cans @ plant. doesn't make sense to haul such a long distance, empty cans.
Den Raden (1 day ago)
Roboko (1 day ago)
wow, imagine if we put this sort of effort and innovation into something that isn't designed to make us morbidly obese w/diabetes
Petterson (1 day ago)
00:23:38 - Thats so cool.
Charli Papa (1 day ago)
i think theres is never been a better time to drop that coca cola and never touch it again
Michael (1 day ago)
90% water 9% sugar 1% chemical shit. I quit drinking that stuff after I worked a couple months for coca cola and saw 5 tons of sugar arriving every couple hours.
Laur Oras (1 day ago)
whos drinking pepsi while watching this
anonymous user (2 days ago)
So the story behind the story is that the rest of the world gets a higher quality coke. America gets the garbage quality Coke.
Daniel Triantopoulos (2 days ago)
9:13 Why is that guy wearing a hair net?
DON'T WASTE TIME (2 days ago)
The world is already fucked human kill human so why worry so much 😯
Vegas Mitchell (2 days ago)
Amazing We drink this Poisonous Shit. Just saw Video of Coke Cleaning Golf clubs.
TheRandomSpectator (2 days ago)
32:42 Why does it look like "STOP" is written in blood?
Ed Evans (2 days ago)
Saywot? 45 minutes on soda production?? It's not worth 5 minutes max.
Cameron Wright (2 days ago)
Has it occured to anyone that the nuka-cola bottles in fallout e and new vegas look exactly like Coca-Cola bottles?
Aesthetic Athlete (2 days ago)
Is high fructose corn syrup ok?
getredytagetredy (2 days ago)
These corporations have and are ruining the Earth
The Army general (2 days ago)
My dad works at Coca Cola in sicup near London.
Shawon Ahmed (2 days ago)
We don’t know actually how dangerous is Coca Cola.. is anybody can tell me ...:!?
Booney Cooney (2 days ago)
Good for use in douche bags. That way you get Coke a Cola flavored pussy
Neb6 (2 days ago)
I wonder if they clean out the cans after the sulfuric acid is sprayed on them...
Roland Lawrence (2 days ago)
ahh good old nat geo. good to see they haven't lowered their standards since being taken over by fox. next show in the series is tar sands oil mining in Canada.
Edward Byard (2 days ago)
How much plastic, end to end? Scary.
christy Williams (2 days ago)
christy Williams (2 days ago)
PresentTalk (2 days ago)
I still prefer *Pepsi* .
Chronically Vlogging (3 days ago)
Imagine how bad you could get hurt if a stack of those bottles or cans or glass bottles were to fall on you..
anthony walker (3 days ago)
What’s that thing that attaches the bottle to the airvayer?
Brad Smith (3 days ago)
35:31 - Cowboys and Aliens.
Brad Smith (3 days ago)
You Yanks don't have Coke in glass? Boy, you don't know what you're missing.
Rick smith (3 days ago)
pepsi is still better
* * (3 days ago)
Secret ingredient? Workers must be Black like the drink...
Amy Dentata (3 days ago)
love too destroy the planet for profit
Gustavo Gomez (3 days ago)
the secret is Chemical X!
Davey Casteleyn (3 days ago)
Offcourse the secret is cocaine, but I still love it with my Bacardi.
syed zubair (3 days ago)
Bloody fool spreading poison in the world. Cola & Pepsi. Both must be banned.
londonguyuk (3 days ago)
How the hell did I get here from surprised kitten
M Smith (3 days ago)
Imagine if they were providing clean water to 99% of the world's population.
Adin Icic (3 days ago)
Dont know if its ironic that I'm drinking a Pepsi as I clicked on this video.
Chris Hessey (3 days ago)
Great now I want one.
Perry Barter (3 days ago)
I hate walking down my street and seeing empty plastic bottles and cans with this vile, toxic logo wrapped round them... 450 years minimum to decompose... millions, probably billions of this produced a day... Coca Cola alone will destroy our planet, not just our stomach...
BT The Detailer (3 days ago)
YA, science bitch!
Pauli Valkeejärvi (3 days ago)
I could watch these all day...
scazermazz (4 days ago)
Since I used to work in supply chain and warehousing, I found this interesting
JadedBear (4 days ago)
Coca Cola is pure poison.
Chris Knapp (4 days ago)
"Bot-----lers"    Lol
D.knight Ingram (4 days ago)
This is a great example that coke cola is poison I been drinking water and I loss weight and feel happy and high fructose corn syrup cause weight gain and the body doesn't recognize it and automatically turns it in to fat in he liver and contains mercury!!!
Enrique Paneque (4 days ago)
I don't drink coke, but this speed of production is just amazing!!
Dipper Dudes (4 days ago)
Dave Shatton (4 days ago)
cocaine is a natural flavour, right?
prem tudu (4 days ago)
Can you guys make a video on mineral water plant with full details exactly like this coca cola megafactory ... 🙂
Joe Wang (4 days ago)
Could we produce human-like droid like this? 😂
First Last (4 days ago)
Humans are dumb and feeble.
Ashraf Shafiqin (4 days ago)
In malaysia we use coca cola for drug.. we put kratom into coca cola.. and some dyna drill.. 3 in 1 ..good to drunk when work.. 😂
Blake Pompu (4 days ago)
A drink made for the surplus human population.
Koko (4 days ago)
This is exactly, exactly the processing for how harpic is made .... :)
joe joe (5 days ago)
secret ingredient is Pepsi
Pricilla Mac (5 days ago)
Its not about the bottle people.. its about that Corn Syrup... Start looking at whats in that Corn Syrup..It is killing you people.. literally KILLING YOU. Link it to GM..
Sarath Babu (5 days ago)
World's best Toilet Cleaner
Sarath Babu (2 days ago)
thanks man
Gencturk92 (2 days ago)
yeah good for you then
Sarath Babu (3 days ago)
yep i only live once so that's why i run far away as possible from this toilet cleaner drink, from boozing and mostly from eating non vegetarian also. because yoga give positive attitude towards life and keeps my body, mind and soul in good condition. so that's why i don't go for it.
Gencturk92 (3 days ago)
nothing is healthy for us, energy drinks chocolate, sex, alcohol. you only live once so just go for it
Sarath Babu (4 days ago)
It cleans your body man. i do yoga and my body is my temple. i'm healthy. i don't need toilet cleaner for my stomach. i use coke for cleaning my toilet man. so no thanks. you enjoy this coca cola man.
TRISTAN MAMAWAG (5 days ago)
Cause of diabetes
Darryl Hetherington (5 days ago)
the tentacle of US Imperialism....Monsanto has begun to crumble...Is Coke next?
Joseph Odemwingie (5 days ago)
Sugar sweetener taste better than corn syrup. That's why European and African coke taste better than American and Canada