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National Geographic Megafactories - Coca-Cola

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A Documentary about the No.1 softdrink company in the world.
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LandSharks AZ (5 hours ago)
1966bluemax (10 hours ago)
Wow automation will replace all our jobs
GOVIND A NAIR (16 hours ago)
Sami Hein (1 day ago)
"over 206 countries" so 207?
nelson 100 (1 day ago)
fructose syrup ?
Matt Deezly (1 day ago)
If I hear one more soda opening / pouring sound I'm going to go crazy. Fucken hell.
Hans News (1 day ago)
Wonder who designed such sophisticated machinery
Travel and Trots (1 day ago)
Its said that the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta houses the secret Coke formula! Is it true? Its quite sensationalized!
Sada Sode (2 days ago)
Hello!!!! Diabetes, obesity and myriad of other issues. Never thought the other face of diseases would be these high level mechanization and automation.
Bob Marshall (3 days ago)
No wonder half the world is overweight with rotten teeth !!
fallingbed (4 days ago)
Status for cokes: Cardboard box - college 6 pack plastic rings - Working full time Walmart.
fallingbed (4 days ago)
Working in the factory as a quality manager must be so fun, riding bikes indoors to get to places
KabutoRyu (4 days ago)
and with so many plastic bottles ... #savetheearth
Jacob Bailey (5 days ago)
So interesting and cool I like the way there made be great job too work there
Traveller (5 days ago)
Wow fructose Pls google fructose very very bad for us humans🔥🔥 It makes us gain weight😤😤😤 The water they are using they do not even pay for it😡😡😡 Criminals If you see around the world where they bottle water 💦💧💦💧💦💧 They pay pennies for it🔥🙏 In Africa and other places around the world Have dirty water to drink😡😤💦🐷
Gunny 29 V2 (5 days ago)
ritchel dela cruz (6 days ago)
magic sugar s one of d main ingredient which s not good
Martini Tech (6 days ago)
How can it be that all the workers are black but all the managers are white, CEO and COO included?
Sam B (6 days ago)
I really admire the engineering work behind all those machines.
TheTruth Spy (6 days ago)
jaykayholidai777 (6 days ago)
Watching this makes me feel like drinking Coca-Cola, and I don't even drink soda lmfao!!
Flinchy - (6 days ago)
It's amazing how shaken up it gets in the factory, yet it only takes one final shake befor opening for it to taste like shit..
ayanda gwala (7 days ago)
I have always wanted to work for this company
Nas (7 days ago)
Can u imagine the amount of plastic they produce that ends up in landfills and the ocean
Michal M (7 days ago)
I thing, that even in Coca-Cola they don't know what is Coca-Cola original taste :-D
Mustafa Uğur (8 days ago)
write harmfull for your body on it.
Aaron C (8 days ago)
Natural flavors, aha yeyyo.. that means coke still has coca leaves extract
No Name (9 days ago)
The title shoul be, Coca Cola Packaging
Maxime Fraser (9 days ago)
Wow they copied on nuka cola. So bad
Ryan Giffel (9 days ago)
The making of CokeCola has changed so much
SA J (9 days ago)
Why did I just waste forty-five minutes watching this?
Daniel Lopez (9 days ago)
30:54 first cola flavored beverage... that is untrue Search for Kola-Coca.
datdereduck (10 days ago)
In Bangledesh Coke comes in Pepsi bottles with a coke label. The Coke label is purple and says Coke.
Eternally profound (10 days ago)
A Documentary about the No.1 cause of diabetes in the world. Coca-Cola probably killed more people than all wars in the history combined.
Geopain (10 days ago)
its sad how such a big factory had no workers
tomforest2012 (5 days ago)
Corporate natzie fascist coca cola is taking such gatgantuan amounts of free ground water , planet wide causing the water table too drop, causing farms too close , no water , causing farmers too commit suicide , stealing water from the people , Close the bastards down .
joshua johnson (11 days ago)
Good, bad, who cares really. It taste good to me. I’m just mad I didn’t invent syrup
Khek Peng Lim (11 days ago)
this is why I prefer root beer and sprite
Paul Adams (12 days ago)
Dont forget that Coca Cola did corporate with the Nazi party during WW2
CEN TRAL (13 days ago)
25:10 what if someone accidentally knocked the empty cans over
DrDread (13 days ago)
23:04 her t-shirt red is off-brand.
KingFluffs (13 days ago)
It contains Greek ass hair too.
Nexus Koder (13 days ago)
42:44 i want that super filled one.
Lee Howling (14 days ago)
Vivek V (14 days ago)
20:50 "The Body Maker". Sounds like a great name for a fitness trainer :D
MrJLCWillis (15 days ago)
Coca-cola try to reach the world with this product. Meanwhile 780million people do not have access to clean running water. Got to love this planet.
ivan ivanec (16 days ago)
Poison,like everything else
Alistair Pagram (16 days ago)
I guess a lot of these bottles end up in the seas at some point unfortunately for sea life..
Agostinho Gonçalves (16 days ago)
im thirsty for cola
SuperSameu (16 days ago)
wow no mask using toxic grahite no safety . you braeth graphite fume you died in 20 year awfull
Catalin Florin (17 days ago)
Chimical,toxic,zuker,=coca cola
Totoro (17 days ago)
"The Coke they make, has to taste the same as Coke made by other bottlers around the world." Well, it doesn't. I can tell you that.
Ash (17 days ago)
I knew i tasted a little sulfuric acid on my coke can!
MR WHO CARES (17 days ago)
Fu coke ,,
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Mike Alvord (18 days ago)
Comment section. You are entering nut country
K. Shami (18 days ago)
My favorite bottle ... I like it coca cola...
MIKOLWORM BULATE (19 days ago)
Secret ingredients are LOW CLASS COCOAINE..that is why we are addicted to this kind of beverages.
Michael Green (19 days ago)
think ??? that as I have bought Amatil (Coke a Cola) shares MY money $$$ IS pretty safe…………..I'm reassured by my accountants that it is a GOOD stock to have so keep me un the money $$$ and remember ???, Things go BETTER with Coke...….
Rai Bernal (19 days ago)
Coke....the best there was,the best there is and the best there will be 😘
Redneck Doggo (20 days ago)
I was drinking a coke while watching this
UK man loves goddesses (20 days ago)
i guess i kind of took those plastic bottles for granted
KOF 9977 (21 days ago)
There's was a coke cola ad when i click this
Jybgame (21 days ago)
First Last (22 days ago)
Yellow belts and buffers? Weak Coke... weak. Should upgrade to Blue Belts and try not to rely on buffers they give you an unrealistic idea of production. lol 800 hours of Factorio
Anis Vert (22 days ago)
Monica Roberts (22 days ago)
Good thing all eyes don't have to be🤓👽😹⚛️
Monica Roberts (22 days ago)
Nice presentation Coke. I just have one question from one Engineer to another. Why is there so much drag Force in field operations? Monica Roberts Harvey. You're still my favorite even though I worked for 🤓⚛️👽🏁🤔
yes (22 days ago)
man i love this shit.
FlyingBassMan (22 days ago)
It's a sunny bank holiday here in the UK and I am indoors watching a documentary about Coca Cola.
goldwingman1500 (23 days ago)
I worked for Coke for years i could Taste a coke and tell you which city it was made we where given 24 small bottles a day as a drinker we swapped for food smokes i would drop you load after the sale,s rep would call on you and i would load the truck ready for the next day now with computors they count every bottle top no scams now days when i left i never bought smokes for 2years all done my using my drinker crate to swap for food an smokes .good old days long gone now days .
Sam Lay (24 days ago)
My only question is, how is the coke still fizzy when it gets to me? they move so fast is all directions im surprised it isnt flat as hell when i open it
HAL 9000 (24 days ago)
Funny thing is I used to work at the Pepsi plant in the 90s and then later I got a job at the plant that makes the bottles for the Pespi plant. Both great places to work and paid well at the time. A lot of this looks very familiar and the main thing I see that's changed is the computer controlled quality control on the bottles which is much better. We used to just have to hand pick one up as they sped out of the machine every now and then to check the bottoms of the bottles and make sure they were right. It wasn't the best but it got the job done well enough I guess.
tinleo333 (24 days ago)
National Geographic Megafactories - How to poison people - coca-cola
Litecoin Lucky (25 days ago)
Sweetener = Genetically Modified HF Corn-Syrup for US made Coke! (GM Corn) ..ENJOY!
BananaX Man9000 (25 days ago)
I’m drinking coke while watching this
Hanane Hanane (25 days ago)
Besides these factories destroy natural epic ressource : WATER. We want watre back we need it,
Hanane Hanane (25 days ago)
An advice, stop drinking it, because i have got sick because of it, got a bad stomack ache, suffered from it lot, coke has incresed acidity in my stomack and suffered from it when I was a child. I used to like it and drink it lot!
IamThatGuy (26 days ago)
31:16... I SMELL SHIT HERE .////// really he died 2 years after he invented the biggest product in the history!!! //// And this man bought that !!! HMMM ....
rodibremo (26 days ago)
Soft drinks badly affect the health of millions... particularly youngsters.
xbox fan (27 days ago)
dr pepper better
DXStarkiller (27 days ago)
1:15 but there are only 195 countries...
Wakili Njogu (27 days ago)
Whaaattt but a good piece
Diệp Vũ (28 days ago)
How can I get the subtitle for this video?
Firstspiros pavlou (28 days ago)
Firstspiros pavlou (28 days ago)
deepika jhanji (28 days ago)
Realy the secret ingredient is coriander
Goplergop Gop (29 days ago)
They would even make more money if they open hospital for diabetes.
FIDEL CASTRO (29 days ago)
meanmarce29 (29 days ago)
gammkrab (30 days ago)
Compared to everyting else u can get for ur personal preference, coca cola is not really that good even.
shiharan choudhury (1 month ago)
Beware of drinking the glass bottle coca cola in india. Being a System engineer in an FMCG company, i share the work place with many other professionals & some who have worked at the bottling facilities of coca cola in india, it's nightmare when you know tht the used glass bottles are just water washed & at times due to cost cutting dirty water is used to clean the bottles & no bacterial treatment is done. Complete unhygienic! Pet bottle (plastic bottles) are safe as newly manufactures bottles are fed in the filling line.
Accel Well (1 month ago)
The PET is probably better for you than the soda is
Cypir (1 month ago)
We are all dead
Saulo Chonay (1 month ago)
Great Musica at 12:20, 16:40, 17:50 and more...i wonder where i can find that kind of music. What kind of music is it?
AntonYeBro (1 month ago)
The speed too bro
Andrea Zi Ling Chew (1 month ago)
I Love to Drink Coke!
Gorilla Chilla (1 month ago)
amazing the nazis in power turn a blind eye to this company
Johnny (1 month ago)
Watching this drinking a glass of Pepsi Max.
Niki Bazargan (1 month ago)
I just had a coca cola. From Turin,Italy.