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What It's Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

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Amazon has offered free two-day shipping for Prime members since 2005. As Amazon rolls out a one-day shipping guarantee for its 100 million Prime members, Amazon Flex drivers help solve the company's last mile problem. CNBC spoke to these on-demand contract workers all over the country to find out what it's really like to deliver for Amazon. Watch the video to hear about the pay, pace of work, and how Amazon Flex works. Is Amazon Prime worth it? For many members, free shipping is a key Amazon Prime benefit that factors into their decision to pay $119 per year for the service. As Amazon starts offering Prime members the added benefit of one-day shipping they're working with on-demand contract drivers to help with this especially labor-intensive and expensive hand-delivery. We spent a day with Omar Montes, a Flex driver in the San Francisco Bay Area. Omar helped a friend deliver around 46 packages in 3½ hours, for $105. “These are like the good days that make you want to continue doing Amazon. But, you know, there’s obviously bad days too,” Montes said. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC What It's Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver
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dapivimu (1 day ago)
People just don’t understand that these are side jobs. Of course you won’t make a living out of it. I quit my Supervisor job and did uber for 2 months making 800 a week that allowed me to pay my monthly bills. Then I found a new job and opened my own business so I have only good things to say about share riding. That’s the way it should be. Don’t depend on these types of jobs as a full time one.
Threechlor (1 day ago)
stop being lazy and support your local family businesses
Mr. Bawbag (2 days ago)
Jesus I just realized I bought four separate prime orders since Sunday. I feel dirty...
Bert Style (2 days ago)
Amazon and walmart sound very similar out of a sudden.
G Ventura (2 days ago)
Wonder which shipping company sponsored this hit piece? So many shortcomings I can’t even begin...
jle20chapin (3 days ago)
Jose Mejia (7 days ago)
Amazon is the new Walmart!! Stop working/driving for these thieves!!
zack salem (7 days ago)
Why didnt Amazon hire there own drivers. Small business partners ? I guess they want to save $$ instead of hire there own trucks/drivers.
Nuurdin (8 days ago)
I work for Walmart any day hell to Amazon and I did work for Walmart before Walmart don't treat their employees like Amazon.
T P (9 days ago)
Work all you can now before the robots take over.
Gabe 1224 (9 days ago)
corrupted capitalism is catching up to america, poor pay for average man, blame greed, improve the capitalistic system.
Grant (10 days ago)
They look like cattle going in for slaughter
Daniel Campos (10 days ago)
Chase (10 days ago)
We need to break up amazon it’s become a monopoly
The Hollanesian (3 days ago)
Please go to the dictionary and look up what a monopoly is.
Carlos Mark (10 days ago)
Wow they have have to pay there own tolls and gas and no benefits
Mr Crowley (11 days ago)
Modern day slavery, i think i will stop using amazon
Malik King (11 days ago)
These workers need to unionize
Fox T. (11 days ago)
Damn people really know how to nitpick the negatives out of someone jesus christ
B J (11 days ago)
And what will the recovery fee be for that drone as they are shot down for lurking in the backyard?
Joel Harris (11 days ago)
these workers are softer than baby poo.
Gamzee Makara (11 days ago)
I’m pretty sure working for Amazon Flex, Uber, Lyft, etc. were never meant to be full time jobs which is why they’re not being paid that much, at least it’s more than min wage🤷‍♂️
Jason (12 days ago)
Disgusting. UPS is a union job with great pay and benefits. Amazon is trying to squeeze them out and replace them with folks who aren't even employees using their own cars. Can't even get in a uniform. This isn't what America is about. Wake up people. Protect good union jobs.
Anew-Wiseman (12 days ago)
Amazon is trying to have a Warehouse Blimp to deliver Packages? These folks Tripping!
Supa Trending Daily (12 days ago)
Can't make your sweatshop look normal? No problem! Amazon drones...
Serqet Natural Remedies (12 days ago)
Seems like 👌🏾 sideish money. Not for Cali but smaller states perhaps.
Skully Watching (13 days ago)
They are ripping off people that do Amazon Flex. you're an independent contractor but you're treated as an employee without any of the employee. And as of right now Amazon is in trouble because class action lawsuits are already being started.
condoro63 (13 days ago)
I’m sorry... Amazon is giving u a job... u have no other avenue u r independent workers.... no college degree... why are u complaining?
Adrenaline 4 Life (13 days ago)
Hmm, you don’t want to take those route on your own dime and make garbage for money.... here’s a write up and if you get another goodbye to your job. Woah woah woah, what!?!? 😂
Sidoxyy (13 days ago)
For those who use their phone while driving. Theres a app called auto tap which will press anywhere on the phone for you.
alystee1 (13 days ago)
Amazon doesnt allow that. The app senses the program and u get deactivated. Using "bots" or auto tappers is not allowed. ( ppl do tho until they get caught) you can get carpal tunnel trying to pick up a block. I did
HomicidalTh0r (13 days ago)
*Orders Pants. Wake up to someone putting them on me in the middle of the night* "What the--" "Sssshhh, this is part of Prime Now"
Raghav Baijal (13 days ago)
Self driving cars will solve this problem. You can design a self driving car trunk that carries the packages for 1 delivery. It could auto-drive to your driveway. A pin would be sent to your phone to unlock the trunk & retrieve your package. The trunk would then drive back to the warehouse.
john thompson (13 days ago)
as long as a company can find a sucker, then there will always be a sucker in the midst,,!
Vicky Patel (14 days ago)
wow what a shame amazon making driver do more work put wear and tear if all package didn't deliver no money and get write up BS.
1silvervespa (14 days ago)
I can see Drones being shot with BB guns and those Robot Boxes on Wheels being hit by Cars. Self employed people will be screwed Zero Health benefits . I see a lot of people doing more and Businesses doing less. Not a good Trend !!!
1silvervespa (14 days ago)
The American Dream Huh .....
Eric Cartman (14 days ago)
Montes in the video is clearly just a useless sack of trash, I'm not surprised he can't find a better job. He choose to drive into a muddy area and expected Amazon to come save him? They should have said "Wow, you're an idiot" and hung up.
Iam Sam (15 days ago)
Why don't environmentalists get up in arms about all of these gig jobs that put so many more cars on the road?
Davey England (15 days ago)
This is why I never buy from Amazon.
Adrien D (15 days ago)
Do you guys tried to use flexomatic app ? www.flexomatic.app I heard it is nice to grab your blocks and relax. I am looking for feedbacks
Hman (16 days ago)
Stupid lazy people...……..you could work for UPS where you don't have to use your own vehicle.
Rich Jr. (16 days ago)
Shame on Amazon however our "instant oatmeal" "instant gratification" selfish society creates company's like these to prey on desperate people in need of money, shame on Amazon
A Jim Fan (13 days ago)
The problem is that it's hard to keep the job
damiansdroid (17 days ago)
guy wearing a warehouse safety jacket 🤦‍♂️
Wealthy Lee (17 days ago)
Get a skill... stop trying to do rideshare and retail. It's called a skill.
Raymond Arred (17 days ago)
All this crap is getting ridiculous.
Susan L (17 days ago)
The CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) has a Driving Cost calculator. This is a good way to see the real cost of delivering parcels. https://carcosts.caa.ca/
Gary Vance (18 days ago)
The race to the bottom continues.
Oscar Monroy (19 days ago)
Solution : stop buying and selling garbage 🗑 on amazon; it creates chaos
Animado (19 days ago)
Bottom line: Don't do this if you live in California.
Brydude87 (17 days ago)
I live in Vegas and there is traffic at times but not that often so technically I can do do this job. And I feel bad for Californians
Max Mendez (18 days ago)
Animado yup
De Jesus Valencia (19 days ago)
Why not just get a 9 to 5 :p
DareToBeDeviant (19 days ago)
Easier said than done. A person needs to hold at least 2 Ph.Ds and have extensive knowledge in every conceivable field to get a _chance_ for any job these days. There's the old rhetoric online stating a person needs 10 years of experience for a position that's only been around for 5 years. In short, employers ask for the impossible, tend to hire anyone but you and to pay the bills it takes odd jobs like this.
aworldofsalsa awos (20 days ago)
I think the KY lady was deliberately lying. Conditions are probably very very bad. And I think it’s a horrible experience!! My experience working there one Christmas was one of the most horrible experiences! I have no doubt it’s horrible cause I think that’s just what this company is!! It’s horrible!! They exploit their workers. They measure everything how fast their workers work in the warehouse etc. just awful, I don’t buy from it! Cause it’s really slavery!!
Joshua Hufnagel (20 days ago)
I feel bad for companies like Amazon if this group of pansies is the best they can find to work for them. Work isn't always a day in the park. Grow a pair.
Andrew Magwaro (20 days ago)
Modern day sweat shop...
James Ward (20 days ago)
Stop complaining.
bob barker (20 days ago)
Why does amazon flat out lie???
Merlia Santos (20 days ago)
Why did Jeff Bezos invite Ghislane Maxwell to his secret Retreat Camp for the Elite 3 times in Seattle?
Financierpro (20 days ago)
1 slip up and they block you from logging into Amazon flex app
Ms Patterson (21 days ago)
This also why Amazon is also having issued turning a profit
Brenda Jayden (21 days ago)
I love Amazon and its prime shipping !!!
Regis Storey (23 days ago)
Amazon Flex is the Equivalence sweatshops. There is a reason why Bazos is a billionaire.
hhhkknvvcf (23 days ago)
Bezos is a bizzzionaire while ppl struggle to make ends meet. No tnx
忍者 (23 days ago)
Why do I hear "bathrooms" everytime there is the name Amazon mentioned?
Abraham Pacheco (24 days ago)
Work construction Start pay no experience at least 16
joetri1970 (25 days ago)
I only buy prime stuff most the time now it takes 3 or more days for most orders the 1 day things a lie.
J Diaz (25 days ago)
To anyone who is delivering for Amazon flex needs to buy an old fashioned calculator to discover the mistery . You are slave!
firebird65 (23 days ago)
Uh, slaves not only don't get paid, they have no freedom. No one has to work for Amazon, and if they do and don't like it, they can leave at any time. Kunta Kinte didn't have that option.
buggaba (26 days ago)
Stop paying for Amazon prime and 1 day shipping. It's not that urgent to get your package. Or use UPS, the postal service, they treat their employees better.
J S1974 (26 days ago)
@ 9:50 how dumb have we become? you have ordered a package and someone comes to your house, with said package. you are too stupid to remember and almost shoot the person.
J S1974 (26 days ago)
Amazon is "The Jungle" of our century...
Matt Barnhouse (26 days ago)
Amazon will be out of business within 5-10 years on their business plan. If you haven’t already noticed a lot of their prices have increased, they are passing the buck on most of their errors onto the consumers and employees.
Matt Barnhouse (26 days ago)
For all that complain about this, I hope you stopped using Amazon all together but if you didn’t you are part of the problem not the solution. Amazon like any company will take full advantage as long as there are people who will allow them to do so. Amazon didn’t become who they are by playing fair, which is sad when you look at their net profits.
Ryan Logan (27 days ago)
So Amazon's solution to easing the burden for their drivers is to basically replace them with drones? What a surprise.
Sōshi Miketsukami (27 days ago)
A dirigible for amazon packages and drones that respond to flailing and loud noises, yea how can this go wrong 🤔😂🔊
Sōshi Miketsukami (27 days ago)
Those poor employees that are forced to work like robots.
Heriberto Gonzalez (27 days ago)
I went to the exact same amazon hub in Richmond like him. Everything montez shared about the job is true. He forgot to mention the 150+ miles you put out on your car from getting to the warehouse, deliveries and back home. I had to travel 50 miles to start my first delivery. It sucked having to drive in rural hill terrain and the app gps cutting in and out. On top of gas expenses I also had to pay for bridge toll -6$. I got paid 80$ for the 4hr block. Can you imagine what I came out with in the end. I never went back.✌🏽
Martin Marin (27 days ago)
Poor drivers
Martin Marin (27 days ago)
Always pay Les so Amazon can make more Rich
TeddyRuxpin (3 days ago)
So basically amazon makes all their money by screwing over everyone except the customer?
TeddyRuxpin (3 days ago)
@The Hollanesian I meant everyone except the customer.
The Hollanesian (3 days ago)
How does the customer get screwed over?
Madei Nusa (28 days ago)
Me too will go delivery person
Abel Pedro (29 days ago)
This is all high populated areas thats all
Tneil White (29 days ago)
I do this just for extra cash in Richmond-dope i never drive too far n i always have help!!
Strange Brew (30 days ago)
Amazon is going broke and it is polluting the air and destroying other viable businesses. Jeff Bozo needs to go!
H. J. Babilonia (30 days ago)
Amazon FLEX is abusive and it preys on people who are desperate for a job. I did this very briefly after loosing my corporate job back in Spring of 2016. The very first time I did it, I was quite overwhelmed at the number of packages that were expected to be delivered within a time frame. I have a large suv and the packages filled up my entire cargo space with both second and third row of seats down. It was a nightmare. I wasn't able ti finish it and was sent an email saying i could he written up. I had asked beforehand what would happen if I couldn't fi ish the deliveries within the allowed time frame and I was tild I just had to bring the packages back to the warehouse. The swcond time I tried it, I decided to orgaboze the packages alphabetically in my suv to streamline search while delivering. It worked better but I still couldn't finish delivering all packages within the allocated time. Mind you, I'm all about efficiency and smart driving but the amount of packages to deliver were simply unrealistic. I decided to stop doing FLEX after realizing that it was just not worth the stress, the liability and the expense of using myvown vehicle/insurance. In the end, I broke even... didn't make any money at all. I don't know how they still have this program in effect -- some drivers are downright reckless in their driving because they are in a hurry to deliver an insane amount of packages in an unrealistic time frame. It is abusive and, in my opinion, the system tricks peiple into thinking they are making money when in reality they are, for the most part, merely breaking even. Amazonis an abusive company and it doesn't give a crap about it's employees, much less so about "independent contractors." This is not news and it will only keep getting worst because we, especiallyvin the USA, have become so used to the "I want it now" state of mind... instant gratification to the Nth power, and it is not sustainable as a long term strategy. I avoid Amazon as much as I can.
Javier Castillo (1 month ago)
It's not worth it especially when you have to pay for gas and tolls. Its totally not worth it.
ninuxy (1 month ago)
Tramp's economy.
Adam Tate (1 month ago)
I'm an ex truck driver with over 20 years experience. Flex is the easiest money I've ever earned. I've never felt stressed, but I can understand how people with no experience can find it frustrating But trust me. . .it doesn't get more cushy than this.
Africa King Kong (1 month ago)
That is not a guarantee job. I won’t recommend it to anybody, everything is on the driver. You deliver a package, they steal it, it’s on you the driver. The workers in the warehouse steal package or do a mistake, it’s also on you. Since you are not an employee, they treat you like sh•t. They can delete your account at anytime and you will be out of job in a heartbeat.
Dump trukin Stuff (1 month ago)
Try delivering in a snowstorm I wish I delivered in a nice sunny state ..
Anna Jany (1 month ago)
Delivering pizza is better....by alot....you guys.
The Last Roach (1 month ago)
Dont tell your insurance you are a Flex driver. Thats for sure.
juju Seducer (1 month ago)
Dont support slave trade.There are other stores.There is a reason the OWNER is one of the richest in the world.
BngElevate (1 month ago)
BngElevate (1 month ago)
amazon video jus checking them all out
BngElevate (1 month ago)
came from this
Cliff Roberts (1 month ago)
ill be smashing drones
yourmom6 (1 month ago)
Amazon has never been to the hood or else they would have known that those drones and bottoms will be stolen.
Andrew Freeman (29 days ago)
@yourmom6 thank you mom, I needed to hear that. God bless you too ☺
yourmom6 (30 days ago)
Andrew Freeman Lol. I’m alive, so I’m pretty good. May God keep you on his journey and prosper in all that you do.
Andrew Freeman (30 days ago)
Hi Mom where have you been?
SHUB281 (1 month ago)
Got a new company in mind. MAGGOT. We get rid of garbage trucks and contract drivers to pick up the trash. Requirements: have a car with a trunk. Pay $1 per house and all you can eat
AAA (1 month ago)
They should get they’re own cars!!!
Barry Cold (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did the Amazon worker look animated
BK ALL DAY (1 month ago)
It’s like Uber hustling backwards. You get the money upfront, but in the long run You Lose!
BeeFriendlyApiary (1 month ago)
Here is Trump's economy...
Old Navajo Tricks (1 month ago)
Anarchy Might Avert Zionists, Overthrow NWO.
Megan Jones (1 month ago)
I hope all you people understand what we Amazon worker go thru 17 hours a day😥 with no remorse from HR. Amazon we are HUMAN NOT ROBOTS👍🏾
Cliff Roberts (1 month ago)
Megan Jones Soon we will all be like this my friend. Middle class is being erased
Ryan Robichaud (1 month ago)
These people should be thankful Amazon is offering work to them. They do the job voluntarily because its the best gig possible for them at that time. Work sucks that is life. lol