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A day in the life of a UPS driver

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A typical day during my work week. Song: GRAMATIK - The unfallen kingdom.
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lucky 1 (4 days ago)
nice vid
Jeff Phillips (6 days ago)
This would legit be me, with the ups mug and everything
Snax (8 days ago)
You forgot the bit where they throw your packages at your door with no care
Texas Made (14 days ago)
I work at ups in Dallas Tx ,Between 80 to 120 stop working the shit out of you, but I love it , job security, 401k stock, great retirement 12 years service, changing over to cdl driver
El Bz (1 month ago)
I wish my days were that easy! I leave with my truck so full I can't open the bulkhead or the roll up with fighting it...
EvryTime (1 month ago)
Not the first time I have watched this, I love it everytime.
83v (1 month ago)
Nice video, I like how you start your morning 🙏
drepop803 (1 month ago)
they should show day in the life of a ups driver during peak season(last 2 weeks on nov, all off dec.). the truck Is so filled up you cant even open up the doors. cant find most of the packages to be delivered. if you have 3 packages coming to your home, you're lucky if I find two of them.
Burger Jason (1 month ago)
past 3:33 is your most important job of the day ;)
Lee Sanction (1 month ago)
Do you guys have turn by turns or navigation on your scanner to help you get to your next stop? Or do you have to know your route by heart?
Silver Angel (1 month ago)
which day is busiest? how many stops average a day? 100-120 stops? how many hours you work a day? 9-10 hrs? I want to come over to UPS from FedEx ground :)
Silver Angel (1 month ago)
is it true UPS don't make left turn? I wonder how is this possible? I make plenty of left turns hahais it also true that it takes anywhere between 4 to 10 years to become a driver for UPS? did you become a driver at first or you work the dock for several years? The thing is that my local UPS is hiring delivery driver full time...but from what I read in the forum...these guys are saying you can't be a driver right away....you have to work at the dock for years first in order to become a driver...so I am confused...can you clarify this for me?do you remember your first day of driving? How did they teach you the method of doing your run? did you have to mark your stops on the map that you have for that day? and how do you do your delivery now? you know all the streets in your head and have no need for maps anymore? did you use maps in the beginning? how many zip code do you cover? how many times have UPS changed your route since the beginning? I did one zip code for like a year...then changed to another run that has 2 zip code...and that's it...I just wonder do UPS make their drivers do different run that's all.You still wake up 6:30 every morning for work? the local UPS driver here come to the hub at 9AM.are all your stops organized for you by the loader or you still have to reorganize yourself? I spent anywhere between 30-60 minutes everyday looking through the whole truck before heading out for my run.
TRILLIN FLOSSIN (1 month ago)
Wish I only had 10 stops a day.....
El Grand Chilote Enmascarado (1 month ago)
seat belt move was sweet going to do that its going to save me more time love the video bro and that last stop of the day is the best of them all
Aztec_2012 (1 month ago)
Very inspiring! ☺
Samsung (2 months ago)
how do you know where to put the boxes to the door?
Jesus Prada (2 months ago)
So proud to work for UPS. Amazing video!
Mike C (2 months ago)
Jerry Ryan (2 months ago)
Jesus is Lord and when you "seek God first all things will be added unto you" Matthew 6:33
soulkeeper (3 months ago)
I painted my son's car like a ups truck for Halloween. Lol.
Jordan E (3 months ago)
Stop Drop and Go! Ow and good luck finding the right package 😂 cause the loaders don't give a 🖕🏻to load them properly by the numbers. I mean they really don't give a 💩 cause they get a 💩 pay so why care. Not to mention UPS has them loading 3-4 trucks at a time.
Geo Von Lengerke (3 months ago)
Great video Man, let me ask you; did you start working as a part timer? i have an interview on wed. and i wonder whats the dynamic of the process used ?
loganbestdog (3 months ago)
Pass the road test, scheduled to take the class in june....work as pharmacy technician now....any advice
loganbestdog (3 months ago)
18$ LOL i got schudule a road test ,,,,got hired as outside driver from friend that retired that....debating if i should give up sweet desk job with 6am-2pm schudle n 5 weeks vacation lol
loganbestdog (3 months ago)
no education just pharmacy tech and 35 year plus fill in under table at diff pharmacy sometimes..suppose practice again tomm in truck but cant find any positive info lol
onetonk5 (3 months ago)
loganbestdog - stay where your at lol. What do you make a year now? I do love my job but I don't have an education. If I did I may be somewhere else.
Novaximus (3 months ago)
Then you do it all again tomorrow
GamerThreeVids (3 months ago)
Well, it looks like a hard job but you make people happy by getting them their stuff.
gerardo aguirre (3 months ago)
What do you need to work as a ups driver ?
Dick Jauron (3 months ago)
it used to be high school diploma but with these new contracts it might not even be required anymore
onetonk5 (3 months ago)
gerardo aguirre - no education required. They train you. It is a matter of patience. You must start in the warehouse and wait till your turn comes up. 3-6 years in most cases depends on the city.
gerardo aguirre (3 months ago)
how about education ? thanks for the reply.
onetonk5 (3 months ago)
gerardo aguirre - a clean driving record and a drivers license.
Greg Brady (3 months ago)
Your eyebrows made my girlfriend wet.
Jackie Torres (4 months ago)
i am an OMS at UPS and really enjoyed this video :)
Eddie Guizar (4 months ago)
I really want to be a ups driver for some reason..
Glenn Brito (4 months ago)
shit wish my load were that easy lol, stay safe to all my brothers and sisters in brown, keep your head on a swivel and remember someone is always watching us so make sure we aint fucking up cause thats what management wants
Aztec_2012 (1 month ago)
Glenn Brito Thanks ☺
HamMan1997The2nd (4 months ago)
I think I have the same alarm clock. Is it an old General Electric?
onetonk5 (4 months ago)
HamMan1997The2nd It is very old, but it's an Emerson
shadyade75 (4 months ago)
I've been delivering for UPS for 3 weeks now and it really sucks ass. Can't wait to find another job.
Dick Jauron (3 months ago)
depends how you look at it. 12 hour days... it's rough but the pay and the perks go along with hard work life could be worse, I know plenty of people who don't do shit all day
Eddie Guizar (4 months ago)
Is it really that bad ?
Andrew Hope (4 months ago)
shadyade75 Don't give up on it just yet!!! I've been doing deliveries since July 2016 and at first yes it's hard, but pretty soon you get used to it and you get to meet a lot of awesome people!
Michael Inclan (4 months ago)
Dude is super slick
Rick Kentner (4 months ago)
I call Bullshit! There are cameras on him. Think about it.
Rachel Coon (4 months ago)
ups cute kids
jay bates (5 months ago)
bet your 2 hours in the hole every day!
CJ Brick (5 months ago)
My old city.
Neil Armstrong (5 months ago)
Best part, making time for Jesus Calling in the morning.
tobiassssssssssss (5 months ago)
seems cool!
Ginio Lamy (6 months ago)
I'm thinking about applying for a job
Ginio Lamy (5 months ago)
Jordan thanks bro
Jordan Odom (5 months ago)
Ginio Lamy do it man. And stick wit it. Good luck
Mark mark (6 months ago)
are you at able to use a sat nav GPS when on the road?
John Grepo (1 month ago)
Mark mark , I'd use it because you could become a cover drive-in getting a different route every day
onetonk5 (5 months ago)
Mark mark, some people use there phones. After a couple days on a route, that is not really even necessary.
Pete Zereeah (6 months ago)
Jesus! This life would put most on a suicide watch. This every day? I'd slap my mother in the mouth for giving me birth.
Deez Nuts (28 days ago)
Micajah Nordyke until that paycheck after college comes in
Micajah Nordyke (2 months ago)
Chad vang college blows
Chad vang (3 months ago)
Pete Zereeah true bro, I had this job for only a week and got sick of it and I was only 20... go to school and do what you're passionate about period!
laserfinest (6 months ago)
Did he go out with 80 stops ?? Ridiculous
Eye Zeek (6 months ago)
aw man ima be a driver within this month ahhh the motivation i needed😎
onetonk5 (6 months ago)
Eye Zeek - right on dude. Good luck 👍🏻
david le (7 months ago)
thank you for what you do . i respet your grind . :)
onetonk5 (5 months ago)
david le - thank you
Sange Sherpa (7 months ago)
We want to see more employees like you..... some are very lazy that don't even bother to ring the bell and left the package outside
Randy Sergent (6 months ago)
KTG_ Lyfer yes it is please don't misinform these civillians. I will refresh you on the methods if you need it. I'm not helping you bring it into the house and if there is no signature required you can expect my wheels to be turning before you open the front door. the only exception to that is if you're an attractive woman.
Jay Dub (6 months ago)
+Sange Sherpa when you have to do it 250 times a day yeah it's hard. And no it isn't part of the job.
Sange Sherpa (6 months ago)
KTG_ Lyfer is it so hard to push that little button? Isn't it part of the job?
Jay Dub (6 months ago)
Sange Sherpa that's just an extra step we'd have to do..no thanks.
Matt B (7 months ago)
How do you know where to go? Do you have GPS?
onetonk5 (7 months ago)
Matt B - most people use a Map book. Most times a supervisor will go with you the first time on a new route, if u want. You may use your phone occasionally. After you do a route a couple times you can get around pretty good.
steve b (7 months ago)
Looks like you had NINE PACKAGES in the whole truck. Must be brutal.
Larry Martin (7 months ago)
god i wish my truck was this light lol
David Garcia Torres (8 months ago)
About what time do see your family after you get off?
Dick Jauron (3 months ago)
that's great. I get home @ 9:30 haha
onetonk5 (8 months ago)
David Garcia Torres - I norm get home about 6:40
matrod (8 months ago)
I'm from oregon, seasonal driver helper. Is your bro-in-law a filmmaker on the side? Or are you? This was put together well and the shots are little more creative than the average guy who wants to show their work day.
onetonk5 (8 months ago)
M. R. Media - thanks for the kind words. I actually thought of the shots and filmed most of it with a lil help. I would of done a better job had I not been so busy and working at the same time. Good luck with the rest of your season!
Noisy Empire (8 months ago)
Hard Work.
TheManInTheYellowHat (8 months ago)
oregon represent!!
Ed D (8 months ago)
what is the starting pay rate?
Jay Dub (6 months ago)
Ed D 35 an hour full time
Ed D (7 months ago)
30 an hour for full time?
steve b (7 months ago)
Ed D Well, seeing how it was 10.50 in 1979 for part timers it should now be AT LEAST $30/hour.
craig bryan (8 months ago)
Cool video man. 27year employee here. if only people knew what we go through on a daily basis. This is pretty much most drivers all day long every day. 👍
steve b (7 months ago)
craig bryan Except the country drivers, who have one stop every 6 miles.
onetonk5 (8 months ago)
craig bryan - go go go all day everyday. You got it brother. But the truth be told I love it and I'm guessing you do too 😉
oceansurf54 (8 months ago)
Great vid.
onetonk5 (8 months ago)
oceansurf54 - thanks dude.
Shawn Miller (8 months ago)
how many stops u doing
Dick Jauron (3 months ago)
where do you work (city)? my hub in LA guys do like 200+ norm
onetonk5 (4 months ago)
135 + 30 pickups
pinstripejohnny (5 months ago)
Shawn Miller always take lunch. Let management deal with it and make hem have to adjust your route. Never give this company $35 back in their pockets
Shawn Miller (8 months ago)
i do 150 to 160, about 80 driver release, about 5 to 10 pick ups, i start driving st 8:50, they want me to be done at 7 or 8pm, i dont even have tome to take lunch lol
onetonk5 (8 months ago)
Shawn Miller - I am on a new route since this video. Now I do 135 stops. 50 of those are business, the rest is rezi. I also have 28 pickup stops.
Les Davis (8 months ago)
Been there done that............5 years PT 29 years driver. UPS owns you from 8 am Mondays thru 8-9pm Fridays.You take care of the company and the company takes care of you.
Snap out of it !! (8 months ago)
Cool vid man. Respect from a fellow courier in Ireland
onetonk5 (8 months ago)
Travis Bickle - so cool! Thanks for the shout out dude.
Bilo Jaah (9 months ago)
Im watching this video to compare it with my delivery work here in the Netherlands, its not that different after all! only we drive Mercedes Sprinters/ VW Crafters their way easier in the narrow streets that we got here :) we have an average of 80-130 adresses each day over a 200-300km route i love it!
Bilo Jaah (9 months ago)
These are kilometers ofcourse, in miles it'll be something like 200, but the difference is that i have around 1 city that i drive the lot in, and i have around 6-7 more little town that are on my route, including mostly farms! i have pickups too but i can either choose to do them directly in the morning or at the end of my route, but i have to make sure i can make it ofcourse cuz most businesses close around 5-6hr. i count the miles that are from my home to the depot cuz i have my Sprinter van with me all week long. nice to hear back from you man! :)
onetonk5 (9 months ago)
Bilo Jaah -130 stops seems like a lot for that many miles. Do you do pickups? Most in town routes drive closer to 50 miles in my center, and the extended routes 180miles. Really neat to hear from you. Thanks for watching 😬
Raman Kainth (9 months ago)
My ass...200 stops, shit thrown everywhere, swinging, punching out at 2200. More like it. Oh yea No dolly.
Cali Sunkist (1 day ago)
Raman Kainth 9.5 is your friend.
drepop803 (1 month ago)
hahaha you guys are on point. that was m experience as a package cart "driver". best part about the job was driving the truck back to the hub.
John Grepo (1 month ago)
Raman Kainth waiting for customers to get their shipment ready, peeing in empty Gatorade bottles.. on road sups getting mad at you for coming in late, smoking packages because you are behind..
dme (9 months ago)
I'm starting as a helper this season and I'm a liiitle bit scared. I also don't have shoes for work. Would u mind telling me what boots you were wearing? Or which ones you'd recommend to me?
bwakel310 (9 months ago)
dme warm brown steel toed shoes/boots
Kyle Schwanz (9 months ago)
Just did my driving test today for seasonal driver, hoping they will offer me a full time spot after January.
maddie mayhew (9 months ago)
no sir sadly
thereallifez (9 months ago)
is that a 1300 model or a 1000?
onetonk5 (9 months ago)
thereallifez - we don't have 1300s we have 700s, 1000s, and 1200s that one was a 1000 diesel. I currently have a 1000 gas.
Snarf Squared (9 months ago)
I clocked out after 20:45 every day last week, but we are "Under stops per car by 4." I guess I just suck.
Stacy Propst (2 months ago)
King T Squared up
TheNengg (9 months ago)
so you just leave the package there so what if somebody steals it what is gonna happen then
Les Davis (8 months ago)
General rule used to be out of sight, out of weather.
Nthrilla (9 months ago)
TheNengg it really depends on the area. Commercial is always signature required. Drivers can "driver release" in a safe area, unless thefts have been reported. That data is contained in the DIAD. The driver can use his or her own discretion to release it. If theft is commonplace, he/she will require a signature or the ability to have a neighbor sign for the package.
Wallie Riley - OVERWATCH (9 months ago)
Do you get to choose to be a driver or not? Or does UPS assign you a role. Im very interested in becoming a driver and just wondering if i get to choose to be a driver after all the training and such.
Wallie Riley - OVERWATCH (9 months ago)
onetonk5 ok and is there any schooling to go with working there ? if so how long. ( sorry for asking so many questions im just interested and the internet doesnt have all the answers )
onetonk5 (9 months ago)
Wallie Riley - CS:GO AND MORE not sure maybe $8 or $9?? I know in my center they will pay up to 25k for your college though.
Wallie Riley - OVERWATCH (9 months ago)
onetonk5 Ok and how much rougly does the warehouse workers make per hour
onetonk5 (9 months ago)
You start in the warehouse. All positions are seniority based. You will most likely wait anywhere from 3-8 years based on the city/location of the center.
Wallie Riley - OVERWATCH (9 months ago)
onetonk5 Ok i mean if i want to be a driver can i be a driver. i heard some people say you had to start as a grunt and work your way up to a driver
R Saldivar (9 months ago)
7 oclock? thats awesome, your kids are still awake when you get home.
David King (9 months ago)
R Saldivar I know right, by the time I get home my son is asleep already:/
Tim Manzanares (9 months ago)
Start out your morning in word of God. Matt.6:33
Calvin Daniels (9 months ago)
Hey Guys, I was just hired as a seasonal driver in Virginia and I am a little nervous. I am nervous about learning my routes, making sure I give out the right packages to the right customers, and other such things. Any tips you guys could give me would be welcomed.
Calvin Daniels (9 months ago)
Thats crazy!  Please keep me informed on your progression and any other tips you come up with! I start school on Monday and hopefully will get an easy route!
Nthrilla (9 months ago)
+Calvin Daniels It sure is. My apple device is telling me I did 30,000 steps the first day. I show up a little early before the PCM to write down all my commits. I've noticed that the route the computer picks in EDD is not the most efficient at times. It had me drop a commit off, then drove down the street, then I came back to literally the same spot, different business to do another commit. So now I write them down and make sure I know where they are (like if it's a business, I know the name of the business, not just the address). If your center is smart, they'll be giving you a route with 40-50 stops, which is completely manageable! Stay safe out there,
R Saldivar (9 months ago)
+Calvin Daniels it can be, just dont run
Calvin Daniels (9 months ago)
Nthrilla Thanks! today I had my first ride along. The job is faster pace than I thought!
Nthrilla (9 months ago)
Calvin Daniels I'll be right there with you, seasonal driver right now in Oregon. Show up early to your first PCM, some centers will provide you with a map. Make sure you plan ahead to get your commit packages to where they need to go first.
ROYCE 415 (9 months ago)
Love the music.... Starts off sad then builds up to coming home to the kids. That's what it's all about. I start drivers training next week for San Francisco. Drive safe out there brother
Jordan Nelson (9 months ago)
I'm a 21 year old who just dropped out of college. I might go back but I also might try to work for UPS and work my way up. 2 questions: 1- if I bust ass and am one of the hardest workers as a part timer, how long will it take to drive? 2- once you become a full time driver could I have time to coach hs football? I'm curios because I would like to coach football and I know one of my coaches worked for ups
Chad vang (3 months ago)
Jordan Nelson still young my brother, go back to school and pursue your passion! I had this job at 20 but for gso and I was depressed....
steve b (7 months ago)
Jordan Nelson 1. It's ALL by seniority. 2. Absolutely NOT. Unless all their practices are after 11pm.
onetonk5 (9 months ago)
A: It dosent matter how hard you work. It is all senority based. You start at the bottom and wait your turn. A: It would be almost impossable to coach because of how late you get off. The first few years especially. Some guys coach, but they have been here awhile and have seniority (dont have to help others when done) and run all day to get off at 4:30.
Danny Boatright (9 months ago)
all you have for breakfast is coffee?
onetonk5 (9 months ago)
no, just like i dont only have 1 bite of a sandwich for lunch.
Siccmade (10 months ago)
U enjoy it at UPS?
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
Ultra Rare yes! I love my job. I hope to retire from here.
robertintexas (10 months ago)
I started out PT, then drove PC for 9 years. The last 28 years in feeders before I retired. It can be a rewarding job in many ways but very very hard on your body in the long run. Things maybe different than when I started in 1976. See the kids when I got home during peak? Not too often.
KhalasFX (9 months ago)
robertintexas depending on where you work.. Its gotten much heavier. I work mostly new developments with customers decorating the new homes.
MOTOTEXAN (10 months ago)
Is your helper filming? Lol
MOTOTEXAN (10 months ago)
onetonk5 ah nice! Btw your truck is very clean ha, as a tcd I get the most beat up trucks , stay safe out there
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
MOTOTEXAN yes. My helper was my bro in law that year.
Aon Muhammad (10 months ago)
could i be a truck driver while in college?
thegamerfrominside (10 months ago)
sorry to say this but your need a lot of seniority to be a driver, 10 YEARS. if your lucky you can have 5 and have no other people wanting to be a driver and not have to do another 5 to be a driver. trust me man you will hate being a driver. too much stress. the pay is good and the benefits are really great, but there is no way in hell your gonna be a driver anytime soon unless you drop out of college and do loading (loading up trucks) for 10 yrs (at least 10) and pass an ultra hard drivers test and be able to deliver 180-250 packages in less than 8 hours or 12 and don't even get me started on peak season.
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
Aon Muhammad - peak season probably. A norm driver, I would say no.
KrayzieCD (10 months ago)
Nice video although it makes the job look a lot easier than it really is. I guess you can't really show how hectic the morning is in a video. Checking all your NDA stops, helping the preloader finish loading your truck and trying to leave the building in time to make all of those NDA deliveries by 10:30am. You showed some moderate business stops but how about the ones that have no dock and a ton of packages meaning that handcart is loaded to the max for multiple trips? Curious, you said you have 30 pickups but you didn't show any of it, why not? I have 35 pickups myself and it takes almost 3 hours of my total day and the truck usually comes back more full than it left. I also noticed you clocked out just before 7pm, which makes me think you're on the 9.5 list. If you aren't, you have a sweet route to be punched out by then. If I made a video like this, it would show me clocking out at closer to 8:30-9pm and getting home just in time to tuck my little one in. All in all though, very well done video, looks professional.
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
KrayzieCD thanks for the compliments. You are right, this video does leave out all what you said. There's a lot of craziness that goes on. I shot this during peak season and had to just get a few shots when I was able.
Hoang Tran (10 months ago)
how many stops you do a day? (average) and how many hours you work a day? and what's the starting salary a driver get per week?
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
Hoang Tran we start at 8:30. But I'm sure it varies city to city.
Hoang Tran (10 months ago)
that means you do 165 stops average a day? that's a lot...do you do the same 30 pickups everyday?noticed you have your alarm set at 6:30am...what time do you get to the hub to start work? 9am? thank you
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
Hoang Tran I do 135 deliveries and 30 pickups. I work about 9.5 hours a day. This is fairly avg for my center.
Ethan Con (10 months ago)
If you are using a navigation device. How long does the batter last? what is your alternative backup plan if your phone die or dropped, broke.
steve b (7 months ago)
Ethan Con Till he gets a third strike, or a 4th ball, or puts it in play...
James Allen (10 months ago)
get a dispatch of the whole route before you leave the building
Ethan Con (10 months ago)
Hello, I have been working for UPS for 2 years. I applied for package car driver last week. I heard alot people got a problem on finding customer addresses. Would you please share us some tips about using GPS navigation, such as Googel map, Navigon, aps, etc... And other alternative backup plan in case there are no reception.
Ethan Con (7 months ago)
Fk you, I have Class A CDL, i assume you don't even know how to fking drive. I just wanted to see what the man would advice me.
steve b (7 months ago)
Ethan Con Learn to read a MAP, RETARD!!!
Ethan Con (9 months ago)
Thanks, bought Waterproof external battery for Iphone 6S+ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HRDT0IA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 XD
KhalasFX (9 months ago)
Ethan Con like he said no time to go addresses. Bring a map for the area. At most look up the street if you use your phone. All houses follow very similar patterns and standards. There's a street and them a up/down sequence usually in 2-4s/odds on one side and even on the other although some areas try to trick you by alternating said sequence. Do what you can but if they give a bad number or fail to clearly post there number on the house or street what can you do... Keep moving. Backup batteries/power packs are nice to have and are cheap these days. My first large power pack cost hundred bucks and the one I'm using now cost 20 and they last for months since I don't have to charge every day.
Jason Pratt (10 months ago)
no time for GPS they'll train you on a route before they turn you lose
James Deasy (10 months ago)
mad respect,I'm gonna jump in soon hopefully and eventually drive god willing
Sage Music (10 months ago)
Hello. Nice video. I worked for the USPS as a PSE and made $16.75/hr. How much do you make per hour starting out at UPS as a delivery driver? I need to get out on the road again. Being cooped up in a warehouse with the same people gets to you.
TableWrens (9 months ago)
It really depends on the place. Where I work, they just hired several new permanent drivers off the street. Seasonal Driver Helpers, however, were all UPS employees. I was hired in as a Warehouse employee along with another person and they got immediately hired as a Driver because they had a Chauffeur's Licence.
KrayzieCD (10 months ago)
At UPS it depends on your building for how long it will take. Some buildings, it only takes a year or 2 of seniority to be able to drive. For other buildings the wait can be over 5 years. Add on the 4 year progression and you're gonna have to wait at the least 5 years or 9 years+ to make top pay
KrayzieCD (10 months ago)
In most cases, yes. They hire about one full time driver off the street for every six they hire from inside the building. So chances are VERY slim that you will get hired on as a seasonal driver and be asked to stay. Best bet is to start inside the warehouse and acquire seniority. They post up bid lists for driving positions every so often. Sign every one until you are called. That is the process 90℅ of us took to become drivers. Needless to say, it helps to start inside the warehouse at a young age.
Sage Music (10 months ago)
KrayzieCD Do you have to work your way up to becoming a driver? For example, do you have to start as a part-time, seasonal, or warehouse worker?
Sage Music (10 months ago)
Thanks. That's great. It would take 15 years to make top rate UPS pay at the Post Office.
Matt Tolbers (10 months ago)
Awesome video bro, Loved the fact you read the Bible in the morning that me also. I'm a UPS driver myself just hit top scale in July but been with company since may 2006. Good job for pay and benefits, but it has its really rough days which is expected with a job paying that we'll with no college education required. To do this job it all comes down to if you can handle the hours and getting home at random stuff times and not letting how many stops or bulk you may have on any random day get to your head. It's ruff at first, but you learn to deal with it over time.
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
Thanks Matt. Sounds like you are in a great place now. We have a huge blessing to be thankful for each day. Have a good one
Deeken Wheeler (10 months ago)
Do you drive manual transmission?
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
Not now. But that's what most routes start with.
craig fentress (10 months ago)
that seat belt to steering wheel at 2:54 is silky smooth
Kevin Bengson (1 month ago)
Every other truck in my center had ripped apart steering wheel consoles and seat belts because of people wrapping seat belts around them and them getting stuck. Thats a big no no now. You tear your seat belt or rip off a console your truck gets red tagged and you get the biggest POS on the lot from there on.
EvryTime (4 months ago)
I have been driving for 5 years, and holy shit that blew my mind. That is at the top of my list for things to do tomorrow. Sweet. Also, this video could be a rap video. lol. I was digging it. All the best to you and your family.
Anthony G (6 months ago)
craig fentress I thought the same thing lmfao
Huevo Duro702 (7 months ago)
thats how i do it
Armando Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Thanks for the Video. I'm getting ready for next year 2017. They gonna call me to go driving. I'm a little nervous and excited too. Also, I'm preparing mentally and physically for the 30 day challenge.
CForCraza (11 months ago)
I'm a Package Handler but want to become a driver
klazzikk (10 months ago)
Once you're fully on board it will be 160-180, a 50 cent raise after 1 year
James Deasy (10 months ago)
how much do u make weekly after taxes,I'm considering getting your job and eventually driving
Sean Stephen (11 months ago)
Thanks for the reply. I currently deliver for FedEx Home. However we are all contractors or working for a contractor. I feel as if UPS would be harder work, but better benefits and pay. I may give it a shot.
Eric Hoffman (10 months ago)
i'm in the same boat myself. Facing my first taste of peak here soon.
Billy Smith (11 months ago)
A UPS driver making $30 a hour eats his sack lunch.I would bet he is scared to take a full lunch .
robertintexas (9 months ago)
In the feeder department I was in, if you wanted to work 60 hours a week, or close to that, it wasn't a problem. They would find work on the yard to do.
TheRealDune (10 months ago)
kermen petit I'm aware thanks
Razor Gaming (10 months ago)
TheRealDune it's not easy to. E a driver
TheRealDune (10 months ago)
+KrayzieCD amazing, I think I'm gonna try this, thanks a bunch
KrayzieCD (10 months ago)
Been there for 18 years, started when I was 19.
Sean Stephen (11 months ago)
Does UPS give you turn by turn directions on paper? Do you have to load your own truck? Are you union?
Jordan Johnson (11 months ago)
No most of the time it's either, ask a driver that used to do the route, buy a map, Google the address or just guess. Depends on your centers preload. My center has a poor preload staff so drivers typically have to come in early and load their trucks if they want to leave on time. After you qualify yes you're Union
B. Duello 3M-32 (11 months ago)
how did you manage to get the shots of you pulling up? I only saw one seat in your truck. two people? I'm confused lol
onetonk5 (11 months ago)
I set up some shots by myself. But a lot was shot by my peak season helper, who was my bro inlaw that year. The seat is spring loaded and folds up when u get out of it. And is on the passenger side.
Dano V San (11 months ago)
Hi, Im working for UPS in Latvia. I have couple questions just to compare how you guys work in other countries. Is anyone who would like to talk to me? .. maybe via FB
василий шамрай (14 hours ago)
onetonk5 Hello. Nice video. I work couryer in Moscow. I start from my home at 4.30 every day. I started from office 9.30. I have 35-40 packages and 7-8 pickups.
onetonk5 (11 months ago)
I don't have fb. If you wanted to post your email here I could write you if you like.
Sweaty Nerd (11 months ago)
Great video I work for ups and I want to go driving I'm going to be taking the driving class soon I hope I pass.
EvryTime (4 months ago)
Trust me when I say, there are good days and bad days. More bad days than good WHEN first starting out. But after 3 weeks of doing the same run (if you can get on just one and not covering multiple areas) then it can be great. Sometimes I love that I get paid doing what I do. But hard days show up once in a while, like today for me, and I come home exhausted and sore. lol. It sure beats warehouse work though, so I am routing for you Nerd.
steve b (7 months ago)
BB B Question: Would YOU like delivering for TRIPLE your current hourly pay? I'm gonna guess YES.
onetonk5 (11 months ago)
+BB B I love my job. God willing I will retire from here. For the most part you go to the same places day after day so its easy. They will teach you all you need to know. Good luck man and thanks for watching.
BB B (11 months ago)
+onetonk5 I started loading a couple months ago. Do you like delivering? like how do you find all the stops, I use gps for like everything
onetonk5 (11 months ago)
Thanks, Good luck dude!
Blake Bernard (1 year ago)
This is awesome. How long of a shift was this?
steve b (7 months ago)
Blake Bernard This video was NOT 1/100 of what it's really like.
robertintexas (9 months ago)
Saturday work days are in the future for current UPS drivers. Not sure how they are going to work it. If it is a 6 day punch, the whole day will be OT. Thanks, amazon. lol.
Jordan Johnson (11 months ago)
+Javier Romero most full time drivers work mon-fri. Usually the only time you have to work a Saturday or Sunday is if something happens during the week (bad snowstorm etc) and your hub doesn't get a trailer or air or something like that.
Javier Romero (11 months ago)
+onetonk5 how many days a week do you work and which ones. I'm considering making a career change and do this
onetonk5 (1 year ago)
+Blake Bernard not typically. I may volunteer couple times a year.
wvflyer (3 years ago)
Nice job!