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Life As a FedEx Driver

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Life As a FedEx Driver. Had to use my iPhone camera due to me not being able to bring my vlog camera in the building. This is life as a FedEx driver. Just a bit of what we do each day. If you like this video then don't hesitate to give this video a thumbs up! And also, subscribe! Twitter/ Instagrm; CThompson1135
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Text Comments (448)
Maddiel Diaz (1 day ago)
How much you get pay??
AznPersuasion619 (3 days ago)
Peak season blows! I can’t wait till it’s over
7th King (4 days ago)
Meanwhile Driving cross country.
Kaycee burns (6 days ago)
If you want to be a FedEx driver you don't have to be able to read and you must hate people. You will need to disregard any and all Do Not Enter signs and flip off anyone that tells you about them. FedEx can go to hell.
Sinan Alay (7 days ago)
Do you play various ball sports with people's cargos like some of your coworkers?
Josh G (8 days ago)
I've worked FedEx ground 7 years on 3 different routes and I want your route if you have that much time to do video all day 😂
Andre Benoit (8 days ago)
No way our scanners don't tell us the remaining stuff!!
NCO TRUCKER (8 days ago)
I work for UPS but just got a call from FedEx. I'm going to check into it Monday! I wonder what the pay is like? I heard it's not as much as UPS
Sektarius (6 days ago)
No problem. I heard FedEx Express is different though. They usually deal with smaller packages but get benefits & all that other good stuff.
NCO TRUCKER (8 days ago)
Sektarius thanks for the info
Sektarius (8 days ago)
It’s not. UPS drivers can make up to $36 plus y’all get benefits. Fedex ground are just hired contractors but not employees of FedEx. + no benefits.. no paid vacations, etc.
nickythebull82 (14 days ago)
Love those 999 packages
G-NETICS (17 days ago)
Salute king
Oscar Garcia (14 days ago)
I did FedEx home delivery for about a month... I quit two days ago, not what I expected. My first week on the road alone I would work 9 to 12 hours a day & was only getting paid $550 before taxes for my first two weeks of “training” which in reality I was only trained for 3 days. I was being underpaid, but most importantly I had no benefits. Back to aerospace I go!
JonathanP863 (19 days ago)
What bout fedex smart post ?
craig (21 days ago)
How does FedEx manage to deliver a package to the wrong address
Christina Wilson (25 days ago)
I work in revenue service for FedEx and most of the customers are great! We have some that are rough I wished Fed Ex made the charges for everything clearer for the customers save them some frustration.
Jessi Leeadele13 (26 days ago)
I currently work for Amazon fullfiment center but I want to work for fed-ex ground wat u do looks like the perfect job for me
Carlos Avila (26 days ago)
What every driver will tell u is we hate them chewy boxes always over weight and hella heavy . To many lazy people to go to petsmart or Petco difficult to be delivering 3 or 5 boxes to a 3rd floor apartment with no elevator
Terry Kropog (27 days ago)
Hi,like your video,what do you do with a package when its raining? Waiting on 2 phone chargers today (Nov/12/2018) from South Louisiana.
CThompsonTv (27 days ago)
Deliver it lol sometimes put them in bags
Matt Brennan (29 days ago)
Hey man, really enjoy your videos. I'm a linehaul driver in Cleveland, get at me if you ever wanna know what linehaul is all about!
Gerald Foushee (29 days ago)
How do you know where to go first so you save time?
A. C. Neal (29 days ago)
As someone that has a small ebay business, I have wicked respect for these guys. Never once lost a package for me 😃
Steve Kober (29 days ago)
72 @ 106 is a day off
5050FUTURE (1 month ago)
I wish I would of thought of this because I ran the hood route in ATL. Bankhead, MLK, J. Lowery, J Boone, Howell Mill, Northside Dr. Falcons Stadium, Spellman, Morehouse, Clark....and sometimes Greenbriar, Camp Creek. The women boi, I will not even elaborate because I saw bad women everyday numbers galore, that’s another story lol. Had to dodge crack heads, pimps, players, whores, pit bulls, and also did I mention crazy ass women. Women coming to the door naked, asking for sexual favors, use you imagination I’ve seen it lol. Fun job for a single youngster in a new city. Last but not least I delivered to the strip club Blue Flame....damn I miss that job but the pay sucked lol!!!! Lol
Chuck Balkin (1 month ago)
How are they with your work schedule? I just got a job with FedEx, but also working another job at nights. I wonder if I can get out of there by 1pm most days, and I can work all day weekends for fedex.
Alejandro Javier (1 month ago)
Now the big question is. How much do you make a week?????
Hector Garcia (1 month ago)
Hard work many different type of package ... seen FedEx driver work at FedEx ground as security officer became a truck driver with inspiration of FedEx ground driver work small company , not FedEx but they would run is 10 to 12 hours a day all break down pallets loaded running up and down floors delivery seen FedEx driver they kno was up also so I truly get it bro much respect too all driver
ralph lopez (1 month ago)
Get a real job ! Go work at Ups...
Quandelle Coswell (1 month ago)
CThompsonTv (1 month ago)
Chill bruh, you sound ignorant
Used Method (1 month ago)
Ding dong ditch fedex edition Lmaoo
High Frequency (1 month ago)
delivering packages for amazon and fuck everyday range from 160 to 200+ stops peak season 230+ most stops someone had on a day were 258 with 300 packages. Someone had 400 packages and had to be rescue by 2 ppl shit is insane
lisa gaeta (1 month ago)
What is the difference between working for fedex and working for a contractor?
mike Willmadeit (1 month ago)
lisa gaeta fedex express has benifits and you get paid hourly....ground you usually have no benifits and you get paid a flat rate
Richie Jodharam (1 month ago)
Light day for him lol
CThompsonTv (1 month ago)
Light day heavy day still getting paid the same. I'll take it
nascarfordguy808 (1 month ago)
Do you know how ups hires their delivery drivers?
KAT NINE (1 month ago)
Move to express the real deal im a tractor trailer driver its way chiller than than small trucks and better pay!!
John Cena (1 month ago)
I got a ups ad
Mathew Wallis (1 month ago)
Love your videos, bruh! I've been with FedEx for 2 weeks now, and so far, I'm loving it. I'm sure that will change over peak season. I'm in a P700. Perfect for scootin' around town. I delivered produce in a 26 ft. box truck for ten years. There was A LOT of lifting and physical work but no cardio. I'm just movin', movin', movin'! All day! Loving it! Keep the videos coming! I'll be watching!
Jason Walley (1 month ago)
I’m looking for this job in Tennessee; what is the actual Job Title named ?
Jared Dyer (1 month ago)
Running with 90 stops? Lol I do 170-200 stops everyday and I have never ran a stop off haha I work for ups btw. Why do FedEx drivers always run hahah
Jared Dyer (1 month ago)
+CThompsonTv oh i'm not bragging by any means. I just see many FedEx guys running and I know you guys go out with way less stops. I just never understood why yall run. I have seen guys run like full sprint 😂😂 while i'm casually walking. 200 stops everyday all that stress on your body for 30 years. I'm not gonna run.
CThompsonTv (1 month ago)
I laugh how stop count makes people feel high and mighty.. like wtf 😂
mick cv (1 month ago)
Don’t do the cliche youtuber intro man makes you look either disingenuous or nit a creative person. You seem a lot better than that
mick cv (1 month ago)
CThompsonTv I mean the yoooooo wassup guys really loud at the beginning, that’s how most Jake Paulish type youtubers start their videos which is usually a sign to me its dime a dozen youtuber. Not saying you can’t but it’s definitely not showing something about you that is new or creative. I know it’s hard to get a custom intro but in the absence of that It’d better ti just keep it keel and on the real. But hey just my two cents, you may have a lot of success with it
CThompsonTv (1 month ago)
What do You mean by that
jojo (1 month ago)
you guys work hard with great attitudes! too bad you don’t get the benefits like ups
DALus WALus (1 month ago)
Beryls Travels (1 month ago)
Hey bro will like to be a Fedex delivery driver how can i go about it?
BulKier Tech (1 month ago)
maybe if people werent so lazy and stopped shopping online so much you wouldnt have so much crap to deliver.. once upon a time amazon was only a rainforest....😂
Datboi Truckin (1 month ago)
Bruh u might as well get your CDL and make more money lol
M Stephens (1 month ago)
Do you get any packages that you believe contain drugs that you think might be shady like from one of those online pharmacies that require signatures and you think the customer is an addict?
Scoobydoo75 (1 month ago)
I got a u p s ad for this video
EnduroPlus (1 month ago)
come to ups. youd have about 170 stops and during peak more than that lol. i wish i could have 72 stops geze and be done by 1pm lol. at ups you do an average of 10 hours a day and 12 13 during peak
Forevergeo (1 month ago)
Jr Rider (2 months ago)
Fuck you and FedEx! And that's from a package handler.
CThompsonTv (2 months ago)
Connor Gadbois (2 months ago)
Shesh max i do is 25 stops a day but all bulk business stops
Mike S. (2 months ago)
fedex management r so fucking racist that I told those mother fuckers not to ever deliver to my house. what the flying fuck is ur mother fucking problem u racist cold blooded reptile fuck mother fuckers ass mother fucking holes.
winter time (2 months ago)
Nice to see you at work keep going don't care what anyone thinks I love a job no boss been around me just think everyone has a boss over there shoulder
Lyle Raustadt (2 months ago)
I havent ever had a problem with a Fed Ex delievery , they leave it where I asked ... cool. I am retired from 42 year s as a driver , tip alway s get a Class A license so when ya get worn out running drive bigger truck s and let a crane , fork lift unload it! Cheer s and have a good day!
THERIPPER216 (2 months ago)
So you ring the bell and walk away.. nice... so let’s say you do that in an urban neighborhood and the customers package gets stolen.. you wouldn’t care because it isn’t yours right?
CThompsonTv (1 month ago)
Bruh, it’s not our fault that a package gets stolen. We are just doing our jobs
JTSNOOP (1 month ago)
If packages are stolen you can file a claim, as well as get a hold of fedex or ups and request that a signature is obtained for every delivery to your address... also if you’re neighborhood is notorious for theft (I work at ups) our center will code 4 you’re neighborhood requiring all packages for a neighborhood to require signatures. It’s not that the drivers don’t care, it’s just the way the system works
back number (2 months ago)
so if u finish everything early they dont care what time u go home as long u finish everything?> TY
Wolff (2 months ago)
Lol i got a UPS ad before this
skYWeezy (2 months ago)
is this in Texas???
CThompsonTv (2 months ago)
e l (2 months ago)
I hate when a signature is required and fedex gets there at 11am or some early day time. people work . we aint home. leave the dame package
Jai Jackson (19 days ago)
Would looove to just leave the pkg but if not you, then your shipper is the one requesting the signature. We're just doing our job. You do have the option of having the pkg redirected to your job. That has actually worked for some of my customers.
Edward C. (2 months ago)
Which is a better place to work FedEx or postal worker??
Tyler Hurd (2 months ago)
Hahaha I wish my day was as light as yours. I usually have 100-135 stops with 150-220 packages everyday
Andre Benoit (8 days ago)
Damn that does sound light. Normally runs that small have a lot of packages due to being business runs.
Sektarius (17 days ago)
I’m starting to think I have the easiest route haha. Usually have between 55-80 stops a day.. which is roughly between 90-140 packages.
Brandon Hotaling (2 months ago)
Damn... being a mailman I deliver 106 package per day.. on top of delivering mail. Two jobs in one! I wish I knew how the post office was before I signed up. Id totally go fedex.
Quandelle Coswell (1 month ago)
I worked for Fedex before making the switch to USPS 4.5 years ago and trust me you wouldn’t like Fedex better and the pay isn’t good compared to what we’re making
No Comment (2 months ago)
72 stops!? Man, I do home delivery and lately I've been getting between 130 to 160 stops this summer and it's not even peak yet!
reed pepe (2 months ago)
72 stops that’s nothing I’d be done at like 12
Naz Sen (6 days ago)
yeah lol thats just 3 hours in my old area
Cox Designs (3 months ago)
We runnin 100-120 stops a day 200 plus packages a day in GA struggle real
Riccardo G (3 months ago)
Wear that seatbelt brother I have a friend who get screwed because someone hit her while she was delivering and she didnt have a belt. She thought since it was next door it was chill lol.
Leonard Read (3 months ago)
No matter where you work for ground, The trucks are crap lol.
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
Pete Moss (3 months ago)
Keeping the purple promise brother!
Marton Baksa (3 months ago)
You don’t just ring the doorbell and leave. My most recent fedex express package was left in the middle of our driveway so that we almost ran it over while exiting the driveway. Also it was signed for by ‘me’ even though I never even saw the driver who ‘delivered it’ also he ignored delivery instructions of leaving it at the front porch. You should be our fedex driver.
Gustavus Bonner (3 months ago)
Wow if I work there can get numbers like that
Leah Hobbs (3 months ago)
I thought express was business and ground was residental
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
Nope, express just does the over and 1-2 day shipping. Ground does 3-5 day
Cody Drummer (3 months ago)
Go on over to Express my dude. I used to work at ground and its night and day man. I have benefits now. And I actually make a decent paycheck
Ramon Sepulveda (3 months ago)
I hate this job bro is so stressful...... But the pay is really good 😁
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
Lol. Work towards doing something that you love
Eric Clark (3 months ago)
Lol now I see why fed ex drivers drive on a suicide mission
Oscar Gálvez (3 months ago)
How much do they pay...?
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
krizpal1083 (3 months ago)
72 stops is like a six and a half hr day for me...
Shane’s Landscaping (3 months ago)
Was the school you stopped at Schwarzkopf?
LikedGecko 315 (3 months ago)
Do they let you use gps
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
LikedGecko 315 (3 months ago)
9:57 lol
ZaHorii dumbo (3 months ago)
Hi.. how many attempts do you guys make if the packag requires a signature??
CThompsonTv (3 months ago)
Alpha Since '95 (4 months ago)
17 tires LMFAO. I deliver up to 15 or more at Walmart at least once a week. And lemme tell ya, I hate tires.
Christian Yetto (4 months ago)
Curious on how pay works. Paid for the day no matter how quick or long they are? Or is however long your drive is?
CThompsonTv (4 months ago)
By the day
Ggt Fsas (4 months ago)
Do you have to load your own truck
Zach Wachs (4 months ago)
No seatbelt !!! You're like me.
SMITHSGAMING (4 months ago)
I work at fedex as a package handler
Andre Borrmann (4 months ago)
The best wishes from a german Fedex driver
Sam Solace (4 months ago)
“You know the struggle is real when you’re trying to steal tires at discount tires” 😂😂
Isaiah Baca (4 months ago)
78 stops is a baby route LMAO I work HD and I do 180 minimum and do 130 by twelve o clock lol baby routes these days
Isaiah Baca (4 months ago)
CThompsonTv baby routes LMFAO
Isaiah Baca (4 months ago)
I did ground for two years and did and avarage of 130 stops by one o clock on ground Hahahahah so you get out of here player
CThompsonTv (4 months ago)
Lol. That's why you work HD. Come do a ground route. Get out of here 😂
OUTTA TIME (4 months ago)
FedEx totally screwed the pooch on my delivery today and said they showed at 6:12 pm, but that didn't happen or there would be tracks in my dirt drive. My neighbor was outside during this time and he didn't see the invisible truck, either. Read the comments on the Hewitt distribution center, and they're not good. A whole day wasted in the incompetence of a corporation that is OK with lying to their customers. thumbs down Fed Ex.
Yojander Sosa (4 months ago)
I have my cdl but I want something local and be home with my family every night. Hows the pay for what you do if I can know thank you and awsome video
Cody Drummer (3 months ago)
Check out fedex express... the pay is great and the benefits are awesome. Ground and home delivery offers neither of those. Also fedex express semi drivers make out pretty good as well and they stay localish. Still home every day
Daveyboy _ (4 months ago)
good way to meet hot secretaries !
Radii15 (4 months ago)
FedEx was the best job I move ever had.
Amirdumptrucker85 Amirdumptrucking85 (4 months ago)
what's fed-ex starting wage?
madara uchiha (4 months ago)
I work for Express as a Swing Driver . OMG. It’s stressful .. I’ve notice you guys don’t have P1s or P2s.
madara uchiha (4 months ago)
Devin Hall SMH i Know bro i know lol
Devin Hall (4 months ago)
madara uchiha man I use to be a swing mad respect. The most stressful position I know of at Fedex.
chir gonzo (4 months ago)
Owner operators are so cheap no ac
Moses Mzwandile (4 months ago)
Wow man what a good experience there, I work for Fedex Express south Africa here we make sure our client sign for each and every stop we deliver or collect
Christopher Rudolph (4 months ago)
Nice video man. Just be careful about what you record and upload in your videos.
Daveyboy _ (4 months ago)
Christopher Rudolph yep.
damage control (4 months ago)
Every job at FedEx sucks!
Bedr eddine Djaariri (4 months ago)
Thanks for the videos I have a question: does FedEx express do pickups?
mariokartmasta5000 (1 month ago)
Yes they do! Source: am Express driver
duck brewster (5 months ago)
Is it true Fed Ex ground drivers only make about 40K a yr? I work for US foods. A Fed ex driver here in Fl told me that. Mabey he was pulling my leg
Cody Drummer (3 months ago)
Shit when I was at ground I made 32k in a year. I've been at Express for 2 years and for this year I've already made 35. Its only August. So yeah. Ground sucks
Stephen Martin (5 months ago)
FedEx is a fucking joke
Grind Mode Jay (5 months ago)
I’m late but great video. I drive trucks otr ready to come off the road I may look into fedex
AS Salazar (5 months ago)
Now I understand why customers call to tell us: "the driver did not leave my PKG. I saw him running away" Me: sir/ma'am your PKG was left at the frt door Hahahahaha