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National Geographic Megafactories - Coca-Cola

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A Documentary about the No.1 softdrink company in the world.
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BeGenius (13 hours ago)
this makes me thirsty
Big Red (23 hours ago)
Red's sinful snek (1 day ago)
The secret ingredient is cocaine, that's why it's so popular
wwe champoin!!!!! (1 day ago)
i got a dig bick paris in the the spring i got a pet wussy child photography what i if told you you read the first line wrong you that read wrong you that read wrong too i have a big dick.
aaron brooks (1 day ago)
responsible for millions of heart attacks, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
ModedChocolate (2 days ago)
I liked this comment.
tonyb9316 (2 days ago)
I use it instead of WD40 to remove rust it works 200% would you drink a rust converter? I don’t think so.
Mosconi Oni (2 days ago)
overkill...couldnt take no more
Scott Smith (2 days ago)
they use 0.71 gallons of water to make 0.28 gallons of coca cola what a waste
Love SRK (3 days ago)
24:41 how we should kick out toxic people out of our life
MoVieFaN world (3 days ago)
_They have a secret formula let's find out._
Joshua Lim (3 days ago)
The 'natural flavours' ingredient is obviously the sweet taste of capitalism.
gagiva Tan (3 days ago)
Pepsi more taste good than coca cola
m (3 days ago)
secret formula a well trusted soft drink known world wide a secret so profound that when everyone figures it out you will vomit and end your life in a sicjk perverted betrayal.
David L (3 days ago)
Automation is a beautiful thing.
Nekilof - (3 days ago) - the necking process? What the hell am I watching?!?
fraser (3 days ago)
Surely the FDA knows whats in that secret ingredient?
bam de dios (3 days ago)
no.1 cause of diabetes by WHO ... if you want to be sick drink this..
Aleksandar V. (3 days ago)
FUCK☢Coca-cola Drink 👍 P E P S I
Mel Aroha (3 days ago)
look at all those Poisons
kickass girl (3 days ago)
I love to drink Coca cola who loves too please click like .
Can't find my username (3 days ago)
23:10 *I really wanna silly slap and rape that cunt and slit her throat* *making 100 fold more money that the harder below and shitting on them for tiny or NO deffects as if it was the end of the Universe* *FUCK HER*
8-BIT Revivals (4 days ago)
Nuka cola!
Cableguy818 (4 days ago)
They should make this for intravenous also, then I could shoot up Coca Cola as I’m drinking it. Then I could get enough caffeine to really keep me up at night.
soulgear22 (4 days ago)
Was this video stolen?
Christian Bozwell (5 days ago)
These are the "job creators" that needs a tax break???? That fucking factory is empty.
Jonathan Saravia (5 days ago)
A one legged man (5 days ago)
27:30 Is that not dangerous to the consumer?
Leslie Chow (6 days ago)
10 bux if u try to swim in the broken glass pile.
Omar Aldosari (6 days ago)
I prefer Pepsi, any one else?
Preuᛋᛋen (6 days ago)
All this huge high tech factory just to make pure USELESS UNHEALTHY GARBAGE
Mohammed Shoaib (6 days ago)
Watching this was very fascinating. But what that secret formula could be? caffeine with soda, sugar water, food color and co2. Other than this what else could it be?
The Game Room with Dunnyone (6 days ago)
I am 39 - I literally only started drinking Coke this year. Can't believe how many years I wasted without it.
Firnekburg (6 days ago)
Aluminium cans are bad for health right ?
Tanner aka ODST (6 days ago)
Humanity’s greatest skill, mass production.
pigjubby1 (6 days ago)
Wow. My teachers WERE right. There was a use for math!
Benito Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Thanks but I’ll have me a corona instead 👍
Eileen Kauffman (6 days ago)
I. NEED TO WORK THERE! MY COKE IS MY LIFE! ❤ As long as natural flavors doesn't contain FETAL TISSUE LIKE PEPSI PRODUCTS DOES!!
kapinio 1 (7 days ago)
Bottle @ 16:18 '''Fuck this, i'm leaving''
A Ellis (7 days ago)
wow a coca cola bottle"s life is more exciting than mine .
Japes Terblanche (8 days ago)
Basically 90% water and a sweetener and you are rich as fuck
UndeadKennedy (8 days ago)
Lol you can just google the recipe
Nicki Cruz (8 days ago)
Fantastic 👍👍👍
breayden grooms (8 days ago)
TeamXtr3me (8 days ago)
Loli just got a Pepsi add during this video haha
Gankageddon (8 days ago)
I gladly pay extra money for the cane sugar soda over the high fructose corn syrup.
The gaming derp (8 days ago)
My eyes
cranston snodgrass (8 days ago)
obesity in a bottle
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
Yes, if you drink 13 every day.
James (8 days ago)
Fun fact...Fanta started as a Coke plant until Hitler closed it down b/c it was American and they didn't want to scrap the manufacturing plant.
James (8 days ago)
I can't afford coke anymore cause a robot took my job.
James (7 days ago)
+Roscoe Dogg I wish
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
Did you switch to Shasta?
MrCasquenoir (8 days ago)
Massive garbage producers. You make it sound as though it was some sort of achievement. It's pathetic. This factory, and others like it, are the source of the problem.
Reva Schuller (9 days ago)
Pretty cool stuff
Mike S (9 days ago)
Poop in glass
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
Alexander Marchel (9 days ago)
The coca cola in the glass bottles taste 10x better than the plastic ones
guyfromaucklandnz (9 days ago)
everyone complaining how unhealthy coke is but that's just some incredible technology
Libor Jonáš (6 days ago)
Yea and yet there is guy that is shoving packs of lids into machine... alone in huge noisy room... what a technology
Cesar Ochaeta (9 days ago)
Belize has the best coca cola in the world
Seth Setiadha (9 days ago)
natural flavors = from nutmeg skin seed
Helmet Barf (9 days ago)
A truly UN-AMERICAN, American corporation. They sell Americans the shittiest version of their shitty product - High Fructose Corn Coke. I keep one glass bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola, made with real sugar, in the fridge in case somebody gets a stomach ache. Other than that, I have zero use for that garbage.
anam qhoirul (9 days ago)
Minuman populer
George E (9 days ago)
national geographic lost there crediblity with flat earth
Sam Estrada (9 days ago)
decon poison factory
Iron Dragon (9 days ago)
Love how I got a Pepsi add before this video started
Proper (9 days ago)
They should replace plastic bottles with glass
BlackLeatherMonster (9 days ago)
Even if someone isn't environment concerned the glass just keeps it tasting better. Drinks used to have a much longer expiration date.. I think they "break down" in the plastic (not sure if that would be the plastic itself, the way light penetrates, the sealing, the HFCS or ?) and I notice sometimes widely varying differences from one bottle to the next.
Do Bo (9 days ago)
Coca Cola tastes like shit. Its bitter tasting. Its not like it used to be. They need to go back to using actual sugar
Destiny Fan (10 days ago)
Glass bottles are the best type of container when it comes to taste. Especially dark ones.
Wenceslao Futanaki (10 days ago)
Proudly made by satan to fuck humankind off
Alexander Ljungberg (10 days ago)
My pee-pee is a big factory.
adipsous (10 days ago)
I just am constantly imagining all the lost jobs of actual humans. All this automation looks so lonely.
taino tattoo (10 days ago)
Won't say what are the natural flavors of course, because is poison hit them with a big ol' Bam!!💥💥🔨🔨
Bongo (10 days ago)
the ''super secret'' formula is also on wikipedia, it was leaked several years ago Ok bye
janda janda (10 days ago)
16:19 I must go my people need me
HIJINX RC (11 days ago)
This dude said cans like a can murdered his brother.
Jason Schooler (11 days ago)
High fructose corn syrup = booooo
Camkid (11 days ago)
It's late at night. What the hell am I doing?
Karman Bhinder (1 day ago)
Camkid I got no clue. Felt like this was important
Isaki Dube (11 days ago)
Screw the formula, it's just sugar and carbon dioxide these days. This stuff will make you bloat and float like a balloon, I think I'll pass.
Toastie footsie (10 days ago)
I hate how nasty soda is, i just prefer carbonated coffee
kystars (11 days ago)
The people driving fork lifts make me wonder. I used to drive fork lifts and we drove them backwards so we could see. not safe, but thats how we did it. but how can they see where they are going? we used to pick up 2 pallets of boxes etc.. you can't see going forward. I wonder how many accidents they have.
Sam K (12 days ago)
coka cola
Rob L (12 days ago)
Then why does coke still taste so shit and why is it still dangerous to humans? Such a shame that theses cuks are allowed to continue.
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
What the hell are you talking about?
William Campbell (12 days ago)
Who else was drinking a Coca Cola Classic while watching this?
Hail Caesar (12 days ago)
What good is the mask if it's not covering your mouth/nose?
Pinkie Love (12 days ago)
diabetes and cancer brought me here.
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
Pinkie Love You should see a doctor rather than watching Youtube.
Toastie footsie (10 days ago)
hahaha brony alert
Red Balloon (12 days ago)
I'm surprised nobody else in the comments made the connection. The narrator stated Coca Cola reaches over 99% of mankind yet over 800 million people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water. So around 10% of the global population have mo access to clean drinking water yet Coca Cola apparently reaches 99% of the global population. That is incredibly unethical. I've heard about the stories with regards to India and Myanmar. This is why there are so many issues in the world. And for clarification, over a billion people lack access to water, I'm referring to those who have no water as a result of poor infrastructure. Other regions in the world are facing water shortages as a result of climate change and there is empirical evidence in support, such as South Africa.
Neil Walsh (13 days ago)
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
Hooked On Phonics lost in the mail?
Respectful GT (13 days ago)
Billions earned for selling just 90%water and 10% sugar
Swoor. (13 days ago)
3:29 'Eric Love' sounds like a gay pornstar's name.
Swoor. (13 days ago)
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
Take your medication.
Frank Gaming (13 days ago)
So did Pepsi steal the secret ingredient?
Isaki Dube (11 days ago)
OMG, the "secret ingredient" part of the video. Almost felt like I was watching cartoons and the wicked witch was busy making a "get-fatter-fatty!" pork portion and was sifting it with her fingertips and getting them off her fingernails... lol
atheistcable (13 days ago)
I remember drinking a can of Coca Cola a few months before 9/11--but not since then. And before that? ... I can't remember. The main reason was Jesse Jackson's calling for a boycott against CC because of racism. But looking at this video, I'm quite pleased to see a healthy number of Black Americans working in the plants. I don't drink Pepsi either. I prefer powdered milk.
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
Jesse Jackson is a pathetic piece of shit.
YourChilledBuddy (13 days ago)
This is a great video to watch while drinking CocaCola.
W A M (13 days ago)
This company should be held responsible for all the bottles cans and plastic it manufactures.
Roscoe Dogg (7 days ago)
And tobacco companies for all cigarette butts?
L4WNY (14 days ago)
"Natural flavoring"....... Coca leaves then!!! 🤣
Djentist Djent (14 days ago)
dont give a damn,good toilet cleaner,never will drink that
Chris Prosser (14 days ago)
You fuckers are killing the planet
Surendra nath P R (14 days ago)
i dont see plastic bottle cleaned before filling.
Ghazal Qattan (14 days ago)
The easiest way to make a fight here PEPSI IS TRASH
William Anthony (14 days ago)
The Pause That Refreshes... It's The Real Thing, Coke Is!
keptcmack (14 days ago)
Yo we are fucked most of those bottles dont get recycled
Dodgy Priest (14 days ago)
They called him Marvin Righteous. What a Legend.
Michael Javert (14 days ago)
High Fructose Corn Syrup comes from genetically modified corn that has been saturated in a carcinogen cancer casing chemical called glyphosate. Plastic also contains bisphenol-A which is a chemical that mimics estrogen which seeps into the contents and further contaminates it. If you're going to drink Coca ~ Cola, always get Mexican Coca ~ Cola in glass bottles. Otherwise, you're just drinking toxic chemicals.
Brian Givens (15 days ago)
This is exciting stuff, I'm going into manufacturing engineering.