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National Geographic Megafactories - Coca-Cola

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A Documentary about the No.1 softdrink company in the world.
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kiki lu (2 hours ago)
Mini3005 (3 hours ago)
Brones (5 hours ago)
2018 anyone?
paderes234 (7 hours ago)
Remember when Coke had meth? Good times man
GeorgeBonanza (10 hours ago)
High Fructose Corn Syrup actually makes me violently ill. There is a HUGE difference between it and sugar. I can have all the corn syrup I want, but just a bit of HFCS and I'm in for some severe distress, sometimes ended up in the emergency room. Normal sugar has equal parts glucose and fructose, in order to achieve higher sweetness and lower volume, HFCS changes that ratio to have greatly higher fructose. In the body glucose binds with fructose to make its way through your body, people like me have an intolerance to fructose that isn't bound to glucose and it sits in our systems until it is violently rejected. The sad thing is so many products use it.
Edgar Allan Poe (20 hours ago)
Well, that´s a giant production line and very few people working there...
Diego Perez (20 hours ago)
People writing about coke being bad in the US really have no idea how bad it tastes in Russia. You literally can't compare them!
Elsa Gaillard (20 hours ago)
Cite hunt living dignity edge dark as resource wear punish.
Henning Gu (21 hours ago)
32:16 this room reminds me of Sierra Petrovitas museum.
Mohammed Arqam (1 day ago)
Natural flavour is Cocaine
Dan Man (1 day ago)
coca cola was invented by lucifer
FooBar Maximus (1 day ago)
Back when I was growing up - before "New Coke", and the Cola Wars - Coke had a commercial with a song and they were all singing, "It's the Real Thing". When they changed the formula (at the same time as New Coke, btw) - and put them in plastic - they were no longer "The Real Thing". At all. My cousin bought cases of the Old Coke, and still has some - although most of the cans are empty now and they're all undrinkable. We tested them all for a while and you could tell the difference. New Coke, Coke "Classic" - and the original (sugar) Cokes. They were all different, and we all liked the original Coke the best. And they stopped making those in 1982 or whatever year it was. Closest thing is Mexican Coke in the bottle now. Even that isn't the same. I drink sugar Pepsi now, only rarely.
FooBar Maximus (1 day ago)
Just say NO to High Fructose Corn syrup. Do it for yourself and thank me 30 years from now.
FooBar Maximus (1 day ago)
Where do they pour in the sugar? Oh yeah. I forgot. LOL I stopped drinking "coke" long, long ago. And that's part of why I'm still here.
Daddy Daycare (2 days ago)
fake as fuck, the guys doing the maintenance at 35 minutes didn't even have safety goggles on whilst working around molten glass...
Nur Azim (2 days ago)
I hed coco
Majestic NISARG (2 days ago)
I love Coca Cola , it's really Awesome ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
GEES44DC (2 days ago)
Mmmm. Huge tubs of phosphoric acid.
gringoire77 (2 days ago)
Reminds me of my 1980's Sodastream machine
NoodleBot (2 days ago)
More secret than Appenzeller?
JuXi (2 days ago)
I literally wondered exactly how COCA-COLA would manage to make so many drinks in so little time. NO JOKE!
BillyCBoxingFan (3 days ago)
All that plastic...
X-Cell (3 days ago)
best coca cola copy cat? fucking pepsi!
Nautilus1972 (3 days ago)
The concentrate comes in a big glass jar (back in the day) and wasps go crazy over that shit.
Nautilus1972 (3 days ago)
I worked for Coke in 2 countries. See those lines of coke? Oh when something clogs that line .....
A B (3 days ago)
I haven't seen them cleaning the bottles even once.
El Bat (3 days ago)
Coca Cola gives you pizza tits
El Bat (3 days ago)
Roscoe Dogg - big floppy donkey titties
Roscoe Dogg (3 days ago)
Pizza tits?
Steve Riddle (3 days ago)
That Coca-Cola glass bottle is called a skirt bottle in the shape of a woman is the original shape of Coca-Cola bottles
Steve Riddle (3 days ago)
If you want the best flavor from Coca Cola you need to drink it out of a glass bottle that has the best flavor over plastic in can hands down
Steve Riddle (3 days ago)
I'm sitting here watching this video and drinking a 12 oz can of Coca-Cola yeehaw
Steve Riddle (3 days ago)
Very very cool
Steve Riddle (3 days ago)
Great drink great taste number one drink World Wide of all time it's great love it
Darth Plagueis (3 days ago)
i got a Pepsi ad on this video..
RQType Gaming (3 days ago)
05:00 "Then pump in CO2 through a closed system" *zooms in on leaking circulation pump*
volcommerce (4 days ago)
pure poison, never drink it !
Hese Kautiainen (4 days ago)
No glass bottles here since... don’t even remember anymore when glass bottles were gone from the Coca Cola and other soft drink labels. All bottles are plastic, or then aluminium cans
Julian Reischl (4 days ago)
Nice machines and industrial production video. Now show how all of that, especially the plastic and aluminium, gets collected and recycled. Or else I'd have to imagine it ending up in the environment in the amount and speed shown here, albeit not with just such an awestruck tone in the voiceover.
Pirate Dan (4 days ago)
*How can a bottle given that much fun?!*
James Lovering (4 days ago)
Yuck !
IrishStyley (4 days ago)
Good video, but... I never drink sodas.
saintballadeer milkovich (4 days ago)
a lot of negative comment but why they still producing this cancer or sick product??? the fact that us consumer still patronizing this thing.
Wesley Hammer (4 days ago)
pepsi taste way better then coke
Kortak (4 days ago)
I drink water.
BIGREDMACHINE (4 days ago)
i honestly know kfc's secret ingredients!
BIGREDMACHINE (3 days ago)
Nope....IT"S Cocaine!!! ;)
Roscoe Dogg (3 days ago)
Is it kitchen sweep?
Hogscraper (4 days ago)
Kind of happy I choose to drink from the plastic bottles. While I'm sure some government agency deems the end product as clean, just watching the bottles and cans get made was pretty disgusting.
catalino sanchez (4 days ago)
natural flavors my ass..
Nicolas Essongue (4 days ago)
Amazing stuff
Wanderer (4 days ago)
Coca Cola uses the following material handling equipments and systems to increase the efficiency: -Since empty plastic bottles are light weighted and cannot stand steadily, airveyor systems are used for them. This also frees up space on the floor. -Spiral conveyors are used to carry items to a certain height in order to use the space around the floor more efficiently. -Conveyor belts are used for carriage throughout many parts of the process. -Heated conveyor is used in order to prevent glass bottles from shattering due to fast cooling. -Most of the process is automated with robots. Coca Cola factories have long conveyor systems. This way, buffers are created in case something goes wrong. Some parts of the conveyor system forms holding places during back ups. Until the back up is resolved the bottles are held.
anon ymous (4 days ago)
And this is why cancer is so profitable. Ah, the cycle of evil - sugar and big pharma.
Sathish K Ponnusamy (4 days ago)
In our country, we use Coca-Cola to clean our toilets. Yes, the toilets are very clean after using.
Daniel Agustino (4 days ago)
sugar more affect
Johnny (5 days ago)
I am drinking a dr.pepper right know
Jovan Krstitelj (5 days ago)
Coca cola in every Europe country i visited is different.
Ioana Cozma (5 days ago)
ASIF Entertainment and reality focus (5 days ago)
fetusvader (5 days ago)
16:18 that bottle was like BYYYE FELICIAS
macprime tech (5 days ago)
The sweetest thing to Die..... Enjoy
Grace Llenaresas Lim (5 days ago)
less manpower,less problem.
Thomas W (5 days ago)
they make the concentrate behind the gates of hell
Landrew0 (5 days ago)
"It's cut into shapes, known as 'gobs.'"
SMGJohn (5 days ago)
Pretty cool, I have not had coca cola for years but when I did lately it tasted like ass wank for some reasons, seems like all the cocaine has gone out of my system and now I taste the real taste of it. Sewer water, Schweppes original is the true king of soda's I have one bottle from 1793 that I have yet to open, I cannot wait!
Gary Riefle (5 days ago)
The original coke a cola had cocaine in it... thus the name coke. When cocaine was outlawed, cocaine was removed from cokes ingredients.
Xavier (5 days ago)
I'm drinking a coke right now
IAmAStreamerToo (5 days ago)
They did not talk about where the plastic ends up, the ocean.
Roscoe Dogg (3 days ago)
Or recycled.
Charlie Donuts (5 days ago)
I dont drink soda, it's too much dangerous for our health. Same for energy drink.
Graham Frame (5 days ago)
This isn't the happiness factory!
Kay Choudri (5 days ago)
Its secret because its Dangerous for human consumption
Syawalrul Mahat (5 days ago)
5:06 "Now they ready the pump cocaine to the container". no wonder it so addicting...
PhantomStrider (6 days ago)
670 billion dollars from Coca Cola and our planet drinks 800 million servings per day...To me this seems more on the side of alarming than bragging material.
Dom Xem (6 days ago)
This process has not changed much in 30 years
Lucky Darl Amor Matias (6 days ago)
This video makes me want to drink coke
Jim Pikoulis (6 days ago)
kmonnier (6 days ago)
This can't possibly be interesting for 45 minutes... Well it was!
kmonnier (6 days ago)
So that big furnace is an Everlasting Gob Dropper?
Fatima Sawaneh (6 days ago)
Greek Coca Cola is way better than American
Oli170 (6 days ago)
secret formula: *cocaine*
Nando S (6 days ago)
10:44 Its not a conveyor, Its an Air-Veyor, B E C A U S E T H I S S Y S T E M I S P O W E R E D B Y A I R
yesha deniza bermudez (6 days ago)
Whatever it is the fact that no one watching this doesn't taste or drink #COCACOLA isn't it guys?love it no matter what.
Ching Wai Jung (6 days ago)
Great video... encourages me to drink coke now!!! XD
I'm that guy you love to hate (7 days ago)
Wow no mention of them actually putting cocaine inside of the coke
Lunatic Freakmutt (7 days ago)
Did you know that only 2 people on earth know the ORIGINAL (1st) recepie of Coca Cola?
LoLer Piso (7 days ago)
I wanna taste a teaspoon of that concentrate
Jim Knight (7 days ago)
i'll take a spanish glass bottle coke any day of the weak...
jayachandraraj (7 days ago)
making everyone type 2 diabetes....well done cc
CIDGame (7 days ago)
The longest ads I've ever seen.
Jamie Lacourse (7 days ago)
Gimme a Hires!
Jamie Lacourse (7 days ago)
Why do they still use glass bottles?
Eviscerate (7 days ago)
I wonder how much of a employee discount they get. when I worked in a pickle factory. We could get giant containers of pickles and relish for dirt cheap.
youme1414 (7 days ago)
Human labour is almost 0% in the Coca Cola product process of the factory in USA. This is bad for unemployment. I hope the government tax this kind of company heavily.
Yo Momma (7 days ago)
"From plants and veggies, and stuff like that........." That HAS to be the WORST UNPROFESSIONAL answer of all time. Your shit, cleans EVERYTHING in my house, why the fuck would I DRINK it??????????????????????????
Link The Fox (7 days ago)
natural flavouring is just addictives substances.
Shayan S.t (7 days ago)
tastes like shit...i think pepsi tastes better
Kasra Kakavand (7 days ago)
So, how do they know a bottle is used 15 times?
African Twin (7 days ago)
In europe most people buy other brands than CocaCola that are 60 % cheaper.
Daniel Slavy (7 days ago)
Historical Correction. Pemberton invented Coca Cola in Columbus, GA. He moved to Atlanta after as he knew that's where the bigger audience was. Even the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta pushes this lie. Point of fact, he is buried in Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, GA. Reference:
abraham wilson (7 days ago)
God bless America
Chinky Ocean (7 days ago)
This is how diabetes are made.
Jeff Cockmann (7 days ago)
i like pepsi better
jo le rigolo (7 days ago)
whales are not endangered there are all in america FUN FACT
Qwedsa Asdewq (7 days ago)
why was he saying celsius and kilometers if this was mostly US based?