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A day in the life of a UPS driver

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A typical day during my work week. Song: GRAMATIK - The unfallen kingdom.
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Dave Mason (1 day ago)
You can't listen to the radio all day. lol
Jesus Ortiz (12 days ago)
No personal life working for ups
Денис Безверхний (25 days ago)
Hey, how can i apply for this job? I really want to get job but I don’t know how to start right
onetonk5 (25 days ago)
Miles an Miles Tv (1 month ago)
I’m look to get on the truck an getting out the hub thanks for this video brother
methie101 (1 month ago)
Dam this beat hard
LoCcdOutSS (1 month ago)
I’m a delivery driver for a major linen company I work sometimes 14 hour days of non stop lifting and sorting 150 lbs bags full of dirty wet linen.. ive been thinking about leaving and joining UPS.. what’s the starting pay like for a driver in California?
onetonk5 (1 month ago)
LoCcdOutSS - no but kinda. You would be full time, but you only work as needed. Filling in for sick calls, vacations, injuries ect. You may work a month straight then have 4 days off or maybe 2 on 2 off. Hard to say. That all last maybe...... few months????
LoCcdOutSS (1 month ago)
onetonk5 ouch... do drivers start off part time?
onetonk5 (1 month ago)
Not sure now days. Maybe $15-16 but that’s a guess. Check out upsjobs.com
pootie tang (1 month ago)
J S (1 month ago)
Seen some violations in his delivery..
Parag Kulkarni (1 month ago)
He is very disciplined
Caleb Manuel [Official] (2 months ago)
Christian driver god bless u
Chae Yi (2 months ago)
Do You Still Work At UPS???
onetonk5 (1 month ago)
Brett sorry man sounds like a different type of building than I’m in. Not sure about that
Brett (1 month ago)
onetonk5 that’s awesome. I’m working at the CACH hub just outside of Chicago. I’ve been a part timer for 2 years coming at the end of September. I hope to become a driver some day but my hub is feeders only and I’ve heard if you want to drive here you’ll need 25+ years of driving package cars. Do you think this is true?
onetonk5 (2 months ago)
Yes, this September will be 18 years.
itsnotthesamething (2 months ago)
I worked for UPS, as a counter person, in the deep south, for approximately six months. It was by far, the worst job I ever had! I was called every name in the book, including racist, if a customer's package wasn't ready and waiting. When I turned in my two week notice, I got fired. I am happy for those who make a good living for UPS, and I know some do, but I hate the way they run their company, and how I was treated. I pretty much got stuck on the counter with five minutes training, and abandoned. Then, when I couldn't figure out how to do something(like shipping a package overseas), nobody was available to show me. And nobody would come forward to defend me against the onslaught of angry customers. I left a job at Walmart, for a dollar more at UPS. I should have stayed at Walmart. At least you could get a manager to come deal with an unhappy customer. So all you Walmart haters, go get a UPS job, please! I have only worked a few side jobs since UPS, since I screwed my spine up, lifting heavy packages, while dealing with nightmare people, alone. (UPS also told me that back injuries don't come on gradually. It either happens all the sudden, or it didn't happen.) I do like that the guy reads his Bible every morning. I probably should read mine more. Because every time I hear about UPS, I get angry about the nightmare that I went thru. Is hating a company a sin?
K V (2 months ago)
Heck of a way to earn a living. Much respect.
toyoscio (1 month ago)
Shimshy Katz (3 months ago)
Wooffff.... very inspiring 👍👌💪💪
Ricardo Rivera (3 months ago)
Amen !
Dave S (3 months ago)
You wear your uniform all day lol
Dave S (3 months ago)
Hey, you didn't shave. You're fired!!
L Rod (3 months ago)
Darren Daly (3 months ago)
Why do UPS drivers all look like miserable fucks and hate life
krnbrkw (3 months ago)
I wish I could sleep in till 6:30
Mr. StarOfTruth (3 months ago)
that poor man he needs to win the lottery.
M Morales (3 months ago)
Blessings to this hard working brother from FedEx Freight ✌️
Luke Kendrick (3 months ago)
That is exactly how my day goes. I read my bible every morning to. But I don't have a UPS mug for my coffee
Evdog04 (3 months ago)
How do I get started
RodThaBod (4 months ago)
Glad I am on the downward side. Got till October 2022 and I am done.
gyanendra adhikari (4 months ago)
last part is awesome play with kids ..I loved that. How hard I work and how tired I am it's doesn't matter when I come back home from work I do same with my little one whatever he done... Awesome video brother
onetonk5 (4 months ago)
Right on man. I think it’s a must. To all other dads out there. We owe it to our kids. Keep it up 👍🏻
JR Piano (4 months ago)
Itd be nice to be a UPS driver but in a different state every day. Sometimes youll see mountains, or the desert, or sometimes in the fog in a forest
toyoscio (1 month ago)
Not in hot weather with no A/C
N1ght L1gh7 (4 months ago)
Do you have assigned trucks or do you just take a truck that’s ready to go?
onetonk5 (4 months ago)
Most people have assigned routes that have the same truck each day. There is full in “cut drivers” that run the routes of people on vacation, or sick and so forth
Ratchett (4 months ago)
Regular brownies are slacking. Ups freight here I wake up at 3:30 am and put in a 14hrs shift Monday through Friday you guys are slacking man 😁😂🤣🤔😜😛
Alessandro Aimi (4 months ago)
Could you please tell me how much does a UPS driver get paid per hour ?
Alessandro Aimi (4 months ago)
@Moe Slylsak are you sure ? That's more than many regional pilots make
Moe Slylsak (4 months ago)
Alessandro Aimi they make around a 100,000$ a year
MonteTV (4 months ago)
don’t you hate getting in so late?
onetonk5 (4 months ago)
I norm work 9.5 hours avg. now days we don’t start till 8:45 and that sucks. With kids going to bed at 8:00 it is kinda sucky getting home at 7:00.
De Lom (5 months ago)
you can not wear brown at home ,,,
Austin Culpepper (5 months ago)
What are you doing love job
R B (5 months ago)
Left out the part where management writing you up for getting stuck in traffic and being told to finish two other guys route and get here early and don't clock in yet.
jtoledo325 (5 months ago)
He must of had a request load that day 🤦‍♂️
Elliott Avant (5 months ago)
Average number of stops for a driver like him (like say, here in Chicago)? How many are business, residential? Is there such a thing as an 8-9 hour day?
William martin (5 months ago)
Looks pretty simple enough
FTWQuiiXeR (5 months ago)
I love watching these fed ex and UPS videos because of the cringy placements of the packages. You know damn well you dgaf
Porter Dassenko (5 months ago)
Easy my day starts at 0130!
Chad Bellbowa (6 months ago)
Fuck this I fucked my bosses made life easier
Old man Wunder (6 months ago)
You forgot the part where you throw the package
Lusitano TV (7 months ago)
Greetings from ups Bristol Uk driver
W Clark (7 months ago)
You left out the part where you don't even try to deliver the package and just smack a failed deliver notice on the door, then drive off.
W Clark (6 months ago)
@Zow Err I know the Purolator driver because he actually delivers stuff, so I've seen him. The fucker from UPS just dumped my stuff at a UPS store without even trying to deliver it. Two different packages, two days in a row. Didn't even bother to stick up a notice for the second one. Since I was home all day both days, I know there was no attempt.
Zow Err (6 months ago)
Hello no, I don’t want the same packages on my truck for three days. I’m getting that shit off one way or another, unless it’s a sig req. and you’re not home. Get to know your UPS driver and he will work with you. I have customers who are good to me so I’ll go the extra mile to make sure they get their stuff.
400smallblock (7 months ago)
Damn buddy.....1st delivery and he broke the rules. NEVER cross in front of the package car, always cross from BEHIND or exit from the driver door....just sayin
JP Hibler (7 months ago)
Just as sun sets, green light appears...expect extra work...
Scott D (5 months ago)
JP Hibler The green light of death
Will B (7 months ago)
What about loaders
SouthernHempSolutions (7 months ago)
Watching this in my browns on my way to the center on my Saturday smh.
Thomas Rodriguez (7 months ago)
If George Harrison wouldn't have joined the beatles.
blue tonik (8 months ago)
how hard is it to drive this truck?
onetonk5 (8 months ago)
Canadian Andy - pretty easy, but if you Have only ever driven a civic there will be a learning curve 😉
hi (8 months ago)
Been here 4 years as an unloader still waiting for the call to go driving. Tired of being paid in peanuts. God bless you man.
onetonk5 (8 months ago)
hi - I hear ya man it can be a long wait sometimes. Good luck
Nyce Nj (8 months ago)
Trucks to empty and you got home to early, I call BS....
David Heether (8 months ago)
Dave here from Concord ups hub. In California. FT driver for 13 years. Was watching and the whole time I was wondering how you got the shots? Was the wife recording you? And how was management with the recording and taking the time during the day for it.
MrBreeze (8 months ago)
20 year employee at Louisville Air District. Should I bid on the package car job?
Dramacidal (8 months ago)
His helper kept having to get out, get ahead of him then film him driving up... that's why it took him all day to deliver
Dramacidal (8 months ago)
People who film themselves reading the bible aren't sincere
Spencer Comeaux (8 months ago)
He is not a full time driver ..truck had nothing on it
vladimir putin (8 months ago)
Overpaid and killing the unions, greedy bitches
proverbs Ibarra (8 months ago)
Much love
nickwick35 (8 months ago)
They’re hiring full time for a driver near me. I applied right away, only thing i dont know is manual transmission. Really hoping I get this job, I’ll be set for life.
MICHAEL DAVIS (8 months ago)
Dustin Deweerd (8 months ago)
Much respect for using Costco organic strawberry jelly.
MR57LV (8 months ago)
Nice. God actually gave me my job at UPS. Started September 4, 1975. Retired November 25, 2009. What a dream
oShane Kasper (8 months ago)
Using 5 seeing habits, 340 methods, keeping up those stops per road hour! People that have never done this job have no idea.
Tyler Moulton (8 months ago)
You are a awesome human being btw
Tyler Moulton (8 months ago)
Slava Zagreychuk (8 months ago)
I know the UPS life I worked as a trucker in a russain Wearhouse and boy it's a hard life. With just 14 trucks in our fleet but our Fridays were so busy our Wearhouse was stacked to the brick and if your package arrived in bad shape or even damaged it gets kicked and tossed around very bad to get things done fast
ASL Alex (8 months ago)
I want to be a driver
RiruKrypto Tempest (8 months ago)
I love being a driver helper! 😍
ron platinum (8 months ago)
Hard to get full time
Cesar Flores (8 months ago)
Nothing wrong with hard work.
Mr. Allie (8 months ago)
Looks like that job sucks.
nickwick35 (8 months ago)
Mr. Allie amazing pay and pension though
slimdan (9 months ago)
Honest day of work. Hopefully the government doesn’t take too much for the people who don’t wanna work
Miguel Hernandez (9 months ago)
Your fucking siick. Perfect visual on a day in the life of a UPS driver. Something i want to seriously make a reality in my near future. P.s. I'm serious.
Supreme H (9 months ago)
All these religious heads talking about the Bible. Hell you need the word just to put up with the stressful bullshit
John Mendoza (9 months ago)
Not just this job all jobs we need jesus labor jobs are the hardest though.
Danny Brockman (9 months ago)
How’d that feel at 1:56 bro?🤣🤣
onetonk5 (9 months ago)
Danny Brockman - story of the job, every day 😉
Danny Brockman (9 months ago)
Yup this is my life now!!! Fuck!!!!
Dustin Deweerd (8 months ago)
You a driver? What's it like? Recommend?
jaylongee11 (9 months ago)
Imagine being a driver in like Brooklyn during Christmas time
34-A YMIR MECH (9 months ago)
you're day fucking sucks
Black Jack (9 months ago)
I like the shadows of trumpeters, UPS always late, blow those trumpets of angst. 🤣🙈📯🎷👹
Denis Berduo (9 months ago)
Is it worth being a ups driver right now im 18 yrs old
onetonk5 (9 months ago)
Denis Berduo - depends do you like physical, fast paced work that’s outside. Do you like long hours? Do you mind mico-management? If you want to work at UPS, the younger you start the better in my opinion.
Zach P (10 months ago)
Black Jack (10 months ago)
I would have done this job, but my eyesight is so poor now, I'm borderline legally blind! Couldn't stand the possibility of running over somebody or smashing into another's car and face the severe reprecutions and feelings of guilt. My friend's brother who's two years older than me has worked for UPS for 20 years. It's a great career.
Black Jack (9 months ago)
@Denis Berduo I inherited my mother's glaucoma, so glasses don't help me.
Denis Berduo (9 months ago)
So if i wear glasses i cant work for ups?
Will Smith (10 months ago)
awe man that was awesome!!!💛
E92 Garrett (10 months ago)
I will start on my first day on Dec as a UPS driver! Will I be driving a manual transmission?
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
E92 Garrett - hard to say every center is different. We have been phasing them out at my center.
The Powerpuff Girls (10 months ago)
Show your face! You deliver mysterious packages to people. I want to see what you look like.
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
haha sorry. IOur methods are to be gone before you get to the door.
the third jay (10 months ago)
make that money!!
Patrick Cuneta (10 months ago)
I'm thinking about becoming a UPS driver. Awesome video! (:
toyoscio (1 month ago)
For real?
Benji Truman (10 months ago)
How many stops you got 50? There ain't nothing in it! Come to my neck of the woods I'll show you a 14hr day.
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
Benji Truman - I do about 90. For a 9.5 day. I’ve done the 12 hr days for periods of time. But happy with this for now.
darold zink (10 months ago)
Long long days😞😞
Alfredo Guzman (10 months ago)
I work for fedex I think I'm leaving after peak season, all you get is a check nothing more or less
Liono209 (10 months ago)
Dont you dare not smile when you deliver my packages.
Mike Auger (11 months ago)
Enjoyed this video bro. I'm old school....as in...graduated high school in 1982. So I wish I had a name to attach my TYVM to because I would like to give credit to someone that has a real name, and not some YT avatar tag. . . know what I mean? . . . name's Mike btw. . . . . Anyway, I arrived to what I have figured out as the crossroads of my life. And this crossroads brought me to applying for a position for what I USED to do, in another lifetime, 16 years ago, as a delivery driver. And the time I'm referring to is the "now", the now time in my life that has brought me to UPS as a delivery driver. I've had other jobs since then, many in fact. Don't know if you've ever heard of the phrase "what goes around, comes around". . . well. . . life has come full circle for me. I'll save the explanation about what this actually means to me for another time. But for now, lemme tell you about what I think of your video; I love it ! ! ! :) I only had to see it once to figure out what and why I loved it so much. Why? Because you hit the bulls-eye for the ingredients to the perfect story. Which is the 5 "W"'s; "W" ho you are; a regular guy, (someone 99% of us working stiffs can relate to) "W" hat (what you do, and how you do a REAL days work "W" here (refers to the area in your life, in your world, when you have to do what you do) "W" hen (the timeline in ones life that calls you to do what you need to do, in order to get where you want/need to go) "W" hy (to show what it's REALLY like to REALLY know what it feels like to do a REAL days work) I'm looking at the date when you made this video bro, and I realize that you made this about 5 years ago. Which means you will most likely not even see my reply to your YT post. But I don't care. I don't care because I'm willing to take a chance that JUST IN CASE you DO see this, it'll make it all worth it for you. Here's what I got from this short 4m17s clip; - you're a regular guy - you're just 99% of us regular guys just trying to make a buck in a tough, modern day world - you start your day like probably 99% of North Americans do - you LOOK just like 99% of North Americans do when they wake up first thing in the morning - you DO exactly what 99% of regular North Americans do when they wake up in the morning (why am I using the term "North Americans"? because I'm a Canadian, up north of you) - your expression says exACTLY what 99% of us North Americans think about when the alarm wakes us up, and what we are thinking about the second our feet touch the cold hard floor - you show us what 99% of North Americans do for a living, each and every DAY - your music score couldn't have been a better choice bro. . don't know what that track is called, but it's PERFECT ! ! Because just with hearing the musical notes being played, seeing you in the camera frame, I'm able to see, hear, feel, sense, understand, ALLLL the 5 "W"'s of what brought you to this moment man - when I said earlier just from looking at you in camera, I can tell exactly what's going through your mind. it's not fake, it's not exaggerated. . . it's REAL. It's as real as the expression on your face, as real as the tired look in your eyes, it's as real as the age displayed on your face, and you don't even have to explain it to anyone. It's as clear as when you see a look of anger or happiness on someones face. you see it, you KNOW IT ! ! ! ! - and within a tight time-frame of a mere 4m17s you were able to tell us, well, at least ME anyway, you were able to tell us that ALLLL of this took place in one. . . long. . . 8-10 hour . . . work day !!! - and then if that's not enough, you steer us smoothly, and effortlessly toward the final "W". . . the WHY. By showing us the quintessential example of why most of us do ANYTHING. . . for the children. How do you do that? you show a short clip of you coming home, coming through the door, your daughter greeting you. . and not JUST greeting you. . . showing us the "WHY" by giving you that million dollar smile to remind you, and to NOT forget WHY you do what you do. And you reciprocate by giving your daughter a big bear hug and a smile when you both lock eyes on each other. And that's not all man. You brought this story the full circle about why you, WE all do what we do. And each of us have our own reasons for doing what we do. Hope you see this, hope your not board, hope you like it ! :)
onetonk5 (11 months ago)
Mike Auger - thank you for sharing the kind words. My name is Ryan and I am very thankful that I have a job I enjoy. Thanks for watching.
Kasha Johnson (11 months ago)
John Wigren (11 months ago)
I'm a retired single UPS driver. Most of my coworkers we're divorced or Unhappily Married. Working long hours till 9pm is asking for a divorce. I had girlfriends that couldn't wait till 9pm so they cheated on me. They couldn't understand why I was getting off so late.
Lil Schleep (9 months ago)
John Wigren I feel ya man it’s a commitment and most people don’t realize the family time us upsers miss out on
Frank Haymer (11 months ago)
Is it gonna show him throwing his packages too
James Woods (11 months ago)
I used to work for the "A" Holes ... Ran 125 to 140 Stops A Day , and was told that wasn't GOOD ENOUGH ... !! I was young then . Supervisor got in the P 500 package car with me one day , had a clipboard and a stopwatch in his hand . Said I had to run so many stops in a hour . I SAID , I guess the next thing out of your mouth is about SAFETY ..? I Told him to put his seat belt on , and close the door ...!! And we went through residential area 's 35 - 40 mph .. to try to make his delivery times of 1 hour .That Company IS RIDICULOUS ... !!!!
James Woods (11 months ago)
Mark Stench (11 months ago)
Did that job for 31 years, bout sums it up, nice job.....our stops per car was 154....
onetonk5 (11 months ago)
Mark Stench - nice. Hopefully that will be me someday.
Initial Greg (11 months ago)
Supervisor ojs and filming you?
onetonk5 (11 months ago)
Initial Greg - my helper who was my brother in law helped me film some parts