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Tom Duffy's Circus Pull Down 2015

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Tom Duffy's Circus pull down and transport leaving Naas Racecourse.
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Text Comments (16)
Frank (1 year ago)
Extremely hard work
Dee M (2 years ago)
Great video guys keep the great videos rolling ye were in my area a few weeks ago I hope to see the circus againg soon great job guys.Dee👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sandra Welch (2 years ago)
Aniva M don't support animal crulity
Seamus Noone (2 years ago)
have you guys ever done festivals?
Luke Beasley (3 years ago)
Can this circus come to Bayswater Noth victory
Felicity Bonner (3 years ago)
Duffy circus is the best in the world
Veronicc Rodgers (3 years ago)
Wilburn Skaggs (3 years ago)
I wish a show like this one would come to marble hill Mo one day soon
Cian Holland84 (3 years ago)
By any chance can you do circus gerbola
Irish Showmans Transport (3 years ago)
I will if I get the opportunity.
hofnerstrat (3 years ago)
fork lift driver is a bit rough lol
Patrick Ryan (1 year ago)
hofnerstrat p
David Connolly (2 years ago)
hofnerstrat he's the ring master of the circus
Irish Showmans Transport (3 years ago)
You must know him lol
Andrey Petrenco (4 years ago)
megan_Xoxo xx (4 years ago)
i really like this video thanks